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Samsung BD-D5100 28 user region code/hacks November 25, 2013 Post region code/hack comment
Region code hack posted by mr.b, August 31 2011:

To display the current region codes and firmware:

1. Power on the player

2. Press eject to open the disc tray

3. Press and hold info for a few seconds

The region codes currently enabled appear along with other info about the

I'm still trying to change the region code, but this post will hopefully start the
conversation on how to do that.

Region code hack posted by Kevin Cushion, September 27 2011:

To change the DVD region (NOT BluRay region) of this player

1. With no disc in machine
2. Press REPEAT button (NOT REPEAT A-B)
3. Press 5 7 5 3 8 (or substitute for your region code, see below)
3. The current machcines region code will display at the top left (or right) of the screen
4. Press 9 to change the region to open-zone

Open-zone complete.

Other regions, substitute number in step 2 above with relevant code below:

1 - 29334
2 - 57538
3 - 56732
4 - 76884
5 - 53814
6 - 24462

Region code hack posted by ATRD, November 25 2011:


NOTE: You need to use a AK59-00104R Samsung Remote Control. It doesn't work with a AK59-00133A Samsung Remote Control (By default in the BD-D5100 player).

DVD region Free:

1. Power ON. No disc.
2. Press REPEAT button.
3. Press 7-6-8-8-4 (or your region code).
3. The current machcines region code will display at the top left of the screen.
4. Press 9 to change to free region.

Patience. I did this like 10 times before it works.

1- 29334
2- 57538
3- 56732
4- 76884
5- 53814
6- 24462

Region code posted by ATRD, November 30 2011:

NOTE: The above procedure works, but the BD-D5100 does not play PAL DVDs.

Region code hack posted by davy2rain, December 10 2011:

The remote ak59-00104R ist not supposed to work with this
model according to the description of the item. Should I take
a risk and buy the remote anyway?

Region code posted by ATRD, December 10 2011:


It works. AK59-00104R works perfectly in BD-D5100, and it has the REPEAT button.

Region code posted by pgj22, December 31 2011:

I've got a Samsung BD-D5100 locked to Region 4 (I'm in NZ) and
I have a lot of region 2 DVDs from the UK. I want to unlock
it but I think both regions use PAL DVDs so if I loose the
ability to play PAL DVDs then I guess it's not worth
unlocking? Has anyone unlocked a DB-D5100 from region 4 - I'm
wondering if it might still play PAL DVDs if it was originally
from a PAL region?

Region code posted by ATRD, January 02 2012:


I suppose if your player is PAL, it should run PAL DVDs after unlock. I unlocked a Region 4 player, but NTSC (South America) and PAL DVDs don't work.

Region code hack posted by nzchelse, January 04 2012:


I can confirm I have unlocked a BD-D5100 with the above method
from PAL region 4. I am now able to play both PAL region 2 &


Region code hack posted by happyface, January 20 2012:

Samaung BD-D5300
Samsung BD-D5100

Confirm doesn't work for Region 1 Canada.

Region code hack posted by outoftheknow, January 26 2012:

Just bought the BD D5100 and the same hack as for the BD D5500 worked. I did have to use the BD D5500 remote with the "repeat" button though. The timing on this BD D5100 model was far more difficult than on the BD D5500 - it took many attempts before the current region showed to change to 9.

Region code hack posted by kongninaau, March 10 2012:

I have just bought a Samsung BD-D5100 (region 4) on the 9/3/2012. I have
just made it region free without having to buy another control that has the
'Repeat' Button on it.

1. Make sure no disc or usb stick is inserted into the player.
2. Turn on your your blu ray player.
3. When the main menu appears, press the 'STOP' button (on the actual Blu
Ray Player and NOT on the remote control) followed by the region code your
player is currently locked to depending on which country you are in (eg: in
Australia (use the remote control to press the numbers) " 7 6 8 8 4".
4. Press the 'STOP' button (on the actual Blu Ray Player and NOT on the
remote control
5. In the top right corner you will see your region code flash (eg: 4 for
6. Press (using the remote control) 9. and momentarily you should see a small
9 flash, but on the top left side of the screen this time.
7. Turn off and on and your BD-D5100 is now region free.

Region code hack posted by pepsifan444, March 18 2012:

trying to configuration blu ray player to region free

Region code hack posted by btw, March 30 2012:

The hack posted by Yogesh didnt work on my region 1 MDV3000 bought last night from Wal Mart. Did I miss something?

Region code hack posted by easyglider, March 31 2012:

Does not works for BD-D5700 either.

Yes, I have tried with a remote that has REPEAT button but it
still does not works.

Region code hack posted by Sanderious, March 31 2012:


I noticed that ALL samsung hacks apparently do not work anymore after having installed new firmware on your BD-player...

Normally this is good behaviour, but apparently not in this case. Can anyone confirm this?

I bought a new Samsung BD(-D6500), and tried everything.

Maybe a silly question by me, but where do the hacks come from? Does Samsung give them out? Can you find it somewhere in a hidden file?

Would love to hear some hopeful news as I have a lot of different region DVD's...

Region code hack posted by wgr, April 01 2012:

yes, I can confirm, none of the published hacks for the
Samsung BD-D5100 work anymore, firmware version 1021.1 / file
name, this also gets actually
downloaded automatically from the internet..

does anybody know if it's possible to downgrade to older
firmware versions, for example via USB, and if so, where to
get those older firmware files from?

Region code hack posted by wgr, April 02 2012:

guess I can answer the question myself which I put up before on whether it's possible
to downgrade the firmware of the Samsung D5100 player:

after some pain I managed to find and download the proper firmware file of the older
version 1019.3, from (still
don't know if the hack would work with it, but assuming so..)

well, didn't turn out too well, the D5100 tells the latest firmware upgrade already has
been installed, which of course is right :(

also just cheating on the file name by renaming it to 1021.2 doesn't help, the D5100
then tells there is an error in the firmware file, which is right too :(

seems Samsung has locked the door pretty tightly, no good way anymore for an easy cheat
or hack like described above..

so I'll have to repeat the question of my predecessor, where do those magic codes to be
entered by the remote control come from? Anybody any clue on this? Have they just been
changed? Or completely locked out? Couldn't find anything about them on the internet..

and the next question, is there any way to access the Linux on-board of the D5100, and
find and modify the appropriate configuration file(s) there? Read at that BusyBox is installed on those
Samsung players, tried some simple approaches like telnet and ssh, but just got a
"connection refused" reply..

Region code hack posted by tjozwicki, April 03 2012:


I have samsung bd-d5100 with 1016.2 firmware and tried to apply the hack posted by kongninaau, March 10 2012 but it doesn't seams to work. Can someone post video how to correctly do it. Would be grateful. Many Thanks.

Region code posted by Jku, April 15 2012:

I tried on my new BD-D5100 za bought at best buy last week here in the
US and I can't get it to work. I followed the instruction with the STOP
Can any confirm this works for US models as well

Region code hack posted by ABCaus, May 03 2012:

I bought a BD-D5100 in April (in Australia). Up until now I tried using the code with the STOP button method, without success.

I borrowed a AK59-00125A remote (with REPEAT button) and tried again. Still didn't work!

Tried again, but repeated the sequence over and over. i.e. REPEAT, 7, 6, 8, 8, 4, REPEAT, 7, 6, 8, 8, 4 etc ....

Then a 4 came up in the left middle of the TV! At first I missed it (I pressed REPEAT again). Next time I watched for the 4. Then I pressed 9. Turned player off and on.

Now Region free!

Region code hack posted by Big_D, May 07 2012:

BD-D5100 in Australia:
To change the DVD region (NOT BluRay region) of this player

1. Turn on player with no disc in machine
2. Wait for the menu to come up
3. Press 7 6 8 8 4 (or substitute for your region code, see below) on the remote
3. The current machines region code will display at the top left of the screen (which 4 displayed for me)
4. Press 9 to change the region to open-zone. DONE!

NOTE: I did not need to push STOP or REPEAT as described in other hacks above.

Other regions, substitute number in step 3 above with relevant code below:

1 - 29334
2 - 57538
3 - 56732
4 - 76884
5 - 53814
6 - 24462

Region code posted by rdec, March 11 2013:

Having trouble hacking Samsung BD-D5100 to region free..

installed firmware version 1013.1

remote type AK59-00133A

tried all those methods (using stop button, even the 'return' button, quickly, slowly, at main menu, as it's booting up...and repeating the code over and over) still no success, still locked to region 4. I have never seen the region number pop up in the corner. bah.

Can it be done with this remote?
Will updating to newest firmware (1020.1) make a difference?

Region code hack posted by HappyDad7, June 06 2013:

Big_D hack worked for me for unlocking DVDs to all regions using remote
that came with BD player. I have firmware 1018.2.

The only trick I found was if you go to press 9 and nothing happens: don't
do what I did and assume it didn't work and go back to the start, just press
9 again until you see it come up in the top left corner of the screen.

Now to see if I can turn off the automatic firmware update... Although I think
I might just not ever connect the thing into the net again to avoid issues
described above with firmware updates. All it needs to do is play DVDs and
BD s really!

Region code hack posted by man770, July 28 2013:

I am in India (Region code 5 -53814) having BD-D5100 and could
not unlock so far after trying all suggested options.

BD firmware: 1014
Remote: AK59-00133A

Please help

Region code hack posted by Fashiongal7, September 05 2013:

To unlock Samsung bd-e5300 was really struggling and nearly gave up as
one post said to complete the input details while no disk was showing and
mine did not display past a second. Pressing the buttons purposefully and
not rushing was the key as many said speed was required. Eject and return
then the repeat button 67884 for region 4. Then push number 9 after the 4
disappears. Good luck! Yay got a US disk playing now!

Region code hack posted by bnes, November 25 2013:

Status: failure to set region-free
Unit: Samsung BD-D5100
Remote AK59-00149A
Firmware 1004.3
Reset to factory defaults

Tried all methods:

None resulted in the region code flashing on screen.

Region code hack posted by Mp5, November 25 2013:

I too can confirm that the hack is still available on the latest firmware versions. I
have a Samsung Bluray BD-D6500 purchased in Australia as a region 4 player,
and I used the included remote control (with REPEST button) and I applied the
hack in Nov-2013 and my firmware was up to date.

The "trick" to getting this to work (it took me over 20 tries) was to make sure I
pressed the keys in fairly quick succession with a similar time lapse between
each one. So don't press a few in quick succession and then others slowly/firmly,
just press them all lightly and take the same time for each key.

I used the sequence:
REPEAT 7 6 8 8 4
And then '9' to make the player region free.
I could see the region code '4' flash on the top corner of the screen after the first
sequence, and the '9' flash after the region change.

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