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Philips DVD727

37 user region code comments

January 31, 2010 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by kano, May 16 2003:

* Press ‘OPEN / CLOSE’ on the front panel or Remote Control.

* Press 9 9 9 9 (pausing between each)

* Press 0 for region free (you can enter 1, 2, 3,etc. for different region) - new region message appears.

* Close Tray

PostOther hack posted by Jan Steneker, July 21 2003:

Hi James,

Thanks for this hack. Fairly easy to make it code-free. However, it might be good to mention, if this hack also enables the PAL-to-NTSC converter inside the player, or if you need special treatment to make that possible. According to Philips manual, this conversion is not there, so probably disabled,


PostRegion code hack posted by James Beddow, July 21 2003:

To clarify, as it seems that I forgot to mention in my previous post, that the PAL to NTSC converter function is included in many, many Philips and Magnavox models. It is simply a matter of going into the normal system setup menus on all of these units, and finding the option for "TV Type" and changing this from "multi" (the default, which always outputs exactly what is input), to "NTSC", which is what is needed for use on nearly all TVs sold in North America. Otherwise you will be outputing PAL to an NTSC TV, and will probably see a rolling picture in black and white. Forcing the output to NTSC solves this problem completely.
Once again, the hack above (tray open, enter 9,9,9,9,0 close tray) will set the unit to region 0.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jan Steneker, July 23 2003:


Thanks again. I bought the DVD727 at Fry's for 99,-, and the hack worked perfectly, including the PAL-to-NTSC converter (nice quality conversion). An advice to other potential buyers, do NOT buy at those fake code-free sales web-sites. They let you believe that they have done something special on hardware level to make it code-free and to enable PAL-NTSC converter. I called them about this, and they keep on lying, do NOT trust them. As you can see, off-the-shelf DVD at Fry's with simple hack works wonderful.

Have fun !!

PostRegion code hack posted by Paulo Betoni, July 28 2003:

This hack did not function with my DVD to player Philips model 727K, bought in Brazil!
Somebody knows some hack for it?

PostRegion code hack posted by Fabio Romano, July 29 2003:

Apliquei a seguinte configuração em meu Philips DVD 727K(data da compra em 17/07/2003):
- Sem DVD´s na unidade, liguei o aparelho e abri a gaveta;
- No controle remoto digitei pausadamente 99990;
- Fechei a gaveta;
Estas configurações são salvas na memória não volátil do aparelho, e podem ser reversíveis.

PostRegion code hack posted by Josef, August 20 2003:

I just purchased this model after reading this forum, and applied the hack...and it's working beautifully. I got the unit from Good Guys (just in case it wouldn't work so I could return it) for 99.99. I've only played a region 2 NTSC Japanese dvd thus far, but will test a PAL disc soon... Thanks for listing this hack!

PostRegion code hack posted by sarcofago, August 21 2003:

the listed hack worked for me "open/close" 9,9,9,9,0 "open/close" power off. once you press the 0, the display on the tv shows region:0

i tested a region 3 pal dvd it worked fine. so far it seems like a great player for $99.99 from target.

PostRegion code hack posted by Marco, August 22 2003:


Thanks to everyone who posted hack information for the Philips 727 on this website. I bought one today based on these postings, and am happy to report that it seems to work fine. I opened the tray, pressed 9, 9, 9, 9, 0 and the screen display stated that the region was now "0", meaning all regions. I played a region 2 Japanese NTSC format dvd, and the picture quality is superb. I've yet to try a European PAL format, but postings from others leave me confident that it will work - I'll re-post once I try a Pal DVD. The 727 cost me $160 Canadian - a fanatstic deal for what you get. Also of interest, if you hit the "display" button on the remote with the tray open, it displays your dvd player's specs and settings, and is consistent with whatever setting you've configured using the remote hack. You can set the 727 for all regions by inputting "0" after the four 9's on the remote, or you can input numbers 1 to 6 after the four 9's to manually select a specific region just in case you get a DVD that messes with the auto-region selection you get by settting the region as "0" (all regions). I've heard that some newer generation dvd's will screw up auto-region recognition on some dvd players, so it's nice to be able to manually input each specific region with the Philips 727 in order to overide that kind of protection. By the way, does anyome know how to record a dvd onto VHS using this player? I tried, but it seems to garble the signal when you patch it to a VCR. Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by Josef, September 18 2003:

Hey guys, I was just at the Good Guys again and noticed this player's price went down 10 bucks to 89.99. So I just brought my receipt and got 10 buck plus the tax back! For those who got it at Good Guys, you may be able to do the same...check the price.

PostRegion code hack posted by Marco, October 25 2003:

To all Philips 727 owners:

I first posted a confirmation of the remote region code hack, and promised to re-post once I'd tried a PAL dvd or two to confirm that this player's NTSC - PAL conversioin chip works well. I'm happy to report that after playing several region 2 PAL dvds from the UK and Spain, everything worked brilliantly. I noticed none of the flutter, warping or stretching sometimes associated with PAL-NTSC conversions, nor any audio problems. The picture is clear, clean and crisp. I love this little dvd player and don't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a quality budget-priced multi-format, multi-region player. I've yet to encounter a dvd that it won't play, including cheap Hong Kong knock-offs. The region hack also seems to reside in non-volatile memory because even when power is cut for extended periods it retains the settings I've input using the remote hack. In my humble opinion, there is no better bang for the buck.

PostRegion code hack posted by Fernando, November 03 2003:

Hello all,

I've just bought the Philips 727K in Chile (at a department store called Falabella), on November 1st, 2003.
I applied the hack (power on, open, 9,9,9,9,0, close, power off) and it worked fine!

PostOther hack posted by Jerry, December 03 2003:

I have two Philips 727 dvd players region 1. In my living room and my bedroom and 726 in my kids room. They all play my PAL region 2 dvds straight out of the box. So I guess you don't need the code to watch region 2 dvd's on NTSC television for all others it maybe helpful. I've got about 20 PAL dvd's and there is no video sync glitches (slight jump in image) when playing back the PAL (Region 2) disks with output set to NTSC as James Beddow states in his post. I have my players for about seven months now and so far so good. I really recommend this player to anyone.

Ooo!!! I don't know if this is true but I've read on the web this player is macrovision free.

PostRegion code hack posted by Eric M, December 13 2003:

I bought this at Target for $79 after reading this site. I did the 9999 0 remote hack as described above. I got a scare in the beginning when a region 2 DVD froze, but then I remembered that it had been in my car trunk for an hour in 30 degree weather. After it warmed up, it worked fine, playing Region 2, 3(Hong Kong) and 4 DVD's. The picture looked as good to me as the Region 1's that I play.
There is a PAL to NTSC converter inside that you have to adjust to "Multi" to convert correctly from PAL DVD's to NTSC TV's. This probably explains some of the problems others are having. Someone above speculated that this feature was turned off, but it isn't, and is accurately described in the instructions ( a little strange, since it is of little use unless the player is Region - free)

PostRegion code hack posted by andre soares, December 13 2003:

Hi everyone,

I got a magnavox MDV/455 that's kind of new and can't find any hacking info out there yet. Since magnavox is made for Philips, Im wondering if there's a Philips clone that I can find codes for and try on my Magnavox. Help anyone!!



PostRegion code hack posted by juzek, December 21 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by Jamescat, December 30 2003:

9990 Hack. Got this from Amazon $74 dollar.

PostRegion code hack posted by Allen Pardy, January 14 2004:

I wonder if the hack can also work on 727AT.

PostOther hack posted by Jon, February 03 2004:

Just bought a DVD 727 from on Jan 26. I applied the '9999' hack and it worked perfectly. Region 2 & 4 dvds work great!

Thanks for all that contributed posting the 727 hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by Memen, February 08 2004:

I used the 9999 0 hack on my dvd Ph 727 and worked nicely for about 2 month, however, a few day ago while watching a movie I pressed something in my control and the image blacked out completely (not the audio) and I have not been able to watch dvds at all. The players audio still works fine though, but the image connection was lost. I have tried in other tv with no results, so the problem seems to be in the configuration. Anybody have an idea of what went wrong?

PostRegion code hack posted by adi68, February 22 2004:

Great player. I got mine at for $75 and free shipping. I think 727 is supposed to play PAL and NTSC. I tried a couple PAL dvds and they play just fine without a hack.

If you want to copy from DVD to VHS and want to get rid of copy protection get a video stabiliser. I bought one on ebay for under $15 but I think you can get them at Radioshack. It is like a small box 5 by 3. You connect the (yellow)video cable and there you go. It works with tape to tape too.

The only problem I have had with 727 is playing mp3s. They are not recognised as singles files. Instead they are split into 4-5 pieces. Anyone who can fix that?

PostOther hack posted by videobuff, February 28 2004:

This player converts from PAL->NTSC as well as NTSC>PAL

I have played NTSC dvds from Region-1 (US) on a PAL TV in Asia, after applying the region code hack. If you set the TV Type = PAL using the on-screen menu, the player will play NTSC videos on a PAL TV without any degradation in quality.

As others have already confirmed, it plays PAL on NTSC too.

PostOther hack posted by Cybernet07, March 14 2004:

Casi todos los modelos de DVD de Philips no traen el Boton Eject o expulsar en el control remoto, pero esto se soluciona, presionando durante unos segundos la tecla STOP, de igual forma trabaja para introducor la bandeja.


PostRegion code hack posted by Ricardo, March 22 2004:

With my brazilian 727K (purchased date: march/04) the open-9-9-9-9-0-close hack only works when pressing PLAY on the remote instead of just closing the tray using the OPEN/CLOSE button.

PostRegion code hack posted by TU, March 26 2004:

I found the solution to enable the Composite video back .
Go to menu try to set default back under preference set up
menu.Thanks to one of you guys answering to my email after reading my previous message.

PostRegion code hack posted by Henry, April 06 2004:

I bought Philips 727 in Walmart...It is 79.88 CD$ now..
and I applied the hack (power on, Tray open, 9,9,9,9,0, Region 0, close, power off) and it worked fine!
It is nice...

PostRegion code hack posted by unclestu, April 10 2004:

It works! I got the cart before the horse, & had several UK PAL Reg. 2 DVD's delivered, with no DVD player to my name. The Philips DVD 727 finally appeared on Amazon again for a few days, US$70 delivered. Hooked it up today, applied the hack(pwr on, tray open, enter 9,9,9,9,0, tray closed, pwr off), put in Britcom disc, got rolling picture. :(
Oh, yeah, I remembered, & went to System Menu & set TV output to NTSC. Bingo, all is well! For my purposes, these old UK programs that were originally stored on tape, the picture & sound is perfect. True DVD-o-philes may disagree, but I'm very happy with the player. It does exactly what I wanted it to do- plays the UK version of the Britcom DVD's('Allo 'Allo- my favorite), & I'm sure it'll play good ole NTSC Reg.1 discs just fine- as well as JPEG discs for Grandma! If you can't find one locally, check Amazon every few days- they get 'em but seem to sell out fast.

Bang for the buck, ya can't beat it with a stick. You need one of these!

PostOther hack posted by jim, April 24 2004:

hell ya i got Philips DVD 727 region free code free as mostly everything you need i think they r the best go to this site to get urs i got my dvd player in 2nd day.

PostRegion code hack posted by maca, June 05 2004:

In response to the person above who lost their picture. I just happened to come across your post, and if you haven't fixed or tossed the machine, here's the answer. (I had the same thing happen to me.) There's some way on your remote to accidentally put the player in progressive scan mode, and then you can't see the picture. Connect one of the component jacks on the back of the player(the ones marked R-G-B) to your video jack on your tv, and you'll see a terrible rolling picture but it should be watchable enough for you to see your way through the menu and get the player off progressive scan.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mott, June 08 2004:

Ladies and Gents,
I recently purchased the Philips 727 off the internet. I live in Colorado and got the player from some outfit in New Jersey. Purchase was pleasant and rapid. The player was around $80.00 US. I purchased The Odd Angry Shot DVD in Region 4 format. I placed the DVD in the player and it stated "Wrong Region". I then removed the DVD and performed the hack (listed in first post) with the remote. Placed the DVD back in the player and it was recognized and played perfectly. I have also used this player for DVD -R and +R disks I burned myself with perfect results. These Philips players are apparently a little old as players go and are getting harder to find. I would highly recommend them. I personally have experienced no problems with the player.

PostRegion code hack posted by aaaccc, September 13 2004:

My Philips dvd727 was hacked 8 months ago. I also lost my picture a few days ago when I pressed something on the remote. The solution that is posted did not work. I also tried the solution from Philips customer care site on resetting the player to factory default without menu and it did not worked. I know somebody with a dvd727 player and was talked through the menu on resetting to factory default and progressive scan to off without success. Anybody out there with a solution?

PostOther hack posted by lincoln, December 11 2004:

For the people that lost the image but not the sound in their
DVD player Philips 727.

Using the remote control, open the tray and press the right key or left key followed by the mute key (almost at the same time). Repeat it several times and suddenly the image will come back. This hack was taught by the Philips Customer Service to a friend of mine. I also had the same issue last week (after 1 1/2 years of use) and the above hack fixed the problem.

PostRegion code hack posted by aaaccc, March 30 2005:

Much Thanks to Lincoln for posting the solution.

PostOther hack posted by MM, April 04 2005:

I applied the 9999 + 0 hack to my player before trying to play region 2 DVDs out of the box. It displayed the 'Region: 0' text and I thought I was all set to go. Then I tried playing a region 2 PAL DVD and got the picture rolling problem. Setting the TV output to 'Multi' won't fix it either. The audio is fine but the picture keeps rolling. I reset the box to 'Default' and tried the hack again: same result. Here are some notes about my setup:

- 'All region' PAL DVDs play perfectly
- I use a TV tuner on my computer
- The DVD is connected to my TV tuner using S-Video

Someone had mentioned something about S-Video connections but I couldn't find more details about it.

Even setting the region to '2' (9999 + 2) doesn't work: it has the same problem.

Any help/info is much appreciated.

PostRegion code hack posted by krishanth, April 16 2005:

i have a philips 727k bought in India, luckily i got a region free player but ... my friends player was not (philips 626) the hack ( open,9,9,9,9,0,close)worked fine. since we normally get region-free dvd here, we searched for region1 dvd & tested and its working.
But i have ONE Question For the EXPERTS here, is there any limit as to how many times a player can be hacked? (like in dvd-Rom drives its 5times)
please let me know!


Keep-up the good work guys ;) !!

PostRegion code hack posted by Vic, November 23 2006:

I have the Philips DVD 726 and this hack worked great! I collect old TV shows from the 1960's and was having a hard time locating "Man In A Suitcase' until a found a set in Australia. The DVD Set works great on my JVC DVD player but the Philips player had to be adjusted. Living in a Region 1 area (USA), this hack (I call it an electronic adjustment) worked like a charm! Thanks to all who have been helpful!

PostRegion code hack posted by chines, January 31 2010:

need region code hack

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