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November 26, 2002 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Jory, November 26 2002:

Here are the notes from my extremely limited testing on a D723 unit. I'm anxious to see how they might be applied to other models, too!

Power up (from STANDBY key) holding down |<< and >>| and the unit displays its region code.

Plug in machine while holding Play and Stop and the unit displays


In "TEST JC" mode, pushing the "Page" button on the remote turns on the DVD-Audio light on the front panel. (sometimes. It may be time-affected.)

In "TEST JC" mode, pushing the front panel "Display Off" button causes the unit to display:


Pushing it again does this:

Unit displays:

28 36 C4

Lights up the "Digital Direct Progressive" LED

Pushing again does this:

Unit displays:


Lights up the "44.1kHz/48kHz" LED

Pushing again lights up ALL LEDs

Pushing again does this:

Unit displays:


All LEDs turn off except "Digital Direct Progressive" and "44.1kHz/48kHz".

Pushing again does nothing. No buttons work (except STANDBY) at this point.

On the CHECK page, pushing PLAY does this:

Lights up "88.2kHz/96kHz" LED
Turns off "176.4kHz/192kHz" LED (if lit)

Pushing |<< does this:

Lights up "176.4kHz/192kHz" LED
Turns off "88.2kHz/96kHz" LED (if lit)

Pushing PAUSE does this:

Turns off both the "88.2kHz/96kHz" and "176.4kHz/192kHz" LEDs

If you go directly to the CHECK page and push |<<, then the unit does this:

Unit does this:

Displays for just a moment:

LAS 2109

then usually switches to

LAS F600

and begins counting down in hex, usually pausing at numbers that end in 00

If you push STOP and then push |<< again, it'll generally return to LAS F500 and counts down some more.

When it gets to LAS F400 it seems to either stay there or go up 01 or 02.

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