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LG 5353

6 user region code comments

March 11, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Davy, November 21 2002:

VCD hack for LG DVD-5353

1. Power on the player with no disc in the drive.
2. Press Stop on the remote control.
3. Press Pause on the remote control.
4. Using the remote control, key in the following: 1, 4, 7, 2
5. Press the UP arrow three times
6. Press Program 6, Program 5 (the characters 04 FE should now be displayed).
7. Press Enter.
8. Press Return.
9. Power the player off and then back on (bleu key on
the remote control)
10. Play a VCD

PostRegion code hack posted by CTC, November 24 2002:

Procedure to make this DVD-player region free, or to change the region is simple!
download this zip file, unzip Including subfolders and burn it to a cd-r.
Now insert the disc after you powered on your LG DVD5XXX DVD Player and you'll be able to switch between whatever region you want!

PostOther hack posted by Jarbol, December 10 2002:

VCD hack:
The above hack will also enable the 5.1 Speaker Setup menu which is of no use on players which do not have an in-built Dolby Digital decoder. Therefore on these players perform the above procedure but exchange steps 4 and 5 for:
4. Press the UP arrow three times (the characters 04 9C should appear on the display)
[This number may be different depending on the configuration of your specific model - don't worry]
5. Press "PROGRAM", "4", "PROGRAM", "5" (the characters 04 dE should now be displayed)

PostOther hack posted by PeTeR, March 02 2003:

Do you have a LG 5353 whit no optical out?
Well i did! you can add your optical out by simply open de dvd player bij screwing all the screws you can find on the outside and take the dvd player apart.
You have to solder 2 wires on the back of the main print. here you can see 2 tables whit pin numbers and the description bihind it. find pin number 2 on the second connector. if you will follow it you will come out next to the SCART connector. solder the 2 wires to the 1st and the 3rd pin. if you connect LED to these 2 wires the LED will light up! if yo umount this LED to your receiver you will see that is works :D

Greetings Peter (sorry for my bad english)

PostRegion code hack posted by Tuska!, May 14 2003:

Region code hack posted by CTC at November 24 2002 works perfectly! I recommend it! Thank You! :)

PostOther hack posted by Jagular, March 11 2004:

LG series 6xxx can play WMA and JPG but series 5xxx not. How to enable WMA and JPG on LG series 5xxx. I previously hacked VCD/SVCD on my LG 5353 - it plays very good - but have no info about hack for WMA and JPG on this model.

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