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Memorex MVD-2042

11 user region code comments

February 03, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by risky888, March 06 2005:

try this hack:

1) press open/close
2) press 9-7-3-5
3) setup menu will appear
4) press the right arrow to move the cursor to highlight the regions
5) select which region you want with the up or down arrows
6) select 0 for multi-region
7) press enter to confirm

PostRegion code hack posted by DVD Watcher, March 28 2005:

I bought the Memorex-2042 DVD player in USA and brought it to Brazil. So I HAD TO make it region free. I tried (many times in a row) the hacks above with no success.
Then I tried the hack for the Memorex-2020 (posted by upsino) and it worked right away. Here it goes:

1. Turn on the Player (with no discs in)
2. Press the Open/Close button (leave it open, like if you were yet to insert a DVD)
3. Press the Clear button (on the bottom of your remote control, close to the numbers 0-9)
4. Press the following sequence: 1,3,6,9.
5. Press the number of the Region you want (0 for Region free)
6. Turn off and on your player.

P.S: note that nothing will apear or change on the screen while you do the process. Just follow through completion and you'll have a multi region DVD player.

PostRegion code hack posted by hasei, November 03 2005:

PostRegion code hack posted by Aussiemate, November 29 2005:

I can confirm that the 1,3,6,9 hack works. just did it - first try, no problem.

Apparently this hack is for MVD 2042 *SUFFICX B* machines. If you have suffix A, use the 9,7,3,5 codes.

PostRegion code hack posted by Nick, February 26 2006:

I can confirm that the 1,3,6,9 hack works for my MVD2042 *SUFFIX C* which I bought at Target in Chicago, IL on Feb 25, 2006.
You'll find a suffix at bottom of the box.

No setup screen appears after entering codes, but 1,3,6,9 then press 0 for region free works. Recommend to press each numbers slow.

Have fun!

PostRegion code hack posted by Zbyszek, June 15 2006:

Hack 1,3,6,9 will also works for "SUFFIX D"

They are now on sale in Target for $34.99

PostRegion code hack posted by HansKloss, November 24 2006:

And also works for "SUFFIX E"

PostRegion code hack posted by Vanderlei, November 27 2006:

I bought one Memorex MVD-2042 "SUFFIX E" of the region 1 (USA) and it is now unlocked to all region. You must follow the rack above of the sequence of number 1,3,6,9 and "0" (free region). Nothing will go show on the screen. You can check putting one DVD of your region.

PostRegion code hack posted by pmp, January 21 2008:

Note: Just purchased a Memorex MVD-2042 Suffix "G" from Target for USD $30. None of these hacks work on the Suffix "G". 1,3,8,9 (8 instead of 6) showed some kind of read-only screen which showed rom version numbers, and the current region code (1 in my case), but I couldn't find any way to change the region code.

As of today, google shows some other people have had problems with Suffix "G" as well.


PostRegion code hack posted by sandralink, February 02 2008:

MVD-2042 silver. Bought year of 2004. No work around yet.
tried 1369, 9735, tried everything. still no work.
when typing 1369 or other number, screen kept saying Invalid key and nothing happened.

PostRegion code hack posted by sandralink, February 03 2008:

Been trying whole day, finally got it work!
You need to keep disc tray "CLOSE" not "OPEN".
Then 9-7-3-5, menu will show up.

only applied to MVD-2042 Silver. No suffix. Probably the first generation of 2042.

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