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Philips DVDR75

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June 15, 2024 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by simon dagostino, June 17 2003:

switch on the machine with no disc

Set your remote to
"DVD player" instead of "DVD recorder",

Press PLAY 159

at this point - - - - - digits will appear on the DVD player, type in 121 212 005 255 and press play
( you will notice there isnt enough DIGITS on the display panel ofr the whole code but enter ALL numbers and complete it )

Thats it, region free player.

PostRegion code hack posted by DutVid, August 26 2003:

In answer to the question by Jewels72.

I've used the "RC6-code" hack described on this forum (see DVDR 880 and below). And this worked perfectly for my on my DVDR 70.
I've read elsewhere this "Play159 hack" is a toggle that only works for 25 times.

For my DVDR-70 I followed the instructions below:

1)Via the "System" button on your Philips remote, on your recorder, change the "Remote control used" from "DVD Recorder" to "DVD Player". Store it. (This is IMPORTANT!)

2)OK, bottom line: you now need the One-for-All 6 (URC7560) Remote. Just the supplied Philips remote will NOT do on its own. (Unless you want to build your own of course... No? Me neither). Set its "DVD" button with the code 0539 (see your One-For All's instructions or visit the One-For-All site for details.)

3)Point your One-For-All at the recorder and press the "Magic" button ONCE. Still pointing your "One-For-All" at the recorder, press 085. The display on the recorder should now change to eleven dashes.

4) Using your PHILIPS remote, tap in 121 212 005 255 (the last few digits will NOT be visible on screen but they WILL be there). Now press "Play" on your PHILIPS remote.

5)Power down your recorder, wait a few seconds and Voila!!. You now have a region-free beastie!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Jewels72, August 26 2003:


I used my palm V for it.

The mistake I made was to switch of my DVD recorder in stead of "pulling the plug".

It works now!

PostOther hack posted by Kris, September 30 2003:

This hack worked - for MOST of my DVD's!

Still haven't got the R1 RCE version of "Charlies Angels" to play. Strangely enough, other RCE titles (like Superbit versions of "A Knights Tale" and "Leon") works perfectly!


PostRegion code posted by marek, December 28 2003:

I use a very simple "hack" with this DVD recorder. I have connected the DVD thru an old analog satellite receiver (any one will do). After connecting the DVD recorder I went into the satellite receivers menues and chose MAC-decoder and Decoder level 1. This adds sync to the picture from the DVD hence no more Macrovision. This works with my old Hoyo DVD, my Sony DVD as well as the Philips DVDR 75. The satellite receiver used in my case is a Echostar AD3000IP, but it also works on Salora, Nokia and Philips satellite receivers as well (tested). The reason I post this hack is simple - Hollywood doesn't own any copyrights to my filmings. Any restrictions is breaking the laws in most countries. Happy copying, of course of your own material :-)

PostRegion code posted by Soloalbum, January 10 2004:

You can't playback PAL-DVDs in Colours if your 'TV-SYSTEM' doesn't supports the european PAL-Format ;)

PostRegion code posted by George, January 25 2004:

Macrovision can be turned off VIA SOFTWARE on almost ANY
Philips DVD player that have a serial connector inside.
This hack has been successfully tested on:


feel free to contact me for commercial agreement:

PostRegion code hack posted by Wim Brouwer, March 07 2004:

The following procedure requires a Philips RU880 remote control to make your DVD-recorder "Region Code Free"
This "region code free" procedure is applicable for the following DVD-recorders: Philips DVDR70, DVDR75 and DVDR77 !

How to program the <P+> (program UP key) of the Philips RU880 remote control:
1) Press and hold key <7> and key <9> together untill your remote display shows "SYNTH".
2) Press the following keys after each other: <2> <3> <5>, the remote control will show "press mode" in the display.
3) Press the <DVD> key, the remote control will show "press mode" in the display.
4) Press the <P+> key.

To make one of the above DVD recorders Region Code Free:
1) Press the <System > key on your DVD recorder remote control
2) Go down in the first menu item (User preference) and select for entry (5th) "remote control used" the "DVD player" (instead of "DVD recorder" which is the default! )
3) Leave the system menu by pressing <System> key.
4) On the Philips RU880 remote control press <DVD> than press the <P+> buttom you just have programmed. => The magic "dashes"should appear on your DVD-recorder display!
5) On your DVD-recorder remote control press the following key sequence:: 121212005255 PLAY ==> Your DVD-recorder is now Region code Free.
6) Press the <System > key on your DVD recorder remote control.
7) Go down in the first menu item (User preference) and select for entry (5th) "remote control used" the "DVD recorder" (Reverse action from step 2)
8) Leave the system menu by pressing <System> key.

Enjoy your Region Free DVD-recorder

PostOther hack posted by Gary, March 23 2004:

If you use this hack make sure you use the correct code as above but you must connect to either a multistandard TV or use the RGB or componant connections otherwise the playback will be in Black and white

PostRegion code hack posted by John, April 03 2004:

Turn on the recorder, with no disc inserted.

Set your remote to "DVD player" instead of "DVD recorder". Do this in the 'SYSTEM' setup of the recorder.

Press <PLAY> and then the digits 159.

At this point - - - - - digits will appear on the DVD player.

Press the number keys: 121 212 005 255 and then press <PLAY>.

NB: You will notice there aren't enough digits on the display panel to show all the numbers you enter. However, just continue even though you can't see them.

Display will return to "NO DISC", and the recorder is now region free.

I recently did this (2nd April) with a machine purchased in Sydney, Australia on the same day. Change was nice and easy. :-)

PostRegion code hack posted by etaf, November 03 2004:


I made it today. I've got a DVDR75 with the newest firmware available today 5.25. I've tried the normal hack with the original philips remote several times but i just could switch from code 1 to 2 etc. But it was not possible to watch region 1 if i made the 121 212 005 002 "hack" etc.

The solution was:

I have a philips pronto remote control (but you can use any device where you can enter rc6 infrared codes manually - palm - pocketpc - etc. with optional infrared program installed - on palm it's called i think omni remote)

On my pronto i made a new button with prontoedit 4.05

Manually i've assigned the following rc6 code to the new button

RC6 Version 0
system code 4
command code 235

Then i followed the normal hack instructions with only one difference. Instead PLAY 159 i pressed my new button entered the 121 212 005 255 and finally the player was region unlocked.

Hope this helps the other poor firmware updaters like me :-)

PostRegion code hack posted by zbyszek, April 04 2005:

When I applied above hack with 121 212 005 255 code I just find out that my R1 RCE disks are not working ( like “Final Fantasy” ), I got just map with regions. So I try to apply again code 121 212 005 001 – yes 001 in place of 255 and bingo: I can play properly disks with Region 1, same think if you put 002 in last three digits, and so on.

So last three digits are the Region Code. 255 suppose to be region free, but will not work with RCE.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tristan Jones, May 22 2005:

Excellent zbyszek:
With the last input in this thread I got lucky!
With 001 and 002 respectivly in the end of the code I can switch between the regions.
-255 did not work for me iether.
Thanks for a good hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by Sean, June 05 2005:

Good one etaf,

When I first bought my Philips DVDR-75 in September 2003, the hack:

Play 1, 5, 9,
121 212 005 255

Worked OK! NO more region restriction.

Then the system had a problem, so I sent it for repair. When the system got back from repairs the above hack no longer worked. They had updated the firmware!

After much frustration and swearing, I went and bought a OneForAll UCR 7562.

THen using the hack:

"Magic" button 0, 8, 5.
121 212 005 255

The DVDR75 is now region free!!

Thanks for the inspiration etaf!

PostRegion code hack posted by Dave, September 26 2005:

The first hack did not work for me but after changing the last 3 digits I can now play my region 4 disks...

switch on the machine with no disc

Set your remote to
"DVD player" instead of "DVD recorder",

Press PLAY 159

at this point - - - - - digits will appear on the DVD player, type in 121 212 005 001 and press play
( you will notice there isnt enough DIGITS on the display panel ofr the whole code but enter ALL numbers and complete it )


PostRegion code hack posted by NetRolller 3D, September 03 2006:

Unlocking a DVDR75 (firmware LFF16K):
1. Power on the player using the front panel.
2. Press PLAY, then 1, 5 and finally 9. (In firmware version LFF16K, there is no need to change the Remote Control to DVD Player anymore!) The dashes should come up.
3. Enter "121 212 005 00X" where X is the region you want to set, or "121 212 005 255" for an RPC-1 (no region restriction) player. (If you unlock the player into an RPC-1 one, some discs won't play. In that case, just re-lock the player to the region of that disc.) You should see "121212005" on the display.
4. Press PLAY, then power off the unit from the front panel. When you next power it on, the player will be on the new region code (or unlocked to be RPC-1).

PostRegion code hack posted by PCXT, June 15 2024:

My unit is DVDR75, Region 2, for EU.
Firmware: BE 20.3.24, BASE_20040113...
The trick with Play-1-5-9 works if and only if the region code is 0..5. 255 at the end does not change anything at all, leaving the code to the last one set.
However, the hack proposed by etaf works.

Tested with: DVDs of region 1, 2, 0 (universal).
Not tested with: Extended region DVDs (these with map)

As I had no universal remote to program RC6 into, here is the tested code for those who have Arduino:


#define PIN_IR 3

// Hardware:
// Arduino Uno R3 (clone)
// Connections: Pin 7 - button shorting it to GND
// Pin 3 - IR LED thru 120R resistor.
// IRremote v. 3.9.0

// Usage: Turn on the player with no disc,
// Press "System" on remote, scroll down to the remote icon,
// Set "Remote Control used" to "DVD Player" (by default it is
// "DVD Recorder"), OK, OK, OK... until the splash screen.
// Turn on the Arduino, wait for blink, press the pin 7 button (or short it to GND)
// After the code is sent, the Arduino's LED will blink indefinitely
// (if You want to send it one more time, reset the Arduino)
// DVD player's display should show dashes now.
// Type on Philips Remote: 121212005255[Play]
// All digits except 255 should be visible on display
// Test playing a DVD
// Turn off by standby, then the plug - worked in my case.

void setup() {
digitalWrite(13,LOW); //blink the LED to show it's alive

void loop() {
if (!digitalRead(7))
IrSender.sendRC6(4,235,3,true); //device, command, repeats, preservestate
while(1) //transmitted - hang the device until reset
digitalWrite(13,!digitalRead(13)); delay(200);

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