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Philips BDP2100 9 user region code/hacks October 25, 2014 Post region code/hack comment
Region code hack posted by vinegum, October 12 2013:

Regionhack for the Philips BDP2100 is the same as for the Philips BDP3000.

Region code hack posted by brido2704, October 12 2013:

I have just done this as I bought the player and it wouldn't play UK region dvds.It now does after applying the following.

1)No disc in tray
2)press "HOME" key on remote control
2)press number keys "1389310"

The player now plays any dvd,i have not tried a bluray disc yet as I believe another code is required.

Region code posted by cart10, February 17 2014:

Just want to add that I've just tried this hack and it worked. Was unsure it would, as there is no indication on the screen that you have entered anything. I'm in the UK, attempted to play a US dvd and it said it was restricted due to region. I applied the hack above, put the dvd back in - and it played! Thanks

Region code posted by paulnbedford, March 08 2014:

This doesn't work in the U.S.. At least I couldn't get it to work on the BDP2100 I have. Tried everything to get it to work and never did get it to play anything but region 1 disc's.

Region code hack posted by Pascal1966, March 30 2014:

I bought a refurbished unit at Fry's electronic, Sunnyvale,
CA, on 3/30/2014
I tried the hack below and it works.
However, the player did not give ANY indication that it
received any signal, no confirmation of any kind.
I wish I had tested the player BEFORE, since I am not sure
that what I did did anything. It was refurbished, and may
have already been region free.

1)No disc in tray
2)press "HOME" key on remote control
2)press number keys "1389310"

Region code hack posted by sharky1168, April 18 2014:

Just wanted to confirm the aforementioned code of '1389310' does seem to change the DVD region to '0' Multi-region.
Also found that if you;
1. Power on with no disc in the machine,
2. Press 'HOME'
3. Enter 8520
The BDP2100 will display a small information window, giving the software version in use AND the region code.
As per previous poster, if you try this first it can confirm that the hack has worked.
Thanks for the help

Region code hack posted by KathrineE, May 31 2014:

See DVDs in Dk

Region code hack posted by marares, September 14 2014:

Region code hack posted by Suntop, October 25 2014:

The last digit of the code is 0 but if you want to lock it
back to region 1 you type 1389311 or set to say region 2 by
doing 1389312 etc. 0 just allows all regions to play. This is
the fastest loading of DVDs I have ever seen on any player
this is a pretty quick loading player. If you turn it on press
the home "house" button, then 138931(0-6) then 8520 to verify
the DVD region. Mine is set to DVD(0). But if some odd reason
on 0 it gives you the region error and your DVD is a R4 DVD do the procedure for changing the region but use 1389314. Good
luck and hack is still good in the current firmware 2.24.

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