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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for eac3to

UsEac3to New version 1.3.0

- v1.3.0 2020-08-03 Incluided mlp.exe (Extract TrueHD from .mlps, see 1.2).
Improved include of FFMPEG functions (see 2.1 y 2.2).

UsEac3to New version 1.2.9

Some bug corrected and improved 'A/V Recode' to make easy filter and recode audio with ffmpeg.

Some samples of audio filters:

Downmix: -af "pan=stereo|FL<FC+0.70*FL+0.30*SL|FR<FC+0.70*FR+0.30*SR" [or other]
Resample: -af aresample=48000
Speedup: -af atempo=1.042708 [23.976->25], 1.041667 [24->25], 1.001 [23.976->24]
Slowdown: -af atempo=0.959041 [25->23.976], 0.96 [25->24], 0.999001 [24->23.976]
Delay: -af adelay=1500|0|500|0|500|500 [one delay for each channel]
Trim: -filter_complex "[0]atrim=2:8[a];[0]atrim=12:18[b];[a][b]concat=n=2:v=0:a=1"
And a sample of use in the image:

1) Load a mp4 in UsEac3to, ignore the non supported message.
2) Click at 'MkvExtract/INF' and ffmpeg inform:
3) The mp4 tracklist. We need recode the aac 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz and half volume.
4) We can extract the aac track, but is not necesary and close the dialog.
5) We put the ffmpeg filter: -af "volume=0.5, aresample=48000"
6) Click at 'A/V Recode' to open the dialog.
7) Select track 1 in 'map:X' or other like we see in 3)
8) Select 'Add to DEC' to add the filter.
9) Select ENCODER and quality.
10) 'Run' or 'EnQueue'

* fixed: "min/maxPlayListRuntime" worked for listing, but not processing

* fixed a couple of HEVC bitstream bugs
* added new parameter "-minPlayListRuntime=0:15:00"
* added new parameter "-maxPlayListRuntime=4:00:00"
* added support for ".264" and ".265" file extensions

* added support for UHD Blu-Ray playlists and clip infos
* added support for h265/HEVC bitstream parsing
* added support for m2ts h265/HEVC splitting
* added support for MKV h265/HEVC splitting
* added support for h265/HEVC framerate modifications
* added detection for Dolby Vision Enhancement Layer

eac3to v3.31 released
* libDcaDec: updated to latest build
* libDcaDec: decoding only aborts on critical issues now
* libDcaDec: now reports warnings if something isn't 100% perfect
* libDcaDec:proper handling of clipped files (2nd pass etc)
* libDcaDec: proper handling of tracks that switch bitdepth 16 <-> 24
* fixed: TrueHD decoding -> AC3 encoding didn't work properly

eac3to v3.30 released
* libDcaDec is now default for all DTS tracks except XBR / low birate
* fixed: #310: Use ffmpeg like external encoder
* fixed: #312: Convert to wav with a big negative delay works incorrectly
* fixed: #314: 'edit' option adds one frame less than expected
* fixed: #345: Fails to decode Atmos track with no embedded AC3 track

eac3to v3.29 released
* added libDcaDec decoder for DTS decoding, new default for 7.x tracks
* fixed: #086: left/right eye information was inverted in some 3D Blu-Rays
* fixed: #263: decoding TrueHD Atmos with active dialnorm information failed
* fixed: #264: using "-float32 -normalize" didn't work in all cases

eac3to v3.28 released
* fixed: #001: different number of frames for left and right eye
* fixed: #061: valid silence edit was sometimes rejected
* fixed: #067: error messages were not available to GUIs
* fixed: #086: left/right eye information was inverted in some 3D Blu-Rays
* fixed: #131: TrueHD Atmos streams could not be demuxed or decoded
* fixed: #243: ArcSoft DTS decoder crash made eac3to crash, too
* downStereo: added 0.7071 factor for surround/back channels (ITU-R BS.775-3)
* downStereo/Dpl: using 0.5 instead of 0.7071 factor for LFE (ITU-R BS.775-3)

eac3to v3.27 released
* fixed: raw processing cut away 16 samples sometimes

eac3to v3.26 released
* fixed: downmixing of less than 6 channels to stereo failed
* patched libav AC3 decoder to properly decode high frequencies
* added support for floating point volume changes (e.g. -0.5db)
* dialnorm is no longer removed from DTS-HD tracks (didn't work, anyway)

eac3to v3.25 released
* fixed: option "-down6" didn't handle 6.1 tracks properly
* fixed: option "-down6" for 7.1 content lowered side channels in volume
* fixed: 6.1 DTS/E-AC3 libav decoding resulted in incorrect 70f channel mask
* fixed: a couple of funny AC3 channel configs resulted in swapped channels
* fixed: option "-check" failed for SRT subtitles
* fixed: MKV tracks without language information didn't default to "English"
* fixed: 16bit MLP decoding didn't work at all
* fixed: DTS 2.1 decoding had empty sub channel when using ArcSoft decoder
* fixed: muxing h264 video streams without VUI eventually crashed
* fixed: SMPTE 302M 20bit PCM tracks didn't extract properly
* improved AC3 seamless branching handling by detection of identical frames
* improved DTS seamless branching handling by detection of identical frames
* updated to latest ffmpeg/libav revision
* added support for libav DTS 6.1 and 7.1 decoding (only in core, no DTS-HD)
* added support for encoding all AC3 channel configurations
* added support for demuxing Blu-Ray primary E-AC3 tracks (AC3 core)
* libav is now the default decoder for AC3 and E-AC3
* option "-down2" is now deprecated, but still supported
* option "-downDpl" mixes down to Dolby Pro Logic II
* option "-downStereo" mixes down to standard stereo
* added support for mixing any channel configuration to stereo/DPL
* DPL downmixing doesn't lower volume, anymore (except when clipping occurs)
* editing audio tracks by adding silence is now less restrictive
* trying to mux right eye stream to MKV errors out now, instead of crashing
* doing "eac3to 1) movie.mkv" for 3D BDs now properly skips right eye stream
* FLAC encoding is now done with optimized block sizes for "LossyWAV" files
* encoder bitdepth for lossy DTS tracks is no longer displayed
* option "-test" no longer checks mkvtoolnix

eac3to v3.24 released
* fixed: m2ts framerate detection for h264 tracks was half of what it should be

eac3to v3.23 released
* fixed: handling of MKV files with header compression didn't work
* fixed: track listing of some Blu-Rays failed silently
* added support for decoding mono tracks with ArcSoft DTS decoder
* added reading support for DTS tracks with additional DTS-HD header
* improved m2ts framerate detection
* video bitdepth is displayed now, if different than 8 bits
* chroma format is displayed now, if different than 4:2:0

eac3to v3.22 released
* fixed: reducing bitdepth from >16bit to 16bit resulted in static (v3.21)
* updated to latest ffmpeg/libav version
* libav MP1/MP2/MP3 decoders now decode to floating point
* libav E-AC3 decoder now supports spectral extension

eac3to v3.21 released
* fixed: big w64/rf64 files sometimes had incorrect header information
* fixed: HD DVD chapter times were wrong by 3.6 seconds per hour
* fixed: 6.1 DTS decoding with ArcSoft resulted in wrong channel order
* fixed: 6.1 TrueHD decoding with libav resulted in wrong channel order
* fixed: reducing bitdepth of clipped audio produced too much bitdepth
* when clipping is automatically fixed, the applied dB gain is logged
* when normalizing an audio track, the applied dB gain is logged

* fixed 3D demuxing (argh)

* TrueHD dialnorm removal now uses "-31db" instead of "-0db"
* TrueHD frames with -0db dialnorm are now automatically patched to -31db
* added MKV demuxing support for TrueHD tracks
* added MKV demuxing support for Blu-Ray PGS subtitle tracks
* added MKV demuxing support for (MS ACM) extensible WAV tracks

* updated libFLAC to version 1.2.1
* added a flush after every log line to help GUIs
* "eac3to some.mpls" now also works if the stream files aren't there, anymore
* fixed: number of subtitles was not appended to demuxed subtitles' file name
* fixed: dialnorm removal (for Nero decoder) failed with some 2.0 TrueHD files

* added undocumented "-no2ndpass" switch to turn off 2nd pass processing
* fixed: two pass processing sometimes produced superfluous sup files
* fixed: MPG/EVO/VOB audio tracks with "PES extension 2" were not detected
* fixed: very small W64/RF64 files were not detected correctly
* fixed: when processing was aborted, log file was sometimes not created
* fixed: sometimes specifying a title number addressed the wrong HD DVD title

* "24.975" is now interpreted as "25.000/1.001"
* Blu-Ray "sup" are demuxed with DTS set to 0 again, proper fix will come later
* fixed: error code not set for "source file format could not be detected"
* fixed: audio resampling from/to 24.975 didn't work properly
* fixed: WAV files beginning with lots of zeroes were sometimes not accepted

* WAV reading was broken for all but very small files (introduced in v3.13)

* fields and frames are counted and displayed separately now
* added DIRAC bitstream parser
* added support for "-24.975" and "-changeto24.975"
* Blu-Ray subtitle demuxing: PTS value is now written to both PTS + DTS
* joining MKV files is now declined with a proper error message
* last chapter is now removed, if it's less than 10 seconds from end of movie
* fixed: "-normalize" didn't work with stdout, anymore
* fixed: audio delay was incorrect when 1st m2ts part contained no audio data
* fixed: very small WAV files were not detected correctly
* fixed: "eac3to source.eac3 dest.dts -core" crashed

* fixed: track languages for HD DVD discs were not shown
* fixed: MLP channel order was wrong for some specific channel configurations
* fixed: "DirectShow reported 255 channels" happened sometimes

* fixed: MKV subtitle track language wasn't shown

* Blu-Ray title listing now includes chapter information
* fixed: v3.09 didn't show track languages for Blu-Rays

* added support for MKV "SRT/UTF8", "SRT/ASCII", "ASS" and "SSA" subtitles
* increased some internal buffers to avoid AC3 overflow in the "thd ac3 joiner"
* fixed: frame counting didn't work for MKV video tracks
* fixed: video tracks FPS change was sometimes declined
* fixed: video tracks with "strange" FPS were sometimes handled incorrectly
* fixed: clipping removal 2nd pass was executed even for "stdout"
* fixed: "eac3to -test" displayed an outdated Nero download link
* fixed: specifying a specific playlist still used default playlist's chapters

* fixed: reading physical disc speed was abysmal (introduced in v3.07)
* fixed: read error from physical drive resulted in crash

* added support for MKV video tracks without sequence headers in bitstream
* added support for old style MKV AAC tracks
* added support for various MKV "A_MS/ACM" audio formats
* added support for various MKV "V_MS/VFW/FOURCC" video formats
* added warning for tracks where bitstream parsing failed
* demuxing a video track now also complains about video gaps/overlaps
* the "-check" option now also complains about video gaps/overlaps
* optimized memory allocation
* fixed: adding subtitle caption count to filenames sometimes didn't work
* fixed: subtitle caption counts in log sometimes had wrong track numbers
* fixed: all non-supported MKV tracks shared the same description
* fixed: incorrect framerate mismatch complaint was shown for pulldown sources
* fixed: FLAC tracks in MKV files don't slow down detection, anymore
* fixed: source file detection read 300MB from every source file

* added MKV reading/parsing support
* added demux support for MKV (E-)AC3, DTS(-HD), AAC, MPx, FLAC and WAV tracks
* added demux support for MKV "modern style" MPEG2, VC-1 and h264/AVC tracks
* reading from (HD) DVD and Blu-Ray drives uses different reading APIs now
* empty tracks in TS/m2ts container are not listed, anymore
* for 24.000 fps video tracks a little warning is displayed now
* when demuxing subtitle files, the number of captions is added to the filename
* timestamp derived FPS is used for gap checking instead of video bitstream FPS
* fixed: 44.1khz AC3 encoding was still broken
* fixed: zero byte stripping pass was done for true 24bit TrueHD tracks
* fixed: downconverting WAV files with 0x3f channel mask didn't work
* fixed: log output "remaining delay [...]" was sometimes wrong for AC3 tracks
* fixed: silent frame creation was tried for E-AC3 although it can't work

* warning is shown if h264 video bitstream contains "full range" flag
* h264 video bitstream "full range" flag is automatically removed
* you can disable removal of the "full range" flag by doing "-keepFullRange"
* added reader for external DVD, HD DVD and Blu-Ray SUP files
* external SUP files can be delayed now
* number of HD DVD and DVD subtitles in SUP track is counted and displayed
* number of forced and non-forced Blu-Ray subtitles in SUP track is displayed
* "-check" option now also works for demuxed audio, video and subtitle tracks
* when reading from physical disk drive, 2KB (instead of 1MB) blocks are read
* improved automatic skipping over damaged first 5MB of TS/m2ts files
* fixed: resampling and Surcode encoding didn't work in one step
* fixed: TRP detection crashed
* fixed: track listing sometimes contained tracks without description
* fixed: h264 with missing framerate in 1st sequence header made eac3to crash
* fixed: some AC3WAV files were not detected correctly
* fixed: video frame count was not displayed when 2nd pass was executed

* video track framerates are now shown with up to 3 decimals, if necessary
* m2ts/TS framerate is determined by interpreting video track timestamps
* m2ts/TS framerate is displayed in the format description (if available)
* warning is shown if container timestamps don't match video framerate
* warning is shown if video bitstream has a non-standard framerate
* video without framerate information: container framerate is used
* video without framerate information: framerate can be set (e.g. "-23.976")
* video without framerate information: new framerate is written to bitstream
* remaining non-fixed audio delay is now shown in log
* command prompt colors are restored after eac3to has run through
* fixed: 2-pass processing for stripping zero bytes sometimes crashed
* fixed: CA (Conditional Access) tracks were shown as "Unknown audio track"

* fixed: MPEG2 1088 to 1080 cropping was still incomplete

* fixed: VC-1 stream handling was broken
* fixed: destination file extension "*.lpcm" didn't work with 2pass processing
* fixed: MPEG2 1088 to 1080 cropping was incomplete
* fixed: no log was being created when "temp file could not be interpreted"

* fixed: m2ts LCPM demuxing didn't work with v3.00
* fixed: TrueHD -> TrueHD+AC3 conversion didn't work with v3.00

* broken AC3, DTS, AAC and MPx streams are now automatically repaired
* errors in TS/m2ts files are now reported (with runtime) and ignored
* damaged first max 5MB and max 5% of a TS/m2ts file are automatically skipped
* video/audio tracks which can't be parsed, are now demuxed in raw form
* added support for "line 21" closed captions in ATSC/NTSC broadcasts and DVDs
* added reading of movie / network name from "line 21" XDS information
* for gaps, edits & repairs > 1000ms eac3to now inserts silence by default
* for gaps, edits & repairs < 1000ms eac3to now loops audio by default
* option "-silence" forces eac3to to insert silence instead of looping audio
* option "-loop" forces eac3to to loop audio instead of inserting silence
* newly encoded AC3 frame is now used for "silence" instead of file's 1st frame
* increased reading block size (might improve reading performance)
* optimized TS/m2ts demuxing performance
* optimized MPEG2, VC-1 and h264 parsing performance
* command line output is colored now (e.g. errors drawn in red)
* MPEG2 1920x1088 bitstream is now automatically patched/cropped to 1920x1080
* log file now contains "<WARNING>" and "<ERROR>" indicators
* workaround for movie playlists which want the same m2ts file played twice
* added version check for eac3to (doh!)
* when a read error occurs, reading is tried again up to 3 times
* (E-)AC3 frames with -0db dialnorm are now automatically patched to -31db
* updated to newer libAften build -> fixes 44.1khz encoding
* fixed: sometimes "The last DTS frame is incomplete" was a false alarm
* fixed: mkvtoolnix version check didn't work, anymore
* fixed: errors were meant to be output to stderr, but they weren't
* fixed: automatic gap/overlap fixing with AAC targets aborted processing
* fixed: positive edit began a bit too early
* fixed: two ID3 tags after each other made eac3to fail detecting the format
* fixed: some VOB files were not detected properly

* fixed: negative edit was done too late (introduced in v2.86)

* fixed: "1:some.ac3" instead of "1: some.ac3" failed for 2 digit track numbers
* fixed: "eac3to source movie.mkv" demuxed video instead of muxing to MKV
* negative edit now begins at the specified runtime instead of ending there

* using "eac3to source video.h264" doesn't demux audio/subtitle tracks, anymore
* using "eac3to source movie.*" demuxes video, audio and subtitle tracks
* using "eac3to source 1: video.* 2: audio.*" demuxes the specified tracks
* AC3 and E-AC3 dialnorm removal now uses "-31db" instead of "-0db"
* workaround for DTS files where last byte is missing in each audio frame
* fixed: v2.84 sometimes crashed when parsing HD DVD XML files
* fixed: v2.84 sometimes chose incorrect XML file
* fixed: v2.84 sometimes chose wrong m2ts playlist file
* fixed: some actions were eventually applied twice when "-2pass" was used
* fixed: AAC encoding quality "quality=0.0x" was passed to Nero as "0.x"

* fixed: 2nd pass gap removal was tried (and failed) for TrueHD+AC3 targets
* fixed: processing aborted when trying to fix gaps in PCM destination files
* fixed: more than one RAW/PCM overlaps resulted in lost sync (since v2.81)
* fixed: demuxing TrueHD+AC3 stream by title number didn't renew the AC3 part
* new option for removing or looping audio data, e.g. "-edit=0:20:47,-100ms"
* title sorting criteria changed: resolution is more important than runtime
* new option "-lowPriority" sets eac3to to background/idle priority
* libav warnings are now assigned to the affected audio track
* fixed: "lossless check failed" false alarms for seamless branching movies
* fixed: spike removal filter was not active for the very last overlap/gap
* improved muxing h264 streams which begin with double sequence headers
* source files are now opened with "share read + write access"
* destination files are now opened with "share read access"

* fixed: gap/overlap correction didn't work for FLAC and WAV files
* fixed: when clipping was detected, 2nd pass was not always executed correctly

* fixed: sometimes eac3to stalled before processing (introduced in v2.81)

* audio gap/overlap fixing is now automatically done in a 2nd pass
* option "-normalize" maximizes the volume of the audio data, needs 2 passes
* audio clipping is detected and automatically removed in a 2nd pass
* "-2pass" activates 2 pass mode (can speedup seamless branching processing)
* superfluous zero bytes are now automatically removed in 2nd pass
* "-phaseShift" shifts surround channel phase by 90 for DPL II downmixing
* spike removal post processing filter now always produces 16bit samples
* empty channels are now reported by the bitdepth analyzer as "no audio data"
* option "-shutdown" shuts the PC down automatically after processing is done
* the HD DVD XPL with the longest title is now loaded instead of VPLST000.XPL
* eac3to can now open selected XPL files (e.g. "eac3to ADV_OBJVPLS002.XPL")
* eac3to can now open selected mpls files (e.g. "eac3to PLAYLIST&#65533;0002.mpls")
* fixed: TrueHD streams starting with a non-major header failed to decode
* fixed: WAV files created by eac3to with empty channels had incorrect header
* fixed: RAW/PCM gap/overlap remover sometimes didn't work correctly

* fixed: FLAC files with missing runtime information were not accepted
* gone back to old VOB/EVO auto delay calculation method, more reliable for me
* improved TS broadcast audio delay detection
* added support for constant bitrate AAC encoding
* added support for AAC encoding 0.00 and 1.00 quality

* improved m2ts file joining overlap detection (mainly for interlaced video)
* vob/evo audio delay detection now uses "vobu start presentation time"
* program streams which are neither VOB nor EVO are now reported as "MPG"
* resampling is now automatically activated for AC3/DTS encoding, if necessary
* "Mersenne Twister" random number generator is used for dithering now
* zero padded DTS tracks are now displayed as such
* fixed: 32bit PCM conversion to floating point was broken
* fixed: with some (rare) movies first subtitle began after 50 minutes runtime
* only plugins with the extension *.dll are loaded now

* fixed: h264 interlaced muxing to MKV could result in too long runtime
* fixed: transcoding DTS-HD/E-AC3 core sometimes failed to work correctly
* improved TS/m2ts audio delay detection
* added filter to remove spikes when fixing gaps/overlaps in RAW/PCM audio
* each eac3to instance has its own log file now
* playlist output now also works with "-log" option
* default bitrate for mono & stereo AC3 encodes lowered to 448kbps
* default bitrate for mono & stereo DTS encodes lowered to 768kbps
* it should be possible to handle TsSplitter splitted TS files via "+" now

* pcm/raw audio delay is now applied before resampling and fps change
* parsing of command line with multiple sources files sometimes failed

* "-slowdown" now works to convert 24.000 movies to 23.976
* "-speedup" now works to convert 24.000 movies to 25.000
* option "" (e.g. "-24.000") sets the FPS of the source track
* option "" (e.g. "-changeTo23.976") changes video/audio FPS
* modified FPS information is written to video bitstream (VC-1, MPEG2, h264)
* demuxing with FPS change option now activates audio track transcoding
* SSRC resampling parameters modified slightly to reduce steepness and ringing
* fixed incorrect h264 movie slowdown gap/overlap complaints
* fixed DTS-HD High Resolution bitrate calculation
* dithering is now done differently per channel

* added (E-)AC3 5.1 "EX" detection
* added (E-)AC3 2.0 "Surround" detection
* added (E-)AC3 2.0 "Headphone" detection
* NeroAacEnc is now fed with up to 32bit float (if available)
* resampling option "-quality=low|high|ultra" not supported, anymore
* new option "-fast" switches SSRC resampler to fast, but low quality mode
* new option "-r8brain" forces use of r8brain resampler instead of SSRC
* added support for AES3 PCM streams in TS container
* started working on encoder plugin interface

* "-demux" failed to work for DTS-HD and TrueHDAC3 tracks in v2.73
* fixed: DTS-HD tracks could let processing abort at the very end of the movie

* changed TS demuxing logic to make the broken (!) new SkyHD broadcasts work
* DTS core and "TrueHD/AC3" AC3 parameters are displayed separately now
* when using "-core" option, eac3to now bases its decisions on core parameters
* added WAV/W64/RF64 read/write support for 32bit PCM and 32/64 bit float
* option "-full" allows WAV/W64/RF64 output to be native (default <= 24bit PCM)
* Surcode DTS encoding is now done with up to 32bit float (if available)
* Aften AC3 encoding is now done with up to 64bit float (if available)

* fixed: per channel bitdepth analyzation didn't work correctly

* fixed: v2.70 detected Blu-Rays as "TS" without chapters and track languages
* fixed: TrueHD downmixing to 2.0 didn't work

* added floating point support to the complete audio processing chain
* added gain functionality, e.g. "-3db" or "+1db"
* bitdepth analyzation is now done separately for each channel
* fixed: when decoding lossy audio with libav, peaks were clipped incorrectly
* fixed: libav MP1/2/3 decoder output was cut down to 24bit
* fixed: with some EVO sources the AC3 track was not listed
* fixed: if no key frame was found, h264 track in m2(ts) was not listed
* fixed: video/audio data before first PAT/PMT was discarded
* Blu-Ray chapters now don't contain link points, anymore, unless necessary
* added 10db boost to LFE channel, when "-down2" and "-mixlfe" are used
* ArcSoft output can now be overwritten to "-2", "-6", "-7" or "-8" channels

* added high precision SSRC resampler
* resampling "-quality" now allows "low", "high" (SSRC) or "ultra" (r8brain)
* resampling quality now defaults to "high" (SSRC)
* bitdepth is now analyzed separately for original vs. processed data
* fixed: downmixing 16 bit DTS tracks to 5.1 or 2.0 didn't work
* fixed: Sonic Decoder was incorrectly assumed to decode XXCh DTS files to 6.1
* for movies the Haali Muxer can't handle "-seekToIFrames" is suggested now

* fixed crash when transcoding Blu-Ray/HD DVD track to FLAC

* information about HDCD and real bitdepth is now stored into FLAC metadata
* information about real bitdepth is now read from FLAC metadata
* PTS break: PTS is increased by 1 frame (fixes some false overlap warnings)
* fixed: video gap log text was sometimes not correct (runtime information)
* added undocumented switch "-neroaacenc="c:whateverneroaacenc.exe""
* error log messages are now output to stderr instead of stdout
* improved "which mkvtoolnix is currently installed?" check
* fixed: mkvtoolnix version check "Oct" date was not interpreted correctly

* changed eac3to to allow AAC encoding with 7.1 channels (for new Nero encoder)
* fixed AGM creation for files bigger than 4GB
* added support for Nero's new AAC Encoder download URL
* lowered volume of error/success sounds
* when there are 2 similar playlists the one with less chapters is ignored now

* automatic channel remapping for 6.1 tracks with wrong channel mask
* automatic channel remapping for ArcSoft DTS decoder 6.1 tracks
* fixed: TrueHD -> Surcode encoding didn't work, anymore
* fixed: MPEG2 + h264 video gap/overlap removal didn't work properly

* added channel mask reading support to Blu-Ray PCM track parser
* added channel mask reading support to TrueHD parser
* added channel mask reading & writing support to FLAC decoder / encoder
* changed 5.x channel mask from $03x to $60x
* changed 6.x channel mask from $13x to $70x
* mono wavs output now creates correct names for some channel masks
* when transcoding 6.1 sources to PCM, 7 channel doubling is activated now
* fixed: DTS channelmask detection was incorrect for very strange configs
* fixed: sometimes the h264 video stream of a Blu-Ray m2ts was not detected

* fixed: incorrect detection of 6.0 DTS tracks as 5.0
* fixed: incorrect libav DTS channel remapping for 6.x or 7.x tracks
* fixed: incorrect ArcSoft DTS channel remapping for "6.0" and "2/2.1" tracks
* fixed: v2.61+62 incorrectly decoded 16bit TrueHD tracks to 24bit FLAC/WAV/RAW
* fixed: some DTSWAV files made HDCD decoder crash
* fixed: DTSWAV and AC3WAV samplerate and bitdepth were reported incorrectly
* improved DirectShow channel configuration reporting
* undocumented option -progressnumbers now outputs "analyze:" and "process:"

* fixed: downmixing 16 bit 7.1 DTS tracks to 5.1 stopped working in v2.61

* added read/write support for Sony wave64 (*.w64) format
* added read/write support for RF64 wave64 (*.rf64) format
* added write support for AGM format
* true bitdepth (e.g. 18 bits) is written to extensible wav header now
* when reading 16/24 (true/storage) WAV files, zero bytes are stripped now
* added HDCD detection for WAV and FLAC files
* added HDCD detection for PCM tracks in VOB/EVO/m2ts containers
* added HDCD decoder written by Christopher Key
* added new option "-decodeHdcd" to decode HDCD information
* HDCD track -> lossy format: HDCD decoding is automatically activated
* when DTS-MA and TrueHD tracks are decoded, a check for HDCD is done
* fixed some incorrect DTS channel masks
* added automatic libav DTS channel remapping
* added automatic ArcSoft DTS channel remapping
* added channel map manipulation to make funny DTS tracks decode with Sonic
* added channel map manipulation to make funny DTS tracks decode with ArcSoft
* added channel volume modification to undo ArcSoft mono surround splitting
* for TrueHD+AC3 creation AC3 delay and gap correction are disabled now
* fixed: DTSWAV and DTSAC3 readers reported too long runtime
* fixed: sometimes processing aborted with a "bitdepth reducer" complaint

* fixed: in v2.59 "-analyzeBitdepth" stopped working for Blu-Ray TrueHD tracks

* extension ".thd+ac3" is supported now to define destination format
* TrueHD tracks without AC3 core can be converted to TrueHD/AC3 now
* demuxing a single-part Blu-Ray title keeps the original "TrueHD/AC3" data
* demuxing a multi-part Blu-Ray title automatically redoes the AC3 substream
* added workaround for Blu-Ray playlists with multiple last "invalid" parts
* fixed: "-check" didn't work for LPCM tracks

* h264 parser rewritten: framerate, pulldown etc is detected reliably now
* h264 pulldown is automatically removed from progressive movie sources now
* h264 pulldown removal can be disabled by using "-keepPulldown"
* h264 muxing now fully supports streams with mixed 23.976 and 29.970 content
* h264 1920x1088 bitstream is now automatically patched/cropped to 1920x1080
* h264 filler data is now already removed during demuxing
* h264 sources with funny framerates (e.g. HD) are patched to 25fps now
* mixed video/movie h264 streams are now always muxed with 29.970 timestamps
* speedup/slowdown now changes framerate information in the h264 bitstream
* options "-24p", "-60i" and "-30p" are no longer supported
* fixed Blu-Ray seamless branching subtitle remuxing
* added workaround for Blu-Ray playlists with a last small "invalid" m2ts part
* bitdepth analyzation is now done for decoded FLAC, WAV, PCM, DTS MA, too
* bitrate is now also reported for FLAC, WAV and PCM tracks
* when encoding AC3, DTS or AAC, the encoding bitrate is reported
* fixed: v2.57 incorrectly decoded 16bit TrueHD tracks to 24bit FLAC/WAV/RAW

* (M2)TS discontinuities before the first unit start are ignored now
* new option "-progressnumbers" replaces progress bar with percentage numbers

* added automated support for Nero AAC command line encoder
* added "quality=0.xx" (0.00 - 0.99) parameter to control AAC encoder quality
* added Nero AAC encoder check to the "-test" list
* "-test" checks whether a new Haali Matroska Muxer version is available
* "-test" checks whether a new MkvToolnix release build is available
* "-test" checks whether a new MkvToolnix beta build is available
* "-test" checks whether a new Nero AAC encoder version is available
* added TRP container support (TS files without PMT/PAT)
* parameter "-extensible" is no longer supported (it's default now)
* new parameter "-simple" can be used to disable the "-extensible" wav header
* decoded TrueHD tracks: bitdepth is now automatically analyzed in more detail
* option "-analyzeBitdepth" manually activates extended bitdepth analyzation
* DVB subtitle tracks are listed now - can't be demuxed, though
* option "-check" doesn't fail on DTS Express tracks, anymore

* fixed: processing aborted when a VC-1 sequence end code was found

* AAC bitstream parser added
* AAC auto detection added
* AAC bitstream delay added
* AAC bitstream gap/overlap correction added
* AAC decoding (Nero & Sonic) added
* old MP2 parser now "officially" and properly supports MP1, MP2 and MP3
* MP3 decoding (libav & Nero) added

* added support for MPEG Audio version 2 and version 2.5
* added (limited) support for ID3, APE and LYRICS tags in MP3 and AAC tracks
* improved VOB/EVO audio delay detection algorithm
* detection and automatic skipping of invalid vob units
* options "-60i" and "-24p" are no longer supported for MPEG2 video
* improved detection of MPEG2 framerate / pulldown state / mode
* improved MPEG2 muxing warnings
* several bugs in MPEG2 video muxing fixed
* fixed interlaced VC-1 muxing with user data (Nine Inch Nails)

* VC-1 pulldown removal rewritten (same output as vc1conv 0.4, but faster)
* VC-1 pulldown removal is activated by default
* VC-1 pulldown removal can be manually deactivated by "-keepPulldown" option
* VC-1 pulldown removal is also activated when muxing to MKV now
* fixed Blu-Ray subtitle demuxing for seamless branching movies
* better task seperation when doing multiple operations with an audio track

* Blu-Ray PGS subtitle support added
* added support for EVO/VOB subtitles which begin very late in the file
* MPEG2 video muxing doesn't rely on GOP headers, anymore
* all (M2)TS discontinuities are now reported with exact file position
* fixed: reading language informtion from TS files didn't work correctly

* fixed muxing of MPEG2 broadcasts where "temporal_reference" overruns
* MPEG2 bitstream headers are now updated correctly when speedup is performed
* MPEG2 bitstream headers are now updated correctly when slowdown is performed

* MPEG2 bitstream headers are now updated correctly when pulldown is removed
* pulldown removal is now automatically disabled for MPEG2 broadcasts
* AC3WAV (SPDIF formatted) support added

* DTS Express bitstream parser added
* DTS Express auto detection added
* DTS Express bitstream delay added
* DTS Express bitstream gap/overlap correction added
* DTS Express decoding (Nero & ArcSoft) added
* fixed: 6.1 -> 7.1 channel doubling resulted in wrong channel order
* added (undocum.) option "-no7doubling" to disable 6.1 -> 7.1 channel doubling
* DTS tracks with funny speaker settings are displayed as "7.1 (strange setup)"
* warning is displayed when decoding "7.1 (strange setup)" tracks with ArcSoft

* ArcSoft DTS Decoder DLL is now directly accessed instead of using DirectShow

* DTS parser sets correct channel mask now
* DTS-HD parser now properly detects format, channels and samplerate
* added support for ArcSoft DTS(-HD) Decoder
* added several tweaks to make ArcSoft Decoder behave correctly
* added ArcSoft test to the "-test" processing
* made ArcSoft Decoder default for DTS and DTS-HD decoding

* 96kHz LPCM tracks in (M2)TS and EVO/VOB containers didn't work correctly
* "Applying (E-)AC3 delay" now only shows if the bitstream is actually modified
* fixed crash in MP2 reader when checking some PCM tracks
* added support for MLP formats 13 - 16
* improved/corrected MLP channel descriptions
* MLP parser sets correct channel mask
* added proper channel remaps for libav MLP decoding of "funny" channel formats
* added proper channel remaps for Nero MLP decoding of "funny" channel formats
* added proper channel remaps for Nero AC3 decoding of "funny" channel formats
* when doubling 7th channel the channel mask is set correctly now
* channel mask is corrected if a decoder doesn't output all channels
* channel mask is corrected if a channel downmixing is performed

* improved detection of AC3/DTS tracks in TS/M2TS container
* added support for Blu-Ray style LPCM tracks in TS container
* fixed 44.1kHz AC3 tracks
* fixed crazy audio delay values when no video track was detected
* sometimes video/audio tracks were not properly detected in (M2)TS container
* MPEG2 demuxing/remuxing incorrectly output the first sequence headers twice
* sequence end codes are removed when demuxing video now, too
* MPEG2 pulldown removal is automatically activated only for EVO HD sources now
* MPEG2 pulldown removal can be manually activated by using "-stripPulldown"
* MPEG2 pulldown removal can be disabled by using "-keepPulldown"

* MPEG2 muxing now fully supports streams with mixed 23.976 and 29.970 content
* mixed video/movie MPEG2 streams are now always muxed with 29.970 timestamps
* if a movie MPEG2 stream goes 29video, processing is automatically restarted
* MPEG2 pulldown is now automatically removed whenever an MPEG2 stream is read
* new option "-keepPulldown" can be used to disable MPEG2 pulldown removal
* corrected default WAV channel masks for 4.0, 6.1 and 7.1
* added proper channel remaps for libav AC3 decoding of "funny" channel formats
* added general channel mask support
* WAV parser reads channel mask from extensible header
* (E-)AC3 parser sets correct channel mask

* Blu-Ray angles are now reported as separate titles
* duplicate playlists are not listed in the "folder view", anymore
* reduced TrueHD and RAW/PCM gap/overlap threshold to 7ms
* reduced (E-)AC3 gap/overlap threshold to 60% of the runtime of one audio frame
* reduced MP2 gap/overlap threshold to 60% of the runtime of one MP2 frame
* reduced DTS threshold to 60% of the runtime of one DTS frame, but at least 7ms
* fixed: Blu-Ray chapter export sometimes wrote incorrect "00:00:00.000" items
* improved handling of MPEG2 streams (changes from interlaced to progressive)
* video information now shows "with pulldown flags", if applicable
* removed "-ignoreDiscon" from help; hint is shown when a discontinuity occurs
* added "-ignoreEncrypt" option; hint is shown when a source is encrypted
* new option "-extensible" creates WAV files with a slightly different header
* fixed some smaller bugs

* libav is now automatically used when Nero/Sonic decoders are not working
* gap/overlap correction of RAW/PCM tracks sometimes aborted
* rerunning de/remuxing to correct gaps/overlaps ignored RAW/PCM tracks
* "lossless check failed" messages are surpressed on join points now

* added automatic Blu-Ray playlist parsing
* added support for multi part (e.g. seamless branching) Blu-Ray titles
* audio gap/overlap detection rewrite completed
* added audio gap/overlap correction functionality
* added Blu-Ray chapter support
* log lines are now prefixed with a track identifier
* RAW/PCM delay is used instead of bitstream delay, if possible
* fixed: video framecount was missing

* added support for 16bit DTSWAV files
* fixed: Blu-Ray TrueHD support was broken

* added full MP2 (MPEG2 audio) support including decoding + bitstream delay
* added TS/M2TS runtime detection
* improved VOB/EVO runtime detection
* added TrueHD gap/overlap detection
* audio gap/overlap detection logic rewritten (not complete yet)
* fixed: log file option didn't work correctly
* fixed: some DTS tracks in PAL TS broadcasts weren't detected correctly
* fixed: some E-AC3 tracks in PAL TS broadcasts weren't detected correctly

* video framecount is now also shown for TS/M2TS demuxing/remuxing
* "-check" option added to check container for corruption
* TS/M2TS: discontinuity check sometimes fired false alarms
* HD DVD subtitle language/description was not always correct
* title listing is only shown if there are at least 2 titles
* if there is only one title, the title is automatically selected
* TS/M2TS audio delay detection was broken
* improved audio delay detection for broadcasts and badly mastered discs
* TS/M2TS video demuxing could eventually add some invalid data
* new option "log=c:whateverlog.txt" specifies the log file path/name

* simple audio transcoding was broken

* fixed file path handling bug

* added HD DVD chapter support
* added HD DVD subtitle demuxing support
* added pre-freeze detection for Haali Matroska Muxer bug
* invalid characters are removed from file names now
* log file is copied to destination path (of first destination file)


* TS/M2TS: discontinuity is only checked for tracks which are de- or remuxed
* TS/M2TS: "-demux" creates both a "thd" and an "ac3" file for "thd/ac3" tracks
* TS/M2TS: "eac3to source.m2ts movie.mkv" transcodes "thd/ac3" tracks to FLAC
* M2TS: track language is displayed (if the file "xxxxx.clpi" is available)
* TS: track language is displayed (if the source file contains this info)
* video gaps/overlaps in the last 5 seconds of the movie are ignored now

* fixed broken EVO support

* TS/M2TS: fixed PAT/PMT reading bug
* TS/M2TS: new "-ignoreDiscon" option makes eac3to ignore discontinuity errors

eac3to v2.33 released
* added full TS and M2TS support (file joining not supported yet, though)
* further improved "-demux" file names
* help text and HD DVD track listing is now also written to the log

eac3to v2.32 released
* added automatic "VPLST000.XPL" and "HVA00001.VTI" parsing
* "eac3to" or "eac3to ." inside of a HD DVD folder lists all title sets
* "eac3to someHdDvdMovieFolder" lists all title sets
* "eac3to someHdDvdMovieFolder whatever.mkv" converts the longest title set
* "eac3to someHdDvdMovieFolder x) whatever.mkv" converts the selected title set
* EVO report now contains the EVO display name (if "VPLST000.XPL" is available)
* added language to EVO audio track listing (if "VPLST000.XPL" is available)
* added EVO audio track display names (if "VPLST000.XPL" is available)
* sequence end codes are stripped from VC-1, MPEG2 and h264/AVC
* put "-stripPulldown" option back in on request
* option "-demux" now writes to "current directory" instead of source directory
* option "-demux" now creates files with meaningful names
* doing "eac3to src.evo dst.mkv" now creates audio files with meaningful names
* doing "eac3to src.evo dst.mkv" writes the audio files to same path as the MKV
* after successful (erroneous) processing "success.wav" (error.wav) is played

eac3to v2.31 released
* DTSWAV input support added
* fixed bitstream delaying of 96khz DTS tracks
* improved DTS runtime calculation
* fixed DTS audio gap/overlap correction for strange DTS formats
* fixed E-AC3 audio gap/overlap correction for strange bitrates
* fixed incorrect MKV "default duration" when using "-24p" or "-30p"
* fixed incorrect MKV "default duration" when using "-slowdown" or "-speedup"
* improved support for "open bitrate" DTS files
* slightly improved automatic (E-)AC3 delaying exactness

eac3to v2.30 released
* fixed wrong MPEG2 framerate (bug introduced in v2.29)

eac3to v2.29 released
* added automatic audio gap/overlap correction for (E-)AC3, DTS and LPCM
* options "-slowdown" and "-speedup" can now also be used for video muxing
* added support for muxing of EVO's secondary video track to MKV
* added "-24p", "-30p" and "-60i" options to overwrite detected h264 framerate
* fixed some MPEG2 muxing problems
* temporarily disabled "-stripPulldown" because vc1conv 0.3 is better

eac3to v2.28 released
* new "-seekToIFrames" switch makes Basic Instinct (h264) muxing work

eac3to v2.27 released
* fixed h264/AVC muxing crash with some movies (due to too high RAM usage)
* fixed missing frames at the end of the movie when doing h264/AVC muxing
* fixed non-working "eac3to -test"

eac3to v2.26 released
* Haali Splitter replaced with internal splitter for EVO h264/AVC tracks
* external raw h264/AVC tracks can now be muxed directly to Matroska
* timestamps for h264/AVC MKV videos don't need to be rewritten, anymore
* gaps/overlaps in h264/AVC track of EVO files are detected now
* h264 aspect ratio is detected and written into MKV now
* Haali Media Splitter is not being used at all, anymore
* mkvtoolnix is not being used at all, anymore
* added detection for MPEG2 interlaced -> progressive mode change
* workaround for eacGui bug

eac3to v2.25 released
* fixed MPEG2 muxing for interlaced content

eac3to v2.24 released
* Haali Splitter replaced with internal splitter for EVO MPEG2 tracks
* external raw MPEG2 tracks can now be muxed directly to Matroska
* timestamps for MPEG2 MKV videos don't need to be rewritten, anymore
* gaps/overlaps in MPEG2 track of EVO files are detected now
* VC-1 and MPEG2 aspect ratios are detected and written into MKV now
* fixed bug with "-down2" option

eac3to v2.23 released
* fixed bug which made some DTS tracks appear dirty although they weren't
* fixed extremely big gap detection with Fantastic Four 2
* fixed non cleaned up gaps file bug

eac3to v2.22 released
* gap/overlap logic changed completely (optional two pass muxing now)
* "-ignoreGaps" parameter is gone

eac3to v2.21 released
* latest libav MLP/TrueHD decoder fixes "lossless check failed" bug
* latest libav MLP/TrueHD decoder fully decodes 7.1 TrueHD tracks now
* Matroska muxing speed dramatically improved
* eac3to now detects and handles E-AC3 7.1 tracks correctly
* option "-core" extracts 5.1 core from E-AC3 7.1 tracks
* added support for small DTS files (< 300kb)

eac3to v2.20 released
* changed VC-1 muxing method to fix problems with several movies, e.g.
- Unforgiven
- Phantom of the Opera
- Million Dollar Baby
- Fantastic Four 2
* fps value is now also added to MKV header when muxing raw VC-1 stream
* added new "-skip" option to skip corruption in the beginning of an EVO file
* added extra handling which fixes some EVO authoring bugs

eac3to v2.18 released
* fixed bug which stopped eac3to v2.15-17 from working on some PCs
* fixed h264 bitstream parsing bug (Sum of all Fears)
* fps value is added to MKV header now
* relaxed VC-1 gap detection once more
* TrueHD decoding to stdout fixed (always output as 24 bit now)

eac3to v2.17 released
* fixed VC-1 pulldown removal
* VC-1 pulldown removal must now be activated by the new option "-stripPulldown"
* improved VC-1 gap/overlap detection
* new option "-ignoreGaps" disables VC-1 gap/overlap detection
* libav E-AC3 decoder background decoding removed again

eac3to v2.15 released
* Haali Splitter replaced with internal splitter for EVO VC-1 tracks
* external raw VC-1 tracks can now be muxed directly to Matroska
* timestamps for VC-1 MKV videos don't need to be rewritten, anymore
* some problematic VC-1 movies should mux fine to MKV now (e.g. POTO USA)
* gaps/overlaps in VC-1 track of EVO files are detected and displayed now
* pulldown can be removed from external raw VC-1 tracks now
* pulldown is automatically removed when demuxing EVO VC-1 tracks now
* updated to the latest revision of the libav E-AC3 decoder
* some minor changes and bugfixes

eac3to v2.14 released
* libav TrueHD decoder "end of stream" bug should be fixed now
* fixed libav DTS decoder - subwoofer channel is properly decoded now, too
* patched libav DTS decoder to output full 24 bit
* updated to the latest revision of the libav E-AC3 decoder
* when decoding E-AC3 with Nero, libav decoding is also executed at the sa

eac3to v2.13 released
* added option to downmix multi channel audio to stereo
* added support for VC-1 custom aspect ratios
* added stdout output support

eac3to v2.12 released
* video resolution, framerate and mode (progressive/interlaced) are displayed
* rewriting timestamps should now always write the correct framerate
* after a full EVO/VOB processing the number of video frames is shown
* EVO 16 bit and 24 bit LPCM demuxing supported now (need samples for 20 bit)
* (E-)AC3 bitstream can be delayed now (similar to delaycut)
* DTS bitstream can be delayed now (similar to delaycut)
* DTS-HD High-Res and Master Audio bitstream can be delayed now
* when demuxing bitstream audio tracks from EVO delay is automatically applied
* some little bugs fixed

eac3to v2.11 released
* libav E-AC3 decoding is without DRC now
* libav AC3 decoding added (without DRC)
* libav E-AC3 and AC3 decoding hacked to return full 24 bit
* fixed: delay was not applied to lossless audio tracks
* fixed crash when parsing PCM files without doing any conversion
* TrueHD dialnorm was displayed incorrectly
* changed 23.976 to 24/1.001
* fixed some more minor bugs

eac3to v2.10 released
* fixed crash which occurred when doing "EVO/VOB -> Surcode DTS encoding"
* "eac3to source.evo movie.mkv" syntax replaces "-auto" option
* "eac3to 1.evo+2.evo movie.evo" syntax supported now for simple EVO/VOB joining

* fixed: bitdepth reducer sometimes crashed when being fed a PCM file
* fixed: FLAC encoder sometimes crashed when delay was applied
* fixed: some TrueHD files were dithered/processed by Nero when they shouldn't
* fixed: Surcode 1.0.29 encoding automation
* fixed: source file was deleted when source and dest file names were identical
* eac3to output is now always written to "log.txt"
* when a crash occurs, "log.txt" is added to the bug report
* improved help text + hints slightly
* undocumented switch "-check16bit" added
* undocumented switch "-mono" added

* added support for libav/ffmpeg decoding of TrueHD/MLP and E-AC3
* added "-libav" switch to force libav decoding

* don't need, anymore
* don't need Nero Splitter, anymore
* don't need Sonic HD Demuxer, anymore
* replaced hacked DirectShow feeding with a cleaner approach
* added support for DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 tracks (only 5.1 decoding)
* little performance boost for PAL speedup/down on DualCore CPUs
* fixed some bugs

* new "-debug" switch added
* fixed: automatic registering of the dtsac3source filter crashed
* fixed: AC3 encoding sometimes crashed when being fed 24 bit audio data
* fixed: AC3 encoded files were invalid when being fed 24 bit audio data
* eac3toGUI didn't work with eac3to v2.0
* "eac3to source.ac3 dest.ac3 -slowdown" didn't do anything useful
* when a crash occurs, the bug report is automatically copied to clipboard now
* some minor cosmetic improvements

Version 2.0

totally new features
* AC3 decoding support (Nero's decoder without DRC/dialnorm)
* resampling to 44.1/48/96 kHz (by using "r8brain")
* apply/reverse PAL speedup (by using "r8brain")
* "eac3to sourceFile" will print out source file details

strongly enhanced features
* dramatically improved performance (no intermediate files, anymore!)
* proper 6.1/7.1 downmixing to 5.1 instead of just dropping the back surround channels
* RAW/PCM file detection now auto detects channels, bitdepth and endian
* WAV is now fully supported as source file format
* destination file extension "PCM" creates Blu-Ray style LPCM tracks

DTS related improvements/changes
* DTS-96/24 support added
* "open bitrate" support added
* strange channel configuration support added
* removal of zero padding from DTS files added
* eac3to can fix broken DTS-ES files (they decode to 5.1 instead of 6.1 without the fix)
* dialog normalization can be removed without removing the additional DTS-HD data now
* core extraction must be specifically asked for now (see "-core" switch)

AC3 related improvements
* did I mention that eac3to can decode AC3 now?
* strange channel configuration support added

TrueHD related improvements
* delay problem (hopefully) solved
* fixed: sometimes some audio data in the middle of a track was lost
* TrueHD/AC3 interweaved file can be stripped to TrueHD only now

various minor improvements/changes
* progress bar added
* eac3to detects file format independently of file extension
* multiple input files can be treated as one big file
* "sox" is not needed, anymore
* "dump" filter not needed, anymore
* "aften.exe" replaced by "libAften.dll"
* "flac.exe" replaced by "libFlac.dll"
* DTS/DD+/AC3 source filter ships with eac3to now
* various bug fixes

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