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Sony BDP-S350

23 user region code comments

April 26, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by mao141, September 24 2008:

Region free BDP-S350 for DVD playback only, BD untested.

Full procedure for a oneforall remote is as follows:

1. Press DVD
2. Hold the magic button until the DVD button flashes twice.
3. Press 0533

4. Hold the magic button until it flashes twice.
5. Press 994
6. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
7. Press 00189 (if your oneforall remote uses 4 digit or 3 digit codes, use less leading zeros)
8. Press 1 ( this sets it to key 1 - it flashes twice )

9. Hold the magic button until it flashes twice.
10. Press 994
11. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
12. Press 00255
13. Press 2 ( this sets it to key 2 - it flashes twice )

14. Hold the magic button until it flashes twice.
15. Press 994
16. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
17. Press 00095
18. Press 3 ( this sets it to key 3 - it flashes twice )

19. Hold the magic button until it flashes twice.
20. Press 994
21. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
22. Press 00221
23. Press 4 ( this sets it to key 4 - it flashes twice )

24. Hold the magic button until it flashes twice.
25. Press 994
26. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
27. Press 00079
28. Press 5 ( this sets it to key 5 - it flashes twice )

The remote is now programmed and ready to use, to make the BDP-S350 region free:

1. Use the remote that came with the player to bring the player out of standby, make sure there isn't a disc in it.
2. Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the oneforall remote. The 24p light will start flashing
3. Put the player back into standby with the Sony remote
4. Next time you turn on the player it will be region free for DVD playback.

PostRegion code hack posted by Capn Trips, October 06 2008:

The hack listed above apparently (as read in other forums) works very well on European Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray players. I have tried it on a US BDP-S350 and although the player responds correctly (the 24p light flashes), it does NOT make the player region-free for DVD.

Does anybody have the version of this hack that will make a US BDP-S350 region-free?

PostRegion code posted by shuga678, March 04 2009:

To enter the service menu:

With the power off, press and hold Open+Play+Stop on the front panel of the player. The unit will turn on and show the service menu. To leave the menu you have to hold the Power button the front panel until the unit turns off.

PostRegion code hack posted by humbi, March 30 2009:

I was able to enter the service MENU but where do I go from here?.
Can you please guide me where to change the region?. There are several
submenu's and I am afraid of ruining the unit by entering the wrong info.

PostRegion code hack posted by rcrocha, April 24 2009:

The hack totally worked on my player! I've tested several area 1, NTSC disks and
they all worked.

I'm from Brazil, and I have the official model distributed by Sony in the country.
It's originally coded as NTSC, DVD area 4 and Blu-Ray region A.

I used an ONE FOR ALL remote, model URC-3145 bought in Brazil by the official
distributors, Opeco. Just Google them.

European DVD's area 4, PAL-N, do not work. I can hear the sound but no image
appears via HDMI. All other analogue outputs send a distorted image. Certainly
a hardware limitation.

PostRegion code hack posted by vcarmi, June 19 2009:

I don't have a oneforall remote. Is there another remote that can be used the same way ?

PostRegion code hack posted by Suicyco, June 30 2009:

There are pre-hacked remotes for the BDP-S350 which send the special codes with just one button. They cost £9.99
You can find them on

PostRegion code hack posted by Suicyco, July 05 2009:

Successfully hacked my BDP-S350E with a OneForAll URC-7740 (using the VCR-button instead of DVD). It still worked, although I updated the firmware to Ver. 019 prior to the hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by abubasim, August 13 2009:

Used this hack with a RadioShack 15-2142 (4-in-1 Family Favorites Remote) on a european BDP-S350 successfully. Plays region 1, 2 and 3 DVDs without problems and region B Blue-ray discs. As the previous poster I also updated the firmware before trying the hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by Aino, August 20 2009:

Did the hack with a radioshack 4 in 1 2142 with a mexican version of s350 (region 4, region A) and worked, tried r1, r2(japan), and even r2 european pal worked well over hdmi.

PostRegion code hack posted by abubasim, October 24 2009:

This hack remains after updating to the latest 020 firmware.

PostRegion code posted by bigmutt, November 18 2009:

Like Capn Trips posted, this does not work with non-European units.
Does anyone have a Region Code hack for the U.S. model of Sony BDP-350 ????

I live in Mexico City and most of the rentals here do not work on my player.



PostRegion code hack posted by bdkhouston, November 30 2009:

Can someone please tell me what to use if the "one for all remote" does not have a Magic Button. I wish to use an Ellies Wizard 4 Universal Remote to execute this hack on a Sony BDP S360.

The remote is similar to the Radioshack 15-2142.

PostRegion code hack posted by markwho1, December 29 2009:

Hi, just bought a US Model of Sony's BDP-S350.
I have been reading the forum on hacking and 1/2 a year somebody said that they opened the system menu and where to go from there? No answer ever written.
Last month somebody asked similar question. No answer.
Can somone please answer these questions. No other place to look and from reading is doable to at least crack the R2... but?
Anyway, please, somebody, anybody, I know how to open the menu.
I've go over 60 R2 dvd's unwatchable.
Have a happy holiday and a merry new year all around the world

PostRegion code posted by rvillarrealsalazar, January 14 2010:

With another remote control I can apply the hack, that button is used as the magic or where can I get those controls in Mexico.

PostRegion code posted by shuga678, March 28 2010:

I didn't mention how to do it because I don't know how to do it. If you read what I wrote I just put what to do to get to the service menu. I copied and pasted that from another website that I read. Don't you think if I knew what to do in the menu I would have said how to do it? :P

PostRegion code hack posted by sandyman74, May 19 2010:

I want to Play Region 1 dvd:s My Player plays now Region 2.

PostRegion code hack posted by torreque, October 30 2010:


PostRegion code hack posted by rcrocha, August 08 2012:

The PAL-N limitation I mentioned above is actually from my TV, which doesn't
support the European color system. I tried the player on another TV and it
worked fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by gari777, March 15 2015:

could SOMEONE please let me know how to unlock my sony BDP-S350

PostRegion code hack posted by emilio, May 10 2017:


PostRegion code hack posted by EKANAN, October 21 2018:

Region 2 to region 1

PostRegion code hack posted by Carma, April 26 2020:

For watching several dvds

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