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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for x265vfw

v3.50 2021.05.29.
- updated x265lib to v3.5 (build 199), updated x265 command line options and x265 cli reference in x265vfw

v3.40 2020.10.23.
- updated x265lib to v3.4 (build 192), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw
- corrected Fast first pass mode (but it's effective only from Slow presets)
- removed/disabled bcrypt.dll dependancy (in FFmpeg build)

v3.31 2020.03.22.
- modified color space configuration ("Convert to ..." instead of "Keep ...")
- corrected Display Aspect Ratio handling (save/restore)
- modified default encoding mode to "Single Pass ABR"
- extended command line/help with vfw options
- reduced logo size to fit in window
- removed unused code / ffmpeg logo

v3.30 2020.02.26.
- updated x265lib to v3.3 (build 188), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw
- updated FFmpeg to v4.2.2 (decoding and encoder file writer functions)

v3.20 2019.10.20.
- updated x265lib to v3.2+ (build 171) (master head 20191014), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw (and removed some unsupported ones)
- updated FFmpeg to v4.2.1 (decoding and encoder file writer functions)
- modified/corrected HW decoding support
- modified/corrected Sample Aspect Ratio setting:
- renamed to Display Aspect Ratio (you can use 4:3, 16:9, 235:100, etc. settings, or 0:0 for Pixel Aspect Ratio)
- codec writes the DAR/SAR information to containers too at File output mode (AVI, MKV, MP4) (also to the HEVC stream by the original method)

v3.00 2019.02.26.
- updated x265lib to v3.0 release (build 169), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw (and removed some unsupported ones)
(deviation: the default "aq-mode" from x265-v3.0 is "2", but x265vfw sets the old "1" initially, you can change it with the "-aq-mode" option)
- added BT2020 colorspace conversion to decoder side
- updated FFmpeg to v3.3.9 (decoding and encoder file writer functions)
- updated compiler to MinGW-w64 v8.10
- corrected the handling of 2-pass encoding statfile (crash at encoder close)

v2.81 2018.06.24.
- added P010 (10 bits, NV12 like) input color space
- corrected P016 (16 bits, NV12 like) input and Y8/Y800 input/output color spaces
- removed P216, P416 color spaces (they didn't work properly, it seems currently FFmpeg has no such colorspace handling)

v2.80 2018.06.10.
- updated x265lib to v2.8 release (build 160), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw
- reverted FFmpeg from v3.4.1 to 3.3.7 (due to worse hw decoding api in v3.4.1)
- reverted hw decoding method to v1.60 (with FFmpeg 3.3.7)
- added d3d11va and cuvid to hw decoding modes in FFmpeg (autodetect)
- using the version number of x265 library at x265vfw too

v1.70 2017.12.23.
- updated x265lib to v2.6 release (build 146), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw, corrected/modified some older ones
- updated FFmpeg to v3.4.1 (decoding and encoder file writer functions)
- added colormatrix conversion to encoder side (RGB input)(at using "colormatrix" x265 commandline option) (supported color matrixes: BT709, FCC, BT740BG, SMPTE170M, SMPTE240M)
- removed unnecessary warning message at extra command line options (like --bframes) (moved to debug messages)

v1.60 2017.08.21.
- added hw acclelerated (DXVA) decoding, added GUI switch (but removed FFmpeg logo)
- added hdr10plus library to x64 version (with extra cmd options)
- corrected auto input range and --input-range option settings
- corrected 10/12 bit encoding (x64 version)
- corrected decoder side debug (window didn't appear)

v1.51 2017.08.09.
- corrected file output writing (not cutting the end of data, correct PTS/DTS at the end -> correct MP4 fps)
- corrected Warning log displaying
- modified Full log displaying: including x265 lib messages (note: x265lib Info and Debug messages are displayed in this mode only)
- corrected CRF setting from GUI (had no effect, only with -crf option)
- corrected Full log level status save (switched to Debug after close)
- modified default x265vfw values CQP to 32 and CRF to 28.0 (to match with x265 lib)
- some driver init and close fixes (disable ffmpeg log handling, extra codec check, modified ffmpeg init places)
- modified static build: x265 lib is statically linked into x265vfw.dll (there's no libx265.dll installed)

v1.50 2017.08.01.
- added file output mode by FFmpeg (avi, mkv, mp4, h265/raw)
- added new option: "--muxer <string>" Muxer type for file output (avi,mkv,mp4,h265)
- updated FFmpeg to v3.3.3
- src: removed obsolete file output functions (x265vfw/output), added fileout.c

v1.41 2017.07.26.
- updated x265lib to v2.5 release (build 130), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw, corrected/modified some older ones
- updated FFmpeg to v3.3.2
- binaries are built with MinGWw64 7.1 (rev1)
- added option "--input-range" to specify input light range, it can be "full" (PC) or "limited" (TV), default is "auto" (YUV: limited, RGB: full)
- corrected static link builds (to avoid the using of libstdc++.dll)

v1.40 2017.07.20.
- updated x265lib to v2.4 release (build 116), added new x265 command line options to x265vfw
- replaced internal colorspace conversions by FFmpeg's ones: added GRAY8, GRAY16, RGB555LE, RGB48BE, ARGB64BE,
BGR48LE, BGRA64LE, YUV420P16LE, YUV422P16LE, YUV444P16LE pixel formats (16 bit YUV input colorspaces need test)
- corrected PC/TV (full/limited) range conversions (need test, full gives lighter output)
- x64 release has 10 and 12 bit (per channel) encoding modes too, can be controlled by "--output-depth" option
- x86 release output colorspace is limited to YUV422 (YUV444 runs out of 32 bit boundary at fullHD content)
- temporarily removed x265lib info and debug messages displaying (because it can cause program crash)
- src: renamed most x264vfw reference names to x265vfw ones; config routines moved from codec.c to config.c;
moved GUI dialogs into dialogs.c; removed csp.c and csp.h; build always requires FFmpeg (on encoder side too)

v1.30 2017.01.28.
- updated x265lib to v2.2 release (build 102)
- updated FFmpeg decoder to v3.2.2
- enabled multi-threaded decoding (depending on the number of CPU cores)
- added x265lib command line options handling and list of them under Help ("?") button (needs test)
- x265lib errors are displayed in x265vfw error window (stdout redirection, missing EoL)
- added "Full" log level to display all x265 library messages (needs test)
- disabled "Update stat file" option by default
- modified x264.stats filename to x265.stats by default
- removed untested and probably unusefull GordianKnot workaround
- added "hvc1" and "hev1" to fourCC list
- binaries are built with MinGW 6.3

v1.20 2016.01.29.
- added decoder side by FFmpeg 2.8.4
- created x64 version

v1.10 2016.01.27.
- Using x265 library build80
- Linking the libx265.dll and x265vfw.dll files as static builds
- Disabled file output selection (because it doesn't work yet)
- Corrected lossless encoding mode (using the x265 true lossless mode)
- Corrected/modified fast-firstpass to slow-firstpass (x265 mode)
- Modified "MPEG4 AVC" strings to "MPEG-H"

v1.00 2016.01.16.
- Initial release (removed from download, due to several problems)

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