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Sony DVP-NS705

8 user region code comments

January 26, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Kikkathecat, February 07 2003:

The hack posted by DevNull on January 22, 2003 for DVP-NS 300 and referring to a OmniRemote style for Sony DVD players also worked with this model.

I used a Palm m105, pressed the 12345 buttons a few times and finally got the SUCCESS message.

Now the originally R2 player reads R1 perfectly!

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom, March 02 2003:

Same hack as for Sony DVP-NS900
And if you using CFF-codes (pronto and so on) then you ned press each buton dvice so

1,1 2,2 3,3 4,4 5,5 then again 1,1 2,2 3,3 4,4 5,5

PostRegion code hack posted by , March 18 2003:

After some problems I got this region hack to work. What you need (easy way) is

Palm M505/M515
OmniRemote v2.0x (Trial version)
ORDesktop v1.0.3.9 (full version)
Hex codes from this web site for Sony DVP-NS300

Created 5 buttons in ORDesktop for each of 5 set of Hex codes, then created one button which actived the buttons 1..1..2.2. and one final button which I labeled for on/off, leave this one untrained.

Save the file as the default then downloaded the file created to my Palm.

Loaded OmniRemote on my Palm, you may need to import the database, I found it loaded in straight away. Train the on/off button to the DVD remote.

Once done I found I had to press my macro button twice. The first press "Success" flashed up on the DVD LED then turned on, the second press the DVD turned off.

Place region 1 in DVD and worked fine, same for region 2.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rufus Rostberg, April 12 2003:

Follow this guide:

You basically only need a PC equipped with an IRDA transceiver, a laptop or equivalent.

I suppose the procedure may work for other NS-series players as well.

PostRegion code hack posted by toom, August 16 2003:


I used oneforall kameleon remote to make my ns705 region free. just follow these steps:

1. select dvd device on remote
2. hold magic button until rabbit comes out
3. enter device code 0533

program buttons 1..5 with the following codes:
1 - 189
2 - 255
3 - 095
4 - 221
5 - 079

1. hold magic button until rabbit comes out
2. press 994
3. press magic
4. enter 3digit code from above
5. press button (1..5) where to program it
6. repeat steps 1 to 5 for all keys.

have it a go:
1. remove disk, put player on standby
2. press 1,2,3,4,5 - success is displayed and plyer starts up
3. press 1,2,3,4,5 - player shuts down and BINGO!

should work for most of the dvp-ns### players


ps thank god for internet :):)

PostOther hack posted by twc02, December 17 2003:

I followed this guide:

You basically only need a PC equipped with an IRDA transceiver, a laptop or equivalent.

i had to change the com port to com4

so just play around with the com settings and it works perfect

PostRegion code hack posted by BioKiller, March 16 2004:

I used my Palm IIIxe, OmniRemote, the Style for OmniRemote ( )and the following instructions!

You need a PDA running the Palm OS. I used a Palm IIIxe (a.k.a IBM WorkPad).
You need the OmniRemote application from Pacific Neo-Tek ( ).
Then you need the OmniRemote style .

Put your DVD-player to standby mode (main power on and red light).
Push programmed buttons sequentially from one to five (the player starts up).
Do it again: Push programmed buttons sequentially from one to five (the player goes back to standby).

The player should now be multiregion!!!

Probably you have to do it a few times, and you might have to push the buttons two times for it to work..

GOOD LUCK & THX 2 DevNull for the OmniRemote Style!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by toom, January 26 2005:

I'm commenting my previous post here. If You have a newer One4All remote (Second Generation) which takes 5-digit codes, then simply add two leading 0-s in front of the codes. So the key number - code list becomes:
1 - 00189
2 - 00255
3 - 00095
4 - 00221
5 - 00079

Thanks to Paul McCarthy for confirming that.

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