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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Tartube

v2.4.165 (24 Nov 2022)

- Added a new tutorial. For new installations, it can be launched from the setup window. For all users, it can be launched from Tartube's menu (About > Show tutorial)
- MS Windows users can now select a dark theme for Tartube windows. In Tartube's menu, click 'System > Change theme...'. Advanced users may be able to install additional themes; see the README for more details. Thanks to Rukongai for finding the solution (Git #355)
- Channels, playlists and folders can now have non-unique names; for example you can have separate channels, both called 'Season 1', inside different folders. However, you can't have two channels with the same name inside the same folder (Git #439)
- Download options can now be applied directly to more than one channel, playlist or folder (Git #464)
- Tartube has been re-licensed under LGPL 2.1

- New translations available: French, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Thanks to everyone at Weblate who contributed to them, including Le Sharko´ste, Tim Dewey, Equi and Zeref. In this release, your system's locale should be applied automatically (no more messing around in the preferences window)
- Python errors, which until now were hidden in a terminal window (and therefore not visible to must users), are now redirected to Tartube's Errors/Warnings tab where everyone can see them
- In download options, Post-processing > General, the audio quality of the post-processed audio file can now be set as a specific bitrate (e.g. 320 kb/s), as well as the 'high', 'medium' and 'low' settings that were already available (Git #462)

- In the system preferences window, 'Downloaders' tab, tightened up the behaviour of the buttons, entries and comboboxes so that the user cannot specify contradictory settings or enter invalid values. On MS Windows, the 'Use custom path' setting is now marked as 'not recommended', because Tartube code assumes that all users are using the official Tartube installer. (It it apparently possible to install Tartube using WSL2, but the authors have not been able to confirm that, so for the moment WSL2 installations are not 'officially' supported) (Git #466)
- Fixed errors in the file-tidying operation (from Tartube's menu, Operations > Tidy up files) (Git #423, #463)
- .webp thumbnail images cannot be displayed in Tartube's window (because the Gtk graphics libraries do not support them). By default, .webp thumbnails are converted to .jpg (which are supported), but in some circumstances this prevents users from embedding thumbnails into their videos. In this version, when .webp thumbnails are converted to .jpg, the original .webp files are not deleted (and so they are still available for embedding). You can change this behaviour in Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Downloads. You can use 'Operations > Tidy up files...' to remove multiple .webp files at a later date, if you want to (Git #461)
- Drag and drop into the 'Add new videos' window did not work as intended, if videos were dropped directly onto the textview. Specifically, a newline character was not inserted between existing and new URLs. This issue also affected several similar windows, but is now fixed
- When videos were downloaded as audio files (e.g. .m4a) and then converted to another type of audio file (e.g. .mp3), Tartube's database was not updated correctly. Due to some invisible magic in the operating system, most users did not notice any problems, but some did. Fixed the issue, so that new downloads will update the database correctly (Git #451)

- In download options, Files > Filesystem, the 'Download all videos into this folder' has been fixed so that it works correctly in non-English locales
- Fixed drag-and-drop into the 'Media' tab of the 'Scheduled download' window
- In the 'Add many channels/playlists' windows, names and URLs in the box at the bottom were supposed to be editable, but were not. Fixed
- Fixed a rare problem for videos that were marked to be watched as soon as they are downloaded, in which it was possible (in principle) to delete the video before the media player was launched, causing numerous problems
- After fetching a list of video formats/subtitles, the dialogue window's button opened the download options window at the wrong tab. Fixed
- In the Drag and Drop tab, code did not impede the user's attempts to delete the 'general' (default) set of download options (which cannot be deleted). Fixed
- Some youtube-dl commands surround download options with double quotes "...". For technical reasons, these must be removed before Tartube can start a youtube-dl download. Users were confused that the double quotes they had specified were not visible in the Output tab; they are now visible there (and also in the terminal window, when that is enabled) (Reddit)
- The preferences window, when opened, will now auto-fix any problems with sets of download options in the Tartube database. This is a temporary patch for an unresolved issue. The authors suspect the unresolved issue has resolved itself, given that code handling applied download options has been completely re-written for this release (Git #456)

v2.4.093 (31 Jul 2022)

- In the menu button in the top-right corner of the Classic Mode tab, there is a new 'Enable one-click downloads' setting. Any valid URLs copied into the box are downloaded automatically (or added to the existing download)
- Unlisted videos, which youtube-dl can't normally detecT, can now be inserted into a channel. Right-click the channel and select 'Channel actions > Insert videos...'. In order to check or download these unlisted videos, you should either select them, right-click and choose 'Download videos'; or alternatively, set up custom downloads to download each video individually (Git #445)
- In the preferences window, Operations > Livestreams, you can now block all livestreams from being checked/downloaded. This only works when yt-dlp is the downloader (Reddit thread)
- In the download options window, you can now use the option '--playlist-items' (Git #438)
- In the setup wizard window, the text of the 'Install FFmpeg' button now changes to 'Re-install FFmpeg' after the first installation attempt, successful or not (for clarity). Both the download and install sizes are now visible
- Tartube translations can now be prepared using Weblate. See (Git #428)
- Updated to latest version of MSYS2, with which FFmpeg can be installed correctly (Git #371, #444)

- Fixed rare Python errors after right-clicking videos in the Progress List and selecting 'Stop now', 'Stop after this video', etc

v2.4.077 (8 Jun 2022)

- In the download options window, the "Completely reset all download options to their default values" button caused problems with the Drag and Drop tab, which in turn prevented Tartube from finishing loading a database. Fixed, and added some safeguards that would make a similar bug easier to detect, if it were to happen again (Git #436)
- Fixed broken check buttons in the preferences window which could prevent it from opening (Git #435)

- In the Video Catalogue (in grid mode), adjusted the maximum length of the channel/playlist/folder name to prevent the right-hand column being only partially visible, under certain circumstances (Git #433)

v2.4.065 (31 May 2022)

- In the Videos tab, you can mark one or more channels/playlists/folders to be downloaded by clicking the checkbuttons next to their names. Tartube can now remember which items have been marked, storing them in a profile: in the main menu, click Media > Profiles > Create profile. You can create as many profiles as you like, and switch between them whenever you like. See the README for more information (Git #409)
- During a download, you can now right-click a channel, playlist or folder to add it to the download; previously, the menu item was greyed out (Git #430)

- During Tartube installation, the user is now prompted to choose how often their database file should be backed up. The default setting has also been changed to 'every time' (Git #427)
- When the user deletes videos, they will now see a prompt asking for confirmation. The user can choose between removing the video from the database, and deleting the video from the filesystem completely. A comparable prompt already appeared when deleting channels, playlists and folders. In all cases, there is now an 'Always show this window' button which can be de-selected, if convenient (Git #427)
- The dropdown box in the 'Add channel' window has been improved to add an explicit item for 'No parent folder', instead of using an empty space. The windows for adding playlists and folders have been updated in the same way. The 'Add video' window has been tweaked to show icons inside the dropdown box, as the other three windows already do
- In each video's properties window, there is a new button which updates the video's data from its metadata file. Also, when the video's file path is changed (manually by the user), the corresponding metadata is now automatically loaded, updating the video in Tartube's database (Git #414)
- You can update multiple videos from their metadata by right-clicking them and selecting Special > Reload metadata (Git #420)
- The detail of some icons were difficult to make out. They have been replaced with sharper icons
- The list of videos in the Videos tab shows each video's name (which we call a 'nickname'), which is not necessarily identical to the video's file name. You can now switch to displaying video file names instead: Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Videos > Show nicknames (not video file names) (Git #417)
- Tidied up the layout of the popup menu for videos
- In the download options window, in the Files > File names tab, you can now set an output template with a date/time in several different formats (Git #424)
- In the same window, added new options for '--live-from-start' and '--wait-for-video' (Git #431, yt-dlp only)

- In the Videos tab toolbar, when the 'Show downloaded' button is toggled and, as a result, no videos are visible, many of the toolbar icons were greyed out. Fixed (Git #410)
- The video's edit window was unable to open under certain circumstances. Fixed
- In a separate issue, the video's edit window was unable to open when the video didn't have a file associated with it. Fixed (Git #421/422)
- The list of custom downloads in Tartube's main menu (Operations > Custom download all) was not updated when profiles were added or removed; the list could only be updated by restarting Tartube. Fixed
- In the channel/playlist properties window, in the Associated Playlists tab, the 'Add all playlists' button was broken. Fixed it

- When setting a custom redirect for Invidious, Tartube added an initial 'www.' which does not always resolve to a valid web address. This no longer happens. Text in the preferences window (Operations > Mirrors) has been updated to reflect this change (Git #412)
- Fixed an error in the code that resets channel/playlist/folder markers (selection buttons) in the Video Index
- During a refresh operation, a video's URL, ID and duration were not set, if they had not already been set (Git #414)
- When closing a video's properties window, the list of videos in the Video tab was not properly updated when a filter was applied. Fixed (Git #413)
- In a video's properties window, in the General tab, when the video file is changed, the entry boxes at the top of the window were not updated. Fixed (Git #420)
- In the Drag and Drop tab, two icons of different sizes were used beside each other; this has been fixed
- Fixed missing apostrophes (Git #411 and #416), and typos in the download options window (Git #418)
- Tweaked the detection of invalid URLs, for example in the 'Add channel' window
- In the download options window, in the Name tab, fixed inconsistent widget layout when switching between simple and advanced options

v2.4.0 (21 Apr 2022)

- YouTube Stream Converter has been deprecated, so Tartube no longer supports it. Instead, Tartube now offers livestream downloads using streamlink ( or with the video's .m3u manifest
- Livestream detection now works on Odysee and Twitch, as well as on YouTube. Detection should work on other websites, if you set the RSS feed for the channel and playlist manually (see the README for details)
- In the toolbar at the bottom of the Videos tab, you can now filter out downloaded videos, or undownloaded videos. These settings are ignored when a text search/filter is applied; in that situation, the buttons are now greyed out for clarity (Git #402)
- When videos are being checked/downloaded, you can now see the amount of free disk space in the bottom-left corner of the Videos tab
- Added the youtube-dl download options '--no-overwrites', settable from the edit window (Git #398)
- Videos with enormous names, but without any space characters, created a tooltip that was longer than the Tartube window itself. Updated line- wrapping code generally, so that it will wrap on underline (underscore) characters, as well as on whitespace
- Column headers in the Errors/Warnings tab are now resizeable (Git #403)
- There is now a setting to remove a video from Tartube's database after a certain number of days, complementing the existing setting to delete the video entirely from the user's filesystem. See Edit > System preferences... > Files > Videos. The minimum value is now 0, so users can remove a downloaded video from the database as soon as it has been downloaded, if they want to (Git #404)
- In the download options window, Files > File names tab, the 'autonumber' component has been replaced with 'video_autonumber' and 'playlist_autonumber' components, on the advice of the yt-dlp developers (Git #406)
- JSON timeouts were causing havoc when checking a video with lots of comments. Tartube now provides two timeout settings: one for checking videos with comments, and one for checking videos without comments. To set them, click Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Downloads. Also fixed an error that failed to store comments in the database, under certain circumstances. Also added a new setting, so that comments can be stored in the database when checking videos, or when downloading videos (see Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Comments) (Git #398)
- Fixed problems with the Drag and Drop tab, causing python errors on startup (Git #399)
- On running out of disk space, load/save was disabled, so the user could not free up space before saving the Tartube database. This no longer happens, but after such an error, no scheduled downloads are started (this is confirmed by a message in the Errors/Warnings tab). Updated the text in the preferences window for clarity, and to show free space in GB rather than MB (Git #400)
- Fixed failure to extract a video's URL and duration on certain channels, on MS Windows (Git #373)
- Fix inability to load database from an (unspecified) earlier version of Tartube. The error can also be fixed in the existing database integrity check (Git #405)

- On MS Windows, the download option '--windows-filenames' is automatically added, but in the edit window, the same option is not selected. Fixed, so that the option is no longer automatically added, but added only when selected (Git #373)
- The download option '--trim-filenames' uses a file length that refers to the absolute path, including the directory. Tartube will now ignore the setting if the length is less than the absolute path of the directory itself, to prevents files being downloaded into the wrong place. Added a warning about the option's unexpected behaviour in the window
- The installer for MS Windows now starts Tartube with an environment variable, that prevents Gtk from hiding scrollbars (Git #401)
- In the toolbar at the bottom of the Videos tab, the buttons to toggle drawing frames and icons were set the wrong way around. Fixed
- The YouTube 'This live event will begin in 11 minutes' was not recognised as a livestream notification (in some circumstances). Fixed
- On startup, in the Classic Mode tab, the 'Convert to this format' and 'Download in this format' buttons were not set or (de)sensitised correctly. Fixed
- In the download options window, Files > File names tab, the various 'Add' buttons added components to the end of the file extension, rather than the end of the filename. Fixed
- Videos/channels/playlists/folders can no longer be deleted from the popup menus, when preferences or edit windows are open. This should prevent windows belonging to deleted items being visible
- Fixed display problems when moving a channel/playlist/folder to the top level, or dragging one onto another
- All keyboard shortcuts have been checked and updated

v2.3.549 (9 Apr 2022)

- Each channel/playlist/folder in the Videos tab now has a checkbutton. You can select one or more items, if you want to check/download just those items. Click the buttons in the bottom-left corner to do that. Even when items are selected, you can still download everything using the main menu or from the toolbar. The checkbuttons can be hidden, if you don't want them: click Edit > System preferences... > Videos, and de-select 'Allow each row to be marked for checking/downloading' (Git #379)
- New Drag and Drop tab. The tab is divided into a grid. Each zone represents a set of download options. Drag and drop a video from your browser (or a text URL) onto one of these zones, and it is added to the Classic Mode tab, ready for download using the specified download options. Because of Gtk issues, drag and drop from a browser does not work well on MS Windows. All users will receive a new set of download options called 'mp3', unless they already have one with that name
- The layout of the Errors/Warnings tab has been redesigned. It is now fully searchable. All the checkbuttons like 'Show Tartube errors' are now applied immediately, and are reversible. (Previously, they only applied to errors/warnings received in the future)

- The Classic Mode tab has a new button at the bottom of the tab. When selected, youtube-dl creates an archive file. This is not recommended in most cases; it might be useful for downloading large channels/playlists, if the download might need to be resumed after an interruption (Git #285)
- In the download options windows (e.g. Edit > General download options...), when advanced options are visible, the options were previously in a separate yt-dlp tab have been merged into the other tabs. This is because yt-dlp is now the default downloader for nearly all users
- The layouts in the preferences window and several other edit windows have been improved (includes Git #360)
- Custom downloads can now skip broadcasting livestreams, or livestreams that have already finished. They can also skip all videos EXCEPT current/former livestreams. New icons in the Videos tab highlights which videos are former livestreams; one for downloaded videos, one for checked videos (Git #358)
- Tartube can now open in the system tray. See the new setting in Edit > System preferences > Windows > Tray (Git #365)
- Tidy operations can now remove videos without URLs, or duplicate videos, from the Tartube database
- In the video properties window, Timestamps tab, you can now update the list of timestamps manually by clicking the new 'Reset list using copied text' button, and then copy-pasting text into the dialogue window (for example, from the video's description) (Git #330)
- Minor changes to the layout of the main window's menu

- The dialogue windows for adding channels, playlists and folder dialogues accepted invalid characters and names. Fixed to prevent illegel directory/ folder names on MS Windows, Linux and MacOS (Git #335)
- A 'blocked' video (e.g. an age-restricted video from YouTube) remains invisible in the Videos tab, by default, even after it is successfully checked or downloaded (for example, after the user has supplied login credentials). Fixed
- Errors/warnings assigned by Tartube to an individual video were not cleared when the video was checked/downloaded without further errors/warnings. Fixed
- Fixed more crashes due to Gtk issues
- The download options window could not be opened, when the '--cookies-from-browser' option was set with KEYRING and PROFILE components. Fixed (Git #394)
- Fix python error when starting Tartube (Git #366)
- Fixed video duplication error when downloading videos that already exist on the filesystem
- After right-clicking a video and selecting 'Special > Download video clips' or 'Special > Remove video slices', the dialogue windows had several serious issues. Fixed them
- In the Classic Mode tab, when a channel/playlist download is interrupted before the download is complete, the URL is not remembered for the next session. Fixed (Git #285)

- When checking/downloading produces no new videos, a 'newbie' dialogue is displayed pointing the user to possible solutions. The dialogue was displayed even when youtube-dl encountered videos that had already been downloaded, or that were registered in youtube-dl's archive file. This no longer happens (Git #368)
- In the preferences window, Windows > Videos tab, the 'Show today and yesterday as the date, when possible' setting could not be disabled, once enabled. Fixed
- In the edit window for custom downloads, in the Slices tab, the toggle buttons were all broken. Fixed them
- After right-clicking a folder and selecting 'Folder contents > All contents > Empty folder', the text of the dialogue window was gibberish. For this procedure and related ones, improved the dialogue layout and tightened up the code. When emptying videos/channels/playlists/folders from the database (but not removing files on the filesystem), added a new confirmation dialogue (Git #332)
- The video properties window did not show clip/chapter titles. Fixed (Git #330)
- Improved wording in the 'Add channel' dialogue, specifically to remove the word 'automatically'. Updated the video/playlist/folder dialogues too (Git #277)

v2.3.484 (31 Mar 2022)

- YouTube has stepped up its efforts to block videos, so uesrs are experiencing more errors than normal. In these cases, Tartube will now add a video to its database, marked as blocked/unavailable for download. This behaviour can be disabled in Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Downloads. Blocked videos are not normally visible in the Videos tab; to make them visible, expand the toolbar at the bottom of the tab, and select 'Show blocked videos'. Blocked videos are always visible when a filter is applied (as long as they match the filter)
- Scheduled downloads can now be set to start at certain of the day and week, or at some specified time after Tartube starts (Git #362)
- In the Classic Mode tab, you can now select a video resolution as well as a video/audio format. Both settings, if set, override download options. The resolution setting does not require FFmpeg/AVConv

- Users on MS Windows can now install matplotlib from the main window menu. When installed, it's possible to see graphs showing your download history (for example, in Edit > System preferences... > Files > History)

- Fixed unusable installers on all platforms except MS Windows, in the v2.3.447 release (Git 389)
- Fixed frequent crashes when downloads in the Classic Mode tab fail to download anything
- youtube-dl errors and warnings are now assigned to individual videos, rather than to their parent channels/playlists/folders. There is some guesswork involved, but it should be accurate enough for most users. In the Output tab, errors and warnings now appear in real time in their original order, rather than at the end of the output, after the download has finished (Git #321, 170 and others)
- In the list in the bottom half of the Progress tab, the popup menu items 'Stop after this video' and 'Stop after these videos' produced an annoying unnamed video, because the child process was halted before the FFmpeg file merge could take place. Fixed
- Attemps to restart a stalled download (see the settings in Edit > System preferences window... > Operations > Downloads) did not work as intended. Should be fixed, although testing has been difficult (Git 174)
- Fixed incorrect timing between the first and subsequent occurences of a scheduled download
- Fixed broken re-download button/menu item in the Classic Mode tab

- Fixed the faulty layout in the preferences window, in the Windows > Errors/Warnings tab. Moved the 'Ignore' buttons to a new tab, Operations > Ignore
- In the main window's menu, the option to install FFmpeg should be desensitised on all system except MS Windows. In certain circumstances, it become re-resensitised. Fixed
- In download options, the option to 'Write video's annotations to an .annotations file' is now disabled by default (since most website do not provide annotations any more, and in that case the option, when enabled, creates error messages)
- When updating/installing youtube-dl (etc) from PyPI, and the user already has the current version installed, fixed faulty detection of the version number
- In the preferences window, Downloads > File paths, removed the useless 'Local path' setting on MS Windows

v2.3.447 (20 Mar 2022)

- The installer for 32bit Windows has been retired. See the README for more details

- Gtk stability issues have been resolved (hopefully). This means that, when checking or download videos, the Videos tab is updated in real time (without the need to switch between channels/playlists/folders to update them). This was actually Tartube's oldest unresolved issue
- Tartube can now scan a YouTube channel for its playlists, and optionally add some or all of those playlists to Tartube's database. See the README for details of how it works (Git #102)
- In the toolbar at the bottom of the Videos tab, you can now search for comments and video descriptions, as well as video names. (Don't forget to click the 'Show more settings' button, so that the full toolbar is visible). You can also search for comments within a specific video by right-clicking it, and selecting Show video > Properties... > Comments. Also improved the layout of that tab a little
- In the Video tab's list, users will now see an icon for any channel/playlist/ folder for which checking/downloading has been disabled. This replaces the old system of names with italics and underlines, and it should be much clearer. The old system still applies when small icons are used (Git #385 and others)
- When the user fetches a video's list of formats (by right-clicking the video and selecting Fetch > Available formats), they will now see a new dialogue window inviting them to set download options, so the video can be downloaded in one of the available formats. There is also a new dialogue window when fetching a video's list of subtitles (Git #369)
- Custom downloads now have the ability to download only videos with subtitles. In the Videos tab, you can see a new icon next to videos for which subtitles are available. (The new icon does not mean that subtitles have been downloaded.) Live chat replay on YouTube videos are treated the same way as subtitles, and can be downloaded
- Users with a YouTube account can now import their subscriptions directly into Tartube's database. Click Media > Import YouTube subscriptions..., and then follow the window's instructions
- There are several situations in which a channel/playlist may be added to Tartube's database with a generic name (for example, after clicking Media > Add many channels/playlists...). Tartube can now reset channel/ playlist names automatically, as long as one video in each has been checked/downloaded: click Media > Reset channel/playlist names...

- The download options window has been reorganised to clarify, especially to new users, how to download and then convert videos from one media format to another. The Classic Mode tab's layout has also been updated with the same aim in mind (Git #383)
- In the download options window, Formats tab, you can now click the new small button next to the Add format button, in which you can type a media format number (e.g. 397) instead of scrolling through the list to find it
- In the download options window, added the '--no-cookies' option and other related options to the new yt-dlp > Cookies tab (Git #378)
- On MS Windows, advanced users who wish to tweak the environment in which Tartube runs can now open the MSYS2 terminal window directly from Tartube's main menu. Tartube's installation folders can also be opened for inspection. Open the new System menu column to use them
- In the Classic Mode tab, the buttons at the bottom of the tab have been rearranged. A new 'open destination' button has been added. The popup menu displayed by right-clicking items in the progress list has been expanded to duplicate the actions of those buttons
- On MS Windows, when using yt-dlp, the download option '--windows-filenames' is now automatically applied if '--restrict-filenames' has not been applied
- Updates to the MS Windows installer to improve various issues
- The location of the archive file used by youtube-dl can now be fully customised. See Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Archive. When re-downloading a video, Tartube no longer renames the archive file temporarily, just ignores it (Git #299)
- The annoying 'Unable to download video thumbnail: HTTP Error 404: Not found' messages generated by yt-dlp are now filtered out by default; they can be re-enabled in Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Errors/Warnings
- On systems that permit it, the main window's icon in the taskbar is now a different colour to the icon used by other Tartube windows
- During a custom download, if videos are checked before being downloaded individually, you can now right-click any video in the Progress tab to skip the checking phase
- The standard error and warning icons have been tweaked to make it easier to tell them apart
- On MS Windows, the setup wizard window now warns users about the size of the youtube-dl/FFmpeg downloads (in case they are installing Tartube on a small device, such as a pen drive)
- When Tartube loads a database file, it performs various checks. If the checks fail, the file cannot be loaded. There is a new option to extract a list of channels/playlists from a database file that cannot be loaded, as long as the file is not actually corrupted. Click File > Database preferences... > Dump database to JSON. The JSON file can be re-imported into any other database in the normal way. Note that, due to python issues, it is not possible to load or dump any database from Tartube v1.1.0 or earlier (Git #356)
- Dialogue windows can cause Tartube to freeze, when running on an MS Windows host in Virtualbox. In that case, dialogue windows can now be disabled altogether in Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Dialogues

- Deleting a channel, playlist or folder containing hundreds of videos is now much faster (orders of magnitude faster, in fact)
- In the Video Catalogue, when a 2-dimensional grid is visible, when using the cursor (or page down) keys to scroll down the list of videos, the user would never reach the final row if is was only partially full. Fixed
- Fixed yt-dlp download options '--prefer-insecure' and '--abort-on-error', which could not be used because of a typo in the code (Git #364)
- On Linux, improved auto-detection of a PyPI install of youtube-dl/yt-dlp; it is now selected as the default, even if another installation is present
- Fixed an error in the 'Set download destination' window for channels/ playlists, which showed (in the 'Use a different location' box) the most recent change for any channel/playlist, not the actual location assigned to this channel/playlist
- In the Progress tab, fixed Python errors when right-clicking a video and selecting 'Stop after these videos'
- In the Videos tab, when some system folders are open (for example, 'New Videos'), a deleted video does not disappear from view straight away. Fixed

- After checking videos finishes, the dialogue window now shows the number of new checked videos, not the total number of videos checked
- The media format selection in the Classic Mode tab was stored with useless leading zeroes. Fixed
- In the download options window, fixed a typo in the media format #571
- When installing yt-dlp in the setup wizard window, user would see 'Update operation complete, youtube-dl version XXX'. Fixed
- When updating yt-dlp, but the user already has the latest version, the dialogue window displayed 'yt-dlp version: (unknown)'. Fixed
- Fixed typos in translation files (Git #334)
- The Add Channel dialogue window was not resized correctly when the warning about correct URLs was removed. Fixed
- In the preferences window, Operations > Livestreams, added a note to explain that disabling YTSC option does not necessarily prevent all current livestreams from being downloaded (Git #361)
- In the toolbar at the bottom of the Videos tab, the 'Show icons' button was not set correctly. Fixed
- In the 'Add videos' dialogue window, when there were too many duplicate URLs, the window was bigger than the available desktop. Added a scrolling window to fix the problem (Git #351)

v2.3.367 (12 Feb 2022)

- MS Windows users have been reporting that FFmpeg cannot be installed any more; this release attempts to fix that issue (but I can't be sure that the fix will work)
- In order to cope with yt-dlp spam, added some new ignorable warnings (see Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Errors/Warnings)
- In Edit > System preferences > Files > URLs, there is a new button for opening a URL in your system's web browser. Also changed the layout of that tab to make it a little easier to understand

- When the Tartube database was corrupted, on startup Tartube was unable to create temporary directories, so the application closes even before the main window is created. Fixed that, and also fixed the failure to show a dialogue window when a lock can't be placed on the database file
- Fixed various issues when exporting/importing Tartube's database
- Fixed inability to rename channels/playlists/folders under certain circumstances

- Fixed minor typos in various edit windows
- When the downloader is yt-dlp and the user selects a custom executable, Tartube installs youtube-dl instead. Fixed (Git #299)
- In the same situation (on MS Windows only), Tartube tries to execute an .exe file as if it were a Python script. Fixed (Git #299)
- On MS Windows, user could not set an external download path for a channel or playlist. Fixed (Git #329)
- Fixed inability to load databases from Tartrubr v2.2.007 (Git #356)
- Valid URLs like "" were not accepted as valid. Fixed

v2.3.332 (8 Jul 2021)

- Tartube can extract a video's comments, and optionally store them in its own database. (In either case, comments are stored in the video's .info.json file). This feature is only available when using yt-dlp. To enable it, click 'Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Comments', and select 'When checking/downloading videos, store comments in the metadata file', (Note that the download option in 'Edit > General download options...' has been removed). To view comments for a video, right-click the video and select 'Show video > Properties > Comments'

- In the preferences window (Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window), the 'Reset' button now resets the position of various sldiers, as well as the size of the main window
- Added a few more video/audio formats to the list selectable in the download options window
- In the video slices dialogue window (right-click a video and select 'Special > Remove video slices...') the user can now opt to remove a slice, or to remove everything but a slice. The latter behaviour is slightly different to downloading a video clip, because downloading a clip will create a new entry in Tartube's database. The new button should clarify what the window is actually supposed to do (Git #322)
- In the new-ish dialogue window that appears when nothing is downloaded, there is a new section remnnding Classic Mode users that they can't download a file that doesn't exist (and what to do about that) (Git #326)
- The same dialogue window appeared after checking a single video that had previously been checked/downloaded. Fixed
- The setup dialogue window now explains to users what the Classic Mode tab is for, and lets them specify that the main window should always open at that tab, if they want

- The button to set the media file in a video's edit window did not work on MS Windwos. Fixed (Git #320)
- In the Progress tab, the 'Maximum downloads' setting was broken. Fixed
- Fixed an error caused when a video's upload date (as returned by youtube-dl) was None

- .webp thumbnails from Odysee (and perhaps other websites) were not converted into a displayable format; fixed

v2.3.306 (3 Jul 2021)

- You can now download videos as a sequence of video clips, or split a video you've already downloaded into clips. Tartube can extract a list of timestamps from a video's description, or extract the chapter list from a video's medadata file. You can also specify your own timestamps. See the README for details about how this works. Video Clips are added to the new 'Video Clips' folder, by default. This functionality requires FFmpeg (Git #282)
- Tartube now provides SponsorBlock integration. Tartube can download a video with the sponsored sections removed. It can also remove sections from a video you have already downloaded. Tartube can fetch information from SponsorBlock directly, or you can specify your own video sections to remove. See the README for details about how this works. This functionality requires FFmpeg
- Custom downloads have been overhauled. You can now create as many different custom downloads as you like: click 'Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Custom' for a list of them. The defautl custom download is the one called 'general'. A custom download normally involves 'checking' channels/playlists before 'download'ing them; this can now be done automatically
- A 'Custom download all' button can be added to the Videos tab, beneath the 'Download all' button, if it's convenient for you. Click 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window' and select 'Show a Custom Download all button in the Videos tab'
- Until now, Tartube has only been able to download videos into its own data folder. You can now download channels and playlists to any location on your filesystem. This is not recommended unless you have a good reason (see the README for a list of good reasons). To change the download destination for a channel (etc), right-click the channel and select 'Channel actions > Set download destination...', then in the new window select 'Use an external location' and click the 'Set' button. When Tartube starts, it checks that any external locations are readable/writable and, if not, the channel/playlist's name is drawn with a line through it (Git #296)
- Added a new 'Recent Videos' folder. By default, it shows videos checked/ downloaded during the last download operation. This behaviour can be changed by right-clicking the folder, and selecting 'Downloads > Set removal time' or 'Show > Folder properties... > Recent videos'
- Added alternative performance limits (for example, to limit bandwidth at certains times of the day). To set up these limits, click 'Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Limits'. When the alternative limits apply, a grey icon in the Progress tab changes colour. Scheduled downloads also now have their own alternative performance limits, which override those specified elsewhere (Git #288)
- You can now bulk-update the URLs for channels and playlists (for example, by using a regex to modify the ending of each URL). Click 'Edit > System preferences... > File > URLs'. Double-click a single URL to edit it, or use the buttons at the bottom of the tab to bulk-edit URLs. The name of the channels/playlists can also be edited by double-clicking them (Git #286)
- You can now add many channels and playlists at the same time, using a single dialogue window. Click 'Operations > Add many channels/playlists...' (Git #222)
- Changed the layout of the Classic Mode tab, to clarify the difference between a video being downloaded in a particular format, and being converted to that format after the download has finished. Before, video and audio files downloaded from the tab were handled inconsistently. Now, a download of an .mkv file will only fail if the website doesn't provide the video in that format, and the user has not chosen to convert the file after download
- When a download operation fails to check/download anything, the user will now see a dialogue window, suggesting some things to do. This should improve the experience for new users when Tartube fails to work for no obvious reason

- It's now possible to export/import Tartube's database as a .CSV file. The separator is '|' by default; that can be changed in 'Edit > System preferences... > Files > Backups'. The menu interface for export/import has been simplified (Git #222)
- When exporting Tartube's database as plain text, it's now possible to preserve the database's file structure and/or to include a list of videos. The changes mean that plain text exports from v2.3.206 and earlier will no longer work. (It is quite simple to edit the exports by hand, if any users are affected by these changes)
- Exports from Tartube's database (in any format) now include videos inside the 'Unsorted Videos' and 'Video Clips' folders
- Messages in the Errors/Warnings tab now show dates and times. This can be disabled using the button at the bottom of the tab (Git #281)
- In case Tartube's main window becomes too big for the desktop, added a button to reset its size in 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window' (Git #291)
- When Tartube's main window was minimised to the tray, and then restored, it was not restored to its old position on the desktop. You can now enable this behaviour, if you want: click 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Tray', and select 'After closing to the tray, restore the window's position' (Git #292)
- You can now override youtube-dl download options completely, specifying your own options explicitly. CLick 'Edit > General download options...', click the 'Show advanced download options' button if it's visible, then specify your requirements in the area above (Git #276)
- If users attempt to add a YouTube channel/playlist whose URL does not end in '.../videos', they will now see a dialogue window with a reminder to click the YouTube VIDEOS tab, before copying the URL. The reminder can be disabled in 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Dialogues' (Git #286)
- In the Classic Mode tab, the re-download button can now be clicked while other downloads are still taking place. Therefore, if one video fails to download, you can force it to re-download without waiting for everything else to finish (Git #293)
- The maximum number of simultaneous downloads has been increased to 32. This high setting is not recommended unless you actually want YouTube to ban your IP (Git #294)
- Changed the maximum line length for video descriptions, stored in Tartube's database, from 50 to 80 characters (Tartube's main window used to be less wide by default, so the shorter limit is no longer necessary). You can now update each video's description in its edit window (right-click the video and select 'Show video > Properties... > Description'). You can also update all videos in the database (Edit > System preferences... > Files > Update'
- The video's edit window has a button for changing the video file, but it wasn't obvious that the button is clickable. Improved the layout
- You can now change the background colours used in the Video Catalogue by clicking 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Colours'. The default colours have been tweaked, as they made some clickable labels hard to read
- Replaced the icon used to show a video that's not been checked or downloaded yet (which improves the look of the Video Catalogue)
- In the Classic Mode tab, if the user forgets to click the 'Add URLs' button before clicking the 'Download all' button, they will now see a dialogue window reminding them of what to do
- You can now set channels, playlists and folders so that videos can be downloaded without updating Tartube's database (in effect, making the Videos tab behave like the Classic Mode tab). For example, to apply this to a channel, right-click the channel and select 'Downloads > Don't add videos to Tartube's database'
- Added the ability for youtube-dl to authenticate using a .netrc file. To enable this, click 'Edit > General download options...'. Click the 'Show advanced download options' button if it's visible. Then click 'Advanced > netrc'. For your convenience, the .netrc file itself can be edited in this tab. This feature has not been tested on MS Windows yet (Git #305)
- Added a comparable ability to use and edit the youtube-dl configuration file. Click 'Edit > General download options...'. Click the 'Show advanced download options' button if it's visible. Then click 'Advanced > Configurations'
- All download options in the edit window ('Edit > General download options...') now have a tooltip, showing the actual youtube-dl/yt-dlp option
- Added a range of download options for yt-dlp only (which cannot be used with youtube-dl), including '--paths' (Git #299)
- Names of channels and playlists in the Video Catalogue are now clickable, and will open the channel/playlist URL in your web browser if clicked
- Videos inside folders (for example, inside the 'Unsorted Videos' folder) can can now be checked, if they have already been checked (for example, by right-clicking a video and selecting 'Check video'). This is useful for updating timestamps, chapters and SponsorBlock data
- You can now drag videos from the Video Catalogue into a new channel, playlist or folder (Git #309)
- The default and alternative locations for Tartube's configuration file are now visible in the preferences window ('Edit > System preferences... > Files > Config')
- In the Progress tab, you could already right-click a video and select 'Stop after these videos'. Added a corresponding item to the main window's menu
- After stopping a download manually (for example by clicking the 'Stop' button in the main toolbar), items that were marked as 'Waiting' and marked as 'Not started'. This might relieve some confusion

- On MS Windows, it was not possible to install yt-dlp because of MSYS2 issues. Tartube will now install yt-dlp without dependencies, by default, which fixes the problem. This behaviour can be changed in 'Edit > System preferences... > Downloaders > Forks' (Git #269, #279)
- Also fixed yt-dlp dependency issues (Git #317)
- Fixed an error on startup, occuring when Tartube was unable to load its default database, and started checking for others
- Fixed an error that failed to load Tartube's configuration file created between versions v1.3.088 - v2.3.149
- Fixed an error that affected all list values in the edit windows for download options and FFmpeg options, while using those windows
- Fixed an error that made radio buttons unusable in some edit windows
- Fixed an error that failed to open the preferences window from the Classic Mode tab's menu
- Download options for deleting the video description, metadata, annotations and thumbnail files after downloading the video were ignored in the Classic Mode tab, when enabled. Fixed (Git #295)
- The main window's 'Add video' and 'Custom download all' buttons did not work, after loading a database created by v2.3.110. Fixed (Git #307)
- Fixed an error that occured when renaming channels/playlists/folders in certain circumstances
- After disabling checking and/or downloading videos for a folder, checking/ downloading for any child channels/playlists/folders was also supposed to be disabled, but this did not work as intended. The original behaviour has been changed, so that enabling/disabling the settings does not apply to a folder's children
- The setting to move a video's metadata files to a sub-directory did not work as intended. Code to detect a thumbnail's likely location had become garbled. Both fixed
- Fixed a rare error when trying to delete a channel/playlist
- Fixed an error that prevented the download of Japanese-language videos from finishing. Updated related code to improve the handling of non-UTF-8 text in general (Git #308)
- Fixed failure to obtain the path to Tartube's config file (Git #314)
- Fixed problems with an incomplete list of folders (for example, in the 'Add channel' dialogue window (Git #316)

- Several users have complained that some icons are not visible in the main window. This seems to be an issue with incorrect (or broken) installation of the Gtk library on certain distributions. Tartube now uses its own icons, by default, rather than the stock Gtk icons. This behaviour can be changed in 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main Window'
- Some Tartube icons were a little difficult to see, so they have been switched for better icons
- Fixed .bat files in the MS Windows installers, so that Tartube starts when Python 2 is installed (Git #271)
- Small improvements to the layouts of various dialogue windows
- In the Progress tab, the button 'Max downloads' was not actually used by anything, nor was its setting remembered after restarting Tartube. This has been fixed. When the button is not selected, a default maximum of two simultaneous downloads applies
- Disabled the instruction to show a youtube-dl system command for Tartube folders (which have no URL for youtube-dl to use)
- Fixed a faulty dialogue window when dragging a channel/playlist/folder into the 'Temporary Videos' folder
- Fixed problems downloading videos as audio from the FFmpeg options window
- Fixed problems in the download options edit window, in the 'Sound only' tab (downloading as audio could be enabled, but not disabled)
- Fixed problems in which the edit window for a video's properties could not be opened, if the video's file size was unknown, or if Tartube's custom icons were enabled
- When the user fetches a list of video formats, Tartube now switches to the Output tab automatically
- When custom downloads are enabled in the Classic Mode tab, the 'Download all' button is replaced by a 'Custom download all' button, for clarity
- Video sizes are displayed in the Video Catalogue, but empty space was visible instead of 'Unknown' when the file size was not known. Fixed
- Minor fixes to the popup menus in the Video Catalogue
- The youtube-dl 'Download did not start' message is now visible in the Output tab, as well as the Errors/Warnings tab
- Continuing locale problems are not yet resolved, but the code will now use the actual locale, rather than defaulting to UTF-8 (on Linux) and cp1252 (on MS Windows)
- Fixed typo in the 'stalled' stage of a video download, which might have caused problems
- Fixed broken button in System Preferences window (Git #224)

v2.3.110 (28 Feb 2021)

- Added the Korean translation compiled by mirusu400 (thanks!) (Git #258)
- Tartube now officially supports the downloader yt-dlp, replacing its support for youtube-dlc (which has been abandoned) (Git #254)

- The FFmpeg options window now provides comboboxes for the user to specify GPU encoding and hardware acceleration (Git #264)
- In the download options edit window, under the 'Files > Keep files' tab, the text has been improved to more accurately describe the handling of description, metadata, annotation and thumbnail files (Git #263)
- In Tartube's, replaced the obsolete dependency pgi with pygobject (Git #242)

- In the download options edit window, in the Subtitles > Options tab, the button marked 'Download subtitles file for these languages' was completely broken. Fixed (Git #263)
- Users who installed Tartube using one of the 'strict' packages reported that the preferences window could not be opened. The problem has probably been fixed (Git #256)

- In the Videos tab, the 'Download all' button can be disabled. Other buttons/ menu items are disabled at the same time. Download buttons in the Classic Mode tab were disabled, but should not have been. Fixed
- When installing yt-dlp via pip, the version number was not recognised. Fixed
- In the download options edit window, in the 'Files > File names' tab, there was a duplicate label in the 'Video properties' combobox. Fixed (Git #263)
- Fixed a rare crash caused by an incorrectly detected videos
- Various fixes for Git #243, Git #249

v2.3.085 (13 Jan 2021)

- Added the Dutch translation compiled by Heimen Stoffels (thanks, Heimen!) (Git #244)
- Tartube can now display statistics about the channels and playlists in your database, and about the database as a whole. These are visible in the preferences window, and in the channel/playlist properties windows. If matplotlib is installed on your system, Tartube can draw graphs showing your download history. For help with installing matplotlib on MS Windows, see the README (Git #235)
- Added a new system folder called 'Recent videos'. It shows all videos checked/downloaded during the most recent download operation. Browsing this folder is perhaps more convenient than using the lists in the Progress and Classic Mode tabs
- You can specify a custom path to the youtube-dl(c) executable. This is not recommended in general, but it might be useful for testing purposes (Git #243)

- Added a menu item to check for new releases of Tartube (click Help > Check for updates). This function downloads simple text files from Tartube's websites, and should not collect any information about you. If you're still worried about privacy, don't use the feature. You can see exactly what is being downloaded in the Output tab (Git #216, 234 and others)
- The path to youtube-dl(c)'s cookie jar file can now be customised, for example in Edit > General download options... > Files Cookies. If not customised, Tartube creates a cookie jar file in Tartube's main data folder (directory), as before (Git #240)
- Several improvements to the Classic Mode tab. After clicking the 'Add URLs' button, any duplicate URLs (which are not copied from the top half to the bottom half) can optionally be deleted now. Click Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window, and select 'In the Classic Mode tab, when adding URLs, remove duplicates rather than retaining them' (Git #233)
- The first error generated when downloading a video/channel/playlist is now visible in the tooltip (in both the Progress and Classic Mode tabs). The behaviour can be disabled: click Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main Window, and deselect 'Show errors/warnings in tooltips'. This is a compromise for showing the full error message in the tabs, which is not practical due to youtube-dl(c) limitations (Git #233)
- In the Classic Mode tab, after a download has finished, the name of the video file is no longer cleared, in order to assist with identifying failed downloads (Git #233)
- In the Videos tab, all status icons are now visible for all videos, even when thumbnails are not drawn (Git #233)
- In the Classic Mode tab, added a new 'Clear downloaded' button (Git #233)

- Fixed the 'No translation file found for domain: base' crashes (Git #245, #247)
- Apparent fix for crashes while downloading videos from LinkedIn Video. The fix has not been fully tested yet (Git #240)
- Fixed the re-download button in the Classic Mode tab, which was completely broken
- Fixed several problems with translations, which only became apparent after someone submitted a translation file

- In the Videos tab, when a video is marked as 'Can't D/L', right-clicking the video to download it caused a crash. Fixed
- In the Classic Mode tab, if duplicate URLs are added in the top half, then both are added to the bottom half after clicking the 'Add URLs' button. Fixed (Git #233)
- In the Classic Mode tab, the 'Download all' button re-downloaded a video that had already been downloaded. Fixed (Git #233)
- It was not possible to mark multiple videos as not livestreams in a single action. Fixed
- After switching the system language in the preferences window, Tartube displayed the wrong icon. Fixed

v2.3.042 (24 Dec 2020)

- youtube-dl(c) allows you to specify a proxy for downloading videos. This version allows you to specify a list of proxies (in Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Proxies). When downloading videos, Tartube will cycle through these proxies, one by one. A new proxy is used for each channel, each playlist, or each video in a folder (it is not possible to switch proxies during the download of a single channel or playlist). If you have specified a proxy in download options (for example, in Edit > General download options > Advanced > Network), then that proxy overrides the new list (Git #226)

- You can now change the path to the video file. This might be useful in several scenarios: for example, if you've converted a video file to an audio file, or if you've changed the file name format, and have re- downloaded a video. To change the path, right-click a video and select 'Show video > Properties...'. In the edit window, find the line marked 'File'. There is a new button there that can be clicked in order to change the file path. For the sake of consistency, only video/audio files in the same directory/folder can be set (Git #211)
- In case the preference window cannot be opened (because of some python error or other), a database integrity check can now be launched directly from the main window's menu (File > Check database integrity)
- Sets of download options and FFmpeg options can now be cloned. When applying download options to a video/channel/playlist/folder, you can now select an existing set of download options, or clone an existing set, or create a new set (Git #224)
- The copy of Youtube Stream Capture bundled along with Tartube has been updated to the latest release

- Found a fix for (uncommon) crashes on MS Windows, in the setup window for new installations, and a fix for (common) problems in keeping the textview updated when youtube-dl(c) and/or FFmpeg are being downloaded from the seutp window (Git #212)
- More fixes for stalled video downloads. Tartube is now sensitive to some new network problems, and in that situation can restart the download immediately, rather than waiting some minutes. The new behaviour is disabled by default. To enable it, click Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Downloads, and select 'If a network problem is detected, restart the download immediately'. I still have not been able to reproduce a stalled download, but the restart process should work more smoothly now (Git #174)
- If downloading subtitles was enabled, Tartube mistook the path to the subtitles file for the path to the video file. This should be fixed now (Git #211)
- In the Classic Mode tab, the button to re-download a video was broken. Fixed it (Git #218)
- Fixed a broken dialogue window, when Tartube runs out of disk space for downloading videos, which caused a crash (Git #217)
- A refresh operation failed to notice audio files, as well as video files. It now recognised both (Git #225)
- Some users have reported problems associated with download options (Git #228, among others). I am not sure about the cause of these issues yet, but I have been able to fix a couple of errors in the code (one major, one minor). These errors may be responsible for the reported issues, or not
- Fixed folders that vanish when being dragged and dropped into other folders (MS Windows only), and fixed associated broken dialogue windows (Git #232)

- After a period of continuous operation, without checking/download videos, live/debut videos could change their status, but the order of videos in the Videos tab was not updated. Live/debut videos are supposed to be listed first, before all other videos; this should now be working better
- Times in the Errors/Warnings tab were shown in UTC, instead of the user's local time zone. The same problem applied to metadata in Tartube's saved data files. Fixed both (Git #213)
- The size of the main window, and the position of the slider in the Videos tab, can be remembered between sessions (see the options in 'Edit > System preference... > Windows > Main winndow'). However, the position of the slider was not set correctly on MS Windows. Fixed that, and also added a separate setting so that the window size, but not the slider position, can be remembered (if that's what you want). If remembering the slider position is enabled, Tartube will now remember the position of all three sliders (Git #215)
- You can download a video, then apply download options directly to the video, then modify the options to change the download video's filename, then re-download the video. The original video is deleted, but not its metadata files. The redownload button in the Classic Mode tab did not delete the original video or its metadata files in this situation. Fixed both (Git #219)
- Fixed a few annoying dialogue windows which, when closed, pushed the main window to the fore, instead of the preference window
- When video catalogues are listed without thumbnails at all, but sorted by download (receive) time, the upload time was displayed instead. Fixed
- At the bottom of the videos tab is a toolbar which can be partially hidden. On startup, when not fully hidden, the toolbar can now be partially hidden before any videos are displayed

v2.3.008 (4 Dec 2020)

- Fixed major error caused when switching between databases; some data from the old database leaked into the new one, which caused any number of problems (Git #209)
- When right-clicking a channel (etc), fixed broken 'Folder Contents > All contents > Mark as not new', and several other similar actions (Git #206)
- Update imported XDG code (Tartube's file) to match the most recent release of the Python XDG module; hoping to fix an installation error with the Debian package. The new Debian package has not been tested yet, so the error may not be resolved (Git #205)

- Updated imported Youtube Stream Capture code to the new release; the authors states that it contains some bug fixes. The new version still does not work on MS Windows

v2.3.0 (1 Dec 2020)

- On new installations, users will now see a friendly setup window, allowing them to choose basic settings, and to download youtube-dl(c) and FFmpeg. The settings available to choose depends on the user's operating system. The new window replaces a set of windows in previous versions, and should reduce the number of disappointed users who don't understand why they can't download any videos
- Videos can now be displayed in a grid, as well as in a list. The grid is enabled by default for new installations. For existing installations, click the 'Switch' button near the top of the main window until you see the layout you prefer
- The size and appearance of videos in the grid can be changed. In the bottom- right corner of the Videos tab, click the icon to reveal the toolbar, and then modify one or more of the options. Videos can now be sorted by download time and database ID, as well as by name or upload time, as before. When sorted by download time, that is the time visible in the video list (Git #192)
- YouTube has changed the way it handles livestreams and, as a result, earlier versions of Tartube could not detect livestreams until they started broadcasting. That is fixed in this version. In addition, Tartube will now show the (approximate) start time for a livestream. When a livestream or debut is about to start (three minutes before, by default), Tartube will now check it more frequently (every minute, by default)
- Tartube can now tell the difference between a YouTube 'Premiere' (a pre- recorded video, released at a pre-determined time as if it were a livestream), and an actual livestream. Premiere/Debut videos are now shown with different-coloured backgrounds. If you want, you can use the same colours for both, or disable background colours altogether (click Edit > System preferences > Windows > Videos, and change the settings there)
- In earlier version, up to three download schedules, with fixed characteristics, could be set up. You can now create as many download schedules as you like and customise them in any way you like. To create your first custom schedule, click Edit > System preferences... > Scheduling > Start. Enter a schedule name in the box, then click the 'Add' button. If you were already using download schedules, they should be visible in the list; click one to select it, then click the Edit button to check it is still meeting your needs (Git #148, #168). Schedules are stored in the Tartube database, so they won't be available if you switch databases
- You can now create as many sets of download options as you like. To see a list of them, click Edit > System preferences... > Options > Download options. As before, the 'general' set cannot be deleted (but can be modified). As before, other sets can be applied to a video/channel/ playlist/folder, or to the Classic Mode tab. It's now easy to switch the set used in the Classic Mode tab, and the old set is no longer deleted after a switch. If you right-click a video/channel/playlist/folder, and select 'Apply download options', you will now see a dialogue window, from which you can choose one of the existing sets (Git #171)
- This version includes a new GUI for processing videos with FFmpeg, replacing the much simpler dialogue window in the previous release. To see it, right- click a video and select 'Process with FFmpeg...' (but in the Classic Mode tab, select one or more videos, and use the new button at the bottom of the tab). In the GUI window, click the 'Show more FFmpeg options' button to see the full range of settings. Both videos and thumbnails can be processed, but only videos visible somewhere in Tartube's main window can be processed (if you want an all-purpose FFmpeg batch converter, then use a separate application). Videos can be dragged-and-dropped into the GUI's Videos tab (Git #153)
- As with download options, you can create as many sets of FFmpeg options as you like. To see a list of them, click Edit > System preferences > Options > FFmpeg options. At any one time, one set of options is the 'current' one; that is the set you will see, when you right-click a video to open the new GUI
- Download options are stored in the database file, so if you switch databases, they are no longer available. You can now export a set of download options to a file, and then re-import them after you have switched databases. You can also rename sets of download options. All of this also applies to FFmpeg options (Git #171)
- The new FFmpeg GUI can be used to stitch together a video and audio file, if FFmpeg did not merge them during the original download (Git #153)
- Near the top of the main window, there is a new 'Hide' button, which hides most system folders (whose icons are red folders). After clicking the button, it is replaced by a 'Show' button. Items can still be hidden/ revealed in Tartube's menu or by right-clicking each channel/playlist/ folder individually
- Tartube now includes a copy of the Youtube Stream Capture script. Support for this script is experimental. It only works on YouTube. It does not work on MS Windows. It does not work for continuous 24/7 livestreams. It does not work with every livestream (but works more often than youtube-dl, in general). The script is disabled by default; to enable it, click Edit > System preferences > Operations > Livestreams, and select 'Use Youtube Stream Capture to download broadcasting livestreams'. The Python module 'aria2' is required, if you want to use the new script. For more information about this feature, see the README (Git #197)
- Anyone creating a Tartube package can now use the new environment variable TARTUBE_PKG_NO_DOWNLOAD. This will disable video downloads altogether; checking videos will still be possible. Thus, anyone worried about the legality of downloading videos can create a Tartube package that doesn't download any videos. (When Tartube 'checks' a video, it 'scrapes' the video website. The authors understand that the US courts have ruled that scraping a website in this way is legal). See the README for more information.

- Videos can now be dragged-and-dropped from Tartube into an external window (for example, a text editor, or an FFmpeg batch converter). You can customise what data is received by the external application: click Edit > System preferences > Windows > Drag (Git #153)
- To make drag and drop more useful, you can now select multiple rows in the Progress, Classic Mode and Errors/Warnings tabs
- To accommodate the video grid, the standard size of a Tartube window has been increased. Don't forget that you can tell Tartube to remember its size (Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main Window, then select 'Remember the size of the main window when shutting down')
- Auto-detection of the location of an existing youtube-dl installation has been improved
- Tartube can produce debug messages, visible in a terminal window. Until now, these messages could only be enabled by editing the source code. There are now two ways of enabling debug messages: first, place an (empty) file called debug.txt in the same directory as the tartube executable; second, click Edit > System preferences... > General > Debugging, and set one of the options there. (This tab also shows the correct location for the debug.txt on your system)
- At the end of a download operation, the number of videos checked/downloaded is now displayed in the dialogue window and/or desktop notification
- During downloads, Tartube can now filter out more types of YouTube message (so they don't appear in the Errors/Warnings tab). They can be seen in Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Websites (Git #172)
- Git #169 reported that Tartube was showing a negative number of videos in the Video Index (left-hand side of the Videos tab). The cause was not found, but Tartube now automatically detects this kind of errors and auto-fixes it. The database integrity check has also been updated
- The youtube-dl download options '--sleep-interval' and '--max-sleep-interval' can now be set in Tartube's download options window (Git #173)
- The layout of edit and preferences has been updated and improved, in many cases
- In the Videos tab toolbar, there was no button to cancel filtering by text; added one. Some issues with these buttons being enabled/disabled at the wrong time were also fixed
- If the download of a video/channel/playlist stalls, for some reason, there is now a mechanism for restarting it. It can be enabled by clicking Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Downloads, and then selecting 'If a download stalls, restart it after this many minutes'. The authors have not been able to reproduce a stalled download, so this mechanism has not been fully tested (Git #174)
- When download options are applied to an individual video, you can now see an extra icon (this was previously only visible when the video's thumbnail had not been downloaded)
- When download options are applied to an individual video, they are now unapplied (removed) when the video is downloaded, by default. If you want to change this behaviour, click Edit > System preferences... > Options > Preferences, and deselect 'After downloading a video, remove its download options'
- You can no longer open multiple preference windows, or multiple edit windows for the same set of data
- In the Classic Mode tab, Tartube can now remember URLs that have been added, but not yet used. To enable this feature, click the menu button in the top-right corner, and select 'Remember URLs'. When you restart Tartube, any URLs which were not downloaded in the previous session should now be visible in the top half of the tab (Git #194)
- In the Classic Mode tab, there is new 'Clear all' button (Git #194)
- Added a slider in the middle of the Classic Mode tab, so that the two halves can be resized, if required. The existing sliders in the Videos tab and in the Progress tab now have a minimum size, so that the user can't accidentally make half of the window invisible
- The Gtk file chooser dialogue was typically bigger than the size of the observable universe (especially on MS Windows). Tartube will now resize it, if so
- Custom downloads can now be performed in the Classic Mode tab. To enable them, click the menu icon in the top-right corner, and select 'Enable custom downloads'. Then, when you click the 'Download all' button in the bottom-right corner, a custom download is performed. For more information about what a custom download is, see the README (Git #174)

- Fixed various problems caused on MS Windows when downloading videos whose names contain Japanese characters (Git #106, #115, #175)
- Some reports suggest that Tartube crashes when the Output tab contains a great deal of text (tens of thousands of lines). The problem could not be reproduced, but there is now a maximum page size. The maximum size can be adjusted by the user. No further problems have been reported (Git #170)
- Various issues in sorting videos have been fixed. A list of videos should now be displayed in a much more consistent order, which in most cases fixes the issues
- In case of further problems in sorting videos into their correct order, the toolbar at the bottom of the Videos tab has a new button which will force a re-sort of the visible video list
- Fixed an error when opening a directory/folder (containing downloaded videos, etc) on the desktop (Git #180)
- In the 'Download options' window, the 'Completely reset all download options to their default values' button was broken. Fixed it
- Fixed an error, in which Tartube was unable to load a database from v1.4.037 (Git #184)
- Some reports suggest that one of the Tartube source code files is being confused with another application's files. This problem affects packaging systems such as dkpg and .AUR. The Tartube file has been renamed, which should resolve the problem (Git #186)
- Tartube was, under rare circumstances, unable to recognise a video that had been downloaded (because Tartube was looking for the wrong file extension). Fixed
- In various lists (for example, the list of download options in the preferences window), it was not possible to manipulate the first row of the list (for example, by selecting it and then clicking the 'Edit' button). Fixed
- Fixed a crash caused by a faulty setting of a video's livestream status (Git #34)
- Fixed a crash caused when videos/channels/playlists are automatically removed from the bottom half of the Progress tab (Git #34)
- Fixed incorrect handling of a video's URL, when the video is dragged from an external application (such as a file explorer) into Tartube's main window (on Linux/BSD only). Tartube now recognises both a file path and a URL, when the external application supplies one or the other (Git #153)

- Fixed some issues in the tidy operation (Operations > Tidy up files) that made it appear that nothing was happening (Git #189)
- In rare cases, the tidy operation caused a crash when handling thumbnails. Fixed
- In the tidy operation, removed the warning about deleting files, when the user is moving thumbnails into a sub-directory
- Fixed a rare error when extracting output from youtube-dl
- On Linux/BSD, the user might not have able to enable desktop notifications. Fixed
- Fixed an error in reading the database file from an unreachable location (for example, an unplugged external hard drive) (Git #167)
- In the preferences window, selecting multiple databases at the same time caused Gtk issues, so disabled multiple selection, which fixes the issues
- In the Results List (bottom half of the Progress tab), a deleted video could still be selected, and the user might still try to right-click it and delete it again. The code has been updated so that any video visible in the list that has been deleted cannot be selected or right-clicked
- Fixed an issue, in which Tartube could not correctly interpret youtube-dl output (Git #177)
- When no thumbnail is available for a video, the standard icon used is now the same size as a thumbnail, so that every video in the list takes up the same amount of space
- In the Video Catalogue, fixed the missing gap between the 'Favourite' and 'Missing' labels. Fixed the situation in which that line became too long for its box
- In the Videos tab toolbar, when the user sets a recent date, the Video Catalogue no longer tries to skip to the non-existence page zero
- The main window's menu now refers to the actual downloader (for example, youtube-dlc), rather than referring to youtube-dl until Tartube restarts
- When a video's URL is used as displayed in place of its name, Tartube now does a better job of wrapping the text across multiple lines
- Tartube could not recognise some youtube-dlc version numbers. Fixed
- Made minor changes to some icons to improve legibility
- Fixed a Python error when right-clicking unselected videos in the Classic Mode tab
- For livestreams that are already broadcasting, the 'D/L on start' label is no longer clickable
- After clicking File > Save all, the user will now see a better confirmation dialogue
- Fixed a minor spacing issue in the tooltip text used for videos
- In the toolbar at the bottom of the Videos tab, the next/previous buttons were the wrong way around (but only when custom icons were in use). Fixed
- Fixed some issues in the Output tab, in which the scrollbar did not automatically scroll to the bottom as new text was added. (The behaviour is still not perfect on all operating systems, but it is better than before)
- The cookie jar used by youtube-dl is now written to Tartube's data directory, rather than to the directory where Tartube source code is stored

v2.2.0 (30 Sep 2020)

- Tartube is now confirmed to work on MacOS. See the README file for installation instructions
- Tartube can now handle video thumbnails in the .webp format, as long as FFmpeg is installed. Thumbnails are automatically converted to .jpg (either by youtube-dl, or by Tartube itself, as appropriate). This only affects new downloads. If you want to convert .webp thumbnails you've already downloaded, click Operations > Tidy up files..., select 'Convert .webp thumbnails to .jpg using FFmpeg', and click OK. (This procedure may take a while if there are thousands of thumbnails to convert) (Git #155 and others)
- Thumbnails, video description, metadata and annotation files can now be downloaded into a sub-directory, rather than being stored in the same directory as their videos. Thumbnails are stored in /.thumbs, and the others are stored in /.data. On Linux/BSD, those sub-directories are normally invisible by default (typically, pressing CTRL+H will reveal them). This new feature is disabled by default. To enable it, click Edit > Download options... > Files > Write/move files, and select one or more of the checkboxes. The new feature only affects new downloads. If you want to move files you've already downloaded, click Operations > Tidy up files..., select 'Move thumbnails into own folder' and/or 'Move other metadata files into own folder', and click OK (Git #139)
- You can now select one or more videos, and process them with FFmpeg directly (in other words, after downloads have finished, and without involving youtube-dl). This will be useful if you want to convert one video format to another, change the frame rate, or with countless other tasks. Just select the video(s), right-click them and select 'Process with FFmpeg...'. Since many FFmpeg procedures require a different output filename, you can specify that, too. Note that FFmpeg sometimes takes a very long time; you should test a procedure with a single video, before trying to process hundreds of them (Git #153)
- Tartube can now use forks of youtube-dl, such as youtube-dlc. (Tartube assumes that a fork is still very similar to the original). A fork can be specified in Edit > System preferences... > youtube-dl (Git #158)
- New installations of Tartube will now auto-detect the location of youtube-dl, if it is already installed on your system. This will benefit users of the .DEB and .RPM packages, who until now were expected to know how to set the youtube-dl path manually (Git #152)
- FFmpeg and AVConv will now also be auto-detected. If you have installed them in unusual locations, you should specify those locations in Edit > System preferences... > youtube-dl > FFmpeg / AVConv. If not, there is no need to specify either location; just leave the boxes empty. (None of this applies to MS Windows users)
- When Tartube shuts down unexpectedly, it doesn't have time to mark the database as no longer being in use (i.e. doesn't remove the lockfile). The next time Tartube runs, users were prompted to remove the lockfile, then restart Tartube. Many users were unhappy with this situation, so it has been improved. You will still be prompted to remove the lockfile, but there is no longer any need to restart Tartube

- FFmpeg is now required for a lot of Tartube functionality. On new installations, users who have not yet installed FFmpeg will see some additional nag-boxes, and various hints in other configuration windows (Git #155)
- If users downloadd a video, but only its audio, the video appeared in Tartube's database as downloaded. However, when the user clicked on the 'Player' label, the audio file was not opened in the system's media player. Tartube now checks for an audio file (as well as video files in different formats), if the video file it was expecting does not exist
- When the user clicks Operations > Update youtube-dl, Tartube now automatically makes the Output tab visible. Hopefully this will avoid confusion for new users, who do not notice that the Check all/Download all buttons have been greyed out. This behaviour can be disabled, if required: click Edit > System preferences... > Output > Output tab, and deselect 'During an update operation, automatically switch to the Output tab' (Git #149)
- The website has closed. There are many mirrors available. Tartube now uses as its default mirror. To specify a different mirror, click Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Downloads
- YouTube phased out video annotations in 2019. The Tartube code was unable to download annotation files during a simulated download (for example, with the 'Check all' button). Now that there is no way of testing any fix, the feature has been removed entirely
- You can now add automatic custom downloads on a schedule (normal downloads were already available). Click Edit > System preferences... > Scheduling (Git #154)
- Reduced the compulsory delay at the end of many types of operation. The delay time is not the same for all types of operation
- Tartube debug messages are visible in the terminal window (if open). Before, the user had to edit the source code to enable debug messages. They can now be enabled from within Tartube itself: click Edit > System preferences... > General > Debugging. These settings are not saved, so when Tartube restarts, you will have to re-enable debug messages again
- In the Progress and Classic Mode tabs, the name of the incoming file (and other similar columns) are no longer artificially shortened (Git #161)

- When one channel downloads into videos into another channel's directory, and the other channel is then deleted, the Tartube database did not update itself properly. Fixed
- Fixed some issues when using the refresh operation to import videos, that had been downloaded by youtube-dl (without Tartube's) help, into Tartube's database (Git #142)
- Tartube can now download videos using the youtube-dl archive file, even when missing video detection is turned on (Git #154)
- Tartube sometimes froze on shutdown, after youtube-dl had been updated. Applied the existing MS Windows fix to all operating systems

- Fixed issues when importing a JSON export file on MS Windows, and a different issue error when importing it on Linux
- We were not able to fix export issues reported in Git #143, but we have updated the dialogue window, which should give more information about what is causing the error
- System folders cannot be deleted. The 'Delete folder' popup menu item is now greyed out. (Nothing happened, even when it was clickable)
- Warnings about broken Gtk have been removed (probably permanently)

v2.1.070 (8 Aug 2020)

- Checking videos (e.g. by clicking the Check All button) was broken. Fixed
- Fixed a very rare freeze/crash when handling temporary directories

v2.1.065 (7 Aug 2020)

- Tartube can now detect videos that were downloaded by the user, and have since been removed by the original uploader. To enable this functionality, click 'Edit > System preferences... > youtube-dl > Preferences' and then click 'Add videos which have been removed from a channel/playlist to the Missing Videos Folder' to select it. Note that youtube-dl's archive file (if enabled) is ignored when missing video detection is enabled (Git #140)

- Schedules download times can now be specified in any time unit (for example, minutes), rather than in days only (Git #129)
- The Tartube version number is no longer displayed in the main window's title bar (this was only supposed to be a temporary feature)

- In the Classic Mode tab, the video/audio format selector was broken. It was not possible to change the video/audio format from here. Fixed (Git #124)
- It was not possible to perform a custom download by right-clicking a channel or playlist. Fixed (Git #134)

- Added .ICO file for the Tartube logo, for MS Windows users (Git #122)
- The first entry box in the download options window was editable. Fixed

v2.1.051 (4 Jul 2020)

- You may be wondering why Tartube cannot display video thumbnails from newly-uploaded videos. YouTube has changed its video thumbnails to a new format, .webp. The Gtk graphics libraries don't support this format. A future release of youtube-dl will convert .webp thumbnails to .jpg, but the feature is not available yet. When it becomes available, you might need to install FFmpeg on your system, if you haven't already done so (see the README file)

- For MS Windows users, there is now a portable edition of Tartube, as well as the usual installer. Use the portable edition if you want to run Tartube from removable media, such as a USB drive
- After clicking the main 'Check all' button, it was not possible to right- click a video to download it. After clicking the main 'Download all' button, it was not possible to right-click a video to check it. Both of these actions are now allowed
- Closing Tartube to the system tray is now disabled by default (only affects new installations). This is for the benefit of users whose systems do not have a system tray, or for whom the Tartube icon is not visible for some reason (Git #98)

- The latest releases of Tartube's graphics library, Gtk, still do not fix the many stability issues we've been reporting for some years. As a consequence the workarounds that stop Tartube from crashing every two minutes are now completely optional (i.e. Tartube no longer applies them regardless of your wishes). If you enjoy watching Tartube crash, feel free to disable the workarounds by clicking 'Edit > System preferences... > General > Stability' and then clicking 'Disable some cosmetic features...' to deselect it
- When checking the status of livestreams (which happens every few minutes, by default), the Tartube icon in the system tray now looks different. (The checks for livestream status were otherwise silent)
- Various alternative front-ends to YouTube exist. Tartube already recognises HookTube and Invidious. You can now specify any alternative you like; perhaps one the several Invidious clones that are currently available. Click 'Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Custom' to open the correct tab. More complete instructions have been added to the README
- In the Classic Mode tab, the buttons in the top-right corner have been replaced with a popup menu
- A separate set of download options are now applied to downloads in the Classic Mode tab. These download options are applied by default, even on existing installations. To disable/re-enable them, click the menu in the top-right corner of the tab, and select 'Use classic download options' or 'Use general download options'
- If download options are applied to the Classic Mode tab, then a video's description, metadata (etc) files are not downloaded in that tab, by default (Git #77)
- The youtube-dl archive file is no longer created in downloads from the Classic Mode tab, by default. To re-enable this functionality, click 'Edit > System preferences... > youtube-dl', and select both 'Allow youtube-dl to create its own arhive file...' and 'Also create an archive file when downloading from the Classic Mode tab...'. This change affects new installations; users with earlier versions of Tartube installed on their system must remove an existing archive file manually, if they don't want it (Git #77)
- In the Classic Mode tab, added a button to show the contents of the download directory/folder
- In the system preferences window, the 'When Tartube starts, automatically open the Classic Mode tab' setting has been moved to a more logical place (Windows > Tabs)
- The toolbar at the top of the Videos tab can now be hidden, if you don't like it. Click 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window', and click 'Don't show the main window toolbar' to select it
- In the Videos tab, you can now add the URL of a video, channel or playlist to the Classic Mode tab by right-clicking it, and then selecting an item in the popup menu. The original video/channel/playlist is not removed from Tartube's database
- Tidy operations can now remove .webp thumbnails. Once the youtube-dl fix mentioned above has been released, you can remove the thumbnails, then click 'Check all' to re-download them in .jpg format
- Some users have reported that some icons in Tartube's main window are invisible on their system. These are stock icons which should be available on all systems (but which, apparently, are not). For the benefit of those users, an extra set of icons have been created. To enable them, click 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window > Replace stock icons with custom icons...' (Git #118)
- In the Temporary Videos folder, you can now see which channel/playlist/folder the video originally belonged to (where appropriate). The video's original name and description are also now visible, when known
- The URL for a channel or playlist can now be modified (Git #117)

- Installation via PyPI was broken, because the gi package had been removed. This is now fixed
- Installation using the DEB package will now automatically install python3-pip (if not already installed), so that youtube-dl can be installed/updated straight away
- When closing Tartube using the X button (usually) in the top-right corner of the window, and assuming that closing to the system tray is disabled, neither the config file nor Tartube's database file were saved. Fixed
- Adding a preferred media format in one download options window added the same format in all download options windows. Fixed (Git #119)
- A custom location for the FFmpeg executable can be set in 'Edit > System preferences... > youtube-dl'. This did not work on any operationg system for various reasons, all of which have been fixed (Git #90)
- After checking/downloading videos, Tartube checks for livestreams, after which it occasionally crashes. This crash has now been fixed
- Some videos were continually re-marked as livestreams, even after the livestream had finished broadcasting (and even after the user manually marked the video as not a livestream). Fixed
- Some livestream videos were continually re-added to Tartube's database, creating a number of duplicate copies of the same video. The problem has been fixed; you can delete the duplicates at your leisure
- When videos are checked, Tartube no longer supplies youtube-dl with a preferred media format. If you have specified a rarely-used media format, this change will prevent a great many useless error messages being generated
- When detecting livestreams, Tartube generated many 'Add livestream failed sanity check' errors. The underlying cause has been fixed, which should improve livestream detection a little

- Fixed failure to recognise that a config file exists in the Tartube source code directory (which forces Tartube to use that location for its config file rather than the system's default location, even if the config file is empty or unreadable)
- Fixed rare problems in updating old Tartube database files to make videos work as livestreams. The database integrity check ('Edit > System preferences... > Filesystem > DB Errors') now checks for such problems
- In the download options window, the 'If a merge is required after post- processing, output to this format' option will not work if the specified media format doesn't also appear in the preferred format list. Moved the two onto the same tab, and added a dialogue window to warn the user that a media format must be added twice
- Also fixed the format selection combobox in the Classic Mode tab, so that the preferred media format and the 'If a merge is required after post- processing...' options are set to the same value
- In the system preferences window, the 'When Tartube starts, automatically open the Classic Mode tab' setting was not working properly; fixed it
- For downloads in the Classic Mode tab, an error was displayed in the Errors/Warnings tab using the video name 'Dummy Video'; changed that to the standard text for videos whose name is not known
- Fixed python errors generated when playing a sound effect, on a system for which the python playsound module hasn't been installed
- Fixed a python error generated when shutting down Tartube suddenly, while livestreams are being detected
- For reasons not understood, Tartube might (on extremely rare occasions) create a (red) system folder called 'downloads_2'. This folder could not be deleted. Until the cause can be found, such invalid system folders can now now be deleted, and are deleted automatically during a database integrity check
- In the system preferences window, Operations > Livestreams tab, there are two checkbuttons enabling/disabling livestream detection. The second one could be enabled even when the first was disabled; this has been fixed, and should remove some unexpected behaviour
- When updating youtube-dl, the warning 'The script youtube-dl is installed...' is now intercepted, and is no longer interpreted as a failure

v2.1.0 (7 May 2020)

- For everyone who wants a simpler way to download videos, a new Classic Mode tab has been added, emulating the look and feel of youtube-dl-gui. Videos downloaded in this tab can be downloaded to any location, and are not added to Tartube's database
- Tartube can now detect livestreams, and alert you when they start. This feature is EXPERIMENTAL, has only been tested on YouTube, and may not be reliable. It does not work at all on the 32-bit MS Windows installer
- Added internationalisation. If you can contribute a translation to this project, please see the ../docs/translate.rst file. As a proof of concept, Tartube can now be used with either British or American spelling
- You can now specify unlimited numbers of video/audio formats (the limit was previously three). You can also specify that youtube-dl should try to download each video in each of your preferred formats, rather than in one or all available formats (as was the case before)

- Made minor improvements to the look of various dialogue windows
- Slightly improved the functionality of buttons in the system preference window's database tab
- If a database can't be loaded (but an alternative database can), an explanatory messages is now added to the Errors/Warnings tab. If an alternative database can't be loaded (or only one database has been added to Tartube's list), then the dialogue window seen by the user is now slightly more helpful
- Some startup errors, which were invisible to users not running Tartube from a terminal window, now produce a visible dialogue window
- The code to force renamig of channels/playlists/folders (when required) has been adjusted so it creates a name like 'Folder_3' rather than 'Folder_2_2_2_2'
- Instructions for Tartube installations have been updated generally. The MS Windows batch/shell files used to start Tartube have been tweaked

- The MS Windows installers have been updated to use Python 3.8. This may fix some stability issues for a few users
- For systems with a broken Gtk library (or if the user has disabled minor cosmetic features anyway), the list of videos in the Videos tab is no longer updated during a download operation. This should resolve some lingering stability issues. (You can manually update the list by selecting a different channel/playlist/folder, then selecting the original one again)
- In the Video Catalogue, new videos are sometimes added to the last page, rather than to the first one. Rewrote the code yet again to resolve this issue; hopefully this should be the last rewrite
- The Python setup file now explicitly mentions more dependencies; this should assist with installation issues for PyPI, DEB and RPM packages
- The RPM package, which did not work at all on Tartube v2.0.016, is now working again

- In the general download options window, in the Files tab, there was a duplicate set of template options. Remove the duplicate set, replacing it with a larger set of options
- Info/Tidy operations complained that they couldn't start while an edit/ preference window is open, and then started anyway. Fixed
- In the Progress List, a video's name is updated as soon as it is known (before, the name was only updated in the Results List)
- The start of a download operation is now (slightly) quicker, because the setup code is no longer called (incorrectly) for every single video
- Download operations scheduled to begin when Tartube starts now begin after a few seconds, rather than immediately (for aesthetic reasons)

v2.0.016 (10 Apr 2020)

- Tartube's config file is stored in a standard location for your system, by default. For testing purposes, you can copy a config file into Tartube's installation directory (the one containing this file). If you do so, Tartube will load and later save that config file, rather than the one in the standard location
- Tartube no longer creates a youtube-dl archive file in its 'Unsorted Videos' and 'Temporary Videos' folders. Any existing archive files in those folders are automatically deleted. Other folders are not affected (Git #64)
- In the Videos tab, you can expand the tree on the left-hand side of the window by clicking on a folder (if this behaviour has been enabled). This behaviour has now been modified slightly. Clicking on a folder will also collapse the tree, if already expanded. You can tell Tartube to expand the whole tree, not just the folder itself. The settings can be specified by selecting the checkbuttons in Edit > System preferences > Windows > Main window

- The system preferences window didn't show the correct location for the loaded config file. Fixed
- The DEB package has been improved to generate fewer Lintian error messages
- Tartube was unable to switch between databases, if the main 'Download all' button had been disabled. Fixed
- After deleting a folder, clicking the 'Add a new folder' button generated an error. Fixed
- If the internet connection goes down during a check operation, Tartube is now less likely to freeze
- The 'Apply changes without closing the window' button at the bottom of many edit windows did not work as intended. Fixed
- Video descriptions are no longer editable in a video's 'Video Properties' window

v2.0.0 (29 Feb 2020)

- Tartube can now be installed from PyPI, or by using the new DEB/RPM packages (Linux/BSD only; installation from PyPI does not work on MS Windows)
- DEB/RPM packages marked 'STRICT' are also available for uploads to repositories with lots of rules, such as the official Debian repository. In 'STRICT' packages, updating youtube-dl from within Tartube is disabled. The 'STRICT' packages are compiled using new environment variables, TARTUBE_PKG and TARTUBE_PKG_STRICT (replacing the old TARTUBE_DEBIAN) environment variable. See the comments in for more details
- During a download operation, in the Progress tab, you can now right-click a video and select 'Stop after these videos'. This allows all of the current video downloads to finish, before halting the download operation
- The download options window (in the Formats tab) did not allow users to select an audio format before selecting a video format. The reason for this restriction was that youtube-dl did not download the right formats, if an audio format was selected first. Unfortuantely, it prevented users from downloading a separate audio file, when this was available (e.g. an .m4a file from YouTube). The restriction has now been removed; instead, Tartube will automatically reorder the specified video/audio formats, so that video formats are passed to youtube-dl first

- If an upload operation is automatically performed before a download operation, and if the user tried to download a single video/channel/ playlist/folder, everything was downloaded instead of the single video/ channel/playlist/folder. Fixed
- Fixed an error in the 'Show system command' dialogue window, that prevented it from opening at all
- Fixed parsing of download options inside double quotes "..."

- Added a 'Cancel' button to some dialogue windows that didn't already have one
- Added a copy of the XDG module to the Tartube code, so it is no longer necessary to install it before running/installing Tartube (Linux/BSD only)

- Fixed a system error during a forced youtube-dl update (MS Windows only)
- Fixed wrong location for config file backups (MS Windows only)
- Fixed wrong location for Tartube temporary/test folders (all systems)
- Fixed missing (or duplicate) dialogue windows after failing to load the config file and/or database file, in some rare situations
- The config file could not be created if its parent directory did not exist; fixed
- Fixed loading of the wrong database file, in some rare situations
- Removed the old 'hello world' code intended for testing on MS Windows; it's no longer required
- If Tartube can't find its icon files, a simple error message is now generated rather than a long traceback

v1.5.0 (22 Feb 2020)

This is the first release candidate for v2.0.0.

- You can now run multiple instances of Tartube on your system at the same time. Multiple instances cannot load the same Tartube database; they must each load their own database. Tartube will now remember the databases it has loaded. If there are three databases (perhaps one on your main hard disk and two on an external drive), you can start Tartube three times, and they will each load a different database. This behaviour can be configured, if necessary. Click 'Edit > System preferences... > Filesystem > Database'
- HookTube acts as a redirection service for YouTube. Because of lawyers and their evil machinations, HookTube's functionality is not as extensive as it once was. Added the Invidious website ( as an alternative
- Added custom downloads. To start a custom download, click 'Operations > Custom download all', or right-click a video/channel/playlist/folder. A custom download is just like a normal download, until you customise it. To do that, click 'Edit > System preferences > Operations > Custom'. Custom downloads can be used to divert YouTube requests to HookTube or Invidious, and to insert a delay between video downloads when the website is complaining about robots
- Added a new toolbar at the bottom of the main window, below the list of videos. The toolbar is hidden, by default. To reveal it, click the 'Show filter options' button in the bottom right-hand corner. Buttons in the new toolbar can be used to sort the videos alphabetically, rather than by date, and to search for videos whose name matches a string (or regex). The button to search for videos by date has been moved into this toolbar
- If you find a video that can't be downloaded, and you're not sure why, you can now perform a test download. First, click 'Operations > Test youtube-dl...' (or right-click a video in the main window's list). Copy the video's URL into the dialogue window, and then click the OK button. Click the Output tab to see the results. If the test successfully downloads the video, then the problem was with Tartube. If the test fails to download the video, then the problem is with the underlying youtube-dl software (or with the video website)
- During a test, it's possible to omit the video URL, while specifying some youtube-dl download options. For example, you could fetch the youtube-dl version number with the option --version
- Added a new operation for tidying up files in Tartube's data directory (folder). To start the operation, click 'Operations > Tidy up files...'. You could also right-click a channel and select 'Channel actions > Tidy up channel', and so on. A dialogue window appears, in which you can specify which files should be tidied up. Choose carefully, because any files deleted as a result of this operation cannot be recovered
- The main window's switch button (in the toolbar near the top of the window) now has six settings, rather than four. Click the button repeatedly to cycle through them
- Interesting and important videos can now be bookmarked (e.g., by right- clicking a video and selecting 'Mark video > Video is bookmarked'). Bookmarked videos are visible in the new 'Bookmarks' folder. Bookmarking is an alternative to favourites; bookmarks usually apply to a single video, whereas favourites usually apply to a whole channel, playlist or folder
- Also added a new 'Waiting Videos' folder. This acts as your own private playlist - a list of videos that are waiting to be watched. To make a video visible in this folder, right-click it and select 'Mark video > Video is in waiting list'. When you watch the video, it will automatically disappear from the 'Waiting Videos' folder (this doesn't happen to bookmarked videos)
- The previous version was unable to delete a channel, playlist or folder (see below). That error caused a partially-deleted channel/playlist/folder to appear in the Videos tab, on the left-hand side. In case similar errors occur in the future, a feature has been added to look for errors and inconsistencies in the Tartube database and automatically fix them. Click 'Edit > System preferences... > Filesystem > DB Errors > Check' to use it
- Tartube can now fetch a list of available video formats for a video. Right- click the video and select 'Fetch > Available formats'. Click the Output tab to see the results
- Tartube can also fetch a list of available subtitles for a video. Right-click the video and select 'Fecth > Available subtitles'. Click the Output tab to see the results
- Tartube can now remember the size of its main window, and use the same size when it restarts. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, click 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window > Remember the size of the main window when shutting down'

- In the previous version, Tartube was unable to delete a channel, playlist or folder. Fixed
- Some procedures took an extremely long time. For example, after right- clicking a channel and selecting 'Channel contents > Mark videos as new', the procedure could take several minutes if the channel had hundreds of videos, or several hours if it contained thousands of videos. The faulty code has been fixed, and the procedure now takes just a few seconds, even for many thousands of videos
- Videos in a Tartube folder (for example the 'Unsorted Videos' folder) were added to the download list in a 'Check all' operation, even when they had been checked before. This no longer happens, by default. To restore the original behaviour, click 'Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Downloads > For simulate downloads, don't check a video in a folder more than once' to deselect it
- Fixed the button for finding videos by date, which was not working at all in the previous version
- Fixed an occasional 'signal is not defined' error when the user stops an operation (for example, a download operation)
- Various inconsistencies in the way alternative download destinations are handled have all been fixed. Download operations sometimes freezed indefinitely, because Tartube doesn't download two channels/playlists/ folders with the same download destination at the same time. The code has been updated to prevent the freeze from ever happening again
- Fixed some more crashes caused by Gtk during a download operation

- Videos downloaded into a temporary folder are deleted when Tartube restarts. After shutting down Tartube, users often like to copy these videos somewhere else on their hard drive. You can now ask Tartube to open the temporary directories (folders), before shutting down, which will remind you to do something with the videos. To enable this behaviour, click 'Edit > System preferences... > Filesystem > Temporary folders'
- In the main window's list of videos, the date is now displayed as 'today' and 'yesterday' when possible. This behaviour can be disabled in 'Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Main window'
- During refresh operations, a progress bar is now visible in the bottom-left corner of the window (just like the one visible during a download operation)
- When setting an alternative download destination for a channel/playlist/ folder (for example, by right-clicking a channel and selecting 'Channel actions > Set download destination...'), the dialogue window has been updated to show the previously selected alternative at the top of the list. This should save a lot of time when setting the alternative download destination for many channels/playlists/folders
- The alternative download destination, if any, is now visible in the tooltips for the channel/playlist/folder
- Improved the appearance of the dialogue windows seen when Tartube runs for the first time
- Tweaked the appearance of the list of channels/playlists/folders in the main window, so that for items with long names, more text is visible

- Fixed a 'No such file or directory' error seen during a download operation, if an external hard drive suddenly become disconnected (for example, if the cable falls out)
- Fixed rare problems in loading Tartube's config file
- After a download operation, the list in the top half of the progress tab often had one or two items in it, even when 'Hide active rows after they are finished' was selected. Fixed
- The length of lines of text, and spacing between lines, in various dialogue windows has been made uniform
- Improved the appearance of the main window by adding frames around everything
- Renamed some misnamed icon files. The old icon files were being used in the MS Windows installer, so fixed that too
- If the user performed two successive refresh operations, the second one halted after a couple of seconds. Fixed
- When videos are deleted from Tartube's database, any post-processing artefacts are now deleted with them
- Fixed a few incorrect regex-matching actions
- The user can specify that the main 'Download all' button should be desensitised, but the setting was not applied correctly after Tartube restarted. Fixed
- Removed a duplicate menu option in the Video Index popup menu
- Tartube channels, playlists and folders keep counts of the number of videos inside them, including the number of favourite videos, downloaded videos, and so on. The code was not working correctly, so the counts were not always accurate. This version updates the code and recalculates all of the counts
- Fixed folder icons with an incorrect colour in various edit windows
- Fixed markup errors for videos whose URL contained an ampersand character
- Fixed the Gtk warning when closing the 'Add new video(s)' dialogue window
- Updated the installer scripts for MS Windows, so they don't try to update the Windows registry (the code has never worked)
- You can no longer set videos as favourite, or new (etc), in an empty channel, playlist or folder
- In the video list, labels can be right-clicked to copy a video's location (for example, so it can be copy-pasted somewhere else). This did not work the same way for every clickable label, and in some cases did not work at all. Fixed
- Tooltips for videos contained & rather than a simple ampersand character. Fixed
- Tartube debug messages for the file (which can only be enabled by editing the file) now have a second debug flag, so the timer functions can be filtered out
- Checked all keyboard shortcuts to remove duplicates

v1.4.0 (2 Feb 2020)

- The structures of files and directories (folders) in Tartube's data directory (into which all videos are downloaded) has been changed in response to Git #28. Tartube will be able to recognise both structures forever, so there is no need to move anything around on your computer. (If you actually want to move things around, see the README file)
- Creating a channel/playlist/folder starting with a full stop (period) is no longer allowed; some channels/playlists/folders might be automatically renamed when you open Tartube
- The edit and preference windows have been reorganised, adding a second layer of tabs in many windows. This should hopefully make things a little easier to find
- In the download options window, you can now specify multiple languages for your subtitles, instead of just one (Git #47)
- Added some more filename formats (in Edit > General download options... > Files > File names). When downloading a partial playlist (for example, starting at the 5th video), youtube-dl cannot create files with the correct number (naming the first file downloaded #1, instead of #5). Tartube can now handle this correctly. In the drop-down box, use one of the formats containing 'Autonumber' (Git #47)
- You can now limit the length of a download operation. This is particularly useful on small devices, or when leaving Tartube to run overnight. Click Edit > System preferences... > Scheduling > Stop, and choose one or more of the new options (Git #47)
- When adding new videos, channels or playlists, you can now turn on clipboard monitoring. Simply select a URL (for example, in your web browser), press CTRL+C to copy it to your system's clipboard, and then Tartube will automatically paste it into the dialogue window (Git #52)
- The MS Windows installer now includes a copy of AtomicParsley, so there is no need to install it yourself. This does not affect Linux/BSD users, who can continue installing AtomicParsley by the usual methods
- The list in the top half of the Progress tab is often full, and it's sometimes difficult to see what is being downloaded right at this moment. You can now hide finished rows, if you want to, so that active rows appear at the top of the list

- The Gtk graphics libraries have historically been full of bugs, which made applications using Gtk unstable. Most of these bugs are fixed, but the fixes can take years before they propogate into operating systems. If Gtk v3.22 (or lower) is installed on your system, Tartube automatically disables some minor cosmetic features to prevent crashes. If you are using Gtk v3.24 or later, and are still experiencing unexplainable crashes, you can now disable the cosmetic features regardless of Gtk version. Click Edit > System preferences... > General > Modules, and select 'Assume that Gtk is broken...'
- On Linux/BSD, attempts to update youtube-dl from the Tartube menu so,etimes produced a 'permission denied' error. There are now new settings available in 'Edit > System prefences... > youtube-dl > Shell command for update operations'. If you installed youtube-dl using pip/pip3, the 'recommended' options should now work, if they didn't work before. Some pip3 warning messages, which caused Tartube to think the update had failed, are now filtered out
- A user complained that his Tartube database file had been corrupted. We are still not sure what the cause was, but the code has been changed to make that kind of corruption impossible
- Fixed some occasional crashes when, during a download operation, Tartube tried to sort the videos in the selected channel/playlist/folder
- When switching databases, if Tartube couldn't load the new database, it tried again after being restarted, rather than trying to load the previous (readable) database. This has now been fixed
- Some youtube-dl download options could be applied to playlists, but not channels, even though youtube-dl allows them to be applied to be both. Fixed, and updated some labels to make it clearer what the options are for (Git #47)
- In all edit windows, the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the window did not work. Fixed

- Tartube icons have been updated, in some cases making them easier to identify
- In the Progress tab, added tooltips to assist with identifying undownloaded videos (Git #51)
- More types of YouTube error message can now be filtered out
- We have also added a customisable list of strings (or regular expressions); if set, any matching error/warning messages (on any website) are filtered out
- In the Video Index popup menus, 'rename default location' has been changed to a much more comprehensible 'rename channel', etc
- You can now open a video in its system directory (folder) by right-clicking it, and selecting 'Show location'
- You can now switch databases from the main menu. Click File > Change database (which opens the preference window at the correct page; hopefully this is quicker than trying to find the right page yourself)
- There was no way to save Tartube's config file (except by shutting down Tartube). To do that, you can now click File > Save all
- If Tartube is unable to read the config file and/or database file, the text in the resulting dialogue windows has been improved. In some circumstances, multiple dialogue windows were produced; this has now been fixed
- In the download options window, the option to 'embed subtitles with video' now appears in two different places, to make it easier to find (Git #47)
- If the 'Add new video(s)', 'Add a new channel' or 'Add a new playlist' dialogue windows are open, you can now drag-and-drop into them (Linux/BSD only). Modifications to the code mean that it's no longer possible to drop one URL into the middle of an existing one, rendering both of them useless
- Tartube checked URLs for validity before adding them, but this did not work as well as intended. The code has been improved, so less garbage should appear in the 'Add new video(s)' dialogue window, and so on
- You could already download a temporary copy of video(s) by right-clicking them and selecting 'Temporary > Download', but that can be inconvenient for multiple videos, as you had to wait for each download to finish. You can now select 'Temporary > Mark for download' instead, which creates a copy of the video in the 'Temporary Videos' folder. When you're ready to download them all, just download that folder
- Minor improvements to aesthetics for some textviews and treeviews

- Fixed incorrect operation of the checkbuttons in the Errors/Warnings tab. Added new checkbuttons to separate Tartube errors/warnings from youtube-dl errors/warnings (Git #50)
- 'Child process exited with non-zero code' errors still appeared in the Errors/Warnins tab, even if the user has disabled them. Fixed
- Tooltips for videos could not be enabled/disabled if no channel/playlist/ folder was selected. Fixed
- On MS Windows, edit/preference windows will no longer increase in size, if there isn't enough room for each window's tabs
- Fixed rare 'Permission denied' errors when trying to create a directory (folder) on the filesystem
- In the download options edit window, the combobox for audio formats had multiple and ever-increasing empty spaces. Fixed
- In the download options window, File > File names, the default value for the custom format was garbled. Fixed, and it should now be working as intended
- During a simulated download, videos which are not in a channel or playlist (for example, videos in the 'Unsorted Videos' folder) did not appear in the Results List in the Progress tab. Fixed
- Fixed an unprintable character in the licence declaration, visible in Tartube's 'About' window
- When deleting a video, Tartube will now delete more related files (such as those produced when post-processing a video)
- Removed a few duplicate ISO 639-1 language codes

v1.3.077 (26 Jan 2020)

- Drag and drop (for example, from a web browser into Tartube's main window) is now fully working on Linux/BSD. On MS Windows, drag and drop does not work at all for any Gtk application. It is unlikely that the Tartube authors can do anything about this (Git #35)
- The 'Add new video(s)' dialogue window can now handle URLs representing channels and playlists, as well as URLs representing individual videos. During a download operation, if Tartube is expecting an individual video but receives a channel/playlist, it will automatically create a new channel, and download videos into that channel. You can change this default behaviour, if you want (Edit > System preferences... > URL flexibility preferences)
- To change the name of the new channel/playlist, right-click it and select 'Filesystem > Rename default location...'
- If Tartube creates a channel, which should really be a playlist, then you can now convert one to the other. Right-click a channel and select 'Channel actions > Convert to playlist'. Right-click a playlist and select 'Playlist actions > Convert to channel'
- In the download options windows, it's now very easy to tell Tartube to convert videos to sound files. Open the window by clicking 'Edit > General download options...', click the 'Hide advanced download options' button if necessary, click the 'Sound only' tab, select your preferences, and apply them by clicking the OK button at the bottom of the window
- You can now see the download options applied to a video, channel, playlist or folder without having to download anything. Right-click a video/channel/ playlist/folder and select 'Downloads > Show system command'
- During a download operation, the system commands used are now visible (by default) in the Output tab. The system command can also be displayed in the terminal, if required; this is disabled by default

- In the Output tab, the summary page is now hidden by default. To make it visible, click 'Edit > System Preferences... > Output > Show a summary of active threads' and then restart Tartube
- In the Errors/Warnings tab, added checkbuttons to filter out errors and/or warning messages, if required (Git #50)
- In the Progress tab, in the top half of the window, you can now right-click an unnamed video to open it in your web browser. This will be useful in identifying videos that did not download, and whose name is unknown to Tartube (Git #51)
- Columns in the Progress tab have been rearranged a little, so that the user can more easily see how quickly the download is progressing, when Tartube's main window is small

- Fixed multiple issues with Tartube, when running under Python 3.8
- Replaced all remaining references to the Python os.rename() function, which can cause crashes on some filesystems (Git #34)
- Fixed crashes caused by the new YouTube error messages (January 2020), which some versions of youtube-dl cannot handle correctly
- Fixed issues with the default location for videos, again. Fixed an issue with adding folders inside the currently selected folder (Git #36, #46)

- Fixed various Gtk warning messages, visible only on some systems
- Videos whose name contains an ampersand (&) character could not be opened by clicking the 'Media player' label in the Video Catalogue. Fixed
- The properties windows for videos, channels and playlists showed a folder icon, instead of a video/channel/playlist icon. Fixed
- The popup menu in the Progress tab, in the top half of the tab, did not work as intended during a download operation, and again after a download operation. Fixed both sets of issues
- Coloured text was not displayed in the Output tab correctly. Fixed

v1.3.048 (23 Jan 2020)

- Tartube now creates an icon in the user's system tray. Closing the main window now closes to the tray, by default. To disable this behaviour, click Edit > System preferences > Windows > Deselect 'Close to the tray...'
- When that functionality is enabled, Tartube can be shutdown by clicking File > Quit. Scheduled download operations will still take place if Tartube has been closed to the tray. Implements Github issue #37
- Tartube can now show a desktop notification at the end of a download operation, rather that a dialogue window. This does not work on MS Windows. On other operating systems, enable desktop notifications by clicking Edit > System preferences... > Operations > Show a desktop notification...
- When you click the 'Add new video(s)' button, the folder displayed in the dialogue window is now the same folder that's selected in the main window (if any). The same applies for adding channels, playlists and folders. Fixes Github issue #36
- If you normally use the 'Check all' button rather than the 'Download all' button, and if you want to download a temporary copy of one of the videos, there's now an easier way to do it. In the Videos tab, right-click the video, and select 'Temporary > Download' or 'Temporary > Download and Watch'. A copy of the video is downloaded into the 'Temporary Videos' folder, without affecting any other folders

- The icons for channels and playlists have been replaced, to make it easier to tell them apart. Some other icons have been replaced too
- Videos can now be dragged and dropped from a web browser (or similar application) into Tartube's main window, which automatically adds the video to the currently selected folder (or 'Unsorted Videos', if no folder is selected). Unfortunately, the code is not yet working reliably. We are looking for a solution (Github issue #35)
- The layout of the Format tab in the download options window has been improved to alleviate confusion experienced by users trying to download a video to a sound format such as .mp3 (only). See the new section in the README file
- A number of new video/audio formats have been added, for example several new 60fps formats, implementing Github issue #40
- When you apply download options to a video/channel/playlist/folder, the options are now cloned from the default set of options (those visible in Edit > General download options...). To disable this behaviour, click Edit > System preferences... > Operations > When applying download options, automatically clone general download options. Implements Github issue #39
- The options already applied to a video/channel/playlist/folder can now be reset to match the general options, any time you want. Use the new button at the bottom of the download options window, in the General tab

- Fixed a rare crash when the video's JSON filename was too long for the operating system
- In the download options window, Formats tab, the user can add up to three video formats. The third format, if added, was always ignored. Fixed

- If you perform a refresh operation on a folder, the operation now applies to all videos, channels, playlists and folders inside it
- After adding a video to the folder that's currently selected, the video does not appear immediately in the video catalogue. Fixed
- In the Progress and Errors/Warnings tabs, the column headers scrolled away along with the rest of the list. Fixed; they are now always visible
- Video nicknames were not set correctly after an update operation. Fixed
- During a refresh operation, a video's name was compared against the full filepath (filename and extension), which produced none of the intended matches. Fixed
- The edit/preference windows had a tendency to increase in size without limits. Fixed
- A video's annotations.xml file was not deleted correctly, when required. Fixed
- In the download options window, the option 'hls-prefer-ffmpeg' is now working correctly
- In the download options window, the 'prefer avconv over ffmpeg' options have been desensitised on MS Windows, as there is no known method of using Tartube with avconv on MS Windows
- youtube-dl creates a file, ytdl-archive.txt, recording all the videos that it has downloaded. This can interfere if the user tries to re-download the video(s) for any reason. Create of the ytdl-archive.txt file can now be disabled (Edit > System preferences... > youtube-dl > Deselect 'Allow youtube-dl to create its own archive...')
- If creation of the archive file is nonetheless enabled, Tartube can now re-download video(s) without problems
- In rare circumstances, Tartube was unable to redraw the video catalogue (the right-hand side of the Videos tab). Fxied

v1.3.007 (20 Dec 2019)

- v1.3.007 was completely broken when replacing an earlier installation. Fixed
- When Tartube's data directory was copied from one place to another (for example, from one external drive to another), Tartube did not adapt to the change very well. The way file paths are stored in Tartube's database has been changed to eliminate this problem

- Fixed an invalid time value which (sometimes) prevented a refresh operation from completing correctly

v1.3.0 (20 Dec 2019)
- Tartube on MS Windows did not recognise FFmpeg or AVConv. You can now tell Tartube to download and install a compatible version of FFmpeg from the main menu (Operations > Install FFmpeg). Tartube still cannot recognise the ordinary version of FFmpeg, and it still does not recognise AVConv at all. It is unlikely that this situation can be remedied
- A new Output tab has been added, in which you can see what is happening internally when you check or download videos, update youtube-dl, install FFmpeg, or refresh the Tartube database. The amount of information shown can be customised in the System preferences window. The information can still be written to STDOUT/STDERR, if required
- For users on other operating systems, the system preferences window displayed the wrong location of the FFmpeg/AVConv executable. This has now been fixed
- There are now two simple ways to specify the video resolution you want to download (for example, 1080p). You can use the download options window (Edit > General download options... > Formats, and then choose a video format like 'any format [1080p]'). You can also use the new spinbutton at the bottom of the Progress tab. Both of these methods have the same effect, so it's not necessary to use both of them. Tartube will download videos in that resolution if possible, or in the next highest available resolution otherwise
- The download options window has been simplified, with only the most useful options visible. If you want to see the full range of options, open any download options window, and in the General tab, click the new 'Show advanced download options' button

- By default, temporary folders are no longer emptied when Tartube shuts down, but only when Tartube starts up. This means you can continue watching temporary videos you've downloaded even after shutting down Tartube. If you want temporary folders to be emptied on shutdown, as before, select Edit > System preferences... > Videos > Empty temporary folders when Tartube shuts down

- Tartube experienced a whole range of problems when downloading videos to a hard drive that was running out of space. Tartube now checks the available disk space before starting to download anything, and continues checking it throughout the download process. You can specify how much disk space should be available in the System Preferences window. If the hard drive, despite your best efforts, actually does run out of space, Tartube is now much more resilient (and can usually halt the download process, rather than crashing). The amount of disk space available is now visible in the System Preferences window
- Adding a channel/playlist/folder whose name included a slash, for example 'Adam/Eve's Channel', had unfortunate consequences, with Tartube creating a directory (folder) at the wrong location. Slashes are now automatically converted to hyphens, which solves the problem
- In Tartube's window, dragging a channel/playlist/folder to a new location in the tree changes the hard drive, moving a directory (folder) to a new location in the filesystem. If a directory (folder) with the same name already existed at that location, an invisible error occurs. Tartube now displays a visible error so the user can delete the duplicate directory (folder) manually
- When refreshing the Tartube database (e.g. Operations > Refresh database), the moviepy module freezes if it encounters a corrupted video file. We can't fix the moviepy module, but the Tartube code has been made much more resilient
- When refreshing the Tartube database, Tartube made bad decisions if it was looking for a video called 'ymca.mp4', but found a video called 'ymca.webm'. This has been fixed
- Tartube is now able to detect if its data directory (into which videos are downloaded) doesn't exist. Usually this is because an external hard drive has not been mounted; the user is now warned about this, so they can mount it
- On MS Windows, if the user has updated youtube-dl or installed FFmpeg, Tartube no longer freezes on shutdown
- On MS Windows, Tartube was unable to open a video file in the system's default media player, if the name contained an ampersand. Fixed

- When deleting large channels/playlists/folders, sometimes not everything was deleted, and the user had to delete the item a second time. This was due to inconsistencies in the Tartube database, which have now been fixed
- Channels/playlists/folders beginning with a number, e.g. '5 Pewdiepie', were supposed to be displayed in numerical order, rather than in strict alphabetical order. This did not work as intended (e.g. '11 Pewdiepie' was listed before '1 T-Series'). Fixed again
- In the 'Delete channel' dialogue window (and so on), the name of the channel to be deleted is now displayed prominently
- The size of the MS Windows installer has been reduced by about 40%

v1.2.008 (30 Sep 2019)

- Tartube now ignores the YouTube 'WARNING: video doesn't have subtitles' by default. You can change this setting, if you want to

- When moving a channel/playlist/folder to a different place on your filesystem, or when renaming a channel/playlist/folder, in certain rare situations data in the Tartube database isn't updated correctly. This may lead to a freeze or a crash. I'm not sure yet what the cause is, but I have added temporary code to prevent the problem affecting any user
- Fixed error messages generated when checking/downloading individual channels/playlists/folders
- Fixed faulty code for importing videos/channels/playlists/folders into the database

v1.2.0 (31 Aug 2019)

- Multiple channels, playlists and/or folders can now download their videos to a single location. The README.rst file explains how it works, and why you might want to do it
- You can also tell Tartube to download all videos into the 'Unsorted Videos' or 'Temporary Videos' folders, instead of downloading them into separate directories/folders for each channel and playlist
- Added automatic deletion of videos, disabled by default. Before enabling it, you should do a 'Check all' or 'Download all' operation, which will create the necessary youtube-dl archive files
- Added archiving. A video, channel, playlist or folder that is marked archived won't be auto-deleted (but can still be deleted manually by the user)
- You can now disable both checking and downloading a channel, playlist or folder, if you want to. (It was already possible to just disabled downloading them)
- Download operations can now be scheduled to take place at regular intervals
- You can now 'Download and watch' a video. The video is opened in your system's default media player as soon as it has been downloaded
- Tartube can now download a video's annotations file automatically. Warnings generated by YouTube about the lack of annotations are ignored by default
- For channels/playlists/folders containing many videos, you can now skip to the first video uploaded after a certain date, using the new button in the toolbar at the bottom of the Videos tab
- The lists in the Results tab can now be right-clicked, so you can change the order in which videos/channels/playlists/folders are checked/downloaded, abandon a download, play a video directly from the Results List, delete a video directly from the Results List, and so on
- The edit window for youtube-dl options has been improved, adding many new options to the GUI interface
- Plain text exports of Tartube's database can now be re-imported. Some inconsistencies with the import process (from JSON and plain text files) have been fixed

- Added tooltips in several places. If you don't want to see tooltips above videos/channels/playlists/folders, you can turn them off
- You can now select multiple videos in the Video Catalogue, and apply an action to all of them (by right-clicking them)
- You can now switch to smaller icons in the Video Index (on the left side of the Videos tab), if you want to
- You can now force the Video Index to expand its tree whenever you click on a folder, revealing any channels/playlists it contains. This is disabled by default
- If you only want to check videos, and never download them, you can disable the 'Download all' buttons. Individual videos/channels/playlists/folders can still be downloaded by right-clicking them
- Tartube's file structure has changed. If you run it from the command line, you might need to use a (slightly) different command. See the README.rst for details of what command to use
- The path to the FFmpeg/AVConv executable can now be specified by the user. This will be especially helpful for MS Windows users
- Columns in the Progress tab can now be manually resized
- The Tartube website can now be opened from the main window menu
- XDG has been added as an optional dependency, for the benefit of Debian packagers

- The MS Windows installer should now work for everyone
- Refresh operations are now stable (should not crash) on systems with Gtk 3.22 or earlier
- When downloads were disabled for a folder, downloads for channels/playlists/ folders inside that folder were still enabled. This is counter-intuitive, so disabling downloads for a folder disables downloads for everything it contains
- Marking/unmarking a video as favourite caused certain problems, which should now be fixed

- Fixed some unicode errors in reading JSON and plain text files
- Fixed the wrong page size displayed in the toolbar at the bototm of the Videos tab
- Empty lines in a video's description are now preserved when they're displayed in Tartube's main window

v1.1.0 (18 Aug 2019)

- You can now create an export of Tartube's database. This export contains details of videos, channels, playlists and/or folders, but not the videos themselves (or any of the thumbnail/description/metadata files). The export can take two forms: JSON data, or plain text. If JSON data, the exported file can later be imported into another Tartube database (imports from plain text are not implemented yet). You can export either the entire database, or just one channel/playlist/folder (and everythng it contains)
- You can now change the name of a channel, playlist of folder. This doesn't have any effect on your filesystem; it only changes the name displayed in the Video Index (the left-hand side of the Videos tab). This might be useful for channels and playlists that have weird or very short names. For example, right-click a folder and select 'Folder actions > Set nickname...'
- You can also rename the channel, playlist or folder, and this action DOES affect the filesystem, changing the directory/folder on your hard drive where the channel/playlist/folder videos are stored. For example, right- click a folder and select 'Filesystem > Rename location...'
- If you change the format of a downloaded video file from the default 'Title' to, for example, 'Title + ID', the Video catalogue (the right-hand side of the Videos tab) will now simply display the video's title (which should be easier to read). To see the actual filename, you can right-click the video and select 'Show properties'. This only works if the video's metadata was downloaded when the video itself was downloaded; this is now turned on by default for all new users

- When adding videos, channels and playlists, the contents of the system's clipboard was automatically copied into the window. This can now be turned off, if you wish (Edit > System preferences... > Windows > When adding videos/channels/playlists, copy URLs from the system clipboard)
- When adding channels/playlists, you can set the dialogue window to stay open, which makes adding multiple channels/playlists quicker (Edit > System preferences... > Windows > When adding channels/playlists, keep the dialogue window open)
- When creating channels/playlists/folders inside an existing parent folder, a dialogue window which stays open can be told to continuously re-use that parent folder (Edit > System preferences... > Windows > When adding channels/playlists, re-use the optional parent folder)
- When checking/downloading videos, the Results List (the bottom half of the Progress tab) can now display videos in reverse order, so you don't have to scroll down to see the video that was just checked/downloaded (Edit > System Preferences... > Windows > Show results in reverse order)
- The number of ystem error and warning messages displayed in their own tab is visible in the tab's label. The label is usually reset when the tab is made visible. You can now disable this behaviour, preserving the numbers until the 'Clear the list' button is explicitly clicked (Edit > System preferences... > Windows > Don't remove number of system messages from tab label until 'Clear' button is clicked)
- Items in the Video Index (on the left-hand side of the Videos tab) are sorted alphabetically. The sorting algorithm has been improved to take account of numbered items, such that '1 Music' will now appear before '11 Comedy'
- For the benefit of package maintainers (such as a Debian package), Tartube now uses an environment variable which will prevent Tartube from updating the youtube-dl binary, if specified. See the comments in

- Users whose system Gtk is earlier than v3.24 (this includes many current Linux distros, but the MS Windows installer) will have experienced graphics issues, and endless error messages in the terminal window, if open. If your system Gtk is earlier than v3.24, Tartube will no longer update the Video Index during a download operation; this should fix the issue at the cost of disabling real-time updates of the number of videos in each channel, playlist and folder. Your system's Gtk version is now visible in Tartube's System Preferences window
- After loading the config file, the download limits were set, but not displayed in the Progress tab. Fixed
- Rarely, Tartube crashes (or freezes) when loading a video's JSON metadata file from your filesystem (but now when downloading it). This should no longer happen

- The 'Channel properties', 'Folder properties' (etc) windows used the wrong icon (displaying a folder in the wrong colour). Fixed
- Fixed a 'list modified during sort' error during a download operation

v1.0.0 (31 Jul 2019)

- First beta release
- Fixed some issues with the MS Windows installer
- Some parts of the Tartube window displayed the wrong icons. Fixed

v0.7.0 (7 Jul 2019)

- This is the first release candidate for v1.0.0
- The MS Windows installer has been redesigned again (thanks to slartie for his generous assistance in getting it working). Some MS Windows 10 users were still complaining that Tartube would not run; this should be fixed now
- MS Windows should find that the annoying terminal window is no longer visible
- Deleting individual videos, then adding them to the Tartube database again, could cause problems with the statistics displayed in the Video Index (e.g. 'All Videos (0, -1)'. Fixed
- Deleting and individual video by right-clicking it removed the video from the database, but didn't delete the video file itself. Fixed
- If an empty channel/playlist was selected, new videos did not automatically appear in the Video Catalogue during a download operation. Fixed
- Fixed some issues with the Temporary Videos folder
- Fixed more issues with videos being dislayed in the wrong order in the Video Catalogue
- Fixed more issues with the scrollbars not resetting themselves when switching between channels/playlists/folders
- After right-clicking a folder, selecting Mark Videos > New didn't work. Fixed
- When marking videos as new/favourite, you can now do this to all videos in a folder, including all child channels/playlists/folders, or you can do it just to the videos actually inside that folder. There are several new popup menu options for emptying a folder, or for removing all its videos
- Tartube will no longer issue a system error if you drag a folder onto itself in the Video Index
- Fixed the remaining issues caused by the Gtk graphics libraries
- Confirmed that various Gtk issues present in Gtk3.22 are not present in Gtk 3.24. Users with Gtk 3.22 on their system will be warned to update it. These warnings can be disabled, if required

v0.6.0 (4 Jul 2019)

- Some MS Windows users, especially on Windows 10, report that they can't run Tartube at all. In an effort to get around this, the installer has been redesigned. The way Tartube communicates with youtube-dl on MS Windows has been changed. youtube-dl update operations should now work flawlessly. Please report any further problems at our GitHub page; this might be a fix to issue #10
- Users on Linux/*BSD can now run Tartube directly from the command line, after installing it (see the README)
- Occasionally, videos were downloaded (or checked) successfully, but Tartube failed to notice them. This issue should now be fixed
- When checking videos/channels/playlists/folders, only new videos will now appear in the Results List (in the Progress tab)
- The toolbar has been redesigned. MS Windows users won't see labels at all (so everything should fit). Users on all system can turn labels on or off. Tooltips have been added to the buttons, in case the labels are turned off
- Fixed yet another problem with button to switch the location of Tartube's data folder (#6)
- Tartube no longer requires the python 'validators' module
- Tartube can now ignore YouTube copyright messages, and also 'Child process exited with non-zero code' messages, meaning that they won't appear in Tartube's Errors/Warnings tab. (They are not ignored by default)
- Tartube now applies a 60-second timeout when youtube-dl tries to download a video's metadata (since youtube-dl uses a 10-minute timeout); this can be turned off, if required (#9)
- Fixed some more issues with the way videos are sorted in the Video Catalogue (it's still not 100%)
- Users can no longer type in comboboxes
- Tartube now spots when the user adds a channel or playlist URL as a video; only the first video in the channel/playlist is now downloaded
- You can no longer remove download options from a media data object when the download options edit window is still open
- When you update youtube-dl, Tartube will now tell you which youtube-dl version is installed. Tartube will no longer claim the update operation fails if you're using pip (rather than pip3)

v0.5.0 (1 Jul 2019)

- On MS Windows, the fix from v0.4.0 to prevent a crash whenever the user tries to change the location of Tartube's data directory, did not work. Fixed it again (#6), and added some dialogue window to make it clearer to the user what is going on
- Fixed problems with dragging-and-dropping (or otherwise moving) a channel, playlist or folder to a new location (such as another folder). The videos were not updated with their new location. The new code will fix any problems in the Tartube database
- Fixed numerous problems with the code that sorts videos into the right order, and which displays videos in the Video Catalogue in the right order
- The 'Switch' button no longer resets the page back to the first one
- When switching between channels/playlists/folders, scrollbars are automatically moved back to the top
- In the toolbar beneath the Video Catalogue, there are two new buttons for scrolling to the top or bottom of the visible page. Users can now select a different page just by typing the page number and pressing RETURN. The same applies to the page size - there is no button to click any more, just type the new size and press RETURN
- Fixed several problems which were still preventing selection of different video formats (#3)
- Added bare-bones aac, m4a, mp3, ogg and wav as recognised video formats
- A set of download options can now be completely reset to their default values
- The 'Add Videos' dialogue window, and some others, don't behave well when the user resizes them. Fixed (#4)
- Added a small folder icon to the the 'Add Videos' dialogue window, and others, so the user is less likely to forget to set a custom location
- In the 'Add Videos' dialogue window, and others, URLs are now tidied up a bit because being copied from the clipboard, eliminating leading/trailing whitespace and empty lines
- The Gtk test window, available for MS Windows after using the installer, now contains some text (to make it clear that the window is working as intended)

v0.4.0 (29 Jun 2019)

- Drastic improvements to overall performance. Download operations are now much smoother. You should notice a much lighter burden on your machine's CPU
- The graphics libraries struggled to draw lists containing hundreds (or thousands!) of videos, so the Video Catalogue has been split into pages. It typically takes less then a second to show the 'All Videos' folder, if it contains hundreds of videos, rather than several minutes
- If you just want to find new videos, you can now tell Tartube to stop checking/downloading channels/playlists as soon as notifications of videos you've already checked/downloaded start arriving. This works well on YouTube, which sends the newest videos first, but might not work well on all websites. The new functionality is turned off by default. Click 'Edit > System preferences > Performance > Time-saving preferences' to turn it on
- The installer for 32-bit MS Windows failed under all circumstances. Applied a fix
- On MS Windows, the uninstaller was invisible. It can now be executed from the Start Menu
- On MS Windows, fixed a crash whenever the user tried to changed the location of Tartube's data directory (#6)
- Fixed some problems with the 'Add videos' dialogue window, which tried to add all sorts of invalid URLs (such as lines containing only empty space). The other 'Add' dialogue windows were also fixed
- A limit to the length of a channel/playlist/folder name now applies
- Leading/trailing whitespace is now removed from URLs and channel/playlist/ folder names
- The 'Add videos' dialogue window now checks for duplicate URLs, and when found, doesn't add them to the database
- Fixed various problems caused by deleting a video/channel/playlist/folder (such as the numbers visible in the Video Index). If you've been using an earlier version of Tartube, any such problems with the database will be automatically repaired for you (#8)
- Videos which haven't actually been downloaded can now be deleted from the database by right-clicking them
- Added new options for making backups of the Tartube database file, in case it becomes corrupted. See the settings in 'Edit > System preferences... > Backups'
- The 'Switch' button now switches between four 'skins' (instead of the previous two). Two of them show the name of a video's parent channel/ playlist/folder; the other two show the video's description
- Fixed incorrect formatting in the DASH and 3D file formats (#3)

v0.3.0 (25 Jun 2019)

- Tartube will now run on MS Windows
- Fixed some more crashes
- Fixed some issues with video descriptions containing quotes and ampersand characters

v0.2.0 (23 Jun 2019)

- Corrected old Python2 code to work on Python3
- Greatly expanded the README file
- Fixed the constant crashes
- Fixed some Gtk problems (but others remain unfixed)
- Fixed downloads for users who haven't installed FFmpeg, and for sites that don't support FFmpeg
- Several other minor tweaks/fixes

v0.1.0 (27 May 2019)

- This is the first public release of Tartube

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