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Samsung BD-P1600

82 user region code comments

November 21, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by scottieuk, July 05 2009:

Credit for this hack goes to RABSP, although I've modified
it slightly.
It's basically the same method used for the Samsung BD-1500.

I used it on my brand new Samsung BD-1600 today and it
worked on the first try using the code below.
My unit is a Region 2 (UK) machine.

1) Press the POWER button on the remote to turn on the
machine (no disc in the tray).

2) Wait till the player has booted up and the Samsung logo
screen is displayed.

3) Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the remote twice, to open
then close the disc tray.

4) As soon as you see "No-Disc" displayed in the top left
corner, press the REPEAT button followed by the 5 digit code
for your current region as listed below.

(Mine was 57538 for region 2)

Don't press the REPEAT button for too long, just smoothly
press REPEAT 5 7 5 3 8.

If it doesn't work straight away, keep trying, mine worked
on the first go.

5) If you're successful, your current region code will be
displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

6) Press '9' to make your player region free.

7) Turn the player off, then on again and test with a
different region disc, or if you don't have one to test
with, just repeat the hack and instead of your old region
code appearing in the top left corner of your screen, you
should see '9' if you've been successful.

The hack can be repeated to turn your machine back to it's
original settings or to a particular region if the disc is
sensative to region free machines.

Region Codes

R1 - 29334
R2 - 57538
R3 - 56732
R4 - 76884
R5 - 53814
R6 - 24462

PostRegion code posted by varkanoid, July 31 2009:

I can not get this to work. I have tried many times. Can you
clarify whether you press open/close in quick succession or do
you press open and wait for it to open, then press close.

Also if you press REPEAT 5 7 5 3 8 when the "no disc" message
is displayed it does not display the "2". When do you type
this ? Immediately when "no disc" appears ?

PostRegion code hack posted by Hitman05, August 20 2009:

I can confirm that this hack does NOT work, at least for current region 1 BDP1600 players.

When I press repeat after waiting for "No Disc" to appear, I get the crossed out icon which means that the command is not valid. Typing in the region code does nothing.

This is on a brand new BDP1600 with the latest firmware.

PostRegion code hack posted by mecamex, August 22 2009:

Nope, doesn't work with a brand new BD-P1600 that I got here in Canada (should be region 1). Tried different ways to apply it but does not work.

PostRegion code hack posted by doublecheese, August 24 2009:


Today I bought the Samgung BD-P1600 Bluray Dvd Player from one of the many Media Markt's in Istanbul .

It was a Region 2 , I did exactly as SCOTTIEUK mentioned below and it worked on the second trial .

I can confirm Samsung BD-P1600 can be "Region Free"

PostRegion code posted by fmcardoso, August 28 2009:

I found it`s possible to install a firmware from another country.
With this, it's possible to see DVDs ou BDs from another region, AND take advantges from other features published only on another country firmware, for example: in Brazil don't have Netflix and Pandora networks, so Samsung let them see AVI/DiVX files from USB or DVDs.
To install a firmware from another country:
- download/unzip the firmware
- using a Hex Editor edit the RUF file
- locate the 3 letters code that identify the country of this firmware, it's like XAA (for US)
- change to the your-model's country (see at BD-P1600 system information)
- Follow the rest of normal procedure

Good movies!!

PostRegion code posted by zagazar, September 05 2009:

I just bought this player from Dubai and the salesperson told me that they were selling only multi-region players, for both DVD and BD. So far tested the unit only for DVD's and it can play back R1 and R2. Don't know the other regions.

I can't wait to test the BD A region. Once I test it I let you know.

PostRegion code hack posted by jimmybaby, September 07 2009:

The hack with an another Firmware (Brasil) works perfectly, before i have a A/1 region player, buy in canada and the hack with the remote control doesnt work, but now it works and i have a A/9 region free player.

But i have a Question for "fmcardoso" when i put a Region 2 PAL Dvd i have a message "problem with tv system" do you known why?


PostRegion code posted by anantjoshi, September 07 2009:

Hallo jimmybaby,
Can you elaborate how did you do this?

PostRegion code hack posted by jimmybaby, September 08 2009:

sure, i download the latest firmawre on the brasil samsung website :
and i do what fmcardoso say...

- download/unzip the firmware
- using a Hex Editor edit the RUF file
- locate the 3 letters code that identify the country of this firmware, (XAA for US)(XAC for Canada)etc...
- change to the your-model's country (see at BD-P1600 system information)
- Follow the rest of normal procedure

after that the remote control hack works perfectly ;)

PostRegion code posted by AnantJoshi, September 09 2009:

Actually I am trying to do same thing But my player is BDP-1400 US version locked to Region A & 1 for blu ray and DVD respectively. It is only NTSC and does not accept PAL discs even though they are region free.
1.) My current flash of player is XAA being from US - I understood it is OK.
2.) I downloaded update flash version from Brazil which is XAX from Brazil. I have also downloaded the original US version file - XAA version both latest and having file extension RUF.
3.) I used 010 Editor to hex edit this downloaded XAX Brazil RUF update file.
4.) I searched for the letters XAX in the editor and changed all to XAA.
5.) Just outof curiousity I also opened original XAA update RUF for comparison to this XAX RUF file.
6.) Other than XAX or XAA there are so many differences which we will never understand.
7.) XAX RUF file ( Brazil update) after changing to XAA in hex editior as referred above, I saved as XAA RUF file.
8.) Followed normal CD burning procedure and then putting the same to player for upgrade.
9.) The player reads it but after a lot of time says that there is error in update data. Please try again later.
10. ) I tried with the Singapore version which is XSS RUF file changing to XAA and doing the same procedure. But here also it gives the same error while putting this firmware.
11. ) Logically if BD-P1600 can be upgraded why not BD-P1400?
12. ) You can go to the Samsung BD-P1400 DVD hack section where a year also I have mentioned that by this method you can make it region free at least for DVD playback.
13. ) Jimmyboy, your PAL error is due to the NTSC version for both Brazil, Canada & US where the products are sold only for NTSC and no PAL support. I will advise you to follow the same procedure with Singapore RUF file and check if it works for you. I think it should work. After upgraqding the firmware however you should apply Region hack again with respect to Singapore DVD region and it will then be region free for DVD playback and should play PAL and NTSC discs.
14. ) Please guide me here if I am doing something wrong and also post your results with Singapore RUF file patched for your model.

All the best

PostRegion code hack posted by radrob64, September 10 2009:

Worked fine i have Samsung BD-P1590 region 1 i did what you said and wow divx works and unlocked all regions...

PostRegion code posted by chuckfredgoose, September 19 2009:

Trying to make region free, but does NOT work for FW version 2.02!

Why do some report it works and some report it doesn't? Are people lying? Has Samsung done something to prevent the hack from working?

PostRegion code hack posted by psturges1971, September 20 2009:

A region 1 BD-P1600 bought in the US or Canada CANNOT be hacked using the remote control code, at least not without a firmware update. Here's what I did:

I downloaded the USB firmware update from the Singapore Samsung web site ( and unzipped the file. I then downloaded a hex editor and used that to open the .RUF file. Within the first few lines of ASCII code are the letters "XSS." These need to be changed to "XAA" in order to trick the region 1 dvd player to load the firmware. I then saved the .RUF file to a USB device and loaded the USB driver into the player using the slot on the front panel. I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. I THEN employed the remote control code - press open/close, wait for the "NO DISC" message and press REPEAT, 5, 6, 7, 3, 2 in succession. Once the region code is displayed, press "9." That's all there is to it, and I promise it works. I can play both NTSC and PAL DVDs, and my Blu-Ray discs seem to work as well.

One thing that annoys me, however, is that I have lost the ability to play Netflix movies and Pandora music. The Netflix intergration was one of the reasons I bought the unit in the first place. Does anybody know how to get Netflix back, or is it completely hopeless unless I reload the U.S. firmware?

PostRegion code hack posted by jimmybaby, September 20 2009:

thank you guys :-D

PostRegion code posted by suh.chou, September 22 2009:

Having trouble updating the US firmware (XAA) to modified
brazilian firmware (XAX) allowing divx playback on BD P1600.
There are 2 ascii values - XAX and xax, which to modify? I
modified XAX and followed the directions to update, but it
keeps saying -- there is error in update data. Please try
again later. Anyone who was successful please upload and post
a link to the modified firmware. Thanks and ur effort is

PostRegion code posted by varkanoid, September 22 2009:

I tried with USA XAA and Singapore XSS, changed it in the
firmware to XEU for my UK machine via Hex Editor and both
times it says update data is corrupted ?

Do you need to change the firmware filename ? I tried renaming
it to XEU, XSS and XAA get same results.

PostRegion code hack posted by alexmiami, September 23 2009:

I have a Samsung Bd-p1600 bought at Best buy this week, i
updated it to newest version, this hack doesn't work for me at
all,i wanted to see Region 2 Movie from France, and it display
" the disc cannot be played. please cehck the tv system."
any idea how it can be region free, feel free to let me know
:-) thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by klokke, September 26 2009:

Thanks psturges1971 is works 100% , but what about making the blue ray region free , can any body help ?

PostRegion code hack posted by extracrispy, October 02 2009:

I can confirm that the remote control hack for the BD-
P1600/BD-P1590 also works with the new firmware update
ver.2.04. This was actually done with a BD-P1590, purchased
in Canada. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but I first
uploaded the firmware from the Samsung Brazil website (to
enable divx compatibility, both versions for BD-P1600 & PBD-
1600A have identical filenames, but I used the latter). And
following advice from dasblinkenlight, the firmware update
first required me to change the XAX region code to XAC in
the .RUF file on the first installation (to trick the
player), but I had to change it back to XAX to get past the
error message for the second firmware installation (you have
to do it twice, per instructions from Samsung).

At this stage, DIVX files were readable from the usb port
(yay!) but my region 1 DVD's stopped working (oops). To
remedy that, I attempted the remote control region code
hack, which consisted of turning on the player without a
disk, quickly opening and closing the tray with the remote
after it boots to the Samsung screen and the instant that
'no disk' is displayed, pressing repeat,7,6,8,8,4 for a
little less than 1 second per button (ignore the big red
circled line in the corner). The region code '4' was
displayed in the corner, pressing '9' made it region-free,
and after that I powered off the system. This took about 25
attempts and it seems that timing is the critical factor.

The only downside is that my particular unit now buzzes some
when I stop a disk or divx file, so you may have to get in
the habit of pressing mute after stop.

I'm very happy that the player now has reasonable
functionality, as the Canadian market has the worst player
of anyone because we do not have rights to Netflix/Pandora
streaming and are not offered DIVx compatibility. Happy

PostRegion code hack posted by, October 04 2009:

It worked fine on mine BD-4600 as well..But as one said earlier, how to get the Bluray regionfree? I dont care about DVDs anymore.

PostRegion code hack posted by yugonomura, October 04 2009:

Hi, anantjoshi. Did you manage to get throght the message
"There is error in update data. Please try again later." when
updating the firmware? Anyone could solve this?


PostRegion code hack posted by joshianant, October 04 2009:

Hi yugonomura. Sadly NO. I did not have any success with this. I am trying the best I could. So nothing works on this shit.

PostRegion code hack posted by klokke, October 05 2009:

For anantjoshi : Download the upgrade from Samsung Brazil , Hex edit the ruf file and change XAX to you current machine system info (see at BD-P1600 system information) In your system it will give your current firmware info + the XXX extenstion .

PostRegion code hack posted by karmaart, October 05 2009:

Ok, so I went out and bought a BDP1600 from Best Buy today in the US, then I downloaded the Brazil firmware. That seemed to go just fine. However, when I went to apply the remote hack, it simply will not work. Now when I try to upgrade with the Singapore or Brazil (again), it gives me that message everyone else seems to get... "There is error in update data. Please try again later."

I have to say that one thing I found strange was in the directions for upgrading the firmware, when you get to number 7, Samsung says...

"7. If this is the first time this player is upgrade by CD or USB flash drive, proceed to
Step 8. Otherwise, upgrade is COMPLETE.
8. Turn on the Power.
9. Select Menu LANGUAGE.
10. Repeat from Step 1 to Step 6.
The Current Version and New Version Please in Step 4 may be identical. Please
select Yes to complete Firmware upgrade."

I'm not sure what number 9 is referring to. Does anyone else? I do not have a button on the remote for menu LANGUAGE, and when i hit the menu button, language is not an option. Language is an option down deep in the menus, but surely they don't mean that. I did go there and look over the languages, but nothing seemed amiss. I actually couldn't complete these instructions, because when I went back and tried to repeat steps 1-6, I get the above error message.

Does anyone who's been successful know what "menu LANGUAGE" means? Maybe this is what is holding us who are getting the error message back.

PostRegion code posted by doublecheese, October 05 2009:


Just unplug the BP-D1600 and then plug it on with NO CD in.

Then open the front panle and with your hand press the FF (>>) button for about 5-6 secs until you see a LANGUAGE Screen , just choose your language and the BP-D1600 is factory reset.

I was REGION FREE than after this I was REGION 2 again .

PostRegion code posted by doublecheese, October 06 2009:


You should do the following : Goto your BD-P1600 system screen and find out the system info .

There you will see some info . Look at the 3 last letters on the firmware on your samsung .

It could be : XAX, XAA, XEF, MEA, etc , note this 3 letters. These 3 letters shows you what firmware you have already installed on your device. This also shows your country code as it was mentioned above by others.

So if you bought a BluRay player from USA , don't try to upload the UK web site firmware because it wont work and you will get this error message. It took me to 3-4 hours trying to figure out why it won't load.

I bought my BluRay from Istanbul and I was trying to load firmware from USA and UK web sites which gave me this error, then I looked at my software and my 3 digit letters were MEA, so I searched around the web until I get the firmware in MEA format extension is RUF but the file name is MEA, then it worked like a charm

PostRegion code hack posted by klokke, October 06 2009:

BluRay Region free ??????????????????????????????????

PostRegion code hack posted by DasBrose, October 11 2009:

It's worth noting here an issue to beware of when flashing
with firmwares from another country - if your tv does not
support PAL (if you bought it in the US it probably does not),
DO NOT flash your player with a firmware from a PAL country
(such as Singapore) - it will switch the output to PAL and you
won't be able to see it, even the menu. I was able to get
around this by putting in a bluray disk, which switched the
output to 'film' mode (24hz), which modern TVs can display,
and then ejecting the disk. The menu for the BD-P1600
remained in film mode, and thus viewable, and from there you
can flash it back to an NTSC firmware.

PostRegion code hack posted by scortezia, November 07 2009:

I can confirm that the remote control coding (REPEAT
57538)works (after many trials (for me, more than 20). It
shows the code on the left corner. For me, the first time it
already shows number 9, besides I´ve bought a BD-P1600 in
Dubai (region B).

I tried putting other codes, like 1 for region A, but,
unfortunatly, it seems it didn´t work. I tried to play a
Region A Blu-ray movie and it didn´t work. Otherwise, it
seems working for DVD disc. I tried a region 4 DVD and it
plays normally.

So, I would like to know if someone else could unlock the
player for Region A blue-ray disc, or free region.

PostRegion code hack posted by scortezia, November 08 2009:

I want to share with you that I could change the region code
for Blu-ray disc. I have a BD-P1600 bought in Dubai (region
B). As I live in Brazil, I couldn´t play region A Blu-ray
discs, that I find here. So, I used the sugested remote
control hack and it worked for DVD, but not for Blu-ray.
So, I changed the firmware, downloading the brazilian
version. I had to use the hex editor and changed the XAX
code for MEA code (just the first XAX I found in RUF file)
and it seems working. I´m now playing a region A BR disc and
it seems OK.

Ah, and with a kind of bonus, the brazilian firmware adds
for me an option to directly play youtube videos, that I
hadn´t in my original firmware version.

Thank you guys for the tips. You helped me a lot.

PostRegion code hack posted by shawn0007, November 30 2009:

Can confirm the hack (at the top of this thread)worked when selected Region 3 only, and Region 9(region free). Works 100% on Samsung BD-P1600 purchased in the UK November 2009.

PostRegion code hack posted by igauss, November 30 2009:

I just brought a bd-p1590 in US, but I still can't make it work without losing netflix/pandora/blockbuster... if anyone finds out how to do it please post it... will appreciate it... thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by Forceman, December 04 2009:

For anyone having trouble with this, I noticed two things when I did it. When you hex edit the .ruf file, only change the first instance of XAX (for Brazil) to XAA (for US). If you change any others you will get the update error message. Also, once you have applied the new firmware and are doing the remote control hack, be aware that the player is now region 4, so you have to use the region 4 code. Once I did those two things it worked perfectly.

PostRegion code hack posted by igauss, December 08 2009:

But you lost netflix/blockbuster/pandora... right?

PostRegion code hack posted by nighthawk006, December 12 2009:

Thanks for your BD-P1600 hack at the top of this forum, scottieuk.
I can confirm that this does work (New Zealand with no firmware
It took me about ten attempts. You just have to be quick with the key
presses, keep trying and don't yell at the player!
I'm now watching all DVDs that were previously locked out.

PostRegion code posted by dunnowho, December 14 2009:

I tried installing the brazilian firmware on an US BD-P1600 player and simply was not able to. I used several different hex editors to change the first "XAX" to "XAA" and I put the .RUF file in a flash drive, but every time I try to update the firmware I get an error saying "Error is detected in the update data. Please try it again." I even tried using both usb ports. I tried changing the .RUF filename so that it had "XAA" instead of "XAS", but that didn't work either. I even downgraded to 2.04 XAA and THEN tried to upgrade to 2.05 XAX with no luck. I am starting to think it has something to do with my "Loader" version. Perhaps it detects that the firmware has been tampered with and it simply doesn't let you flash your blu ray player with it. My Loader version is: "LDv1.12_090924___". Could you guys please tell me what loader you have and if you have been able to succesfully install a firmware from a different region? Thanks. Also, if someone who has been successful in installing the Brazilian firmware could write a very detailed step by step mini tut on how to do it (without any ambiguity) that would be great.

PostRegion code hack posted by fipenna, December 15 2009:

Hi All,

I just bought a Samsung BD1580 here in Italy, region 2, the firmware is version 2.05 and country code XEF, and tried to apply the region changes described above.

With the remote control procedure nothing happened. Tried and re-tried endless times and the only sign saw was the "red circle" of impossible operation when I pressed the "repeat" button. I eve tried with both repeat buttons on the remote, the regular one and the "repeat a-b" that sits beside the regular one.

I then tried to update the firmware. Downloaded the Brazil version for BD1600 (couldn't fidn a specific for the 1580), opened with a Hex editor and changed only the first XXX found to XEF. Didn't rename the file and tried to update. Error. Renamed to XEF and tried again, error.

Does anyone knows what could be wrong? Could they have changed the hack procedure in version 2.05?


PostRegion code hack posted by rigocbr, December 18 2009:

I just bought a brazilian BD-P1600 player with 2.05 firmware and I was able to
use the hack to open the DVD player to all regions. It took me several tries in
order to make it work (at least 10 times). One thing I notice is that when I
pressed the REPEAT button and it showed the stop sign it never worked. The
time that worked I pressed the REPEAT button and soon after I started pressing
the code (76884). It showed the "4" in the upper left corner and then I pressed 9
for all regions. Now it is playing Region 1 discs.

PostRegion code posted by krish321, December 24 2009:

I am in problem... I read all the above replies and download brazil XAX firmware and edited the RUF file of XAX to replace XAX to XAA. I have not changed the file name.

Used my USA flash drive to load the firmware into the player. It successfully updated and got power off automatically as per samsung guide instructions. But, I have not tried selecting the language as per the instructions in STep 9 which asked to repeast the same process.

Here comes the problem, I tried couple of times REPEAST-5-7-5-3-8. bUT, IT DID NOT WORK. I played a dvd of USA and played well.

Again, i tried to update the firware inserting the USB drive..but I was ended up getting " Eroor is detected in update data..please try again". Since then I could not do anything...i have been trying with REPEAT, use.

But, It hacked for AVI files(it was not playing before firmware update) which I have in DVDs. But, not playing Indian format Video CDs which would be PAL.

ANY help to reset to USA settings will be greatly appreciated...or atleast to hack. Thanks a lot u guys...

PostRegion code hack posted by lmx, December 30 2009:

The region hack code worked on my SAMSUNG-BD-P1600 bought from online couple days ago. The unit came with an old version of firmware, then I uploaded the Brazil 2.05 (i think). I did the firmware refresh twice though as per instruction. The tricky part is, for the 2nd refresh, you have to use the original Brazil firmware without modifying the XAX. Then I found the player is A/4, which can no longer play US/Canada DVD. Then at the first trial to hack with remote control I succeeded. I can play Canada DVD now and some AVI files etc.
I am still having problem with PAL DVD, I will be trying the Singapore firmware now.

PostRegion code hack posted by lmx, December 31 2009:

Okay, I am able to play both PAL and NTSC now after I applied the Singapore firmware. The Brazil one only allow NTSC. Same approach except the Singapore firmware is A/3 so you have to use the region 3 code to hack. The firmware is 2.05.

PostRegion code posted by mcformat, January 05 2010:

Worked, after several times of trying, worked when samsung logo was inmediatedly shown,need to do it quickly and no delays on pressing the keys.

tryed some region 1 discs and its nice.

Mexican and Brazilian firmware are almost the same, (region 4 for latin america/including brazil) so, according to Samsung, my current version is 1.03 and read +R /+RW discs , but have no youtube/.mkv reading features. Version 2.05 (mexico/brazil) have .mkv/youtube features (no pandora/netflix) but is not able to read +R /+RW discs, such a lack is not a good new for me, it has no sense, can anyone confirm this? on 2.05 version?

PostRegion code posted by Soundwav, January 10 2010:

It's worth noting here an issue to beware of when flashing
with firmwares from another country - if your tv does not
support PAL (if you bought it in the US it probably does not),
DO NOT flash your player with a firmware from a PAL country
(such as Singapore) - it will switch the output to PAL and you
won't be able to see it, even the menu. I was able to get
around this by putting in a bluray disk, which switched the
output to 'film' mode (24hz), which modern TVs can display,
and then ejecting the disk. The menu for the BD-P1600
remained in film mode, and thus viewable, and from there you
can flash it back to an NTSC firmware...

THIS IS VERY TRUE!! i went from the canadian to the brazil for a few months.. just flashed to the singapor firmware and i got no display on my plasama... going back to brazil now!..

sucks because i have some Pal dvd's!

PostRegion code hack posted by stefanonicola, January 17 2010:

I have carefully read all of these instructions and researched the Blu-ray players on this site before making my purchase. Yesterday I went to Sam's Club in across the border in New York State and bought a Samsung BD-P1600 for $148.99 plus tax. Canada customs got their share on the way back! Anyway, what the last poster wrote about applying the firmware from a PAL country is true! The North American TVs won't even display the menu of the Blu-Ray player! It was a nightmare trying to get this back. Too bad I read that after I did the Singapore firmware update. As everyone else says, the player with the US firmware will not accept the hack using the remote control. The Brazilian firmware update does work and then you can use the remote control hack and it will make your player whatever region you want. I changed it to 9. When I go to System Information (from the setup menu) it still shows DVD region 4/Blu-Ray region A. Is this normal? Or should it now say 9? I tried the hack again and instead of Brazil's region 4 it now shows 9 in the upper left-hand corner after the hack code is accepted. The only thing is that I tried to play about 6 or 7 of the DVDs I purchased in Europe when I lived there and none of them can be played! Is this normal? Is it because they are PAL? I had also purchased last year a PHILIPS DVD-player at Costco for about $40 found the hack, it worked the first time and since then I have used that to play all of my non region 1 DVDs. So, what's the story with this hack? What shall I expect it to play?
Thanks for any suggestions.

PostRegion code hack posted by eightnerve, January 19 2010:

I have just hacked a canadian version of the bd-p1600 so for those saying it is not possible, maybe you do something wrong. For the region free hack i found it is not necessary to power cycle the unit before opening closing the tray for it to work. The important thing is to use the region code of the firmware version you installed. So just to be clear and save some time to peoples, if you flash your bp-p1600 with the brazilian firmware for activating video on usb then you need to use the brazilian region code(76884) in the procedure to make it region free.

Hope it helps

PostRegion code hack posted by BeerWill, January 26 2010:

I hacked my Region 4 (bought in Australia) BD-P1600 today using scottieuk's method.

At first it didn't work, and then I realised I was pressing [Repeat A-B] instead of just the [Repeat] button on the remote, so make sure you you press the right one.

Before I started I also completely disconnected and then reconnected the power. Don't know if that would make a difference or not.

Haven't tested with Blu-ray yet, but a region 2 DVD that previously didn't work now is fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by afrikandesi, February 10 2010:

Okay so I changed the firmware to the singapore firmware and now im not able to view anything on my tv because its showing PAL. I put in a bluray disk to get around this (and i did). But for some reason it won't let me update the firmware again. I tried a CD and USB but saying error in my update (something like that). How the hell do I revert back?

PostRegion code hack posted by ohhime, February 14 2010:

To watch PAL, use your computer monitor. Connect DVI or VGA cable between BD-P1600 and your monitor.

PostRegion code hack posted by pianta, February 17 2010:

hey! i did it!
i recorded a video on youtube showing
it's very easy to do it
i am from brazil and used the combination
now it's region 9

PostRegion code hack posted by ActionHank, February 19 2010:

Although several Canadian users have confirmed that they have successfully applied this hack, I have been unable to do so.

I purchased a BD-P1600 today from Future Shop, with a manufacture date of 2009/02 and firmware version 1.02 XAC.

I have been unable to successfully convert the firmware to any other region (XAX, XSS, XAA), despite following the instructions re: hex editing.

I have been sure to replace only the very first XAX or XSS in the firmware with XAC, but every time I have tried to upgrade the eited foreign firmware I have encountered an error with the update data.

Any Canadian users with more specific instrucitons? Or is it random luck of the draw as to whether a Canadian XAC unit will load modified foreign firmware?

PostRegion code posted by Martorelli, February 20 2010:

An important info.

I just updated the Firmware on a Brazilian player to the newest version. It's now

S/W: BEv2.06_100201A_XAX
Loader: LDv1.06_090917
Region: A/4 (BD/DVD)

Now the hack I used to make it codefree for all DVDs doesn't work anymore.

PostRegion code hack posted by Weedy1, February 22 2010:

I just purchased a Samsung BD-P1600 from Future Shop and then tried to apply the Brazil firmware with the country code modification using a hex editor.
It appears the newest upgrade to the Brazil site will
not allow the firmware to upgrade. Instead you get an
error notice!@

PostRegion code posted by cookster88, March 01 2010:

After successfully changing my US bd-p1600 to use the Brasil firmware I found my self wanting to use netflix and pandora again now that I have a nice HTPC.

To revert was pretty easy, though I could not find any thing on the 'net to actually revert back. The steps are very easy.

1. Download US Firmware 2.05 (at time of post) XAA
2. Rename file to 2.05.XAX
3. Use a hex editor and change the first occurrence of XAA to XAX
4. Save to USB and finally use the back-usb port on the BD-p1600 to upgrade firmware.

(It's pretty easy now, but when I wasn't sure how to do it before I tried many other things before this, doh).

PostRegion code posted by uqbar, March 03 2010:

i have copied the HEXed RUF file on USB drive formated as FAT32 (default), inserted it into the player and .... nothing happens...
How to have the player actually to load new firmware from the USB drive?
I see how I can create palylists and stuff, but not to boot/upgrade/downgrade off the USB drive.

PostRegion code posted by martorelli, March 05 2010:

After many tries, it only worked when I used a newly-formatted USB drive. And thru the front port.

PostRegion code hack posted by Alx Mdz, March 18 2010:

Hi all, I bought an (BP-1600 US) last december with firmware 1.03 XAA, yesterday upgrade to 2.05 XAA, I'm from Mexico and I can't use Blockbuster, Netflix and Pandora without proxy, I more interesting to play mkv/mp4/divx so tonight I will upgrade to firmware 2.06 XAX.

1.- I downloaded the 2.06 XAX
2.- Edit .RUF XAA to XAX (just first line)
3.- Question, I need to rename the .RUF file
4.- After upgrading to 2.06 XAX, I will hack to region free
5.- looking for which region is now
5.1 If is A/1 I need to press (repeat) 29334, show 1 then press 9
5.2 If is A/4 I need to press (repeat) 76884, show 4 then press 9

I hope everything gonna ok
PS sorry for my english

PostRegion code hack posted by Alx Mdz, March 20 2010:

Hi again,

This my successful review

1.- I changed the firmware form 2.05XAA(us) to 2.06XAX(mx)
1.- Step 1 - Download the firmware from samsung (mexico or brazil, it's the same)
1.- Step 2 - Change the .RUF file with HEX editor, change the first XAX for XAA (just the first) save and close
1.- Step 3 - Do not rename the .RUF file
1.- Step 4 - Turn on the BP-1600 put in the CD or USB (I used CD), following the instruction, be patients, the BP turn off it's self.
1.- Step 5 - Turn on the BP-1600, check the system settings, now is firmware 2.06XAX

2.- Now, I changed the Region code from 4 to 9 (multiregion)
2.- Step 1 - Turn on the BP-1600 without Disc and USB, wait for a seconds, until appears "no disc" on the corner,press the repeat key (no, repeat AB) for 2 secondes (until disappear red circle negate sign) press the region 4 code (76884), now you see the number for on the corner press 9, and thats it, now is multiregion

Region Codes
R1 - 29334
R2 - 57538
R3 - 56732
R4 - 76884
R5 - 53814
R6 - 24462

good bye, and good luck !!!

PostRegion code hack posted by guy_from_brazil, March 20 2010:

I have the latest 2.06 Brazilian firmware and I have just made my Blu-Ray region free following Alx Mdz tip. I believe that how long you press the Repeat button (I tried about 2 seconds) is crucial for this hack. It worked after my third/fourth open/close tray attempt. I'm so excited!

PostRegion code hack posted by msr_tv, March 20 2010:

Remote control hack works with latest 2.07 firmware (XSS)

PostRegion code hack posted by isharp, April 03 2010:

I have been successful in converting a XAA BD-P1600 to a XAX
version allowing me to do a region and have divx support.
But i miss my Netflix support and want to go back to XAA. I
though that just downloading the latest FW for XAA and
changing the first occurrence of XAA to XAX would allow me to
change back to the XAA version. But, I have been unable to
make this work... Any ideas? My player keeps telling me
that it cant load the XAA firmware.

PostRegion code hack posted by GD1, April 07 2010:

Did the region hack using Brazilian 2.06 Firmware now version 2.07 has been released and the player won't accept it after its been edited to xac. Any ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by valnier, April 08 2010:

Hi everybody. I get the region free by installing the Brazilian firmware 2.07. I was trying and there was an error message. I just change the Hex Editor. When I use the xvi32 ( it works perfect!!!! After install the Brazilian Firmware I unlock it using the code 76884. Thanks for all.

Use the following steps:

1 - Download Brazilian firmware: ...

2 - Unzip it

3 - Download the Hex Editor:

4 - Use Hex Editor to change the XAX to your device code (look back your device, near the model)

5 - Install the Brazilian firmware. Now you will be Region 4

6 - Now you are able to unlock it to all regions.

7 - Press the POWER button on the remote to turn on the
machine (no disc in the tray).

8 - Wait till the player has booted up and the Samsung logo
screen is displayed.

9 - As soon as you see "No-Disc" displayed in the top left
corner, press the REPEAT button followed by the code 76884

10 - If you're successful, number 4 will be
displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

11 - Press '9' to make your player region free.

12 - Turn the player off, then on again and test with a
different region disc, or if you don't have one to test
with, just repeat the hack and instead of your old region
code appearing in the top left corner of your screen, you
should see '9' if you've been successful.

PostRegion code hack posted by expl0rrer, April 14 2010:

I've done all the steps as described above on an XAC (Canada) player and with the new 2.07 Brazilian firmware. Everything worked (took about a dozen times to enter the 'repeat' button + code, but worked in the end). However, it still won't play some of my discs. The message I'm getting is 'check TV system'. Anybody know what might be causing this problem?

PostRegion code posted by Martorelli, April 21 2010:

Any sucess on how to make the player handle PAL discs?

PostRegion code posted by tej, April 24 2010:

Just wanted to thank Scottieuk for his hack!! It worked for me and I don't even know what model this DVD player is, or what the country code is!! I'm in Costa Rica, renting a house from Israeli owners and there's no model # on this Samsung unit! Hell, I didn't even know what a regional code was until it wouldn't play my DVDs & told me to check it! So I googled and found your site. I was looking on the back for a model # and saw something that looked like an elliptal globe w/ a 4 on it, so I tried that code (when the 1st few failed--thought it might be from the US, so tried reg1--it's home to Hollywood, right?). Anyway, I did exactly as he instructed and I'm watching Gladiator, one of my all time fave movies, and I can tell my brother he doesn't have to bring me a new player when he visits! tnx!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by needleboy, April 30 2010:

Just confirming that this player will not apply hex edited firmware once 2.07 is installed.

I applied Singapore 2.07 but now that I am back on a NSTC TV I cannot change the region firmware.

Player works once a blu ray disc is inserted but some avi files cause it to flip back to PAL mode, which doesn't work on my tv.

Does anyone know how to force NTSC on this player? Any luck with changing 2.07 firmware to another region?

PostRegion code hack posted by scarabus, May 06 2010:

I'm trying to hack a US (XAA) model BD-P1600
I've downloaded the 2.07 Brazilian firmware (XAX), used a binary editor to change XAX to XAA and successfully flashed the firmware.

Unfortunately I can't get the remote control hack to work. I'm trying code 29334
It still plays US Region 1 DVDs; I've tried it with an R1 successfully and a R2+4 disc without success.

Has anyone successfully made a XAA player region free using the 2.07 firmware?
Does anyone have any older firmware that has successfully made a XAA player region free?

PostRegion code hack posted by marcelotto, June 04 2010:

Guys, I did it using Alex Mdz and Valnier and works perfect ! I used the brazilian 2.07 software and used the XVI32 editor.

PostRegion code hack posted by Cober09, June 04 2010:

I loaded 2.09 XAA firmware and wanted to reset it back to factory firmware but it still shows 2.09. Does it mean I can't rollback FW?

PostRegion code hack posted by Ephantom, June 12 2010:

Just download the new firmware 2.09 for Argentina with XBG extension, and can convert it to region free with the same method and codes descripted in Scotieuk post, with a little modification: I did not use de open close button, nor wait for no disk label. I pressed reapeat and send the code 76884, and the second time I tried it worked, a 4 appears I pushed 9, and the player became region free after i shutdown and restat. I tried dvds with 3 different region codes (1,2 and 4) and it worked with all 3. Hope it helps and thanks to Scotieuk.

PostRegion code hack posted by teabags, June 26 2010:

I followed the instructions of the opening post.
I had to make one change to the instructions to make it work.
Instead of pressing REPEAT, I had to press RETURN on the remote.
Then it worked fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by crooks, July 09 2010:

Got this hack to work with Brazilian firmware, but now I can't
roll back to US firmware. Keep getting "Error in update
data". FF reset doesn't do anything. Anyone had any luck?

PostRegion code hack posted by leonard_cezar, July 18 2010:

I have P1580 with v2.04 XEF.
I want to upgrade to v2.07. Have any of you v2.04 in the
archive? In case that something is going bad. Or link to

PostRegion code hack posted by LukeStriker, July 28 2010:

Today I've applied succesfully the hack posted by Scottieuk in July 5, 2009.
Last week I bought a Samsung BD-1600 from Redcoon Benelux. It was delivered yesterday.
Because I've lots of dvd's from Middle and Eastern Europe, getting it region free was a necessity. However, it didn't work, didn't work, didn't work... I was affraid that Samsung had found a way to block this hack. Also on the Brazilian support site I didn't find the firmware anymore to where the posts on this site were pointing: version 2.3, 2.5 and even 2.7 were not available anymore; only version 2.9. So I felt a little bit hopeless. Until I read the post from BeerWill from January 26, 2010: USE THE 'REPEAT' INSTEAD OF 'REPEAT A-B'. Of course, this sound soooo logic, but I hadn't seen it before. I tried it, and it worked the first time. Wonderful.
The only thing I notice is this: when I look into the system menu, the system setting still state that it is set o region 2. However, Ican play other region dvd's, so who cares... Thanx Scottieuk and BeerWill!

PostRegion code hack posted by KWIKnAD, September 25 2010:

I can confirm that the region code hack provided definitely works. I bought the Samsung BD-P1600 in Abu Dhabi and applied the hack: Press open/close twice, when the no disc displayed, I entered the region code for region 2, even though the hash sign was showing. A box displayed in the upper left corner with a 2. I change the number to 9, then turned the unit off and back on. I can now play region 1 discs immediately which previously would not play along with region 2 discs that played previously. Great work, this was fast and easy and I am very grateful.

PostRegion code hack posted by Fordrule, October 20 2010:

I joined this forum just to tell everyone this hack
WORKS with BD P1600.

Ours is a few months old, and i just got it to work then, the TRICK is, when you turn it on *IFF* IT AUTOMATICALY LOADS and says 'NO DISC' this is when you hit repeat plus the region code, press each button for no longer that 1 second.

no firmware update needed, and no opening or closing when turned on needed either if your does this.

Then i pressed 9, ejected, then closed, turned off, turned on, tried it agen to see if now said 9..which it did, then ejected, then closed, turned off, turned on, an easy as pie.

so my steps were:

-Turn on
-Saw Loading, waited for 'No DIsc'
-Hit repeat, followed by the region code
-Press 9 when 4 shows up
-turn off
-Repeat to check

too easy.

PostRegion code posted by epo999, November 04 2010:

This worked like a charm. I upgraded the firmware, via USB, to 2.12. Then followed the instructions by scottieuk.
Done Deal.


PostRegion code posted by Babar_CA-FR, December 19 2010:

I try with the version 2.13 USB update, even changing the first or all XAX, I got an error during the update ...

PostRegion code posted by 5arge, January 16 2011:

Well, I managed to successfully perform this hack using the Brazilian firmware (2.13) to my DB-P1590 purchased in the US. However, now I'm unable to flash either the Singapore firmware or revert back to the US firmware versions.

I've started a forum thread if anyone's interested in trying to help: ... Free-Issue

PostRegion code hack posted by Uncle Billy, May 15 2017:

I used this remote that I got of ebay for 10$ and it worked

NOTE: You need to use a AK59-00104R Samsung Remote Control. It doesn't work with a AK59-00133A
Samsung Remote Control (By default in the BD-D5100 player).

DVD region Free:

1. Power ON. No disc.
2. Press REPEAT button.
3. Press 7-6-8-8-4 (or your region code).
3. The current machcines region code will display at the top left of the screen.
4. Press 9 to change to free region.
Patience. I did this like 10 times before it works.
1- 29334
2- 57538
3- 56732
4- 76884
5- 53814
6- 24462

PostRegion code posted by mndave, November 21 2019:

Have tried this with Samsung BD-P1590, US firmware version 2.22 (latest version), and it does not work. Repeated the "REPEAT" + 2-9-3-3-4 key sequence on the remote numerous times to no avail. Realize that this is an older machine now, but works great otherwise and am not ready to purchase a new one. Am not looking to try non-US firmware, but if that is the only way, I can accept that there is no solution.

Any updated info on this? Thanks!!

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