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SoX is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS X, etc.) command line utility that can convert various formats of computer audio files in to other formats. It can also apply various effects to these sound files, and, as an added bonus, SoX can play and record audio files on most platforms.

Free software
OS: Windows Mac Linux
File size: 2.6MB
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Latest version

14.4.2 (February 22, 2015)


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Download SoX 14.4.2 Windows  2.6MB  Win

Download SoX 14.4.2 Mac  1.0MB  Mac

Download SoX 14.4.2 Linux  913.5KB  Linux

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Download SoX 14.4.2 Portable Windows  2.5MB  Win  Portable

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Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux

More information and other downloads

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog


Previously deprecated features that have been removed in this release:

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)]
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement
------- ---------------------- ----------------------
14.3.0 O -1/-2/-3/-4/-8 -b
14.3.0 O -s/-u/-f -e
14.3.0 O -A/-U/-o/-i/-a/-g -e
14.4.0 E swap with parameters remix
14.4.0 E mixer remix
14.4.1 OpenMP < 3.0 OpenMP >= 3.0
14.4.1 F ffmpeg ffmpeg/avconv via pipe

File formats:

o Add optional support for reading Ogg Opus files. (John Stumpo)
o Fix for max size text chunks in aiff files. (cbagwell)
o Add reading support for RF64 WAV files. (Dave Lambley)
o Work around for libsndfile created RF64 files with invalid
sizes. (Dave Lambley)
o Detect MS ADPCM WAV files with invalid blocks. (cbagwell)
o Detect Sphere files with invalid header sizes. (cbagwell)


o 'Deemph' can now also be used at 48kHz sample rate. (robs)
o 'Rate' now much faster in many cases. (robs)
o Allow sending spectrograms to stdout. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Allow use of Dolph window with spectrograms. (robs)
o Allow mixing time and sample-count arguments for the delay
effect, and for spectrogram -S and -d. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Support multi-channel LADSPA plugins. (Eric Wong)
o Support infinite repetition with repeat. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Improved pink noise frequency response in synth. (robs)
o Extended syntax for specifying audio positions to several
effects. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix integer overflow in mcompand. [3590093] (Guido Aulisi)
o Add optional latency compenstation for LADSPA plugins. (Eric Wong)

Other new features:

o New -p option for soxi to display sample precision. (Ulrich Klauer)
o New libsox example6: give explicit output attributes. (robs)

Internal improvements:

o Speed optimization for effects that operate on channels
independently. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix memory leaks. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Most internal symbols (lsx_*) are no longer exported. (Ulrich Klauer)

sox-14.4.1 2013-02-01

Newly deprecated features (to be removed in future):

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)] Removal
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement due after
------- ---------------------- ---------------------- -------
14.4.1 OpenMP < 3.0 OpenMP >= 3.0 14.4.1
14.4.1 F ffmpeg ffmpeg/avconf via pipe 14.4.1

File formats:

o Fix pipe file-type detection regression. (robs)
o MAUD write fixes. [3507927] (Carl Eric Codere and Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix crash when seeking within a FLAC file. [3476843] (Eric Wong)
o Fix Ogg Vorbis files with certain numbers of channels being truncated. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix reading 64-bit float WAVs. [3481510] (nu774 and Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix potential buffer overrun when writing FLAC files directly via sox_write(). [3474924] (Eric Wong)

Audio device drivers:

o Check whether pulseaudio is available before choosing it as default. (robs)


o Restore 8 seconds default for spectrogram, if the input length is not known. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Set output length for splice to unknown instead of 0. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Increase maximum width for spectrograms. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix memory leaks in LADSPA effect. (Eric Wong)
o Fix hang in several effects (rate, tempo, and those based on dft_filter) when processing long files. [3592482, 3594822] (MrMod)
o Prevent (m)compand from tampering with their arguments. (Ulrich Klauer)

Other bug fixes:

o Fix input length calculation for combine methods other than concatenate. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix to to work with Autoconf 2.69. [3600293] (cbagwell)
o Use binary mode for pipes on all Windows compilers, rather than MSVC only. [3602130] (Ulrich Klauer)


Previously deprecated features that have been removed in this release:

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)]
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement
------- ---------------------- ----------------------
14.3.0 O --interactive --no-clobber
14.3.0 E filter ~= sinc
14.3.0 E norm -b, norm -i gain -B, gain -en
14.2.0 E key alias pitch
14.2.0 E pan ~= remix
14.1.0 E resample alias rate
14.1.0 E polyphase alias rate
14.1.0 E rabbit alias rate
14.3.1 F sndfile: sndfile 1.0.11 sndfile > 1.0.11
14.3.0 F flac: libFLAC < 1.1.3 libFLAC >= 1.1.3
14.3.1 F mp3: lame 3.97 lame > 3.97

Newly deprecated features (to be removed in future):

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)] Removal
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement due after
------- ---------------------- ---------------------- -------
14.4.0 E mixer remix 14.4.0 + 1 year
14.4.0 E swap with parameters remix 14.4.0

Previously deprecated features (to be removed in future):

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)] Removal
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement due after
------- ---------------------- ---------------------- -------
14.3.0 O -1/-2/-3/-4/-8 -b 14.4.0
14.3.0 O -s/-u/-f -e 14.4.0
14.3.0 O -A/-U/-o/-i/-a/-g -e 14.4.0

File formats:

o Mention in man pages that WAV files support floating point encodings.
o Add support for floating point encodings in AIFF-C files. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Pad WAV data chunk to an even number of bytes (as required by the specification). [3203418] (Ulrich Klauer)
o Add optional MP2 write support with twolame library. (Paul Kelly)

Audio device drivers:

o Give pulseaudio driver higher priority than alsa or oss now that its proven stable and gives user more features; such as per app volume control. (cbagwell)
o Fix bug when specifying OSX coreaudio device name. Would only search for first 3 devices. (cbagwell)
o Fix sox hangups are exit when using coreaudio. (cbagwell)
o Improve buffering in coreaudio driver (Michael Chen)
o Support enabling play/rec mode when user invokes sox as either play or play.exe on windows. (cbagwell)
o Fix compile of sunaudio driver on OpenBSD (cbagwell)


o Improvements to man pages for tempo effect. Really made in 14.3.2. (Jim Harkins).
o New upsample effect. (robs)
o Fix to effects pipeline to let fade effect specify time from end of file again. (cbagwell and Thor Andreassen)
o Fix man page default error for splice effect. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Enable support for --plot option on biquad and fir effects. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Effects chain can now be unlimited in length. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix newfile/restart effects when merging or mixing files. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix crashes in compand and mcompand effects. [3420893] (Ulrich Klauer)
o Let the delay effect gracefully handle the special case that a delay can be more than the input length. [3055399] (Ulrich Klauer)
o New hilbert and downsample effects. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix problem where fade would sometimes fail if specifying a fade-out immediately after a fade-in. (robs)
o Stricter syntax checking for several effects (might reveal bugs hidden in existing scripts). (Ulrich Klauer)
o Calculate output audio length for most effects. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix problems with several effects when the buffer size was not evenly divisible by the number of channels. [3420899] (Ulrich Klauer)
o Complete rewrite of the trim effect with extended syntax (backwards compatible) and capabilities. [FR 2941349] (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix trim optimization unexpectedly seeking backwards. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Prevent samples from getting lost at effects chain transitions in multiple effects chain/multiple output modes. (Ulrich Klauer)


o Minor improvements to the man page. (Ulrich Klauer)
o When using pipes (-p) on Windows, set file mode to binary. (cbagwell)
o Updated .dat format description in soxformat. (Jan Stary)
o Doxygen documentation for libSoX. (Doug Cook)

Other bug fixes:

o Fix several memory leaks. [3309913] (Jin-Myung Won and Ulrich Klauer)
o Fixed crashes in apps that call sox_format_init/quit() mujltiple times.

Internal improvements:

o Added use_threads variable to sox_globals. This should be used to enable or disable use of parallel effects processing instead of directly calling omp_set_num_threads. (Doug Cook)
o Fix compiler warnings. (Cristian Morales Vega [P. 3072301], Doug Cook)
o Improve large file support by using 64-bit numbers to count samples. (Doug Cook, Thor Andreassen, Ulrich Klauer)


File formats:

o Add seek support to mp3 handler for speed improvements. (Pavel Karneliuk)
o Fix bug were WavPack header was not updated correctly when closing file. Fixed libsox memory leak when closing WavPack files. (David Bryant)
o Fix RIFF chunk length error when writing 24-bit files. (David Bryant)
o 24-bit WAV files were leaving channel maps unassigned. Change to use common channel mappings based on channel count. This allows to work more seemlessly with other apps such as WavPack and Foobar2000. (David Bryant)
o Fix ffmpeg playback bug caused by alignment requirements on some platforms. Closes bug #3017690. (Reuben Thomas).
o Fix memory leak in ffmpeg. (Doug Cook)
o Handle 0 length chunks in WAV files gracefully. (Beat Jorg)
o When skipping over chunks, account for word alignment. Helps with some Logic Pro generated files. (D Lambley)
o Fix incorrect MP3 file length determination with VBR & .5s initial silence. (robs)

Audio device drivers:

o Fix immediate segfault on OSX while attempting to record. (Adam Fritzler)
o Fix segfault on OSX playback for some HW that gives smaller then requested buffers. (cbagwell)
o Clean up system resource in coreaudio on close. Allows running back-to-back open()/close()'s without exiting app first. (cbagwell)
o Add support for 32-bit samples to OSS driver. (Eric Lammerts)
o Add support for 24 and 32-bit samples to waveaudio (Win32) driver. (Doug Cook)
o Support specifying audio device other than default on OSX (cbagwell)


o F.R. [3051700] spectrogram -r for `raw' spectrogram, no legend. (robs)
o Fix -w option on stats effect. (Ronald Sprouse)
o Fix segfault with some ladspa plugins (Thor Andreassen)
o Optionally look for png.h in libpng directory to support OpenBSD packaging. Helps enable spectrograph effect. (cbagwell)
o libpng15 requires application to include zlib.h header file. (cbagwell) Add this to spectrograph effect. [3184238]
o Enable LADSPA effects on all platforms without any external dependencies. Mainly useful for Linux, Windows and OS X which have binaries readily available. (cbagwell)
o Support specifying an absolute end location for trim effect instead only an offset from trim begin location. (Ulrich Klauer)
o Fix regression where MP3 handler required libmad headers to be installed. (Samuli Suominen)
o Allow dynamic loading of lame to be enabled even if lame header files are not installed. (Doug Cook)

Other new features:

o Soxi now reports duration of AMR files. (robs)
o Document the "multiple" combine option in man pages and in usage output (Ulrich Klauer).

Internal improvements:

o Distribute msvc9 project files that had been in CVS only. (cbagwell)
o Add msvc10 project files (also compatible with the Windows SDK 7.1). (Doug Cook)
o cmake now compiles waveaudio driver under windows environment. (cbagwell) [3072672]


Newly deprecated features (to be removed in future):

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)] Removal
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement due after
------- ---------------------- ---------------------- -------
14.3.1 F mp3: lame 3.97 lame > 3.97 2011-04-11
14.3.1 F sndfile: sndfile 1.0.11 sndfile > 1.0.11 14.3.1

Previously deprecated features (to be removed in future):

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)] Removal
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement due after
------- ---------------------- ---------------------- -------
14.2.0 E key alias pitch 14.3.1
14.2.0 E pan ~= mixer/remix 14.3.1
14.3.0 F flac: libFLAC 1.1.2,3 libFLAC > 1.1.3 14.3.1
14.3.0 PLAY_RATE_ARG SOX_OPTS 14.3.1
14.3.0 E norm -b, norm -i gain -B, gain -en 2010-06-14
14.3.0 E filter ~=sinc 2010-06-14
14.1.0 E resample alias rate 2010-06-14
14.1.0 E polyphase alias rate 2010-06-14
14.1.0 E rabbit alias rate 2010-06-14

LibSoX interface changes:

o Added new variants of sox_open to allow read/write from/to memory buffers (in POSIX 2008 environment); see example5.c. (robs)

File formats:

o New Grandstream ring-tone (gsrt) format. (robs)
o CVSD encode/decode speed-ups. (Kimberly Rockwell, P. Chaintreuil)
o Add ability to select MP3 compression parameters. (Jim Harkins)
o Now writes out ID3-tags in MP3 files with lame supports it. (Doug Cook)
o Also can write VBR Tag ("XING Header") in MP3 files. (Jim Hark / Doug Cook)
o Increase percision of MP3 encoders to use 24-bits instead of 16-bits. (Doug Cook)
o Fix failed writing 24-bit PAF files (and possibly other libsndfile based formats). (cbagwell)
o Allow libsndfile to be dlopen()'ed at runtime if --enable-dl-sndfile is used. (Doug Cook)
o Allow amr-nb/amr-wb to be dlopen()'ed at runtime if --enable-dl-amrwb or --enable-dl-amrnb is used. (Doug Cook)
o amrnb and amrwb formats can optionally use opencore-amr libraries. (cbagwell)

Audio device drivers:

o Add native windows audio driver. (Pavel Karneliuk, Doug Cook)
o Add 32-bit support to ALSA driver. (Pavel Hofman)
o Make OpenBSD sndio audio driver default over older sunau driver.


o Fix [2254919] silence doesn't trim digital silence correctly. (robs)
o Fix [2859842] stats effect crashes on 64-bit arch. (Ulrich Klauer)

Other new features:

o Added libSoX example #4: concatenating audio files. (robs)
o Show soxi version & usage information when no args given. (robs)

Other bug fixes:

o Fix build so that grouped files (e.g. play -r 6k "*.vox" plays all at 6k) works. (robs)
o Fix build to support auto file type detection with pipes on FreeBSD and elsewhere. (Dan Nelson)
o Fix simultaneous play & rec not working. (robs)
o Fix multi-threading problems on multi-core Windows OS; also, change default to single-threaded.
o Fix mistaken file size with pipe input on Windows. (Doug Cook)
o Fix missing documentation for -R (repeatable), and pulseaudio driver.
o Fix memory leak of format private data. (Slawomir Testowy)

Internal improvements:

o Move bit-rot detection support files to sub-directory (could previously cause build problems). (robs)
o [2859244] Fixes to improve compatibility with MSVC. (Doug Cook)
o Added utilities to help any format handler dlopen() external libraries at run time instead of link time. (Doug Cook)
o Compiling with mingw now has feature parity with cygwin. (Doug Cook and cbagwell)


Previously deprecated features that have been removed in this release:

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)]
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement
------- ---------------------- ----------------------
14.1.0 E resample * ~= rate
14.1.0 E polyphase * ~= rate
14.1.0 E rabbit * ~= rate
14.2.0 E dither: RPDF,scaled dither (TPDF only)
14.1.0 F flac: libFLAC 1.1.1 libFLAC > 1.1.1

* But interface retained as an alias for `rate'.

LibSoX interface changes:

o sox_format_init() has been supeseded by sox_init().
o Removed obsolete error codes (SOX_E...); new sox_strerror() function to convert error codes to text.
o Use of sox_effect_options() is now mandatory when initialising an effect (see example0.c for an example of this).
o sox_flow_effects() has a new (3rd) parameter: a void pointer `client_data' that is passed as a new (2nd) parameter to the flow callback function. client_data may be NULL.

File formats:

o Slight improvement to A-law/u-law conversion accuracy: round LSB instead of truncating. (robs)
o Fix length in wav header with multi-channel output to pipe. (robs)
o Fix [2028181] w64 float format incompatibility. (Tim Munro)
o Fix reading AIFF files with pad bytes in COMT chunks. (Joe Holt)
o Fix AIFF file length bug to stop reading trash data on files that have extra chunks at end of file. (Joe Holt)
o Fix file length being 4 bytes short for AIFF sowt CD tracks. (Joe Holt)
o Fix [2404566] segfault when converting from MS ADPCM wav file. (robs)
o Fix slight FLAC seek inaccuracy e.g. when using `trim' effect. (robs)
o Fix mp3 decode sometimes being up to a block short. (robs)
o Fix not outputing GSM-in-wav when input is GSM-in-wav. (robs)

Audio device drivers:

o New native OpenBSD audio handler for play/recording. (Alexandre Ratchov)
o 24-bit support for ALSA handler. (robs)
o Warn if ALSA under/overrun. (robs)


o New `stats' effect; multichannel audio statistics. (robs)
o New `sinc' FFT filter effect; replacement for `filter'. (robs)
o New `fir' filter effect using external coefficients/file. (robs)
o New `biquad' filter effect using external coefficients. (robs)
o New `overdrive' effect. (robs)
o New `vad' Voice Activity Detector effect. (robs)
o `synth' enhancements: can now set common parameters for multiple channels, new `pluck' and `tpdf' types, `scientific' note notation, [2778142] just intonation. (robs)
o New multi-channel support and revised sizing options for `spectrogram'. N.B. revised options are not directly backwards compatible -- see the man page for details of the new syntax. (robs)
o Richer gain/normalise options. (robs)
o [2704442] Slight change to `riaa' gain: now norm'd to 0dB @ 1k (previously 19.9dB @ DC). (Glenn Davis)
o Fix [2487589] `dither' clipping detection & handling. (robs)
o Fix `repeat' sometimes stopping repeating too soon. (robs)
o Fix `repeat' sometimes repeating wrong audio segments. (robs)
o Fix [2332343] 'silence' segfault with certain lengths. (cbagwell)
o Fix `silence' empty output file with A-law input. (robs)
o Fix temporary file problems in Windows (cygwin) with normalise and other effects. (robs)
o Fix [2779041] spectrogram PNG file is invalid on Windows. (robs)
o Fix [2787587] `trim x 0' should produce zero length audio. (robs)
o Parallel effects channel processing on some hyper-threading/mult-core architectures. New `--single-threaded' option to disable this. (robs)

Other new features:

o Added ability to create shared DLL's on cygwin (cbagwell)
o New `--guard' & `--norm' options; use temporary files to guard against clipping for many, but not currently all, effects. (robs)
o New `--ignore-length' option to ignore length in input file header (for simple encodings & for mp3); instead, read to end of file. (robs)
o New `--temp DIRECTORY' option. (robs)
o New `--play-rate-arg ARG' option. (robs)
o New SOX_OPTS environment variable; can be used to provide default values for above and other options. (robs)
o Grouped files, e.g. play -r 6k "*.vox" plays all at 6k. (robs)
o Automatically `dither'; new `--no-dither' option to disable this. (robs)
o Can now use `v' & `V' keys to adjust volume whilst playing audio (on some systems). (robs)
o New bitrate, time in seconds, & total options for soxi; bitrate and file-size display for sox. (robs)
o `Magic' (libmagic) file type detection now selected using `--magic' option (where supported).
o [2003121] In many cases, no longer need to specify -t when inputing audio from a `pipe'. (robs)
o Support more Shoutcast URL variants. (robs)
o Added libSoX example #3: playing audio. (robs)

Other bug fixes:

o Fix [2262177] SoX build could fail with parse /etc/issue error. (robs)
o Fix "no handler for detected file type `application/octet-stream; charset=binary'" with raw files when using libmagic. (robs)

Internal improvements:

o Rationalise use of and make repeatable across different platforms pseudo random number generators. (robs)
o Rationalise effects' options interface (getopt compatible). (robs)
o Added stub headers to allow test compilation of all sources on linux. (robs)


Previously deprecated features that have been removed in this release:

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)]
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement
------- ---------------------- ----------------------
14.0.0 E pitch new pitch = old key

File formats:

o New `.cvu' unfiltered CVSD; supports any bit-rate. (robs)
o New `.sox' native format intended for intermediate files. (robs)
o Fix WAV write on 64-bit arch. (robs)
o Fix writing PRC ADPCM files. (Silas Brown)
o Fix problems reading short mp3 files. (robs)


o N.B. Reduced default bandwidth setting for `rate' effect from 99% to 95%; use `rate -s' to be compatible with SoX v14.1.0. (robs)
o New options for `rate' effect to configure phase response, band-width and aliasing. (robs)
o New options for 'dither' effect: RPDF, TPDF, noise-shaping. (robs)
o New `riaa' effect: RIAA vinyl playback EQ. (robs)
o New `loudness' effect: gain control with ISO 226 loudness compensation. (robs)
o New `bend' effect; pitch bending. (robs)
o New -b option for the norm effect; can be used to fix stereo imbalance. (robs)
o Wider tempo range for `tempo' effect. (robs)
o New --effects-file option to read effects and arguments from a file instead of command line. (cbagwell)
o `filter' effect now supports --plot. (robs)
o Improved documentation for the `stat' effect. (robs)
o Fix broken audio pass-through with noiseprof effect. (robs)
o Fix graph legend display when using --plot octave. (robs)
o Fix rare crash with `rate' effect. (robs)
o Fix [2190767] `norm' under-amplifying in some cases. (George Yohng)
o Fix [2007062] Earwax effect can overflow; should clip. (robs)
o Fix [2223251] mcompand should use linkwitz-riley. (robs)
o Fix `phaser' clicks and overflows. (robs)
o Trim will now skip past 2G point correctly. (cbagwell)
o Improved handling of speed changes in the effects chain. (robs)

Other new features:

o New psuedo-effects "newfile" and ":" to allow running multiple effect chains on a single file. newfile will create a new output file when an effect chain terminates. Of most use with trim and silence effects. (cbagwell)
o Can now use multiple pipes as inputs to the combiner; see `Special Filenames' in sox(1). (robs)
o Display SoX build/run environment information with -V -V. (robs)
o Display (with -V) the detected file-type if it differs from the file extension. (robs)
o New -t option for soxi; to display the detected file type. (robs)
o New -b/--bits, -e/--encoding alternative options for specifying audio encoding parameters. (robs)
o [FR 1958680] Support more than 32 input files. (robs)
o New native Mac OSX audio handler for playing/recording. (cbagwell)

Other bug fixes:

o Bump library version because it was not binary compatible with SoX 14.0.1 (Pascal Giard)
o Turn off versioning of special libsox_fmt* libraries since thats not really needed. (kwizart)
o Fixed crash when running play with no arguments. (Dan Nelson)
o Allow libpng to be found with -static option. (cbagwell)
o Allow libsamplerate to be found if pkg-config is installed but no samplerate.pc exists. (cbagwell)
o [2038855] external lpc10 lib patch. (Oden Eriksson, Mandriva)
o Fix memory leaks in effects chain when restarting effects. (cbagwell)
o Fixed pkg-config CFLAGS. (evilynux)
o Fix sndfile inclusion in build in some circumstances. (robs)
o Fix [2026912] Fails on URL-like filenames. (robs)
o Always add _LARGEFILE_SUPPORT when off_t is 64bits to work around buggy platforms. Fixes not able to read WAV files. (cbagwell)

Internal improvements:

o Fixed all compiler warnings (with gcc 4.3.1, 64-bit arch.). (robs)
o Updates to internal effects chain API. (cbagwell)
o Retire old FFT routines (speeds up `noisered' effect). (robs)
o Allow effects to use getopt. (robs)
o Use libmagic for mp3. (robs)
o Change sox_seek() offset to 64-bit to work with > 2G files (cbagwell)
o Merged libsfx back into libsox to align with sox.h API. (cbagwell)


Previously deprecated features that have been removed in this release:

Deprec- Feature [O(ption)]
ated in [F(ormat)] [E(ffect)] Replacement
------- ---------------------- ----------------------
13.0.0 O -e -n
13.0.0 O -b/-w/-l/-d -1/-2/-4/-8
13.0.0 E avg, pick mixer
13.0.0 E highp, lowp highpass -1, lowpass -1
13.0.0 E mask dither
13.0.0 E vibro ~= tremolo
13.0.0 F auto Becomes internal only

File formats:

o New option --help-format shows info about supported format(s). (robs)
o New WavPack format (includes lossless audio compression, but not guaranteed lossless file compression). (robs)
o New htk format. (robs)
o Add .f4 & .f8 raw file extensions. (robs)
o Writing aiff, aifc & dvms now repeatable with -R. (robs)
o Writing hcom no longer fails with unsupported rate--chooses best match. (robs)
o Au/snd: added support for 32-bit integer and 64-bit float PCM encoding/decoding; display name of unsupported encoding. (robs)
o Can now write .amb (.wav variant) files [FR 1902232]. (robs)
o Can now read 2,3(2.6),4 bit ADPCM .voc files [FR 1714991]. (robs)
o Can now read some MP3 ID3 tags. (robs)
o Can now write Sounder files. (robs)
o Can now write DEC-variant au files (with -x). (robs)
o Comments support for SoundTool files. (robs)
o Fix [1864216] comments mangled when writing ogg-vorbis. (robs)
o Fix short noise at end of alsa playback. (Morita Sho/Tim Munro/robs)
o Fix wve seek accuracy. (robs)
o Fix lpc10 not working. (robs)
o Fix [1187257] wav MS-ADPCM block-align size incorrect. (robs)
o For wav & au, fix [548256] size in header wrong when piping out. (robs)
o Fix IRCAM SF header processing; support all (modern) variants. (robs)
o Fix 24-bit read/write on big-endian systems. (robs)
o Fix crash trying to open non-existent play-list. (robs)
o Fix FLAC read from stdin with libFLAC >= 8. (Patrick Taylor Ramsey/robs)
o Fix [1997637] Trim effect loses samples (with wav). (robs)


o New `splice' effect; splice together audio sections. (robs)
o New `remix' effect; mixes any number of channels. (robs)
o New `norm' (normalise) effect. (robs)
o New `delay' effect; delay one or more channels. (robs)
o New `contrast' enhancement effect [FR 708923]. (robs)
o Improved `rate' resampling effect; resample, polyphase, & rabbit now deprecated. (robs)
o New `spectrogram' effect; creates a PNG (if built with PNG lib). (robs)
o `synth' can now sweep linearly and squarely (as well as exponentially). (robs)
o Can now `fade' out to EOF without giving file-length (if it can be determined from the input file header). (robs)
o Fix synth max. level setting for some output encodings. (robs)
o Fix crash on 64-bit arch. with tempo & key effects. (Sami Liedes)
o `gain' alias for the vol effect. (robs)

Other new features:

o Now possible to control play-back resampling quality (and hence cpu-load) via the PLAY_RATE_ARG environment variable. (robs)
o Command line support for multiple file comments. (robs)
o New --combine=mix-power option to mix combine using 1/sqrt(n) scaling instead of 1/n [FR 2012856]. (robs)
o New --input-buffer option to specify (only) input buffer size. (robs)
o New `soxi' utility to extract/display file header fields. (robs)
o Pkg-config support. (Pascal Giard)
o Simple VU meter. (robs)
o Heuristic to detect when playing an album and set the default replay-gain mode to `album'. (robs)
o Better auto-choice of output file format parameters when type is different to that of input file. (robs)
o SoX now treats (and displays) encoding size & signal precision separately. (robs)
o Default audio devices (sox), and allow environment variables to be used to override the default audio device driver (rec/play) and default audio device (all). (robs)
o Simpler file info display for `play'. (robs)
o For some file-types, warn if file size seems too short. (robs)
o Added auto-detect for caf, sndr, txw & sf files. (robs)
o Added example0: simpler example of how to develop applications that use the libSoX effects chain. (robs)
o Added example2: simple example of how to develop applications that use libSoX to read an audio file. (robs)
o Moved contents of soxexam man page into soxeffect man page. (robs)

Other bug fixes:

o Fix [1890983] rec shortcut should apply bit depth (8-bit, 16-bit, etc.) to input handler. (robs)
o Fix ungraceful handling of out of disc space and other write errors (bug was introduced in 14.0.0). (robs)
o Fix endian selection (-B, -L, -x) in some circumstances. (robs)
o Fix auto-detect of hcom files. (robs)

Internal improvements:

o Use FORTIFY_SOURCE with gcc. (robs)
o Fixed all compiler warnings (with gcc 4.2.3, 32-bit arch). (robs)
o Reimplement (separately) SoundTool & Sounder format handlers. (robs)
o Allow formats & effects to have any size of private data. (robs)


File formats:

o Added support for non-standard, non-WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE (esp. 24-bit) PCM wav (see wavpcm in soxformat.7 for details). (robs)


o Reimplemented reverb to be similar to freeverb. (robs)

Bug fixes:

o Fix Sndtool read error causing noise at start. (Reynir Stefánsson)
o Fix mixer with >4 numbers, and mixer -3 behaving as mixer -4. (robs)
o Fix [1748909] sox does not report remaining playtime of mp3s. (robs)
o Fix failure to read AIFF files with empty MARK chunk. (robs)
o Fix spurious 'Premature EOF' message in some circumstances. (robs)
o Switched to 16-bit for libao driver since not all its plugins support it (such as oss, nas, and pulse audio) (Morita Sho)
o Stop crash when "rec" is run with no arguments (Morita Sho).
o Fix -V (without argument) on non-gnu systems. (robs)
o Fix reported (with -V) output audio length in some cases. (robs)
o Fix actual FLAC output file audio length in some cases. (robs)
o Fix poor 24-bit FLAC compression & support newer versions of libFLAC (1.2.x). (robs)
o Fix loss of 1 decoded FLAC block when using "trim 0 ...". (robs)
o Fix trim when first effect with IMA-ADPCM input wav file. (robs)

Internal improvements:

o Let "make distcheck" run some automated test scripts.
o Distribute missing cmake files.
o Fix ogg vorbis compile error on some platforms.
o Remove unused libltdl that could cause header mismatch with installed libltdl.
o Fix AMR detection with --disable-shared. (robs)
o Updated configure to support linking to static libraries on mingw for flac, ogg, and libsamplerate libraries.
o Added example1: simple example of how to develop applications that use the libSoX effects chain. (robs)


File formats:

o Added ffmpeg support. (Reuben Thomas)
o FLAC: added seekable decoding; added seek-table generation. (robs)
o Added M3U & PLS playlist formats [FR# 1667341] (Note: SHOUTcast PLS is only partially supported). (robs)
o Made format readers and writers into individual modules for easier distribution of differently-licensed code. (Reuben Thomas)
o Added libao support. (Reuben Thomas)
o Added support for ADPCM-encoded PRC files, based on Danny Smith's rec2wav and sndcmp. (Reuben Thomas)
o Added AMR-NB [FR# 728875] & AMR-WB formats (with external libs). (robs)
o Added LPC-10 support. (Reuben Thomas)


o Use LADSPA effects (one input, one output). (Reuben Thomas)
o --octave option changed to --plot; can now also use gnuplot to plot effect transfer function. (robs)
o Added soft-knee companding. (robs)
o Show (with --plot) compand transfer function. (robs)
o Allow e.g. "vol 6dB" (as well as "vol 6 dB"). (robs)
o Changed deemph filter from 1st order to 2nd order for slightly better accuracy. (robs)
o Add option to silence effect to leave periods of silence in and only strip out extra silence. (Mark Schreiber)
o synth can now generate any number of channels. (robs)
o mixer can now mixdown to mono any number of channels. (robs)
o Added oops effect (mixer special case). (robs)
o All effects that could only work on mono or stereo audio, now work with any number of channels. (robs)
o Added WSOLA-based key and tempo effects. (robs)

Other new features:

o Show (with -S) if clipping is occurring. (robs)
o Added internet input file support (needs wget). (robs)
o Made it possible to build without sound drivers. (Reuben Thomas)

Bug fixes:

o Fix (m)compand transfer function non-linearities; fix compand drain volume. (robs)
o Fix crash with pan effect. (robs)
o Add missing RM define to Makefiles so installs work.
(Bug# 1666599) (cbagwell)
o Fix I/O performance regression in 13.0.0. (Reuben Thomas)
o Fix .lu, .la read regression in 13.0.0 [Bug# 1715076]. (robs)
o Fix uncompressed NIST/Sphere read regression in v13 [Bug #1736016].
o Fix displayed times when playing a file and using trim. (robs)
o Fix CDDA sector duration display for non-CDDA sample rates. (robs)
o synth fixes: brown noise; inverted square wave; offset < 0. (robs)
o Fix crash when encoding Vorbis or FLAC: with no comment. (robs)
o Fix effect drain problems: chorus, echo(s), phaser. (robs)
o Fix rabbit responsiveness and memory problems. (Peter Samuelson)
o Fix broken stereo audio when recording using ALSA. (robs)
o Fix OSS driver on big endian machines that was introduced in last release.

Internal improvements:

o Renamed libst to libsox for name recongition and to avoid duplications with other existing libst libraries. (Reuben Thomas)
o Moved effects to libsfx. (Reuben Thomas)
o Got rid of several hundred compiler warnings. (robs, Reuben Thomas)
o Added basic performance testing of I/O. (Reuben Thomas)
o Effects chain processing now available in libSoX. (robs)
o Added effects-chain buffering for effects that use a window [FR# 1621695]. (robs)
o Added cmake build files for Win32. (robs)


File formats:

o Support for .caf, .paf, .fap, .nist, .w64, .nist, Matlab 4.2/5.0 (Octave 2.0/2.1), .pvf, .sds, .sd2 and .xi file formats via libsndfile. If available, libsndfile can also be used to handle all the other file formats it understands. (Reuben Thomas)
o Add FLAC support (robs)
o Support Maxis's XA format. (Dwayne C. Litzenberger)
o Add support for 24-bit PCM raw, wav (WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE) [FR# 801015], au, aiff, & flac files. (robs)
o Add AIFF-C output support. (shashimoto)
o New .ima file format for raw IMA ADPCM. (robs)
o Allow the rate and number of channels of .au files to be overridden by command-line arguments. (robs)
o Add seek support for GSM data in WAV files. Rafal Maszkowski
o Allow encoding quality to be specified (FLAC & Ogg, but not MP3 yet). (robs)
o Rename -b to -1, -w to -2, -l to -4, -d to -8, and mask to dither. (robs)
o New options for specifying endianness (and separate options for nibble & bit reversal) [FR# 1621702]. (robs)
o Improved multi-channel file reading; fixes [1599990]. (robs)


o Equalizer effect (Pascal Giard)
o bass and treble altering effects. (robs)
o New optional rabbit resample routine, using libsamplerate (aka Secret Rabbit Code). (Reuben Thomas)
o Added allpass filter effect. (robs)
o Documented the butterworth filter effects; added variable Q. (robs)
o "rate" effect made an alias for "resample".
o Visualisation of various filters' frequency response via Octave. (robs)
o Can now specify width of many 2nd-order filters as: Hz, octaves, or Q. (robs)
o Dither/mask amount now specifiable. (robs)
o Consistent (and hopefully complete) clipping detection and reporting. (robs)
o Allow command-line time parameters of < 1 sec to omit the leading 0. (robs)
o Improved synth usage and improved the synth entry in the man- page. (robs)
o Higher quality audio speed adjustment; also fixes [1155364]. (robs)
o Replacement flanger effect; also fixes [1393245]. (robs)
o Added silence padding effect. (robs)
o Added ability for noiseprof to use stdout and noisered to use stdin [FR# 1621694]. (Reuben Thomas)
o vibro effect name deprecated in favour of tremolo; this effect reimplemented as a special case of synth. (robs)

Other new features:

o Remove soxmix. (Reuben Thomas)
o Preview mode now removed, as all it did was use rate rather than resample, and rate has been removed.
o -V now gives only user-relevant messages, use -V -V to get developer-relevant messages. (robs)
o -V output much improved and expanded; now includes display of (auto-)selected effects. (robs)
o sox man-page overhaul, new soxexam man-page entries. (robs)
o Added command line options for specifying the output file comment. (robs)
o Added ability to merge e.g. 2 mono files to 1 stereo file [FR# 1297076]. (robs)
o Removed the restrictions whereby multiple input files had to have the same data encoding & size, and in most situations where they had to have the same # of channels, and for play where they had to have the same sampling-rate. (robs)
o Options to apply replay-gain on input; enabled by default with `play'. (robs)
o Can now use Ctrl-C to skip to next track when playing multiple files (e.g. play *.mp3); Ctrl-C twice to exit. (robs)
o Added --interactive option to prompt to overwrite pre-existing output file. (robs)
o Added large file support. (Reuben Thomas)

Bug fixes:

o Fix writing MP3 files on AMD64 processors.
o More fixes to MP3 tag reading. Sometimes tags were detected as valid MP3 frames.
o Fix to stop, avoiding a crash, when starting of effects fails. (Reuben Thomas)
o Fixed a bug introduced in 12.18.2 that stopped the draining of effects from occuring. This had stopped the reverse effect, among others, from working. (Reuben Thomas)
o Several effects are now optimised out in situations where they need do nothing, e.g. changing rate from 8000 to 8000, or changing volume by 0dB [Bug# 1395781]. (robs)
o Fix rounding error when reading command-line time parameters. (robs)
o Fix nul file hander ignoring other format options if rate option has not been given. (robs)
o Fix synth length accuracy. (robs)
o Fix broken audio when downmixing with any of the following effects: synth, deemph, vibro. (robs)
o Fixed deemph & earwax effects to work with MP3, vorbis, & FLAC. (robs)
o Fix wav file handler discarding the last PCM sample in certain circumstances. (robs)
o Fix [1627972] AIFF read bug when MARK chunk present. (Richard Fuller)
o Fix [1160154] VOX to WAV conversion problem. (robs)
o Removed (for output file only) the potentially problematic -v option. Use the vol effect instead. (robs)
o Improved the accuracy of integer and floating point PCM conversions. (robs)
o Don't go into a loop on zero-padded WAVs. (Jorge Serna)
o Fix to AIFF writing to avoid writing invalid files in some situations. (Reuben Thomas)
o Fix compander effect bugs: [1613030] Compand fails to compress clipping, [1181423] compand with 0 sec attack/release. (robs)

Internal improvements:

o More and better self-tests. (robs)
o Build system overhaul to use the full set of GNU autotools. (Reuben Thomas)
o Add new getopt1.c to win32 project file.
o Remove old, optional rate change and alaw/ulaw conversion code. (Reuben Thomas)
o Removed the old internally invoked (but mentioned in the man page) copy effect. (robs)


o Adding in Debian's disk full fix (#313206).
o Finally got rid of reference to cleanup() function in library. Applications are now required to detect all failures from return codes and cleanup as they want.
o Changed how list of formats and effects are stored internally. Effects libst users only. Dirk
o Store effects usage so that its accessable by applications. Dirk
o Modify the synth effect to not use SIGINT to stop processing and instead return ST_EOF. This allows exact acount of samples to be written out instead of an approximate amount.
o Fix hangup when attempting to write stereo MP3 files. (1512218) Kendrick Shaw
o Fix deemph effect would lose stereo separation. (1479249) robs
o Adding cross-platform support for getopt_long
o Make help screens print much more information and add new --help-effect option. (Originally from Dirk).
o Add support for using an external gsm library instead of just the internal one. Vladimir Nadvornik
o Updates to nul file handler to prevent crashes during output. Martin Panter (1482869)


o The "filter" effect could go into infinite drain mode. Now only drain 1 buffer. noisered as well.
o SoX was ignoring user aborts (ctrl-c) if it occured during effect drain operations. This was bad if effects had bugs and stuck in infinite loop.
o Stop SoX from crashing when file type could not be auto determined (1417776).
o Output filenames with multiple '.' confused SoX. (1417776) Christian Hammer
o Moved to a common set of CLIP routines. This fixed clipping bugs in noisered and mcompand.
o Stop SoX from crashing on sphere files that contain large text strings. (1430025) Ulf Hamhammar
o Fix some overflow crashes in aiff handler. (1430024) Ulf Hamhammar.
o Under windows, set piped input/output to binary mode (1417794). Martin Panter
o Fixed broken internal version of strdup(). (1417790) Marty
o Stop infinite loop when reading MP3's with a tag size of exactly 8192 bytes. (1417511) Hans Fugal
o Fix typo in stlib.dsp for loading in Visual Studio 6.
o Fixed problems in silence effect related to removing multiple periods of silence from the middle of the sound file.
o Reduced the window size greatly on the silence effect to prevent leaving in silence that looked like noise still based on RMS values.
o Prevent infinite loop in pitch effect from uninitialize variable. Frank Heckenbach
o Prevent crashes when printing error mesages (1447239)
o Added makefile and support files to compile using Open Watcom compiler. (1417798) Marty
o Stop calling flow() on effects that returned EOF during drain(). Allows two back-to-back reverse effects to work.
o Added support for multiple channels in .dat files. (1366634) tomchristie


o Updates to compile under VC6. Jimen Ching
o Declare st_signalinfo_t to specifically be signed in case platform does not default ot signed chars. This is required for NetBSD/powerpc.
o When seek()ing in AIFF, SMP, and WAV handlers, remaining samples were incorrectly computed based on bytes and not samples. Jukka
o Changed noisered effect to just warn during clipping instead of aborting. Ian Turner
o Fixed bug were pieces of audio were lost every buffer read when running both -c and -r options together on mono audio. Users probably percieved it as shorter audio files that played with a sped up tempo. Bugfix will also apply to other times when multiple effects are ran on the command line.
o Added support for -V option to play/rec scripts.
o Fix to silence effect to allow negative periods to be specified (to remove silence from middle of sound file).
o Fix swap option handling so that special case of "swap 1 1" will work.
o Track length of Ogg Vorbis files on read.
o Add support for displaying a status line that tracks progress of read/write routines. Part of information requires read file handlers to be able to determine file length.
o Converted alsa driver to use asoundlib instead of directly talking to kernel driver. This also means that device names are now the ALSA logical names instead of /dev type names.
o Added ALSA support to play/rec scripts.
o Added st_open*, st_read, st_write, st_seek, st_close routines to help simplify developer interface to libst. See libst.3..
o Removed st_initformat(), st_copyformat(), and st_checkformat() from library. If your app used those functions then copy them from 12.17.8 source code directly into your application or update to use new routines.
o Force word-alignment on AIFF SSND and APPL chunks on input. Matthew Hodgson.
o Add fix to WAV handler to only return data in multiples of sample_size*channels to better handle corrupt files.
o Fixed bug where "-4" option didn't work with avg effect (Tom Christie).
o Fixed fade's fade-out-length to match man page description as noted by Geoff Kuenning. This required updates to the sample crossfade scripts. Also modified fade effect to report when no more samples will be produced to prevent unneeded reading of whole file.
o Allow aborting SoX with SIGTERM, along with previous SIGINT. Norman Ramsey.


o noisered effect had compile problems with some compilers.
o "-x" option was being ignored since 12.17.7.
o Stuart Brady added support for reading and writing RIFX files (big endian RIFF/WAV files). Also added support for auto detecting DEC-style ".sd&#65533;" files.
o Gene Mar found typo in polyphase nuttall calculation.
o SMP buffer overflow (detected by gcc 4.0). Reported by Marcus Meissner and Matthias Saou.
o Fixed URL in manpage to resample overviews.
o Fixed WAV handler so that it didn't think WAV chunks with max size were invalid chunks. This allows WAV's to be used in pipes since they have to default to max size.
o WAV files with alaw or ulaw data don't need extended format chunks. (Lars Immisch)
o In AIFF files, fixed problem were short comments should cause AIFF handler to get confused and become misaligned.


o Christian Weisgerber sent patches to man page fixes and patches for sunaudio driver on openbsd.
o Default volume for soxmix wrongly set to 0 instead of 1/#_input_files (float rounding error).
o Update to ALSA driver to do a better job of detecting unsupported sample rate/size/encoding and change to a supported one.
o Fix bug in alsa writing were last last partial buffer wasn't being flushed.
o Guentcho Skordev pointed out ogg vorbis files were using the same value for serial numbers each time.
o Changed sox to only read the exact size of a WAV data chunk if cooledit IFF LIST chunk is found at the end of the file. Normally, this isn't done to allow reading > 2gig WAV files.
o Modified configure to detect cygwin compiler after detecting gcc compiler (fixes some default CFLAGS options).
o Added explicit rule for compile *.o from *.c so that CPPFLAGS is always referenced. Not all platform's default rule includes CPPFLAGS (FreeBSD).
o Under linux, add include path to /lib/modules/* so that ALSA include files can be auto detected.
o Ian Turner added an effect to remove noise from an audio file by first profiling silent periods of the audio to determine what the noise is (like background hiss on cassette tapes).


o Changed comment code to always use copies of strings to fix bug in WAV handlering freeing argv[] memory.
o Use calloc() to create ft_t structures so that all memory is initialized before being referenced.
o Fixed VOC EOF bug were it thought there was an extra block when there wasn't.
o Restructured directory layout so that source code is in a seperate directory.
o Modified SoX to accept multiple input files. Concatenates files together in this case.
o Removed map effect so that loops and instr could be removed from effects structures. This makes effects engine stand alone from the rest of the sox package.
o Benedikt Zeyen found a bug in synth effect when generating brown noise that could cause clipping.
o David Leverton sent another patch to prevent crashes on amd64's when resampling.
o Fixed a bug were MP3 files with large ID3v2 tags could cause SoX to stick in a loop forever. Now, it will abort on IDv3 tags larger then 100k. Could still be improved to handle any size.
o Changed volume option (-v) so that it tracks the file it was specified. This means that when specified with the input file, it changes volume before effects engine and when specified with output file, its done after effects engine.
o Added script that will concatenate to audio files and do a crossfade between them.
o Fixed bug in fade effect were it was impossible to do a fadeout starting from the beginning of the audio file.
o Removed rounding error when changing volume of audio with "-v" option. This error caused doing a "-v -1.0" twice to not result in the original file.
o Fixed a possible overflow in lots of effects were MIN value was treated as -MAX instead of -MAX-1.
o Modifed sox so its OK for effects to not process any input or output bytes as long as they return ST_EOF.
o When effects output data and reported ST_EOF at the same time, that buffer was discarded as well as data from any chained effect.
o Added patch from Eric Benson that attempts to do a seek() if the first effect is trim. This greatly speeds up processing large files.
o Daniel Pouzzner implemented a multi-band compander (using the butterworth filters to split the audio into bands).
o Donnie Smith updated the silence effect so that its possible to remove silence from the middle of a sound file by using a negative value for stop_periods.
o Changed float routines to only work with normalized values from -1:1.
o Modifed .au handler to be able to read and write 32-bit and 64-bit float data. Only tested reading so far.
o WAV with GSM data now always pads data to even number of bytes.
o Added support for writing 32-bit audio to AIFF.


o Thomas Klausner sent in patches to compile audio drivers under NetBSD.
o Rahul Powar pointed out a memory leak in the WAV file handler. It wasn't calling the correct close() function when closing input files.
o Modified play.1 man page to not use multiple name lines. This appears to confuse some conversion programs. Updated sox.1 man page for typo in reverb option.
o Andrew Church fixed problem with header of stereo 8SVX files.
o Jimen Ching added support to scan over garbage data at the beginning of MP3 files to find valid frames. This is useful to play WAV and AIFF files that have MP3 data in them until those handlers support it directly. To play those, force sox to use the mp3 handler with the "-t mp3" option.
o Added patch from Ulf Harnhammar to wav handler to prevent buffer overflows.
o Added patch from Redhat to allow resample to work on certain 64-bit machines (Sam Varshavchik)
o Tony Seebregts added a file handler for headerless Dialogic/OKI ADPCM files (VOX files).
o Jan Paul Schmidt added a repeat effect to do loops the brute force way. This is also good for file format that don't support loops as well.
o Fix for OSS driver in rate tolerance calcs that were off because of type conversion problems. Guenter Geiger.
o Allow reading sphere files with headers greater then 256 bytes. Jimen Ching.
o Fix for vorbis were comments are displayed in KEY=value format always. Stop printing some info to stdout in case output is a pipe. Guenter Geiger.
o J Robert Ray submitted fix for AIFF handler to ignore lowercase chunks that are unknown.
o Bugfix for 8-bit voc files. Jimen Ching
o General warning cleanups (cbagwell)
o Memory leaks in reading WAV files (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)
o Rearrange link order of ogg vorbis libraries so that they can be compiled as static. (Christian Weisgerbr)


o Peter Nyhlen fixed a problem with reading Comments in Ogg Vorbis files.
o Added install target to allow installing libgsm from main Makefile. Leigh Smith.
o Minor updates to sox.c to free unused memory and close all input files during failures.
o Pieter Krul added a patch that makes play script look at AUDIODEV environment variable if it exists to find which device to use. This allows scripts to work with Solaris SunRays and is a good idea in general.
o Updated config.sub to detect latest supported OS's.
o Fabrizio Gennari added support for reading and writing MP3 files using the external libraries libmad and libmp3lame.
o Jens Henrik Goebbert sent in several bugfixes for integer overflows in the compand effect.
o Dan Dickerman sent in patches for integer overflows in the resample effect.
o Jimen Ching sent in a fix for multi-channel sound file processing using the avg effect.
o Richards Bannister added patches to clean up prototypes and filter private sizes being to small.
o Jimen Ching adds -d option to specify 64bit data size and changed Ulaw/Alaw encoding to default to 8bit data size if not specified.
o David Singer pointed out that a MS program creates AIFF files with an invalid length of 0 in its header. Changed SoX to warn the user but continue instead of aborting since SoX can still read the file just fine.
o Bert van Leeuwen added a file handler for Psion used for System/Alarms in some Psion devices.
o Richard Bannister sent in a patch to make writing vorbis files work with Vorbis 1.0 libraries.
o Fixed configure scripts so that they can be ran with the --with-oss-dsp, --with-alsa, and --with-sun-audio options. Was causing compile time problems. Reported by Raul Coronado.
o Change Ogg Vorbis support to use VBR encoding to match defaults of oggenc based on suggestion from Christian Weisgerber.
o Prints error message now when a channel value of -1 is given. Reported by Pierre Fortin.
o Fixed bug were memory could be trashed if a input WAV file contained a comment. Found by Rhys Chard.
o Change command line to compile soxmix.o slightly to try and make Forte compiler happy.
o Added support for ALSA 0.9 driver. Jimen Ching


o Removed check that prevented pan from being invoked when the input and output channels were the same.
o Ciaran Anscomb added a flush to sunaudio driver after changing settings. This is because it can start buffering data as soon as the device is open and the buffered data can be in a wrong format.
o trim wasn't accounting for # of channels and was generally broken.
o Jeff Bonggren fixed trim bugs were it was failing when triming data that equaled to BUFSIZ. Also, trim now immediately returns ST_EOF when its done instead of requiring an extra call that returns no data.
o auto effect wasn't rewinding the file if the file was less then 132 bytes. Changed auto parsing of header to be incremental instead of reading in a large buffer.
o William Plant pointed out a bad pointer access in fade effect's parsing of options.
o Ken pointed out a problem were private data was not 8-byte aligned and causing crashes on most RISC CPU's. Fixed by going back to old style of declaring private data as type "double" which usually forces strictest alignment.
o ima_rw was miscompiling on alpha's because of a header ordering problem.
o Erik de Castro Lopo pointed out that when writing 16-bit VOC files the headers did not contain the correct length or encoding type.
o Seperated st.h into 2 files. st.h for libst users and st_i.h for internal use.
o Added new types used extensively by libst: st_sample_t & st_size_t. This allows for more deterministic behavior on 64-bit machines and also allows sox to possibly work with much larger file sizes.
o SoX was some times getting confused and thinking an EOF was an error case when reading audio files. Removed unneeded aborts when EOF was OK.
o Silence effect was broken on stereo files. Also, made thresholds relative to original bit percision of audio data. When 16-bit audio is scaled up to 32-bits, a little bit of noise starts to look like a large amplitude of noise. Also, now using RMS values to smooth out clicks. RMS rolling window size is 1/10 of sample rate.
o Changed Floats into a type of encoding instead of a size of audio data.
o Put a flush at the end of OSS driver so that no old data would be left in internal buffers after changing audio format parameters.
o Fixed problem where play script wasn't installed correctly if you build from another directory (pointed out by Mike Castle).
o Made GSM support internal to libst (no external library required).
o Change configure script to enable ulaw/alaw lookup tables and GSM support by default. Also have Makefile's make use of more configure prefix options to allow for customized installs.
o Reverted ulaw/alaw conversion routines back to Sun's versions.
o Modified raw file handler to write files in the same generic buffered fashion that was added for reading in 12.17.2. Seems to have speed up some types of writing.
o Reading Ogg Vorbis files could get confused of when EOF was reached.
o Added uninstall rules to Makefile. Added new ststdint.h to define *int*_t typedefs.
o Added internal strcasecmp for OS/2.
o Added support for swapping "bit" order (MSB becomes LSB) for raw u-law and A-law data. Some ISDN equipment prefers it this way. Use -x flag or new .la or .lu file extensions.
o Annonymous patch submitted to fix types and spelling problems in various files. Also, updated VOC files to have u-law and A-law support as well as able to read in VOC files using a pipe. More examples added to soxexam file.


o Daniel Culbert found and fixed a bug in the polyphase effect that occurs on platforms that rand() can return large values. The bug resulted in polyphase resampling an audio file to a different rate then it said it was.
o Stan Seibert contributed a handler for Ogg Vorbis files. It handles all input formats but can only save using default settings.
o Darrick Servis has made major cleanups in the code in regards to error conditions. Helps people using libst.
o Darrick Servis has added added optional seek functionality sox. Several formats have been modified to make use of this.
o Geoff Kuenning rewrote the average effect into a general-purpose parametric mapping from N channels to M channels.
o Geoff Kuenning added an optional delay-time parameter to the compander effect to allow companding to effectively operate based on future knowledge.
o Geoff Kuenning Added support to fade and trim effect for specifying time in hh:mm:ss.frac format. Fixed a bug that caused integer overflow when large start/stop times were used.
o Geoff Kuenning updated play/rec/soxeffect scripts to handle all effects added since 12.17. Spell-checked soxexam.1 file.
o Jimen Ching updated ALSA configure support to auto-detect 4.x or 5.x API and compile correctly under those two. All other versions are unsupported.
o Merged in the NetBSD package changes into CVS finally.
o Removed broken support for non-ANSI compilers.
o Makefile now places the correct path to SoX in the play/rec scripts based on configuration script values.
o Alexander Pevzner provided a fix for OSS driver for sound being dropped under heavy CPU loads. Moved GETBLKSIZE operation until after setting up the format (SBLive! was modify the block size after changing formats).
o With help from David Blythe, updated OSS drivers to use newer format interface. OSS driver will now attempt to detect a valid endian type to use with sound card.
o Carsten Borchardt pointed out a bug in lowp filter. Added new nul file handler that reads and writes from/to nothing. Also added new synth effect that creates sounds using a simple synthesizer. Created a that uses two new features to create a test sound CD for testing audio equipment.
o Ben Last added a new program that uses libst and will merge two seperate audio files into a single file with multiple channels. This was merged into the standard sox.c file by cbagwell.
o Andreas Menke fixed some problems with the speed effect and how effects were drained. Also improved the usage of printf()'s to use stderr.
o Corrected AU header length value when comments were less than 4 bytes.
o Added support for reading non-standard bit size data from AIFF files.
o Ignore unmatched MARK/INSTR chunks in AIFF files now instead of quiting.
o Fixed ALAW encoding bug in .au files as pointed out by Bruce Forsberg.
o Unified the raw reading functions. Probably slightly faster for most datatypes but was done to fix recording from the OSS driver. Control-C stopped working somewhere during the 12.17 series.
o Ford Prefect added a dcshift which can shift the midline amplitude towards the true center. This will allow for a greater range of volume adjustments without clipping audio data.
o Heikki Leinonen submitted a silence effect that will trim off silence from the beginning of a file. cbagwell made some modifications to trim off front and back as well as some other tweaks.
o Made the "auto" effect the default file handler for input files. Also have auto handler now use file extensions if it can't figure it out.


o Andreas Kies fixed a bug were we were not detecting correctly if an output file was seekable.
o Fixed a bug in the mask effect introduced in 12.17. If the libc version of rand() returned more then 15-bit values then it would trash your data. Reported by Friedhel Mehnert.
o Added a new fade in/out effect from Ari Moisio.
o AIFF files now ignore a MARK chunk if the loop type is NoLoop (0).
o Fixed bug were it was impossible to output ADPCM data in wav files.
o Fixed bug were rate had to be specified for sphere files (fix from Antti Honkela).
o Added small work around to let compile with cygwin's gcc 95.2 which also now allows to compile with GSM support under windows.
o Removed accessing of sound devices in tests for sound support and instead just look for needed header files. This allows the sound support to be detected even if the device is currently busy or when compiled on a box that doesn't have a sound card but the OS supports it (which is the enviornment of most distributions creating new binaries).
o Added support to partially handle AIFC files but only uncompressed versions. This should allow people to work with raw CD audio data on Mac OSX and also gives a basis for adding future support for things like ADPCM processing.
o Added new "earwax" effect from Edward Beingessner. It is meant to be used for CD audio played through headphones. It will move the sound stage from left/right to in front of you.
o Trim effect did not compute locations as was documented in the man pages. Changed effect so that it computed the time the same way that the fade effect does.


o Sox can now read and write w98 compatible gsm .wav files, if compiled properly with libgsm. Thanks go to Stuart Daines <> for the gsm-wav patches. This is new, and relatively untested. See -g format option.
o Sox can now write IMA_ADPCM and ADPCM compressed .wav, this is new, and relatively untested. See -i and -a format options in manpage.
o General changes to wav.c for writing additional wav formats. Reading wave headers: more consistency checks. Writing wave headers: fixes for w98.
o Speedups to adpcm read routines, new codex versions are now in ima_rw.c and adpcm.c.
o Speedups for raw.c, especially for gcc with glibc.
o Fixed a segfault problem with ulaw/alaw conversion, where an out-of-range index into the tables could occur.
o More detailed output from the stat effect.
o Continued rewrite of resample.c, now it is almost as fast with floating arithmetic as the old (buggy) version was with 16-bit integer arithmetic. The older version in sox-12.16 shifted frequencies slightly and was less accurate. (Stan Brooks)
o Extensive rewrite of polyphas.c, should be faster and use less memory now. The sox-12.16 polyphase code had some bugs. (Stan Brooks)
o New effect 'filter' which is a high-quality DSP lowpass/ highpass/bandpass filter using windowed sinc function methods, like polyphase and resample. (Stan Brooks)
o Jan Paul Schmidt added new low/high/bandpass and bandlimit filters to sox. They have much better results then the old versions of low/high/bandpass. The new effects are all Butterworth filters.
o New data file type supported, -sl or extension .sl for signed 32-bit integers. Some simplification of the raw.c source.
o Some test programs and scripts in the test directory, for making gnuplot plots of frequency response, error-levels of rate-conversion and filter effects.
o Removed sbdsp code. All modern unixes are support via OSS, ALSA, or sun audio device interfaces.
o Added AVR handler from Jan Paul Schmidt.
o SoX now waits until the last possible moment before opening the output file. This will allow all input and effect options to be parsed for errors and abort before overwriting any file.
o SoX will no longer write to files that exists. This will keep it from deleting files when a user mistakenly types "sox *.wav".
o Added new compander effect from Nick Bailey. Nice general purpose filter.
o Under Solaris, SoX now checks hardware ability to play stereo/PCM and forces output data to match. Sorry, no SunOS support. I don't have access to one any more.
o Fixed array overrun bug in rate effect as pointed out by Ian Donaldson.
o Fixed clip24() range as pointed out by Ted Powell.
o Fixed possible segfault in echos effect, as pointed out by Zinx Verituse.
o Moved most documentation to new "soxexam.1" manual page so that all users on a unix system will have access to important information. This means no more TIPS, CHEATS, or CHEATS.eft files.
o Richard Kent fixed a byte alignment problem in aiff comment code.
o Loring Holden added support to create missing directories on install and support for installs from outside the source directory.
o Fabien COELHO added a pan and volume effect.
o Fabien COELHO added a speed effect to sox (like speeding up a tape machine). Also added pitch which changes pitch without effecting duration and stretch which stretch time without effecting pitch.
o Leigh Smith updated aiff support to use the COMT check when writing comments instead of the ANNO. It is the prefered method from Apple and newer programs are starting to require it. Also fixed some bugs in how we compute the length of various chunks in output files.
o Changed the default block alignement for IMA ADPCM WAV files to use 256 which is what windows programs use. Badly written readers expect 256.
o Matthias Nutt helped add support for specifying multiple effects to SoX on the command line.
o Curt Zirzow added a trim effect to trim off audio data.
o Updated ALSA driver to support new interface. Jimen Ching


o Changed raw data functions to perform I/O operations using block reads. Should improve speeds greatly, especially when filesize is in megs. Got code ready to tweak speed more which also forced me to clean up Endian test code.
o Fixed a bug in .au's handling of G.723. It wasn't using the correct number of bits. Added A-law support to .au.
o Quoted $filename in play/rec scripts so that files with spaces in their names can be given.
o Old OS/2 support didn't work. Replaced with known working EMX GCC compatible code.
o ADPCM WAV files were defaulting to 8-bit outputs and thus losing some persision. Now defaults to 16-bit signed uncompressed data.
o Fixed a couple cross-platform compiler issues.
o Jimen Ching has added support for "configure" in to SOX. Finally, a good solution to cross-platform compiling!
o Jimen Ching has added native support for the ALSA driver to play and record audio from. (
o Minor correction for -r example in manual page.
o Renamed to soxeffect and rewrote. Symbolic links can be made from this file to the name of a sox effect. It will then run that effect on STDIN and output the results to STDOUT.
o Fixed up some makefiles and 16-bit support from patches sent by Mark Morgan Lloyd ( Also added some nice DOS test bat files from him as well.
o Cleaned up some more cross-platform compile problems. In the process got it working with Turbo C again, kinda. It still locks DOS up at times.
o Made AIFF handler work with invalid headers that some programs generate. Also fix an Endian bug thats been there for quite a long time (when ran on Intel machines). Made comment lengths even length to make most MacOS programs happy. cbagwell
o Resample function was updated by Andreas Wilde ( to fix problem were freqs. were off by a factor of 2.
o Added an effect that swaps stereo channels. cbagwell
o Combined play and rec scripts to a single program to ease mantaince. Also added GNU style long-options (--help). Careful, some options have change (but more logical).
o Fixed a very old silly bug were low/high/bandpass filters would add some trash data to the end of the sound file.
o "avg" effect wouldn't give error message when you tried to average x number of channels in to the same number of channels.
o Fixed core dump when writting AIFF files with no comments. (Olaf Pueschel)


o Juergen Mueller moved Sox forward quite a bit by adding all the most commonly known "Guitar Effects". He enhanced echo support, added chorus, flanger, and reverb effects. He also wrote a very handy CHEAT.eft file for using various effects.
o Incorporated Yamaha TX-16W sampler file support provided by Rob Talley ( and Mark Lakata (
o Fixed a small bug in hcom compression, dependent on sign extension. Leigh Smith (
o sox -h now prints out the file formats and effects supported. Leigh Smith and Chris Bagwell.
o smp transfers comments more completely. Leigh Smith.
o aiff manages markers and loops correctly and produces more verbose output. Leigh Smith.
o Added polyphase resampler ( This adds a slightly different resampling algorithm to the mix.
o Michael Brown ( sent a patch to stop crashes from happening when reading mono MS ADPCM files.
o Fabrice Bellard has added a less buggy 'rate' conversion. I've left the old rate code included but if all goes well this will become the new 'rate'. Please test and let me know how it works. Resample effect needs to be reworked now.
o Heiko Eissfeldt: Implemented a simple deemphasis effect for certain audio cd samples.
o Matija Nalis ( sent a patch to fix volume adjustment (-v) option of sox.
o Fixed typo in optimazation flag in unix makefile, as pointed out by Manoj Kasichainula (
o Fixed missing ';;' in play script. cbagwell
o Fixed bug in determining length of IMA and MS ADPCM WAVE files. cbagwell
o Fixed bug in how stereo effects were drained which fixed the "reverse" effect from only saving half of stereo files. cbagwell
o Can use "-e" without an effect again.
o Added -g and -a options for new style support of GSM and ADPCM. Added error checking to various formats to avoid allowing these types.


o Bumped major version number up and shortened name. The shorter name should help the various distributions using this package.
o Added support for MS ADPCM and IMA (or DVI) ADPCM for .wav files. Thanks to Mark Podlipec's xanim for this code (
o Change Lance Norskog's email address to The old one was bouncing.
o Added path string to play and rec strings so that it could be run by users without complete paths setup (i.e. Ran by "rc" files during bootup or shutdown)
o Fixed -e option from Richard Guenther ( and fixed a small bug in stat.
o Fixed a bug in the mask effect for ULAW/ALAW files.
o Fixed a bug in cdr output files that appended trash to end of file.
o Guenter Geiger ( made a rather large patch to allow sox to work on 64-bit alphas. It was done the easiest meathod by changing all long declarations to use a macro that knows to make it 32-bits. Want to port to another 64-bit-but-not-alpha machine? Grep for "alpha" to see changes. There are most likely several bugs left for alphas. Guenter is also supporting this package for the Debian distribution.
o Did some major code cleanups to clear out some warning messages during compile. This is to clear up problems I'm finding under both alpha and dos. Some warning messages are actually useful now (pointing out possible data loss). Hopefully, I didn't break anything.
o Code clean up allows me to finally compile code under Turbo C again. Too bad the EXE gets a currupted stack somewhere and locks up the system. Anyone want to try it with Borland C for me? If you get a working EXE I would like to start distributing a DOS package like there used to be.
o Speaking of cleanups, anyone want to help cleanup the makefiles for various platforms? They are quite outdated right now and it is very obvious that Sox hasn't been able to compile under all the platforms it once did for several releases. Please send in the cleaned-up makefile versions along with what programs you used to compile it with.
o There is a known bug in hcom's compress() function. It is allocating memory that can't be free'd under some OS's. It causes a core dump.


This release of sox is mainly a bugfix release. The following things
have changed:

o Documentation has been updated when it was obviously wrong. Much more work could be done. Man pages were updated to work correctly on Solaris and add some missing info.
o Several people sent me patches to fix compiling on Solaris as well as fix a few bugs.
o Change USS driver's name to OSS. Man, does that driver like to change names! This could cause problems if you have made your own custom play and rec scripts.
o Updated my email address. Sorry if I haven't responded to any emails as I no longer have access to my old address. Please use
o Fixed unix test scripts so that they worked again.
o Fixed endian bug in psion .wve code.
o Replaced outdated voc info file with detailed format info inside voc code.
o Added new sound format, cvsd (Continuously Variable Slope Delta) from Thomas Sailer (


This release of sox is based on the latest gamma version released
plus some patches I've made to support the following new features:

I would like to thank everyone that wrote me about the long
standing bug in Sox that could DELETE your /dev/* file if the
program was aborted for reason such as invalid audio file. Special
thanks for Bryan Franklin for sending in a patch when I was
to busy to even look for it.

o Better play support for 8-bit stereo voc files. New support for outputing both 8-bit and 16-bit stereo voc files.
o Built-in support for playing and recording from Linux /dev/dsp. This is a re-write and seperate module from the previous support included inside the sbdsp module. Also fixes a buffer size bug that showed up when using newer versions of OSS. This driver will work with OSS (and older versions called USS, TASD and Voxware).
o Support for audio playing and recording with SunOS /dev/audio.
o Fixes a bug were /dev/audio or /dev/dsp could be deleted when playing an invalid format audio file.
o Expanded options for play and rec scripts. You can now specify sox effects after the filename and hear them in real time. Please be sure that an older version of sox is not in your path because these script will possibly find it first and incorrectly use it.
o Setting play/record volume still requires an external program. If you have one a command line program to do this (such as "mixer" for Linux) then you will want to edit the play and rec to use this. The current support for it is only in example form of how it can be done.

List of earlier SoX Contributors
Covering the time from its creation (Jul '91) until sox-11gamma (Feb '95):

o Lance Norskogthinman at
Creator & maintenance
o Guido Van Rossumguido at
AU, AIFF, AUTO, HCOM, reverse, many bug fixes
o Jef Poskanzerjef at
original code for u-law and delay line
o Bill Neisiusbill%solaria at
DOS port, 8SVX, Sounder, Soundtool formats
Apollo fixes, stat with auto-picker
o Rick Richardsonrick at
WAV and SB driver handlers, fixes
o David Championdgc3 at
Amiga port
o Pace Willissonpace at
Fixes for ESIX
o Leigh Smithleigh at
SMP and comment movement support.
o David Sandersondws at
AIX3.1 fixes
o Glenn Lewisglewis at
AIFF chunking fixes
o Brian Campbellbrianc at
QNX port and 16-bit fixes
o Chris Adamsgt8741 at
DOS port fixes
o John Kohljtkohl at
BSD386 port, VOC stereo support
o Ken Kuboken at
VMS port, VOC stereo support
o Frank Gadegast phade at
Microsoft C 7.0 & C Borland 3.0 ports
o David Elliotdce at
CD-R format support
o David Searsdns at
Linux support
o Tom Littlejohntlit at
Raw textual data
o Boisy G. Pitre boisy at
OS9 port
o Sun Microsystems, Guido Van Rossum
CCITT G.711, G.721, G.723 implementation
o Graeme Gillgraeme at
A-LAW format, Good .WAV handling, avg channel expansion
o Allen Gridergrider at
VOC stereo mode, WAV file handling
o Michel Fingerhut Michel.Fingerhut at
Upgrade 'sf' format to current IRCAM format. Float file support.
o Chris Knight
Achimedes Acorn support
o Richard Caley R.Caley at
Psion WVE handler
o Lutz Vieweglkv at
MAUD (Amiga) file handler
o Tim Gardnertimg at
Windows NT port for V7
o Jimen Ching jiching at
Libst porting bugs
o Lauren Weinsteinlauren at
DOS porting, scripts, professional use
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