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Cyberhome CH-DVD 500

10 user region code comments

July 24, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code posted by J, December 15 2002:

The macrovision hack for the CH AD-L 528 also works for the
CH-DVD 500 sold in the US. This was tested using the
November 2002 Firmware update. Although you must do this
hack each time when putting a disk in, it only takes a few
seconds. Sweet, eh?
Macrovision hack posted by at December 13 2002:
Macrovision deactivation on CyberHome ADL-528 (for actual
Press STOP once (it actually goes to some sort of pause
mode, macrovision effects should still be noticed even while
displaying the menu of the player).
Press SETUP and go to setting VIDEO > SYSTEM (possible
settings are PAL and NTSC)
Change the entry, press RETURN, change back the entry as
it was before, press RETURN
Ready - the video encoder should be re-initialized and
Macrovision disabled.

PostRegion code posted by J. Scarecrow, January 05 2003:

Although changing the SETUP > VIDEO > SYSTEM setting works as a Macrovision disabler, it isn't very good for your TV. Here's another Macrovision hack, courtesy of "pcdvdguy" on

1.) After putting in DVD, hit Stop, then Setup to bring up the Setup menu.

2.) Go to VIDEO > SYSTEM > OUTPUT and change the output setting. (Ex. If you set to output S-video, change it to composite. If you are set to composite, change it to S-video.)

3.) Macrovision should now be disabled. Change your output setting back to your preferred method, hit return twice to exit the Setup menu, and press Play.

PostRegion code hack posted by foxy mulder, April 09 2003:

Apparently, updating the BIOS changes nothing to the hack. You can still access the hidden menu from this hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by hackman, October 20 2003:

I tried the method posted by Xecuvo and.....
It really works!!!
Thank you!
For everybody that want to use it that is what I did:
1)Turn on tv set to see a dvd,
2)turn on your dvd player (no disc!)
3)follow exactly the steps reported in Xecuvo hack tecnique
4)Put in a different (or same as before) area movie and enjoy!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by The Wolf, November 14 2003:

With the region hack alone I was having no success with region 4 aussie dvds. I installed the bios file upd98100 on the machine and now it works fine. So if the region hack alone is not working for you in the land of oz then that's the go. That is using windows xp for 98100. visit
After that you have to do the settings again (region - all) etc. But stoked! May the world of hacks fight the power!

PostRegion code hack posted by Captain Flamboyant, November 22 2003:

I just wanted to let you know that I've tried the latest Cyberhome update and, while it does disable the open region settings, you can still do the region hack.

I tried this so I could play some DVD audio CDs (which previously wouldn't work) and now it works great.

I know this is a cheapo DVD player but this thing has been GREAT!

PostRegion code hack posted by Ronaldo, December 02 2003:

Captain, What do you mean. What do you mean it disables
but you can still do the region hack? Are you saying it
get's back to the original settings (reset), or are
you saying we don't have access to the region setting
menu any longer? I'm confused.

I'd like to install the 10/23/03 but I *definetely* don't
want to loose the region-free capability.

PostRegion code hack posted by Not here, December 02 2003:

Yes, the region hack still works. What he meant was that installing the update will set region back to 0. So you have to redo the region hack after upgrade.

PostOther hack posted by plokent, December 06 2003:

Resetting to the Player's Default Video Settings

According to the Cyber Home CH-DVD 500 USA VERSION manual:

On page 31, "Quick Tips" it states:

- Turn the DVD Player off using the power switch on the back of the unit
- After a few seconds, power the player on and OPEN THE DISC TRAY.
- Enter one of the following codes on the remote control depending on
your TV type:
NTSC (USA): STOP -2-0-0-2 or PAL (Europe): STOP-2-0-0-3
- The player is now reset to COMPOSITE Video Out and the TV SYSTEM
you specified.

PostRegion code hack posted by E Nice, July 24 2004:

This is the region code he posted:

Region code posted by Xecuvo at October 27 2002:

1. Turn on your dvd player
2. open the tray
3. press the stop button on your remote
4. enter 1999 using the remote

a menu will pop up.

5. select the region code using the remote (set it to ALL)
6. confirm it, using enter
7. leave the menu using the return button on your remote

8. close the tray

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