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Panasonic DMR-E30

18 user region code comments

December 27, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code posted by rubanbain, January 13 2003:

Going to share one of the hack tricks for the Panasonic DMR-E30. This hack was found troubleshooting and testing my system:

Connect the output video of your DVD player to a Pro-logic or Digital receiver to the video input, then to your video output of the receiver to the DVD recorder input. This should bypass the Macrovision copyguard, I've tested them on Sony STR-XXXX series receivers. I can't say it will work on all receiver or amps.

PostRegion code posted by James Hatfield, June 11 2003:

The above hack does not work with E30 0r E50 or HS2. It might work with an older E20.

I recommend getting a cheap Apex and record from it to your DVD Recorder.

PostOther hack posted by rb, June 17 2003:

Almost like the DMR-20.. turn off the unit, and press the open/close, pause and stop buttons on the unit for about 7 secs. It will turn on and display 'service menu'. You can change menus with the numbers on the remote, when there is no disc in. Be careful, I dont know how to accept a menu change, there is nothing on the OSD, only on the led display. For example preesing 1 say 'laser 140', pressing 11 displays a white test, 22 says 'main mute', I almost got a heart attack at this point, but it seems that you have to press something more to accept a new setting. If you have the nerve, try it and tell me. I will.. Oh yes, pressing track skip makes a little dot in the circle (what rotates when playing) flashing, dont know what that means, maybe there you can change settings?? no idea. Bye

PostRegion code hack posted by Mansel, July 07 2003:

DMR E-30


Turn On player with no disc inserted
While pressing Shift on the remote press Setup
Press Enter twice
Move the cursor to Other
Enter the appropriate four-digit region setting, beginning with 000
Press Enter
Press Return twice
Switch unit Off for at least 3 seconds

PostRegion code posted by sk, July 21 2003:

If you want to copy DVD's to this recorder, as well as defeat the macrovision from VHS tapes, I found a device from the U.K. at this website: I ordered this directly from the company's website. This device defeats all 3 levels of the macrovision: VHS to VHS, DVD to VHS, DVD to DVD. It's called VIDTRACKUSA (I believe they have a similar device for other countries as well). IT WORKS!!! It's around $96USD. It's a small device, very simple looking. I found a very similar looking device from a company here in the U.S. for TWICE the price. This device is so easy to use and install, just plug it into your wall outlet, hook it up to your VCR and DVD recorder, and you're good to go. The U.K. company I bought it from is a small outfit, but also has very fast, friendly and reliable service. They answer your e-mails promptly and there are no high-pressure sales, they're not rude or pushy, very humble. Took about a week to get the product from the U.K. to the U.S. I highly recommend this product, and this company too.

PostRegion code posted by sk, July 26 2003:

In regards to the previous comment I left, I apparently put a period (.) after the website address, and therefore when you click on the link, it won't work. The U.K. company I highly recommend is called threedoubleyou. Try this web address:

PostRegion code posted by ken, July 29 2003:

if you want to bypass the macrovision. simply go to your favorite electronics store and ask for a video stabilizer. they are legal, and remove ALL macrovision versions. i have 3 in my house. i got mine at london drugs here in canada. it cost me 29.95 cdn.

PostRegion code posted by Jeff Wassel, July 29 2003:

Hey Ken, what is the make and model of the "stabilizer" that you own? Thanks, Jeff

PostRegion code hack posted by Christopher J. DeLuca, August 02 2003:

Hey Mansel,

Do you see a SHIFT button on the remote? I don't. Which button are you actually referring to? What do I press while holding setup?

PostRegion code posted by handy, August 10 2003:

I suggest as mentioned above to use a macrovision free Apex dvd player as it has s-video out & most macrovision boxes don't do s-video. They are about $80 hacked. But NO Apex dvd players support closed captions, they do support subtitles. You won't get a CC stream & there isn't anything you can do about it.

Also, a macrovision box should work, they are about $45US & you can find tons of them in the back of electronic mags. Sometimes has them.

PostRegion code hack posted by Nokou, September 26 2003:

Reg: Panasonic E30 Hack

I'm also confused about this shift button?

PostRegion code posted by AXL, October 16 2003:

all macrovision problems solved with this device here!

Works superb! had mine nearlly 2 years now!

PostOther hack posted by Frank, February 10 2004:

Help, I have recently emigrated to Australia from the UK, I have a Panasonic DMR E30 which I wanted to convert to multiregion but it has suddenly stopped working. When you plug it in the power light comes on but when you press Open/Close or the power button it seems to look for a disc then shuts down and won't switch on again unless you re-plug in the power cable. Any suggestions?

PostRegion code hack posted by s, March 08 2004:

well I dont know how it happened but my panasonic is now region free it had a bad disc error and locked up totally I had to unplug to get the discs out about 10 times as it just kept getting locked out and it closing down now while trying to get it out I was pressing buttons all over the place now it plays anything dont know how it happen but the recorder works perfectally now , I thought I was going to have to send it away for repairs weird

PostRegion code hack posted by Ricardo Diaz Felipe, May 01 2004:

Tried DVD Codes Remote.
This system is no good if you have a region 1.
Tried it, did not work.
DVD Codes will NOT refund payment if you are not successful (although they advertised otherwise when I purchased, now they change their page).
Lost my money.

PostOther hack posted by alberto, May 01 2004:

I tried the dvd codes remote and worked first time. I am region 1 , "but" they did tell me that i couldnt watch region 2 pal films after i had used as the player would need a memory upgrade and chip if wanted this. Previous post chap, did you ask for another bite of the cherry ? my mate didnt work first time and they just sent him another "even though there paperwork said that he would have to pay". It may be worth asking them as they seemed very helpfull with him. I have tried region 1, 4, 6 after using the remote and all play fine. It could be your problem is same as my mates was "the player just didnt pick up the signal". I am sure if you get on to them they will help as i say my mate did and they sorted him out.



PostRegion code hack posted by Tigerdaddy, July 23 2004:

Thanks for your advice Alberto !

Yes, I was also told that I wouldn't be able to watch Pal region 2. That is reasonable.
However, this was not my case.

In my case, the remote simply did not work, although I followed the simple instructions provided.

Also tried to get another remote from them or my money back.
Unfortunately, neither happened. I did file a complaint with Paypal and Federal Trade Commission because the lack of response.

I understand this is an alternative which is available in the market, and whoever chooses to try it, I wish them luck. In any case, I think it is fair to warn everyone about what can happen (like in my case, you may end loosing your money to this company based in Europe).

Thanks again,

PostRegion code hack posted by joakim, December 27 2004:

aj don nov

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