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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for movie thumbnailer

version 3.4.2 2022/02/14
- add --vtt switch to export previews in WebVTT format
- add --options switch to pass options to the FFmpeg library
- aspect ratio defaults to sample ratio from container
- option -I now needs argument t,o,i or any combination (-It for old behavior)
- saving individual shots now supports original image size (-Io)
- making thumbnail grid can be ignored (-Ii)
- fix subtitle info text when metadata is missing

version 3.4.1 2021/02/16
- improved decoding frames (less skipped pictures)
- allowed calculated time step value to be a fraction of a second
- compatibility with FFmpeg 4.4
- Fix: Upper border is 2 pixels wider than lower/left/right border when omitting the info text (-i)

version 3.4.0 2020/08/18
- extract album art (--cover)
- thumbnail autorotation
- bash and zsh completion
- reducing number of tiles if movie is too short
- fix "Error sending a packet for decoding - Operation not permitted"
- fix processing HEVC format
- fix switching to non-seek mode

version 3.3.3 2019/09/16
- bitrate from metadata if missing in Format Context
- changed exit code to work with errorlevel (win)
- fixed processing movies with PTS larger than duration
- fixed processing h264 with B frames

version 3.3.2 2019/05/30
- macOS support (homebrew)

version 3.3.1 2019/02/19
- improoved searching for video source in case the first video source is cover art
- minor changes to remove compilation warnings

version 3.3 2018/05/16
- Added PNG image format
- Added --shadow switch to draw shadows beneath thumbnails
- Added --transparent switch to set background color as transparent
- Added -q switch to enable quiet mode (overrides -v)
- verbose mode prints MTN, GD and FFmpeg's version to output

version 3.2.1 2018/01/02
- fixed final cleaning memory crashing on windows

version 3.2 2017/12/05
- add -H option to disable filesize in bytes in media info

version 3.1 2017/11/23
- propose new image size in case of too small thumbnails
- file size only in human readable format
- fixed blank lines between media info and additional title
- fixed freezing after reading file error

version 3.0 2017/08/07
- removed old and deprecated piece of code and replaced with new FFmpeg's (3.1.8) API
- add -X option to include video extension in output filename
- add -S option to select video stream
- add -d option to set recursion depth
- return code -1 on failure

version 200808a update
-Added support of new ffmpeg libraries. Now it supports h265 codec and 4K video files.

version 200808a
- release year and month is now used as the version number.
- fix aspect ratio bugs. mtn now should behave the same as vlc's snapshot.
- bug: the Video: lines in stderr no longer show input scaling info ( => WxH).
scaling info is still shown in the final output image and the info text file.
this cannot be fixed easily.
- add -a aspect_ratio option to override input file's display aspect ratio.
- add non-seek mode -- slower but more accurate timing.
non-seek is good for small time step or small clips.
- seek or non-seek mode is auto selected and can be overridden by -z or -Z.
- fix possible extra space char after video size info of previous version.
- make shot size even. this should fix vertical dots when # of column is odd.
- output files modified since program start time will not be overwritten.
- the finding of new shots to evade blank & blur is improved.
# of skipped shots should be reduced.
- negative time step (-s) is removed. it doesn't seem to be useful.
- previous versions reported # of decoded shots/s; changed to # of final shots/s
- default info_color, background color, and jpeg quality has been changed.

version 2.45 2008/06/28
- individual images saved (-I option) now have HH_MM_SS as a part of the suffix
(requested by RACER LUPINE (racerlupine)).
- fix issues with flv files. it should work now. (bug reported by: dragonbook)
- prefer average bitrate calculated from file_size/duration
- remove [PAR DAR] from ffmpeg's avcodec_string. this might produce an
extra space char after video size information.
- skip non key packets when a key frame is difficult to find.
this seems to help a lot for files with vorbis audio and files with
"warning: first frame is no keyframe".
- win32 binary: gcc4 is used instead of gcc3

version 2.44 2007/12/05
- add -N option to save file info to a text file (requested by: azumi23)

version 2.43 2007/11/19
- add -W option for dont overwrite files
- fix a bug when a video cant get decoded if we dont decode the first frame,
particularly with mpeg1 files. bug reported by: swmaherl, jake_o
- a small change to edge detection
- skip non reference frames -- speed up for files which cant seek accurately

version 2.42 2007/11/15
- version number is bumped to 2.42. hope that'll sound better. hahahaha.
also, i am running out of ideas so updates will be infrequent. helps,
comments, patches, or feature requests are welcomed. :)
- add -F option to format font color & size
- add -L option to change locations of text
- fix a bug finding a key frame
- fix a bug when parsing command line args
- cleanup some mess in the code
- a small change to edge detection

version 0.61 2007/09/06
- add unicode filename support in windows! console output doesn't work though.
you might want to change the font if the default doesn't work.
- thai quick fix is removed because it's not needed anymore
- add edge detection (-D option)! doesn't work very well if movies have poor
quility or borders.
- ignore negative start_time; is this ok?
- change default minimum height to 150 (-h 150)
- small modification to blank screen detection
- there're a lot of changes. hopefully that won't introduce new bugs. :)

version 0.60 2007/08/22
- windows thai quick fix is only done in thai codepage (874)
- make -r override -s, so users dont need to use -s 0 anymore
- add more usage in windows
- fix -O option with trailingin windows
- convert all tabs in source code to spaces
- use -mms-bitfields -mcpu=pentium -march=i386 gcc options in windows
according to

version 0.59 2007/08/18
- quick fix for displaying thai filenames in the output image in windows;
need to handle unicode in windows to do this properly
- add more checks & warnings
- in windows, change the default to pause before exiting
- add -P option for dont pause; override -p

version 0.58 2007/08/17
- guessing duration when unknown should work with dvd's .vob files
- timestamping is turned off when we need to guess duration
- add -I option for saving individual shots to separate files
- add .nut, .ogg to default search

version 0.57 2007/08/08
- fix program crash when couln't find codec
- add a few more checks for really short movies

version 0.56 2007/08/07
- fix timestamp when start_time > 0 to match other programs
- fix a small memory leak -- there seem to be more leaks, maybe in ffmpeg
- add seeking by byte
- try harder to evade blank screens
- always order info : Audio, Video, Subtitles

version 0.55 2007/08/03
- remove -d option for decoding # frames after seeking

version 0.54 2007/08/03
- decode until we get a key frame!

version 0.53 20070802
- add more checks for command line arguments
- create output file before processing
- create output directory if not exist

version 0.52 20070801
- add -O option
- fix start_time handling for DVD's .vob files

version 0.51 20070731
- add -p option

version 0.50 20070731
- first beta release

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