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LG DN898

9 user region code comments

July 24, 2013 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by wynand, December 31 2008:

I can confirm that the iso and instructions provided here: allowed me to set a new
DN898 to Region 0. I have confirmed that it will play both
NTSC in Region 1 and PAL in Region 4 without issue.

PostRegion code hack posted by Samazama, June 16 2009:

I used this on my LG DN898 and it worked,

PostRegion code hack posted by Samazama, June 17 2009:

I used this on my LG DN898 and it worked. I should add, I am in North America and I tested it with a PAL disk and a standard commercial American movie disc. Just remember that in Windows XP, when you're making the disc, you have to use third-party CD burning software because Windows can't unpack an ISO. I didn't use the CD files also provided, but they appear to be the same as the ISO once it's burned.

PostRegion code hack posted by planetrock, July 07 2009:

This sounds so strange, I want to make sure I've got it right - people in North America are successfully hacking an LG DN898 using a hack posted in Norway for an Aiwa?


PostRegion code hack posted by asa1002, August 24 2009:

Warning: wynand's hack ( using files from ) caused my virus scanner to report that the .iso file download link contained a virus. This may be a false positive but be careful.

The second method given on that page ( download the file, burn it to a CD in the correct directory ) worked fine and has the added benefit of not needing extra software installed on your computer if you use windows XP.

PostRegion code hack posted by UncleJed, December 22 2009:

Worked like a charm for me as well. No problems. It's worth noting that nothing actually happens or appears once you hit the enter button. You just have to assume that it worked correctly. It did for me! Thanks a bunch for posting.

PostRegion code posted by gmoggo, March 15 2010:

I have burned several disks and still can't get the CD to be read by the player, once I insert it in the tray and close it, I get a 'check disk' error message,

when I open the CD in Windows, I see the files as they're intended to be: RMTM0000/Scarlet/kpjc19_1.dvd

what am I missing here?

PostRegion code hack posted by illogical99, September 25 2010:

I too get a check dsk error - any advice on what I need to do ?

PostRegion code hack posted by Pyk, July 24 2013:

Another +1 for both the sever 0's remote hack and the CD hack not working.
Tried many different computers, using the iso and using the files directly. There
is either something obvious that some of us are missing or this hack only works
on a specific subset of these players.

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