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Samsung DVD-L100

4 user region code comments

January 15, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Patrick, April 19 2003:

Switch ON your player with no disk inserted. Use AIWA audio system remote (my is RC-7AS09) press "clock" twice "region free" appears on the LCD screen. You can now play any region until you switch the player OFF, with new restart the process has to be repeated.

PostOther hack posted by Ken, August 15 2003:

This blasted DVD Player is worthless, because you CANNOT change the screen ratio to accommodate anything but a wide-screen movie! --If you attempt to watch a DVD of regular Television, people's heads will look like distorted footballs. I called the company. They were very surprised to find out from a consumer, that their latest (and supposedly greatest) breakthrough in DVD technology has an un-repairable FLAW! There is... I repeat, there is... NO way to adjust the aspect ratio. You either watch a widescreen movie, or you are HOSED. As wonderful all the other features are, this one is an absolute deal-buster. And... there's nothing in the manual or in retailer's heads to warn you of the absence of this essential feature. In fact, it is SO very essential, that EVERY single other comparable portable in the market HAVE an option/button to control the on-board screen aspect ratio!!!

My hack, is simple: Place the DVD-L100 on the ground, approx. 2-1/2 inches in front of your car tire. Get in car. Place the transmission in DRIVE. (If manual transmission, put in 2nd gear) Press accelerator. Back up and repeat as necessary, or until the liquid crystal screen is the desired size.

-Ken Heron

PostRegion code hack posted by Marc, December 18 2003:

Press and hold REPEAT at the same time press UP and DOWN and RIGHT
and LEFT.

03 will appear on screen

Press DOWN until 09 appears.


OPEN and CLOSE DVD cover

Switch Power OFF.


PostRegion code hack posted by Hoover, January 15 2004:


Marc's hack of the 18th December is correct apaprt from on my L100, it doesn't work if you hold down the Repeat button. I had to just press it once, followed by the arows and the rest of the instructions as-is.

If you ahev problems with the hack, try it by just pressing the Repeat button once rather than holding it down.

Anyway - thanks for finding it in the first place Marc - you're a lifesaver!!

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