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MParallel v1.0.4
What's New:

Added support for reading default options from a configuration file (MParallel.ini)

Added new option --notify to play a sound as soon as all commands are completed

Apply priority boost to MParallel "main" process by default (disabled by --no-boost)

Documentation improvements

MParallel v1.0.3
What's New:

Implemented progress display in console title and console icon (disabled by --silent)

Open the log file in "shared" mode so that it is readable while MParallel is still running

More code clean up and refactoring

MParallel v1.0.2
What's New:

Fixed various regressions.

MParallel v1.0.1
What's New:

Implemented colored console output, enabled by default, disable with --no-colors option

Added new option --utf16 to treat file (or STDIN) inputs as UTF-16

Added two example scripts, see Example_1.cmd and Example_2.cmd for details

Build binaries with VS2010 to workaround the line reading bug currently present in VS2015

Massive code refactoring and clean-up

MParallel v1.0.0
This is the initial release of the MParallel application.

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