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KiSS DP-500

8 user region code comments

September 01, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Hijacker, January 21 2003:

New address:

Now with images.

PostRegion code hack posted by Oink, June 23 2003:

Check also the hacks for the Kiss DP0450. They all work on the DP-500 too.

PostOther hack posted by Ashok, October 24 2003:

Converting Kiss DP-500 to DP-508

1. Unplug Power and Open the top cover of the player
2. Remove power cable from DVD Drive
3. Remove IDE Cable from DVD Drive
4. Remove IDE Cable from Board
5. Plug the Y power adapter cable to the power adapter cable (what you removed from DVD Drive)
6. Plug one end of Y cable to DVD Drive
7. Place the brand new Western Digital 80GB Special Edition drive on top of DVD Drive
8. Set the jumper setting of Hard Drive as Slave
9. Plug the other end of Y cable to Hard Drive
10. Plug the Middle potion of the IDE cable (Provided by Western Digital) on board
11. Plug the short end of IDE cable to Hard Drive
12. Plug the long end of IDE cable to DVD Drive
13. Plug the power card
14. Press the eject button
15. Put the Firmware disk of 2.7.4 of 508
16. Close the Tray
17. You will see on screen display to power cycle
18 Press Power Cycle button
19. Firmware will be updated (first it will display Erasing .. then count starts 1,2,3,....100.
20. Player will eject the tray
21. Remove firmware cd from tray
22 Press Power Cycle button
23. This time you will see "First time hard drive preperation mesg". Do not touch anything on remote or player until the mesg disappears.
24. All you set with the 74632 MB Free of space

All of the above is true if you have Rev2 and Rev B mark on sigma chip and Brand new western digital 80GB

For more info goto


PostOther hack posted by Tony, October 24 2003:

Just One thing, about modification from Kiss 500 to 508, it doesn't work with revision 1, it only works with revision 2

Good Luck for moding it ;-)

PostOther hack posted by Centralrock, November 20 2003:

Weather Manager for K|i|S|S

PostRegion code hack posted by Pickle, February 25 2004:

Patch for KiSS 450 470 500 508 here:-

PostOther hack posted by Sejersen, March 18 2005:

If you can get your hands on an old DP-330, then you can take its drive called: DVS-LDR DSL-720A LV17 and put it into the player instead of the Toshiba SD-M1802 they have today. After putting the drive into the DP-500 you do this with the remote:
Under the region setting choose: All

Thats it, now you have a regionfree DP-500

PostOther hack posted by Kayser, September 01 2005:

You get a lot if you change the drive in your DP-500 to the Asus E616P2 drive, REMEMBER it HAS to be the P2 drive, or else this does not work!
The player becomes more quiet, it becomes region free and it suddently supports DVD+ disks also.
Before you build in the drive though, you have to flash it to region free. This is easely done with the RPC1 flash that you can download from here:
Choose the 1.08 flash, this is the latest firmware for the drive. But be aware, flashing the drive wrong can damage it.
After flashing to RPC1 you just change the drives in the player and after booting the player, make shure that the player is set to be region free with the above posted region hack.
And thats it, its quiet, supports DVD+ and is region free.
Injoy your new improved DP-500 that now has become better than the original.

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