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MoviePrint lets you create screenshots of entire movies in an instant. Contact sheet, index print, thumbnail view, whatever you want to call it.

Free software
OS: Win Mac
File size: 89MB
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MoviePrint screenshot
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Latest version

0.2.12 (January 13, 2020)


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Download MoviePrint 0.2.12 Windows  89MB  Win

Download MoviePrint 0.2.12 Mac  155MB  Mac

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Download MoviePrint old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.12

Ability to change individual MoviePrint names in Movie list
Set custom naming schemes for
Name of MoviePrint
Name of thumb when saving a single thumb
Name of thumbs when including individual thumbs

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.11

Ability to style frame info
Position, scale, margin, font color, background color
Ability to set MoviePrint background color
Shot detection method “Histogram”
This method is slower, but can improve detection in some cases
It converts the pixel to HSV color space, creates a histogram and compares the difference of the histograms of each frame
Issue where some shots where detected one frame too short

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.10

Max possible output size (16384px in width or height)
Fix Thumbnails not generating in Shot Based mode (aescripts Support Ticket #1049557)
Fix cropped MoviePrint images when output size was too large

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.9

Missing overflow menu on MoviePrint items in movie list
Issue where recapture frames would throw an error when incomplete MoviePrints were present

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.8

Error when starting MoviePrint and one of the movies can not be found anymore
Error when saving a MoviePrint including path when the movie file included special characters
Bug where playhead indicator in the timeline would disappear under some circumstances

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.7

Hover controls over a thumb disappearing after click
Hover controls over a thumb rendering in the wrong place
Algorithm to calculate scene list out of frame scan data
Now we check if there is a more distinct cut within SCENE_DETECTION_MIN_SCENE_LENGTH this one is chosen
Frame scan data now gets repaired in case there is occasional frame scan data missing

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.6

Ability to set in and out points for shot detection based MoviePrints
Free flow option for timeline view
EDL export for shot detected MoviePrints
still experimental (tested only with Adobe Premiere)
Option to turn off thumb images, leaving a thumb with their mean color
Clearer usage of Expand (Create a new MoviePrint using In- and Outpoints of the clicked thumb)
After expanding a scene use the Arrow up button on the top left to go back to the parent MoviePrint
Performance improvement when running shot detection of longer movies (mainly on Mac)
Clearer open/close buttons for Movie list and Settings menu
Timeline handling in player view
Upper timeline for scrubbing in shot
Lower timeline for scrubbing in the whole movie
Playhead width indicates frame length
Clearer exit from Player view
Scrubbing of thumb now possible both through click as well as click+drag
Bug where Edit cropping was broken
A couple of small bugs

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.5

Fixing transparency rendering for PNGs. It was broken and both PNGs and JPGs were rendered with a white background.

MoviePrint_v004 - 0.2.4

Option to check for a new version of MoviePrint
Option to cancel shot detection when running it for the first time
Toolbar which exposes the most needed options in one click
Add a shot detection based MoviePrint
Add an interval based MoviePrint (with 2×2 – 6×6 presets)
Switch between Grid and Timeline view
Switch between Standard view and Player view
Switch between Thumb and Cut view
Zoom options
Show header and frame info
More options can still be found to the left in the Movie list or to the right in the Settings menu
Integration and reliability of feedback form
Tooltips and toast messages
More reasonable default column count for shot detected movies
Upgraded to Electron 4.2.3
Upgraded other packages to the latest Semver
A couple of small bugs

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.2.3 - windows only

Known issue resulting in a white screen on Windows when Microsofts Visual C++ Redistributables are not installed

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.2.2

😶 😮 😃 don't hesitate to use the Share feedback button in the app.
If you want to stay updated, just mention NEWSLETTER in the form and don't forget to add your email.
We will only ever send you MoviePrint related updates.

Player view with a horizontal multi frame view and HTML5 video player overlay
For shot based movies
Cutting and merging of shots
Changing chosen thumb of shot
Switching between timeline and grid view
Easy navigation in and between shots
For interval based movies
Changing and adding thumbs
Easy navigation between thumbs
1 - Show/Hide Movie list
2 - Show/Hide Player view
3 - Show/Hide Settings
A - Add Movies
F - Show/Hide shot detection chart
G - Toggle between grid view and timeline view
M - Save MoviePrint
S - Add MoviePrint (shot detection based)
For player view
SPACE - Toggle between Cut/Merge and Change thumb mode
SHIFT + Arrow left/right - Move 1 frame back/forward
Arrow left/right - Move 10 frames back/forward
ALT + Arrow left/right - Move 100 frames back/forward
For Cut/Merge mode
SHIFT + ALT + Arrow left/right - Jump to previous/next cut
ENTER - Cut/Merge shot(s)
For Change thumb mode
SHIFT + ALT + Arrow left/right - Jump to previous/next thumb
ENTER - Change thumb to use shown frame
Cutting and merging of shots
MoviePrint_v004 video player cut merge mode screenshot

Changing chosen thumb of shot
MoviePrint_v004 video player cut merge mode screenshot

HTML5 video player overlay
MoviePrint_v004 video player cut merge mode screenshot

The 2 types of MoviePrints
Interval based (default)
for quickly selecting a couple of nice frames
Shot based
for a more accurate representation of your movie.
Interval based (default)
Frames are chosen based on a standard interval
The interval is only used initially. After that you are free to add and hide thumbs wherever you like and also rearrange them at will.
Shot based
An algorithm detects the shots of the movie (simple shot segmentation through luminance/saturation mean difference)
The middle frame of each detected shot is grabbed
The number of thumbs represents the number of detected shots
When you create a shot based MoviePrint of a movie for the first time, the movie gets scanned. This can take some time. The speed depends both on the length and the resolution of the movie.
Use the cut/merge mode in the player view to manually improve the segmentation
Use the change thumb mode in the player view to choose a different frame for the thumb
Switching between grid and timeline view is possible for both types. But only the shot based type has the notion of shots which makes the timeline view more valuable for this type.

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.2.1

Ability to crop the movie
Click on the overflow menu of the movie in the movie list -> Edit cropping -> Set values in pixel

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.2.0

Ability to switch from slider to input field for row count, column count and minutes per row
this gives theoretically the ability to increase row and column count to 100 resulting in 10000 thumbs. This feature is still experimental and the maximum possible values have not been tested! I did a test with 5000 thumbs which took some time.
If you want to experiment with it do the following
-- Scroll all the way down in the settings menu
-- Set the Max size cached frames value to 80 (this is the frame resolution used for displaying within MoviePrint, when saving a MoviePrint the frame get's captured in the appropriate size)
-- Check the Show input field instead of slider
-- Scroll up and manually set column and row count. Be patient everything now takes time. I suggest you slowly approach the maximum values :-)
Basic smoke test
In case you have used a previous version it is wise to do Menu -> View -> Reset application the first time you startup the new version.

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.1.17-alpha

Export a MoviePrint
File path, column count and the selected frame numbers are saved to a JSON file. This lets you restore a MoviePrint at a later time via Import MoviePrint.
Embed data when saving a MoviePrint (PNG only)
File path, column count and the selected frame numbers are embedded into the PNG file. This lets you restore a MoviePrint at a later time via Import MoviePrint. Embedding the data is activated by default. This can be changed in the settings menu.
Import MoviePrint
Restore a MoviePrint by importing a previously exported JSON or PNG with embedded data. In case the movie location has been changed, use Replace Movie to point to the new location.
Clear movie list
When clicking SAVE on the thumb, the image is now saved to the location specified in the settings menu

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.1.16-alpha

Support for editing multiple MoviePrints per movie
Adding, duplicating and removing MoviePrints
Switching between grid view and timeline view
Replacing a movie
Adding and removing movies from the list
Expand a scene/thumb to dive further into a movie
Hide scenes in timeline view, similar to hide thumbs in grid view
Handling of thumb images, which should result in a performance improvement
Movie list look
No more limitation when the settings menu is open
Updated npm packages
The application state now gets stored in an sqlite3 database which supports larger sizes. Before, reopening the application could result in loss of data when the state got too large due to lots of shown thumbs for example.
The frame scan data gets now also stored in an sqlite3 database which should result in a performance improvement when handling long movies.
When adding movies a thumb version is stored which can be limited in size. See settings menu. The default is 640px in width or height. This saves space and should improve performance when handling a large amount of thumbs.
When MoviePrints get saved, the images are now captured life. This compensates for only capturing smaller versions in the first place. This should be equally fast.
In case you have used the previous version please do Menu -> View -> Reset application the first time you startup the new version

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.1.15-alpha - only windows version

Option to save to same as movie file location

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.1.14-alpha

Option to save MoviePrints to same path as the movie files

Made minutes per row slider more fine grained

Broken list printing
Margin for timeline view

In case you have used the previous version please do Menu -> View -> Reset application the first time you startup the new version.

MoviePrint_v004 - v0.1.13-alpha

Timeline view for shot detected movies
Expanding every detected shot into a MoviePrint
Adding zoom option for grid view (fit width/height)

Performance when handling large amount of thumbs

Some minor UI bugs

In case you have used the previous version please do Menu -> View -> Reset application the first time you startup the new version.

0.14.0 (2018.5.24)
Improved CI timings
Migrated README commands to yarn from npm
Improved vscode config
Updated all dependencies to latest semver
Fix electron-rebuild script bug
Migrated to mini-css-extract-plugin from extract-text-plugin
Added optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin
Run prettier on json, css, scss, and more filetypes
0.13.3 (2018.5.24)
Add git precommit hook, when git commit will use prettier to format git add code
Add format code function in lint-fix npm script which can use prettier to format project js code
0.13.2 (2018.1.31)
Hot Module Reload (HMR) fixes
Bumped all dependencies to latest semver
Prevent error propagation of CheckNativeDeps script
0.13.1 (2018.1.13)
Hot Module Reload (HMR) fixes
Bumped all dependencies to latest semver
Fixed electron-rebuild script
Fixed tests scripts to run on all platforms
Skip redux logs in console in test ENV
0.13.0 (2018.1.6)
Add native dependencies check on postinstall
Updated all dependencies to latest semver
0.12.0 (2017.7.8)
Removed babel-polyfill
Renamed and alphabetized npm scripts
Changed node dev __dirname and __filename to node built in fn's (
Renamed app/bundle.js to app/ for consistency
Renamed dll/vendor.js to dll/ for consistency
Enable node_modules cache on CI
0.11.2 (2017.5.1)
Yay! Another patch release. This release mostly includes refactorings and router bug fixes. Huge thanks to @anthonyraymond!

⚠️ Windows electron builds are failing because of this issue. This is not an issue with the boilerplate ⚠️

Renamed ./app/main.development.js => ./app/main.{dev,prod}.js: #963
Fixed reloading when not on / path: #958 #949
Added support for stylefmt: #960
0.11.1 (2017.4.23)
You can now debug the production build with devtools like so:

DEBUG_PROD=true npm run package

Added support for debugging production build: #fab245a
Bug Fixes
Fixed bug related to importing native dependencies: #933
Updated all deps to latest semver
0.11.0 (2017.4.19)
Here's the most notable changes since v0.10.0. Its been about a year since a release has been pushed. Expect a new release to be published every 3-4 weeks.

Breaking Changes
Dropped support for node < 6
Refactored webpack config files
Migrate to two-package.json project structure
Updated all devDeps to latest semver
Migrated to Jest: #768
Migrated to react-router@4
Migrated to electron-builder@4
Migrated to webpack@2
Migrated to react-hot-loader@3
Changed default live reload server PORT to 1212 from 3000
Added support for Yarn: #451
Added support for Flow: #425
Added support for stylelint: #911
Added support for electron-builder: #876
Added optional support for SASS: #880
Added support for eslint-plugin-flowtype: #911
Added support for appveyor: #280
Added support for webpack dlls: #860
Route based code splitting: #884
Added support for Webpack Bundle Analyzer: #922
Parallelize renderer and main build processes when running npm run build
Dynamically generate electron app menu
Improved vscode integration: #856
Bug Fixes
Fixed hot module replacement race condition bug: #917 #920
0.10.0 (2016.4.18)
Use Babel in main process with Webpack build: #201
Change targets to built-in support by webpack: #197
use es2015 syntax for webpack configs: #195
Open application when webcontent is loaded: #192
Upgraded dependencies
Bug fixed
Fix npm list electron-prebuilt in package.js: #188
0.9.0 (2016.3.23)
Added redux-logger
Upgraded react-router-redux to v4
Upgraded dependencies
Added npm run dev command: #162
electron to v0.37.2
Breaking Changes
css module as default: #154.
set default NODE_ENV to production: #140
0.8.0 (2016.2.17)
Bug fixed
Fix lint errors
Fix Webpack publicPath for production builds: #119.
package script now chooses correct OS icon extension
babel 6
Upgrade Dependencies
Enable CSS source maps
Add json-loader: #128.
react-router 2.0 and react-router-redux 3.0
0.7.1 (2015.12.27)
Bug fixed
Fixed npm script on windows 10: #103.
history and react-router version bump: #109, #110.
electron 0.36
0.7.0 (2015.12.16)
Bug fixed
Fixed process.env.NODE_ENV variable in webpack: #74.
add missing object-assign: #76.
packaging in npm@3: #77.
compatibility in windows: #100.
disable chrome debugger in production env: #102.
upgrade to react-router 1.x
unit tests
e2e tests
upgrade to electron 0.35.x
use es2015
check dev engine for node and npm
0.6.5 (2015.11.7)
Bump style-loader to 0.13
Bump css-loader to 0.22
0.6.4 (2015.10.27)
Bump electron-debug to 0.3
0.6.3 (2015.10.26)
Initialize ExtractTextPlugin once: #64.
0.6.2 (2015.10.18)
Bug fixed
Babel plugins production env not be set properly: #57.
0.6.1 (2015.10.17)
Bump electron to v0.34.0
0.6.0 (2015.10.16)
Breaking Changes
From react-hot-loader to react-transform
0.5.2 (2015.10.15)
Run tests with babel-register: #29.
0.5.1 (2015.10.12)
Bug fixed
Fix #51: use path.join(__dirname instead of ./.
0.5.0 (2015.10.11)
Simplify webpack config see #50.
Breaking Changes
webpack configs
port changed: changed default port from 2992 to 3000.
npm scripts: remove start-dev and dev-server. rename hot-dev-server to hot-server.
0.4.3 (2015.9.22)
Bug fixed
Fix #45 zeromq crash: bump version of electron-prebuilt.
0.4.2 (2015.9.15)
Bug fixed
run start-hot breaks chrome refresh(CTRL+R) (#42): bump electron-debug to 0.2.1
0.4.1 (2015.9.11)
use electron-prebuilt version for packaging (#33)
0.4.0 (2015.9.5)
update dependencies
0.3.0 (2015.8.31)
0.2.10 (2015.8.27)
custom placeholder icon
electron-renderer as target: via webpack-target-electron-renderer
0.2.9 (2015.8.18)
Bug fixed
Fix hot-reload
0.2.8 (2015.8.13)
bump electron-debug
organize webpack scripts
0.2.7 (2015.7.9)
Bug fixed
defaultProps: fix typos.
0.2.6 (2015.7.3)
Bug fixed
package.js: include webpack build.
0.2.5 (2015.7.1)
NPM Script: support multi-platform
package: --all option
0.2.4 (2015.6.9)
Bug fixed
Eslint: typo, #17 and improve .eslintrc
0.2.3 (2015.6.3)
Package Version: use latest release electron version as default
Ignore Large peerDependencies
Bug fixed
Npm Script: typo, #6
Missing css: #7
0.2.2 (2015.6.2)
Bug fixed
Webpack: add .json and .node to extensions for imitating node require.
Webpack: set node_modules to externals for native module support.
0.2.1 (2015.5.30)
Bug fixed
Webpack: #1, change build target to atom.
0.2.0 (2015.5.30)
Ignore: test, tools, release folder and devDependencies in package.json.
Support asar
Support icon
0.1.0 (2015.5.27)
Webpack: babel, react-hot, ...
Flux: actions, api, components, containers, stores..
Package: darwin (osx), linux and win32 (windows) platform.
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All features

Set a custom grid for your MoviePrint. Use the paper preview to see how it would look if you printed the MoviePrint.

Set a custom grid, adjust file and frame specific data, margins etc. to create a custom look for your MoviePrints.

Define custom In and Out Points for your MoviePrint if you only want to use a section of the movie.

Easily insert thumbs and move them around via drag and drop.

Scrub through the movie with ease and select frames for every single thumb individually.

Easily save individual thumbs or save all thumbs of a MoviePrint at once.

Automatically create MoviePrints from all your movies.

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6 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Feels "heavy" on my system but overall its very intuitive. I was easily able to go from install to making a 8x8 grid per video by jsut dropping it on the program. Then I was able to zoom in on the part I liked on the stream and refine it. Was easily able to save the output to a jpeg. Even with the heavy feeling I am so glad I found this program and would recommend it in a heartbeat!

Review by dannyboy48888 on Oct 20, 2019 Version: 0.2.10 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Good tool overall, but unfortunately consumes lots of memory and has some annoying bugs (although I chose 4 columns and 2 rows, and it displays 4 columns and 2 rows, when you save the images, the images are saved with 4 rows and 2 columns, ie, the other way round). I uninstalled the app and re-installed it, but same problem. Very annoying bug indeed...

Review by Mac on Aug 19, 2019 Version: 0.2.5 OS: MacOSX Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 5/10

In reply to Review by TheShortStraw on Apr 8, 2019
The white screen problem reported on Windows should now be fixed with the latest version - MoviePrint 0.2.3

Review by movieprintApp on Jun 4, 2019 Version: 0.2.3 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 8/10

In reply to Review by TheShortStraw on Apr 8, 2019

I am sorry that it did not work for you. If it shows a white screen there is something wrong. You could try the following things:
• In the View menu -> Reset application
• In the View menu -> Reload application

If it is still not working, you can send me the log file. Maybe it contains a clue. For this please do the following:
• In the View menu -> Restart in debug mode -> MoviePrint starts anew. This time probably opening up some other windows in addition which might already show red errors.
• Click on Show log file in the Development menu. This should open up a file explorer window with the log.log file selected
• Please, send me this file to

Regarding the comment of network traffic related to MoviePrint. MoviePrint does not connect to the internet unless you use the "Send feedback" form in the application. Other than that there is definitely no sending of information to or from MoviePrint. The open source code can be checked here ->

Review by movieprintApp on Apr 16, 2019 Version: 0.2.1 OS: Windows 10 Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 8/10

Works fine here. Load movie. Generates tons of screenshots. Done.

Review by Baldrick on Apr 8, 2019 Version: 0.2.1 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 7/10

6 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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