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Philips DVDR70

63 user region code comments

December 12, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Sylve Brander, September 04 2003:

Region code hack with remote control

PostRegion code hack posted by champ, September 09 2003:

1)Via the "System" button on your Philips remote, on your recorder (no disk in recorder), change the "Remote control used" from "DVD Recorder" to "DVD Player". Store it. (This is IMPORTANT!)

: 2)On your Philips remote press Play 159
The display on the recorder should now change to eleven dashes.

: 3) Still using your PHILIPS remote, tap in 121 212 005 255 (the last few digits will NOT be visible on screen but they WILL be there). Now press "Play" on your PHILIPS remote.

: 4)Power down your recorder, wait a few seconds and Voila!!. You now have a region-free beastie!!

: 5)..Via the "System" button on your Philips remote, on your recorder (no disk in recorder), change the "Remote control used" from "DVD Player" to "DVD Recorder". Store it.

PostRegion code hack posted by DVD Maniac, October 03 2003:

This is the hack for the DVDR880. It works a treat for the DVDR70.

I just hope the DVDR70 is a better machine than the 880. Nightmare.

PostRegion code hack posted by westlin, October 10 2003:

yes this region code hack is okay :o)

PostRegion code posted by rockluvva, October 14 2003:

Does this mean the hack given by "champ" will remove the macrovision as well as making it Multiregion? I just want to be sure :OD

PostRegion code hack posted by pheeneex, October 14 2003:

yes i can say that the hack for this dvdr 70 works 100% now i can watch region 1 but not rce coded region1/s pheeneex

PostRegion code hack posted by Satai, October 15 2003:

i have tried the hack twice on my dvdr70 but it doesn't seem to work on my unit.

changed the remote to player (but couldn't find a store button) did the digit input and everything else in "champ's" guide.

Am i doing something wrong? or can this hack only be done on dvdr70 units of specific countries ?

Any help would be great



ps. unit has the latest firmware, is region 2 and bought in Holland/The Netherlands.

PostRegion code hack posted by Dexy, October 20 2003:

Hi there!

I got my DVDR 70 last week and used the hack imidiately.

But I did not change DVD-recorder to DVD-player in the system-menu. I just pressed play + 159 and typed the numbers required.
Then i switched off the power and it now works like a charme.

PostRegion code hack posted by RGH, October 29 2003:

I followed the words of champ (with the remote control from the player) and it worked perfect!
I'm living in germany, so i habe the rc2-version of the recorder. now it plays my rc1 dvds too! thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by Gman, October 30 2003:

dont worry guys, doesnt matter that none of you guys bothered to reply to my post as my remote now controls my dvdr ok now, i sorted it myself! ;)

i've entered the code, seemed to work ok...i dont have any region 1 disks at the moment, but hopefully will soon! :)

PostRegion code hack posted by J Woodruff, October 31 2003:

I just got a Philips DVDR 70 in the UK and used the Champs hack and it works just fine,plays all my DVD's from the USA,with no problems.

PostRegion code hack posted by Kalle, November 01 2003:


I have a DVDR-70, and tried this hack, but it did not work :(

I had only 9 digits on display after I pressed 'Play' and '159'. (plus the beginning letters of the name that I had saved for the tv channel on the channel 9.

Could this be because I've set the language as "Finnish", by any chance? I bought my Philips on August, so I don't know what's the problem... I'm now afraid that all my region 1 DVD's will be wasted :((

Best Regards, Kalle

PostRegion code hack posted by Brazilian DVD's, November 02 2003:

I bought a Philips DVP320F from Target for $69.00. this is a Portable unit that I bought for my Mother inlaw who lives in Brazil and as you know DVD players are way cheaper here in the U.S. Also the DVD movies are as much as $20.00 cheaper too. Long story short I was looking for a way to make this region free and guess what? this works! trun the DVD player on without a disk and slowly with the remote press 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 -0 and then press info. you will see region 0 on the screen and then your good to go. I'm told that you can only change this 5 times or more. I just want to be able to paly all disk so region free is the best option for me and my family. good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by David Y, November 06 2003:

This hack works perfectly for removing region protection from the DVDR-70. However it does not remove the macrovision protection, and nor does it permit playing RCE protected discs. From what I can gather, the only options for being able to backup original DVD/VHS material onto this recorder is with an external protection removing device.

PostRegion code hack posted by mokos23, November 10 2003:

I used the hack and he disc works fine but I have no colour. Its all in black in white.

Anyone know what the problem is?


PostRegion code posted by barry ashby, November 14 2003:

I not only have a completely region free machine due to the handset hack mentioned above, but i have now been able to remove the macrovision on my Philips dvdr 70 with the aid of a micro chipped scart lead, feel free to e-mail me for more details.

PostRegion code hack posted by Geir M, November 16 2003:

I have the same problem as Chris
It works fine but I have no colour. Its all in black in white.
I have update the frimeware but is still the same problem.

Geir E

PostRegion code hack posted by Terje, November 25 2003:

I have tryed the hack with one4all 6 kameleon remote on my dvdr70 with the latest firmware and it does not work . Its still locked:-(( Any tips

PostRegion code hack posted by Terje, November 26 2003:

Made it. This one worked for me. Used OneForAll remote (Kameleon version with MAGIC button) In DVD mode pressed magic button once. Then pressed 085. Display on DVDR70 shows --------. Used regular remote to press 121 212 005 255 and then press play. Display then showes "no disk" Turn off power. Wait 10 sec. (At least I did) Turn on power and the player is multiregion. Testet with different US and European DVDs without any problems at all.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom, December 05 2003:

In response to Paul Brazier's post above:

I tried using the DVDR-880 hack (121 212 005 001) on my DVDR-70. It did make the machine multi-region (like the first hack on this page) but it did not disable RCE. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

PostRegion code hack posted by B Larsen, December 06 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by Larsen, December 06 2003:


PostOther hack posted by Angelot, December 11 2003:

To remove the Macrovision protection you will need a disabler-box


you can just buy the Smart Lead SCART-cable with a Macrovision disabler-chip....

See for more info....


PostRegion code hack posted by Miranda, December 13 2003:

Here are a couple of RCE hacks for other Philips players:

Play the disc.
Press STOP repeatedly before you see the RCE warning sign, the world map
Press T-C twice until Time -:--:-- is displayed.
Press PLAY

Play the disc.
Press STOP repeatedly before you see the RCE warning sign, the world map
Highlight T and press the number buttons for the title
Highlight C and press the number buttons for the chapter.
Press PLAY

Maybe they might work on the dvdr70

PostOther hack posted by Peter Wood, December 14 2003:

to chris and gere
make sure that you are not in ntsc with a pal tv

PostRegion code hack posted by larsen, December 15 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by Manuel, December 22 2003:

It works ok also with dvdr70 purchased in Spain, exactly as Sylve Brander explains on the top. It worked at first instance.

Aqui traduccion en Espaņol:

funciona perfectamente tal como explica Sylve Brander arriba, a la primera, aparato comprado en diciembre 2003, aqui traduzco las instrucciones:

1) No debe haber colocado ningun disco. Pulsar en el boton SYSTEM, bajad hasta encontrar la opcion: DVD recorder y cambiar a: DVD Player (esta hacia el final de las opciones). Pulsad OK.

2) Pulsar la tecla PLAY y en los numeros: 1 5 9 . En la ventanilla del dvd aparece una serie de guiones.

3) Teclead: 121 212 005 255 (los ultimos digitos no los vereis marcados, es normal). Pulsad de nuevo PLAY.

4) Apagad el aparato y esperad 20 segundos. Encended y ya teneis el Philips dvdr 70 multizona. A disfrutar.

5) Cambiad a DVD recorder, o sea lo inverso que se explica en 1) para dejar el mando en formato grabador. Chao.

PostRegion code hack posted by Alberto, December 31 2003:

He intentado utilizar el hack que explica Manuel pero no funciona. El aparato sigue indicando que la región del disco insertado es errónea.

Alguien conoce otro método para hacer multiregion el DVDR 70?

PostOther hack posted by KU, January 02 2004:

To all of you watching region 1 discs in black and white: Region 1 discs are in the NTSC-format, and will only give you B&W picture on a PAL TV. If the TV is muliti format, it will be OK, or if the DVD-player manage to convert the NTSC signal into PAL. (Don't know the specs on this particular Philips model.)
Tip: I once had a Hitachi TV with two scart-connections. One of them accepted the NTSC format, but not the other one. If you've got more than one scart on your telly, try the other one.... ;)

Good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by Leewxm, January 03 2004:

Thanks KU for the reply - it helps to know that I'm not alone and there there are some reasons behind the problem.
With my old Decca DVD player I could watch Region 1 in colour so I guess it is a DVD player issue


PostRegion code hack posted by Manuel, January 05 2004:

Para Alberto: seguro que funciona, apaga el aparato sin ningun disco dentro, conectalo desde el mando y sigue las instrucciones dichas por mi de manera exacta, tomate el tiempo que quieras pero hazlo exacto. No olvides que el mando debe estar en sistema PLAY segun explico, si esta en funcion grabador no te lo reconocerá.

PostRegion code hack posted by bl, January 12 2004:


PostRegion code hack posted by Robert Lawrence, January 14 2004:

I switched on the DVD entered system 159, then the code. Switched off, switched on and now I am zone free. I required this as I buy many dvd's in the USA when I am working there.

PostRegion code hack posted by Richard, January 16 2004:

My UK R70 Arrived today, and heres how I got mine region free.

- First I went to the website, consumer products, customer care, and put in R70, to download the latest firmware, and burnt it to cd, and stuck it it, which was all very easy. Theres several versions of the R70, look the sticker on the back to find out which variant yours is, mine was R70_051

- I tried doing the above handset hack with the Philips remote, and it would not work, even after setting Player Remote in place of Recorder Remote

- After reading the comments, I got out my One for All remote, which I had used to unlock my old philips player, and this worked, doing as follows:

It is an One For All 4 DIGITAL ( This works the best apparently ) which you can get from Argos

The Aux button was set to DVD mode, read the manual on how to do that, and I used the code 0539.

Turned the DVD on, with no disk

Pressed Magic 085 and the dashes came up

Pressed 121 212 005 255 ( the 255 is not visible )

Pressed Play button on handset

Turned the DVD off, and counted to 10

Turned the DVD on, and it was successfully region free.

Happy movie watching :)

PostRegion code hack posted by A Thomson, January 17 2004:

I can report that the "champ" hack for region free worked beautifully for my Philips DVDR70 bought yesterday from Safeways supermarket.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mattsson, January 17 2004:

Is the DVD able to play RCE NTSC discs from the US with Richard's hack?

PostRegion code posted by Dave W, January 20 2004:

bought the smart lead mentioned on the 12th dec hacks arrived next day works perfectly now i can copy dvd's and video's with no problem

PostRegion code hack posted by Nozzer, January 21 2004:

Disregard my comments 2 posts up, my mistake, I had the 'automatic Resume' on, thats why the disks were starting early into the movies.

So region code works fine, and there are no problems now.

Incidentally, I found how to wipe the settings off back to factory default, you pull out the plug, hold down standby on the DVD player and plug back in whilst keeping it held down for about 20 secs, but this DOES NOT wipe the region change back to its original setting, it only wipes the clock and channel presets etc, so know this: Once you apply your region hack its permanent!

PostRegion code hack posted by scorpion, January 21 2004:

The first RCE hack from MIR, 13th dec works a treat.
Thanks !!

PostRegion code hack posted by Chris, February 01 2004:

B&W problem solved thanks to KU (post 2nd Jan 04). Just swapped the scarts around on the back of the TV. Just converted my RDR-GX3 Sony to multiregion using my PC Infra Red port and a nifty little program from and

PostRegion code hack posted by sean, February 03 2004:

Want to backup a DVD to your DVD RECORDER and are having problems ??

Then visit: ... me=rvi:1:1

email me

PostRegion code hack posted by mark brown, February 07 2004:

there will be no signs that it has worked until you play a DVD from a different region, if this is not working then try the same as before but with the DVD load draw open, if still no luck try same as last, draw open put when you power down the dvdr pull the plug for 30 seconds.
if you are getting odd results playing other region DVD's after trying the above:
sounds like the discs you are trying to play are RCE protected discs, this is an extra encoding that detects what region the player and disc should be and if they do not match then you get some odd results. this may be DVD starts a min or two in to the film or region error shows etc. you could try switching region with the 121212005001 (region1) 121212005002 (region2) etc just change the last number to 1 or 2 or 3 etc etc etc this will set the region and should allow you to play these discs.

PostRegion code hack posted by Vincent, February 10 2004:

copy all copy rigth dvd

PostOther hack posted by voyager, February 25 2004:

as i have had many requests for the firmware link for the philips dvdr70 her it is:

Firmware Upgrade - Software DVDR70_001

Firmware Upgrade - Readme File DVDR70_001

you should read the read me file!!!!!!

hope this helps you

PostRegion code hack posted by Peter, March 06 2004:

I trid the method using the remote control, but although I could input the region free code, the method wouldn't work, so I bought a One For All 4 remote. The code suggested above for the One For All (0539) didn't work, but i did get the DVD working using code 0646. Then, with the DVDR70 switched on, with no disc in, I tried pressing the Magic button (once) and entering 085, but nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?

PostRegion code hack posted by brad, March 07 2004:

im currently in south korea buying region 3 dvds and im returning home to the uk in a months time to do my hack. just be sure,does the 121212005255 code enable all regions or a specific one. and if i use 121212005003 will that play region3 only and not 1 or 2 because if this packs up i cant just buy another dvdr as ive a load of south korean vcd's and region 3 dvd's. thanks peeps.

PostRegion code hack posted by marcus, March 07 2004:

I could not get the hack to work using the code 121212005255. I tried using the original remote from Philips and the software Omni Remote for a Palm.

The only way I could get get Region 1 DVD's to play, was entering 121212005001 to switch the player to Region 1.

I guess that means I will have to keep switching between regions depending on the DVD.

PostRegion code hack posted by Wim Brouwer, March 07 2004:

The following procedure requires a Philips RU880 remote control to make your DVD-recorder "Region Code Free"
This "region code free" procedure is applicable for the following DVD-recorders: Philips DVDR70, DVDR75 and DVDR77 !

How to program the <P+> (program UP key) of the Philips RU880 remote control:
1) Press and hold key <7> and key <9> together untill your remote display shows "SYNTH".
2) Press the following keys after each other: <2> <3> <5>, the remote control will show "press mode" in the display.
3) Press the <DVD> key, the remote control will show "press mode" in the display.
4) Press the <P+> key.

To make one of the above DVD recorders Region Code Free:
1) Press the <System > key on your DVD recorder remote control
2) Go down in the first menu item (User preference) and select for entry (5th) "remote control used" the "DVD player" (instead of "DVD recorder" which is the default! )
3) Leave the system menu by pressing <System> key.
4) On the Philips RU880 remote control press <DVD> than press the <P+> buttom you just have programmed. => The magic "dashes"should appear on your DVD-recorder display!
5) On your DVD-recorder remote control press the following key sequence:: 121212005255 PLAY ==> Your DVD-recorder is now Region code Free.
6) Press the <System > key on your DVD recorder remote control.
7) Go down in the first menu item (User preference) and select for entry (5th) "remote control used" the "DVD recorder" (Reverse action from step 2)
8) Leave the system menu by pressing <System> key.

Enjoy your Region Free DVD-recorder

PostRegion code hack posted by Scott, March 20 2004:

I have just bought a DVDR 70 here in UK and had trouble trying to play what was supposed to be a region2 disc.

I get a message saying that the region coding on the disc does not match that of the player????

The same message also appeared on a DVDR 880. I have tried the code on my DVDR 70, but nothing happened.

Is this a problem with that particular disc??

PostOther hack posted by Chris, March 22 2004:

In reply to Scott about the disc problem, is it the original Italian Job movie DVD (R1) you're trying to play? Because I had the same problem with this DVD

PostOther hack posted by Bokamber, April 01 2004:

I occasionally have trouble playing Region 2 DVD's with my DVDR70. It starts to play then switches to TV. It has happened with new DVD's although they play OK on my PC. Anyone have same problem?
PS : Tried suggested hack but doesn't appear to work with my machine which is fairly new and UK bought.

PostOther hack posted by darren, April 09 2004:


PostRegion code hack posted by bigeck, April 10 2004:

I have tried this hack and must say that although it worked the dvdr 70 started to skip throughout the disks (whatever the region. The only disks which did not skip were ones recorded on the DVDR 70.

I thought at first that the upgraded firmware was the problem but finally concluded it was the hack when I re-instated it to region 2 and all the disks stopped skipping.

just in case anyone else gets the problem!

PostRegion code hack posted by nemo, April 13 2004:

reply for frank posted march 11, press your stop button twice and disc will return to menu. works for me.

PostRegion code posted by barry ashby, April 17 2004:

hi, not only do i have region free Philips DVDR 70 machine i am also able to disable macrovision by way of a micro chipped scart lead, want to know more, feel free to mail me

PostOther hack posted by WaxDeo, May 17 2004:

This is simple. Just buy a Macrovisio Killer+ and you can record from any DVD source!
About the region free hack use a 3TO1 remote and power up the player. Enter 1212121212120 and hit enter on the 3TO1 remote. The display on the player will go blank. Wait 2 sec and the display will read -:--:--
Now power off the player and wait a second or two. Turn it on again and your done! Your DVDR70 are now region free for life!

PostRegion code hack posted by dil999, July 08 2004:

Yes. you need the one for all remote. Otherwise it cannot be made mulltiregion. This doesn't play RCE disks.

But... if you put in an RCE disk and wait while the display shows 'Reading', then when the display changes press the pause key on remote as quickly as you can (don't hold it down - keep pressing it) you can bypass the RCE world map. It takes a couple of trys.

PostRegion code hack posted by redmgf21, November 30 2004:

I have been using the PLAY 159, then 121212005*** hack successfully on my DVDR70 for the last six months, but today, for some reason it has stopped working. The machine no longer accepts PLAY 159 to allow me to enter the region switching code. Does any one have any suggestions, or is there a limited number of times that the region switch can be made?

PostRegion code posted by crossflight, December 08 2004:

i´m from switzerland and used the hack on my friends works!!.
only very new movies show`s still a lock sign on the exit(antenna) with the message "copy prot".doesn´t the hack from champ remove codelock and mv?or is there a new mv?

PostRegion code hack posted by Gareth Hudson, June 27 2005:

I've got a Philips DVDR70/051 and I've been experimenting with the hack ( I've not been able to get the listed 121212005255 PLAY hack to work) and I've found that I can easily switch between region 1 and 2 by sinply waiting until the player displays 'no disc' and pressing PLAY then 159 once I get the -------- I key 121 212 005 then either 001 or 002 for region one or two. I've even realsed that you don't even need to switch off after you press 'PLAY' that final time, the change is instant. I've tried to think about what the player is doing with this and tried converting to binary to get combinations of 11 so I've tried 063, 127 etc.and 255 but none work. Do you think I should upgrade the firmware? Mine's got a BE 20.2.20

PostRegion code hack posted by michelle tofts, July 15 2005:

The hack listed here applies to an earlier version of the firmware. Do not use this hack to switch between regions, as it only allows this a limited number of times, and will then lock you to one region.

PostRegion code hack posted by sands7, February 27 2008:

Worked like a charm for me! Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by hauseter, December 12 2008:

hi..i tryed everything....but it is still not working.
can only switch from one region code to another...but the 255 is not working. if i try the 255 on the will stay in the region code that was set befor... does anybody got an idea how to get the player code free...using the orginal RC...
thx hauseter

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