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July 29, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by NuTTa, September 04 2002:

for region code press menu, 1,6,7 then mute to play all regions

Press "Menu"
Press "2"
Press "4"
Press "6"

Then Press "1" to unlock dealer lock
i have tested these hacks on my RCA DRA5008AU dvd player,these hacks will work on some others like the Oritron DVD650

PostRegion code hack posted by Espeis, January 13 2003:

I find this hack on my DVD RCA DRC220N and it works

1 turn on de player with no cd
2 when start pres and hold the play and stop buttons about 30 secs
3 release the play and stop buttoms (will apear a little scrren)
4 choose the number of region you want on the remote control
1 for region 1
2 for region 2
3 for region 3
4 for region 4
5 for region 5
6 for region 6
and 0 for all
5 insert the dvd movie you want and enjoy it!!!

Note: my english is bad, so sorry if i write something wrong ok


PostRegion code hack posted by CYC, January 16 2003:

The hack shown below (by Espeis) didn't seem to work on my 220N. On the other hand, the "menu,1,6,7" hack really worked. Actually, I worried some problems might happen as some people had reported, but no problems so far.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rick, February 02 2003:

If you are in the USA (NTSC Land)the flickering you see is PAL. The media dictates the output! If you want to play Region 2 DVD's you must either process the signal through a computer capture card like the ATI TV Wonder ($29) or get a PAL to NTSC converter ($300 or more) I have both and either work superbly. The menu 1 6 7 0 works quite simply (and well) on the RCA 220N and the Oriton DAV2100 home theater.

PostOther hack posted by PSGAMA, July 04 2003:

With the power on, press and hold the SKIP REV, PAUSE and POWER buttons on the player.

This resets the password feature and all other setting to the initial factory setting

INITIALIZED should appear on the screen if done correctly

PostRegion code hack posted by Barracuda, July 29 2006:

This one worked on my RCA DRC200N bought July 2006, at Best Buy. Thanks to the original poster!

Region code hack posted by JW, June 09 2006:
Turn the player on and open the disc tray. Press [CLEAR] followed by [1][3][6][9] and one of the keys [0]...[8] corresponding to the region you want to set the player for (1 for Region 1, 2 for Region 2 and so on, press 0 for Region 0 or Region Free). Turn the player off then on again for the changes to take effect. [added by Barracuda: there is no onscreen feedback for any of these keypresses - you have to use procedure below to verify. I tested with a region 2 DVD that had not played previously, and this worked.]

To verify the region code, press [SETUP] followed by [1][3][7][9]. A screen will then pop up with the firmware info and the current region code setting.

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