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Samsung DVD-HD945

4 user region code comments

September 30, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by eliashan, December 26 2004:

Here's the region hack:

1. Turn on player with no disc in the tray. "No disk" appears on screen.
2. Press the "Repeat" key on the remote.
3. Press "57538" on the remote. A number should appear on screen, indicating your player's current region (e.g. "2").
4. Press the number for your required region (e.g. "1") or "9" for region-free/all-regions. The number will appear on screen, replacing the previous number (from step 3).
5. Press "Open/Close Tray" and leave the tray open for a few seconds.
6. Press "Power On/Off". The tray closes automatically and the player turns off. Next time you turn it on, it is region free (or whatever Region you selected in step 4).

You can now fully enjoy your player :)

PostOther hack posted by pmnilsson, January 08 2005:

The hack described by eliashan, December 26 2004 also removes the HDCP encryption. I can now connect my DVD player HDMI port to the DVI interface on my plasma NEC XM2 that do not support HDCP.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ert, March 19 2005:

The instructions are the same as for the Region code hack posted by eliashan
on December 26 2004 but the code is different:

53814 worked for me in Russia. eliashan's code did not.

PostRegion code hack posted by Nico, September 30 2005:

Procédure de dézonage donnée par la FNAC fonctionnant sur HD 745 - HD 945 - HD 850 - HD 950 (testée sur HD 950 seulement et ça fonctionne !) :
1. Allumer l'appareil sans disque à l'intérieur pour obtenir l'inscription [NO DISC]
2. Appuyer dans cet ordre sur : REPEAT, 5, 7, 5, 3, 8 pour obtenir l'affichage [2] sur l'écran de la TV (il s'agit du code zone actuel)
3. Appuyer sur 9 pour obtenir l'affichage [9] sur l'écran de la TV (il s'agit du nouveau code zone et 9 = zone free)
4. Fermer le tiroir
5. Eteindre l'appareil et le rallumer

Pour changer de code zone recommencer la procédure et, à l'étape 3, choisir le code zone voulu. Cela peut être pratique pour certains DVD US qui n'acceptent pas les appareils zone free.

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