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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for mkv/avi to mp4

- Add option menu for more flexible control, include subtitle size, switch on/off auto return, etc.
- Add the function to specify subtitle directly.
- Add detailed media info tab.
- update eac3to to v3.24, upgrade mkvtoolnix to 4.3.0[2010-09-04]

- Fixed the subtitle conversion bug.
- Fixed the bug that failed to change profile level to 3.1


- Fixed the bug that can't create mp4 file when there is no external subtitle with mkv/avi.


- Support volume adjustment for each movie

- Fixed some crash bug, upgrade mp4box to 0.4.6dev.



- Support avi file encoded by xvid/divx, actually xvid/divx is also in mpeg4 family which could be playback by iPad hardware, but as it's restricted by iTune, it can't be directly drag to iPad through iTune. So the file converted could only be playback from "good reader", if there is soft subtitle, you will need "good reader 2.77" or verson below.
- Support the slection of mkv embeded audio/subtitle tracks. Although the final output mp4 still support only one audio/subtitle track, but for mkv files contains multiple tracks, now you can select the track you want.

- For chinese subtitle, once the length of one line is longer than 20, a "return" will be added to avoid the improper display in iPad.

- Fixed the bug that the volumn of ac3 audio will be decreased after the converion.


- support ssa/ass subtitle, ssa/ass files will first be converted to srt, then integrated to mp4. All the special effect will be removed after the conversion.
- Support mkv embeded subtitle (ssa/ass/srt). If there is external subtitle in same folder with same name, embeded subtitle will be omitted.

- Add new function to add subtitle into existed mp4 files(again, subtitle should be in same folder with same name)
- More flexible subtitle naming convention, subtitle surfix could be "" , "" "".

- Fixed the bug that sometimes the final mp4 could not be gernerated, solution is: resort the srt content by time axis.
- Fixed the bug that the application can't run under 64bit windows.
- Fixed the bug that when select subtitle in iPad, subtitle language is not displayed properly.

- hack the h264 profile level to 3.1 without re-encode, so the mp4 can be dragged into iTune/iPad directly.
- support mkv file with aac 2.0 audio channel. aac5.1 still not supported.
- better display for the output log.

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