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Philips DVDR80

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May 07, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by roman.n, July 22 2003:

because the DVDR80 use the same hardware as DVDR75 the codes are the same:


switch on the machine with no disc

Set your remote to
"DVD player" instead of "DVD recorder",

Press PLAY 159

at this point - - - - - digits will appear on the DVD player, type in:

121 212 005 001 and press play (for RC1)
121 212 005 002 and press play (for RC2)
121 212 005 003 and press play (for RC3)
121 212 005 004 and press play (for RC4)
121 212 005 005 and press play (for RC5)

(Note: You can only change 25 times the code!)


to make it RC free you must send a RC6 command: RC6 4 235
at this point - - - - - digits will appear on the DVD player, type in:

121 212 005 255
now it's RC free

PostOther hack posted by James, October 01 2003:

Tried advice for region free on DVDR80 and it did not work.. Specific region selection is ok, but region free is a non starter... Am I doing something wrong or is the information duff?

PostOther hack posted by wayne, October 07 2003:

just like to say i have sucessfully hacked my DVDR80 with the RC6 command. I can now play all region dvds as well as RCE, I used a philips pronto remote control...this site helped me out

thanks for the info above

PostRegion code hack posted by Ewout, December 13 2003:

The RC6 code works, see all links to pages that describe how to send the RC6 command with several kinds of remotes, Palm PDAs etc.
Note the following:
-1- make sure to select DVD-player remote in the DVDR (70/75/80) setup first
-2- make sure there's no disc loaded
-3- the player should be switched on
-4- send the RC6 4 235 code.
-5- press on your DVD remote 121 212 005 255 play. it's normal you don't see the last 3 digits entered on the display
-6- switch player off (standby)
-7- after switching on again, set back the remote option in the setup menu to DVD-recorder to access all (recording) options again
-8- as of now your player is region free

I used the Philips SBC RU 880 remote control, make sure the remote is set to DVD-mode, then press the 1 and 6 button simultaneously for 5 seconds untill synth appears on the remote-display. Loosen the buttons, in the remote-dispay "code" will appear. then press 235, while pointing at the DVD-recorder. If all is well, you'll see "--- --- ---" in the DVD-display. Then go to step 5 above.

Good luck

PostOther hack posted by Ori Sohachevsky, December 14 2003:

Tried all the above but still no joy. Tried via the RC6 code and no luck either. I have the latest firmware which is what it was shipped with.

Anyone know the hack for the new firmware ?

PostRegion code hack posted by Roy, December 19 2003:

I've tried almost every hack before I finally managed to unlock the region codes on my DVDR80. I have this firmware: P1_6_b 20030911_1545 119 dev cstep
Here's my receipt:
Get hold of a OneForAll6-Kameleon remote.
To set if for this DVDR, you have to enter internet,, register, and download the upgrade for Philips DVD. Play it on your media player with remote *listening* to the speaker (it's described at the webpage-don't worry). The OneForAll-code for this player is 0646.
Control that the remote works. If not, rest the description and try updating again (I had to try twice...)

Now you're ready for action! Set the original remote for *DVD-Player* insted of *DVD-Writer*
Select DVD on the OneForAll.
Press Magic 0 8 5 --> You'll see that the display on the player shows --- --- ---
On your original remote, type: 121212005225 and hit the PLAY button, Then hit the Standby button. Disconnect power for 5 secounds.
VIOLA! The player is region free.
If you try to copy an original VHS to DVD+R(W), the display shows: COPY PROTECTED and refuses to copy the movie. I've tested two items that works flawlessly. has a scart cable that is supplied with a little elecronic piece in one of the plugs. Easy to use. has a nice little red box that has RCA (Phono) connections. It's supplied with a power supply that has to be connected for it to work. This one I've connected between my Harman Cardon's RCA and the RCA on the SCART plug that I've connected to my DVDR80's EXT1 plug. I works as a dream! The LED flashes when there is power, flashes rapidly when there's a signal, and constant when there's Macrovision that's removed. COOL!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by John Lomas, December 25 2003:

Will apply hack with players own remote control

PostRegion code hack posted by Bebtel, March 16 2004:

Just bought this baby (Philips DVDR 80),Works great.
RC free code using OneForAll6-Kameleon remote controler, works great too
Remember this RC free code for this baby is 121 212 005 255
Not 121 212 005 225.


PostOther hack posted by Gary, March 23 2004:

If you use this hack make sure you use the correct code as above but you must connect to either a multistandard TV or use the RGB or componant connections otherwise the playback will be in Black and white

PostRegion code hack posted by Kenneth, April 09 2005:

Hey !!

I've got a hold of the OneForAll Kameleon 6 remote.....but can't get the "Magic 0 8 5" to work ;(

Done all the other things....changed "Recorder" to "Player"
Setup code '0646' on the Kameleon 6 , and that part works fine.

But when i try "Magic 0 8 5" nothing happends.....what am i doing wrong.

PostRegion code hack posted by chris taylor, April 15 2005:

trying to get region free by remote cotrol

PostRegion code hack posted by Kenneth, May 07 2005:

Could someone give me some help here, i'm a little lost.

As i wrote before i've changed [RECORDER] to [PLAYER].
Entered the setup code 0646 on the Kameleon6 (URC8206).
Now the DVD responds to the remote fine.
Then i press the [MAGIC] button followed by the digits [0][8][5].....and BOOOM.....Nothing happends!!

If i use the [PLAY] [1][5][9] code....the dashes come up just like they should, but only works Region1 - Region5....and i need Multiregion ;)

Can anyone give me a hint to what i'm doing wrong with this Kameleon6 remote (URC8206).

Any help would be great :)

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