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Digix Media DV-288

4 user region code comments

December 26, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Francis, June 18 2003:

Digix DV-288 has two versions. Here is how to hack them:
(A) First Version:
Power on.
Open the disc tray.
Push "Menu" button.
Enter 20110.
The words "set Ok" should appear on the screen.
Turn off power and on again. The player should now be region-free.
(B) Second Version:
Power on.
Open disc tray.
Push "Set up" button.
Enter 13698888.
A new menu named "Version" will be added towards to the bottom of the main setup menu. Enter this "Version" menu.
Inside the Version menu, you will find an option as "Region" or "Region Code". Change the setting as needed, using the up/down arrow keys on the remote control. (00 should be the proper setting for region-free operation.)
Push "Setup" to exit the menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ebraheem, June 23 2003:

In response to the above hack (the one with 20110):

1) make sure you open the DVD disc tray with the ***remote*** and not from the deck!!

2) You will notice when you type in the numbers or when you push menu on the main screen you will see a hand (which obviously means invalid or unable) in the top left hand corner. DONT PANIC. You are doing the right thing, just go on as planned - power on, disc tray opened (WITH REMOTE!!!), push menu, then 20110, then you get this new message on the left. After that it saves and your dv-288 is forever region free! (that means you dont have to do all this again :-P)

PostRegion code hack posted by Norbert, July 15 2003:

Just tried it on my brand new player. Version A. of this hack works excellent!!! No problem at all. Bought the player over the internet from Fryīs Electronics, the best bargin ever: $ 39.99 !!!! (canīt beat that, but donīt go to the store, there you have to pay $ 59.99 for the same player!!!) Forget about the Apex 1110W fuzz, this one is cheaper AND better !!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Ste, December 26 2003:

There is a third version of this player now. If none of the original two hacks works on your player, try this.

1. Switch on
2. Press 8561
3. Region change menu is on screen


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