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Sony DVP-NS430

8 user region code comments

July 03, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Lee, May 18 2003:

Just bought this model today from a sony main retailer and i asked them if they could make it region free as i told them i could get it region free from a store a few doors down from them (priced 20 more although i told them dixons were offering it for 20 less[region 2 only] which they were prepared to match)so off the salesman trotted out the back of the shop with palm pilot in hand and hey presto its now region free so it is possible to hack this model the store it was brought from is in Bluewater shopping mall so the moral is ask the salesman to change it first as it will save a lot of time and hassle later maybe.

PostRegion code hack posted by , July 22 2003:

you can access a diagnostic menu by turning the dvd player on then off. While it is off hit top menu, clear and then put the power on. You will come to a blue screen. What to do from there I do not know maybe others who see this can figure it out. I'm still trying.

PostRegion code hack posted by Dirk, September 03 2003:

I used a Palm Vx and OmniRemote (
togheter with the Sony_DVD_hack.pdb (

I pushed the buttons twice and now it plays every DVD

PostRegion code hack posted by Leceur, January 01 2004:

For this you need a Compaq/HP Ipaq and following software:
Connect your Ipaq to your PC through the cradle and run the EXE file. This will instal the program on your Ipaq. Copy the CCF file to your Ipaq. Now run the TVRemote software on your Ipaq and load the CCF file into it. Have your DVD player on standby.
Press 1 and the blue send key, press 1 again and the blue send key, press 2 and the send key, press 2 again and the send key, etc,etc,etc up to number 5. After this the DVD player should come to life and say "SUCCESS". Repeat the whole procedure again as described above. After this the DVD player should be region free! I have tested this on a Region2 encoded Sony DVP-NS433 player.

PostRegion code hack posted by graeme, August 20 2005:

Spent the evening trying to get my player turned into multi-region.

Finally found this reference, and the file.

It worked great with my iPaq, and TotalRemote

PostRegion code hack posted by Claudiu Dinescu, October 05 2005:

Hi Guys.

I have managed to hack my NS430 using a 7650 Nokia phone, on which I have installed the following software:
This is a great little program that turn your phone in a programable remote control, using its IRda port !!
Once this was installed, I have transferef to the phone the region hacks found at the below link (also posted by our friend above):
The phone will recognise the ccf file and the remote control program will automaticaly start.
Asign keys 1 to 5 to the codes 1 to 5 received from this file.
Tunr on the dvd - no disk in the drive and press:
11 22 33 44 55 . so each button twice.
The dvd will shut down . Repeat the proceduce and you should have a multi region dvd player.

Thanks to everyone who helped me.

PostRegion code hack posted by Bartel, January 02 2006:

If you have a pc with an infrared port, have a look at

It should work for all Sony DVP-NSxxx players, but I tested it (successfully) on a DVP-NS430. Good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by Jill, July 03 2020:

Bought dvd for grandchildren as told them about how fancy it was bought from music magpie put dvd in and it comes up
playback prohibited by area limitations help thanks

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