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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for N_m3u8DL-CLI


Downloader Updates:

Fix m3u8dl protocol escape character problem #698
Optimizing #EXT-X-BYTERANGEthe handling of pairs
Support ChaCha20 decryption (thanks to Yuhu for pointing out)
Due to the heavy historical burden, there will be no new features introduced after this version if there are no major issues, please wait for the newly developed cross-platform downloader

SimpleG update:

When the key file path is exactly 32 or 34 bits, HEX to Base64 abnormally causes flashback problem


fix m3u8dl://call bug


Added support for m3u8dl://binding to protocols
New command line parsing mechanism
Support socks5://agent
handle #EXTINFthe #EXT-X-KEYabove situation
Handling BMP Header
Handling the problem that the external program call cannot get the console width
Other optimizations


Fix the problem that the retry mechanism fails after 2.9.8 optimization
Version number update


This version is almost all minor revisions, and new features will appear in the future.

New progress display, while adding the remaining time estimate
Fixed an array out-of-bounds bug that may occur when judging png images
Support decompression brotli #465
Support iQIYI DRM-JSON automatic conversion to m3u8
MAP download is changed to strong check
Fix log conflict problem
MPD: Node selection bug #426
MPD: The same period and the same id result in repeated addition of fragments #511
MPD: Optimize AppleTV judgment
MPD: Fix the problem of init url missing baseurl


Repair enableAudioOnly and the redundant (Audio) folder is left when downloading MPD files
Adapt to AppleTV resources (when decrypting, use --key 1:KEY format)
Optimize download monitoring
Added an automatic retry mechanism (3 times) for downloading fragments, which enhances the user experience of this tool to a certain extent


The solo library automatically joins the referer
Modified the logic of MPD splicing BaseUrl
Modify CNTV video to unencrypted link
MPD detects whether the last fragment is valid
Add user network proxy support, use --proxyAddressdesignated proxy address. @evanlabs #375
Fix M3U8 audio track/subtitle selection does not take effect
You --enableAudioOnlycan download only the audio when you plug in the audio track
SimpleG update:

Support proxy setting
Storage agent, request header configuration


Fixed the hidden danger of IV when customizing KEY
Optimize the algorithm for skipping PNG Header


Adapt to Disney+ resources
MPD selects flow behavior optimization
Fix the problem of vtt subtitles being merged into ts suffix when binary merge
SimpleG update:

Support 简繁英UI English Supported.


Fix the problem of forgetting to calculate the offset when parsing MPD init link


Improve MPD download related (Fix some bugs of downloading MPD)
Repackage multi-language resources (Embed multi-language resources #338 )


Fix the problem of incomplete download caused by the same ID scattered in different periods under MPD
Support decryption of ( #309 )


Regular update


Fix the problem of multi-language recognition
Fix Language Bug


Optimize MPD recognition scheme
Fix the possible timestamp overflow issue in the case of MPD

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