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Samsung BD-D5500

28 user region code comments

February 26, 2024 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by ali_khan, May 24 2011:

Just managed to unlock my player, I can now play DVDs from all the regions. I
followed the following steps. Thanks to whoever discovered it first:

1. Ensure that there is no disk in the tray.

2. Switch the player off and then back on. This is necessary to clean-boot the

3. Wait until the main menu page appears and the player stops doing

4. Press the eject button to open the tray. (The button is between the "Power"
and "TV Power" buttons at the top of the controller.)

5. Press the eject button to close the tray.

6. Wait while the player searches for a disk.

7. As soon as the "No Disk" message appears at the top left corner do the

8. Press the REPEAT button – just above the TV channel selector at the bottom
right of the controller.

9. Enter 76884 on the number pad.

10. The region code "4" should appear at the top left corner of the
screen.(this just flashed on then off, so keep an eye on the screen)

11. Enter a "9" to make the player region free.

12. Power down and power up again.

13. Play a foreign DVD to verify the change.


Firstly, you must start entering the code just after the "No Disk" message is
shown and before the message disappears.

Secondly, the REPEAT key is part of the code. All six keys must be entered
smoothly as "REPEAT 57538". The entry gets timed out so you can't stop in
the middle and restart. Don't bash away like crazy, just do it smoothly and

If you don't see the "4" the first time, don't worry. Just repeat the process. It
took me about a dozen tries before I got it to work.

I can't guarantee that this player does not have a region change counter so I
would be a bit careful about changing regions back and forth. I also can't
guarantee that this will work with all released firmware. Samsung seems to
take this crazy region bastardry very seriously for some reason.


For people from other parts of the world, all region codes are as follows

1 – 2 9 3 3 4
2 – 5 7 5 3 8
3 – 5 6 7 3 2
4 – 7 6 8 8 4
5 – 5 3 8 1 4
6 – 2 4 4 6 2

PostRegion code hack posted by Marcos Rio, May 26 2011:

This method described above does not work on the BD-D5500, the remote, it does not have the repeat button.
I'm trying to find a way to unlock.

PostRegion code hack posted by vertraunix, June 02 2011:


I managed to modify the Samsung BD-D5500 (german model) with the
instructions as described to set it regionfree for DVD. It worked as described
- thx for this.

You can modify it again to a specific region from e.g. 9 (region free) if you use
the desciption above and then the same number code for your former region
(as it is pre-set, for Europe 2). The actual region set appears in the right
corner again and then you can enter the region which you want.

I think that the hack should work for all Samsung BD-D-models.

Happy hacking and trying and reporting.


PostRegion code hack posted by tboy2000, June 30 2011:

For those that are unsuccessful try the following:

1. Make sure no disc or usb stick is inserted into the player.
2. Turn on your your blu ray player.
3. When the main menu appears, press the REPEAT button followed by the region code your player is currently locked to - depending on which country you are in (eg: in the UK press "REPEAT 5 7 5 3 8".
4. In the top right corner you will see your region code flash (eg: 2 for UK).
5. Press 9.
6. Turn off and on and your BD-5500 is now region free.

How this differs from the opening post is no need to open and close the disc tray.

So, after pressing REPEAT please enter one of the followig codes the matches your current region lock:

1 – 2 9 3 3 4 (US)
2 – 5 7 5 3 8 (Europe)
3 – 5 6 7 3 2 (South East Asia)
4 – 7 6 8 8 4 (South America)
5 – 5 3 8 1 4 (India, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Africa)
6 – 2 4 4 6 2 (China)

9 - Region Free

PostRegion code hack posted by andrestao, July 07 2011:

The "repeat" button unlock is no longer available on new
units, because there's no such button on the new remote
control: ak59-00123A as shown. There's only a "search" button


Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

Please report any further updates on a any new technique
available to sort this out.

PostRegion code hack posted by juliepandora, July 25 2011:

I just bought the Samsung BD-D5300 and I see from the several posts that the region code hack was supposed to be the same as the BD-D5500.

As stated by andrestao, the remote control that came with my device was the ak59-00123A which does not have the "REPEAT" button.

I was able to unlock mine using the same sequence mentioned in this post, substituting the "REPEAT" button by the "STOP" button. I hope this helps.

So the sequence goes:

1. Make sure no disc or usb stick is inserted into the player.
2. Turn on your your blu ray player.
3. When the main menu appears, press the STOP button (the regular one with the square drawn on it) followed by the five digits code of the region your player is currently locked to. (eg: if it's locked to region 4, this code is 7 6 8 8 4)
4. In the top right corner you will see your region code flash (eg: 4).
5. Press 9.
6. Turn off and on and your player is now region free.

Just for reference again, these are the codes given. I tested this with my BD-D5300, bought in Brazil, so region 4.

1 – 2 9 3 3 4 (US)
2 – 5 7 5 3 8 (Europe)
3 – 5 6 7 3 2 (South East Asia)
4 – 7 6 8 8 4 (South America)
5 – 5 3 8 1 4 (India, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Africa)
6 – 2 4 4 6 2 (China)

PostRegion code posted by Deino, July 28 2011:

Well, checking some of the disks...I see that the real problem
is not the region of the disks...the player can not play "PAL"

I have no problems using a region 1 dvd as long is "NTSC"(My
player is region 4)...sooooooo...I Was wrong.

Now...How do I play "PAL" disks in this player???...that's the
new problem.

PostRegion code hack posted by andrestao, July 29 2011:

still, the STOP button didn't work for me.
I bought mine on June, did the fw upgrade, and tried to unlock
it without success.

PostRegion code hack posted by Saurbaum, August 28 2011:

On the Samsung BD-C5500 UK player I can't get this (or the
alternative with the stop button to work) with the latest

Doesn't seem to matter how fast or slow I do it nor at what
point after start up.

PostRegion code hack posted by outoftheknow, September 07 2011:

The reported hack works for me. In Australia, bought the Samsung BD D5500 early September 2011 at Harvey Norman and remote has the REPEAT button.

With SMART off switch off and on. I tried not opening and closing the tray but the No Disc message appears in the middle in a text box if you select the "Play Disc" options icon - does not work.

Open the tray and close (may work if other screen such as Freeview?)

"Loading" appears top (I thought right not left but no matter it was white text in a black box at the top of the screen) of the screen.

Do not look at machine front display as it does all happen fast and I couldn't time it this way.

"No Disc" appears in white text/black box at top of screen.

Immediately press REPEAT and follow by the code - for me 76884.

"4" appears in the black box - press 9 and this box changes to 9

Switch off and on.

I took three goes to get the button pressing timing at the right speed. I pressed 9 as a continuation of the code - do not pause and try to see what is happening.

For people from other parts of the world, all region codes are as follows

1 – 2 9 3 3 4
2 – 5 7 5 3 8
3 – 5 6 7 3 2
4 – 7 6 8 8 4
5 – 5 3 8 1 4
6 – 2 4 4 6 2

PostRegion code hack posted by hassanm, September 19 2011:

i bought samsung BD-D5500 uk tried the mentioned code method but no way it didn't respond at all ,is te problem that it updated to 1016.2 firmware??? any help with this please, even though i managed to region free my other blu-ray player samsung 5300 with no time and easly.

PostRegion code hack posted by rodjo666, September 23 2011:

Opening and then closing tray didn't work on my Australian model.

The Region code hack posted by tboy2000 worked first go


PostRegion code hack posted by BarryD, October 31 2011:

I used the code 76884 took a few goes but it worked for multi region DVD, it does not however work for Blue Ray, I am still stuck with US and European Blue-ray movies that I can not play.

PostRegion code posted by HowardB, November 13 2011:

I bought my D5500 in Canada and tried the following. I first bought a UK remote that has the Repeat button. Trying the repeat hack with the stock N. American firmware 1015 did not work. I then downloaded the UK firmware and installed on the unit. This was the 1018 release. I was very patient and tried many times but nothing happened. The UK remote works fine in every other respect with my Canadian player.

I notice that the common denominator for all those that the hack works for is PAL TV. I think the N. American players lack a built in PAL to NTSC converter so nothing will work.

Cheers, HowardB

PostRegion code hack posted by lestheraol, November 13 2011:

I've tried the two possible roads here but none worked... I
got the Samsung BD-D5500 (3D "Smart")a few weeks ago, it came
with the remote AK59-00125A which does include the button
"REPEAT" and the 1016.2... Before checking on possible hacks,
I did the upgrade of the firmware to the 1018.x; since it did
not work, I assumed it had something to do with the upgrade
and managed to change the machine over warranty, and got a new
one, still with the 1016.2 firmware; I've tried the hacks on
this one as well, still no upgrade, still no luck! Any ideas?
I got this one in Denmark therefore it is locked to Region 2.

PostRegion code hack posted by Meltee, November 29 2011:

The procedure seems not to work with the Samsung BD-D5500 3D Smart which has the remote AK59-00125A with the "REPEAT" button. Any ideas tomake it work?

PostRegion code hack posted by SunMan, December 26 2011:

I have the Samsung BD-D5500 3D Smart which has the remote AK59-00125A with the "REPEAT" button. Australia. I also had trouble initially trying to get any of the afore mentioned hacks to work - could not get any result at all. Nothing happened on screen or off; no reaction. I then decided to reset the unit back to factory defaults by pressing and holding down the STOP button on the unit, not the remote, and following the onscreen prompts. Once this was done I attempted the hack again and was rewarded with immediate results with onscreen indication just as described. Many thanks!

PostRegion code posted by CodySauce, December 28 2011:

After your reset can you check what firmware it is currently
set to?

Is there any way to revert to older firmware by downloading
it from somewhere and burning/installing via CD?

Tried to reset my Samsung BD D5500 UK player via holding
down the STOP button on the player, not the remote. This
does restore factory defaults but my firmware is still

Im gutted if there is no solution but to send it off and get
it chipped!?

Please someone, anyone shed some light on this please



PostRegion code hack posted by Meishkadom, March 12 2012:

I used the instructions from outoftheknow and they worked immediately, however all dvd's from Japan can only be watched in black and white.
I have an old TV but have not had a problemwith any of the other dvdplayers i have had.

Does anyone know why a colour change may occur? Is it the TV or the dvd after region hack?


PostRegion code hack posted by xandriaooi, April 28 2012:

For those in Malaysia, and maybe in a few Asean countries wanting to change their Samsung BD-D5500 to play DVDs from all regions, you can crack it by

using your remote control:

1. Eject Tray
2. Close Tray
3. Once you see the 'No Disc' popup at the top-right hand corner, quickly press the button 'Repeat' followed by the numbers 56732 (pressing them while the popup is visible-not after)
4. Once you see the a number '3' appear at the top-right hand corner, quickly press the number 9 (while the number is visible)

hope this works

PostRegion code posted by mapanari, November 07 2012:

Do NOT update the rom! Samsung sneaks in a new copy protection scheme without telling cuts the audio out here and there on newer movies; their own virus.

PostRegion code hack posted by aoli, January 05 2013:

how do i change the region code on my tv to play a dvd that is on region 4.

PostRegion code posted by dobyblue, January 22 2013:

One thing I've seen mentioned is that there is no PAL > NTSC converter in the Samsung models and this is true. What's peculiar is that they HAVE included a 1080i50 > 1080i60 converter in these players, which means on discs from the UK (Blu-ray) that are encoded at 1080i50 and not region locked all these Samsung players can play them. LG and Oppo players also play them. Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Pioneer, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, none of these other guys will play them.

If you have a region locked BD then one way to get around it is to buy a burner and some 50GB blanks which are a bit expensive, but you should be able to find a burner + 20 blanks for around $150 online.

I have a couple 1080i50 Blu-ray Discs in my collection that play perfectly on my Samsung, don't even load up on the Sony. An Idiot Abroad Seasons 1 + 2 is region free 1080i50. The new Radiohead "Live from the Basement: The King of Limbs" is also 1080i50 and region free.

The picture conversion is excellent.
Just wanted to add that additional info.

PostRegion code hack posted by John Kendle, September 19 2016:

Many thanks all for info. It worked easily for me as follows:
Turn on DVD player
Press EJECT then CLOSE
As soon as "No disk" appears at the top of the TV screen, press REPEAT (black button below yellow C at the bottom of the remote) then enter your special region code (mine is 76884). You won't see these numbers appear on the screen. You'll just see a single digit representing your region's code (mine is 4).
Immediately press 9 and you'll see 9 appear on the screen.
Turn the player off then on, and your foreign DVDs should play.

PostRegion code posted by nilmo, May 17 2021:


Just bought a secondhand Blu ray Samsung BD F-5500 DVD-region 2. Firmware BSP-F5500WWB-1009.4.
I`ve tried hacks in and, but no success.

Iīm a bit confused about whether or not to only open, or open and close the tray before pressing
repeat + current region lock?

Thanx for any help

PostRegion code hack posted by Olin, June 23 2022:

Many thanks for this hack! The first and second post in this thread still work great. I had to try
it about 4 times before I got it to work, so be patient, keep your eye on the display for your
region code to show up. When it does, quickly press "9" for the player to be region free.

1. Player off, then back on
2. Press eject button, then press it again to close it (no disk in tray)
3. On the upper right of the TV display you will see "loading" and then "no disc." Immediately
press the Repeat button and your particular region code. In Europe, this is "Repeat 5 7 5 3 8"
4. A small number appears in the upper right of the TV display, showing your player's current
region code. Press "9" to change it to region free.
5. Turn off player, turn back on, you are Region Free!!!

For other regions, here are the codes you will use.
1 – 2 9 3 3 4
2 – 5 7 5 3 8
3 – 5 6 7 3 2
4 – 7 6 8 8 4
5 – 5 3 8 1 4
6 – 2 4 4 6 2

PS: My player did not come with a remote but I got new one on EBay for $8 with free shipping. Just
make sure it matches the original Samsung remote and that it has the "Repeat" button.

Happy hacking and region free viewing!

PostRegion code posted by Coach McGuirk, July 08 2023:

Trying this method but haven't gotten it to work yet on the Region 1 player.

I bought a replacement remote with the REPEAT button that works with the player (model AK59-00104R).

I checked the firmware on the player and it says version 2013/05/16_001032 - does anyone know if that
version has blocked the ability to change the region code OR if the process for unlocking has changed
with the updated firmware?

Also, is there a way to rollback to an older firmware and if so is there a site that hosts older
firmware files? Would the player even allow that to be loaded on if newer firmware is already

PostRegion code hack posted by ray, February 26 2024:

Can not play bought BR-DVD

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