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Onkyo DV-CP702

3 user region code comments

July 22, 2017 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Paul, July 31 2007:


1. Launch Nero.
2. In the "New Compilation" pannel:
- top left part, choose "CD" in the drop-down list
- bottom left part, choose "CD-ROM (ISO)" in the icon list
In tabs, choose following options:
"Multisession" tab
- "No Multisession" must be selected
"ISO" tab
- File name length: "Max of 11 = 8 +3 chars (ISO level 1)"
- Format: "Mode 1"
- Character set: "ISO 9660"
- "Joliet": this option should be unchecked
"Label" tab
- Volume label - ISO 9660: "PIONEER" (without quotes)
"Burn" tab
- "Write" must be checked
- "Finalize CD" MUST BE checked!!
- Write Speed: "please do not select the maximum speed but rather an other less fast if possible"!
- Write Method: "Disk-at-once"
3. Click on button "New".
4. In the right window, choose the file corresponding to firmware (ex: "Y1B01160.BIN") and drag&drop it in the window most to the left.
5. Choose the menu "Recorder\Burn Compilation..."
6. Launch burning using the "Burn" button.
7. When the burning is launched, please check the box "Verify written data", to be sure of the date written during this session.

1. Turn on the player, and open the disc tray.
2. Put the Firmware Update Disc on the tray, and close the tray.
3. A screen will be displayed inviting you to push the "play" button to start the update.
4. The player will load the data, and the tray will open again. Remove the Firmware Update Disc from the tray now. Leave the tray open. The update process will complete in few minutes.
5. Wait until the update process finishes and the DVD logo is shown on the screen.

Attention: DO NOT unplug the power cable or turn off the player during the update process.

NOTE! - This firmware is designed for a particular Pioneer model but has been "tried and tested as working for Onkyo" according to where I purchased this info. I have not tested this myself, but paid for this info so if anyone does actually try this please let me know if it works for you and if it works for you please share the info.

PostRegion code hack posted by artfuldodger73, December 08 2007:

I tried Paul's hack above with my Onkyo DV-CP702 and tested with a PAL disc, but it did not work. It was worth a shot.

PostRegion code hack posted by Fernando, July 22 2017:

This instroctions come from the service manual and you gonna need other remote control (it is absurd, it is)

Setting the region code

You gonna need the Remote controller: RC-484M Part No. 24140484

In this control:
Press the "DVD" key and "2" key of the remote controller.
Press the "RETURN" key.
Press the number key of region code you want (1 or 4, etc)
After that press the STOP button of unit, and that's all.

The major problem of this metod is to find this remote control only to do this, it an absurd, and one of
the most stupid things that onkyo could do. Good Luck !

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