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Daytek M700M

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May 02, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by H Theiling, December 03 2003:

- Switch player on
- enter 'setup' (on remote control)
- carefully enter the following code on
remote control: 13798888
- an additional entry appears: 'version'
- select 'version'
- select region 0 for code free
- done

There where warnings about the player refusing to work
if the code is wrong too often.

PostRegion code hack posted by RB, December 06 2003:

The region hack for this one is quite simple:

1. Power up the player with no disk in the drive.
2. Press "Setup" on the remote.
3. Type "13698888" on the remove.
4. The item "Version" is added.
5. Select the item version by pressing "Play". The cursor is now placed on the item "Region code".
6. Press "Right arrow" button. The region code now turns purple.
7. Press "Up" or "Down" to select the correct region code.
8. Press "Left arrow".
9. Select "Main menu".
10. Press "Power" on remote.

PostRegion code hack posted by Yoddah, December 21 2003:

For version 3.01

Setup + search the screen where you can select "password"

Put the cursor in the last item

press in the remote 1379

Then select zone 0


En espaņol:

Pulsar setup
Dentro de los menus, hay que escoger el que se elige la contraseņa
Poner el cursor en el ultimo item
Pulsar con el mando 1379

Seleccionar zona 0


PostRegion code hack posted by Dieter Lambing, February 11 2004:

Hi to all the People in the Comunity,

Here is a regionfree Hack for a DVD Player named DAYTEK M705M

1. Power up the player with no disk in the drive.
2. Press "Setup" on the remote.
3. Go to the "Präferenz Setup"
4. You can see 7 items, the last is "Factory Setting"
5. Mark the item "Factory Setting" by using the "Down arrow" on the remote.
6. Press 1379 on the remote. You get a new popup Window "Regionscode" and the number.
7. Press "Up" or "Down" to select the correct region code. (0 for code free)
8. Press "Play". The popup Window fades away and the normal Setup Screen appears.
9. Go out of the Menu, by pressing the "Setup" button.
10. Press "Power" on remote.

Well done!

PostRegion code hack posted by xcelerator, May 02 2004:

Region Hack for Daytek M705M:
My player shows the manufacture date of Mar2004 on the back and did not respond to any of the Daytek-specific hacks. I checked the Daewoo listings and found the code (Daytek is manufactured by Daewoo, or at least some components).

With NO disk in the player AND at the blank startup screen (DO NOT ENTER "SETUP")...

- Enter "9735" using the remote control

That's it ... it will bring up the options to change to any region including Region 0.

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