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Apex AD-1200

28 user region code comments

January 01, 2013 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Chris, March 29 2002:

Open tray
press 8 4 2 1 (you will see -'s appear top left of screen)
Menu appears for region and Macrovision
Use up/down keys to select Region/Macrovision
Use Enter to change region/Macrovision on/off
A PAL region 2 disk played fine when switched to region 9 (Really region 0 , ie region-free)
Have not yet tested Macrovision (My kids hid the VCR remote...)

PostRegion code hack posted by Apexer, March 29 2002:

New from CC; open the Disc tray leave it open
Next punch in 8421 on the remote..
now you see Region code put it to 9 (by "ENTER" not "9")

The "turn off macrovison" WON"T WORK even it's off anyway.

PostRegion code hack posted by Chris, April 24 2002:

WARNING Ther are several firmware versions out there. To deteermine the rev. open the drawer and press
I have 2.10 aa17 - Region selection works. Macrovision option is there but does not work.
I have read that 2.12 AA18 is similar.
2.13 AA18 (Apparently) has disabled the hack completly....

PostRegion code hack posted by Larry, April 28 2002:

Open the tray, wait 30 seconds enter code 8 4 2 1

Small lines will appear on the screen.

Two parameters will appear: Region and Macrovision.

Region: Press "Enter" until "9" is reached.

Macrovision does not work. We bought the Sima Video CopyMaster
at Circut City to bypass Macrovision.

PostRegion code hack posted by Carlos Amezaga, June 21 2002:

There are various revisions of the Apex 1200 Player out there. The 2.12 aa18 which is what I have still supports region free using the 8-4-2-1 loophole menu just like 2.12 aa17 does. The 2.13 aa18 I also have no longer supports the loophole menu so you can no longer make it region free. A post on the nerd-out Apex 1200 forums cites that you can apply a hardware hack to 2.13 aa18 to make it region free. No word yet if it can still be made macro free. There is also a 2.10 firmware release, I do not know the status of that firmware.

To determin what version of firmware you have, eject tray and then hit the display button on your remote. It will show up on screen.

PostRegion code hack posted by , June 22 2002:

Firmware 2.13aa18 does not have the 8-4-2-1 hack.

The boxes of older units that have this hack, have a white kodak logo. If the box has a yellow kodak logo on it, it has a newer firmware and will not work (yet, I hope)

PostRegion code hack posted by E-dog, November 11 2002:

To get the version page on the AD-1201 turn the power off on the DVD player and then back on and press the setup button on the remote. This brought me into the setup option with the Version option in the menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mira, November 13 2002:

This is my experience with the AD-1200:
1) originally had the 2.12 aa18 firmware
2) used the 8421 method successfully for region free
3) player needed repair. Sent to Apex
4) came back with 2.13 aa18 firmware. 8421 did not work. But with much better picture clarity. To check firmware version, press Display with a disk inside. Unfortunately, I did not verify the region status.
5) Tried a previously posted (now deleted) hack of: Setup - Video - Video - Auto(for choosing NTSC or PAL) - Setup. End of hack. But picture was scrambled so I put it back to NTSC. Region free!
5) Unplugged player to try to reset status. But when powered on again it was stil region free without the hack.

So the questions are:
a) did the region free status stay with the player despite the firmware upgrade?
b) did the "Setup" hack work?
c) should I have left it unplugged loner than 5 sec?

PostRegion code hack posted by Nazareth Torres, February 17 2003:

I live in Brazil and tried to apply the unlock on my DVD (apex ad-1200 V2.13 aa18) and i not succeeded
After to eject the disc tray push 8 4 2 1 on the remote, not display the region and Macrovision setup screen.

PostRegion code hack posted by paul gilbert, March 21 2003:

i got this player the apex ad-1200 and i tried the 8421 code but it didn't worked. i was wondering if somebody can tell me what to do.

PostRegion code hack posted by , April 14 2003:

anyone know how to hack Apex 2.2E aa17??

PostRegion code hack posted by neph, April 19 2003:

Tried opening the tray, then the 8-4-2-1, nothing happened. Tried the tray open & "Display" to see the version, nothing happened either... how come?

PostRegion code hack posted by kevin, July 18 2003:

I found a novel way to make the AD-1200 region free, as far
as I know no one else has reported this method yet for this
player. It may be a generally useful way to upgrade other
apex players that don't have firmware upgrades explicitly for
those player.
At CC, I bought an Apex AD-1200 yesterday for 45 bucks.
Before I went to the store, I did a bunch of research at nerd
out. Basically, I was looking for a box with the Zoran chip, I
found one unit in the pile of AD-1201's and AD-1200's that
should have the Zoran chip from the serial code #. It also
had the yellow kodak on the box. Taking it home, I opened
the tray and hit display to see the firmware version:
v1.2E aa17, a version that there wasn't much info about on
nerd out, but I was hopeful it would work.
tried the 8421 trick to make it region free to no avail.
Here's what I did next:
Went to the nerd out firmware update page for apex-1000 or
apex-1500 players, burned a cdr with the regionfree apex-
1500 firmware upgrade and put it in the player, basically
followed instructions on their web site. It worked! The screen
you see when you power up with no disk has changed to the
one of the firmware. One thing that scared me at first that I
ruined the macine, the picture at first was black and white
with some flickering, apparently the firmware changed the
output to PAL format. Using the R/L button on the remote,
change to NTSC so you can view on American television,
changes to color with no flickering. I have a bunch of region
2 cd's so popped one in, it plays fine, but again I have to use
the remote's R/L button to change it to NTSC output.
I haven't tested macrovision or other possiblities, I am
running it through a rf modulator into the coax input of my tv.
I can understand people protecting their intellectual property
rights to prevent copying, but it's irritating that you have to
buy these rf modulator (another $35 for 4 input at CC) if you
have an older tv that doesn't have rca jack input (instead of
just going through the vcr). That just about doubles the cost
of the player in my case. Hope this is helpful

PostRegion code hack posted by QH, August 10 2003:

Tried the region code hack that requires pressing the # one button after incerting the different region dvd. Not all dvd's will play using this hack,(eg. harry potter) There seems to be more protective ware on these ones.

Also found that the dvd player also responds to pressing the #2 as well as one. Either one does the job, but i still haven't figured out how to get the remote working. Any ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by dionisios, October 06 2003:

Region free for New Apex AD-1200 With serial D... in yellow stiker?

PostOther hack posted by TC, October 09 2003:

I just had the same problem with an APEX AD-1201.
Sure hope someone can help.

PostOther hack posted by kukas, October 14 2003:

goto they are master in Apex

................. . ........
. ...


PostOther hack posted by clayts from area450, October 14 2003:

No we're not, we deal with Sampo players - try the Forums at http:/ instead :)

PostRegion code hack posted by Roger, December 31 2003:

I saw this hack only one other place, however I forget where. To make your apex ad1200 2.13 aa18 region free, all you have to do is:
Eject the tray
Press 1200
The word "Region" will pop-up and there should be your region number next to it; ie: 1 for North America
Now press the "enter/play" button until the region says 9 (region free, also known as 0).
Press any other button to exit the region menu.
The region hack stays on even after powering off. By the way my Kodax sticker was yellow on the Apex box. I hope this hack helped you.

PostRegion code hack posted by chale, February 19 2004:

APEX DVD Model AD-1200, 1225, 3201
•To find version: power up the player by using the button on the machine, eject the tray out either using the remote or the machine, hit display in the remote control, and you'll see version in the TV screen.
•The security code for the Apex 3201,1225 and 1200 are 8421. Simply open the CD tray then enter the code 8421 to gain access to the programming. You will then have the option to select your region of choice (Region 9 being all regions) and whether you want to turn off Macrovision.

PostRegion code hack posted by John, February 22 2004:

The 1-1-1-1... hack works to change the region on my Apex 1200, and I can play a UK disk. Only trouble is, I have three episodes on the disk. The 1-1-1-1... hack plays episode one, and the 2-2-2-2... hack plays episode two, but a 3-3-3-3... hack doesn't play episode three. Since most of the buttons on the remote are disabled during play, I can't even select 'play all' from the main menu. Anybody know how to get around this?

PostRegion code hack posted by facova, March 15 2004:

for apex AD1200 version 2.13 aa18 you must take off the eeprom memory that have tis information inside:
check it if you want, and maybe oyher version has the same or very closed info.
this chip must be reprogramed with this new information inside, using an eeprom programer:
if you broke the chip, don´t worry buy a 24C01A and use your creativity to soldering.

PostRegion code hack posted by sliderweb, September 19 2004:

turn on ad-1200
using remote from here on
open tray
press bottom corner buttons (skip L, fwd)
press "enter" (tray will close)
while dvd loads, press "title"
your PAL dvd should now play in your US player

dont ask how....just a lucky guess on my part, the last step may not be needed but works, as i am watching a PAL dvd+r on my NTSC-1 AD-1200.

the version i have is the one where the "8421" hack does not work. hope this solves a lot of grief :)

PostRegion code hack posted by jori, March 18 2005:

okay i'm getting REALLY frustrated here... I have the Apex AD-1200. I cannot figure out what version it is, exactly, because NOTHING EVER HAPPENS when I hit "display," with the tray opened OR closed. However, it has the black kodak label, not the yellow one, so supposedly the 8-4-2-1 code should work for it... I open the tray, wait 30 seconds, and try that, and nothing happens. any ideas?

PostOther hack posted by Teddy, May 27 2005:

AD-1200 w/yellow sticker number D1200... front Kodak icon is white, top cardboard sticker has yellow Kodak icon.

Haven't had success getting the version number using DISPLAY (does nothing) or SETUP (has menu but no version)buttons on remote.

SKIP-FWD-ENTER-TITLE closes drawer but nothing else.

8-4-2-1 does nothing with or without 30 second wait or with drawer open or closed.

Dead end?

PostOther hack posted by Teddy, May 28 2005:

Update on my post:
Refer to the excellent info at
I found out I have the MediaTek version with VCD support.
Using the "force" method and repeatedly entering "4" on the remote, I was able to bypass region checking for the loaded DVD.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jason, December 18 2006:

eject your dvd tray put in your dvd press close from your remote then press 8421 constantly as your dvd tray closes and the dvd loads. Works for me!

PostRegion code hack posted by gibson335, January 01 2013:

My Apex 1200 player has white Kodak, so is older unit, it has with it a Remote Control model RM-1200, and on the Remote a button is shown "P/N", pressing it gives a sequence, PAL, NTSC, MULTI, and screen changes with each.
no need to go thru hack codes........
get the remote....

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