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Daewoo DVG-8500N

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April 24, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by kmartshopper, July 09 2003:

hit the setup key

then press number

then enter the new menu topic VERSION
and you can set the Region code to 0 for code free or to each region number

Worked fine for me. No problems

PostRegion code hack posted by ergatovolador from Venezuela, August 27 2003:

Press setup key, then press tree times the left key <
then one time right key > and a new menu item called "VERSION" appears go to this menu option and press ENTER
this will give you a screen with all the regions codes, go to the selected one and write the region numbre you want
thats it
It works for me

PostRegion code posted by ricardo ariel ibarra, September 04 2003:

what is the code for your modification

PostRegion code hack posted by Victor Colina (DVD Studio) Venezuela, October 06 2003:

1.- Turn On
2.- Press Open
3.- Press 1 3 7 9 and the number of the zone that you want to use between 1 and 6.
4.- Now enter the movie and press play.
5.- If you want to watch other movie with other zone, just do the same with that zone number.

PostRegion code hack posted by Crispulo L. Quigtar, November 14 2003:

Turn DVD player
Press open
enter 1379 0
Put DVD in player and press play
unit will close and read DVD.

From now on you can play all regions without having to do anythinf further.

PostOther hack posted by Techne, December 10 2003:

None of those hacks has worked for me. I think a have a newer
production model. Looking in the back of the gear says July 2003. Has
somebody been able to unlock this player and does it date from July

PostRegion code hack posted by martin, December 26 2003:

ok,, found this today & it works, revised hack for Daewoo 8500n

power on.
open the drawer & LEAVE IT OPEN
press on the remote control
four small stars appear in the top left of the screen whilst you enter the code

once the code is entered simply enter the region number you require, close the drawer & press play,,, your away.....

PostRegion code hack posted by carlos, January 29 2004:

do you know if this works for dvg-8400?

PostRegion code posted by Marianodb, February 23 2004:

Someone Knows the way for unlock Macrovision protect in DVG-8500N?
Is it Posible?

PostOther hack posted by carlos astudillo, April 24 2004:

sigo las instrucciones para modificar a multiregion mi dvd 8500n pero pero no ase efecto o no me da resutados.que me puede estar pasando

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