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December 28, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Jess-Jess, March 23 2003:

Make sure there is no disc in the player

Unplug dvd player

Plug system back in while holding the "Open/Close" and the "play" buttons (ON THE PLAYER, NOT the remote)

The word "Test" should come up on the player Display

Press "9" on the remote until the display on the player says "00A0 0000"

Press "Standby/on" (remote or player)

Wait 15 seconds

Turn player back on

(This Hack also works for the 302 *Silver* version)

PostOther hack posted by Dave G, April 08 2003:

Tried this, and it doesn't work at all.

If you do the open/close|play button, then press 3dPhonic, DTS will appear in the window. Put the machine in standby and this will reset to factory defaults (handy if you screw the player up whilst hacking!)

PostRegion code hack posted by WanGuy, April 16 2003:

I just did this hack on a JVC XVS332SL, new, out of the box, and it appears to have worked fine!

PostOther hack posted by David, April 26 2003:

Just tried this on my XV-S300BK and the closest match was 00A0 FFFF, and this didn't work

Still looking for the elusive hack for it ...

PostRegion code hack posted by Dave H, April 27 2003:

It would appear that pressing 4 or 5 on the remote control also does something while the unit is in test mode.

I had 00A0 FFFF on my XV-S302SL and after some fiddling 00A0 0000 was set. Put the unit in standby and the thing was still locked to R2. Went back to Test mode, and brought up 00A0 0000, put in an R4 disc, and the 0000 changed to something else. However, this was not saved and I still get Region Code Error on MIB2 R4 disc. I have a R1 copy of Blade somewhere to try when I remember where it is.

Meanwhile, my search for the JVC service manual continues... (anyone got a login for


PostRegion code hack posted by Jess-Jess, July 01 2003:

The hack i preveously posted only works with the first versions of this DVD player but i found a hack for the new versions!

1)TAKE OUT ANY DISC YOU HAVE (unless you want it scratched)
2)unplug Player
3)re-plug while holding the open/close AND play buttons(on the player itself)
4)press the forward skip button (on the player)

The numbers 0000 0000 should show up, you WILL hear a clicking sound but dont worry, your player is only adjusting to and saving the change

Try it out!!!!

PostOther hack posted by Dave, September 16 2005:

I tried both methods:
(btw i have a xv-sv300, no bk unless bk means its black and then yes, my player is black. I live in north america.)

Pressing 9 will cycle thru many different codes but never does it read 00A0 0000. The closest you can get is 00A0 FFFF which has already been said does not work, and 00AD 0000 which I tried and does not work.

Doing the same trick but pressing forward skip on the player does make noise but it will not let me play a PAL disc either.

The only tip here that DOES work is the 3dphonic button, which will reset your unit to defaults.

PostRegion code hack posted by gandalf, December 28 2006:

I followed the hack listed on this forum for JVC XV-S332SL and it worked but had to play with the steps a bit.

Step 1 of unplugging and plugging back after pressing Open/Close and Play buttons on player worked as described to create "Test" and a short number

Step 2 of pressing 9 did nothing. Based on comments I saw in one of the replies I first pressed 4 and the display started counting up from 0030 XXXX (I forget what the last four were). After 2 minutes it had moved to 0031 for the first four digits and would take forever to get to 00A0 so I pressed 5 and the digits jumped to 0038 and immediately down to 0037 and started counting up. The last four digits kept jumping but the first four moved to 0038 after 2 minutes and to 0039 after another 3 minutes. At around 0041 I lost patience and hit the ">>|" key and the display froze wherever it was and did not move. Then I pressed 4,5 and nothing happened. Then I pressed 9 again and display jumped to 0070 0000. After this pressing 9 repeatedly got me to 00A0 0000. In my excitement I went past 00A0 twice. Each time I switched off the player and started with Step 1 and then pressed 9 to get to 0070 0000 directly. And stepped up first four digits to get to 00A0 0000 by repeatedly pressing 9.

Step 3 worked as indicated. Hit standby/on and waited over 15 seconds and then turned on and inserted an R2 disc in my otherwise R3 player. This time the display showed the headings Title Track etc. but no numbers and the word PLAY. Nothing happened no matter what I pressed so I switched the player off and on one more time and this time it worked. I checked all kinds of discs and all are playing.

I feel free at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all who posted instructions here. Hope mine help as well.

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