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AVSMeter is a CLI (command line interface) tool that "runs" an Avisynth script with virtually no overhead, displays clip info, CPU and memory usage and the minimum, maximum and average frames processed per second. It measures how fast Avisynth can serve frames to a client application (x264, for example) and comes in handy when testing filters/plugins to evaluate their performance and memory requirements. Full description.

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  Latest version:
1.9.8 (March 22, 2015)

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Download AVSMeter 1.9.8 (direct link) (230kB) (Portable)

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog:
- Added monitoring of the NVIDIA Video Engine load (PureVideo SIP)
- Added switch and INI setting for specifying the process priority
- Refactoring, cosmetics and some minor fixes

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All features / Full description:
Usage: AVSMeter script.avs [-l] [-i]
The "-l" switch creates a log file ("script.avs.log") which contains information about the Avisynth version used, clip info, runtime info, a table with statistics for each frame interval and a copy of the script itself.
The "-i" switch displays/logs just the clip info.

AVSMeter checks if a settings file ("AVSMeter.ini") exists in the directory from where it is started. If not, it will be created with the default settings.
Supported settings for the INI file (default values in red):
"CreateLog" (0 or 1):
Determines if a log will be created or not. Note: The command line switch "-log" overrides the ("0") INI setting.
"PauseBeforeExit" (0 or 1):
If set to "1", pauses the program at the end and returns to the console prompt only after pressing "ESC".
"FrameRange" (first,last):
Specify the range of frames to be processed. "FrameRange=0,-1" processes all frames in the script. "FrameRange=1500,1999" processes 500 frames starting at frame 1500. The smallest supported interval depends on how many frames/second are processed. The script has to run for at least ~200 ms, otherwise no data is captured.
"InvokeDistributor" (0 or 1):
For Avisynth MT users: If set to "1", adds the "Distributor" call internally if the script uses MT Mode 1~4 (via "SetMTMode"). Note: Setting this value to "1" and adding the Distributor call in the script will unnecessarily increase the number of threads which leads to increased memory usage and suboptimal performance. The "InvokeDistributor" setting is ignored when using non-MT versions of Avisynth.

There are 3 versions:
[AVS2.5_x86] - For Avisynth 2.5x
[AVS2.6_x86] - For Avisynth 2.6 Alpha4 and above (including SEt's MT version) and Avisynth+ 2.6x
[AVS2.6_x64] - For Avisynth+ 2.6x 64 Bit

Guides and How to's:
No guides/tutorials, submit guides here.

Acronyms / Also Known As:
AVS Meter


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