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Koss KD305

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April 27, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by pbannie, June 19 2003:

with no disc in the player, press 76418 to reset the password.

with no disc in the player, press 76419 to reset to factory defaults.

PostRegion code hack posted by Grzesiek, July 10 2003:

Hi all!

I'm from Poland, and I hack KD305 (not my) by accident.

On menu (no disc in tray) press 16719
You show "hidden menu".
- press OK
- press number region code (1 to 6) or 0 for region free
- wait 2s
- press exit (to exit)

What is "Destroy selection table?" ???

PS. May english is bad ;-)))

PostRegion code hack posted by federico, August 03 2003:

The hack from Polland works just fine with USA distributed models (bought at SEARS end july 2003)

PostRegion code hack posted by G. J., September 23 2003:

WARNING: Always leave "Destroy selection table: no"!!!
(with remote control hack previously explained)

Do not put "yes" in option: "Destroy selection table", you will not be able to change again the zone. I made that mistake and had to return DVD to Sears. Anyway, it had an awful image at least viewing digital photos.

PostRegion code hack posted by, November 02 2003:

I can get to the hidden menu, but I cannot get the rgion to change. Any ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by KH Yeap, November 08 2003:

I have the same problem with the eariler poster: I was able to access the hidden menu with 16719, but couldn't change the region code. However, I was able to change the configuration to "0". This automatically changed the Region Code to "All" and the Country to "Unknown". Unfortunately it also defaulted the TV Video Standard to "PAL" and the display started flashing.

To solve the PAL output problem, I then did the following (while the display is flashing):

1. Hit the "Exit" button to exit the hidden menu and go back to the main menu.
2. Scrolled down to the Display field and changed the Display setting there to NTSC

Voila, now the flashing display is gone, and the DVD player is now region free and NTSC.

Make sure you are familiar with the structure of the menu tree before attempting this procedure, because you won't be able to read the menu too well with the display flashing.

PostRegion code hack posted by Roberto Gaspar, November 16 2003:

Koss KD305 Sold in USA.

followed by 16719
A hidden menu should appear showing this:


Hilight “Configuration=1”
Press OK
The number 1 should change by a dash (-)
Press 9
The menu changes to:


Your screen becomes black and white
Go back to Main Manu
Hilight Display
Press OK
Go to PAL/NTSC option and change Display to NTSC.
That’s it.

PostRegion code posted by GH, November 23 2003:

What about macrovision hack?

How to do it

PostOther hack posted by Renato, February 27 2004:

i bought my koss in sears !! in december !!! but i couldn´t see my vcd disk !!! have one code to unlocked this

I´m brazilian

Thank you

PostRegion code hack posted by we wa, April 23 2004:

Firstly let me state that if you are a DVD-R user/burner, you DO NOT want this unit. It will NOT play 99% of my Pioneer DVR-A05 recorded discs.

Picked up a unit today. Says KD305a on the box. Used the following instructions:
1. Enter the sequence 1-6-7-1-9 and region appears.
2. Press "OK" repeatedly until region changes to 9 (all region).
3. Press Exit.

No need to open tray, no power off, just use after hack.

Did not have to do any of the rest of the steps people describe, no PAL switchover, no B&W, flickering, etc.
Was very easy. Tried prerecorded R2 and R3 titles ok.

Tried DVD-R (sometimes need to re-eject/re-load to get it to recognize the disc), Nero 6 VCD CDR, JPEG photos CDR (slow but disc error tolerant for standard burned file structure), Audio CDR, CDRW MP3 (MP3 CD has good on-screen menu - rotates thru all MP3 ID data) and even CDRW with MPEG1 music videos (PV). Will NOT do MPEG on DVD-R. CDR/RW only.

A decent cheapo no front panel display DVD player (has progressive scan, clear buttons on face, standard koss remote like other koss models, s-video/component/coax audio, FF 32x, bitrate meter) compared to the others I've tried (Apex, Magnavox, RCA, Pioneer, etc.).
Smooth, silent tray mechanism. one of the more sturdier built cheapo units i've tried.

still not very good tho, after all, still a cheapo unit. i cant recommend it for folks who burn their own DVDs, acceptable for prerecorded region free users who are on a very tight budget of $30 only. like your japanese grandma or auntie, etc.

Initially i liked it, but the more disc titles i inserted (DVD-R) the more i was disappointed. it was NOT a keeper for me altho region free.

Drawbacks are:
no front panel display (but at least the play button is lighted).

zero DvdXcopy DVD-R compatibility,
mixed decrypter DVD-R compatibility,
DIVX DVD-R= Invalid Disc.


PostOther hack posted by DogBoy, April 27 2004:

I screwed up and accidentally set the video to PAL. Next thing, the screen started rolling so fast I couldn't see it good enough to change. Used the 76419 entry (restore factory defaults) and it was like new again.

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