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Panasonic DVD-LS50

2 user region code comments

July 16, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Drantin, January 18 2006:

This is not a region free or macrovision hack, but is rather for accessing the features used by panasonic to refurbish and repair/diagnose returned players.

Some of the hacks for other panasonic models on this site also work on my DVD-LS53 (has the same manual as the LS50 and LS55)

(FF+Pause)on device + (8)on remote = does come up with a memory editor, replacing the 8 with 5 or 6 will display timer 1 and timer 2 respectively, FF+Stop (press FF first so the device doesn't turn off) with 5 and 6 will reset the timers.


While I don't believe you will permantently damage your device (except a small portion of the following) Mine currently has a default brightness and contrast much higher than I would like caused by fiddling with some of the numbers on screen 4...
RR+Pause + Menu(on remote) = will come up with FT02 you can use the FF and RR buttons(remote or device) to switch between FT01, FT02, FT03, and FT04. Tapping the repeat button on the remote while in FT03 or FT04 mode will alternate between showing "P037 81L118" and "1 PN 123"
FT04 is the only one of the four that has any text on it, it says it is "FT04 LCD Setup NTSC-U" (this probably shows something different for PAL players and Japanese models... most likely NTSC-J for japan...) it also has two sets of two-digit numbers displayed underneath that. pressing 1-9 will change the first set from 01 - 09, 0 sets it to 1F,
(PLEASE NOTE: Option 1 controls the LCDs refresh rate/HSYNC/VSYNC or something similar... leaving it in an out of range setting for too long will most likely damage your device...)
each change also changes the second set and most will place a third set between those two (that wasn't there before, not even as a 00) and 9 doesn't have the second set, only the first and the middle. The second set can be incremented and decremented with the up and down arrows on the remote or device and the middle can be changed via the left and right arrows, option 2 seems to have the counter set to control the brightness from 00 up past 7F (you can no longer distinguish the characters from the background much past that level, no reason to assume it doesn't go to 9F or even FF, but there's no reason to have it that high...) NOTE: one of the other options here has some relation to the default setting, with it being around twice as high as I would like atm....)
Presumably, all of these options in FT04 relate to the LCD screen as it says, and none of them showed the region of my player (except 0, which showed 01 for the second counter, however it was capable of going from 00 to 26 and I don't have any DVDs of other regions on hand to test with it atm...)

to exit from the FT01,2,3,4 state, just press Cancel on the remote, the screen will say "Initialized" and go back to normal.

To exit from the memory manager use FF+Pause + 9

More to come as I keep experimenting...

PostRegion code posted by Tom, July 16 2006:

Panasonic generic regional code IR sequence

0082 0015 0089 0004 00F2 0033 0017 0010 0091 0013

You can enter these codes with a PocketPC using TV Remote Controller and making a CCF file with these codes. Or use a Palm with Omniremote. Make sure no disc in the player when entering this code.

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