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ATI Theater 550 PRO Tv Tuner
Analog VideoIn
Win95? Win98? Win2K? WinXP?
Vista? NT4? MAC? Linux?
*based on user reports.
PCI $100 0.0/10
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Description (from the manufacturer site)
# Sharper video capture is achieved through an industry leading 2D 5-line comb filter.

# Professional quality 3D comb filter which is used to separate the luminance and chrominance components of video. The 3D filter works best on still areas of video because it is able to scan ahead a frame and determine whether the image has changed or not. It then uses this information to properly separate the luminance and chrominance parts of a composite or TV tuner signal to eliminate color bleeding or other artifacting.

# The THEATER™550 PRO’s digital audio architecture delivers 100% synchronized audio and video. Audio and video streams are processed in together in the chip and sent out packaged as a MPEG stream to the system for storage or playback. Say goodbye to bad lip synch!

# High horsepower chip ensures that frames are never dropped and smooth and fluid video is recorded, providing an ideal PVR experience.

# Bright bursts in white or color levels occur due to fluctuating signal strength and cause video to suddenly brighten and then darken. The THEATER™550 PRO prevents this problem from occurring by using a 12-bit analog to digital converter which converts and smoothes out the analog signal, along with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuitry.

# Most analog video sources, whether from cable TV or antenna are very noisy with snow and other distortions. The THEATER™550 PRO has been designed to tackle this real-world video and has a dedicated engine to intelligently remove noise, yet still achieved sharp edges and fine textures.

# The THEATER™550 PRO combines all the features of a TV tuning PVR card into a single chip complete with high-end THEATER™quality
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Comments posted by Mauricio from Brazil, October 27, 2005:
Compatibility: Win95? Win98? Win2K? WinXP? Vista? NT4? MAC? Linux? - Rated: No rating.

1 comments, Showing 1 to 1 comments

1 Capture Card hits, Showing 1 to 1 Capture Cards

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