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StreamBuffRe enables you to buffer (download into ram) and redirect media streams towards various destinations. Based on this core functionality, you can watch, save and manage many available media streams. Its plugin architecture provides a way to add even more functionality. Common tasks for StreamBuffRe are watching one or more streams comfortably via native players,download and/or convert videos and livestreams, organize your streams in favourites and get informed about new ones via feeds.

Freeware Trialware $10
OS: Win Linux
File size: 0.6MB
Portable version
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Latest version (January 23, 2020)


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Download StreamBuffRe Windows  0.6MB  Win

Download StreamBuffRe Linux  ca 0.6MB  Linux

Download Portable and other versions

Download StreamBuffRe Portable Windows  ca 0.6MB  Win  Portable

Software License

Freeware/Trialware (Free download but some features are limited to pro/premium version $10)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows LinuxLinux

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog
+ added: (Search) Added new actions to the context menu for search results to create feeds and tasks
+ added: (Feeds) You can now create feeds from mixer channels which will list the past streams
. enhanced: (Feeds) Links in dailymotion feeds will now have correct names
. enhanced: (StreamInfo) Information for mixer past streams are now working properly
. enhanced: (Mixer) Removed second, not working, quality for past streams
. enhanced: (Search) Made it more obvious that results are missing in the free version
. enhanced: (Icon) The icon of the main executable now offers higher resolutions
. enhanced: (Mainwindow) Added a new menuitem to the info menu to create an issue
. changed: (Mainwindow) The support menuitem in the info menu now points at StreamBuffRes support page
. fixed: (TimeTableWidget) Will no longer throw an exception if unable to load a timetable
. enhanced: (Saving) Unnecessary diacritics will be removed from filenames to prevent strange unicode behavior
. fixed: (TimeTableWidget) RocketbeansTV will no longer show events twice
. fixed: (TimeTableWidget) RocketbeansTV event times are fixed for next week
. enhanced: (TimeTableWidget) RocketbeansTV calender now shows next weeks events
. fixed: (TimeTableWidget) Fixed crashing issue for specific ical calendars
. enhanced: (TimeTableWidget) RocketbeansTV calendar working again, now shows preview images if a VOD is available
+ added: (Contacts) You can now invite a contact to watch a stream synced with you via contextmenu of played stream (requires full license)
. fixed: (MPV) Fixed a bug that prevented the top right buttons in MPV to show up
. fixed: (Tox) Exchanged no longer working bootstrap node
. fixed: (Resolving) Fixed a bug that could prevent results of resolving from being added to playlist
. fixed: (TaskbarPreviewWindow) Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when closing the TaskbarPreviewWindow in very rare occasions
. enhanced: (youtube-dl settings) Added option to include the stream description into the streams title for twitch live streams
. enhanced: (DownloadAndResolve-Command) Downloading to networkpaths under windows is now possible
. enhanced: (TaskManager) Added special cell type to ease setting path to files and directories
. fixed: (MPV) Fixed bug with MPV 30 preventing StreamBuffRe from detecting the correct stream length for all streams
. fixed: (PlaylistContextMenu) Tooltips of the conversion profile items for downloading can no longer overlay the item
+ added: (Notifications) When resolving fails the notification will now contain a reason
+ added: (ResolverSettings) You can now let a system command execute if a 429 error occurs while resolving
+ added: (PlayerWidget) Added context menu to the player widget
. changed: (Youtube-dl) Errors while resolving with youtube-dl are now shown in the notification
+ added: (Subtitles) Added possibility to download youtube subtitles via the donwload context menu of a playlistentry
+ added: (Subtitles) Added support for youtube subtitles in mpv. Activate them via mpvs context menu
. fixed: (YoutubeSearch) Playlists and videos of the same playlist will now show the correct text on image
+ added: (SearchresultWindow) Added clicks/viewers to search results (activate in menu or press F8)
. fixed: (StreamInfo) Fixed preview images for twitch videos
. fixed: (SearchresultWindow) Fixed a bug that prevented livestream previewimages from getting refreshed
. fixed: (TaskManager) Fixed special cell types when running in linux and other small fixes
. enhanced: (SearchresultWindow) The context menus will no longer expand to another desktop
. enhanced: (Linux) Using popup to ask for authentication instead of using sudo if possible
. changed: (Linux) GlobalHotkeys are no longer listed in the TaskManager when running in linux
. changed: (Linux) GlobalHotkeys in the settings can no longer cause error in linux
. changed: (Linux) MainWindow is now a bit wider so that task and info are visible in the menu
. fixed: (Taskmanaer) Fixed a bug that could prevent removing of newly created tasks
. fixed: (HTML) Fixed missing html char escaping at various places which prevents breaks in the layout
. enhanced: (Search_Twitch) Teh search will now find more streams based on the entered query
. enhanced: (Search_Twitch) When searching without text, the results will be the 25 currently most watched streams
. enhanced: (Feeds) Feeds of twitch channels now better work for archived, highlighted, uploaded videos and clips
. enhanced: (SearchResultWindow) Now it is saved if a search provider is collapsed or not
. enhanced: (SearchResultWindow) The settings contextmenu now allows you to add and remove search providers
. fixed: (GermanIPTV) Fixed many streamurls for german broadcasting stations
. enhanced: (BufferingSettings) Added settings to force waiting after a segment download failed
. enhanced: (BufferingSettings) Added settings to change the amount of download retries of failed segments
. enhanced: (ResolveAndDownload) The command ResolveAndDownload can now be configured to retry resolving via the ResolveRetries parameter
. enhanced: (ResolveAndDownload) Enhanced detection if the specified stream is already downloading
. changed: (ResolveAndDownload) The TryReconnect command will now try to reconnect 6 times with a waittime of 11 seconds to make it more reliable
. fixed: (Taskmanager) Fixed several bugs in the Taskmanager
+ added: (InformAboutContact) Added new command to inform about the streams a contact is currently watching
. fixed: (LazyLoading) LazyLoading streams will no longer cause invalid errors
. fixed: (Namepipe connection) Fixed a a bug that caused an error when nameedpipe connection was established and user opens settings
. fixed: (Linux) OpenFolderCommand now works in linux
. fixed: (Linux) Fixed an error preventing phantomJs to work on some systems
. fixed: (Linux) HTTP remote control now works in linux
. changed: (Feeds) Now using rss feeds of youtube playlists to speed up retrievel of new entries
. changed: (Linux) Removed several unnecessary settings in linux
. changed: (ContactTreeView) Attaching tasks to get informed about the change of what a contact watches now uses the InformAboutContact command
+ added: (Linux) Added linux/mono support (for further information see
. fixed: (StreamInfo) Fixed a bug that showed invalid creation time of twitch vods
. fixed: (MPV) Fixed a bug that could cause loss of connection to MPV if paused for too long
. fixed: (Feeds) Fixed possible bug that could cause a crash if a linklist provider threw an exception
+ added: (ContactChecker) The contactchecker provides a way to react to changes of connections and contacts with tasks
+ added: (ConnectionsWindow) Added context menu for connections and contacts to quickly attach/remove tasks
+ added: (ConnectionsWindow) Added context menu to keep players in sync even when played url changes or player pauses
. enhanced: (Mono) Improved linux compatibility with mono framework, not ready for usage yet
. fixed: (WatchingSynced) Fixed a bug causing player syncing to fail and notifying about message timeout
. fixed: (WatchingSynced) Fixed a bug that caused a local player that syncs with a paused player to play on instead of pause
. fixed: (Buffering) Fixed a bug that could keep streams buffering after a player switched to play another stream
+ added: (FeedChecker) The feedchecker provides a way to react to new entries in feeds with tasks
. enhanced: (Feeds) Added entries to context menu of feeds to attach/remove tasks to the feed
. enhanced: (ToxConnection) Added option to automatically reconnect on disconnect (is active per default)
. enhanced: (Contacts) Enhanced messagetext, when an event recommendation is received
. enhanced: (Twitch) The Info of twitch streams will now tell if a channel broadcasts reruns instad of being live
. enhanced: (DownloadList) Downloading lists is now more realiable and will only cancel when an entry is removed
. fixed: (DownloadList) Downloading lists now correctly accepts JSON arrays as input for entries
. fixed: (Feeds) The message about new feedentries will no longer show invalid feedentry counts if feed data could not be received
. fixed: (Feeds) Feedentries will now show the correct streaminfos after a feed gets updated
. fixed: (Youtube-dl) If default quality is set to worst the correct quality is now used
. fixed: (Tasks) Created tasks are saved on exit to prevent losing reminders in the timetable preview when closing StreamBuffRe
. fixed: (Taskmanager) StreamBuffRe now prevents opening multiple Taskmanager windows at the same time
. fixed: (Conversion) Removed conversions will no longer yell an error
. fixed: (Downloading) Fixed a bug that could cause downloads to get stuck if they have seperate audio and video
. fixed: (RemoteControll) Fixed possible bug in remote control when removing many conversions at once
. changed: (Playlist) Slightly changed background colors for conversion progress of playlist entries
+ added: (RememberPlaybackposition) StreamBuffRe will now remember the last playbackposition of a video and ask you to return to it next time you start the video
+ added: (RememberPlaybackposition) Added new settings in the the Player settings page
. enhanced: (TimeTable widget) You can now recommend future events to contacts by right clicking on a future event
. fixed: (RemoteControl) Fixed a bug that prevents correct message handling in the remote control while using a fullscreen application
. fixed: (Downloading) Fixed a bug that caused very slow write speeds when saving videos to disk
. added: (StreamOnlineChecker) Added stream infos for mixer streams
. enhanced: (Contacts) Recommentations of single streams are now shown in an info popup
. fixed: (SoundDevices) Fixed a crash caused by missing rights to get system audio devices or absence of any audio devices
. fixed: (ResolveAndDownload Command) fixed some bugs causing incorrect file names and overwritting old files when a folder was given
. enhanced: (Updater) Added additional pauses to the updater to make it smoother and less error prone, also added information for user if it fails, it will be used with next update!
. enhanced: (StreamOnlineChecker) Events will no longer fire while triggers are edited in the taskmanager
+ added: (Contacts) You can now recommend multiple streams or your complete playlist to contacts
+ added: (Youtube-dl) Added option to add the date time of the resolving to live stream titles
. enhanced: (ResolveAndDownload command) Added details to some parameter descriptions and added the QualityName parameter
. enhanced: (TimeTable widget) Enhanced the performance when rendering the timetable
. fixed: (TimeTable widget) Notifications for events without durations are now shown correctly
. fixed: (TimeTable widget) The description of an entry could have the wrong backcolor in the info window
. fixed: (ResolveAndDownload command) Fixed a bug that caused an error when a foldername was used as DestinationPath
! experimental: (ResolveAndDownload command) Added experimental support for reconnects of downloads, also prevents downloading streams twice
+ added: (Tasks) StreamBuffRe can now be automated via tasks, manage them via the Tasks menu on top of the main window
+ added: (Twitch) Added support for several multi twitch stream sites
+ added: (TimeTable Widget) You can now schedule tasks for upcoming events
. enhanced: (TimeTable Widget) Infos about events are now displayed in a html window
. enhanced: (OnlineChecker Widget) Enhanced compability for streams that needs to be resolved
. fixed: (HTMLView) Fixed bug that could cause HTML based views from becoming ccrrupt if a single image didn't load correctly
! changed: (HLS) Advertisments in HLS streams will now be skipped and a notification will be shown
+ added: (RemoteControl) Connections widget was added the remote control, find it via menu
. enhanced: (RemoteControl) Better design in feeds for new and watched items and new link count
. enhanced: (RemoteControl) Better design for watched favourites
. fixed: (RemoteControl) No longer will an unnecessary scroll bar be shown while using darkmode
+ added: (MPV) Dragging and dropping files/urls onto MPV will now resolve them via StreamBuffRe and play them
+ added (RemoteControl settings) Added QR Code to the HTTP remote control settings to ease opening the remote control with a mobile device
+ added: (RemoteControl) Added Feeds to the remote control, you can find them via the menu
+ enhanced: (RemoteControl) Added watermarks to streams and player widget when they are empty
. enhanced: (Youtube-dl) All HTTP-header from youtube-dl are now used providing better compatibility with some services
. enhanced: (ConnectionsTreeview) Prevent context menu items from expanding to other screen
+ added: (Vimeo_Search) Added search for
. enhanced: (RemoteControl) Completely overhauled the remote control, many small enhancements, now works with seperated modules
. enhanced: (HLS Provider) Enhanced stability and lowered latency of HLS streams
. fixed: (StreamInfoPopup) OpenGraph infos are now preffered over video object infos
. fixed: (Conversion) Fixed bug that caused overriding previous files when converting multiple times with the same profile
+ added: (ResolverSettings) Added possibility to change amount of parallel resolving tasks on URL resolver settings page
+ added: (StreamInfoTooltip) StreamInfoTooltip are now also used for history, favourites and feed menu items
+ added: (StreamInfoTooltip) Enhanced meta data recognition, for example the duratioon of youtube videos does now show
. enhanced: (ResolverView) It shows progress when resolving lists and streaminfos on mouse hover, removed unnecesary label
. enhanced: (DragAndDrop) Multiple local files can now dropped and resolved, invalid files are automatically excluded
. fixed: (Menus) Menus will no longer expand to other screens
. fixed: (StreamInfoTooltip) Fixed image url when relative urls are used
. fixed: (StreamInfoTooltip) StreamInfoTooltip will no longer steal the focus of the parent window
. fixed: (DragAndDrop) Dropping local files onto StreamBuffRe to add them works again
. changed: (ResolverTasks) Changed parallel resolving tasks from 6 to 3, can be changed in URL resolver settings page
+ added: (ListSeachWindow) Added support to to search for spotify urls (title and artist will be extracted from urls)
+ added: (DownloadSettings) Added download settings to adjust batch downloads
. enhanced: (BatchConvert) Limited parallel conversions if they are started at once (default is 3)
. enhanced: (BatchDownload) Limited parallel downloads if they are started at once (default is 3)
. enhanced: (StreamInfoTooltip) Enhanced info for twitch VODs
! fixed: (Download) Fixed serious bug that could currupt files downloaded files
. fixed: (Download) Fixed rare bug occuring when downloading many (40 and more) streams parallel
. changed: (SearchResultWindow) Default width on first start was changed
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All features

Slimlined user interface
StreamBuffRe provides a slim and classical interface. Icons make it simple and intuitive to find actions and settings. The most common tasks can be done with just a single click; more advanced tasks are organized in clear menus. A dark and a classic bright theme for each window is available to match your desktop enviroment.

Supports several protocols and streaming services
StreamBuffRe can handle URLs from various video and streaming websites using different protocols. These services include but are not limited to YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch. If you find service StreamBuffRe can't handle yet, you can add compatibility with your own scripts written in JavaScript.

Highly parallel
Don't either watch, save or convert a stream; Use StreamBuffRe and do all of this at the same time. No matter if you want to watch several streams at once or decide on the fly to save some of them, with StreamBuffRe you don't need to download them again. This includes recording of livestreams after you have alredy watched them.

External players
StreamBuffRe uses external media players to play streams with best quality and performance. You can create your own player profiles to directly start a player with custom settings, like using a certain screen or audio output device. Also several different players can be started at the same time, showing different streams parallel.

Integrated search
If you don't have a direct link to a stream or playlist but know its title you can search for it directly from StreamBuffRes main window. Many popular services are included. Searching for lists of titles at once is also supported.

Customizable hotkeys
StreamBuffRe and its running players can be controlled via customizable hotkeys even when minimized. One of the hotkeys is the so called boss key which lets you completely hide StreamBuffRe and all running players with a single button.

Remote control
Don't want to sit in front of your PC or no more screen is left to control StreamBuffRe? StreamBuffRes remote control allows you to handle all streams and running players from any device. The only requirement to use it is a modern web browser. No other program or app is necessary. The remote controls interface can also be freely modified to perfectly match every purpose.

External converter
StreamBuffRe is not limited to just save the streams as they are buffered, but can also use external converter to directly get them in the format you need. Extracting the sound from a video or converting a stream to be played on another device for example, are tasks StreamBuffRe will do for you with only a view clicks.

Manage streams
Create favourites to start streams with preset player profiles with a single click. Get informed if streams are online or new streams are available, to handle every supported playlist like it would be a podcast.

Preview window
Quickly check something or play a stream by using the preview window. It can be customized with several widgets, like schedules showing when a certain show starts on a stream. The preview window opens automatically, when the mouse is above the taskbar icon and hides again on leave.

Ongoing development and automatic updates
The constant development not only ensures quick fixing of bugs, but also adds new features. The internal updater keeps StreamBuffRe, its plugins and other external programs up to date for you. It ensures that you always have the latest features available.

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Download StreamBuffRe Portable download from the Download links under Download and Download other versions!

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There's no actual Linux port. I think it's supposed to run through WINE which it doesn't (at least not on my setup).

Review by pintcat on Oct 10, 2019 Version: OS: Linux Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 2/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 5/10

1 reviews, Showing 1 to 1 reviews

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