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Pioneer DV-588A-S

4 user region code comments

February 08, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Phantom and Valjean, June 16 2005:

According to Steve at, the special remote codes used to unlock current Pioneer players will not work on US models. If the 588's supplied remote has a CONDITION MEMORY button, please let us know if this works. Turn on the player. Make sure there is no disc in it. On the supplied remote, press SETUP, HOME MENU, or whatever it's called on this model. Highlight "Initial Settings" and press ENTER. Highlight "Options," but do not press ENTER. Instead, press DISPLAY. The current regional setting and firmware version will appear on your TV screen. Press CONDITION MEMORY. Press the number that corresponds with the region of the DVD you plan on watching. Press SETUP, HOME MENU, or whatever it's called on this model to exit. I don't own this model, but I do have something that works similar to it. I own a Pioneer HTD-540DV home theatre system whose DVD section behaves just like that of Pioneer's current stand-alone DVD players. I purchased its service manual and they only give a way to confirm what region the player is set to, a procedure which can only be done with a special service remote not available to consumers. Of course, to do that, you can just use the supplied remote and follow the directions I just gave you--LOL. If possible, I'd recommend you go to an authorized Pioneer service center in your area and ask them if you could scan through one of their copies of the 588's service manual instead of buying your own copy. Those books are between $30 and $50! Unfortunately, my Pioneer doesn't have a CONDITION MEMORY button. So I had to get a CyberHome CH-DVD 300S, connect it via coaxial digital cable, and perform its hack to get RAW digital 5.1 surround from foreign DVDs. Of course, if you are successful with the CONDITION MEMORY step, I might get a Pioneer remote with that button on it and see if it will unlock my 540. I hope this helps. Again, please, let us know your results.

PostRegion code hack posted by Smith, December 06 2005:

Don't be fooled by DVD-mod sellers!! You don't need to pay them a penny. All you need is a CD-burner.

Everything is discussed and well explained here. All you have to do is, upgrade the firmware, and then, press "Enter" for 5 seconds. Easy enough. ... entry14178

PostOther hack posted by MageMinds, December 14 2005:

Read that thread

You will end up with a Region free MPEG4 (DivX) and DVD player, even the subtitle (*.sub+idx, *.srt) work with the DivX...

I've done mine and it's ROCKS!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by SoundPro69, February 08 2006:

This I tried with Pioneer DV-578A.
This confirms what "Phantom and Valjean" says above. That the hack does not work on US models. Nevertheless, I thought I'd post this information since some people might find it useful.

The same post above mentions he would try to get a remote with the Condition Memory button. And here's where I have made some findings. Using a universal remote control like the One For All you can generate this code without finding the original remote.
I used a URC-4021B00 One For All universal remote control but most any of them will do. The beauty of these remotes is that they allow you to send raw binary commands. These remotes come with a "set" or "setup" button (or "magic" button in older models). If you press this button and then press the correct three-digit code of the command you want to send, you can do everything you could have done with the original remote.

I also found out that in some Pioneer models the "condition memory" button is called simply the "condition" button.

So I went to this page to find the code for the "condition memory" or "condition" button:
You don't have to read the whole thing if you don't want to. Here's the code: 161.
So I went to the "home menu", scrolled down to the "initial settings" menu, pressed enter, scrolled down to the options menu (don't press enter here) and pressed "display" (or "info" in the OneForAll). That showed the region code and the ROM version. Then, using my OneForAll (OFA) I pressed "set" and then 1 6 1. The player just exited all menues and went into screen saver. So, this confirms that the hack does not work in US models. But I thought my learning process could benefit other people.

Good luck!

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