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June 28, 2016 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Kasper Hansen, May 11 2003:

I haven't cracked this yet, but to access the test menu, unplug the machine and hold stop and play on the player. Still holding these, plug the player back in.

This should do the trick as far as to getting into the test menu. Pressing "choice" on the remote here should change the display to something else.
I don't know what to do from here.

PostOther hack posted by Fabio, May 12 2003:

Here's what I've found until now on my JVC N33 SL bought in Italy.

As many other JVC players, plugging the unit while holding the |< and >| buttons on it (not on the remote), makes the LCD show its current regional setting, i.e. 'REG 2' on mine.

Unplugging and re-plugging it while holding the 'stop' and 'play' buttons on the device one can access a 'service' menu, with the LCD showing 'E0' and the TV an 'E Ver. 26' message.

Then, pressing 'choice' on the remote, one can loop through five 'main menu' items. On the LCD:

17 26

The open/close button is always active, while most remote buttons are inactive, suggesting that a 'service CD' could be needed to access all functions.

While in '17 26' mode, pressing 'choice' loops through the following LCD messages:

17 26 (a CPU/OS version number?)
01232 (?)
003 0 (?)

While in 'CK' mode, pressing 'play' shows a message on the TV screen (flashing):

Check Mode Data; 00 00 ...

While in 'EP' mode, pressing 'menu' loops through the following messages on TV:

FE Accel Data; int1 02F6 ...; int2 ...; ...
FE From Data USE; ...
FE From Data MEMORY; ...

where many exadecimal data are shown. What could they mean?

No other button seems to be active except the ones I reported above. But I could miss some...


PostOther hack posted by Daz Flynn, June 30 2003:

When you get the player to display E0 pressing the pause button (I think on either the player or the remote) changes it to E00. I have no idea what that means though.

Also when you have the test data up pressing certain number buttons (on the remote) changes the test data, and at times it can make your player make very odd clicking noises.

Unfortunately none of them seem to make the player region free.

I only bought mine becasue the guy int he shop said it defintiely had an available hack for it.

PostRegion code hack posted by cricket, July 01 2003:

whoever comes up with this hack will be very popular ! Had the same problems as above - I notice there are multiregional versions of this XV-N33SL available - perhaps if someone could access to one we could make a comparison in the menu and see where the changes need to be made

PostRegion code hack posted by Daz Flynn, July 19 2003:


After having another play with my player I discovered that when you get the E 0 display up (after pressing stop and play and turning on), pressing pause changes it to E 00, and pressing review (
I was able to set it to E 30 by changing it and then turning the player off, unfortunately it didn't seem to change the region setting, but at least I guess it proves some of the settings can be saved?

PostRegion code hack posted by Alex, July 20 2003:

I bought the DVD player (actually, I bought the black version XV-N30BK) because the reseller told me that it was region-free. Bummer, but (as I already learned, it is not. Too bad that the reseller is closed on sunday, but that's an other thing. I'll ask him about it tomorrow and if he gives me a code I'll post it. Otherwise he can take the player back...

But I've been playing a bit with the remot emyself and I found out that it's possible to change the CK values using keys 4 tru 0 (including 10). Evey key changes an other value, all pre-programmed, but I wasn't able to save any settings.

Further more a remark for those that were able to change the E0 into E30 and E33... This is the model you have guys! ;-)


PostRegion code hack posted by Alex, July 21 2003:

Hello Guys,

I've got some good news and some bad news... Yesterday I wrote that I'd go back with the player to my dealer. He did have a region free version of the player (that's the good news, so a hack is possible).
The bad news is that the hack can NOT be done witht he remote. My dealer has a contract with a 3rd party who comes once in the two weeks and hacks the players using a some kind of boxed device. This means that either an internal software setting (hidden from the controls on the player and the remote control) is there, or that a firmware upgrade will be done.

My advice: Go see your dealer and let him make the hack for you. The player is certainly worth it. Even more since the NTCS/PAL conversion is done INSIDE the player, and no 21 pin-connected SCARt is required to see NTSC DVD's in color...


PostRegion code hack posted by SEAN IRWIN, August 19 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by Ture Björkman, August 28 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by GH, September 01 2003:

I have to agree with the last 2 postings. Although my player was bought in Singapore (and is clearly marked region 3 on the player and box), it played region 2 discs straight away - no problem. Also the seller in Singapore airport assured by brother in law that the player would work in Europe!

PostRegion code hack posted by Paul, September 04 2003:

I have a XV-N44SL bought in Canada. With all I've read it seems pretty similar to the N33SL in terms of the service menu obtained when holding the stop and play buttons when plugging in the machine. I've been searching for over two months now and have not been able to find a hack. My machine is a region 1 but will NOT play Reg 2 discs. There should be a way because these are sophisticated machines capable of converting PAL to NTSC and vice-versa. I tried asking the dealer from whom I bought the machine but he wasn't forthcoming on any solution.

PostRegion code hack posted by David Lau, September 23 2003:

has no one found a hack for the JVC XV-N33SL yet??
i bought the player at currys electrical retailer and they said it wasnt multi region... i have a region 2 only playing machine.. so desperate to find the solution to this model of machine..

PostRegion code hack posted by Brazilian_guy, October 08 2003:

Mine is XV-N30BK (the black version of N33SL) and I noted some diferences between then.

On mine is not E0. It´s JP0. When I hold "Pause", becomes JP00, but then, when I hold "Return" (or any other control), nothing happens.

I´ve noted something else. When the display shows EP and you hold "Play", those codes (as someone sad before) are shown in the screen. If you hold "Play" again, they are changed. There are four diferent screens, returning to the first one. But I cound´t change any data in these screes.

PostRegion code hack posted by F18, October 31 2003:


I just bought a JVC XV-N33SL from a store in denmark. And my player has been done to a region free one. the only way for making it region free is u have to use a special box that gets connected to compulink. what from there i have no idea. but the box is needed for making it region free. and it works.
the store is:
they takes 400,- danish crones for making it region free.


PostRegion code hack posted by andrew, December 13 2003:

PostRegion code hack posted by Aragorn, January 15 2004:

Apparently it's not possible to hack the player directly. Scince the
player support play back of NTSC footage one can run the US
Region 1 titles through a computer removing the MacroVision,
Region Coding etc. When this is done the ripped DVD-image can
be run through DVD2ONE and finally burned on DVD-R. The
Player will have no problems playing these discs...

This is kind of an anti-shortcut but if you own the movies you
should be allowed to make copies of them. At least in my country
it is.

On a new computer system the above procedure takes around 1

PostRegion code hack posted by JJ, February 10 2004:

This is from JVC's headquarter in Denmark. This should help to get the JVC XV N 33 regionfree:

Without the mainpower, hold the keys "F.SKIP" & "R.SKIP" - Plug in the mainpower maintening the 2 keys pressed, and press the "stand-by" button until the display show
"REGION **" or "REG **".

This should be enough... :-D

PostRegion code hack posted by sum1, February 21 2004:

U need a AV connector to upgrade this unit! a small black box, with a blue button and green light. plug unit in, press and hold skip forward and back, turn on player, 'reg 2' will appear on the player, connect the av connector to the back of the dvd, choose the upper hole which says 'av' above it. now hold the blue button untill the green light goes out, the dvd player will now say 'reg 0'

PostRegion code hack posted by matt, February 28 2004:

I also did what JJ said and it didnt work - the LCD did change to REG 2 though. But it didnt change to REG *. I've been searching for a hack for this DVD player for ages now. I dont believe it can be done via remote control. Whats this AV connector?

PostOther hack posted by michael, February 29 2004:

Hi all.
I just purchased a region1 JVC XV-N3SL in the US but live in Norway ... which means that I can't view my region2 DVDs! Just like you guys, I have been trying to find a hack but in vain. But may be I have a solution to this:
Is anyone interested in exchanging DVD player? I mean if there's anyone in the US who wants a new region1 DVD player, I'll send it to him in exchange of a region2 one.


PostOther hack posted by Alfacorse, February 29 2004:

There is absolutely no hack available which you can do yourself. Our store were we bought them asks 20 euro to unlock them, they also confirmed you can't do anything with the buttons on the player or remote. I live in the netherlands btw.

PostOther hack posted by Confused, March 01 2004:

I purchased this player in Italy, region 2 and like most sales people I was told it plays all. None of my Asia or American discs can be played.
I still can't believe it can only be hacked by an external unit. Lets keep trying out there electronic guru's

PostRegion code hack posted by Mulgie, March 04 2004:

Hi all, I bought my XV-N33SL at ASDA in Manchester, England late last year. My player is Region 2 restricted and won't play any of my US DVD titles.

I've read on here about the 'black box' that plugs into the compulink socket on the back. Has anybody ever got hold of one of these and tried to reverse engineer it? I can't see it being too difficult to produce a copy once we all know how it works.

I've done some scouring around on the internet but can't even find any info on the Compulink interface itself - anybody know of any good links for Compulink info?

PostRegion code hack posted by Ben, March 10 2004:

This is what I found out so far... Open the DVD Tray(no disk) Unplugged the power from the wall. Press and Hold down the STOP and PLAY buttons (NOT THE REMOTE). Plug the power cord, the Code look something like ie...(IU 2), Now press the STANDBY/ON(NOT THE THE REMOTE)and then press it again STANDBY/ON button on the player. The Message read something like this, " EXECUTE DVD PLAYER SETUP? BASIC PICTURE/AUDIO SETTING YES - PRESS ENTER, NO - CANCEL" I don't know it for here on.

best of luck

PostRegion code hack posted by chris, March 11 2004:

Any guys in Holland who want to rent this tool?
Op de site zeggen ze dat ze hem ook naar het buitenland verhuren (ca. 30 pond)
Misschien kunnen we de kosten dan met een paar mensen samen delen!!.
mail naar

PostRegion code hack posted by Paul, March 12 2004:

Anyone know where to find or rent one of these little black compulink boxes in North East America ? I've been asking around a few "cool" retail outlets and they don't know what I'm talking about.

PostOther hack posted by Mike, April 14 2004:

Guys I think you can forget about it.I tryed all the hachs so far from all the JVC models and they all say the same thing.Not possible.I think we have to live with this problem.But if you find the right HACK you're the man.Good luck you need it

PostOther hack posted by ObiWan, April 21 2004:

The only thing that i found is:

If i keep the forward and backward button pressed, when de dvd is in standby mode, and the press the powerbutton, you'll get, reg 2 dislayed on your display..

Can't do anything, when that message appears, so maybe someone here can see what they can do with it.

it's on the dvd player it self. :p

PostRegion code posted by Johnmenth, April 29 2013:

I know this is an old post but i must say it gives me peace
and worry.

I'm about to buy this

A quite expensive bluray player and I worry it needs to be
hacked too.

Are there any updates on this topic?
thank you

PostRegion code hack posted by Spiceymeataballs, June 27 2016:

Instructions how to hack

PostRegion code hack posted by Spiceymeataballs, June 28 2016:


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