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September 28, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by KS, September 10 2003:

To watch a German DVD ( Region Code 2 ) it is not neccessary to turn the player on & off and to disconnect the power.

I tried the following:
1. Insert the DVD and close the tray
2. Switch Power to on
3. Press the 1 continusly, till DVD-VIDEO is seen on the screen. The Video starts from the beginning.
4. To get rid of the WRONG REGION display just press AUDIO MODE on the Remote Control and it will disappear.

If you press 2 on the Remote Control, doesn't mean that REGION CODE 2, it means the Chaoter of the Movie the Movie will start to play.

The negative point is, that the REMOTE CONTROL features ( except AUDIO MODE ) doen't work at all.

Till now I haven't found a way to pass that.

PostRegion code hack posted by gabbysdad, December 28 2004:

Hi all you guys who need region unlock codes for a Initial portable DVD players.. Here they come.

Turn on the player. (No DVD in the player)
Push SET UP. (On remote)
Scroll down to "Preferenses menu"
Push the play key (Centre arrow) no unlock menu, just do the following.
Enter one of the key codes from the list (your unit) with the remote.
Press left arrow, then down arrow.
"no sign of the key code entry is displayed until the end of the sequence"
If the code is correct, a grey bar will be displayed in the centre. The words
REGION CODE 1 will be displayed.
Now enter the region code you want to use from 1 to 6, 0 and 9 have no
effect !
After you have made your selection, press the play key (centre arrow)
and the code will be locked.

CODE KEYS by unit:

IDM 830

IDM 7058

IDM new 1731 04' model

IDM 1731 03' model

IDM 9520

IDM 10 Car Change

IDM 1810A

IDM 9530

IDM DVD 5820

Note; 04' model of Initial 1731 has the bottom attaching battery.

Enjoy everybody who coulden use your Initial player in your home
country.. I had same problem, but i was lucky to get all the codes
in the box when i bough my 1731 in Miami last month.. YEAAAA

Have fun...

PostRegion code hack posted by obs, January 15 2005:

The hack that Gabbysdad posted worked great. Setting it to Region 0 worked for me. I was able to play Region 1 (including RCE) and Region 2 discs without making any other changes. Thanks! :-)

PostRegion code hack posted by Bob, September 28 2006:

Remove any DVD from machine.
Power on.
With remote:

Press "Setup"
Select "Preferences" and hit "Play"
Enter PASSWORD (see below)
Press left arrow
Press down arrow
Enter number of desired region.
Press play.
Power off, then power back on. You are ready to go.

There are a feww possible passwords. You may need to try each one:


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