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movie thumbnailer (mtn) saves thumbnails/screenshots of movie or video files to jpeg files. It uses FFmpeg's libavcodec as its engine, so it supports all popular codecs, e.g. . h.265/hevc, h.264, divx h264 mpeg1 mpeg2 mp4 vc1 wmv xvid, and formats, e.g. .3gp .avi .dat .mkv .wmv. Command line tool(useful for batching) but GUI/Frontend also available.

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Latest version

3.3.3 (September 30, 2019)


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Download movie thumbnailer 3.3.3 Windows  13MB  Win  Portable

Download movie thumbnailer 3.3.3 Mac  Mac

Download movie thumbnailer 3.3.3 Linux  Linux

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Download movie thumbnailer old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux

More information and other downloads

Download Thumbnail me here, Thumbnail me saves thumbnails (screenshots) of movie or video files to jpeg files.

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

version 3.3.3 2019/09/16
- bitrate from metadata if missing in Format Context
- changed exit code to work with errorlevel (win)
- fixed processing movies with PTS larger than duration
- fixed processing h264 with B frames

version 3.3.2 2019/05/30
- macOS support (homebrew)

version 3.3.1 2019/02/19
- improoved searching for video source in case the first video source is cover art
- minor changes to remove compilation warnings

version 3.3 2018/05/16
- Added PNG image format
- Added --shadow switch to draw shadows beneath thumbnails
- Added --transparent switch to set background color as transparent
- Added -q switch to enable quiet mode (overrides -v)
- verbose mode prints MTN, GD and FFmpeg's version to output

version 3.2.1 2018/01/02
- fixed final cleaning memory crashing on windows

version 3.2 2017/12/05
- add -H option to disable filesize in bytes in media info

version 3.1 2017/11/23
- propose new image size in case of too small thumbnails
- file size only in human readable format
- fixed blank lines between media info and additional title
- fixed freezing after reading file error

version 3.0 2017/08/07
- removed old and deprecated piece of code and replaced with new FFmpeg's (3.1.8) API
- add -X option to include video extension in output filename
- add -S option to select video stream
- add -d option to set recursion depth
- return code -1 on failure

version 200808a update
-Added support of new ffmpeg libraries. Now it supports h265 codec and 4K video files.

version 200808a
- release year and month is now used as the version number.
- fix aspect ratio bugs. mtn now should behave the same as vlc's snapshot.
- bug: the Video: lines in stderr no longer show input scaling info ( => WxH).
scaling info is still shown in the final output image and the info text file.
this cannot be fixed easily.
- add -a aspect_ratio option to override input file's display aspect ratio.
- add non-seek mode -- slower but more accurate timing.
non-seek is good for small time step or small clips.
- seek or non-seek mode is auto selected and can be overridden by -z or -Z.
- fix possible extra space char after video size info of previous version.
- make shot size even. this should fix vertical dots when # of column is odd.
- output files modified since program start time will not be overwritten.
- the finding of new shots to evade blank & blur is improved.
# of skipped shots should be reduced.
- negative time step (-s) is removed. it doesn't seem to be useful.
- previous versions reported # of decoded shots/s; changed to # of final shots/s
- default info_color, background color, and jpeg quality has been changed.

version 2.45 2008/06/28
- individual images saved (-I option) now have HH_MM_SS as a part of the suffix
(requested by RACER LUPINE (racerlupine)).
- fix issues with flv files. it should work now. (bug reported by: dragonbook)
- prefer average bitrate calculated from file_size/duration
- remove [PAR DAR] from ffmpeg's avcodec_string. this might produce an
extra space char after video size information.
- skip non key packets when a key frame is difficult to find.
this seems to help a lot for files with vorbis audio and files with
"warning: first frame is no keyframe".
- win32 binary: gcc4 is used instead of gcc3

version 2.44 2007/12/05
- add -N option to save file info to a text file (requested by: azumi23)

version 2.43 2007/11/19
- add -W option for dont overwrite files
- fix a bug when a video cant get decoded if we dont decode the first frame,
particularly with mpeg1 files. bug reported by: swmaherl, jake_o
- a small change to edge detection
- skip non reference frames -- speed up for files which cant seek accurately

version 2.42 2007/11/15
- version number is bumped to 2.42. hope that'll sound better. hahahaha.
also, i am running out of ideas so updates will be infrequent. helps,
comments, patches, or feature requests are welcomed. :)
- add -F option to format font color & size
- add -L option to change locations of text
- fix a bug finding a key frame
- fix a bug when parsing command line args
- cleanup some mess in the code
- a small change to edge detection

version 0.61 2007/09/06
- add unicode filename support in windows! console output doesn't work though.
you might want to change the font if the default doesn't work.
- thai quick fix is removed because it's not needed anymore
- add edge detection (-D option)! doesn't work very well if movies have poor
quility or borders.
- ignore negative start_time; is this ok?
- change default minimum height to 150 (-h 150)
- small modification to blank screen detection
- there're a lot of changes. hopefully that won't introduce new bugs. :)

version 0.60 2007/08/22
- windows thai quick fix is only done in thai codepage (874)
- make -r override -s, so users dont need to use -s 0 anymore
- add more usage in windows
- fix -O option with trailingin windows
- convert all tabs in source code to spaces
- use -mms-bitfields -mcpu=pentium -march=i386 gcc options in windows
according to

version 0.59 2007/08/18
- quick fix for displaying thai filenames in the output image in windows;
need to handle unicode in windows to do this properly
- add more checks & warnings
- in windows, change the default to pause before exiting
- add -P option for dont pause; override -p

version 0.58 2007/08/17
- guessing duration when unknown should work with dvd's .vob files
- timestamping is turned off when we need to guess duration
- add -I option for saving individual shots to separate files
- add .nut, .ogg to default search

version 0.57 2007/08/08
- fix program crash when couln't find codec
- add a few more checks for really short movies

version 0.56 2007/08/07
- fix timestamp when start_time > 0 to match other programs
- fix a small memory leak -- there seem to be more leaks, maybe in ffmpeg
- add seeking by byte
- try harder to evade blank screens
- always order info : Audio, Video, Subtitles

version 0.55 2007/08/03
- remove -d option for decoding # frames after seeking

version 0.54 2007/08/03
- decode until we get a key frame!

version 0.53 20070802
- add more checks for command line arguments
- create output file before processing
- create output directory if not exist

version 0.52 20070801
- add -O option
- fix start_time handling for DVD's .vob files

version 0.51 20070731
- add -p option

version 0.50 20070731
- first beta release
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All features

Super fast! Thanks to FFmpeg's libavcodec.
Command line program: can be used on remote connections to co-location servers, or used in scripts.
Batch mode: recursively search directories for movie files.
Run at lower priority (nice 10 on Linux, idle on Windows) by default. To run at normal priority use -n option.
Thumbnails are group together in one jpeg file and can be saved individually too (-I option).
Work fine with Unicode filenames in both Linux & Windows (might need to change the font with -f fontfile).
Blank screen detection & evasion
Edge detection & blur evasion
Update mode: (-W option) omits files that already have thumbnails
Save file info (name, size, length, codecs) to a text file (-N option)
Seek and non-seek mode: automatically selected and can be overridden (-z and -Z option). Seek mode is much faster while non-seek mode is good for small time step or small clips.
3D-look: shadows under individual shots
Transparent background color using png

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Image Grabber II



Video Thumbnails Maker

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Acronyms / Also Known As

mtn, mtnbatch, mtnfront, thumbnail me, thumbnailme

Download movie thumbnailer Portable download from the Download links under Download and Download other versions!

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4 reviews, Showing 1 to 4 reviews

It's fast indeed, but the quality of the screenshots is quite poor compared with other tools. (I've tried VCSI, Scorp Video Thumbnails Maker, MPC-HC, SMPlayer, Auto Movie Thumbnailer, StaxRip, PotPlayer, BsPlayer !) It might go unnoticed for small thumbnails but I have a situation where I want 4 tiles of 960x540 pixels generated from 1920x1080 short videos, and MTN's output is dull and blurry. Another issue is that the colors are inaccurate for Bt.709 YUV footage. SMPlayer gets the colors right, the quality is fine, but options are limited and it doesn't allow batch-processing. I managed to tweak VCSI to respect the colors, the picture quality is also fine, but it's much slower than MTN and there are less informations available in the metadata header (although it's easier to tweak with a custom template). Scorp's software doesn't respect Bt.709 colors either, it's faster than VCSI but slower than MTN (even with the so-called “ultimate” engine which I found to be actually slightly slower than the basic “crystal” engine available with a free license, at least with my test video).

Review by abolibibelot on Nov 6, 2018 Version: 200808a OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

The best video thumbnails creator bar none. I am amazed at how blazingly fast it is compared to the other programs I've used. Many thanks to the author of this excellent tool. I highly recommend that others give this program a try.

Review by win7user on Nov 5, 2010 Version: 200808a OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Indeed indeed incredible simple incredible fast.
The only thing you must know is
Where is mtn.exe?
Where is my file?
How many rows to grab? or Grab a picture all 60 seconds, 120 seconds.
Example: I have unzipped

My File is on an external drive

I grab an image all 60 seconds:
-s 60

This string is used at Start_Run:

C:\Programme\moviethumbs\mtn-200808a-win32\mtn.exe -P -h 0 -c 3 -s 60 -w 1024 -g 0 -j 80 -b 0,80 -D 12 -L 4:2 -k 000000 -f tahomabd.ttf -F FFFFFF:12:tahomabd.ttf:FFFFFF:000000:10 -T "" "N:\fulldvd\MYMOVIE.mkv"

And within 10 seconds !!!!! 111 pictures in 3 rows are generated in a file MYMOVIE_s.jpg (1,381 MB).

If you save the great string

C:\Programme\moviethumbs\mtn-200808a-win32\mtn.exe -P -h 0 -c 3 -s 60 -w 1024 -g 0 -j 80 -b 0,80 -D 12 -L 4:2 -k 000000 -f tahomabd.ttf -F FFFFFF:12:tahomabd.ttf:FFFFFF:000000:10 -T "" "N:\fulldvd\MYMOVIE.mkv"

in a text file, you must only change the movie's title, paste it into START-RUN and you are much faster than with all the other third class programs!

Review by stratos on Dec 18, 2009 Version: 200808a (August 01, 2008) OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

This is the best freeware video thumbnailer available if you know how to use parameters in shortcuts or know how to use the command line. It is fast and does what it needs to do.

I use these parameters if anyone is interested: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Movie Thumbnailer\mtn.exe" -b 0.70 -B 30 -D 6 -P -E 5 -g 4 -k 000000 -o .jpg -W -w 1024 -c 4 -r 4

Review by nughtin on Nov 25, 2009 Version: 200808a OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

4 reviews, Showing 1 to 4 reviews

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