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LG 6353

8 user region code comments

August 28, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by gianluca, August 27 2003:

After a few trials I successfully hacked my new
lg6353 using the hack described under the lg6188
model. My region 2 player now reads also region

I used easycd creator (old version 3.5), a Que!
external driver and a cd-rw.

For a detailed step-by-step reference go to (don't use the
file given ther but instead go to htpp://
RMTM0000.sit for the download)
Be sure to burn a cd in data mode, ISO 9660, cd
rom (and NOT cd rom xa).
burnfirmware.htm for information on settings for
easycd and nero.


PostRegion code hack posted by jam3, November 13 2003:

Use the Multiregion Menu for the 5000 Series LG DVD Player. Download the software here:

This procedure works fine for the LG DVD6354 that is capable of playing VCD/SVCD.

Follow the directions exactly.
1. Unzip
2. Burn the folder RMTM0000 to a CD-R(W). Choose ISO project and make sure that the folder stay in order. It must be in CD's root directory.
3. Insert the disk to your player and wait until the special menue appears on the TV screen.
4. Type O (null) for All Regions, press Enter.
5. Remove the CD.
6. Enjoy!

To change the TV standard press Pause on your player's front panel. Hold it until the picture blinks. You can switch between PAL and NTSC. AUTO mode (that is possible according to the player's manual) doesn't seem to work. When playing back the NTSC disks it is recommended to choose NTSC to avoid unnecessary frame drops, but your TV set must be a multi standard unit.
Anyone knows how to enable S-Video output?

PostOther hack posted by Davide, November 29 2003:

Enable VCD + SVCD playing

PostOther hack posted by weavo, November 30 2003:

Just to confirm that the VCD /SVCD hack for LG 6188 works with this DVD player.
So EEPROM: 55 53 00 DD 16 55 60 FF
Has changed to EEPROM: 55 53 00 FE 16 55 FE FF

Not tried the reagion hack as I don't have any reg 1 DVDs.

PostOther hack posted by Dave, January 30 2004:

I have successfully enabled the vcd option on my LG 6353.Without turning my screen green.All is done by remote.
1)Switch on dvd, leave it till it says "no disc"
2)Press pause then 1,4,7,2,. you will enter the technical screen
3)Press up three times, then enter 1 followed by 7, and press enter.
4)Turn dvd player off, then on again.
Hey presto it will now play VCD,s, just press play

PostRegion code hack posted by Carmine Dominick, June 19 2004:

No hack problems with info on this site: Works fine with lg 6183(this player came region-free out of the box).

PostOther hack posted by cristi_c1983, February 09 2006:

LG DVD6353 VCD Hack
)Switch on dvd, leave it till it says "no disc"
2)Press pause then 1,4,7,2,. you will enter the technical screen
3)default is: 55 53 00 DD 16 55 60 FF
i just modify the second D to 7
if i put 1 instead of the firs D as dave sais, my picture goes black'n white. i think it's changing the tv standard (pal/ntsc...)
Like this: 55 53 00 D7 16 55 60 FF
4)swich off swich on the player
5)enjoy watching VCDs
P.S Any ideea what the others digits are for? Is there a service manual for this?

PostRegion code hack posted by Spikey, August 28 2007:

Can someone post how to get the Letters in the screen instead of the numbers?
55 53 00 DD 16 55 60 FF (old)
55 53 00 D7 16 55 60 FF (new)

As I made a mistake and put a 1 instead of the first D and my picture is now black & white. i think it's changing the tv standard (pal/ntsc...). This information could be useful.

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