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Panasonic DVD-S53

8 user region code comments

March 22, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by wewa, June 27 2007:

Anybody region hack this?

PostRegion code hack posted by Russell Lilley, August 06 2007:

the instructions are found ... amp;id=32. Obviously performing this may invalidate your warranty.

PostRegion code hack posted by Cookie, August 28 2007:


1. Clear the Remote of all Codes by:-

Press Magic Key (hat) until Rabbit appears.
Press OTHER button
Enter code 980 - This will cause the IR indicator to flash 4 time (2 sets of 2)

2. Set the Code for the DVD Player:-

Press Magic Key (hat) until Rabbit appears.
Press DEV SET Button
Press DVD Icon
Enter code 0490 - This will cause the IR indicator to flash twice
Press ESC twice to get the rabbit to dissappear

3. Setting up the Buttons on the KAMELEON Remote Control:-

a. Press Magic Key (hat) until Rabbit appears.
b. Press KEY MAGIC Button
c. Press DVD Icon
d. Press Magic Key Once (rabbit will not dissappear)
e. Enter the 5 digit code (00 precedes the 3 digit codes using this remote making it a 5 digit code) ie 00191 (<-----this is equiv to the ENTER button)
f. Press the key you want to assign - ie Number 1 - The IR indicator will flash twice.

This results in the Number 1 Key being assigned to code 00191 which is the Panasonic Remote Control Equivalent of the ENTER Button

Use the codes below to program the remaining Number Keys 2 - 0 using instructions b-f above

1. 00191 = ENTER
2. 00120 = 6
3. 00065 = >=10
4. 00180 = <<
5. 00143 = Service Key
6. 00155 = AUDIO
7. 00122 = 8
8. 00117 = 1
9. 00129 = SUBTITLE
0. 00123 = 4

Once all the keys have been programmed into the KAMELEON press the ESC key twice to remove the RABBIT.

Next ensure there is no disc in the DVD Player.
Ensure the DVD Icon has been pressed and is active
Sequentially Press the number keys on the remote starting with 1 finishing with 0.
During this sequence the display on the DVD Player should display 'NO DISC'.
(*There were no other indications or display changes during and after this process.)
At the end of this sequence check the DVD Player by playing alternative Region Coded Discs to ensure it worked. If not try again!!!

Good Luck

PS Don't forget to reprogram your remote if you want to use it as nomal afterwards by Clearing all the codes using the 980 code (Part 1) then reselecting the Devices (Part 2).

PostRegion code posted by panasite, July 19 2008:

Regionfree firmware with UOP disabled: ...

Enjoy !

PostRegion code posted by Incure, August 20 2008:

WARNING: The file above posted by panasite is FAKE and will BRICK your player. Do not use it.

More information can be find on the Panasonic DVD Players Info site:

PostRegion code hack posted by sbhirsch, December 26 2011:

Region 2

PostRegion code hack posted by Ume, June 22 2017:

Region hack

PostRegion code hack posted by Anthony, March 22 2020:


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