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VOB2MPG is a DVD to MPG file converter. It goes through a whole DVD VIDEO_TS folder and joins up the various vobsets to produce MPGs for the different titles. It does NOT reconvert the video and audio. Requires .NET framework. VOB2MPG Pro(12) has more features: Choice of titles to extract, chapters to extract in a title, Ability to re-order chapters, Handle vob id changes in a title, DVD angles, Chapter preview, Audio stream preview and extraction and much more.

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Latest version

3.2.200 (December 13, 2010)


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Problem running VOB2MPG in Windows 10? Then read Instructions for Running VOB2MPG on Windows 10.

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

VOB2MPG 3.2.200 Released 13 Dec 2010

- [PRO] Added facility for custom output filenames
- [FIX] Fixed an error with newer DVDs due to blank/duplicate titles.

VOB2MPG 3.2.000 Released 29 Oct 2010

- [PRO] Added Force AR setting
- [PRO] Added /DVDInfo
- [PRO] Added /AllTitles
- [FIX] Improved formatting of output filenames
- [FIX] Fixed several user interface bugs
- [FIX] Proper handling of Interleaved cells (Multiple title-sets share the same vob)
- [FIX] Improved handling of user abort.
- [FIX] Increase accuracy of progress bars.
- [FIX] Numerous small DVD parsing issues
- Warn of Copyrighted DVDs

VOB2MPG 3.0.710 Released 08 June 2010

- [PRO] Fix: Crash when loading DVDs with non standard stream IDs.

VOB2MPG 3.0.700 Released 21 Apr 2010

- [PRO] Added: Batch Remux applet. Useful for ironing out any issues with produced mpegs.
- [PRO] Added: /sc command line now uses the output filename as part of the resultant mpeg filenames
- [PRO] Added: /All command line. Outputs a single mpeg for each chapter in each title.

VOB2MPG 3.0.520 Released 19 Jan 2010

- Added: Settings on Start Menu.
- Added: DVD Control Type setting (see:
- Added: Open files button added to the MTS Joiner applet.

VOB2MPG 3.0.501 Released 07 Jan 2010

- FIX: Handle non-standard DVD sturctures better (some camcorder DVDs causing timing issues in mpegs)
- FIX: Total rewrite of the DVD Player - improved compatability with some Windows 7 systems

VOB2MPG 3.0.131 Released 22 Dec 2009

- FIX: Not processing when WMI is causing exception during drive enumeration

VOB2MPG 3.0.130 Released 07 Dec 2009

- FIX: Chapter preview issue with some DVDs with Title pre commands
- Update to the Extraction Mode UI logic

VOB2MPG 3.0.122 Released 11 Nov 2009

- [PRO] Fixed "complete early" bug introduced in 3.0.120

VOB2MPG 3.0.120 Released 5 Nov 2009

- [PRO] Massive speed improvements (upto 3 fold): everything done in a single pass now.

VOB2MPG 3.0.100 Released 25 Sept 2009

- [PRO] Added First Applet: MTS Joiner. See

VOB2MPG 3.0.060 Released 08 Sept 2009

- FIX: Major bug fix for PTS correction.
- FIX: Ignore rogue packets.
- FIX: Improved IFO parsing: Duplicate titles etc.
- [PRO] Added "Eject DVD when complete" option in the settings.
- [PRO] Added audio stream selection to command line options (e.g /a=128)[NB: value is in decimal not HEX so 0x80 is 128 in the example].
- [PRO] Internal preparation for Applets: Several new "Applets" to be added in development...

VOB2MPG 3.0.030 Released 03 June 2009

- Added Abort Process button
- Fixed DivideByZero exception on DVDs with zero length chapters
- Fixed button layout for 800x600 screen resolutions
- Removed "Could not get interfaces" unless absolutely the case!
- Show Desktop in Output folder dialog box.
- [PRO] Internal preparation for Shell Extension, subtitles and PAL2NTSC conversion.

VOB2MPG 3.0.024 Released 1 May 2009

- [PRO] Added initial Command Line Support:
VOB2MPG /v=IfoPath /o=MpgPath /MainTitle | /t=TitleNum [/c=chxx,chxx...] [/sc]

/v=IfoPathPath to VIDEO_TS.IFO file of the source DVD. Enclose in quotes if path contains spaces
/o=MpgPathPath to output mpeg file. Enclose in quotes if path contains spaces
/MainTitleLet VOB2MPG work out the title of the main movie based on duration
/t=TitleNumTitle to extract from if /MainTitle is not used
/c=chxx,chxx...Comma delimited list of chapters to extract from title
/scSplit chapters. Output a mpeg file per chapter


VOB2MPG /v="C:My DVDsVIDEO_TS.IFO" /o="C:VOB2MPG OutputThe fog.mpg" /MainTitle /c=1,2,3,7 /sc
(extract chapters 1, 2 ,3 & 7 from the main movie into seperate mpegs)

VOB2MPG /v="C:My DVDsVIDEO_TS.IFO" /o="C:VOB2MPG OutputThe fog.mpg" /MainTitle
(extract the main movie only)

VOB2MPG /v="C:My DVDsVIDEO_TS.IFO" /o="C:VOB2MPG OutputThe fog.mpg" /t=5 /c=10
(extract Title 5 chapter 10 only)

VOB2MPG 3.0.023 Released 25 Apr 2009

- Fixed a aspect ratio issue in the DVD Preview in certain situations.
- Fixed SCR continuity issue in certain situations. This issue was only noticeable in players which used SCR rather than PTS/GOP for duration.

VOB2MPG 3.0.022 Released 19 Mar 2009

- Reduced the number of nag popups (it was a error that there were so many! - me culpa)
- Fixed installer for 64bit users
- DVD Preview rewritten. Now more robust and VISTA friendly
- Added a MODE select toggle button to select between the 2 modes of extration: IFO MODE & VOBSET MODE
- Launching webpages from the Help menu no longer assumes IE is intalled!
- Slight speed improvement in non PRO version (and more responsive)
- [PRO] Added a "mpeg per chapter" setting. Regardless of what you choose to extract, each chapter will have its own mpeg file.

VOB2MPG 3.0.021 Released 16 Mar 2009

- VOBSET Mode: Sort VOB files (fix the random issue of file ordering on certain hard drives)
- Use VMR9 rendering in preview if possible. Fixes Vista Aero compatibility on certain video cards.

VOB2MPG 3.0.020 Released 16 Mar 2009

- New User Interface
- New mode: IFO Mode, added to existing VOBSET (v2.5) mode.
- VOBSET Mode: Update to handle audio streams with non standard params.
- VOBSET Mode (PRO): Optionally encode to AC3 enabling the handling of DTS/LPCM DVDs
- IFO Mode: Parse DVD IFO files
- IFO Mode: DVD Title/Chapter preview
- IFO Mode: Audio stream preview
- IFO Mode: Per Title extraction
- IFO Mode: Handle multi angle DVDs
- IFO Mode: Choose audio streams to extract
- IFO Mode (PRO): Choose chapters to extract
- IFO Mode (PRO): Reorder chapters to extract
- IFO Mode (PRO): Optionally recalculate GOP timecodes
- IFO Mode (PRO): Optionally recalculate GOP timecodes
- IFO/VOBSET Mode (PRO): Optimised DVDR reading performance
- IFO Mode (PRO): Optimised extraction performance (three times quicker)

- VOB2MPG now supports command line arguments:
vob2mpg.exe "path to vob folder" "path to mpg folder"

- now supports multi-stream audio vobs (creating multi-stream audio mpegs)

- More than twice as fast as v2.1

- Improved stability.
- Fixed some progress bar bugs/exceptions.
- Better logging for diagnostics.
- Minor performance improvements.

- Uses .Net v2 and so is more stable (in threading etc).
- Corrects PTSs by default. Thus correct duration if resulting mpegs is show in WMP etc.
- Ability to abourt the process.
- New version of FFMPEG: maintains A/V sync.
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65 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

I purchased this software and they sent me a link with my Serial number; unfortunately, I am not able to successfully download the software after several attempts I gave up to write this piece. Each attempt I get this message: SERVICE UNAVAILABLE: HTTP Error 503. I am not sure if the download service is down temporary or forever. I have used the 2.5 version for a long time and wanted to get the convenience of the Pro version, but it left me frustrated for not able to get what I paid for. I was not going to give any rating at this time until such time I have successfully download, install, and use it, the system will not allow that to happen so there it is. Fair enough? Please help.

Review by Zonag5 on Aug 21, 2017 Version: VOB2MPG 3.2 PRO OS: Vista Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 6/10

I have the pro version for 12 GBP
in this version (de)selecting titels and chapters are possible.
full single side dvd aprox 15 extract
Tested on win 8.1 64 bits and windows 10 preview

Review by elipel on Nov 7, 2014 Version: 3.2.2000 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 8/10

Would be such a great program but can't extract the audio track I want!. Seems to only ever extract the last audio track on the list. For example if I have follow audio tracks listed
DEF: [80] English 'AC3' 6 chs
[80] English 'AC3' 6 chs
[81] Espanol 'AC3' 6 chs
it will only ever extract [81] irrespective of which audio track I select.
In the preview I can successfully select the audio.

Review by bluemtns on Jun 16, 2014 Version: 3.2.200 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

As a counterpoint, I have the PRO (paid) version of this software and have run it on XP x64, Vista x64, Win7 x64, and Windows 8.x x64 with no problems.

Review by mail2tom on May 23, 2014 Version: 3.2.200 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Referenced post#1 by EmmB, You may try (Video-to-Video) software also located on this site and free. It will help to convert DVD to MPG in about 15 minutes. Enjoy and good luck.

Review by zonag5 on May 23, 2014 Version: 3.0 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 9/10

65 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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