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Sony DAV-S888

12 user region code comments

June 17, 2010 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by OnTheMike, July 07 2003:

I used the same hack as for the DAV-S880, worked like a charm.

PostRegion code hack posted by Karsten Thomsen, August 02 2003:

This guide shows you how to make the update with a regular PC equipped with an IRDA port.

1. Download the winsamp -package

This innovative piece of software allows you to send standard home electronics IR signals using a PC IRDA port.

2. Extract the package onto a bootable DOS floppy disk.

3. Download this IR code file and place it in the same directory as the package above.

This file holds the five necessary IR codes converted to the format used by winsamp.exe.

4. Boot up your PC from the floppy disk and run winsamp.exe.

If your IRDA port doesn't appear as COM2 you may override this by using an appropriate command line switch. For example, use COM1 by running 'winsamp C1'.

5. Press the 'r' key to load up the codes into winsamp.

6. Turn on the Player.

7. hold down "DIsplay" "Stop" and "Prev" keys ("Mecha Lock" should appear), and while keeping them pressed turn the volume knob to the right. Service IN mode should appear.

8. Make sure your DVD player is in Service IN mode and your IRDA port is within range.

9. Run the IR codes from 1 to 5 by pressing Enter on each corresponding button.

10. Your DVD player should now display "DATA RESET".

11. Press the power button on the player remote.

12. Plug it out for 5-10 seconds.

13. Start it again, and play your region 1 ect. discs !!

PostOther hack posted by V. Garcia R., October 29 2003:

Oh! i get it!!! I was pressing the buttons on the remote, I see the service display now. You got to press the buttons on the device. sorry all.

PostRegion code hack posted by H. V. Garcia R., October 29 2003:

Hey all it workd!!!! I havent tried it yet cose i dont have DVDs from other regions but acording to the instructions above it should work. I will post here as i try the DVDs from other regions. Thanks Karsten for the instruktions even tho i had to make som changes and figure out some things that werent on the instruktions. I used a Laptop ("IBM Think Pad") with a ir port. It was disabled sense i never used it, and that took me a while to figure out. Something u all can think about. and the remote.txt needed some changes before it could be used, at least for me.

PostRegion code hack posted by His Dudeness, November 19 2003:

Hi Guys!

I have a code 2 DAV-S888 and tried the REMOTE.TXT technique on a PC. I got to the point of sending the IR commands when the DVD is in SERVICE IN mode but it didn't get to the DATA RESET. I tried the omniremote technique (explained in DAV-S880 hack page) on a Palm M515 and it worked perfectly on the first try.
It seems that this hack works with all Sony DVD players, but it is important to rapidly dial the 5 buttons on the DAV-S888 (at least).
It should also work with the other PC based technique if the commands are done quickly enough but I didn't actually try it (one can repeat the commands as often and quickly as possible untill the DATA RESET panel appears).
It is also important that the REMOTE.TXT finishes by a single carriage return giving a 1128 bytes file.
Good luck to yall!

His Dudeness

PostOther hack posted by Lars, January 21 2004:

Karsten's post works fine, although I must say his instructions are a pretty blatant ripoff of the original NS hack at

PostRegion code hack posted by Gary Rowland, March 15 2004:

This hack worked for me on a new HCD-SA30 originally designed for the british market (ie. region 2).

1)enter the service menu by holding down the stop and eject buttons at the same time turn the Vol knob to the right.

2) Use a palm computer with the usual Sony codes (ie. 1,2,3,4,5)

The display on the machine will show data reset and it will now play any region discs.

Cheers, Gary
(Peterborough, UK)

PostOther hack posted by A|ex, June 10 2004:

how did you manage to get this to work with a laptop OR an external infra red device? there is no com1 etc when you use a usb infra red or a laptop

PostRegion code hack posted by jim1000, December 06 2004:

this model is done at

PostRegion code hack posted by swisscouple, December 22 2004:

will try it

PostRegion code hack posted by SharonAllen, June 09 2009:

Please provide regional code hack for Sony DAV-S888 (as shown on the review notes this worked on Model no HCD-SA80, which is my model number.

PostRegion code hack posted by c_mabiza, June 17 2010:

Sony DAV-S888

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