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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for JRiver Media Center

32.0.32 (3/28/2024)

1. Changed: Updated to LAV Filters 0.79.1 to fix an issue with HEVC playback glitches.

32.0.31 (3/28/2024)

1. Changed: When face-tagging an image, if a click falls on an existing region, that region is automatically selected. If the click hits outside of any existing region, the user will be prompted to choose an action (Add a new region, Edit selected existing region, Edit nearest existing region, or Cancel).
2. Changed: When a field has a description, it is returned in the Library/Fields call.
3. Changed: When setting up auto-import on a Portable Install, the system drive is replaced with (Install Drive) to be more portable.
4. Changed: When face-tagging an image, all existing regions' rectangles will be drawn on the image.
5. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

32.0.30 (3/26/2024)

1. Fixed: Updated Netflix integration to fix playback failures due to recent Netflix changes.
2. Fixed: Video playback with subtitles could hang since 32.0.28.
3. Changed: When resizing Rename, Move, & Copy Files the extra height is spread between the two expression editors.
4. Changed: Updated to LAV Filters 0.79 for VVC video support, and improved reliability when streaming HLS content.

32.0.29 (3/22/2024)

1. NEW: Added ShortTime date formatting string.
2. Changed: Tweaked Theater View file info templates (v2.5 of templates file).
For TV Shows: Add option variable to show/hide director. Display small episode thumbnail.
For Shows and Movies: Add Watched status display. Use new ShortTime formatting for end times. Add option variable for date formatting which defaults to ShortDate. Add option variable to show/hide Recommended title text.
3. Changed: In Image Face-tagging, if a rectangle is created on the image (by user clicking in the image) while the list of regions is still empty, a new region is automatically created, and the user is prompted to enter more details.
4. NEW: Added a "Test output" command to Options > Audio. It will save the current settings and try playing a sample file with the current settings.
5. Changed: Removed the Help menu option to leave error free mode since it's now in the view menu.
6. Changed: The view extras submenu no longer hits the filesystem when it's added to a menu (only when the menu is opened).

32.0.28 (3/21/2024)

1. NEW: Added an error free toolbar button to show the status and allow toggling. Also added to the view menu.
2. Fixed: Double-click on the play button was not stopping.
3. NEW: The brightness of PGS subtitles on HDR movies is checked to determine if they are proper HDR subtitles, and are treated as SDR subtitles if not.
4. Fixed: XMP image tagging did not work with some non-ASCII characters.

32.0.27 (3/19/2024)

1. Fixed: Some Sat>IP channels scanned since MC29 would not play because a tuner type matching failed.
2. Changed: Running a command line argument or double-clicking files exits error free mode.
3. Changed: "lr" is added to "words" that should be always all-capitalized during auto case correction.
4. Changed: Updated Spanish translation (thanks Leandro Botella Penalva).

32.0.26 (3/14/2024)

1. Fixed: Merging of image [People] and [Image Regions] did not work if the latter is empty.
2. NEW: Added Theater View file info template for TV Shows using Spotlight data. (v2.4 of templates file)
3. Changed: Particle creation from chapters works on blu-rays.

32.0.25 (3/12/2024)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. NEW: Added Spotlight item to context menu in Theater View which will show Spotlight for the first file.
3. Fixed: Spotlight stopped retrieving albums for artists.
4. NEW: Introduced a new Tonemapping Curve setting in JRVR Advanced Output selection to pick between different Spline curves for tonemapping.
5. Changed: The default JRVR tonemapping spline curve has been changed to favor a more lively "popping" image in dark scenes.
6. Fixed: Setting the media network client conversion for audio was not working.
7. NEW: Added the ability to create particles from chapters in a video (requires a video that plays with chapters, does not work with DVDs currently).
8. NEW: JPEG image [People] field is written to XMP "PersonInImage" tag.
9. Changed: Image data in [People] field and the Regions data are always merged, so they will be as consistent with each other as possible. Users are encouraged to use Face-tagging tool to make changes and editing [People] field directly is discouraged.

32.0.24 (3/7/2024)

1. Changed: When loading images for Theater View backdrop, images that do not have a language specification is considered a match, in addition to those that match the required language strictly.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Recordings made on Google Pixel phones are properly identified as Home Videos.
4. Fixed: MC Television properties page (TV Options) tried to error check recordig settings (in particular, folders for TV recordings) even if recording option was off.
5. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.7.
6. Changed: Tuned the JRVR Peak Detection parameters to be more conservative to reduce noticeable brightness changes from dynamic tone mapping.
7. Changed: When image face-tagging is finished, the [People] field is automatically updated.

32.0.23 (3/5/2024)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) translation file (thanks YanJun Sun).
2. Changed: The view header alphabet uses the text over color instead of the text selected color on mouse over.
3. NEW: Support for FLAC files with 32-bit audio.
4. Fixed: The setting "Allow custom data to override the expression" did not allow itself to be turned off.
5. Fixed: While playing a live TV channel on a client using a server TV tuner, switching to a different media type (e.g. Audio or Video) without explicitly clicking the Stop button would cause the server tuner not to be released (for an hour).

32.0.22 (2/29/2024)

1. Changed: Updated the new / improved this version link to v32.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Navigating a view could switch the focus to the tree instead of the file lists.
4. Changed: Moved the numbers to the start of the navigation alphabet (since they come before letters in the sorting).
5. NEW: Face-tagging for JPEG images (select an area in the image and tag who/what it is). The result is saved in an XMP regions tag.

32.0.21 (2/27/2024)

1. Changed: Theater View movie file info uses full description in large view (v2.3 of templates file).
2. Fixed: The EXIF parser could crash on malformed files.
3. NEW: Added IsOverridden expression function to test if an expression field has a stored value.
4. Changed: The links tracks command disables when only one track is selected (when it's in the MRU menu).
5. Changed: More MCWS functions have the parameter NoUI to put the player in error free mode (and all default to true) (playback from JRemote is less likely to show an error, etc.).
6. Fixed: Commas in Aspect Ratio were not being handled in Theater View movie file template.
7. Fixed: Missing director images were messing up Theater View movie file template cast display.

32.0.20 (2/22/2024)

1. Changed: If middle click closes a tab, it will no longer also fire a mode change.
2. Changed: List drawing supports the alpha parameter on text.
3. Changed: The view header alphabet allows clicks in the space around letters instead of only on the letters.
4. Changed: Removed the keyboard shortcut to flip Playing Now and added a menu choice instead.
5. Changed: The "Name" field is no longer being filled from video file metadata, as its values are largely not desirable and prevent AutoTag (Carnac) from running.
6. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

32.0.19 (2/19/2024)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
2. Changed: Minor tweak to volume protection so that it works more evenly.
3. Fixed: The handheld filename rule wasn't saving since our change a couple builds back.
4. Changed: Equalizer sliders move 0.5 dB to the arrows and mouse wheel.
5. Changed: Made the alphabet above a file list stretch to the full width instead of being all left aligned.
6. Changed: The alphabet uses the text selected color instead of the text hot color on mouse over.
7. Fixed: Resolved a build issue that caused Media Center to crash on old CPU's.

32.0.18 (2/15/2024)

1. Changed: Added a help button to the Acquire Images Action Window that links to the wiki.
2. Changed: When acquiring images, the destination path is checked to make sure it can be written to.
3. Fixed: Library/CreateField better updates when expressions are changed.
4. Changed: Renamed "Migrate Library" to "Change Media Location" and reworded the instructions accordingly.
5. NEW: Added a Library/DeleteField MCWS function.
6. Fixed: Tab controls didn't stretch to the right since we removed dead space to expand middle click. Reverted the sizing but handle middle click another way.
7. Changed: IPTC/XMP "Category" and "Supplemental Categories" tags are mapped to "Image Category" and "Image Subcategory" custom fields (instead of "LR Category", and "Subcateories").
8. Changed: Multiple changes to Theater View movie file info template based on feedback (v2.2 of templates file).

32.0.17 (2/13/2024)

1. Fixed: HTML encoded characters (eg. """) in plain text subtitles are properly replaced by their respective characters.
2. Fixed: Removed some dead space to the right of the tabs so middle click works for a bigger area.
3. Changed: Showing the playing file always centers the playing file in Playing Now instead of showing a few files above and below.
4. Changed: Library/CreateField can update a field if it already exists.
5. Fixed: Importing Theater View file info templates with an older version would fail.
6. Fixed: Language choices made in DVD menus would get overriden by the default language selected in the MC settings.
7. NEW: Added a "Plain (no border)" cover art drawing mode.
8. Changed: Ctrl+T will toggle the zone but not toggle the layout of Playing Now (even though Ctrl is down).

32.0.16 (2/9/2024)

1. Changed: The flip state of Playing Now is saved between program restarts.
2. Changed: Updated our TIFF library to the latest (makes a crashing TIF somebody sent load).

32.0.15 (2/8/2024)

1. Changed: Made the new confirmation before installing an update an option (Options > General > Advanced > Confirm before installing an update on launch).

32.0.14 (2/8/2024)

1. Fixed: Spotlight images in Theater View file info panel were sometimes not drawing properly.
2. Changed: Loading views starts in the saved views folder under the library.
3. Changed: The import and export all templates Theater View tools start in the backup folder under the library (or just the library folder if the backup folder doesn't exist).
4. Changed: When you launch the program and an updated is pending, it will ask if you want to install the update instead of just doing it (times out and cancels in 30 seconds for headless servers).
5. Changed: Added video definition icon to Theater View movie file info template (v2.1 of templates file).
6. NEW: "Migrate Library" wizard to help update the library after swapping Operating System or otherwise moving media files into a different location.
7. Changed: spotlight_list() values in file info templates are "hexified" to handle special characters.

32.0.13 (2/6/2024)

1. Changed: When a field is deleted, that column will no longer be loaded.
2. Changed: Allow user to specify high version number in Theater View file info template file so that it is never overwritten with defaults.
3. Changed: The after playback expression in Options opens an expression editor instead of just being an edit box.
4. Changed: An expression editor is shown for the Theater View option for playing now expression.
5. Fixed: Closing an empty tab could fail to work in some cases.
6. NEW: Middle-click on the close button will relaunch Media Center.
7. Changed: When toggling the list style of Playing Now, the playing file is shown.
8. Changed: Track Info uses the list background skin color instead of white when drawing cover art.
9. NEW: Double-click on the player text area goes in and out of mini view.
10. Changed: Audio Filename Rule is now simply Filename Rule for handhelds since the rule is used for other media types.
11. NEW: Added a FileExtension expression function.

32.0.12 (2/1/2024)

1. Changed: Use .xml extension for the Theater View file info template backups and put them in "Backup" folder. Remove old Movie file info template.

32.0.11 (2/1/2024)

1. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Split Playing Now vertically.
2. NEW: Holding CTRL while picking Playing Now opens the view split in the other direction than the setting.
3. NEW: Added a new field "Digital Source Type" for image media type and mapped it to the XMP DigitalSourceType tag. Users can select from a controlled vocabulary list.
4. NEW: Added a new field editing type - PRESET_LIST, which only allows changing field value by selecting from a pre-set list of values. Currently it is used only for "Digital Source Type" field.
5. NEW: Added new default Theater View file info panel template for movies that shows Spotlight data. The current user templates are backed up and overwritten.

32.0.10 (1/30/2024)

1. Fixed: When reading GPS tags from image EXIF segment, Longitude and Latitude were displayed incorrectly, with the degree symbol mangled.
2. Changed: When importing settings from another OS, various settings will be migrated or adjusted to ensure MediaCenter functions properly.
3. Changed: When writing [Comment] field to EXIF "User Comment" tag, MC will determine the encoding method (Unicode or ASCII) according to the actual text, instead of using Unicode for all, to improve compatibility with other Apps that may not handle Unicode correctly.

32.0.9 (1/29/2024)

1. Fixed: MC loaded XMP "Source" and "Label" tags into custom "Source" and "Label" fields after it already loaded them into stock "Source (Supply Chain)" and "Image Label" fields. It should now only read these tags into the two stock fields.
2. Fixed: When loading a DSP preset, it was not restoring numeric fields properly so they became strings and sometimes didn't work.
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
4. Changed: MCWS Playback/PlayByKey honors zone switch.

32.0.8 (1/25/2024)

1. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Rules wasn't parsing the type properly.
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
3. Changed: Switched from DLNA to Remote for MCWS Browse/Rules.
4. Fixed: The manage library fields dialog could be very small when showing for the first time.
5. Fixed: MC could not load EXIF "User Comment" tag written by other apps (e.g. Lightroom) if the image was previously tagged by MC.

32.0.7 (1/23/2024)

1. Changed: The MCWS function Browse/Rules takes an optional type parameter and you can specify "tree" or "DLNA".
2. Fixed: View extras playback would always start on file zero instead of the selected file.
3. Changed: The MCWS function to show the user interface returns that it's not able to run if a library is currently loading.
4. Changed: XMP "Event" tag is mapped to MC's "Album" field. Removed support for custom field "Event".
5. Changed: MCC_TREE_SET_EXPANDED with -1 saves and restores again (but Ctrl;G still uses 0 to collapse all).
6. Changed: MCC_TREE_SET_EXPANDED with 1 expands the tree roots but not everything (because that was overly slow).
7. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
8. Changed: Added Type to the MCWS Library/Fields so it can report if the field is a user field, saved in the tag, etc.
9. Fixed: The "List (loose)" data type did not show in the Manage Library Fields dialog (list fields that don't check acceptable values).
10. Changed: MC "Genre" field is mapped to IPTC:ObjectAttributeReference array tags, and to XMP:IntellectualGenre tag.
11. Changed: Reversed the change on "Camera" field made in build 5. Now "Camera" will be editable. MC will split the fields into Make and Model when saving to tags.
12. Changed: MC will simplify camera make and model strings by removing duplicates and wordy phrases. For example,"NIKON CORPORATION" will become "Nikon" for Make tag, and "NIKON D310" will become "D310" for Model.

32.0.6 (1/18/2024)

1. Fixed: Theater View playback of "Play All" did not start on the selected file.
2. Changed: MC will not only remove XMP, IPTC, MJMD image segments, but also remove the entire EXIF segment when executing "Remove Tags".
3. Changed: Removed the Media Library node at the root of Browse/Rules in MCWS.
4. Fixed: The new version of the upgrade installer didn't handle remote libraries and libraries in non-standard paths.
5. NEW: Skins and Trackinfos courtesy of English Tiger.
6. NEW: TrackInfo_InsertURL(fieldname) used to load a Hexified version of the named field into a TrackInfo Plugin.

32.0.5 (1/17/2024)

1. NEW: Holding shift while pressing right arrow in the tree expands all (like the recently added menu item).
2. Fixed: The combobox height could be too tall when editing list fields.
3. Changed: Some tuning to the new Browse/Rules function (use full path, named categories, etc.).
4. Changed: "Camera" field is made "Clear-only", so users will not be able to change camera Make and Model in EXIF image tags. Also user-defined custom fields "Make" and "Model" will not be supported in EXIF handling.

32.0.4 (1/16/2024)

1. Changed: Removed the Back to Exit function from Theater View introduced in 32.0.1.
2. NEW: Added Browse/Rules to MCWS to return the rules used when building the browse tree.
3. Changed: MC's "Genre" field is no longer mapped to ITPC/XMP Category tag.
4. Fixed: Some navigation issues for Prime Video in Theater View.

32.0.3 (1/15/2024)

1. Fixed: Analyzer could show extreme numbers when playing noise files (for not a number values) but now it simply shows a question mark.
2. Changed: In the tag window, list data type fields show the values as a list (instead of list edit type fields) which makes genre, artist, etc. show lists.
3. Changed: The MCWS UserInterface/Show now returns success if it doesn't need to change the selection.
4. Changed: Back to exit Theater View only exits if a half second has passed since the last back click.
5. Fixed: The new track info colors had the red and blue channels reversed.
6. Changed: When saving to XMP and ITPC image tags, "Artist" field that contains semi-colon separated list in MC will be saved in multiple "creator" (XMP) and "by-line" (IPTC) tags, instead of a single one.
7. Fixed: MC did not read XMP tags "xmp:Label" and "xmp:Rating" from the XMP segment.

32.0.2 (1/12/2024)

1. Changed: Updated the copyrights to 2024.
2. Changed: Made a few improvements to the new download library and files tool.
4. NEW: Added the right-click tree option to expand all the items under a selection (instead of just the selection).
5. Fixed: Some XMP image tags that involve alternate language arrays were not saved properly.

32.0.1 (1/9/2024)

1. Fixed: When playing an ATSC channel, the context menu item "Audio Programs -> Use current audio stream as default" did not work for some channels.
2. Changed: Improved how ATSC channels' audio streams are saved, to make sure maximum amount of valid data are saved.
3. NEW: Improved the upgrade process to be faster when there are several previous versions.
4. Changed: Improved data completeness when showing ATSC television audio streams in the "Audio Programs" context menu.
5. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
6. NEW: Added an advanced option to sort incoming playback files because the order coming from shell extensions could be shuffled (on by default).
7. Changed: Added media sub types: Business; Blog; Concert.
8. Changed: Made collapsing all the tree items simply always collapse (was saving and loading the expanded items).
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
11. NEW: Added an Enable ZoneSwitch toolbar button.
12. Changed: [TV Channel Number] field is now available for Media Type "Video", in addition to Media Type "TV" (for TV Channels).
13. NEW: If the remote control button "Recorded TV" can not find "Video\Shows" in Theater View, a few additional locations are tried to locate it, including root level "Shows" and "Recorded TV" and "Video\Recorded TV", etc.
14. NEW: Full screen video window will have a Minimize button in addition to the Window Size button and Close button.
15. Changed: When adding cover art to a file, if no art is found next to the file it will search known subfolders as well (
16. NEW: Added "Minimize" to the list of MC commands in remote control setup.
17. Changed: Theater View uses 20% larger fonts.
18. Changed: Added standard view to the loop of modes shown on F11 / Green Button.
19. Changed: Pressing back or escape in Theater View when there's no place farther to go back closes Theater View by simulating F11.
20. Fixed: If Theater View was configured to switch to a zone on load, sometimes the load could not finish properly.
21. NEW: Copy Library and Files from Server.
22. NEW: When recording TV shows, "TV Channel Number" field is filled with appropriate data for all channel types that carry such data (<major channel>-<minor channel> for ATSC, <logical channel number> for other types). For ATSC and DVB, if recording is in WTV format the file is tagged with this data too.
23. NEW: Added a Display View toolbar button.
24. NEW: TV recording in WTV format will save "time recording ended" into the tag "WM/WMRVEndTime".
25. Changed: Updated Dutch translation (thanks Maarten).
26. Fixed: Genius lyrics lookup was failing on songs with parenthesis in the name.
27. NEW: Added a Reset Search Cache menu item to links to cause the search to be run again after editing a media type, etc.
28. Fixed: The image preview icon could not show in mixed lists.
29. Changed: The default value of the first parameter of MCWS function Television/GetRecordingScheduleXML will be "168", instead of "-1".
30. NEW: Added "Sorting" roller to Theater View library views to allow sorting using any of the default rules.
31. NEW: Added optional AlternatingColors property for Flush visualization component. It is of the form "N;HexColor1;HexColor2..." where N is the number of seconds between color changes. For example, "10;0x0000FF;0xFF0000;0x00FF00" would alternate between red, green, and blue every 10 seconds.
32. Changed: Removed some old code that no longer has any effect for playing a live TV channel on a Library Server client (using a tuner on the server).
33. NEW: Added "Duplicate" to the right-click menu on library views to make a new copy of the view.
34. NEW: Added TRACKINFO_INSERT_BACK_COLOR and TRACKINFO_INSERT_TEXT_COLOR to track info pages so the hex of each color can be loaded.
35. Fixed: Improved support for JPEG images with uncommon color encoding.
36. Fixed: Starting playback of a grouping of tracks with shuffle on would always start at the same track.
37. Fixed (possibly): bda TV might crash on stop (if stopping happened shortly after start up).
38. Changed: An empty password is no longer accepted to enter party mode.
39. Changed: A 400 error is returned from MCWS when the function name is not found.
40. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Luká&#269;).
41. Fixed: Calling MCWS Playback/PlayByFilename with invalid filenames now returns an error.
42. Fixed: TV tuner event code was being repeatedly executed unnecessarily when playing DVB TV with Transport Stream Time-shifting.
43. NEW: Implement the DLNA AVTransport command GetCurrentTransportActions dynamically according to play state.
44. Fixed: For the DLNA transport state, Always return 1 for the playspeed. Was 0 (when stopped) which appears to be incorrect.
45. Fixed: Make precision zone sync feature option determine whether or not it's exposed in the AVTransport XML play command. Fixes non-compliance with the spec.
46. Changed: Updated XMP library.
47. Changed: Updated GnuTLS and supporting libraries.
48. Changed: Updated WebP library.
49. Changed: Re-enabled writing of custom field "Event" to XMP metadata in images.
50. Fixed: MC wrote a new entry "State/Province" into a jpg image file's MJMD segment each time tags are saved to the image, resulting in multiple entries in the image.
51. Changed: Updated libplacebo in JRVR to the latest version.
52. Fixed: SRT subtitles with size parameters would render generally too small.
53. NEW: Added support for "pt" and "px" size definitions in inline string <font> parameters.
54. Changed: Empty text tokens no longer contribute vertical height when rendering text, resulting in a more consistent vertical spacing.

31.0.87 (11/22/2023)

1. Fixed: OTA EPG scanning did not get any programs unless a channel rescan was performed first, a bug introduced in MC31.0.83.

31.0.86 (11/21/2023)

1. Fixed: Some DVB TV programs (that use AAC audio streams) recorded in WTV format was not recognized by Windows Media Player or VLC player because they do not recognize the media subtype that we used. We now use a different MediaSubtype GUID for AAC LATM audio which are recognized by those apps.
2. Fixed: When using Jinc downscaling in JRVR, at extreme downscaling factors (eg. in the action window) the scaler could fail and go into fallback mode. Instead, we swap to another scaler for extreme ratios now.

31.0.85 (11/16/2023)

1. Fixed: TV scanning did not pick up all audio streams for some ATSC channels.

31.0.84 (11/14/2023)

1. Fixed: TV engine did not configure Demultiplexer output audio pins when connecting to Microsoft Stream Buffer Sink filter.
2. Changed: Made the sorting control in the smartlist editor taller so the Preset button shows up.

31.0.83 (11/9/2023)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: When scanning for ATSC and DVB TV channels, information of all available audio streams will be saved in each channel.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) translation file (thanks YanJun Sun).

31.0.82 (11/7/2023)

1. Fixed: Some non-string IPTC core (IIM) image tags were not written correctly.
2. Changed: When writing IPTC Core (IIM) image tags, MC will preserve existing record 1 tags.
3. NEW: Added PLS to the list of formats in the export playlist tool.
4. NEW: Also added PLS to the list of handheld formats for playlists.

31.0.81 (10/31/2023)

1. Changed: When writing image tags to IPTC Core (IIM) we will try to observe the IPTC-imposed character-count limits, by truncating strings that are too long.
2. Fixed: Prime Video in Theater View would jump from login page when typing in some digits.
3. Changed: Made the default size of Analyze Audio bigger.
4. Changed: When editing image field "Scene Code", a fixed list of values (from IPTC specification) are presented in the drop-down multi-selection list, in addition to other items.
5. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun!).

31.0.80 (10/26/2023)

1. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
2. NEW: IPTC "Scene Code" tag (XMP "Scene") will be read into, or written from user defined custom field "Scene Code" (a list type). If there is demand, we can create a stock field for it.
3. Changed: Updated to LAV Filters 0.78 for various improvements and fixes.
4. Fixed: Double click an image in Playing Now was not starting playback for the last few builds in all cases.
5. NEW: Added a Rebuild Thumbnail command to the image right-click menu.

31.0.79 (10/24/2023)

1. Changed: When writing IPTC core tags (IIM) tag texts are always written in UTF-8 encoding.
2. Fixed: Added a sanity check when reading date/time tags from TIFF images, preventing a crash on malformed files.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

31.0.78 (10/23/2023)

1. Fixed: When performing Update Tags (from Library), "Name" field was not saved to jpg image's IPTC and XMP tags.
2. Fixed: "Sublocation" and "Headline" fields were accidentally created as User field.
3. Fixed: Date last rated could get set on import when the file rating came in.
4. Fixed: "Sublocation" and "Headline" fields were flagged for all media types, instead of image-only.
5. Fixed: The OSD was unintentionally showing seconds on the time for the last few builds.
6. Changed: Writing of "Event" tag to XMP is disabled until further notice. Reading is OK.

31.0.77 (10/19/2023)

1. Changed: Seconds were unintentionally showing in the clock toolbar button since build 74.
2. Changed: When reading image tags, XMP tags will take precedence over IPTC core tags.
3. Changed: (Lightroom written) SupplementalCategories tag (IPTC and XMP) will be read into custom "Subcategories" field, instead of "Supplemental Categories" field.
4. NEW: (Lightroom compatibility) The IPTC/XMP "Category" tag will be read into custom field "LR Category".
5. Fixed: Supplemental Categories (Subcategories) tag were not written to XMP.
6. Changed: Only the three-character code is allowed to be saved in the Category tag in IPTC, but free text is allowed in XMP.

31.0.76 (10/18/2023)

1. Changed: The "Source" field added for a few builds is no longer flagged that it must exist, so you can delete it.

31.0.75 (10/18/2023)

1. Changed: Seconds were displaying on the Theater View time for a build but have been removed.
2. Changed: When editing an image on a library server client, the changes are sent right away to the server so the thumbnail is updated nicely.
3. Changed: Recently added image-only field "Source" is renamed "Source (Supply Chain)".

31.0.74 (10/16/2023)

1. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
2. Changed: Updated a few plural display names for fields (we now merge the plural display name if the display name has not been changed).
3. Changed: Dates are formatted including seconds when they have a value by default (fixes tagging problems with seconds on dates).

31.0.73 (10/13/2023)

1. Changed: Made the manage library field list wider.
2. NEW: Added a new field "Date Last Rated" that gets set any time the rating is changed.
3. Changed: When ripping and replacing, the old files are preserved until the end of the rip so that playlist data can be preserved.
4. NEW: Added a new list type field "Image Label" for image media type, and mapped it to XMP's Label tag.

31.0.72 (10/12/2023)

1. NEW: Added a new field "Source" for image media type, and mapped it to IPTC and XMP "Source" tag.
2. Fixed: The option to resample uncommon sample rates did not save properly.
3. Fixed: Deleting a Podcast episode then playing other episodes next to it would bring the file out of the deleted database so the status would be wrong.
4. NEW: XMP tag "Event" will be read and written if a custom field "Event" has been created.
5. Changed: MC will read from XMP's newer "Sublocation" tag, instead of only reading from the legacy "Location" tag. The latter will now only be used if the former does not exist.

31.0.71 (10/11/2023)

1. Fixed: Double-click would not show an image preview in some double-click modes when the option was selected.
2. Changed: Data file playback mode that keeps music playing would only engage when replacing Playing Now. Now it engages in all modes.
3. Fixed: Panel was not working due to missing files.

31.0.70 (10/10/2023)

1. Fixed: MC saved IPTC "Supplemental Categories" tags using the wrong tag ID.
2. NEW: MC will read and write to IPTC "Supplemental Categories" tags if a "Supplemental Categories" custom list field is created.

31.0.69 (10/9/2023)

1. Changed: (Panel) Menu button next to playback controls is now shown on all pages.
2. NEW: Added a "Sublocation" tag and mapped it to IPTC sublocation, and XMP sublocation.
3. Fixed: Double-click an image in a mixed list of images and videos did not engage the image preview if that option was selected.
4. Changed: The image preview command better disables when showing for audio files.
5. Changed: Remove accented characters for lyrics lookup (sinéad o'connor wasn't working).

31.0.68 (10/6/2023)

1. NEW: "Label" XMP tag (used in Lightroom) is mapped to "Label" (custom) field.
2. Fixed: Lists of artists were not playing from Cloudplay with Search DJ.
3. Changed: Improved delimiter support for Play Doctor playback with Search DJ.

31.0.67 (10/5/2023)

1. NEW: First step in supporting EXIF 3.0. When saving image tags, we will put [Name] into the new ImageTitle tag, in addition to previously supported ImageDescription tag. The former will allow non-ASCII characters, while we still (artificially) restrict the latter to ASCII-only, for compatibility with other apps.
2. Changed: Search DJ should match files better than ever.
3. NEW: Added a new field "Headline" and mapped it to IPTC and XMP "Headline" tag.

31.0.66 (10/4/2023)

1. Fixed: Sunrise / sunset times could load over and over in build 65.

31.0.65 (10/3/2023)

1. Changed: Switched to to get sunrise and sunset times.
2. Changed: Spectrum analyzer's no longer run when paused.
3. Changed: Removed album from Search DJ.
4. Changed: Removed the instructions from Search DJ boxes.
5. Changed: Added instructions to Search DJ.

31.0.64 (10/2/2023)

1. Changed: Internal change in EXIF reading and writing. Testing is appreciated.

31.0.63 (10/2/2023)

1. Fixed: Sunrise and sunset times are shown more reliably.
2. NEW: Added an advanced option to use a new extra channels routing system which revises how extra channels are handled so they are less likely to cause unexpected mixing (for example, picking 5.1 with 10 extra caused the SL/SR to go away) (Options > General > Advanced).

31.0.62 (9/28/2023)

1. Fixed: Tag window selection could lag in some cases (was trying to animate, now it just renders immediately).

31.0.61 (9/28/2023)

1. Changed: Internal changes in JRVR how the settings are handled.
2. NEW: Advanced option for JRVR to enable changing any libplacebo settings for testing purposes.
3. Fixed: Buttons could lag when switching states on mouse over. Now they respond to mouse movement, so should change right away.
4. Fixed: WASAPI in Shared Mode did not work in 31.0.60.
5. Fixed: In recent builds, if TV was configured to record in WTV format (which only works with bda tuners), OpenCABLE tuners would not record.

31.0.60 (9/27/2023)

1. Fixed: Some VST3 effects would not work because they failed on a call to setBusArrangements. Now the current arrangement is checked first and that is only called if it changes.
2. NEW: Updated libplacebo in JRVR to v6.338.0. Improves dynamic tone mapping, scaling quality, and many other things.
3. NEW: Added the JincSharp upscaler to JRVR, a sharper version of Jinc with 3 or 4 taps.
4. NEW: Added the Hermite downscaler to JRVR, a light-weight scaler with a decent quality.
5. Changed: JRVR will now show the measured peak and average brightness of HDR video on the OSD.

31.0.59 (9/26/2023)

1. Fixed: Corrected a French translation issue (thanks Charles Pastor).
2. Fixed: Memory leak on heic/heif image decoding and thumbnailing.

31.0.58 (9/25/2023)

1. Fixed: Frame Stepping over multiple frames at once with JRVR did only step one frame.
2. NEW: (Panel) Added "Play album" option to file playback menu.
3. Fixed: When playing a currently recording WTV file, playback was done using Playback Engine, instead of TV engine, resulting in the Playback Engine being unaware of the growth of the file length.
4. Fixed: MCWS function Television/GetGuidePrograms output invalid xml doc because Field names that contain space characters were used for xml element names.
5. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Luká&#269;).
6. Fixed: Some thread sanitizer issues and locking of the PlayerCore for zone counts.

31.0.57 (9/19/2023)

1. NEW: Television shows can now be recorded in wtv format when running TV engine in Program Stream Time-shifting mode.
2. Changed: Updated the Kodi NFO support to differentiate between <ratings> and <userratings> properly.
3. Fixed: When recording TV shows in TS format, the initial bookmarks might be wrong, especially when recording was started later than the actual program start time.
4. Fixed (possibly): Playing a currently recording TV show in transport stream time-shifting, the playback skipped forward to live time instead of starting from the beginning.
5. Fixed: TV shows recorded in WTV format were not initially bookmarked.

31.0.56 (9/14/2023)

1. Fixed: When Playing with Play Doctor Search DJ was not saving the settings used.
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).

31.0.55 (9/13/2023)

1. Changed: When recording format is WTV, the Stream Buffer Sink will not start buffering data until recording actually needs to start.
2. Changed: Search DJ settings are saved between runs so the last used settings are shown.
3. Changed: Added a parameter FormatDateTime to MCWS function GetRecordingScheduleXML to specify whether to format the StartTime returned value.

31.0.54 (9/11/2023)

1. NEW: Added an option to close the program on stop to the "More Stop" player menu (MCC 10078 to script).
2. Changed: Switched the close method for the on screen keyboard to be more reliable.

31.0.53 (9/7/2023)

1. Fixed: The on screen keyboard could fail to show in some cases.
2. Changed: Made the saved cover art folder saved on a per-library basis as well so it can vary from library to library.
3. Changed: VST3 effects that create the plugin on a class number higher than zero will work.
4. Changed: Search DJ only searches for music files (it could grab images and videos if they matched the artist, etc.).

31.0.52 (9/5/2023)

1. NEW: Added a Search DJ button to Playing Now.
2. Changed: Shuffle defaults to off for Search DJ.
3. Changed: Artist lists with semi-colons are also accepted by Search DJ.
4. Changed: Search DJ clears any other searches that were entered manually in the search box.
5. NEW: Added a "No Variety" menu choice for Play Doctor searches.

31.0.51 (9/2/2023)

1. Changed: Made the on screen keyboard opened a little newer version (when found).
2. NEW: Added Tools > Search DJ to play searches and optionally include Cloudplay files.
3. Fixed: Possible JPEG crashes parsing corrupt images.

31.0.50 (8/29/2023)

1. NEW: Added two smartlists to find files with low resolution cover art.
2. Fixed: Custom Contrast values were not being displayed properly in the JRVR settings after re-opening the dialog.
3. Changed: Include the Q when listing parametric equalizer equalization filters.
4. Fixed: Improved behavior when pressing Escape while watching Netflix in Theater View.
5. NEW: Anti-ringing filter when scaling with JRVR, available for all conventional scalers, as well as RAVU.
6. Fixed: Updated JRVR Geometry Correction to avoid cutting off part of the image when using curvature correction.
7. NEW: Support for loading custom shaders in JRVR (in mpv hook/glsl syntax)
8. NEW: Added the advanced option to show the on screen keyboard when a JRiver edit control takes the focus.
9. Fixed: When running TV time-shifting in Transport Stream time-shifting mode with WTV chosen as the recording format, live channel switching did not work.

31.0.49 (8/24/2023)

1. Fixed: The "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons on the customize tag window would not work nicely if you clicked fast. Now all buttons everywhere should no longer check for clicks that are too fast.
2. NEW: Updated the Netflix integration in Theater View to allow for higher quality video playback.
3. Fixed: Solved a rare crash during import due to thread safety.

31.0.48 (8/22/2023)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Luká&#269;).
2. Changed: The JRVR HDR to HDR tone mapping options are only shown if HDR pass-through is enabled.

31.0.47 (8/18/2023)

1. Changed: Non-editable fields no longer allow the checkbox to allow custom data in the Manage Library Fields dialog.
2. Changed: Added the option "Show only calculated fields" to Manage Library fields.
3. Changed: Playback of live TV in Transport Stream time-shifting mode will start a little delayed to reduce the chance of getting a black screen with audio only.
4. Changed: TV engine will no longer use Stream Buffer Engine for time-shifting (a feature that was introduced to allow recording in WTV format). Now Transport Stream Time-shifting mode will be used when recording in WTV is desired. This fixes the lip-syncing issue associated with Stream Buffer Engine time-shifting mode.

31.0.46 (8/17/2023)

1. Changed: Updated the YouTube downloader to make YouTube clips work again.

31.0.45 (8/15/2023)

1. Fixed: Radio Paradise didn't play reliably when connected to a library server.
2. NEW: (Panel) Added options to the Advanced settings page to show/hide the fixed buttons on the main page, such as Streaming, Cloudplay, etc.

31.0.44 (8/10/2023)

1. Changed: The bookmark is only cleared when pressing stop again if it's done within five seconds of the previous stop.
2. Changed: When tagging EXIF in images, empty field values will cause the corresponding EXIF tags to be removed, instead of setting the tag value offset to NULL.
3. Fixed: When renaming a value in a pane, if something with a semi-colon was entered the selection would reset (instead of selecting the first item in the new list).
4. Changed: Tagging of EXIF datetime tags will use format "yyyy:MM:dd 00:00:00" for dates without time, instead of "yyyy:MM:dd : : " so that Google Photos will recognize it.

31.0.43 (8/8/2023)

1. Changed: When a smartlist finds no matches, a message is shown in the list.
2. Changed: Expressions that output an average use three decimal places instead of one.
3. Changed: Added "Favorites" category for Cloudplay in Theater View.
4. Fixed: MCWS Playback/Info when called early was creating the playback engine because of a recent change.
5. Changed: Updated libplacebo in JRVR, includes a new gamut mapper for HDR to SDR video tone mapping.
6. Changed: Increased the precision of the Spline Contrast slider in the JRVR settings, and increased its size for better control.
7. Fixed: When tagging a jpeg image that did not have EXIF to start with, the EXIF created by MC might contain some duplicate entries (for example some entries in the primary directory might also appear in the EXIF specific directory by error).

31.0.42 (8/3/2023)

1. NEW: Added playlist format option "M3U (Android)" when creating custom playlist files during sync.
2. Changed: Clicking an empty checkbox field with multiple selections now changes based on the selected item (was using the first item instead).

31.0.41 (8/1/2023)

1. Fixed: Potential fix for an issue with audio bitstreaming during a signal degradation on live or recorded TV.
2. Changed: Removed the drive performance tests from Reporter.
3. NEW: Manual profile selection/overriding for JRVR, on a per-file basis. Available in the context menu, the playback OSD, and

31.0.40 (7/28/2023)

1. Fixed: Importing several Blu-ray structures with a common name could result in some being skipped.
2. Changed: Added the Metadata Injection filter as an allowed DirectShow video postprocessing filter for custom setups.

31.0.39 (7/27/2023)

1. Fixed: Blu-ray Disc entries in the database could lose their special "index.bluray" name in some circumstances when doing video analysis.
2. Fixed: Closing the media server would only close one DSP Studio. Now all of them are closed.
3. Fixed: MCWS was not fully standards compliant with using + to encode spaces in query strings.

31.0.38 (7/24/2023)

1. NEW: Added a "+Play" button to the rip dialog to play and rip at once.
2. Changed: Removed the warning when playing while ripping.
3. Fixed: Seeking with JRVR could result in some playback glitches since 31.0.35.
4. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
5. Changed: Put the playing album at the top during a shuffle albums.

31.0.37 (7/19/2023)

1. NEW: Added New, Popular, and Users categories for Cloudplay Playlists in Theater View.
2. Fixed: Improved tracking of the audio timing when using a DirectSound output device.

31.0.36 (7/18/2023)

1. Fixed: Logging the playback information could lead to crashes in some cases.
2. NEW: Added "Shuffle Albums" to the shuffle menu to keep albums in track order but shuffle the collection of albums.
3. Changed: DSP Studio will be closed when shutting the program down to server mode.
4. Changed: More tuning of the Swap and Unswap expressions.

31.0.35 (7/17/2023)

1. Changed: When clearing playing now, the menu option would enter the MRU list, but then keep working on the cleared zone. So if you switched zones and picked the MRU, it was a little confusing. Now it switches.
2. Changed: Made the default for logging to reset after 10 MB instead of to keep everything.
3. Changed: Reworked JPEG rotation so it uses the new EXIF code (testing appreciated).

31.0.34 (7/13/2023)

1. NEW: Support reading and saving EXIF Artist and Copyright fields for images. These fields will be saved in corresponding image EXIF tags if they only contain ASCII characters (since the corresponding EXIF tags only support ASCII).
2. Fixed: Thumbnail image embedded in an image might not be loaded because the EXIF tagging had a wrong thumbnail data size.
3. NEW: EXIF tags DateTimeDigitized and DateTime can be read into the library if custom fields "DateTimeDigitized" and "DateTime" have been created.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Luká&#269;).
5. Fixed: Improved timing of bitstreamed audio playback, reducing glitches when bitstreaming high bitrate TrueHD Atmos.

31.0.33 (7/10/2023)

1. Changed: Improved reporting of DSD to PCM conversion in Audio Path.
2. Changed: More work on the Unswap expression.
3. Fixed: Parsing EXIF blocks could enter an endless loop with some images.
4. NEW: The Comment field (if not empty) will be saved in image EXIF tag UserComment. The Name field will be saved to image EXIF tag ImageDescription if the text is ASCII, otherwise we try to save it into UserComment if UserComment is not already filled.
5. Fixed: Erroneous GPS data was loaded for some images taken with cameras not equipped with GPS.

31.0.32 (7/8/2023)

1. Changed: Better support for commas without spaces in the Unswap expression.
2. Fixed: Improved state tracking during JRVR startup for a potential hang fix.

31.0.31 (7/6/2023)

1. NEW: Added an MCC to seek to a percent (MCC_SEEK_PERCENT / 10072).
2. Changed: Unswap(...) handles double (and more) spaces just like Swap(...).
3. Changed: Updated libplacebo in JRVR, with many HDR gamut mapping improvements.
4. NEW: Added an option to JRVR Advanced settings to allow disabling the histogram in peak detection for improved performance on slow systems.

31.0.30 (7/6/2023)

1. NEW: Drives&Devices, Playlists, Podcasts, Services&Plugins, and Streaming pages use skin background and text colors.
2. Changed: Reworked how the default webpages like Playlists, Drives & Devices, etc. are included (please report any issues).
3. Changed: A little work on the Unswap(...) expression to better support the new Swap(...) expression.
4. Fixed: Video playback could crash in some cases.
5. NEW: Added a setting to control the target contrast when tone mapping HDR to SDR in JRVR.

31.0.29 (6/30/2023)

1. Changed: Triple spaces (or more) were still causing Swap problems.
2. Fixed: Media Center could leak memory when parsing an invalid MP4 file.
3. Fixed: Spotlight was not loading properly.

31.0.28 (6/29/2023)

1. Fixed: Double spaces are removed by the Swap(...) function to avoid problems they cause.
2. Fixed: Improved detection heuristics in black bar analysis for more confident results.

31.0.27 (6/28/2023)

1. Changed: Re-position New and Popular playlist links under Cloudplay title text.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated Simplified Chinese translation (thanks YanJun Sun).
4. Fixed: The new formatted flag on Playback/Info was not working properly.
5. Changed: Slightly better handling of commas in the Swap(...) expression.
6. Changed: Tuned the Swap(...) expression based on feedback on Interact.
7. Changed: Updated libplacebo with a lot of tone mapping and gamut mapping changes for processing HDR videos in JRVR.
8. NEW: Added new options to JRVR for controlling tone mapping. Output -> Contrast Recovery Strength, Output -> Spline Contrast (advanced HDR settings), Advanced -> Use Tricubic interpolation for gamut mapping.
9. Changed: Black Bar Analysis uses a simple heuristic to improve the quality of the detection, and write a report into the [Video Black Bar Analysis Report] field.
10. Changed: DVB TV channel scan will try excluding audio streams that have audio language code of "NAR" when selecting a default audio language stream.
11. Fixed: UI skin issues with Cloudplay start page when not signed in.

31.0.26 (6/27/2023)

1. NEW: New EXIF library with full read and write support for improved JPEG tagging.
2. NEW: Added an option to Tree & View > Advanced to hide tab close buttons.
3. NEW: Added a Dehexify expression function.
4. NEW: Use skin colors for Cloudplay.
5. Changed: Added a "Formatted" parameter to MCWS Playback/Info to allow specifying if the return value should be formatted or not.
6. NEW: Added "Chapter" Mode to MCWS Playback/Position to allow skipping to a specified chapter.
7. Changed: Tuned the Swap(...) expression function to work better with big strings.
8. Changed: Cleaned up the escapement in the Base URL of the links dialog so it should not be necessary (but the search expression still needs escapement).

31.0.25 (6/22/2023)

1. NEW: Added mode to the MCWS Playback/Position and allow passing a percentage (works with relative or absolute seeks).
2. Changed: The "Unlock All Tabs" menu option disables when all the tabs are unlocked.
3. Changed: The "Lock All Tabs" menu option disables when all the tabs are already locked.
4. Fixed: Black Bar detection could select the wrong video stream on DolbyVision UHD Blu-ray discs.
5. Fixed: Black Bar detection would not reliably select different points in the video file in some cases.

31.0.24 (6/20/2023)

1. NEW: Added the chapter list to Playback/Info.
2. Fixed: TIFF files with JPEG encoding did not work properly.
3. NEW: Contrast Recovery for tone mapping HDR video in JRVR, which enhances the details of tone mapped video.
4. Changed: Various improvements to JRVR tone mapping, improving perceived saturation and other color issues.
5. Changed: Dynamic Tone Mapping (Peak Detection) in JRVR is now on by default, as well as in the Balanced and Quality presets.
6. Faster: Improved the startup time of JRVR when handling HDR video with tone mapping.
7. Changed: When matching, Spotlight will ignore any extra user data in movie or tv show titles enclosed in brackets. For example, "Avatar [3D]" will match just Avatar.
8. Changed: Loading and saving views also restores the tab locked state.
9. NEW: If more than one tab is open, the option to lock and unlock all the tabs is in the header menu.

31.0.23 (6/15/2023)

1. Changed: Implemented a work-around for the issue of bad lip-syncing when playing live TV using Stream Buffer Engine for time-shifting.

31.0.22 (6/13/2023)

1. Fixed: The "Prefer DVD Order" option for TV Show lookup did not work properly with TheMovieDB lookups.
2. Changed: Black bar analysis skips more frames after a seek for decoding to stabilize before checking for black bars.
3. Fixed: Cloudplay would go to home page when there was an edit in another tab.

31.0.21 (6/8/2023)

1. Fixed: Corrected the typo so the field is now "State/Province".

31.0.20 (6/8/2023)

1. Changed: Increased pre-buffering when starting to play live TV using Stream Buffer Engine.
2. Fixed: Seeking with Stream Buffer Time-shifting might go wrong when playback had lasted longer than the time-shifting buffering length.
3. NEW: Added the tags City and State/Providence and mapped them to the same IPTC fields for images.

31.0.19 (6/5/2023)

1. Fixed: Loading big fields like the waveform data from APE files could fail.
2. Changed: Made the response from MCWS Playback/Info list the fields as members of the XML instead of all in a block.
3. Fixed: When playing live TV in time-shifting mode, the progress bar sometimes would not update.
4. Changed: Changed the progress bar updating code to reduce the amount of up and down jumps at the beginning of live TV playback.
5. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Luká&#269;).
6. NEW: The latency of VST3 plug-ins is queried so lip-sync with videos will be more accurate.
7. NEW: Added the MCWS function UserInterface/OSD to allow turning the OSD on or off.

31.0.18 (6/1/2023)

1. Changed: Added confirmation when right-click closing tabs if the close includes locked tabs.
2. Changed: Removed the JRVR option to apply the screen gamut after the 3DLUT, as it did not work, and is incompatible with the way 3DLUTs are handled.
3. NEW: JRVR supports the madVR 3DLUT format for calibration.
4. NEW: Added a Fields parameter to the MCWS Playback/Info so you can request any number of additional fields for the playing file.
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 10.15 -- fixes stalling on playback of corrupt files.
6. Fixed: Could not navigate the play queue in Amazon Music in Theater View. Access now by pressing 0 and then the down arrow.
7. Changed: Updated the new / improved this version link to v31.

31.0.17 (5/29/2023)

1. Fixed: Selecting an aspect ratio/cropping preset from the playback OSD did not work since 31.0.15.
2. Changed: Auto-import will now run black bar analysis on all unprocessed files, similar to audio analysis.
3. NEW: Added "DCI-P3-D65 in BT.2020" as a screen gamut configuration to JRVR.
4. NEW: When performing HDR to HDR tone mapping, the gamut can be reduced to DCI-P3 in BT.2020.
5. Fixed: When closing multiple tabs, it was not working nicely when selecting a non-selected tab.

31.0.16 (5/26/2023)

1. Fixed: Remote control playback buttons were not working in Amazon Music.

31.0.15 (5/26/2023)

1. Changed: When selecting a default audio stream for DVB TV channels, we will try to avoid special audio streams (such as "audio description for the visually impaired"), if such type info is found during channel scanning.
2. NEW: When playing ATSC, DVB, OpenCABLE, or SatIP live TV, the "Audio Programs" context menu will include audio program type description (for example "Audio description for the vidually impaired") if such info is found.
3. NEW: Metadata-driven automatic black bar cropping in JRVR, based on the "Video Crop" database field, which can be filled with the Video Analysis tool. Use this thread for questions:,136125.msg942962.html#msg942962
4. NEW: Consolidated all aspect ratio settings in the JRVR Output -> General settings, allowing per-device and profile-based configuration.
5. Changed: The option "Crop Sides of Video to Fill Screen" in the Crop Black Bars context menu has been removed, use "Crop" aspect ratio mode instead.
6. NEW: Amazon Music in Theater View with remote / keyboard control and navigation. Available to add in Items to Show for Theater View.

31.0.14 (5/23/2023)

1. Changed: Split the JRVR Output settings into individual pages for HDR and Calibration for easier navigation.
2. Changed: The JRVR HDR configuration page will show the reported max HDR brightness of the detected displays.
3. Fixed: Submitting cover art was not working since the server changes.
4. Fixed: Track info submit and get was not working since the server changes.

31.0.13 (5/22/2023)

1. Changed: Picking Player > Playing Now > Show Playing Now will activate an inactive Playing Now tab instead of switching the current view.
2. Changed: Made showing tree roots (Alt+1,2,etc.) switch to an inactive tab instead of opening a new view if it finds that tab.
3. Changed: WTV files' "WM/MediaOriginalChannel" and "WM/MediaOriginalChannelSubNumber" tags are mapped to user fields "Original Channel" and "Original Subchannel" respectively.
4. Changed: Some additional tags are saved when saving tags to WTV files.
5. Changed: Clicking the playing file image, it will try to find a Playing Now tab open to switch to instead of opening a new view.
6. Changed: Tooltips that complete large fields in the Tag window always show regardless of the tooltip option.
7. Changed: Made car radio button tooltips show the default delay instead of much quicker.
8. NEW: MC will write channel numbers (major and minor channels for ATSC and logical channel number of DVB) to corresponding tags in WTC recordings if custom fields "Original Channel" and "Original Subchannel" have been created by users.
9. Fixed: If TV recording format was set to "wtv" for bda tuners, a file with extension "jr-sbr" was created in the TV recording folder after watching a channel live in time-shifting mode.
10. Changed: Added *.xmltv as a possible file extension (in addition to .xml) when selecting an xmltv file for TV setup.

31.0.12 (5/18/2023)

1. Fixed: Saving [Date Recorded] tag to WTV files and reloading the tag from the files could cause the datetime to shift to a slightly earlier time.
2. Fixed: When saving [Date] field which had no time component (or a 00:00:00 time) to WTV files the Hour value was set to 12.
3. Changed: Some additional tags are saved when saving tags to WTV files.
4. Changed: Picking Playing > Playing Now > Show Playing Now will not switch away from a locked Playing Now tab but instead just scroll to show the playing file.
5. Changed: Using the "Show tree root" shortcuts will refresh the view instead of recreate when that view is already showing.
6. Changed: Truncation tooltips no longer honor the setting for tooltips, but instead always show.
7. NEW: Made the tooltips toolbar button a menu with choices (and the active one checked) instead of simply a toggle.

31.0.11 (5/16/2023)

1. Changed: Do not show player bar tooltip when not in Standard View.
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Luká&#269;).
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

31.0.10 (5/11/2023)

1. Fixed: Removing files from a client did not delete or recycle server disk files as specified.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun!).
3. NEW: Support for Bitstreaming of compressed audio formats from audio files using the video engine for playback (eg. MKA).
4. Fixed: Prime Video navigation in Theater View was broken due to recent Amazon website changes.

31.0.9 (5/9/2023)

1. Changed: When in Display or Cover View, hide player bar menu items that use Standard View and disable Spotlight launch from press-and-hold.
2. Changed: Added additional fields to WTV file tag writing.
3. Changed: MC will no longer create a separate time-shiting/recording folder on per-session basis, for WTV time-shifting and recording.

31.0.8 (5/5/2023)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
3. Fixed: Selecting all on right-click would incorrectly fire in thumbnail lists.
4. Fixed: Restoring the program from Media Server mode could crash (testing appreciated).
5. Changed: When restoring out of Media Server mode, the same views are used instead of creating the startup views.

31.0.7 (5/4/2023)

1. NEW: (still work-in-progress) WTV files will be taggable, with some tag values written to the files without the need to use a sidecar file (on Windows only). In particular TV recordings in WTV format will have some tags written to files.
2. Fixed: Moving the mouse over list control items with text links would not always update the mouse over states nicely.
3. Changed: Tuned expansion on image column right-click to use the grouping of the list instead of simply album grouping.
4. Changed: Made list grouping on right-click of the album thumbnail only engage when a single file is selected.
5. Fixed: Thumbnails were not being included in auto library backups.

31.0.6 (5/2/2023)

1. Changed: Right-clicking in the album thumbnail column will select all the album files before showing the menu.

31.0.5 (4/28/2023)

Fixed: The Spotlight button could show in views without files.
NEW: Added MCC_CLEAR_REMAINING_ZONE_SPECIFIC (10071) to clear the remaining tracks from a playlist.

31.0.4 (4/27/2023)

1. NEW: When removing tags from an MP3, APEv2 tags are removed if they are found.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 10.10. Handles systems with AVX512 support, but disabled by the OS.
4. Changed: Simplified the filenames of TV recordings if the shows' don't have separate episode names that are different from the series names.
5. NEW: WTV (Microsoft Stream Buffer Engine format) television recording format for bda tuners on Windows (i.e. ATSC and DVB tuners).

31.0.3 (4/25/2023)

1. Fixed: Playing a SDR video in JRVR with the screen in HDR mode could result in unexpected output if HDR to HDR tone mapping was enabled.
2. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.

31.0.2 (4/19/2023)

1. Fixed: Selecting the beta channel for updates was not working.
2. Fixed: Media Center could crash when media files were deleted while Black Bar detection was running on them.
3. Changed: Uninstall lists "Installing a new version" instead of "Had it before. Installing again." as one of the choices for the uninstall reason.
4. Changed: Merged the last backup paths used for library backups (manual and the setting) into one shared setting.
5. NEW: Support for HDR to HDR tone mapping in JRVR.
6. NEW: Advanced geometry correction settings for projectors in JRVR.
7. NEW: HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping in JRVR.
8. NEW: Image sharpening post-processing for JRVR.

30.0.93 (4/16/2023)

1. Fixed: MPC/Musepack audio decoding did not work in 30.0.92.

30.0.92 (4/12/2023)

1. Changed: Updated Cloudplay for a future hosting backend change.

30.0.91 (4/4/2023)

1. Changed: Reverted changing list styles clicking empty area of tabs.

30.0.90 (4/3/2023)

1. Fixed: MC could crash when recording in TS format on certain DVB channels.
2. Changed: Increased the wait time between channels during OTA EPG scan (DVB).
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Changed: Made a German language tweak (thanks Purecut).

30.0.89 (3/29/2023)

1. Fixed: Playback of WTV files did not enable audio stream selection.

30.0.88 (3/28/2023)

1. Fixed: Importing a Blu-ray folder rip (BDMV) will more aggressively exclude auxiliary data files from being imported separately.
2. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
3. NEW: Added a "Formatted" flag to requests for file information from MCWS to format MPL or JSON responses.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Fixed: Internal fix to prevent crashes on certain string operations.
6. Changed: Added some more accents to the lookup / conversion routines.

30.0.87 (3/24/2023)

1. Fixed: Dragging tabs could lose the selected tab with some views.
2. Changed: When closing tabs, the last tab used is opened (instead of the far right tab).
3. NEW: Left-clicking the empty area of the tabs rolls through list styles.
4. Fixed: VST3 plugins that used a legacy method of initialization were not working (Ozone 9 for example).

30.0.86 (3/23/2023)

1. Changed: The automatic playlist background skin image is drawn the old way again (problems were reported with the change).
2. Changed: The Get Movie & TV Info dialog remembers the last size and position (and also maximizes to fullscreen when the option is selected).
3. Changed: MC will no longer prefer Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder when playing WMC recorded TV shows (wtv or dvr-ms files).
4. Changed: Enable navigation of the top menu in Prime Video with keyboard/remote.
5. Fixed: Selecting items on the Netflix Browse page did not work reliably after recent website changes.

30.0.85 (3/22/2023)

1. Changed (experimental): MC will no longer prefer Microsoft video filters (decoder and renderer) when playing WMC recorded TV shows (wtv or dvr-ms files).

30.0.84 (3/20/2023)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 10.06. Supports 32-bit floating point.
2. Changed: The automatic playlist background skin image is drawn at full size instead of maintaining the aspect ratio (please report any issues).
3. Changed: Added Japan to region options for Prime Video.
4. Fixed: Manage TV Channels window failed to show scrambled status in Details for DVB-C and DVB-S channels.
5. Changed: Left arrow goes "Back" in Prime Video when appropriate.

30.0.83 (3/17/2023)

1. Fixed: Remote Stop button was not working in Prime Video.
2. Changed: Attempts to re-select previous item when going back in Prime Video.
3. Fixed: JTV recordings recorded with video capture devices that use uncompressed video would not play.

30.0.82 (3/15/2023)

1. Fixed: Transferring to Handheld devices might skip transcoding (even if configured to do so) if the converted file has the same file extension and if the conversion cache is located next to the original file.

30.0.81 (3/14/2023)

1. Fixed: Prime Video was not going to the proper initial page for Canada and possibly other regions.

30.0.80 (3/13/2023)

1. Changed: Setting the total number of tracks doesn't tag the file (just like setting discs).

30.0.79 (3/13/2023)

1. Changed: Made the total discs and total tracks tool not operate on Podcasts, Test Clips, or Audiobooks.
2. Changed: A lot of logging added to VST studio plugin installation/activation.
3. Changed: When VST3 plugins are installed, don't try to load the library (which doesn't work) as is done with other DSP studio plugins, only use the VST3 methods.

30.0.78 (3/13/2023)

1.NEW: Total Tracks is updated each run along with Total Discs.
2. Changed: MC no longer jumps to display view, even when so configured, when playing the WDM driver.
3. Changed: The ALT key no longer highlights the menu when a popup is showing.
4. Fixed: Navigation in Prime Video would skip the bottom item in rows with 2 items stacked vertically.
5. NEW: DVB TV channel scan will save Scrambled status in the TV channel's Keywords tag. On "Manage TV Channels" window the channels' scrambled status is marked True or False in "Details".

30.0.77 (3/12/2023)

1. NEW: Added remote number button shortcuts to categories in Prime Video. 2=>Movies, 3=>TV.
2. NEW: Added season selection in Prime Video TV shows.
3. Fixed: A fix in build 30.0.76 might caused format conversion not to work as expected if users chose the mode "Replace original file on disk and in library."
4. Fixed: When converting format of files that were particles, and if the user chose the mode "Replace original file on disk and in library" the parent file got erroneously deleted.
5. NEW: Added profile switching for Prime Video, press 0 to select.
6. Fixed: Monkey's Audio was failing to decompress old files since the addition of faster lookup tables on February 15th.

30.0.76 (3/9/2023)

1. Fixed: Video analysis could fail to determine the aspect ratio of some video files.
2. Changed: Video analysis will favor the container-specified aspect ratio, if available and reliable.
3. Fixed: Black bar detection would mis-detect some samples due to wrong seeking and too short analysis.
4. Fixed: The "Norwegian Bokmĺl" language name was not encoded in Unicode properly.
5. NEW: Added the image dimensions to the Get Movie & TV Info dialog.
6. Fixed: Format Conversion could have unpredictable result if the files being converted were particles.
7. Changed: DLNA notifies after resume from sleep on a background thread (instead of hanging the program).

30.0.75 (3/8/2023)

1. Changed: Updated LAV Filters to 0.77.2, fixing some issues with audio bitstreaming and expanding Atmos/DTS:X identification to playback.
2. Fixed: Black bar analysis for videos did not run during auto-import.
3. Fixed: Black bar analysis could get stuck on some files.
4. Fixed: Extended video analysis did not work on MPLS (Blu-ray playlist) particles.
5. Fixed: Playback in MC was not stopping when launching Prime Video.
6. Fixed: Sometimes could not exit Prime Video login pages with keyboard.

30.0.74 (3/7/2023)

1. Changed: The SetField expression function clears the output instead of leaving the field name there.
2. Fixed: Occasional glitches when selecting a television program by entering a channel number, in Theater view guide grid.
3. Changed: The timer for TV Recording Manager is no longer started if TV feature is not turned on.
4. Changed: Prime Video in Theater View has a region/country setting.
5. Changed: Prime Video in Theater View can select/play specific episodes for TV series.

30.0.73 (3/3/2023)

1. Fixed: For VST3 plugins on mixed DPI monitors we'll set the VST3 scale so the plugin in DSP studio displays properly.

30.0.72 (3/3/2023)

1. NEW: Hooked up remote playback buttons to control Amazon Prime Video in Theater View.

30.0.71 (3/3/2023)

1. Fixed: Analyzing a Blu-ray structure did not properly fill the subtitle language field.
2. Changed: Video Aspect Ratio is always stored using a decimal, rather then a fraction.
3. Changed: Video Aspect Ratio is calculated from the active video rectangle after cropping if Black Bar detection is being performed.
4. NEW: Amazon Prime Video in Theater View with remote control support (add in Theater View, Items to Show).

30.0.70 (3/2/2023)

1. NEW: Support for Blu-ray directory structures (BDMV) in extended video analysis.
2. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
3. Fixed: When hiding the status column in Analyze Audio, it could not be brought back (also applies to other custom columns).
4. Changed: MCWS function GetGuidePrograms will return the program database key as an attribute.
5. Fixed: When changing channel by entering a channel number in Theater View television guide, the new selected program was random horizontally. Now the new selected program will be one that is near the same time slot as the previous selection.
6. Changed: Disabled enumeration of Proxy handheld devices when operating in Media Client mode.
7. Fixed: A bug crashing when using VST3 plugins on initial playback of a video.

30.0.69 (2/28/2023)

1. NEW: Streaming transcoded video between two instances of Media Center uses the HLS VOD protocol for improved stability and responsiveness.
2. Changed: Tweaked mouse movement/acceleration when controlling with directional arrows in Theater View.
3. Fixed: (Panel) The context menu options on the search page were not working properly.
4. Changed: Adjusted the Q in filters used for Room Correction, Headphones, Convolution, etc. to account for the square root of two change in v29.
5. NEW: Added an optional parameter to the Replace expression to specify case sensitive (or not) searching.
6. Fixed: Stop after tracks was not working.
7. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
8. Changed: Split black bar detection out of video analysis into a separate tool, since the process can be slow.
9. Changed: Added a new option to the import dialog to perform black bar detection on videos during import.
10. Changed: Filling missing entries after EPG loading will be done in a background worker thread.
11. Changed: EPG missing entries will have a duration of 4 hours instead of 1 hour, to increase efficiency.
12. NEW: The EPG status text in the Standard Television View will include a message indicating that EPG loading is going on, or filling missing entries is going on in the background.
13. Fixed: MCWS function SetRecording did not parse the start time parameter correctly.

30.0.68 (2/24/2023)

1. Changed: Updated the YouTube downloader to make YouTube clips work again.

30.0.67 (2/23/2023)

1. NEW: Added a Key parameter to MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayDoctor to specify a start file (which will build the rest of the playlist).
2. Changed: WAV files greater than 2 GB are no longer tagged.
3. Fixed: When writing a huge WAV file, a negative one is used for the length (was overflowing before).
4. Fixed: Encoding really big files was failing with WavPack.

30.0.66 (2/21/2023)

1. NEW: Added the "Video Scan" field to indicate if a video is "Progressive" or "Interlaced".
2. Changed: Audio with odd sample rates will be automatically resampled to a common rate.
3. Changed: When the SSRC resampler fails to load (due to an unsupported sample rate), SoX will be used instead.
4. Changed: When the FormatNumber expression crops a value to 0 because of the decimal places, the empty display will be shown.
5. NEW: Added a Decimal expression function to convert to dot for a number.
6. Changed: Made the expression editor popup remember window positioning.
7. Changed: Updated the default tag window templates with the new video fields.
8. Changed: Importing/Exporting all tag window templates will write the correct template version, and validate it on import.
9. Changed: Made the sign of zero from the math evaluator output 1 (instead of 0).
10. NEW: Added a customization option to the Tag window to show All Fields With Values (including read-only fields).
11. NEW: Added the ability to customize the flush after stop issued to VST plugins.
12. Fixed: When showing television guide by time in Theater View ("This evening", "Tomorrow morning", "Tomorrow afternoon", etc.) a random program could be selected when entering the grid view, instead of the program showing at the upper left corner.

30.0.65 (2/17/2023)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: The ConvertDate expression function accepts more than one parameter again and just ignores everything after the first (unless it's 3 or 6 since that's the new format).
4. Changed: Theater View web page keyboard control: Escape key now acts as "back" and mouse cursor movement is accelerated when holding down on directional arrow keys. Optional Theater View customization when adding a web page to the menu.

30.0.64 (2/17/2023)

1. Fixed: Various improvements to AC-4 audio decoding, including fixed channel mapping and improvements to audio timing to reduce glitches in playback. For ATSC 3.0 TV.
2. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to 5.1, used for file analysis and transcoding.
3. NEW: Video Analysis can now identify "immersive" Atmos and DTS:X audio tracks.
4. NEW: Crop (Black Bar) detection has been added to Video Analysis.
5. Fixed: Video analysis would not fill the "HDR Mastering Color Space" field.

30.0.63 (2/15/2023)

1. Fixed: Some VST3 plugins provided multiple entrypoints and so would crash when the older style entrypoint was initialized first.
2. Fixed: Running "Analyse Video" or "Update Library (from Tags)" on Video files could reset the rating stored in the database.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 9.15. Faster AVX assembly runs on all platforms, AVX-512 is used when available, and speed-ups across the board.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Changed: Added sorting of phrases to the translation files (and updated all translations).
6. Changed: VST plugins are only checked for VST3 if the extension is VST3.
7. NEW: Added option for Theater View web pages to display full screen with the direction arrows and OK/Enter for navigation.

30.0.62 (2/14/2023)

1. Fixed: Sat>IP channels might not have been loaded correctly from an m3u channel list file if the file specified modulation type (mtype) in upper case letters (e.g. "mtype=QPSK" instead of "mtype=qpsk").
2. Fixed: Sat>IP channel scan wizard did not properly load the user-supplied channel list m3u file.
3. NEW: Running MCC commands from the launcher can take a string by surrounding with single quotes (example: MC30.exe /MCC 22043,'VideoYouTube').
4. NEW: Added MCC MCC_THEATER_VIEW_PATH (22043) to allow selecting a path in Theater View.
5: NEW: Added a Library Tool to run extended Video Analysis.
6. Fixed: Corrected a typo in the compare dates expression tooltip.
7. Changed: Changed the compare dates tooltip to better translate.
8. Changed: Additional optimization of Theater View television guide display speed.
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code. Also made the translation tool not output the same header multiple times in a row.
11. Changed: Removed the custom expressions "TVInfo(ChannelKeywords)" and "TVInfo(IsOnNonTopGroupedChannel)" from the default Theater View Television Guide setup since they are now handled differently and more efficiently.

30.0.61 (2/9/2023)

1. Changed: Reverted the Theater View TV guide change in build 60 because of its undesirable effects.
2. Changed: Add logging to VST3 plugin function call failures.
3. Changed: VST3 force a layout on resize, fall back to current size if resize isn't supported.
4. Changed: VST3 let the plugin know we support resize.
5. NEW: Playing Now button on Spotlight page allows you to add the track to the Spotlight Favorites playlist. Instructions
6. Optimized: Theater View television guide display is much faster.

30.0.60 (2/3/2023)

1. NEW: Added new video metadata fields, as well as filling those fields during import.
2. Fixed: Making a disc backup of a DVD using MakeMKV would cause a crash.
3. NEW: Added the ability to pass a year, month, day, hour, minute, and second to the ConvertDate expression function.
4. Changed: IPlugFrame is implemented for VST3 and a resize is issued when called for.
5. Changed: Slightly improved Theater View TV guide display speed.

30.0.59 (1/31/2023)

1. Fixed: Scroll commands in the image viewer were not functioning in build 58.
2. Changed: Removed the up, down, left, right keyboard shortcuts from the image scroll menu since those keys don't work since build 58.
3. Changed: Made playback loop back to the beginning when it stops at the end of a playlist.

30.0.58 (1/30/2023)

1. Changed: Reverted the changes made to scrolling changing images.

30.0.57 (1/27/2023)

1. Changed: Locate on disk is available on Library Server Clients again when local file access is available.
2. Changed: Update Library (from tags) & Update Tags (from library) are available with Library Server Clients again, with added checks to prevent issues when local file access is not possible.

30.0.56 (1/27/2023)

1. Fixed: Picking Import All in the Tag window customize dialog then cancelling would corrupt the display.
2. Changed: Update Library (from tags) & Update Tags (from library) are no longer available on Library Server and DLNA Clients, as direct file access is required.
3. Changed: Locate on disk is no longer available on Library Server Clients and DLNA Clients, as direct file access is required.
4. Changed: Disable some functions which won't work with DLNA connected libraries. Fix one that should.
5. Changed: Made Google date lookup work a little better.

30.0.55 (1/25/2023)

1. Changed: Reworked the year calculation (y) in CompareDates to be based on the years and days apart.
2. Changed: The reverse sync when building library server sync uses the copied library as well to avoid lags.

30.0.54 (1/24/2023)

1. Changed: Cancel of the library server sync thread was not working nicely.

30.0.53 (1/24/2023)

1. Changed: When building deltas for library server sync, the library is copied to avoid lags.
2. NEW: Added "yd" to the CompareDates expression function to output the number of years and days between dates.

30.0.52 (1/24/2023)

1. Changed: When running Locate > On Disk (external) with a file on a network drive and a long path, we try just show the folder instead of also trying to select the file in the folder. This may or may not always work, depending on the length of the path itself.
2. Fixed: The string "Unrated" could not be translated.
3. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
4. Fixed: The title of the OSD commands could not be translated.
5. NEW: Added a CompareDates expression function to compare by year, days, or calendar years.
6. Changed: Date lookup from Google was no longer working.

30.0.48 (1/10/2023)

1. Fixed: The start time column was not correct for sunrise or sunset scheduled tasks.
2. Fixed: The "Link To Playlist" menu would draw & characters in playlist names as underlines.
3. Fixed: "Get Movies & TV Info" failed to save cover art image if the file has a long path.
4. Changed: If XMLTV file specifies that a TV program is a "series", but does not provide a series name in addition to an episode name, the episode name will be copied into "Series" field, instead of leaving it empty.
5. Changed: When running "Get Movie & TV Info" tool, a TV Show that has no Series name but its Keywords field contains the word "Series", the show name will be copied into "Series" field so that "Get Movie & TV Info" can proceed.
6. Fixed: Locate > On Disk (external) did not work if the file has a long path.
7. Fixed: PostData was being discarded when cross platform databases were being used. This resulted in being unable to play SACD tracks > track 1 when a client and server MC instance were not of the same OS when one of the OS is Windows.
8. Changed: When showing out of Media Server mode, the startup view is shown (use Last Location to make no changes).
9. Fixed: Cover Art > Paste From Clipboard (Image or URL) did not work when pasting an URL if the file path is long.
10. Changed: Updated the program copyrights to 2023.
11. Fixed: Cover Art > Remove Cover Art could fail to delete the image from disk if the file has a long path.

30.0.47 (1/5/2023)

1. Changed: Gridlines were showing in places they were not meant to so reverted the global change. Please report any place not showing gridlines that should.
2. Changed: Updated the image preview zoom and unzoom images (thanks Harley).
3. NEW: MJP files support an INSTALLTRACKINFO action so there is no need to copy files manually.
4. Changed: Zooming into an image will stop the animated zooming at start since that could fight with the zoom command.
5. Changed: The 3D image viewer no longer changes images on big scrolls off the screen.

30.0.46 (1/4/2023)

1. Changed: The list group box header image is no longer drawn in the image editor toolbox for the bottom controls.
2. Fixed: The image editor better updates on skin changes.
3. NEW: Sunrise and sunset times can be used in the scheduler for events.
4. NEW: Added an Adjust Dates/Times dialog that modifies the Date tag of multiple files at once.
5. NEW: MJP files can have a list of packages to install and Package Installer will install all of them.
6. Fixed: Opening the image editor in a locked view would switch to a new tab, then show the start page when closed.
7. Fixed: The magnifying glass on image thumbnails would not size with scale nicely.
8. Changed: When loading EPG from an existing XMLTV or Perc Data file in a setup wizard or EPG loading wizard, the loading is done in a background worker thread and the progress is shown in the wizard window.
9. Fixed: Editing a cover art image and doing a cancel could save the changes anyway.
10. Fixed: The gridline setting is applied a little more widely.
11. Fixed: The first and last image commands were not working during image playback.
12. Changed: Left and right scroll an image instead of change images (use Page Up / Page Down to change).
13. Fixed: The scroll commands in the image playback right click were not working.

30.0.45 (12/22/2022)

1. Fixed: PNG files using a color palette with transparency did not display properly.
2. Changed: In Theater View "Tuner Status" is now only accessible in Guide view, and no longer available in other video views.
3. NEW: During television setup, there is a checkbox to optionally download channel logo files (if available online) in a background thread after setup is complete.

30.0.44 (12/20/2022)

1. NEW: Added an MCC (MCC_LIST_TOGGLE_FILES / 26033) to show and hide files in a library view.
2. NEW: Added a toolbar button to allow showing and hiding files the same way.
3. Fixed: Tabs would not use the active tab text color after the change a few builds back.
4. Changed: Changed how TV program logos get loaded and displayed in Standard Television View. This possibly fixes the issue of hanging while trying to load a TV program logo.
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

30.0.43 (12/19/2022)

1. NEW: Initial Cloudplay page shows shortcut links to New and Popular playlists.
2. NEW: Added a status message on the XMLTV ID to channel map window that is updated during the auto match process.
3. Changed: Playlist icons with different colors are used for Cloudplay recent playlists when cover art cannot be found.
4. Fixed: Tile style lists didn't honor the selection color from the skin like other lists.
5. Changed: The view header above library views uses the same color as the "Close" link on the right.
6. NEW: Skins can specify a ListOverText color for the ACTIONWINDOW to specify the color on mouse over.
7. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code (also added sorting of the commands and source files).

30.0.42 (12/14/2022)

1. Optimized: When setting up IPTV channels and XMLTV guide, the downloading of TV channel logos is deferred to speed up the setup.
2. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
3. Fixed: When loading XMLTV guide auto-matching could create fake matches when the XMLTV file contain channels with empty XMLTV IDs.
4. Changed: Improved IPTV xmltv ID to MC TV Channel auto matching.
5. Fixed: Spotlight would not properly handle &'s in titles.
6. Changed: Missing thumbnail image in Spotlight Artist page no longer has a border.
7. Fixed: Stop After X Tracks could stop early (merged three stop after pieces, so please report any issues).
8. Fixed: Double-clicking an image in a mixed media playlist view would not show the Image Preview when the new option was enabled.
9. Changed: Tag on import rules now replace list type fields instead of appending to them.
10. Changed: The Channel-To-XMLTVID Auto matching in the TV guide program loading is done in a worker thread so the GUI will remain responsive, and a "Cancel Auto Match" button is added to allow canceling.

30.0.41 (12/12/2022)

1. Optimized: IPTV channel setup is much faster.
2. Fixed: TV logos for IPTV channels might have been downloaded hundreds of times during TV setup.
3. Fixed: Adaptive Volume would not reload nicely with DSP Presets.
4. NEW: Skins can tell options to not draw borders (<Entry Name="OptionsList" ><Data DrawBorders="0" />).

30.0.40 (12/8/2022)

1. NEW: Add option to open Image Preview when double-clicking an image.
2. Fixed: Image Preview would show GetFile as title for every image when using a library server client.
3. Fixed: Current selection would sometimes not be visible when showing or closing Image Preview.
4. Changed: Disabled drag-n-drop for files on the Edge and Chromium WebView.
5. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
6. Fixed: Remote Control page and other borders could be back unintentionally for a few builds.

30.0.39 (12/6/2022)

1. Improved: More reduction of the amount of time for TV guide loading and displaying.
2. Changed: Switched the VST flush of silence from five second to three seconds to make stopping a little faster with slow filters.
3. Changed: The text "Press escape to exit Display View" could show incorrectly in Playing Now Overview.

30.0.38 (12/1/2022)

1. Changed: Turned the test tone generated by Room Correction down a little because it could clip.
2. NEW: Add Spotlight search for Artists to main search box.
3. Improved: Reduced the amount of time for MC to load TV guide programs.
4. Changed: Spotlight uses skin image for missing audio thumbnails.
5. Fixed: Some Artist images for Spotlight were broken.

30.0.37 (11/29/2022)

1. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.6.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.98.
3. Changed: Options that are disabled no longer respond to mouse-over.
4. Fixed: The Playing Now overview view would not size the duration column correctly when running with scale.
5. Changed: Zone presets will be sorted by name.
6. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
7. Fixed: The new smooth progress bar could cause problems during DLNA playback.
8. Changed: Windows that are not popups will no longer have window borders (applies to the remote options page for example).
9. NEW: Add Spotlight search for Actors/Directors to main search box.
10. Fixed: Artwork could be sized incorrectly in some cases.

30.0.36 (11/23/2022)

1. Fixed: When playing a TV channel using Transport Stream time-shifting (the new time-shifting), the OSD program info text stayed forever unless another OSD came along to replace it..
2. Changed: The position slider is smooth at the end of a track instead of jumping to a slightly different position and moving less smooth.
3. NEW: Add Spotlight search for Movies and TV Shows to main search box (see entries at the end of the dropdown).
4. NEW: Added the ability to export and import all Theater View templates.
5. Fixed: The transport stream time-shifting did not clean up buffering files properly when viewing of a TV channel was stopped (.jrts and *.jrts.cnk files were left in folders).

30.0.35 (11/21/2022)

1. Changed: Removed the 4k logo from Theater View. Different changes to come later.
2. Changed: The installer no longer allows installation into the root of the program files folder.
3. Fixed: Recording on BDA TV devices and OpenCABLE and Sat>IP devices did not work if the user configured recording format was JTV and if the devices used transport stream time-shifting. Now if such combination of settings are used, recording will switch to TS format.
4. Changed: "Legacy method" (as referring to program stream time-shifting method) is renamed "original method".
5. Changed: Default time-shifting method is changed to the original method, instead of "Use Transport Stream Time-shifting for bda tuners in addition to ...".

30.0.34 (11/18/2022)

1. Changed: The skin name hash is stored along with the view header images so changing skins will not require a restart for custom artwork to populate.
2. Fixed: Increased the internal buffer in the non-DirectShow video engine to improve playback of files with bad interleaving. This includes fixing the issue with live TV played in non-DirectShow engine (new time-shifting for bda and OpenCABLE, DMS) of some TV stations.
3. NEW: A 4k bubble is shown in Theater View when zooming into a 4k movie.

30.0.33 (11/17/2022)

1. NEW: View header images can be customized by the skin (Image > ViewHeaderDrivesDevices, ViewHeaderServicesPlugins, ViewHeaderDownload, ViewHeaderPlaylist, ViewHeaderPodcast, ViewHeaderDLNA, ViewHeaderExplorer, ViewHeaderScheduler, ViewHeaderWebMedia, ViewHeaderHandheld, ViewHeaderCD, ViewHeaderLibrary, ViewHeaderLibraryInactive, ViewHeaderReporter, ViewHeaderTelevision).
2. NEW: The transport stream time-shifting method is now also optionally available for OpenCABLE and Sat>IP TV devices.
3. Fixed: The extra channels selection could unintentionally grow when picking other settings.
4. Fixed: Playing audio with more then 8 channels could result in extra channels being silenced if the output would not exactly match (now channel are copied as there is space, and then cut off).

30.0.32 (11/15/2022)

1. Fixed: The links toolbar could crop some buttons since the addition of Spotlight even when there was space for more.
2. Fixed: The option at the top of smartlists to expand links was not working properly. Now it changes the visible files.
3. Changed: Links are expanded when adding files to a playlist (instead of when viewing since the view should map exactly to the actual files).
4. Changed: Pulled in the Modern Cards Dark updated frame borders from Marko (thanks!).
5. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
6. Fixed: (Possibly fixed) bda tuners could crash when recording is finished.
7. Changed: Play Doctor does not play a local file first when Include Files From Cloudplay option is set to 100%.
8. Fixed: Play Doctor would fail to get any Cloudplay files in some circumstances.
9. Changed: Updated LAV Filters to 0.77.1, for improved performance, compatibility, and bugfixes.
10. Fixed: Video files (and audio files using the video engine, eg. MKA) with more then 8 audio channels did not work.

30.0.31 (11/11/2022)

1. Fixed: The new chevron drawing did not change color on mouse over.
2. NEW: Added a TV option to choose whether to use the new transport stream time-shifting or legacy (program stream) time-shifting for bda tuners.
3. NEW: MCWS PlayDoctor command adds option to select/play all files from Cloudplay.
4. Fixed: If the mouse was held down on the art at the top of the program it would keep opening Spotlight over and over.
5. Fixed: The note in the Customize Display dialog was stating to click the display instead of right-click.
6. Fixed: Web Views in Theater View (Netflix, etc) did not show properly in 30.0.30.

30.0.30 (11/8/2022)

1. Fixed: A different fix for changing the sorting for library views not applying properly.
2. Changed: The chevron draw on toolbars when there are more items than fit scales nicely with UI sizing.
3. Fixed: Thumbnails were unconditionally erased when the image filename was changed whether they should have been or not.

30.0.29 (11/7/2022)

1. Fixed: Incorrect background color was being set for Chromium browser.
2. Changed: Spotlight and loading web pages use "LIST" skin background colors.
3. Fixed: Switching from Standard View to full-screen Display View would not reliably switch to the configured full-screen monitor.
4. Changed: The MakeMKV backup decryption option will default to what it was previously set at with Blu-ray discs.
5. Fixed: MCWS calls to SetInfo would not return that the data had not changed when setting some data types.
6. Fixed: Incorrect color was being used to draw chevron for Links bar overflow.
7. Fixed: Changing the sorting for library location type views would not always propagate properly.
8. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

30.0.28 (11/1/2022)

1. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
2. Changed: Updated borders in the Modern Cards Dark skin some more (thanks HPBEME).
3. Fixed: The rating field could require more space to draw on the right than needed.
4. Changed: Clicking a link on the streaming page will go to the page even if you have that page off so it doesn't show in the tree.
5. Changed: Spotlight hides blue focus rectangle on page load.
6. Fixed: Skins with BorderResizeForText set could get a strange titlebar text.
7. Fixed: Mixing 7.1 to 5.1 with two extra channels would result in the rear channels missing.
8. Fixed: When loading Spotlight or other web pages a brief white flash could be produced.

30.0.27 (10/28/2022)

1. NEW: Spotlight for TV shows uses the TMDB ID for lookup if tag is set.
2. Changed: Spotlight for TV shows also tries leading 0 to search for matching seasons and episodes in the library (e.g. "01").
3. Changed: Added a timer to the SSDP utility to indicate how much time is remaining in the scan.
4. Fixed: Viewing a transparent image with the 3D image viewer would not show a grid in the background.
5. Changed: Hide Spotlight button in Files list header.

30.0.26 (10/26/2022)

1. Changed: Added the MakeMKV backup option to the new media dialog.
2. Changed: Moved the MakeMKV backup button from the disc header to the rip action window.
3. Fixed: Searches could include fields not marked as default search fields.
4. Changed: Included updated borders in the Modern Cards Dark skin (thanks HPBEME and Marko).
5. Fixed: Client playback of a live bda channel with tuner on the server did not work.

30.0.25 (10/24/2022)

1. Fixed: Using the new deinterlacing mode in JRVR would disrupt seeking in the video.
2. Changed: Updated Hungarian translation (thanks Gyula).
3. Changed: Minor visual tweaks to the main Streaming page.
4. Changed: Updated the new features link in the help menu for v30.

30.0.24 (10/21/2022)

1. Fixed: Album sets with more than 32 albums would not be marked as complete (now the cap is 256).
2. Changed: Clouplay checks multiple tracks for recent playlists cover art.
3. Fixed: URL for Icecast Streaming was updated.
4. Changed: Increased accuracy of font size calculation in custom tooltip templates.

30.0.23 (10/19/2022)

1. Changed: Vertically compress Artist Spotlight so it is more likely to fit on one page.
2. NEW: GPU compute accelerated shader deinterlacing in JRVR (based on the YADIF algorithm).
3. Fixed: ListCombine mode 2 was not trimming spaces when it built the list.
4. NEW: Added a mode 3 to ListCombine that's A - B.

30.0.22 (10/18/2022)

1. Fixed: WavPack files played from a library server could incorrectly assume there was a correction file.
2. Fixed: When WavPack found a correction file, it would incorrectly clear the flags about how to open the file.
3. Fixed: Missing wavpack content and mimetypes prevented pushing a wavpack to DLNA renderer.
4. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.5.
5. Fixed: Related Artists in Spotlight were not being retrieved.
6. Changed: When making a disc backup with MakeMKV, Blu-Ray backups will import on completion.

30.0.21 (10/17/2022)

1. Fixed: Wiki web link was opening an image instead of the main article.
2. Changed: The time-shifting file for playback of a DMS channel will have the extension of .jrts instead of .dat.
3. Fixed: Copying and installing of saved Thumbnails when restoring a library backup.
4. Changed: Updated libplacebo to v5.228 for JRVR performance, quality and stability improvements.

30.0.20 (10/12/2022)

1. Fixed: Clearing the search box could cause the active tab to shift in some cases as the search box took focus.
2. NEW: Added another mode to ListCombine(...) expression function to allow outputting only values not common to both lists.
3. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Řistein Rian).
4. Changed: The SSDP utility will clear the current list of devices and get a fresh list on a rescan.
5. Changed: The device list in the SSDP utility is now sorted alphabetically.
6. Fixed: The SSDP utility could crash while scanning in some rare cases.
7. Changed: The filter box for toolbars accepts a leading "-" so "-playlist" will hide all the playlists.
8. Fixed: When playing a bda TV channel that was currently recording, playback always started at the earliest time, instead of the last played (bookmarked) position.

30.0.19 (10/10/2022)

1. Changed: Added a note after the VST buffer size setting that a restart is required.
2. Changed: Made the MakeMKV title selection dialog a bit wider to better handle longer title names.
3. Fixed: The title output filename edit box in the MakeMKV title selection dialog would lose focus while editing in some cases.
4. Fixed: MakeMKV could fail while ripping and the error would not get reported to the user.
5. Fixed: The JRVR shader cache could be corrupted when using both 32-bit and 64-bit MediaCenter for video playback.
6. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
7. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
8. Changed: Five seconds of silence is pushed through VST plugins on flush.
9. Changed: Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation file (thanks YanJun Sun).
10. Changed: Cloudplay home page, some minor tweaks to recent playlists display.
11. Fixed: Playing a bda TV channel while a recording was going on it did not work properly.

30.0.18 (10/6/2022)

1. Fixed: The new time-shifting for bda tuners did not delete stale data, so the disk usage would grow indefinitely.
2. NEW: Cloudplay home page shows cover art for last 5 playlists which can be clicked to play.

30.0.17 (10/4/2022)

1. Fixed: Ripping DVD and BD discs would get stuck at initializing for rip.

30.0.16 (10/4/2022)

1. Changed: Renamed DVBC frequency table file from "Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glentevejens" to "Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glenten", and a frequency entry in the file was updated. Thanks ABA!
2. Changed: When getting Theater View backdrop images (for movies and TV series) from TheMovieDB, we will attempt to use only the images that are tagged with the language code that matches the default local language. If that fails we will fall back to any language.
3. Changed: The MCWS function Files/Search only returns a failure if no matching files are found with the "play" action, otherwise an empty list.
4. Changed: When searching for cover art, if art is found named [Filename] - [Poster] it will be used (so Titanic - Poster.jpg will work for the movie Titanic.mkv).
5. NEW: Added the ability to clean accents (replace Á with A, etc.) to the Clean(...) expression (thanks to blgentry for the help).
6. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
7. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

30.0.15 (9/30/2022)

1. Fixed: Potential fix for a rare crash in Theater View on audio track changes.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.90.
3. NEW: Added an option to back up a disc to the computer using MakeMKV.
4. Changed: Switching profiles will no longer select all titles in the MakeMKV title selection dialog.

30.0.14 (9/27/2022)

1. Fixed: HEIF images from library servers could not be opened.
2. Fixed: The new time-shifting for bda tuners did not clean up the time-shifting folder properly after each session.
3. Fixed: "Clean up time-shifting folders..." tool left .jrtr files in folders.
4. Fixed: Video thumbnails were not always being rotated properly for portrait-style videos.
5. Fixed: "TV Options/Restart Player" context menu item was not available in the new time-shifting for bda TV devices.
6. Fixed: When starting TV in the new time-shifting, the volume was not set properly (requiring an user action to get it right).
7. Fixed: When starting a DMS TV channel, the volume was not set smoothly (often set in two stage, first the full volume, then the correct volume).
8. Changed: Cloudplay pages in MC now support "back" navigation.
9. Fixed: Menu buttons on Cloudplay pages wrap without getting cut off (always shown, no longer collapse).
10. Fixed: Fonts could get cached after DPI/size changes, resulting in the wrong size.
11. NEW: Added an option to enable per-monitor DPI scaling.
12. Fixed: The context menu options "Go To Earliest Time" and "Go To Latest Time" did not work for the new time-shifting.

30.0.13 (9/22/2022)

1. Changed: More tuning of the smooth progress bar.

30.0.12 (9/21/2022)

1. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
2. Changed: In the MakeMKV title selection dialog, checking a title will now check title items based on the profile configuration.
3. Fixed: Ctrl+J (JRVR OSD info) did not work when time-shifting a bda TV device.
4. Fixed: Ctrl+R (JRVR reset) did not work in all types of live TV playback.
5. NEW: JRVR performance profiles can now be selected in the JRVR General settings.
6. Changed: Adjusted the progress bar at track endings a little more.

30.0.11 (9/19/2022)

1. NEW: Added a "Hide unchanged files" option to "Rename, Move, & Copy files...".
2. Changed: Tweaked TV start up and channel changing with the new time-shifting and fixed the issue of low-stream-rate channel being slow to start.
3. Fixed: The position slider could stop moving near the end of the file.
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.81.
5. Fixed: Clicking "Close" on a tag could reopen the editing if the click was right above the field.
6. NEW: Added support for expert mode profiles when ripping using MakeMKV.
7. Fixed: Channel switching from one ATSC channel to another one on the same transport (i.e. the same major channel) did not work (as if there was no signal).

29.0.87 (9/7/2022)

1. Fixed: Some Thai characters were not being rendered properly.
2. Changed: The MCWS function Files/Search returns a failure if no matching files are found.

29.0.86 (8/15/2022)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.51 which switches 24-bit encoding back to the more widely compatible format.
2. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.

29.0.85 (8/10/2022)

1. Fixed: JRVR did not properly account for the chroma location in all situations.
2. Fixed: JRVR profiles were not handled in live TV playback.
3. Changed: Video Playback will more thoroughly keep the screen from turning off.

29.0.84 (8/4/2022)

1. Changed: Updated the name for JRiver in WebPlay and updated the copyrights.

29.0.83 (8/2/2022)

1. Fixed: When switching TV channel MC could crash since build 80.
2. NEW: Spotlight added to right-click / context menu for files. Left-click and hold on file no longer launches Spotlight.
3. NEW: Added MCC_SHOW_SPOTLIGHT (#22041, param 0: current file, 1: current selection)

29.0.82 (8/1/2022)

1. Fixed: Showing the new history menu could crash in some cases.

29.0.81 (7/28/2022)

1. Fixed: The uninstaller could fail to start in some cases.

29.0.80 (7/27/2022)

1. Changed: Internal change on DirectShow based TV playback and recording.
2. Changed: Adjusted how the volume fade feature is done in the Scheduler (now it takes a number of seconds for more control and adds labels).
3. NEW: Left-click and hold on file in list or top player bar text launches Spotlight in a new tab.

29.0.79 (7/25/2022)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.35 (thanks Matt).
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Handheld upload could double the extension since the extension dot fix.
4. NEW: Experimental support for AC-4 audio in MPEG-TS video files.
5. Changed: Added seconds precision to Media Network reporting instead of just minutes.

29.0.78 (7/21/2022)

1. Changed: Switched resolution thumbnails back to 400x400 but now check either dimension instead of both.
2. Fixed: A wait cursor is shown when filling list controls (for slow fills).
3. Fixed: Linking a car radio button to itself would crash. Fixed the crash and also no longer show car radio choices when linking to a playlist.
4. Changed: Made the thumbnail size threshold for showing the full image bigger (so bigger thumbs still show it).
5. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

29.0.77 (7/20/2022)

1. Fixed: Some menu items didn't work properly in the tree since adding the expand / collapse item.
2. Improved: Increased the thumbnail compression quality, and removed artificial sharpening which often resulted in emphasized artifacts.

29.0.76 (7/19/2022)

1. Improved: Enlarged the size of the grab borders during image editing.
2. Changed: Renamed the option "Show a link arrow" instead of "Show a link checkbox" to be more clear about the behavior.
3. NEW: Made a history menu item shown in the view header menu that links to past views.
4. Changed: Full resolution thumbnails are used after 300x300 instead of 400x400 so they should appear a little sharper close to that threshold.
5. Improved: Thumbnails for groups of files that contain audio will only use audio (instead of also using images and data).

29.0.75 (7/18/2022)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Yasuhide Nagasawa).
2. NEW: Added expand and collapse to the right-click menu for the tree.
3. Fixed: The JRVR Cubic scaling type was not being saved properly.
4. Fixed: Tamil characters would not render properly.
5. NEW: Added a "Reset" button to Convolution.
6. NEW: Added a checkbox to the top of a playlist view "Expand links" that allows turning off link expansion (runtime only, not saved).
7. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
8. NEW: Sat>IP devices whose channel list URLs do not conform to Sat>IP specs will also be supported as Sat>IP devices (previously they can only be supported as IPTV devices).

29.0.74 (7/14/2022)

Fixed: The ";" with "; " replacement wasn't working properly in build 73.

29.0.73 (7/14/2022)

1. Changed: Switched the expression syntax so optional parameters don't get broken up for translation (was using optional:, now uses optional,).
2. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
3. Changed: Made the volume for the scheduler go from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 1.
4. Changed: Only fields would get ";" replaced with "; " at display time. Now list style expressions are evaluated as well.
5. Changed: Added RM to the list of default import types.

29.0.72 (7/13/2022)

1. Fixed: Spotlight would sometimes use thumbnails for data files if tagged with same album name.
2. NEW: Scheduler playback can fade the volume up as it starts playback.
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

29.0.71 (7/12/2022)

1. Fixed: Spotlight button is hidden for media types that are not supported.
2. Fixed: Corrected the list header image for ModernCards Dark (thanks Marko).
3. NEW: Manage Links allows creating a link that's a program on the computer with parameters.
4. Fixed: If a TV station replaces a longer program with two or more shorter programs, EPG update would erroneously delete a valid program and create a "Program info not available" entry.
5. NEW: Added the more play option "Add (album as next to play)".
6. NEW: When unfreezing a column, it will be restored back to the original position it was at when it was frozen.
7. NEW: Next to the "Edit in Popup" button in the Tag window, there is also a close button to make the field not expanded.
8. Changed: The entire PlaybackInfo tag, instead of just some of the properties, saved in a TV channel is transferred to TV recordings on the channel.

29.0.70 (7/8/2022)

1. NEW: Made kernel streaming optional in Options > General > Advanced.
2. Changed: When kernel streaming enumerates devices, it turns off kernel streaming, does the work, and turns it on if it works. This way a crash will turn off kernel streaming.

29.0.69 (7/7/2022)

1. Changed: The cover view toolbar button shows in all views now (Playing Now, Cloudplay, etc.).
2. Changed: Artist Spotlight uses local cover art for albums in your library.
3. NEW: Artist Spotlight shows albums in your library that were not matched in internet search.
4. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
5. NEW: Configuration Profiles for JRVR (video renderer).
6. Changed: The PlaylistTime expression takes an optional parameter to specify if the value should be formatted (defaults to yes, returns raw milliseconds if not).
7. NEW: Added a User() expression function to return the name of the current user.

29.0.68 (7/5/2022)

1. Fixed: The zooming and center shift properties were not passed to client playback file during client playback of live TV channels.
2. Fixed: Setting allow custom data override would not work properly in Panes if the data type was set to list.
3. Fixed: The combobox to pick library field flags could open again after closing in some cases (may apply to other combos as well).
4. Changed: When you set the view name for a library view, it will no longer be overridden when you select another location or template.
5. NEW: Added a preset button to the Fill Properties From Filename tool.
6. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).

29.0.67 (6/30/2022)

1. Changed: Expanded options to repeat EPG loading every 2, 3, or 7 days.
2. Fixed: Handheld filename rules with a dot did not work nicely as everything after the dot was read as the extension.
3. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
4. NEW: Zooming and center shifting of video position during live TV playback will cause these properties to be saved for the TV channel so that the same will be applied the next time the channel is played.

29.0.66 (6/27/2022)

1. NEW: Add SHOW_THEATER_VIEW_MODE_SPOTLIGHT (13) to MCC_THEATER_VIEW which shows the Spotlight page for the currently playing file.
2. NEW: Using OSD commands (i.e. remote control or keyboard) to change aspect ratio settings during live TV playback will save the settings so that the same setting will be used in the future.
3. Changed: Memory playback disables for URLs that have no length reported.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
6. Fixed: Handheld transfer when connected to a Library Server was not working in all cases.

29.0.65 (6/23/2022)

1. Changed: Put the top border back in dialogs that are maximizable because removal was causing drawing artifacts in DSP Studio and possibly other areas.
2. NEW: The option to use forward slashes is in the export playlist and export all playlists dialogs.
3. Fixed: When a client plays a live TV channel using a server tuner, the ""PlaybackInfo" tag was not passed to the client and thus not applied on the client.
4. Changed: A different attempt at smooth progress (local zones only) that's hopefully smoother.
5. Fixed: Seeking holding down next or previous wasn't working since the smooth progress addition.
6. NEW: Added a couple of stock Smartlists: "Television -- Channels" and "Television -- Guide".
7. NEW: Skins can specify "Gridlines" for the Analyzer.
8. NEW: Add Spotlight functions GetPage and ClearCache to MCWS and make Spotlight work outside of MC. Please clear cache by temporarily switching skin.

29.0.64 (6/21/2022)

1. Changed: Spotlight loading page uses skin background and text colors.
2. Changed: Tuner option "Do not show this device in Theater View Tuner Status display" in Standard View tuner configuration dialog.
3. NEW: TV Tuners can be assigned a nickname (created or edited in Standard View) for display in Theater View Tuner Status.
4. Fixed: The smooth player bar would stop being smooth after going to display view and back.
5. NEW: The regular progress bar (not waveform) is smooth as well.
6. NEW: Skins can specify an ANALYZER section and provide a background color (example: <Colors Background="ff00ff" />).
7. Fixed: NVIDIA NVENC hardware video encoding did not work reliably on all newer drivers.
8. Fixed: The smooth progress bar would stop being smooth after going in or coming out of display view.
9. Fixed: Multiple comboboxes could be opened at once (instead of the first closing).
10. NEW: Manage Library Fields remembers the size and position between uses.
11. NEW: Manage Library Fields remembers the filter selection between uses.

29.0.63 (6/16/2022)

1. Changed: Tooltips are hidden in Spotlight when using remote/keyboard navigation.
2. Fixed: Could not select tv show season with remote/keyboard in Spotlight.
3. Fixed: Back navigation in Spotlight was not working properly in Theater View when using Chromium browser engine.
4. Changed: Skin change in MC clears out all Spotlight caches.
5. Fixed: ASS/SSA subtitles with unicode characters in their path or name did not load properly.
6. NEW: The position slider moves more smoothly (drawn each time the slider moves a pixel instead of once a second).
7. Changed: There is more space below the rules and modify sections of the search / smartlist dialog.
8. Changed: A little additional tuning of the edit search / smartlist dialog (feedback appreciated).
9. Changed: The Analyzer DSP uses dark grey for a background color.
10. Changed: The Analyzer DSP uses the text color for the axis labels instead of a hard coded value.
11. NEW: TV Tuners can be hidden from Theater View's "Tuner Status..." display.

29.0.62 (6/14/2022)

1. Changed: Tried a different approach to get rid of the few pixel borders on windows around the frame.
2. NEW: Added an advanced option to turn off blinking of a new Action Window when it is opened.
3. Changed: Updated libplacebo for JRVR for overall stability and compatibility improvements, as well as more accurate ICC profile handling.

29.0.61 (6/13/2022)

1. Fixed: Closing Manage Library Fields dialog window would crash MC in build 60 (on Windows OS).
2. Changed: Removed the tag window "Field" skin item that would draw around images in the tag window.
3. Changed: In some cases the equalizer slider values could show on one line (depending on scale settings) but now it will always put the "dB" on the second line.
4. Fixed: The mouse over state could get stuck in the Parametric Equalizer because timers were not being routed properly.
5. Changed: Removed a face color border line at the top (and possibly bottom) of dialogs.
6. NEW: The tag window can take an EditOverlay color to use instead of the default red.

26.0.60 (6/9/2022)

1. Fixed: The mouse down button state was incorrect in the skin if the window had been maximized.
3. Changed: The view extra feature can customize the number of levels to search up from the folder for matches (defaults to no levels, can be set up to three).
4. Improved: When typing with an Input Method Editor (e.g. Chinese or Japanese), the composition window and candidate list window will be displayed near the edit window, instead of in a far-away place.
5. NEW: Navigate Spotlight pages in Theater View with remote or keyboard.

29.0.59 (6/7/2022)

1. Fixed: Tabs could blink when changing if an Action Window was open (possibly fixes other visual artifacts).
2. Fixed: Message boxes would be hidden in Theater View when viewing a web page.
3. Changed: Made the minimize, maximize and close buttons respond to the mouse over state in dialogs.
4. Changed: When editing a big field in a popup, the cursor is placed at the beginning of the edit instead of the end.
5. Fixed: Spotlight would not show correct background color for some skins.

29.0.58 (6/3/2022)

1. Fixed: When sizing a large edit in the Tag window editor the scroll position could move down.
2. Fixed: Switching between the legacy and modern tag editing windows could crash in some cases.
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

29.0.57 (6/2/2022)

1. Changed: Spotlight uses background and text colors from current skin (click Refresh to clear Spotlight cache to see changes).
2. NEW: You can search all library fields by using [all]= at the start of the search.
3. Fixed: During DSD to PCM conversion, the output sample rate reported by Audio Path could be off by 8x.
4. Fixed: The lyrics page could be scrolled incorrectly after resizing. Now a "Home" is issued whenever the scrollbar requirement changes in an edit.

29.0.56 (5/31/2022)

1. Fixed: Back from Spotlight in Theater View was not returning to file view.
2. Changed: The mouse wheel over large edits or lists in the Action Window will be consumed by that control instead of promoted to the container when a scrollbar isn't needed (which stops editing and scrolls to the next field).
3. Changed: The "Tag Dump" in the new tag Action Window uses the ideal height of the entire dump instead of a fixed number.
4. Fixed: A new template would not load when doing "Refresh" in the Tag Action Window.

29.0.55 (5/30/2022)

1. NEW: Added a Refresh command to the Tag Action Window to reload.
2. Changed: The tag window opens values at the full height of the tag window when editing something big like lyrics.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Changed: Data file image lookup is only done on files with a media sub type of "Book".

29.0.54 (5/26/2002)

1. NEW: Tag windows show an option to switch between the modern and legacy tag editors (the shift shortcut has been removed).
2. Fixed: The new right-click menu to expand and collapse all was taking over for all fields in the Tag window.
3. Changed: Spotlight movie and TV content uses Wikipedia language setting.

29.0.53 (5/26/2022)

1. NEW: MCWS function Television/GetRecordingScheduleXML that returns TV recording schedule in a single xml-formatted string, instead of an enumerated multiple return strings that previous function Television/GetRecordingSchedule returns.
2. NEW: Spotlight for TV Shows and TV Credits for people added.
3. NEW: The tag window offers a right-click menu on group headers with the ability to expand all groups or collapse all groups.
4. Fixed: The mouse wheel in the Tag Action Window would sometimes still not work with the inner most control.
5. Fixed: The new Wikipedia data lookup could crash on lookup failures.

29.0.52 (5/24/2022)

1. Fixed: When playing images, if a Playing Now tab was open, it would just switch to that tab instead of showing Display View.
2. Changed: In image playback, left-clicking the image will no longer zoom in or out.
3. NEW: Data files (like books) can lookup images from the Internet. The name field is used for a Wikipedia search.

29.0.51 (5/19/2022)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Spotlight: display year in Movie Credits and ignore credits without a year.
3. Changed: Spotlight: display birth and death dates for actor/director.
4. Changed: Spotlight: increase height of horizontal scroll bars and make some caption text bold.
5. Fixed: Spotlight: Similar Artists are retrieved in English.
6. Fixed: Allow seeking to the end byte of a buffered internet file. The previous behavior broke opus playback over media network (and probably others).
7. Changed: Rebuilding the thumbnail on a library server client will make a rebuild request to the server so it won't just return the same cached thumbnail (testing appreciated).
8. Changed: Quick Find Cover Art on a client issues the request to the server.

29.0.50 (5/17/2022)

1. NEW: TV tuner status can be displayed in Theater View.
2. Changed: When multiple artists are specified as a list, Spotlight just matches the first artist.
3. Fixed: Media Center could crash when starting JRVR with an empty shader cache file.
4. Changed: When scrollable edit controls are inside scrollable windows (like Manage Library Fields) the mouse wheel will only operate the inner most window.
5. Changed: The Tag window has the same scroll behavior where the mouse wheel will run something like Tag Dump if it's over that instead of the outer container.
6. Changed: Spotlight shows "recommended" movies instead of "similar".
7. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
8. Fixed: MC could hang if there have been consecutive errors on a TV tuner in a short period of time.
9. Fixed: Duplicate set of DMS channels were created if manual channel setup was run after MC already created the DMS channels automatically (for HDHomeRun devices).
10. NEW: Spotlight for Actors/Directors added and displayed when you click on a cast member in movie Spotlight.

29.0.49 (5/12/2022)

1. Changed: Put the 8x resample done during DSD to PCM conversion in Audio Path.
2. Fixed: Interacting with DVD Menus with the Mouse was not working reliably with JRVR.
3. NEW: Spotlight for movies added (preliminary).

29.0.48 (5/10/2022)

1. NEW: Added "Remove newlines" to the Clean File Properties tool.
2. Changed: DSD to PCM sample rates are reported at their original sample rate instead of one eighth in Audio Path.
3. Changed: "Play previous channel" is changed to "Play last played TV channel".
4. NEW: Added a few new commands to the list of MC commands in remote control setup.
5. Changed: Cover art from the show command will be extracted to the temporary folder and stay until MC is restarted (previously we were deleting a temporary file before it could be shown).
6. NEW: Added MCC_PLAY_SELECTED (10069) to play the selected files (0: play replace, 1: append, 2: play next).
7. NEW: "Screen Grab to File" and "Use Screen Grab for Thumbnail" are supported with JRVR.
8. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
9. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.

29.0.47 (5/9/2022)

1. Fixed: Restored expression fix for "calculated unless filled" type fields.
2. Changed: When playing 2 channel content with no upmixing as 5.1, it will no longer be reported as 2.1 in Audio Path.

29.0.46 (5/7/2022)

1. Changed: Re-designed the JRVR General and Output options pages to be more user friendly.
2. Changed: Adjusted the default for HDR to SDR conversion brightness.
3. NEW: Added button to Theater View file roller to display Spotlight (view only, not interactive).
4. Fixed: Reverted recent expression changes due to issues with correct evaluation.

29.0.45 (5/5/2022)

1. Changed: More tuning to the Manage Library Fields dialog.
2. Changed: Tweaked Spotlight Wikipedia About matching.
3. Changed: Made the Manage Library Fields dialog have a scrollbar when the size is made too small.
4. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep!).

29.0.44 (5/4/2022)

1. Fixed: Expression fields could still be a problem evaluating.
2. Changed: Expanded the new Manage Library Fields rule to include hidden fields.

29.0.43 (5/4/2022)

1. Fixed: Expression fields that were calculated unless filled could fail to evaluate properly in some cases.
2. NEW: Added a new filter to Manage Library Fields: Show only user fields.
3. Changed: The Manage Library Fields dialog remembers the last edited field and picks it again when you open.

29.0.42 (5/3/2022)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun).
2. NEW: Long press on Spotlight button opens new tab.
3. NEW: Added button to Spotlight (top right corner) that lets you Google the current track in Playing Now or show Spotlight for the current artist.
4. Fixed: For Spotlight Wikipedia About added simple keyword checks to avoid non-music-related results.
5. Changed: Made the default audio conversion mode for Library Server "No Conversion".
6. NEW: Added a list of file types to convert for the convert if necessary library server client mode.
7. Changed: Simplified the list of encoders available for Library Server Client conversions.
8. Fixed: Spotlight Wikipedia link uses selected Wikipedia language.

29.0.41 (4/28/2022)

1. Fixed: Improved the scaling of tree items to no longer be drawn with excessive padding on higher scale values.
2. Fixed: TV would crash when trying to scan for OTA EPG, in builds 39 and 40.
3. NEW: Spotlight data is now cached. Added "Refresh" link to update the artist or clear the cache for all artists.
4. Changed: Spotlight does not display albums without a year.
5. Changed: An attempt to route system media key messages and then handle them (instead of always eating them).

29.0.40 (4/26/2022)

1. Fixed: The transparent playback controls in display view should no longer take focus from the playback window.
2. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
3. NEW: Added support for manual color controls to JRVR (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation).

29.0.39 (4/25/2022)

1. Changed: JRVR Output settings are now per-display, existing settings have been migrated.
2. NEW: JRVR support for color calibration using ICC/ICM profiles and 3D Cube LUTs (.cube).
3. Changed: Tweaked JRVR SuperRes Enhancement for a better balance of sharpness and ringing.
4. Changed: Convolution file matching finds files with 3528 for 352,800 Hz and 1764 for 176,400 Hz.
5. Changed: The channel count for stereo files for convolution naming can be "2.0" or simply "2" now ("2" is the addition).
6. Fixed: The new icon coloring option for toolbars wouldn't save between runs.
7. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
8. NEW: Added Debanding to JRVR under the new Processing options tab.
9. Fixed: A couple tree tooltips didn't get translated.
10. Changed: Changed how some errors are handled in TV engine.
11. Fixed: Default language determination did not include Catalan.
12. Fixed: In Standard Television View, the "Record" button was made available (though not operational) in error when the view was showing "TV Logs" or "Show status".
13. Changed: In Standard Television View, the "Record" button will not be displayed in "To be recorded" view unless a single channels is selected.

29.0.38 (4/22/2022)

1. Faster: Handheld operations are faster (we were setting in a way that caused relational files to be set, but it was unnecessary).
2. Changed: Removed the waveform and album play fields from handhelds so they're no longer sent.
3. Changed: Spotlight button has multiple icons for hover and press.
4. Changed: Spotlight page generated in background thread.
5. Changed: Changed how some errors are handled in TV engine.
6. Changed: Spotlight Albums sorted by year.

29.0.37 (4/21/2022)

1. Changed: Focus will be given to the video player more consistently when starting video playback.
2. NEW: Added an option to toggle the Click to Pause behavior in video playback (Video -> Advanced).
3. Changed: Tuned the relational search changes made a few builds back for performance.
4. NEW: If the FPS tag has not been set on a TV channel, a default value (29.97 or 25 for ATSC or DVB respectively) will be used for the purpose of automatically choosing a display setting.

29.0.36 (4/20/2022)

1. Changed (internal change): Changed the way default language is determined.

29.0.35 (4/19/2022)

1. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep!).
2. Changed: When starting IPTV channels with Sat>IP streams (RTSP URL), the unnecessary step of determining file type is skipped, to speed up the start up.
3. Fixed: Possible problem doing DSD output to an ASIO device that took 32-bit input data.
4. Changed: MCWS function Television/GetGuidePrograms will return information in a single xml formatted string, instead of multiple strings one for each program.
5. Changed: RTSP based IPTV will try to buffer more data before attempting to play.
6. Changed: Artist Spotlight matches library albums when multiple artists are listed.
7. Changed: Increased max amount of time for JRiver video player to probe for audio/video formats in non-DirectShow-based TV playback.
8. Changed: Added optional parameters "Tags", "ExecCom", and "ComArgs" to Television/SetRecording MCWS function.

29.0.34 (4/15/2022)

1. NEW: Spotlight: Add clickable play icon for matching albums in your library.
2. NEW: Spotlight: Clicking on Similar Artist opens Spotlight for that artist.
3. NEW: Spotlight: Clicking on album goes to Google search for that album.
4. Changed: Spotlight button now is a simple yellow circle (it is skinnable).
5. NEW: Made the toolbar icon style customizable between dimming the icons and leaving them full color.

29.0.33 (4/14/2022)

1. Fixed: The player window could fail to show an image for a playing file if the thumbnail had not been built yet.
2. NEW: Added the advanced option to not show the sequence column in Playing Now.
3. Changed: When showing or hiding the sequence column, the option is set automatically.
4. Changed: When you look at columns to show, the sequence column will be available.
5. Changed: Turned off checking file existence in a list by default (optional and can be turned on).
6. Changed: The default statusbar text no longer checks for a file existence. This should prevent MC from accessing

29.0.34 (4/15/2022)

1. NEW: Spotlight: Add clickable play icon for matching albums in your library.
2. NEW: Spotlight: Clicking on Similar Artist opens Spotlight for that artist.
3. NEW: Spotlight: Clicking on album goes to Google search for that album.
4. Changed: Spotlight button now is a simple yellow circle (it is skinnable).
5. NEW: Made the toolbar icon style customizable between dimming the icons and leaving them full color.

29.0.33 (4/14/2022)

1. Fixed: The player window could fail to show an image for a playing file if the thumbnail had not been built yet.
2. NEW: Added the advanced option to not show the sequence column in Playing Now.
3. Changed: When showing or hiding the sequence column, the option is set automatically.
4. Changed: When you look at columns to show, the sequence column will be available.
5. Changed: Turned off checking file existence in a list by default (optional and can be turned on).
6. Changed: The default statusbar text no longer checks for a file existence. This should prevent MC from accessing the file system until it plays.

29.0.32 (4/12/2022)

1. Fixed: Subtitles on Blu-rays in menu playback could blink on and off on certain discs.
2. Fixed: Spotlight button would be clipped when there is overflow in web links.
3. NEW: Ctrl+click of Spotlight button opens in new tab.
4. NEW: Added support for nine and ten stage biquads (testing appreciated).
5. Changed: Album based relational fields simply use the album value for images and videos instead of also looking at the artist.

29.0.31 (4/8/2022)

1. NEW: Albums and Similar Artists thumbnails on Spotlight.
2. NEW: MCWS function Television/CancelRecording to cancel TV recordings.
3. Fixed: Loading DSP presets could crash (the threading was using a background thread to load the plugin, but now it has been moved to the main thread).
4. Changed: Convolution adds choices to the drop-list as they are entered instead of only after re-opening DSP Studio.

29.0.30 (4/7/2022)

1. Changed: Use different icon for Spotlight button.
2. Fixed: With the platform file set to a different platform, import could duplicate the import over and over as it changed the slashes.
3. NEW: The convolution dialog will list the last 10 selected filters in a combobox for the path (instead of simply being an edit).
4. NEW: MCWS function SetRecording to set up TV recordings.

29.0.29 (4/5/2022)

1. Fixed: The D3D11 hardware deinterlacing in JRVR is fully reset when seeking or changing to progressive, to avoid artifacts.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: Clicking on the image in the player with control pressed will open Playing Now in a new tab.
4. Changed: Made the program faster to show lists of thumbnails.
5. Fixed: Seeking with JRVR would blank out the frame before the new frame was available, for a visible blinking effect.
6. Changed: The JRVR OSD shows the Media Center version for easy identification.
7. Changed: Made the XML parser faster to get numbers (used in iTunes playlist import, etc.).
8. Changed: Use separate button to show Spotlight Page (no longer uses web links).
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. NEW: Added the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

29.0.28 (4/2/2022)

1. Changed: When the system language is Czech (LANG_CZECH) that will be selected as the default translation.
2. Changed: Added several more system languages to the default translation list.
3. Fixed: The default video playback mode was set to Advanced in some cases instead of Red October JRVR in 29.0.26.

29.0.27 (4/1/2022)

1. NEW: Television/GetGuidePrograms MCWS function.
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
3. Fixed: Do not reset the custom web links and always add Spotlight as the first.
4. NEW: Add Albums and Similar Artists links on the Spotlight Page.

29.0.26 (3/31/2022)

1. Fixed: Some TV recordings in JTV format might be skipped randomly.
2. Fixed: Possible interface leak when playing or recording a DirectShow based TV channel.
3. Fixed: Playing a Blu-ray with VC-1 video in Menu mode could result in stuttering playback.
4. Changed: Red October JRVR is now the default recommended video playback mode (in favor of Red October Standard).
5. Changed: Renamed Red October HQ to "Red October madVR" to clearly indicate the difference in renderer used.
6. NEW: Added Spotlight Page preview accessed by Spotlight link at top of Playing Now.

29.0.25 (3/29/2022)

1. NEW: Clicking on the image in the player window jumps to Playing Now.
2. Changed: Renaming a tree item will update saved favorites.
3. Changed: Moving a playlist will update saved favorites using that playlist.
4. Changed: Deleting a playlist or other view will delete any saved favorites.
5. Fixed: Some video analyzer files were left in Temp folder undeleted.
6. Changed: The program is better about deleting temporary image files retrieved during DLNA serving, MCWS serving, etc.
7. Fixed: Scaling the UI would not draw icons correctly in all cases (for example at 110% the Options icons would overlap the borders).

29.0.24 (3/25/2022)

1. Changed: The Verge news reading works better with their updates.
2. Fixed: The "Date Tagged" field could incorrectly get set when changing the new Last Played Album date.
3. Fixed: The "Date Tagged" field could incorrectly get set when changing the skip count field.
4. Changed: Moved setting the date tagged field to the actual tagging (please report any issues).
5. Fixed: Improved DVD Menu behavior in JRVR when the menu consists of still frames.

29.0.23 (3/24/2022)

1. Fixed: Saved default audio program selection on an IPTV or DMS channel was not applied when the channel playback was started.
2. Fixed: Mixed interlaced and progressive content could show a few frames out of order at the cross-over with JRVR.
3. NEW: Added a "Sync Changes With Library Server" toolbar button.
4. Changed: Removed from Theater View because it went away.
5. Changed: Added a different joke of the day site to Theater View.
6. Changed: If you pick Group By > Album again for a list, it will use new logic that uses the album artist (auto) when possible.
7. Changed: Updated the "New / Improved This Version" to point to v29.
8. Changed: The View Extras feature looks at all the image associations MC has instead of just a few.
9. NEW: Added video files to the View Extras menu.
10. Changed: When TV recording on an HLS IPTV channel is done, a flag is saved as a property in the "Playback Info" field, to indicate that it has an index sidecar, so that the recording will be handled properly at playback time.
11. Fixed: JRVR will allow rendering the OSD even when no image from the source has arrived yet.
12. NEW: TV recordings on HLS IPTV channels can now be played on Library Server clients.

29.0.22 (3/17/2022)

1. Fixed: The fix to not show at boot was making the program not activate when you clicked it. Trying a different fix to showing.

29.0.21 (3/17/2022)

1. Changed: When outputting 2.1, Audio Path will report that instead of the container format 5.1.
2. NEW: DSP presets can be set on TV channels, and will be honored when the channels are played.
3. Changed: Variable Refresh Rate/GSYNC will be disabled for Media Center on NVIDIA GPUs by creating a custom profile on first video playback.
4. Fixed: Loading Java for Blu-ray Menus could fail on some systems.
5. Fixed: The player could still show a screen in some cases when starting at boot (even if it should have only run Media Server).
6. NEW: "Audio Programs" context menu is now available for IPTV and DMS channels.

29.0.20 (3/15/2022)

1. NEW: An option in "Rename, Move, & Copy files..." to copy sidecar files (tag sidecar, subtitle sidecar etc.) when the mode of operation is "Copy" or "Copy and update database location to point to the new location."
2. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Řistein Rian).
3. Changed: Parameters in the Parametric Equalizer dialog show up to five digits of precision instead of two.
4. Changed: Low and high pass filters have a default Q of 0.7071.
5. Fixed: On boot the program could show when it was set to Media Server mode.
6. Changed: The sunrise and sunset times are not gotten again at startup if they were gotten in the last day.
7. Changed: Sunrise and sunset are reloaded from the server every 5 days instead of every day.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 7.50 which removes the 4 GB encode limit.
9. Changed: Made WAV files with -1 for the content length read the entire file for the length.
10. Fixed: Improved the consistency of text subtitle placement with JRVR.
11. Fixed: IPTV playback could fail due to lack of certain dependencies on a fresh installation of MC.
12. Changed: When the same DSP preset is used by two files in a row, it is only loaded once (instead of for each file).

29.0.19 (3/9/2022)

1. Changed: IPTV recordings with a sidecar index file will always be played in JRiver Video Player.
2. NEW: Added a "Maximum subtitle resolution" option to the video settings.
3. Fixed: Seven and eight stage biquads were not functioning properly.
4. Changed: Made WASAPI report itself as WASAPI Exclusive when playing as exclusive in Audio Path.
5. NEW: When renaming/moving/copying/deleting indexed HLS IPTV recordings, the index files are also renamed/moved/copied/deleted.

29.0.18 (3/8/2022)

1. NEW: TV recordings of HLS IPTV channels will have a sidecar index file saved, to make playback of such files smoother, in particular when discontinuities are involved. This is supported in JR Video Player only (not in DirectShow engine).
2. Changed: Updated libplacebo in JRVR for improved tonemapping, dithering, and various performance, stability and compatibility fixes.
3. Changed: Moved and reworded the "Gamut Handling" JRVR setting to better reflect that it is going to be used for SDR as well, as well as adding a new default setting.
4. Changed: Introduced a set of Trade Quality for Performance options in JRVR to limit the bitdepth of frame buffers and disable the use of frame buffers entirely for very low end systems (not recommended otherwise).
5. Changed: The EditType and DataType returned by MCWS are no longer translated.

29.0.17 (3/7/2022)

1. Changed: Updated the Edge WebView to the latest version.
2. NEW: Re-designed ASS/SSA subtitle renderer for JRVR for significant performance improvements.
3. Fixed: The layout of the all pass filter was not correct.
4. Fixed: Changing the filename of a custom biquad did not reload the filter.
5. NEW: Up to 8 stages of biquad filters can be loaded (was capped at 4).
6. Changed: The sign of a1 and a2 are now flipped when loading a minidsp biquad (according to specification).
7. Changed: Added DisplayName to the MCWS Library/Fields.
8. NEW: Ctrl-R will reset the JRVR performance metrics.

29.0.16 (3/4/2022)

1. Fixed: Biquad and divider filters could get swapped in the last build.

29.0.15 (3/3/2022)

1. NEW: Added support for custom biquad files (in minidsp format) in Parametric Equalizer.
2. NEW: Added the ability to set the Q used in the all pass filter.
3. Changed: Improved handling of timestamp discontinuity in IPTV (HLS) playback. Now playback and seeking both work seamlessly at discontinuity.
4. NEW: Added the ability to select the number of extra channels in DSP Studio > Output Format (instead of the choice being grouped together).
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

29.0.14 (3/1/2022)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Made the VST buffer size option global instead of zone specific so it works with DLNA zones better.
3. NEW: Support for playback of rotated videos in JRVR.
4. Changed: Updated LAV Filters to 0.76.1, fixing an issue with hardware acceleration in JRVR on Intel GPUs, and improving integration of DVD menus with JRVR.

29.0.13 (2/24/2022)

1. NEW: The mode for Get Cover Art is saved between each run and use.
2. NEW: Ctrl+Shift+M will show a DVD or Bluray menu.
3. Fixed: JTV recordings could be imported with wrong video dimensions (1920x1080 HD video tagged as 1280x720) and/or wrong frame rate (29.97 video was tagged as 59.94).

29.0.12 (2/18/2022)

1. Fixed: Playing multiple DSP profiles would restore the previous profile instead of original.
2. NEW: Added the latency of the audio converter and from input until data is heard to the Audio Path.

29.0.11 (2/17/2022)

1. Fixed: IPTV channels that stream VOD (video on demand) could hang if a seek is performed after all data have been downloaded.
2. Fixed: Seeking of an IPTV playback could cause video to stutter for a few seconds.
3. Fixed: The check for focus for translating shortcuts in a web view was not working properly.
4. Changed: Pasting a string will no longer trim the trailing spaces.
5. Changed: Manage Library Fields would be sized incorrectly when opening to a large expression.
6. NEW: When a DSP profile is loaded for a file, the current configuration is saved before loading and restored when the next track starts.
7. Fixed: Editing Theater View file info panel with a big expression selected first would invalidate the sizing.
8. Changed: Added several more 5.1 inside channel layouts to the mixer (inside 10, 12, 14, 16 channel container).
9. Fixed: Added some missing items to the window position placement reset.

29.0.10 (2/15/2022)

1. Changed: Revamped the Tooltips for expression functions on Expression editor, to make them more user-friendly and translation-friendly.
2. Changed: Bitmap subtitles in JRVR will now be rendered at their original resolution and resized by JRVR (faster!).
3. Changed: The code to not translate shortcuts in web views will not consider a web view active unless it has the focus.
4. Fixed: HDR subtitles and menus from UHD BDs are now properly tonemapped in JRVR.
5. Changed: Adjusted the Q for the low and high pass filters to be muliplied by the square root of 2 (to make MC more in line with other tools).
6. Changed: The subwoofer limiter is lossless when it's not limiting the signal (previously it could adjust the volume).
7. Changed: If files have a list of artists, the first artist is used to decide if that album is a mix and the album artist (auto) value.
8. Changed: Improved IPTV bytes-per-second estimate, and thus the time-stamp and duration estimate, especially in poor network condition.
9. Changed: Text subtitles with JRVR will more consistently make use of black bars to display, if present.
10. Fixed: The AllPass filter was not working properly.
11. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).

29.0.9 (2/10/2022)

1. Fixed: Subtitles in JRVR could stop working after seeking backwards.
2. Changed: Subtitles in JRVR are now handled in small rectangles, instead of the full frame, for faster rendering.

29.0.8 (2/9/2022)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun).
2. Changed: The tree no longer expands and collapses on space bar (so space bar will play / pause instead).
3. Fixed: The MCWS call Playback/Playlist would not work with remote zones.
4. Changed: Internal changes how JRVR handles subtitles.
5. Fixed: JRVR is more lenient when dealing with files with invalid HDR metadata.
6. Fixed: JRVR would not toggle the OS HDR mode when playing HLG or DV HDR content with pass-through enabled.

29.0.7 (2/8/2022)

1. Fixed: Mini view would allow resize vertically, but should not have.
2. Fixed: Playing to a windows MC DLNA renderer when it's connected as a client to a non-windows library server wouldn't work.
3. NEW: Added a "Reload" button to the Convolution DSP.
4. Changed: Vis Studio allows editing rectangles with semi-colons in the list of numbers for a rectangle so either decimal point character (,.) will work.
5. Changed: DSP Studio no longer allows an empty name to be used for a preset name.
6. Changed: High and low shelf filters now use "Q" instead of "S".
7. Changed: Reduced chance of hanging when IPTV servers do not have data to stream.
8. Changed: Improved start up speed of IPTV channels.
9. Changed: Reduced the frequency of needing to pause video for buffering when playing IPTV.

29.0.6 (2/3/2022)

1. NEW: Added an all pass filter to Parametric Equalizer.
2. Fixed: A couple dialogs could be sized incorrectly (debug logging, audio calibration, etc.).
3. NEW: Category-specific TV recording padding (start recording early by x minutes, and stop recording late by x minutes).
4. NEW: Middle click on the stop button fires a "Stop After Current File".

29.0.5 (2/1/2022)

1. NEW: Skins can specify a maximized top and bottom border for the main frame (TopBorderMaximized / BottomBorderMaximized).

29.0.4 (1/29/2022)

1. Fixed: The upgrade install could copy more than it should have from the old Media Center folders.

29.0.3 (1/28/2022)

1. Fixed: JTV recordings were erroneously deleted when "Clean up time-shifting folders..." is run, either manually or automatically.

29.0.2 (1/27/2022)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. NEW: Skins can specify FrameEditColorsFaded to specify the fade color of things like the instructions on a search box (it defaults to blending the text and background).
3. Changed: The disabled list text color is used out of the skin in more places (was building the color sometimes instead of checking the skin) (ListColorsDisabledText).
4. Fixed: Enabling direct mismatched size rendering in JRVR could result in a larger border then expected.
5. Changed: Disabled JRVR Peak Detection by default due to its performance cost and potential for brightness shifts, and moved the option into the Advanced section.
6. Fixed: Loading and saving DSP presets did not contain the "Headphones" DSP plugin.
7. Changed: On a fresh upgrade to MC29, the library server settings from MC28 back to MC20 are transferred to MC29 and are turned off in the older version (so the server will start in MC29 only after install).
8. NEW: On upgrade, the visualizations folder is copied to bring along any custom saved scripts (instead of just the track info folder).
9. Fixed: Some DirectShow-based TV recording might be skipped since build 28.0.99.
10. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

29.0.1 (1/24/2022)

1. Changed: If the XMLTV file does not contain either <new> or <previously-shown> tag to indicate a show's "re-run" status, it will be determined by comparing the <date> tag with the program start date.
2. Fixed: Windows 11 will be detected when looking at System Info.
3. NEW: Made tile list styles adapt to the aspect ratio of the images instead of hard-coding based on the media type.
4. Changed: Thumbnails are a little better centered in the selection box.
5. Fixed: In some cases, zones could have the same GUID and it would make zone linking (and possibly other zone actions) impossible.
6. NEW: Made the Tempo & Pitch DSP able to support up to 32 channels (was capped at 16).
7. Changed: Added SRT subtitles to the list of data types the program understands.
8. Changed: When MC could not load SiliconDust EPG data due to not having an Authorization Code (most likely caused by not having enough time to discover HDHomeRun devices), retry will be attempted 3 minutes later instead of the usual 30 - 60 minutes later, and up to 3 retries will be allowed, instead of just one.
9. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
10. NEW: Enabled Ctrl-J JRVR functionality in TV engine and non-DirectShow JR Video Player (on Windows, Mac, and Linux).
11. NEW: JRVR support for Dolby Vision playback (non-passthrough).
12. Changed: Re-designed JRVR HDR tone mapping and related options.
13. NEW: DVD playback with JRVR will now use hardware deinterlacing.
14. NEW: Added a JRVR performance option to avoid extraneous frame copies for systems with low memory bandwidth.
15. NEW: Playing HLG HDR content with JRVR can now be transformed to HDR10 for pass-through.
16. NEW: JRVR now caches shaders between runs, for faster subsequent startups.
17. Fixed: Improved YouTube Trailer playback to play more fluidly.

28.0.106 (2/8/2022)

1. Fixed: Playing to a windows MC DLNA renderer when it's connected as a client to a non-windows library server wouldn't work.

28.0.105 (1/28/2022)

1. Fixed: Some DirectShow-based TV recording might be skipped since build 28.0.99.
2. Fixed: JTV recordings were erroneously deleted when "Clean up time-shifting folders..." is run, either manually or automatically.

28.0.104 (1/26/2022)

1. Fixed: Loading and saving DSP presets did not contain the "Headphones" DSP plugin.

28.0.103 (1/21/2022)

1. Fixed: DMS or IPTV TV playback could hang, at "Adding required components", if some dependency components had not been previously installed.

28.0.102 (1/18/2022)

1. Changed: When picking a continuous mode other than off, the program makes sure it is not removing files from playing now (and errors and changes the setting if it is).

28.0.101 (1/13/2022)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file. Thanks YanJun Sun!

28.0.100 (1/11/2022)

1. NEW: When MCCommand MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_SUBTITLE_TIMING (28037) is used to change the subtitle timing during playback of a video, the new timing will be displayed briefly as an OSD "Subtitle timing: n ms".
2. Changed: When sorting TV channels by "type", DMS/TunerStream channels will be grouped by their devices, instead of mixing all devices in one big group. This helps with mass-editing channels associated with the same device.
3. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Fixed: Importing a single folder could not work due to a recent change.
5. NEW: Old time-shifting folders for non-DirectShow TV types (i.e. DMS and IPTV) can now be cleaned up (either manually or automatically).

28.0.99 (1/7/2022)

1. Fixed: When TV tuner warm up feature was used, some TV recording bookmarks could be off by the amount of tuner warm up time.
2. NEW: The "Limit percentage to" smartlist modifier can take bracketed expressions just like the size limit.
3. NEW: The "Limit size to" smartlist modifier can take bracketed expressions just like the size limit.
4. Changed: When bookmarking TV recordings during recording, bookmarks that are close to 60 seconds (57-59.999 seconds) will be forced to 60 seconds, so that the bookmarks will not be ignored during playback.

28.0.98 (1/6/2022)

1. Changed: The new ~n syntax uses square brackets instead (and optionally can take an equal) (example: ~n=[Load(var)] or ~n=[=Load(var)]).
2. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Taskbar Tooltip (leave blank for the default, use an expression like [Artist] - [Name] to customize).
3. NEW: TV recording can start warming up the tuner a configured number seconds (0 - 60) before the actual recording start.
4. Fixed: Hardware deinterlacing in JRVR was broken in 28.0.97.
5. Changed: Added an option to JRVR to disable sharing the D3D11 device with the hardware decoder.

28.0.97 (1/4/2022)

1. Fixed: Lists could jump selection when returning from Mini View (only Playing Now should jump to the playing file).
2. Changed: When starting to record a DMS TV channel, MC will check and update the channel IP address to match that of the current device IP address. This will fix recording issues caused by tuner devices changing IP address.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. NEW: Made it so you can put expressions in a "Limit number to" Smartlist rule (~n) by putting brackets around it (example: ~n={Load(var)}).
5. Changed: A directory is created before moving to hopefully fix thumbnail restore problems with an empty library (feedback appreciated).

28.0.96 (12/16/2021)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) translation (thanks YanJun Sun).

28.0.95 (12/14/2021)

1. NEW: When MC in Media Server mode is recording a TV show, the Tray Icon will have a red dot on it.
2. Fixed: Tooltip on Media Server Tray Icon was not translated.
3. Changed: If lookup of sunrise or sunset times fail, it will use the last retrieved time instead of a default time.
4. Fixed: Media Center could hang when starting video playback with Red October Standard.
5. NEW: A context menu item "Select All Channels" on TV channel list in Standard TV View. Clicking it will change selection to "All Channels", so one does not need to scroll all the way back to the top of the list for such selection.

28.0.94 (12/9/2021)

1. Changed: Another attempt to fix wiggling on mouse over of image thumbnails (previous attempt was causing drawing out of bounds in some cases).
2. Fixed: The uninstaller could fail to start when using the Twilight skin.

28.0.93 (12/7/2021)

1. Fixed: The thumbnail in a list could jiggle a little on mouse over.
2. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/AddFiles.
3. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/Clear.
4. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/RemoveFiles.
5. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/RemoveDuplicates.
6. Fixed: Resolved an issue that could result in not all JRVR settings being saved consistently when interacting with the settings dialog.
7. Changed: Changed the method of Taskbar notification of TV recording status so that it will work even if MC is pinned to the Taskbar.

28.0.92 (12/6/2021)

1. NEW: JRVR will show rendering performance metrics on the Info OSD (Ctrl-J).
2. NEW: Chroma upscaling in JRVR can be enhanced by using Bilateral scaling (Chroma upscaling guided by Luma).
3. NEW: Image upscaling in JRVR can use advanced Image Doubling algorithms for enhanced quality when playing low resolution videos.
4. Fixed: Resource leak in build 91 relating to TV recording manager, which might lead to crashes.

28.0.91 (12/5/2021)

1. NEW: MC's Taskbar icon will change to indicate that it is recording TV.
2. Fixed: JRVR could crash when using SuperRes in combination with Hardware Decoding.
3. Fixed: External subtitles did not start rendering with JRVR in all cases.

28.0.90 (12/3/2021)

1. Changed: Revised the method for getting sunrise and sunset times to hopefully work better outside the US.
2. NEW: IPTV channel setup will make use of channel ID (tvg-id) and channel logo (tvg-logo) data if they exist in the channel list m3u file.
3. Changed: Introduced more advanced options for JRVR to control dithering and a few performance related options.
4. NEW: Implemented SuperRes Enhancement for upscaling with JRVR. SuperRes refines the image after upscaling for more sharpness and reduced artifacts.

28.0.89 (12/2/2021)

1. Fixed: Recording on an OTA or other physical tuners could fail due to tuner conflicts, even though the channel was grouped with IPTV channels.
2. Fixed: JRVR in combination with hardware decoding could show a faint bright line at the bottom of the image in certain resolutions.
3. Fixed: If we are unable to get the sunrise and sunset times from the web, we'll do a better job of loading the default times.

28.0.88 (11/30/2021)

1. Changed: "Video -> Display Settings -> Wait after change" can be used when Display Settings are set to On/Auto, instead of only in Custom mode.
2. Fixed: Hardware deinterlacing in JRVR in combination with hardware decoding could result in a green line artifact on some videos.
3. Changed: When loading sunrise and sunset times for the Twilight skin it will use the default times instead of nothing if it fails to load.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: The TV Status from the server is also copied to clipboard on the client requesting the info.
6. NEW: Added "Server TV Logs" in Standard TV View, on clients.
7. NEW: In Theater View, videos that are still being recorded in TV engine will have a red dot in front of their names.
8. Fixed: A DLNA Server bug when a user selected formats to be converted. These were lost as a result of the change in 28.0.81 to make the default to be original format.

28.0.87 (11/26/2021)

1. Fixed: When switching zooming preset ("Fit Window", "100%", "200%"), in non-DirectShow TV playback, using the "Window" context menu added in the last build, the video might not be centered properly.
2. Fixed: Subtitles could boost the overall image brightness in JRVR when using HDR pass-through.
3. Changed: The JRVR information OSD is scaled by the Media Center size setting.
4. NEW: TV view in Standard View will have the option to "Show server status" when MC is connected to a server.
5. Changed: Lowered the brightness of subtitles when using HDR pass-through with JRVR to be more consistent with SDR content, as well as improve the color reproduction.
6. Changed: When an input sample rate is different from any of the preset sample rates, the closest match will be chosen for resampling.

28.0.86 (11/23/2021)

1. NEW: HDR10 pass-through with Red October JRVR.
2. NEW: Support for 10-bit output with Red October JRVR.
3. NEW: Added an information on-screen display to JRVR (Ctrl-J to toggle).
4. Changed: The "Window" context menu (for video zooming and aspect ratio control) is now enabled for non-DirectShow playback of live TV as well.
5. NEW: Support for Frame-Stepping (Shift-Right Arrow in Pause) with Red October JRVR.

28.0.85 (11/19/2021)

1. Fixed: Blu-ray Menu playback with JRVR could get stuck or end prematurely.
2. Changed: TV engine will always insert "AVI Decompressor" filter when building DirectShow graphs for device "USB Capture HDMI+".
3. Changed: TV channel playback that does not use DirectShow (i.e. IPTV and DMS channels) will use the new JRVR video renderer instead of the OpenGL renderer.
4. Fixed: Rare crash when stopping TV playback of channel types not using DirectShow.
5. Fixed: When switching to and from Twilight the skin effects could stay engaged.
6. Fixed: Loading skins with skin effects could load the effect after it had already loaded some pieces so the effect wouldn't engage properly.

28.0.84 (11/16/2021)

1. Fixed: The TV feature added in build 83 did not quite work correctly.
2. Changed: When playing a ATSC TV recording, MC will try to honor "Subtitles & Language" settings "Show subtitles in selected language if available", "Show subtitles only if selected subtitle language is different from audio language", "Show subtitles only if selected subtitle language is different from audio languagem, or if the subtitles are in a sidecar file", if Closed Captioning metadata had been saved in database during recording (i.e. the recordings are done using the latest version of MC).
3. Changed: JRVR will report the actual screen refresh rate to VideoClock for more accurate timing adjustments.
4. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
5. NEW: The Playback OSD is rendered natively with JRVR.
6. NEW: Support for Blu-ray Menu playback with JRVR.
7. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
8. NEW: Added Options > Audio > Advanced > Stop after a long pause.
9. Fixed: Analog TV tuner and video capture devices were not using JRVR as selected by users.

28.0.83 (11/11/2021)

1. Fixed: Some static text controls would load colors initially then not update with skin changes.
2. Fixed: Some list controls wouldn't update text colors when skins changed.
3. Changed: Improved timeout in JRVR when detecting rendering glitches to allow a more graceful recovery.
4. NEW: When recording an ATSC TV channel (with tuners using DirectShow), the program's Closed Captioning metadata is saved in the database for the recorded file (in PlaybackInfo field).

28.0.82 (11/9/2021)

1. Changed: Improved JRVR timing accuracy when using NTSC-style display refresh rates (eg. 23.976 Hz).
2. NEW: Support for DVD playback with Red October JRVR.

28.0.81 (11/8/2021)

1. NEW: Enabled context menu items "Go To Earliest Time" and "Go To Latest Time" in time-shifted TV playback with DMS and IPTV channels.
2. Fixed: The "Tuner Type" drop-down on Configure Device dialog window did not offer proper choices with IPTV tuner.
3. Changed: "Disabled" is removed from choices in "Tuner Type" drop-down if the TV type is "IPTV" since there is no real device to be disabled.
4. Changed: The option "Disable VideoClock when not time-shifting" is no longer shown if the devices are DMS, or IPTV since non-time-shifting mode is not offered for these types.
5. NEW: "This device uses a separate audio capture filter" option in TV tuner configuration dialog window, for analog TV tuners or video capture devices.
6. Fixed: When running an analog TV tuner or a video capture device with Closed Caption option on, and video could fail to play if Closed Caption rendering failed. With this fix, video will play without CC when CC rendering fails.
7. Changed: When playing an ATSC TV recording, the video option "Always show subtitles" in "Subtitles & Language" section will be obeyed and Closed Captioning will be shown (if available) unless the file's PlaybackInfo tag specifically says to turn it off. This is applicable only when playing videos in using DirectShow filters.
8. Changed: Moved the Gammut and Gamma JRVR options into an "Advanced" section, as well as re-factored the Gamma option to properly indicate the intent and suggested use.
9. Fixed: JRVR would process SDR video with a HDR brightness adaptation, resulting in boosted black levels.
10. NEW: The DLNA server defaults (when no server existed previously) to original format since many modern renderers have greater capabilities than in the past.
11. NEW: Added a DLNA server template for Original Format.

28.0.80 (10/26/2021)

1. NEW: Added DCI-P3-D65 to the available target gamuts in JRVR.
2. Changed: Adjusted the JRVR HDR Tonemapping defaults for a better out-of-the-box experience.
3. Changed: You can grab and drag any tab instead of only the active one.
4. Fixed: Dragging tabs in a split view was not working nicely.

28.0.79 (10/25/2021)

1. Changed: Made toggling the tooltips with the toolbar button roll through all three states.
2. Fixed: Google lyrics lookup could contain HTML spans.
3. Changed: Enabled the JRVR settings for Target Gamut and Gamma, and added more advanced tonemapping settings.
4. Changed: Added a debugging mode to JRVR to log frame timings for diagnosing frame pacing issues.
5. Changed: Reworked when HDCD processing is done to avoid possible volume changes during a track transition.

28.0.78 (10/21/2021)

1. Changed: Made number trimming include more characters when it trims the start and end of a string so "ABC (4:03)" will become "ABC".
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. NEW: Added the ability to add a clock to the toolbar.
4. NEW: Made the tooltip option three states with one being all tooltips off.
5. NEW: Initial settings panel for JRVR (in Settings -> Video -> JRVR Settings...)

28.0.77 (10/19/2021)

1. NEW: Added modes 7 and 8 to the Clean(...) expression to remove numbers from the end of the string ( 7 ) or either side of the string ( 8 ).
2. NEW: Added removing leading and trailing numbers to the Clean File Properties tool.
3. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).
4. Changed: Twilight gets darker during the night and doesn't get brighter than default during the day.
5. Fixed: Seeking did not work when JRVR is used in TV playback with DirectShow or JTV recordings.
6. Fixed: In Standard TV View, show logos do not show up after a channel was selected until the user left the channel and then came back to the same channel.
7. Fixed: Once a file was flagged as HDCD, analyzing again would not see the HDCD.
8. NEW: Support for D3D11 Hardware decoding and hardware deinterlacing in JRVR.
9. Fixed: The new calculated unless filled fields didn't work well in all cases in panes or searches.
10. Fixed: Spacebar to pause wasn't working if the tree was focused.
11. Changed: In Standard TV View the show logo images reserved a fixed width rectangle so that the text and buttons on its right side will not be shifted around whenever the image's aspect ratio changes.
12. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

28.0.76 (10/14/2021)

1. Changed: Audio analysis will engage HDCD processing if it's enabled (you might need to reanalyze your HDCD files).
2. NEW: Added an information message box to the skin to show sunrise, sunset, and the current effect.
3. Changed: The spacing between rows in a list would add room for the image column even if it wasn't there.
4. Changed: Setting HDCD to "1" will clear the audio analysis results so they run again (since enabling processing changes the results).
5. Changed: Improved handling of timestamps when dealing with Transport Stream streaming TV channels (DMS channels, some IPTV channels, and CableCARD channels on Linux/Mac).
6. Fixed (probably): Playback of Transport Stream streaming TV channels could be messed up if the stream changed its Program Clock Reference (outside of regular resetting due to counter overflow).
7. Changed: The spacing between item rows in a list would leave space for an image column even if it wasn't there.

28.0.75 (10/12/2021)

1. Fixed: Some expression code was slowing things down.

28.0.74 (10/12/2021)

1. Changed: Twilight is lighter between sunrise and sunset then darkens at sunset (gradual fading for 30 minutes on either side).
2. Fixed: MHT support in View Extras wasn't fully implemented.
3. Fixed: When watching Netflix, it could jump back to Theater View.
4. Fixed: The skip intro/recap buttons in Netflix were not being automatically selected anymore.

28.0.73 (10/8/2021)

1. NEW: Added a checkbox to library fields "Allow custom data to override the expression" that will allow editing the value of an expression and then show the edited value instead of the expression (just empty to bring the expression back).
2. Changed: The Twilight skin no longer changes the skin effects.
3. Changed: The Twilight skin fading would not take effect until a little while after it was loaded.

28.0.72 (10/7/2021)

1. NEW: JRVR is available integrated with Red October for Video playback. (Preview)
2. Fixed: Files ripped using MakeMKV were not storing movie or TV information if it was set before ripping was completed.
3. Changed: HDCD files no longer get +6 dB applied to them by volume levelling.
4. NEW: Added a new skin Twilight that varies with the time of day (based on the default skin).
5. Changed: DLNA flags set for album art and images to be more compliant with the standard.
6. Changed: When waking from a deep sleep mode, MC will send a M-Search to ask DLNA devices on the network to re-announce their presence.

28.0.71 (10/5/2021)

1. Changed: The expression engine was short-circuiting field functions, but it no longer does that if there are enough parameters to indicate another file so Field(Name, 0, [Reference]) works.
2. Changed: Added an optional third parameter to the Counter expression function to set when to start over.
3. Fixed: For IPTV playback a "Window" context menu (for aspect ratio, zooming etc.) was displayed in error as it's not supported.
4. Changed: A pane right-click menu would be really limited if "Enable pane tagging" was not enabled. Now it is the same either way.
5. NEW: Added mht to the list of types searched for viewing extras.
6. NEW: Added "Lock Tab" to the main view menu so it appears for all views even if they don't have a header menu (like television and notes).
7. Changed: Copies are limited to 256 MB instead of 16 MB.

28.0.70 (9/30/2021)

1. Changed: Made the Field expression function take an optional third parameter to specify a file key (defaults to empty which evaluates the current file).
2. Changed: The brackets for fields also support the new third parameter.
3. NEW: When setting a field to an expression, a "this" variable is saved so doing something like =RemoveLeft([this], 3) will work.
4. Changed: The MCC_SYNC_WITH_LIBRARY_SERVER command takes a silent parameter (optionally).

28.0.69 (9/28/2021)

1. NEW: Made FieldQuery take a Scope of 2 to match files of the same media type (the list is gathered one time, so you will need to restart to see newly imported files).
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Removing cover art from FLAC files could fail if the picture was saved as FLAC__STREAM_METADATA_PICTURE_TYPE_OTHER.

28.0.68 (9/23/2021)

1. Changed: After completing a rip using MakeMKV, it will run the TV and movie information lookup on the new files in the background.
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).

28.0.67 (9/21/2021)

1. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could be incomplete from
2. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
3. Fixed: Typing a space in the search box in Cloudplay would pause instead of enter the space.

28.0.66 (9/17/2021)

1. Changed: A little more tuning to tab creation to hopefully avoid some possible problems.

28.0.65 (9/16/2021)

1. Fixed: MC could hang if TV recording was started on a channel with no signal.
2. Changed: If an OpenCABLE or Sat>IP channel has no signal for 30 consecutive seconds, a notification is sent to TV engine and the tuner will be shutdown.
3. Changed: Made opening a new tab have no history.
4. Fixed: Locking a tab then navigating into an artist, genre, etc. and then going back would open a new tab.
5. Changed: Switched the icons in the MakeMKV title selection dialog tree.
6. Fixed: IPTV channels streaming HLS format might end up not playing if MC failed to get its MIME type during start up, even though the URL contains "m3u8" extension.

28.0.64 (9/14/2021)

1. NEW: Added a description field to custom database fields.
2. Changed: Added mime types "application/" and "application/x-mpegurl" to be associated with m3u playlist.
3. Fixed: Non-HLS IPTV streams in transport stream format could not be played in TV engine.
4. NEW: The field description is shown in the column header tooltip.
5. NEW: Updated to Monkey's Audio 7.02 for greatly increased performance (thanks to Robert Kausch).
6. Changed: Removed left-click handling from the text area of the program. Only right-click shows the menu now.
7. Changed: After successfully completing a rip using MakeMKV, eject the disc if requested.
8. Changed: Reverted the VST scaling support changes because reports are that it's not better.

28.0.63 (9/10/2021)

1. Changed: Added some auto-selection logic when checking titles or items in the MakeMKV title selection dialog.
2. Fixed: Transitioning between images and videos in a playlist would crash.
3. Changed: When ripping using MakeMKV, changed the open disc sequence to run in the background.

28.0.62 (9/7/2021)

1. Changed: When IPTV is automatically paused due to buffering, OSD "Buffering..." is shown briefly.
2. Fixed: Loading saved views was not always working properly.

28.0.61 (9/7/2021)

1. Fixed: Image Tags in Ogg and Opus files are saved in a more compatible manner.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

28.0.60 (9/3/2021)

1. Fixed: Editing files could not work properly when none were selected (which should show as all selected).
2. Fixed: Improved the ordinal code because 11 would show 11st instead of 11th.
3. Fixed: Some date lookups would fail because a full date was returned and we were expecting only a year.
4. Changed: Improved error handling in IPTV playback.
5. Changed: IPTV playback will automatically pause if data downloading is slow and playback will resume if enough is buffered.
6. NEW: When ripping using MakeMKV, individual title items are now able to be selected as well.
7. Changed: Updated the MakeMKV title selection dialog to use a tree structure for better organization of titles and items.

28.0.59 (9/1/2021)

1. Fixed: TV recordings starting or stopping could cause Netflix to return to the start page.
2. Fixed: When flipping composer names between first and last, an extra space could stay at the front (might cause lookup problems).

28.0.58 (8/31/2021)

1. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could return results with empty newlines at the end.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
4. Changed: OPUS files are detected even if they're named OGG.
5. Changed: Added the 1x, 2x, etc. markers after the sample rate in the bitstreaming dialog for DSD.
6. Changed: Revised the tab lock image so it will show better on dark skins.
7. Fixed: Seeking of DMS TV channels did not work in version 28.0.57.
8. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
9. NEW: Made a dedicated "Set skin" choice in Scheduler so the command line isn't needed.
10. Fixed: Returning from Cover View would not restore the window size and position properly.
11. Fixed: Playing a currently recording IPTV channel did not work correctly.
12. Changed: When saving recent searches, if only one character is changed (even in the middle of a string) it will replace the entry instead of add a new one.

28.0.57 (8/27/2021)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: The math evaluator accepts pluses in front of numbers to denote them being positive.
3. NEW: Added the MCWS function Settings/Skin to allow changing skins (allows scheduler to be used to schedule skin switches by running something like MC28.exe /MCWS/v1/Settings/Skin?Skin=Noire).
4. Fixed: IPTV channel could not be viewed if a recording had been started on the channel.
5. Changed: IPTV channel startup is significantly faster.
6. Changed: VST effects report to the system that they don't support scaling of the monitor independently so they are scaled by the system (feedback appreciated).

28.0.56 (8/26/2021)

1. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
2. Changed: Made matches in suggestion boxes promote matches that start with what is typed.
3. Fixed: VST effects could cause a click when playback was restarted.
4. NEW: A tab lock image is shown when tabs are locked.
5. Changed: Tuned the search suggestion logic a little more so typing in the middle of a word won't trigger as much of a match.

28.0.55 (8/24/2021)

1. Changed: Moved the escapement for ListMix to after evaluating as a child expression.
2. Changed: ListMix takes parameter value of 8 which tells it to do no unescape after everything.

28.0.54 (8/24/2021)

1. Changed: TV Options > Advanced > Show status... dialog window is now scrollable so that the text will not be truncated.
2. Changed: Increased HLS playlist refreshing retry count, to reduce chances of IPTV stalling due to server being slow to update playlists.
3. Fixed: Starting playback with Playback/PlayByKey of a whole album would not start with the selected file.
4. Changed: ListMix checks for all functions and things in brackets to decide if it should re-evaluated the inner as an expression.
5. Changed: ListMix allows specifying flag value of 4 to not evaluate the inner portion as another expression.
6. Fixed: If a VST effect had a zero byte preset, it could cause a crash.

28.0.53 (8/19/2021)

1. NEW: Locked tabs are saved between program runs.
2. Changed: Loading a saved view will clear all the tab locks.
3. Changed: Tuned expression escapement for the ListMix functions so they only evaluate if certain functions are found in the new expression instead of anything with a parenthesis.
4. Changed: Added handling of encrypted HLS streams in IPTV. Still does not work for all such channels. For those channels that work fine, time-shifting and recording are available now.
5. Fixed: MC did not handle HLS files with finite size (i.e. not live TV, such as VOD) so that those IPTV channels could not run in time-shifting mode.
6. Fixed: IPTV URLs with redirect was not handled properly.
7. Fixed: Some IPTV channels with relative URLs were not handled properly.

28.0.52 (8/12/2021)

1. Fixed: When MC wrote to EXIF Datetime Original tag, afternoon time was messed up because 12-hour format was used, instead of 24-hour format.
2. Changed: Navigation history is now saved for each set of views in tabs separately.
3. Changed: Saving navigation history could cause problems in some cases.
4. NEW: Added the option to lock a tab (View > Split View) so opening another view will create a new tab instead of replacing the locked tab.
5. NEW: Clicking to close a locked tab will show a prompt to confirm.
6. NEW: Added tab locking to the main drop menu shown for the tab.
7. Changed: Updated libass for better ASS/SSA subtitle performance and conformance.

28.0.51 (8/10/2021)

1. Changed: Reverted the error free persistence changes from the last build.
2. Changed: Added the menu item "Exit Error Free Mode" to turn off error free mode (appears in the Help menu when in error free mode).
3. Changed: Loudness modes didn't take effect as you changed them right away.
4. Fixed: In some cases, thumbnail text would not draw with an ellipsis at the end to show it was cut off even if it was.
5. NEW: The navigation history is saved between runs (capped at 20 deep) so navigating back (or using the links in the link bar) will work.
6. Changed: The default background color for the Netflix browser is black to avoid a glaring white screen during startup.
7. Changed: Updated the Edge WebView integration for faster startup.
8. Changed: Series/Season Artwork filenames are no longer swapped around when the Series name contains a comma.

28.0.50 (8/6/2021)

1. Changed: Log when a file doesn't exist as we build the filename (to help debug a Portable Library problem).
2. NEW: The field "Last Lyrics Lookup" is set during lyrics lookup and auto-import will no longer try again if the file has a lookup date.
3. Fixed: Theater View recorded TV show delete confirmation, and a whole lot of other confirmation or configuration dialogs related to TV in Theater View, were not showing if MC had been in error free mode.
4. Fixed: MC on windows couldn't find the paths of files from a portable library from a Mac if they contained accented characters.
5. Fixed: Theater View non-TV file deletion confirmation was not shown if MC was in error free mode.
6. Changed: Setting error free mode with MCWS would persist across runs.
7. Changed: Error free mode could save between runs in some cases. Now it's runtime only and always resets.

28.0.49 (8/5/2021)

1. Fixed: While a recording on a DMS channel or an IPTV channel was going on, watching the channel might not show the entire available video if the recording is longer than the default time-shifting window.
2. Changed: ListFilter(...) string comparison is no longer case sensitive.
3. Changed: Removed the space from the ListFilter(...) delimiter.
4. Changed: When launching to mini view, returning to standard view now shows the playing file in Playing Now.
5. Changed: The new 20 band equalizer uses narrower band settings so presets will more closely match their old behavior.
6. Changed: Date lookup from Google properly escapes the information so something like "Ashford & Simpson" won't cause problems.
7. Fixed: The new APE code could crash on computers with AVX but not AVX2 (the new code requires AVX2).

28.0.48 (8/4/2021)1:43 PM 8/4/2021

1. NEW: Added the ListFilter(...) expression function.

28.0.47 (8/3/2021)

1. Fixed: Recording of a DMS or IPTV channel would be canceled if the user watches and stops watching the channel two times while recording was going on.
2. Fixed: The SetField expression could show the tooltip for the Field expression in some cases.
3. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Řistein RIan).
4. NEW: Added the desktop resolution to the crop aspect ratios (so you can crop and then save as wallpaper).
5. NEW: Added the Google Pixel 4a to the list of image crop aspect ratios.
6. Changed: Picking ascpect ratios to crop by in image editor selects as much of the image as possible instead of an arbitrary rectangle.
7. NEW: Typing a custom field into the Fill Track Numbers From List Order tool will save the fields for future use (up to ten are saved).
8. NEW: Added mode 6 to the clean function which removes leading numbers (including spaces, decimals, and commas).
9. Changed: The between tracks mode "Use gapless for sequential album tracks" will only engage when reaching the end of the file (so manual transitions will not use it).
10. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 6.50 -- uses AVX for better compress and decompress performance.

28.0.46 (7/29/2021)

1. NEW: Added the SetField(...) expression function.
2. NEW: Added an expression to be evaluated after playback to Options > Library & Folders.

28.0.45 (7/27/2021)

1. Fixed: Recording of an IPTV channel would fail if no IPTV channel had been watched previously since MC startup.
2. Fixed: could provide lyrics with UTF-8 encoding in them.
3. Changed: The UTF-8 decoder understands UTF-8 sequences with four bytes in them.
4. Changed: Audio analysis done by auto-import is done with the lowest thread priority now (so it will fight with the program less).
5. NEW: Made waveform analysis optional in Options > Library & Folders.
6. Changed: Reduced chance of TV recording filename conflicts.
7. NEW: Added a confirmation when switching the language out of English (to hopefully avoid some of the posts asking how to switch back).
8. Fixed: The Back/Forward buttons work properly with the Edge browser engine.
9. Changed: Query boxes like for the name of a saved DSP preset now show even in error free mode (before saving would not work in error free mode).
10. Fixed: When playback put the program in error free mode, it would not exit error free mode on stop.
11. Fixed: Certain global hotkeys will no longer fire when typing while using the Edge web engine.
12. Changed: The timing of recording file creation for DMS and ITPV channels is optimized to avoid recording file conflicts.
13. NEW: Added the number 4 to the TrimLines expression function to replace triple new lines with double.
14. Fixed: When IPTV or DMS channel recording failed to start, there was no notification sent (so the recording appeared to be going on but it was actually not).

28.0.44 (7/22/2021)

1. Changed: Improved handling of MCE remote controls in Theater View Netflix mode.

28.0.43 (7/20/2021)

1. Fixed: The Opus Input plugin was not getting installed properly.
2. NEW: There to there diversion works now.
3. Changed: The library backup message boxes show even when the program is in error free mode.

28.0.42 (7/16/2021)

1. NEW: Track transitions of any length are supported (previously it would be capped by the buffer size).
2. Changed: When editing the track transition duration, it will empty if you are in gapless or no mode.
3. Changed: Switching the track transition mode to gapless will empty the duration.
4. Changed: The new transition method and duration are saved to the tags.
5. Fixed: IPTV time-shifting buffering file could grow indefinitely because the buffering size limit was not honored.
6. Fixed: Certain streaming audio / video playback might run up disk space usage indefinitely until playback stopped.
7. Changed: Gapless transitions no longer suppress silence (even if the option is enabled).
8. NEW: Recording is enabled on IPTV channels. Works only if time-shifting works.

28.0.41 (7/15/2021)

1. NEW: Per File Track transitions can be selected for each file by editing the "Track Transition" and "Track Transition Duration" fields.
2. Changed: Library fields are reloaded on language changes so translated strings get recalculated.
3. Fixed: Some IPTV channels would not have duration info during time-shifting. We fixed this by changing how we collect time stamp info.

28.0.40 (7/13/2021)

1. Fixed: When MC fell back to non-time-shifting mode during IPTV playback, the position counter still advanced (instead of staying at 0).

28.0.39 (7/10/2021)

1. Fixed: Build 38 could crash during lyrics lookup.

28.0.38 (7/9/2021)

1. Fixed: Returning from Theater View could make the window fill the screen instead of snapping back to the old size.
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Fixed: Various Theater View message box prompts could be hidden in error-free playback mode.
4. Changed: Made double-click to play and drag and drop into the player always reanalyze the file even if it's already been analyzed.
5. NEW: IPTV channels will be played in time-shifting mode. Does not work for all URLs. If time-shifting fails, MC automatically falls back to non-time-shifting mode.

28.0.37 (7/8/2021)

1. Fixed: Sat>IP channels with DVBS modulation would not play while those with DVBS2 did play (an old bug crept back).
2. Changed: Made W64 file opening a little more forgiving of the headers.

28.0.36 (7/6/2021)

1. Changed: Moved the high resolution checkbox in Analyzer to the right of the top line.
2. Fixed: Google lyrics lookup could contain extra stuff at the end.
3. Fixed: Genius lyric lookup was not working.
4. Changed: Pressing OK out of options on the DLNA page only switches the zone if a DLNA zone is selected (instead of always).
5. Changed: The thread that loads output plugins pumps the message loop to handle any window events (previously some ASIO plugins could hang).
6. Changed: Improved remote control "Back" key handling in Netflix for better navigation.

28.0.35 (7/2/2021)

1. Fixed: The ListMath expression could crash if an empty string was passed in.
2. Changed: Tuned the equalizer size so the text should fit below the sliders better in normal configurations.
3. Changed: Made the EQ up / down increment less (0.1 dB now).

28.0.34 (7/1/2021)

1. Fixed: Jumping to and from display view was not always working in recent builds.
2. Fixed: A corrupt wav format file (or aiff) with bad metadata could have caused a crash on import.
3. Fixed: The Cloudplay filter would not apply when playing from the Play Doctor search box.
4. Changed: Made the VST sample size optional in Options > Audio > Advanced (takes a restart for the change to take effect).

28.0.33 (6/29/2021)

1. Changed: Play/Pause Media Center remote keys now properly interact with Netflix.
2. Changed: When opening Netflix in Theater View, playback in the active zone is stopped.
3. NEW: Added 8x to the DSD encoding options.
4. NEW: Made the DSD to DSD conversion more direct when outputting at a lower rate to support bitstreaming.
5. Changed: Added sorting to the view extras menu instead of just sorting using the file system.
6. Changed: Disabled the stop after choices for DLNA devices (may return later).
7. Changed: WASAPI lists the default device as a choice now.
8. Fixed: Ripping a DVD or Blu-Ray could cause a crash if MakeMKV was not found.
9. Changed: Cloudplay server calls happen in a loop so a sporadic failure will try again.
10. NEW: Added a zone diversion MCWS (MCWS/v1/Playback/Divert).

28.0.32 (6/25/2021)

1. Fixed: Ripping using MakeMKV would fail if the destination folder didn't exist.

28.0.31 (6/25/2021)

1. Changed: Made the VST buffer a little bigger because the Dirac VST could report no signal with the current size.
2. Fixed: Switching from Display View to Standard View didn't change the size back because of a change a couple builds back.
3. Fixed: The (newline) in expressions was going into the wrong part so the expression itself could be changed.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).

28.0.30 (6/24/2021)

1. Fixed: The TreeNode() expression is more reliable when used in the main navigation tree.
2. Changed: DSD encoding now asks the output whether it wants DSD or DoP (instead of assuming DSD).
3. Changed: Made the EQ resize nicely with the window (so you can size it taller).

28.0.29 (6/23/2021)

1. Fixed: The Edge Web component was not being properly installed on Windows 7.
2. NEW: Added the new S-Curve cross-fade modes.
3. Fixed: When playing videos, the player could return to the previous size and position as it advanced tracks.

28.0.28 (6/22/2021)

1. Fixed: Equalizer presets would not fully upgrade to the new 20 band approach.
2. NEW: When bitstreaming DSD at a higher rate than bitstreaming supports, it will just down convert the DSD so it will still be a DSD bitstream.
3. Changed: Using a smaller VST block size to avoid latency that could happen with some visualizers.
4. Fixed: DLNA Conversion to DSF was setting the header of the DSF file to an incorrect number of samples (2x the real amount) resulting in odd or no playback on some devices.

28.0.27 (6/21/2021)

1. Changed: Updated LAV Filters to 0.75.1, used in video playback, many fixes and much improved AV1 video support.
2. NEW: Track Info plugins are copied during an upgrade install.
3. NEW: Added s-curve modes to the cross-fade options (instead of piggy backing). You can pick standard (in and out) or aggressive (which only fades out).
4. Fixed: The 20 band equalizer wasn't applying all 20 bands yet.

28.0.26 (6/20/2021)

1. Changed: Multiple lines are accepted in expression editors again.
2. Changed: When outputting a newline for the rename tool, the string "(newline)" will replace the actual line breaks.

28.0.25 (6/18/2021)

1. Changed: Made the 20-band equalizer less wide.
2. Changed: Multiline is turned off in the expression editor only in the rename tool instead of everywhere.

28.0.24 (6/17/2021)

1. Fixed: Playing a track from Cloudplay with no matching artists in the library to Cloudplay again would not find Cloudplay files.
2. Changed: The smooth cross-fade is now an S-curve (feedback appreciated).
3. Changed: Spaces are trimmed from the head and tail of the filename and directory rule in the rename tool. Newlines are also trimmed.
4. Changed: If the audio analyzer tool is set to auto-start, it now closes automatically when it finishes.
5. Changed: The expression editor used by the rename tool (and other tools) no longer accepts carriage return.

28.0.23 (6/15/2021)

1. NEW: The equalizer is 20 band instead of 10 band.
2. Fixed: Cancel in a library backup would still ask about saving thumbnails.
3. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could contain extra HTML markers in some cases.
4. NEW: Added a "Last Played (album)" field that is set album wide for plays.
5. Fixed: The MCWS call Control/AnalyzeAudio would not work reliably due to threading.
6. Changed: Added the ability to call Control/AnalyzeAudio with a list of file keys.
7. Changed: The web browser place holder in Theater View is now black, instead of gray, resulting in less jaring transitions when the browser is loading.
8. Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts function once again on Playing Now Track Info when using the Edge browser engine.
9. Fixed: The scrollbar in Netflix Web is hidden, for a better fullscreen experience.
10. Fixed: The "Billboard"-style main suggestion on the Netflix home page can be selected.
11. Changed: Pressing the Select/OK/Enter button after playback of a title in Netflix ended will select the "Next Episode" button.

28.0.22 (6/10/2021)

1. NEW: Opus input plugin, with full tag reading/writing support.
2. Changed: Deleting an image would stop playback instead of just going to the next image.
3. Fixed: Potential fix for the Media Center shell extension blocking certain other shell commands from working.
4. Changed: Using a little smaller VST buffer size.

28.0.21 (6/8/2021)

1. Changed: VST plugins could cause latency because of the new buffer delivery system. Now it uses smaller buffers.
2. Fixed: Library backups could not include thumbnails because some code was commented out in release.
3. Fixed: The example for the Extract function was not right.
4. NEW: Tag() expression function will return any image XMP tags that are not JRiver database fields, for example, Tag(XMP: Label). Also, Tag(EXIF: Make) and Tag(EXIF: Model) will return make and mode of the camera, individually (whereas [Camera] returns a combination of the two as before).
5. Changed: Diverting to a DLNA zone will issue a seek (since bookmarking is not supported) to retain the playback position.

28.0.20 (6/4/2021)

1. NEW: Tabs support dragging to re-order (and dragging also takes the views so you can drag a tab to Playing Now to play, etc.).
2. Changed: Made restoring a library and settings faster (doesn't decompress twice any longer).
3. NEW: Added the ability to include thumbnails in a library backup.
4. Changed: The expression engine is better about evaluation strings in brackets and not always assuming something after a comma is a parameter.
5. Changed: Renamed the Diversion feature.
6. NEW: Added a menu option "Divert Here" to divert from playing zones.

28.0.19 (6/2/2021)

1. Changed: Made the size of audio block delivered to a VST plug-in always match the maximum size we told the plug-in (wasn't checking previously).
2. NEW: Added the feature "Divert" to zone right-clickto move playback to a different zone.
3. Changed: Made the MCWS function Playback/LoadDSPPreset able to load DLNA zones (like the save added recently).
laying zones.

28.0.18 (5/26/2021)

1. Changed: The new folder selection dialog shows and hides nicer.

28.0.17 (5/25/2021)

1. NEW: Added a filter box to the toolbar customization dialog to filter the list of choices.
2. Fixed: The check for whether a file already existed wasn't working properly when ripping using MakeMKV.
3. Fixed: MP4 files could crash if there was an error that we didn't find a good frame after.
4. Changed: The MCWS to save a DSP preset works with DLNA zones (and save's the associated DLNA server's settings).
5. NEW: Netflix Web: Added an option (Services -> Netflix Web) to automatically skip the intro/credits.
6. Changed: A newer path selection method is used that supports typing paths and looks more like Explorer.

28.0.16 (5/20/2021)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. NEW: A new field "Secure Rip" is filled after a secure rip, with details about the rip.
3. NEW: The Audio CRC field is filled when ripping.

28.0.15 (5/18/2021)

1. NEW: Added the option to loudness to be full spectrum (default), bass only, or treble only.
2. Changed: When serving a DSP preset, the filename in the browser will be the zone name.

28.0.14 (5/13/2021)

1. Changed: Netflix in Theater View now offers various player augmentations to enable 5.1 audio and more (check Options -> Services -> Netflix Web)
2. Changed: Playback/SaveDSPPreset just returns the saved DSP file instead of an encoded blob.
3. NEW: The option to remove played files from Playing Now can remove files as they are played or leave the last five files.
4. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
5. Fixed: The tree node function could crash if there was no tree selection.
6. Fixed: When you'd edit an expression, resizing the dialog would discard the changes.
7. NEW: The Mid(...) expression function takes a mode so that you can pass the end as an index instead of a count of characters.
8. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
9. NEW: Added the ability to set the output filename of titles when ripping using MakeMKV.

28.0.13 (5/7/2021)

1. Fixed: Opening Netflix from Theater View could result in not giving focus to the website.
2. Changed: Netflix in Theater View can now be closed with Backspace from the main navigation page.
3. NEW: Added the TreeNode(...) expression. Mode 0 (the default) returns the full path. Mode 1 returns the current item. Mode 2 returns the parent item.

28.0.12 (5/5/2021)

1. Fixed: The Netflix website integration can now handle season/episode selection.
2. Fixed: Many style fixes and improvements for the Netflix website integration.
3. NEW: The Playback/LoadDSPPreset function accepts a saved DSP preset file (remember to URL escape).
4. NEW: Added Playback/SaveDSPPreset to return a saved preset.

28.0.11 (5/4/2021)

1. Fixed: Ripping a CD could fail in the last few builds.

28.0.10 (5/3/2021)

1. Changed: Made the new / improved this version menu item link to v28.
2. Fixed: If playback was set to include no files from Cloudplay, doing a right-click Play (with Play Doctor and Cloudplay) would not work.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Fixed: MC cleared time component of "Date/Time Original" in EXIF erroneously.
5. Fixed: MC could not load EXIF "Date/Time Original" tag if it has no time component.
6. Fixed: FLAC radio playback could fail.

28.0.9 (4/29/2021)

1. Fixed: HDCD analysis would corrupt beats per minute detection.
2. NEW: Added an audio CRC field to the audio analyzer that calculates the CRC32 of the audio data (only calculated for 16-bit and 24-bit stereo currently).
3. NEW: Access Netflix through Theater View.

28.0.8 (4/27/2021)

1. Changed: TPDF dither is no longer applied during format conversion with no DSP (since it would change the bits).
2. NEW: Added the 1x, 2x, etc. to the compression field for DSD files.
3. Changed: The list of libraries is no longer removed during an upgrade install.
4. Changed: Made the Value box of the Tag Action Window customization taller.
5. NEW: Added select all and unselect all buttons to the MakeMKV title selection dialog.
6. NEW: Added expanded title information tooltips to the MakeMKV title selection dialog when the cursor is hovering over titles.

28.0.7 (4/23/2021)

1. NEW: Skins are copied during upgrade from the old install to the new install.
2. Changed: JRiver time-shifting DirectShow filter will re-check connection media types when the graph starts running, because some video capture devices change media format (for example audio sample rate) without sending a notification to the graph.
3. NEW: IPTV Support in TV engine. Live streaming now, no time-shifting or recording yet. May not work for all URLs.
4. NEW: Support for Canon .CR3 raw image format.

28.0.6 (4/21/2021)

1. Fixed: The context menu on Playing Now "Track Info" was not accessible with the Edge integrated browser.
2. Fixed: FLAC file playback could crash in 28.0.5.
3. Fixed: Opening CloudPlay with the Edge integrated browser could prompt for additional login details.
4. Changed: Removed unintended double-buffering in mp4 plugin.
5. Fixed: In WMA plugin if "Disable audio buffering to disk" option (Linux only) was used, a file buffer was still created.
6. Changed: The file type is passed along with Radio Paradise files so it no longer needs to hit the server for it.
7. NEW: The custom folders (resources, art, skin items, webpages) are copied during an upgrade to the new version.

28.0.5 (4/16/2021)

1. NEW: Added the PlaylistTime(...) expression to get the time of a track in the current playlist (a sum of all previous durations) in mode 0, mode 1 adds the current track as well, the remaining time of the playlist in mode 2 and 3 (2 excludes the current track), and mode 4 for the total playlist duration.
2. Fixed: WASAPI loopback was not working.
3. Fixed: MakeMKV ripping would create processes over and over instead of using the same one.
4. Changed: When making relative paths, if nothing is in common, it doesn't convert to relative (previously would still output something -- but it wouldn't work).
5. NEW: The export all playlists tool shows a dialog to allow picking the format, whether to use relative paths, and the output path.
6. Fixed: With memory playback enabled, playing some streaming stations with ICY metadata could fail after a while.
7. Fixed: When playing URLs, two layers of ICY parsing could happen causing hiccups in the audio.
8. Fixed: MakeMKV processes were not always getting cleaned up when finished.
9. NEW: Files ripped using MakeMKV are imported after ripping.
10. Changed: Removed unintended double-buffering in mp3 plugin.

27.0.85 (4/19/2021)

1. Fixed: ICY metadata was not working in the previous build.
2. Changed: Simplified the buffering approach of the MP3 plugin.
3. Changed: Removed unintended double-buffering in mp4 plugin.
4. Fixed: In WMA plugin if "Disable audio buffering to disk" option (Linux only) was used, a file buffer was still created.
5. Changed: The file type is passed along with Radio Paradise files so it no longer needs to hit the server for it.

27.0.84 (4/16/2021)

1. Fixed: When playing URLs, two layers of ICY parsing could happen causing hiccups in the audio.

27.0.83 (4/15/2021)

1. Fixed: With memory playback enabled, playing some streaming stations with ICY metadata could fail after a while.

27.0.82 (4/12/2021)

1. Fixed: Filenames that were exactly the MAX_PATH length would not work.
2. Fixed: WASAPI loopback was not working.

27.0.81 (4/7/2021)

1. Fixed: Convolution did not work properly with channels 10 and higher.

27.0.80 (4/6/2021)

1. Fixed: Media Center could create test files for if a directory is writable and leave them in certain cases.
2. Fixed: MC could read ID3v2.2 PIC frame incorrectly causing the JPEG image to lose "start of image" marker.
3. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working for many videos.

27.0.79 (4/1/2021)

1. Fixed: The system volume would not always work properly due to a recent change.

27.0.78 (3/30/2021)

1. Fixed: Several WavPack bitrates did not work.
2. Changed: Ripping to CUE did not work nicely unless concurrent ripping and encoding was selected.
3. Changed: Added a sanity check to the Repeat(...) expression so it will only repeat 100 times then output "... (x more)".
4. Fixed: The password shown in Options > Media Network would be incorrect characters.
5. Fixed: DSD playback would incorrectly report an increase of 6 dB when bitstreaming.

27.0.77 (3/22/2021)

1. Fixed: Google image lookup was not working.

27.0.76 (3/19/2021)

1. Changed: Internal FF/REW change in JRiver Video Engine (using DirectShow).
2. Changed: Minor change in DirectShow graph building for analog TV tuners or video capture devices. Please report back if you have any issues with this change.
3. Fixed: Media Center could crash in some circumstances.

27.0.75 (3/9/2021)

1. NEW: Added a "Done" button to DSP Studio.
2. Changed: Renamed the "Load/Save..." button to "Presets..." in DSP Studio.
3. Changed: The ~limit search token will work better with list fields.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Changed: The APE file reading object loads the files as read-only (was asking for full permission, but wasn't needed).
6. NEW: The ListItem(...) expression functions optionally takes a negative number to mean from the end of the list (-1 is last, -2 is second to last, etc.).
7. NEW: Added a Roman(...) expression function to convert to and from roman numerals.
8. Changed: The ListLimit(...) expression function takes a delimiter (optional and defaults to semi-colon).
9. NEW: Added a Repeat(...) expression function to output a string over and over a given number of times.
10. NEW: Added the expression functions PadLeft(...) and PadRight(...) to pad a string.
11. Changed: Internal code consolidation of FF/REW in television engine. Please test FF/REW functionality and report issues if you find any.
12. Changed: Made the ListFind(...) expression function support outputting a custom not found string when searching on index (keep blank to output -1).

27.0.74 (3/4/2021)

1. Changed: Added 2160 to the Carnac exclusions (a resolution).
2. Changed: Renamed the pane option to "Clear Selection." Also updated the right-click menu.
3. Changed: When playing to a device with DirectSound or WASAPI, if the device is not found, it will error instead of using the default device.

27.0.73 (3/3/2021)

1. Changed: Made YouTube watch URLs like work in the Open URL... tool.
2. Fixed: Seeking would cause MC to hang when running Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q video capture device in Red October Standard (with Enhanced Video Renderer). The fix is applied to only this device. If anyone has similar issue with other devices please let us know.
3. Changed: Renamed "Reset Selection" to "Clear" in the panes.
4. Changed: Default to the last location at startup instead of the start page.
5. Changed: Right-click on a playlist has the Share command.
6. Fixed: Some video capture devices (such as "Hauppauge WinTV HVR 955Q") did not do well when video was recorded on to a slower hard disk (for example USB drive, in particular USB2 drive).
7. Changed: The season and episode parser for Carnac will not flag 720 or 1080.
8. Changed: Carnac will not use the number in a video named like "IMG_####" for season and episode.

27.0.72 (3/1/2021)

1. Changed: When sharing a playlist or a collection of files (that will become a playlist), the message better indicates a playlist is being shared.
2. Changed: The "Communication with the server failed..." message will not show in the first two minutes after loading a library.
3. Changed: Importing a single folder will allow tag writing from the import rules.

27.0.71 (2/23/2021)

1. NEW: You can now share a playlist (just pick it in the tree) and it will return an MPL file that is playable by Media Center.
2. Changed: If you share multiple files, they will be added to a playlist and the playlist will be shared.
3. Fixed: Some video capture devices did not work well with time-shifting or JTV recording because they dropped too much audio data due to data handling delays.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: Some internal change in TV's handling of video capture devices.
6. Fixed: Video stream configuration data saved in the registry (after running "Video Capture pin" or "Video Preview Pin" property pages) could not be loaded correctly.
7. Fixed: During playback of a channel on Video Capture devices, running right-click > TV Options > Configure TV... would cause video to stop and would not recover afterward.
8. Changed: Marked a few more fields as stock fields (before they were showing up as user fields in the editor).

27.0.70 (2/19/2021)

1. NEW: Added the token "App" to the player to get the full name of the program with version (ie. JRiver Media Center 27.0.70).
2. Changed: Auto-configure engages for devices that only support 48 kHz on any sample rate other than that.
3. Fixed: The auto-configure code for playback would not always engage properly due to sample rate changes that were made.
4. Changed: Clearing the played files from Playing Now will not remove the current file if you're playing (but will if you're stopped).
5. Fixed: The text "total" and "avg" will not be output if the field itself is empty.

27.0.69 (2/18/2021)

1. NEW: Added an "Unshare" menu command to remove the sharing of a file.
2. Changed: Renamed the button to ReRip for ripping a disc again.
3. Changed: Added the share and unshare commands to the Tools menu.

27.0.68 (2/17/2021)

1. Fixed: Improved bandwidth utilization when sharing files through MCWS.
2. NEW: The highpass slope used by Room Correction can be 36 or 48 dB/octave[/b] now (was capped at 24 dB/octave).
3. NEW: When picking DSD low pass filters, the choice of 48 dB/octave is offered[/b] for the 30 kHz and 50 kHz values.
4. Fixed: There was a double "the" on the restore library dialog.
5. Changed: Tuned the large font selection sizing so a little bigger fonts will not show the dialog.
6. Changed: Remove disk buffer disable option for audio and video files received over the network. It had unwanted side effects on playback of non-streamable format files.
7. Changed: Switched the encoding used on the Share URLs (all links will need to be regenerated).
8. Changed: When changing tracks manually, the flush done is lighter, preventing lags buffering.
9. NEW: OPF tagging saves and loads all the fields in Media Center (using a dc:custom block).
10. Changed: When tagging an EPUB, a new OPF is written if one isn't already there.

27.0.67 (2/12/2021)

1. Changed: Changed the Share toolbar button image.
2. NEW: Added a "Shared" field that gets checked when you share, but if you uncheck the file will no longer be accessible.
3. Fixed: Expressions that ended with a slash could output garbage.
4. Changed: The optional 6 dB boost applied to DSD playback is reported in Audio Path.
5. Fixed: Bug in DLNA conversion to DSF that resulted in popping especially at the end of a file.

27.0.66 (2/10/2021)

1. NEW: When playing a DMS channel associated with a DMS device, the IP address of the channel is checked against the device's current IP address. If the two are different, MC automatically updates the channel URL to match the device.
2. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir).
3. Changed: Removed the URLs from the share dialog.
4. NEW: Added "Share" toolbar buttons.

27.0.65 (2/9/2021)

1. Changed: Added URL escapement to the share URLs.
2. NEW: Added a right-click command in explorer folders to open the folder in Windows Explorer.
3. Changed: Media Editor is signed to make the run warning a little less scary.
4. Changed: When sharing, a choice is offered about what link to place on the clipboard.

27.0.64 (2/8/2021)

1. Changed: Renamed getting a file URL to "Share...".
2. NEW: Generated a new file sharing MCWS call that does not require authentication. The file key is encrypted, so there is no way to guess any longer.
3. NEW: When sharing, a local IP is also provided along with the remote IP.
4. Fixed: Fast forward / rewind did not work when playing a DMS TV channel.
5. Changed: Showing the day for a year only date will show an empty string instead of one.
6. NEW: Added a way to reset your sharing credentials to Options > Media Network (will make all previous shares invalid).

27.0.63 (2/5/2021)

1. Changed: Reverted changes to MCWS authentication requirements.

27.0.62 (2/5/2021)

1. NEW: If you pick "Rip & Replace" when ripping a disc again, the genre, date, and comments will be copied from the original (the artist, album, track, and name already have to match).
2. Changed: When opening 3 or 5 channel files, we will try to auto-configure as 5.1 and offer that as one of the choices.
3. Changed: When opening 7 channel files, we will try to auto-configure as 7.1 and offer that as one of the choices.
4. Changed: Tweaked the text of the auto-configure dialog to be more clear and to not report the bitdepth (since that isn't the actual output bitdepth).
5. Fixed: Google lyrics lookup could contain junk at the end of the lyrics.
6. Changed: MCWS no longer requires authentication for functions marked to not require authentication.
7. NEW: Added the right-click command Get Sharing URL... to get a URL from MCWS to share externally (it uses your external IP address, so you will need to set port forwarding on your router).
8. Fixed: TV Channel grouping did not work with DMS channels.
9. NEW: When running "Auto Group" on all TV channels, users are presented with a list of tuner types to select, so one can choose which types of channels are included in the auto group process.

27.0.61 (2/2/2021)

1. Fixed: Filling the selected files from Theater View could get all the files instead of just the selected files.
2. Fixed: DLNA server, when the Audio output is set to "Selected Format only when Necessary" wav and mp3 files wouldn't be converted if the output format selected was the same as the input format which prevented DSD studio transformations from being applied.
3. NEW: DLNA conversion to DSD (dsf 1x).

27.0.60 (1/29/2021)

1. NEW: When ripping a disc again, a dialog with three choices will be shown allowing you to continue, replace, or cancel.
2. Changed: Changed implementation of DMS TV channel playback and recording. It should behave much better, in particular when playing a channel that is currently recording.
3. Fixed: If MC was started connected to a library server and the user switched to the main library, there were multiple superfluous error boxes popped up.

27.0.59 (1/25/2021)

1. Changed: Waveform data is no longer being created for Video content.
2. Fixed: The change to grouping fields could cause other issues. Feedback appreciated.
3. NEW: Added the video type MXF to the player.
4. Faster: The program loads faster.

27.0.58 (1/22/2021)

1. Changed: When editing a field, if one of the values is empty it will be added to the list of choices instead of removed.
2. NEW: AviSynth Filter is added to the white list for "video post processing" filters.
3. Fixed: Switching Analyzer in and out of "High resolution" could crash while playing.
4. Fixed: Getting an expression with the API could perform extra (and unwanted) cleaning of the output.
5. NEW: When ripping a disc for the second time, a confirmation message is shown to let you know and allow you to cancel.
6. Changed: When auto-sizing columns, width for sort arrows is included.
7. Changed: Made the analyzer fall off faster (especially in high resolution mode).
8. Fixed: The video analyzer could sometimes take a long time.

27.0.57 (1/20/2021)

1. Changed: Improved the DSP Studio analyzer.

27.0.56 (1/20/2021)

1. NEW: DTS parsing gets the proper number of channels.
2. Fixed: APL files were not always working properly for the last few builds.
3. Changed: When building the list of items for a grouping, the values are formatted (before it would show an integer when grouping by date, but now it will show a proper date).
4. NEW: The smartlist editor has a rule "contains full word" to put a hat (^) in front of the word.
5. Changed: Improved threading decisions for image drawing, greatly speeding up the Analyzer DSP and other drawing tasks.
6. Fixed: The message that files will be renamed to avoid collisions is no longer shown when just updating the database.
7. NEW: Added a match mode to the ListFind(...) expression function to switch between partial matching and full matching.
8. Faster: Optimized the way the analyzer works to make processing faster.

27.0.55 (1/18/2021)

1. Fixed: Manually editing a DMS TV channel did not work (because a list of tuners were presented, instead of a list of devices);
2. Fixed: MP4 files could report double the proper length in some cases.
3. Changed: When removing the played tracks from Playing Now, it now removes the just played track as well.
4. NEW: DMS TV channels on the same device can be mass-edited, to change device, IP Address, and/or port. This is useful when one needs to replace a broken tuner device with a new one of the same type, or when the IP address of a device changes.

27.0.54 (1/14/2021)

1. Fixed (possibly): High GPU usage after watching and stopping a TV show that was being recorded (may need to repeatedly watch and stop watching to reproduce).
2. Changed: Bookmarking will always clear if we reach the end of the file (before with cross-fading on it could save a value near the end).
3. Changed: Right aligning the tag saving statusbar text so the user customized text stays visible.

27.0.53 (1/13/2021)

1. NEW: The display view window position is reset when doing "Reset window position settings...".
2. Changed: Beyonwiz U4 device is white-listed as a supported DMS TV device. Hope it works!
3. NEW: Added a "Reset Perc Data" button on TV setup wizard and EPG setup wizard, to allow users to reset when their Perc Data account, in particular the lineup info, has changed.
4. Fixed: After downloading from library server, the file could be incorrectly removed from the server's library.
5. NEW: Made stopping after a number of tracks work with DLNA.

27.0.52 (1/8/2021)

1. Fixed: Picking no options in the Rename, Move, & Copy dialog could result in the files actually getting renamed to <No Change>.

27.0.51 (1/8/2021)

1. Fixed: Loading and saving VST3 presets could misbehave.

27.0.50 (1/7/2021)

1. Changed: Made date imported editable like last played (instead of clear only).
2. Changed: Made really long UNC paths work.
3. Changed: Switched the equalizer to these frequencies: 31.25,62.5,125,250,500,1k,2k,4k,8k,16k.
4. NEW: VST3 effects save and load their states.
5. NEW: Added 3 channel to the VST3 output (L, R, C).
6. Fixed: When playing a DMS TV channel while the show was being recorded, the playback went to live time instead of program start time (or recording start time).
7. Changed: The shuffle at the end of the playlist when shuffle mode is on will only fire if playback is set to advance to the first track again.
8. NEW: Added the save and load buttons to VST3 plugins.

27.0.49 (1/5/2021)

1. Fixed: When recording consecutive shows on the same channel on a DMS tuner, the later recordings might include data for previous shows.
2. Possibly fixed: When recording consecutive shows on the same channel on a DMS tuner, some recording might end up fail (zero byte recorded).
3. Fixed: The signature was missing from build 48.

27.0.48 (1/4/2021)

1. Changed: When searching, - is used to mark the start of a word just like space. That way "wheel" will find "mouse-wheel".
2. Changed: TV recordings on DMS channels are now properly bookmarked.
3. Fixed: Bookmarking on DirectShow-based TV recordings could be wrong if time-shifting had being running for a while before recording started.
4. Fixed: Playback as DoP was not working properly.
5. NEW: Added a Not(...) expression function to flip the state of a variable.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Changed: Made the last played field editable (instead of clear only).

27.0.47 (12/22/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Dutch translation (thanks Maarten!).
2. Fixed: TV background tasks might not be performed if no recording actions were scheduled.
3. Fixed: The DSP variables for the enabled state could be big values instead of 0 or 1.
4. Fixed: Pausing while watching a TV show that was still being recorded would cause recording to stop and restart, creating multiple recordings.

27.0.46 (12/18/2020)

1. Fixed: Dividers in Parametric Equalizer did not always save their text properly.
2. NEW: DSP Presets can be saved and loaded from files.
3. Changed: Removed length limitation on string data in certain MP4 atoms (would make the waveform analysis incorrect on M4A files).
4. Fixed: Resources for covert art sent by the DLNA content directory had incorrect attributes which could cause them to be rejected in cases where they were compared to the SourceProtocolInfo.

27.0.45 (12/15/2020)

1. NEW: Specifying "Selected" on the command line will grab the selected files.
2. NEW: Specifying "Shuffle" as one of the files on the command line will shuffle the selection.
3. Changed: Made the program message when Google has shut off translation (instead of just trying again and again failing).

27.0.44 (12/14/2020)

1. Fixed: Filling a translation from Google was not working.

27.0.43 (12/11/2020)

1. Fixed: Firing an MCC 22003 on a not found index would crash.
2. NEW: MCC 22003 with an index of 12 shows Cloudplay.
3. NEW: Added a Cloudplay toolbar button.

27.0.42 (12/11/2020)

1. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working.

27.0.41 (12/11/2020)

1. Fixed: The change cover art prompt added in build 40 would show always instead of only on a change.
2. Fixed: The libav dependency is checked when doing a video file conversion.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

27.0.40 (12/10/2020)

1. Changed: When moving cover art to a new folder, a confirmation is shown before moving all the files.
2. NEW: The statusbar is updated from a thread so blocking to access a drive spinning up won't block the program.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Changed: The cover art path is not validated until it is used, so having it on a non-spinning drive will not spin the drive up just viewing the library.
5. Fixed: Possible deadlock when starting to play a DMS TV channel.

27.0.39 (12/8/2020)

1. Fixed: The track info processor was not handling all the formats properly since the parenthesis addition.
2. Fixed: Text vertical alignment is properly maintained in nested tags.
3. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Changed: Equalizer presets are sorted by name (instead of randomly).
5. Changed: When shuffling a set of tracks all by the same artist, the album will be used to maximize the shuffle instead of the artist.
6. Fixed: Seeking to end of file in video playback sometimes was ignored.
7. NEW: Recording works on DMS Tuner channels.

27.0.38 (11/30/2020)

1. Changed: When renaming a library, if you rename the active library, the name used for backups will also be updated.
2. Fixed: When playing a DMS TV channel, the tuner status got stuck at "Initializing..."
3. Fixed: Media Center would not display JPEG images with minor defects (often in metadata tags).
4. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Changed: Made digital TV code more robust against bad data.

27.0.37 (11/24/2020)

1. Changed: Track info markers for TrackInfo_Insert will try to better handle fields with parenthesis in the name.
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
3. Fixed: A possible crash when decoding a corrupt APE file.

27.0.36 (11/23/2020)

1. Fixed: DSD output could crackle in recent builds.
2. Fixed: Italian had the same translation for skin and theme, so it caused Theater View options to misbehave.
3. Changed: Made the Reporter view respond to F5 and refresh.
4. Fixed: APE decoding could leak.
5. Changed: When MC fails to get DMS TV channels using the device's "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ContentDirectory" service, an alternative method of using a channel lineup JSON file (if available) will be attempted.

27.0.35 (11/20/2020)

1. NEW: Fast Forwarding and Rewinding are now supported for Streaming (DMS) TV tuners.
2. Changed: Changed the read caching behavior of the thumbnail database to reduce memory consumption and improve performance with large databases.
3. Fixed: When time-shifting session on a DMS tuner ended, an empty folder was left undeleted.
4. NEW: The column presets menu shows names of previous saves for quick overwrite (instead of requiring entering the name).
5. NEW: The Rename, Move & Copy presets menu shows names of previous saves for quick overwrite (instead of requiring entering the name).
6. Changed: The program can close if Analyze Audio is showing but not processing.
7. Fixed: If a tool was running at shutdown, it would message and not allow shutdown, but the tray icon would go away anyway.
8. Changed: Error checking is added when loading certain TV settings to avoid crashes.
9. NEW: Added the MCWS call GetLinkExpanded to get a link expanded set of files.
10. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Stefan).
11. Changed: Tooltips are allowed to cover the auto-complete tooltip if they would otherwise go off the screen.
12. Changed: MC will be more responsive at startup when it processes TV recording actions.

27.0.34 (11/17/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: The confirmation for clearing Playing Now will no longer say it will stop if playback is already stopped.
3. Changed: The /Clear command line option no longer takes a required parameter.
4. Changed: Optionally you can specify MC27.exe /Clear LeavePlaying or /Clear DontRemoveCurrent to leave the playing file.
5. Changed: The lock and unlock playlist button are in the same spot, so doing a slow double click in the area will not be disruptive.
6. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
7. Changed: Blu-ray ISO files up to 120 GB are supported instead of only 60 GB.
8. Fixed: When resuming normal play from FF/REW on a time-shifting TV tuner, the OSD paused status could be wrong.
9. Changed: Tag dump in the Tag Action Window no longer tries to analyze video files (it could be slow and rarely returned anything).

27.0.33 (11/13/2020)

1. Changed: Resetting the window positions will also reset the main program position.
2. Changed: Clearing Playing Now on a remote zone will work a little better.
3. Changed: Stopping remote zones would not actually take effect before returning so the state could be incorrect.
4. NEW: Made the View > Load / Save View menu have the previous save names so you can just overwrite without entering the name.

27.0.32 (11/12/2020)

1. Changed: When the playback state changes in remote zones, the playback engine will be notified right away (instead of waiting to know).

27.0.31 (11/11/2020)

1. Fixed: HEIF images were not rotated properly.
2. Changed: Made the plugin install dialog list both DLL and VST3 in the same selection (instead of requiring switching).
3. Changed: When playing a DMS TV channel with a streaming tuner, time-shifting will observe user configured time-shifting limit, so that disk space usage will not grow indefinitely.
4. Fixed: When showing and hiding the tree, drawing artifacts could appear until you forced a redraw.
5. NEW: Added support for the valign tag to font tokens.
6. Changed: Time-shifting buffer file for DMS TV channels are created in user-set TV recording folder, instead of in MC's temporary file folder.
7. NEW: Media Center can decode Apple proprietary PNG files with CgBI markers.
8. Changed: The thumbnail engine will thumbnail really small images (less than 16 pixels total) instead of skipping them.
9. Fixed: The playback state of remote zones could be wrong causing several issues.
10. NEW: Added the resampler type to audio path.
11. Changed: Made Audio Path a little wider.

27.0.30 (11/05/2020)

1. Changed: Skins without a Template in the Action Window would not blink.
2. Changed: The player no longer restores a minimized window when switching videos.
3. Changed: The import window only blinks if the library is empty.
4. Changed: The Category dialog defaults to taller so the expression type fits.
5. Fixed: Some more VST3 effects work.

27.0.29 (11/02/2020)

1. Fixed: The "Category" library field dialog would not reliably work.
2. NEW: Time-shifting works on streaming TV tuners (Pause/Resume, Jump/Skip for now. FF/REW will come later).
3. Changed: (Experimental) MC will search for DNLA devices with "upnp:rootdevice" type.

27.0.28 (10/30/2020)

1. Changed: The "Category" library field dialog is sizable.
2. Fixed: The Date (release) MP3 tag could get written over and over.
3. Changed: The platform file is deleted when clearing the library so will be reset.
4. Changed: Added the expression function ListMix2 that removes the escapement (so it will return with the ListMix expression).
5. Changed: VST3 effects work with 9, 10, 11, and 12 channels.
6. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

27.0.27 (10/27/2020)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: Selecting to remove tracks after they are played will remove the track if you select to stop after a certain number of tracks.
3. Fixed: APE encoding at 8-bit would fail on high channel count files.

27.0.26 (10/23/2020)

1. Fixed: APE encoding at 24-bit would fail on high channel count files.

27.0.25 (10/23/2020)

1. Fixed: Fixed a possible crash changing rating and backing up with the mouse.
2. Changed: Made the drive analysis better handle UNC paths.
3. Fixed: Tag writing to MP4 files could fail in some cases.
4. Fixed: TV time-shifting files were not cleaned up after time-shifting session ended.
5. Fixed: "Clean up time-shifting folders" did not do anything.
6. Changed: Removed the parsing from ListMix(...) because it would make tokens not get replaced (also may make Math(...) inside not work, so just be aware).
7. Changed: Tried to make recursive expression nesting just output the inner nests as is.
8. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Řistein).
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. NEW: Added Radio Paradise to the Quick Play menu.
11. NEW: Added Radio JRiver to the Quick Play menu.
12. Fixed: Jumping views with double-click could pause if madVR was being used.
13. Changed: Made the APE encoder reject 32-bit floating point conversion.

27.0.24 (10/16/2020)

1. Fixed: Random EPG load time (when randomizing was needed) was not always random.
2. NEW: Added disk performance to Reporter (the rip drive and the library drive).

27.0.23 (10/14/2020)

1. Changed: Added two more XMLTV category keywords, "TV Movie" and "Feature Film", for classifying a show as "movie".
2. Fixed: The 32-bit build could report errors during install of build 22.

27.0.22 (10/13/2020)

1. Changed: Audio Path will show "Bitstreaming" when audio is being bitstreamed instead of potentially confusing audio stream details (which identified the physical transport of the audio, not the audio contents).
2. Fixed: DVB TV could fail to obtain Free View Channel info descriptor when parsing Bouquet Association Table.
3. Fixed: Setting the option could not work if returning from options switched zones.
4. Changed: Adjusted logging for DLNA TV device discovery.
5. Changed: When building playlists for a handheld using relative paths, if nothing is in common, it will use dots in the path to start at the root then build the path (may make Android devices work better).
6. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
7. Fixed: Manually setting TV channel logo might not work if one chooses to save the image in default coverart location.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: Holding shift while starting a tag window edit will keep the edit from starting again on a new file.
10. Fixed: SiliconDust EPG daily reloading might occasionally occur more than once within a few hours on a day.

27.0.21 (10/7/2020)

1. Changed: Activate the buses of VST3 effects, possibly making more work.
2. Changed: Enabled automatic retry in 30 to 60 minutes of SiliconDust EPG loading so that we would not miss a daily reloading due to not having discovered the DLNA tuners yet.
3. Fixed: When using SiliconDust EPG, all programs were classified as "new". Now re-runs will be properly treated as re-runs.
4. Optimized: EPG loading (including SiliconDust, MC2XML, XMLTV, and Perc Data modes) is significantly faster.
5. Optimized: Processing TV for EPG loading and the like runs less often.
6. Optimized: Standard Television view loads significantly faster, especially if the lists of channels and programs are large.

27.0.20 (10/3/2020)

1. Fixed: There could be video playback problems due to a timer change in recent builds.

27.0.19 (10/2/2020)

1. NEW: When the language for the system is Japanese, that will be the default translation used (instead of English).
2. Fixed: Burner settings were not available for the last few builds and other disc issues could arise.
3. NEW: Added a confirmation when exiting from "Load Program Guide..." window with "Automatically load the program guide every day in the background" option off.
4. NEW: (Experimental) MC allows "Beyonwiz V2" device to be treated as a DMS TV tuner.

27.0.18 (9/30/2020)

1. Changed: Added an information message box to inform the user after DLNA is enabled during SiliconDust EPG setup, that it is a good idea to restart MC before re-attempting EPG setup.
2. Changed: Blocked TV recording on DMS tuners since it has not been implemented properly, to prevent crashes. Windows only. On non-Windows recording is already no-op.
3. Fixed: Spelling error. On Load Program Guide window, the word "everyday" is changed to "every day".
4. Changed: The program no longer pauses a playing video when clicking to activate the program from another program.

27.0.17 (9/30/2020)

1. Changed: MC will show a better error message when it fails to download EPG data, especially from SiliconDust.
2. NEW: Added the web service function File/GetPlaylists to get a list of playlists for a given file.
3. Changed: Respond to a Playlist/Build call with the new playlist ID.
4. NEW: The genre, artist, album, composer, track #, and name are read from the iTunes database during import (so files don't need to be tagged for those fields).
5. NEW: MC will parse <episode-num> element with system="onscreen" attribute in XMLTV files more smartly so it will pick up season number and episode number, in particular from SiliconDust EPG.
6. Changed: MC will reload TV channel logos during EPG loading (if EPG data file contains the logo images) if previous image file is missing.
7. NEW: VST3 adds support for 4.0, 5.1, and 7.1 channel layouts.
8. NEW: During SiliconDust EPG setup MC will detect whether DLNA is enabled. If not, MC will offer to display Media Network options page.

27.0.16 (9/25/2020)

1. Changed: TheMovieDB TV Show lookup populates the IMDB Id with the episode id.
2. Fixed: Subtitle lookup for TV shows was not finding any results.
3. Changed: Updated the Blu-ray Menu playback library for improved disc compatibility.
4. NEW: Added the playlist format "M3U (relative paths, forward slashes)" to handheld upload.
5. Changed: Increased the pause on click timer to hopefully avoid fighting with double-click.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Fixed: Importing MP4 video files with Playback set to "External" could result in some information missing.
8. Fixed: MP4 video files will more reliably use the video engine to fill in missing metadata.
9. Fixed: SiliconDust EPG re-loading could randomly be skipped.
10. NEW: Links to websites (that start with http:// or https://) in list controls will be active links] now.
11. Changed: Lists will set the cursor in some cases like hoovering over the rating or a link.
12. Changed: On the "Schedule Guide Reloading" window, the "Next Load" column will include a date, instead of just time.
13. Fixed: SiliconDust EPG repeat loading time could be wrong.
14. Fixed: WAV files with a zero sample rate could crash (now they are rejected).
15. Changed: More VST3 effects will show a display.
16. Changed: VST3 effects that only support 32-bit data are now supported.
17. NEW: TV EPG loading modes each will have their own start time set so that users can configure multiple modes to start at different time of the day.
18. Fixed: Background EPG loading threads could be unnecessarily created in rare cases even though no EPG loading mode was scheduled to start at the time.
19. Changed: Restored MC2XML EPG mode (Windows platform only).

27.0.15 (9/19/2020)

1. Changed: Video pause will fire the OSD when in full screen mode now.
2. Changed: Updated the play / pause handling in the TV control and JRiver video engine to match the standard video engine.

27.0.14 (9/18/2020)

1. Changed: MC will query HDHomeRun devices for the number of tuners, instead of using hard-coded values, for a more accurate count.
2. NEW: The text shown in Theater View's playing now can be customized in Options > Theater View > Advanced > Expression for Playing Now.
3. Changed: MC will classify a show as "movie" if the XMLTV puts it in a category of "Television movie" or "Cinema movie".
4. Changed: Left click won't pause when releasing a menu or double-clicking.

27.0.13 (9/17/2020)

1. Changed: MC will skip automatic creation of DMS (Tuner Stream) channels for an HDHomeRun device if it can determine the tuner's TV format to be DVB-T, and DVB-T channels already exist.
2. NEW: Added a "Find License" button to the purchase / restore dialog.
3. Changed: Automatic loading of SiliconDust EPG will be done in a worker thread so the program will be more responsive.
4. Changed: Updated Finland.Oulu-DNA DVB-C tuning parameters. [bThanks lepa![/b]
5. Changed: Removed the word experimental from the long filename option and default to on.
6. Changed: When stopped, the display window will go back to showing the logo.
7. Fixed: Internal Volume was not enabled for DMS TV playback.
8. Fixed: When stopping playback in Display View, the position of the window could switch to the previous position.
9. Changed: When no changes are made with a MCWS/v1/File/SetInfo call, the response "No changes." is provided with the failure.
10. Fixed: Reordering a VST3 effect could crash.
11. Fixed: FLAC files would not always load images properly.
12. Changed: When the program is in gapless between album tracks, it will stay gapless if you back up a track as well.
13. Changed: MC2XML EPG option is removed from TV setup.
14. Changed: Panel - Jump to playing now when playing video files.
15. NEW: Left clicking a playing video will toggle the pause state (except blu-ray because the menu needs the clicks).
16. NEW: SiliconDust EPG added to TV setup EPG options for manual setup.

27.0.12 (9/10/2020)

1. Changed: New / Improved This Version links to the v27 page.
2. Fixed: VST3 effects that didn't create a display could crash.
3. Changed: Updated ModernCards Dark (thanks Marko).
4. NEW: MC will automatically create TV channels if HDHomeRun tuners are found, and related channels have not already been created.
5. Changed: Updated the ANGLE driver for the TheaterView rendering backend, which now offers an experimental Vulkan renderer instead of D3D.
6. Changed: Panel - Updated video streaming to use HLS Video-On-Demand.
7. Changed: Recent searches will no longer store duplicates.
8. NEW: MC will automatically download EPG data from SiliconDust if HDHomeRun devices are found, on condition that no other online EPG has been set up, and SiliconDust EPG has not explicitly been disabled.
9. Fixed: Cloudplay did not play in some situations.

27.0.11 (9/8/2020)

1. Fixed: When XMLTV file contain IDs that are shared by different channels, some of the channels may not be properly matched to their XMLTV IDs.
2. Changed: Middle click will close the active tab (before it did nothing).
3. Fixed: Switching to high resolution in the Analyzer could crash.
4. Fixed: VST2 effects would not load properly.
5. Fixed: Right-click on an empty car radio button would crash.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).

27.0.10 (9/4/2020)

1. Fixed: Right-click in a no column area of a list could crash.

27.0.9 (9/4/2020)

1. Changed: Middle click on the active tab closes instead of cycles the list style.
2. Fixed: VST3 plugins could crash if they didn't provide a display.
3. Changed: Showtime disables shuffle.
4. Changed: Auto-import disables getting cover art and getting video metadata by default.
5. Changed: Auto-sizing columns is moved to a new setting name so it will default to on for everyone.
6. Changed: Analyzer has a checkbox to increase the resolution so it should be better at low frequencies.

27.0.8 (9/2/2020)

1. Fixed: TV Channel to XMLTV ID mapping might find very few matches if users choose not to include a channel number in front of each channel name, for some XMLTV data.

27.0.7 (9/2/2020)

1. Fixed: Middle click on the active tab could crash.
2. Fixed: Closing a tab with a middle click could cycle the list style.
3. Fixed: Some VST3 plugins would not load.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Fixed: TV Channel to XMLTV ID mapping could result in multiple minor channels with the same major channel mapped to the same XMLTV ID, especially for Tuner Stream channels and HDHomeRun EPG data.

27.0.6 (8/28/2020)

1. Fixed: Right-clicking tabs could crash.

27.0.5 (8/28/2020)

1. Fixed: Closing the current tab could crash.
2. Changed: Switched closing tabs to a middle click.

27.0.4 (8/22/2020)

1. Changed: Typing in the search box will hide the suggestions if you press enter with no suggestion selected.
2. NEW: Added the min and max expression functions (they take any number of parameters).
3. Fixed: When editing in a popup, if the underlying file is changed, the edit will be canceled (previously could crash).
4. Changed: When editing in a popup, the file selection will not be changed on track change.
5. NEW: Added the expression functions avg and sum to average and sum numbers.
6. Fixed: Tuner Stream TV channel scan resulted in incorrect parameters in build 27.0.3.
7. NEW: Added the FieldQuery expression function to return a list of matches based on a list of fields to search.
8. Changed: Previously the entire tab would show a tooltip about closing, but now it only shows on the close button.
9. Fixed: When Tuner Stream (DMS) type of TV channel started playing, the player status was not changed and remained "Starting TV..."
10. Changed: Pause/Resume is enabled for Tuner Stream (DMS) type of TV channel playback.
11. NEW: Added a new search to options to allow setting a grouping of files to automatically apply a bookmark (so if "Use Bookmarking" is set to default, it turns on for files that match the search).
12. NEW: Right-click on inactive tabs closes them.
13. Changed: Tabs always show a close button, even if they're inactive.
14. Fixed: Image lookup from Google (for artist images, etc.) was not working.
15. NEW: artist images are used along with Google images for the artist image display.
16. Fixed: Doing a file rename of the case only could hang from a recent change.
17. NEW: Added preliminary support for VST3 plugins. They should install and process. Feedback welcome.

27.0.3 (8/21/2020)

1. Changed: Revised the sorting menu in the column header right-click.
2. Fixed: Corrupt MPC files could crash.
3. Changed: "Show signal strength on screen" context menu item is not displayed for TV tuner types that do not support it (OpenCABLE, Sat>IP, Tuner Stream, etc.).
4. Changed: "Window" context menu (aspect ratio, zooming etc.) is not displayed for Tuner Stream type of TV playback as it is not supported right now.
5. Fixed: "Audio Programs" context menu did not work when playing a Tuner Stream TV channel.
6. Fixed: Build 27.0.2 did not give 30 day trial.

26.0.107 (9/4/2020)

1. Fixed: Image lookup from Google (for artist images, etc.) was not working.
2. Fixed: Zooming in on an image thumbnail will scroll so the selected item is shown (previously it could scroll to a different spot).

26.0.106 (8/10/2020)

1. Fixed: Modern Cards (Dark) frames fixed (thanks Marko).
2. Fixed: You can no longer keyboard navigate or double click to select the Add Library tree item.

26.0.105 (8/7/2020)

1. Changed: Passing an invalid date to the SetInfo call will return <Response Status="Failure"/> instead of setting an empty date.
2. Changed: Calls to the MCWS SetInfo will be logged for undo.
3. Fixed: Encoding a FLAC with "Verify encoding" enabled could result in a crash in some situations.
4. Fixed: Crash could have happened when audio analysis ran on missing files (files in MC's database but deleted or no longer in that location on disk).

26.0.104 (8/5/2020)

1. Changed: Display of list fields stores ";" for the delimiter but now displays "; " for the delimiter in file lists.
2. Fixed: Conversion would not always work properly.
3. Fixed: When replacing files during a convert, ISO and other numbered files will no longer delete the original file (since there could be more tracks in it).
4. Fixed: Open Weather map for Theater View weather was not working.
5. Changed: Some tuning of lyrics lookup to make Google work again, make slashes in artist names work, etc.
6. Fixed: APE ratings did not get written to the file tags.

26.0.103 (7/31/2020)

1. Changed: When loading dates from an APE file, if no "Date" field is found, the "Year" field will be read (which could contain a full date).
2. Fixed: FLAC streams would not all play.
3. Fixed: EPUB books without sidecars would not import.
4. Fixed: Possible crashes when using list controls.
5. Fixed: The image file field did not support the smartlist modes properly.
6. Changed: Removed AZ Lyrics from lookup.
7. Changed: Only 10 files at a time are allowed for lyrics lookup.
8. Fixed: ATSC Closed Captioning did not work since build 85.

26.0.102 (7/22/2020)

1. Fixed: The Portable Library feature would match case when replacing paths (so miss a lot of them).

26.0.101 (7/17/2020)

1. Changed: Marked SSA/ASS subtitles as not movable by madVR in ROHQ.
2. Changed: The tooltip for the enviro expression function was not correct.
3. Fixed: The example for the RatingStars10 function incorrectly had brackets.
4. Fixed: When exporting all playlists, cancelling on the format dialog would just pick the M3U format.
5. Fixed: Media Center would crash when trying to remove a non-existing column from sorting in file views.
6. Fixed: Setting television channel logos was not working.

26.0.100 (7/10/2020)

1. Changed: Clean up of some code from build 99.

26.0.99 (7/10/2020)

1. Fixed: "mov" video files would get imported as mp4, instead of properly remaining mov.
2. Fixed: The second parameter of the IsDigit expression function would not be used.
3. Changed: The "Add to Playing Now" toolbar button just adds instead of adds and plays.
4. Changed: Updated Modern Cards Dark standard view skin (thanks marko).
5. Fixed: Using the Range() expression with a negative count could result in an infinite loop.
6. Fixed: The NoArticles expression function had a bad example.
7. Changed: The StackCount(...) expression returns one greater.
8. Changed: Audio Analysis no longer puts a leading zero in front of the Waveform data items.

26.0.98 (6/26/2020)

1. Changed: Trying to fully disable and re-enable hot keys if the option "Translate hot keys when running as Media Server" is not set.

26.0.97 (6/26/2020)

1. Fixed: Adaptive volume was not part of a DSP preset.

26.0.96 (6/26/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. Changed: Reverted Modern Cards Dark.

26.0.95 (6/25/2020)

1. Fixed: FLAC-in-Ogg radio streams did not play.
2. Fixed: Loading a preset in the conversion window could crash.
3. Changed: Updated Modern Cards Dark standard view skin.
4. Fixed: The Playback/Zones MCWS call won't return a hidden zone as the current zone if hidden zones are not asked for (just returns the zero index zone).
5. Changed: Added the option to draw lyrics for every 50 lines.
6. Fixed: A possible fix of the issue of DVB subtitle showing up one word a time.
7. Fixed: When the scrollbar expanded and shrunk again, it could scroll this list.
8. NEW: Added the ability to create an expression based calculated field to Library/CreateField.

26.0.94 (6/17/2020)

1. Changed: Automatically update the Playing Now toolbar button (instead of requiring a re-add).
2. Changed: MC will be more tolerating to badly written "Year" tag by other programs.

26.0.93 (6/16/2020)

1. Fixed: The Add to Playing Now toolbar button would not work in the expected way.

26.0.92 (6/16/2020)

1. Fixed: Checking the box in options to submit to was not working.
2. Fixed: WAV streams without a content length did not play.
3. Fixed: Audio stream selection in videos did not always work properly if no language was specified.
4. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Fixed: Accents in values for GroupCountQuery did not work properly.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Changed: Searching list fields also searches with and without accents now instead of only without.
8. Fixed: MC could get wrong date from ID3 tags in some mp3 files.
9. NEW: Added the ListFormat(...) expression function.

26.0.91 (6/9/2020)

1. Fixed: Media Center only sends sidecar subtitles for the current file to the client, instead of all found in the current directory tree.
2. Fixed: ListGrep was not honoring the mode switch for case sensitivity.
3. Fixed: The example for ListFind had the wrong function name.
4. Fixed: The number function did not pull negative numbers.
5. NEW: Added a ListRemove expression.
6. Changed: Reverted the change to separate the statusbar text. It's all in the center again.
7. NEW: Added modes 3 (remove empty strings) and 4 (trim strings) to the ListClean(...) expression function.
8. Fixed: Right-click the Tag window "Customize This Field" would not scroll to the new field if the display name was different than the name.
9. NEW: The author field is filled from OPF sidecars.
10. Fixed: List fields with multiple values did not work properly with the GroupCountQuery function.
11. NEW: Added OPF file tagging for e-books (requires data be on for the sidecar setting).
12. Fixed: The number function searches for actual numbers after a dot so something like (. 1) won't get read as just a dot.
13. Fixed: Loading DSP presets would have the current equalizer settings overwrite the new preset settings.
14. Fixed: The on / off state of plugins would not refresh right away when loading a DSP preset.
15. Fixed: When changing Audio Program using right-click menu for live TV playback, the new audio type and language were not properly configured.
16. Changed: When renaming files, a message will be shown if there are collisions telling that the files will be renamed. You can continue or cancel.
17. Fixed: FLAC streams without a content length did not play.
18. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

26.0.90 (6/5/2020)

1. Fixed: Commas in the ListMix(...) function would not get handled properly.

26.0.89 (6/5/2020)

1. Fixed: Editing list fields in the tag window would delimit the list with "; " instead of just ";".
2. NEW: Sidecars for epub books will look for any OPF in the same folder instead of only the same filename.
3. Changed: The -2 parameter for RegEx in the expression language will output all matches now.
4. Changed: The statusbar shows the file status on the right and the working (or ready) status in the center.
5. Fixed: TheMovieDB TV show lookup did not properly use the selected metadata language for all data.
6. Fixed: Playback to MCWS zones could crash when querying about
7. Changed: Made some more replacements of "; " with ";" for list building in tagging.

26.0.88 (6/3/2020)

1. Fixed: Possible crash during playback in rare cases.
2. Changed: Manage TV Channels tool will now show channel details (Device name, URL, etc.) of Tuner Stream channels.
3. Changed: When matching TitanTV TV channels with ATSC channels in MC, we use relaxed matching criteria because TitanTV uses outdated physical channel number on some channels.
4. Changed: When viewing an ATSC channel using TitanTV interface, MC will try matching with a Tuner Stream channel if an ATSC channel is not found.
5. Changed: The ListMix expression function escapes parenthesis in the replacements so they won't disrupt the parser and look like functions.
6. NEW: Added the expression Enviro to load a system environment variable.
7. Fixed: The ListMix function included extra information by mistake in the tooltip.
8. Changed: All the parameters for live playback are in the URL so you can configure multiple streams pointing to different hardware and save them to a playlist or similar.
9. NEW: Added a ListGrep expression function to filter a list to a matching string.
10. Fixed: Setting current audio program as default when playing live TV on a client did not work.
11. Fixed: Movie lookup on TheMovieDB uses a specified year for more accurate results.
12. Fixed: Looking up TV Shows on TheMovieDB will prefer the previously selected show, as intended.
13. Changed: Added Genre and Access Rating to the TheMovieDB TV series lookup.
14. Changed: The "Get Movie & TV Info" tool allows selecting a desired movie poster or episode thumbnail, instead of only offering up the first one.
15. Changed: Made the option to scrobble zone specific (you'll have to turn it back on for the zones you want).
16. Changed: won't ask for a login when the program is in error free mode.
17. Changed: GroupSummaryQuery delimits a list of fields with semi-colons instead of dashes.
18. Changed: When we search for accents, we search for both the accent and the non-accent instead of only the non-accent (makes GroupSummaryQuery work better).
19. Fixed: Sat>IP TV tuner did not work in recent builds.

26.0.87 (5/29/2020)

1. NEW: Slanted quotes (“”) in titles are replaced with regular quotes (") for lyrics lookup.
2. NEW: Slanted single quotes (‘’) in titles are replaced with reqular single quotes (') for lyrics lookup.
3. NEW: Added a mode 5 to the Clean(...) expression function that standardizes quotes.
4. NEW: Revamped Tuner Stream (DMS) TV channel support. Primarily for Linux and Mac, but will work on Windows. Tested with HDHomeRun Prime, and HDHomeRun Extend tuners. Should also work with HDHomeRun Connect.
5. Changed: Media Center now uses TheMovieDB for TV Show metadata lookup, series/season posters and Theater View background art.

26.0.86 (5/27/2020)

1. Changed: The OSD doesn't display when playing an image, then jumping to full screen (before it would show the zoom level).

26.0.85 (5/27/2020)

1. Fixed: Starting an image playing and then jumping to Display View would not make the image fill the view.
2. Fixed: The subtitle engine would select the wrong sidecar subtitle files in some situations.
3. Changed: Disabled event notifications for other applications through global broadcast messages, since they can interfer with smooth operation of other applications.
4. Changed: Made exclusive the default for WASAPI again.
5. Changed: Standardized on ";" for the list delimiter instead of "; " for all the expressions.
6. Changed: Actors, producers, etc. from TheMovieDB are delimited with ";" instead of "; ".
7. Changed: Memory playback turns off when there's less than 256 MB of memory (previously it would still try to allocate that much).
8. Changed: Memory playback no longer disables for URL playback.
9. Changed: Use higher quality resampling for DSD from PCM playback.
10. Changed: Enter in the search box of Options no longer closes.

26.0.84 (5/22/2020)

1. NEW: Added support for the image type webp.
2. Changed: Made the default for WASAPI exclusive off.
3. NEW: The Regex expression function takes a -2 mode that outputs all the captures as a semi-colon delimited list.
4. NEW: Sidecar files of the type OPF are loaded for EPUB books (the sidecar must be the same name as the book in the file system other than the extension).
5. Fixed: Video conversion did not honor user's audio stream selection.

26.0.83 (5/20/2020)

1. NEW: Right-click on a tag value in the Tag window will offer the option to "Customize This Field..." which opens the library field dialog.
2. Fixed: When browsing for subs, the selection would not be saved.
3. Fixed: Updated Google date lookup to use the newer page styles of Google.
4. Fixed: The missing file icon was not working.
5. Fixed: GroupCountQuery would not work in Theater View templates (now it uses the full set of library files instead of the files in the working set).
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. NEW: Television option to allow users to pick a specific TV rating system (if available) in XMLTV files.
8. NEW: Added the MCWS function Control/AnalyzeAudio that takes a tree path and analyzes the files.
9. NEW: Added the option to lock and unlock a playlist to the Tag window right-click.
10. Changed: Made album artist a default search field for new libraries.
11. Changed: Trying to drag the window from just to the right of the toolbar didn't work.
12. Changed: TV channels loaded from the DMS (DLNA) are cleared each time before the current list is loaded.
13. Changed: Discovering of Open Cable type of TV tuners is slightly changed. Users should not notice any difference.

26.0.82 (5/15/2020)

1. Changed: Made analyze audio able to process 16 files at once.
2. Changed: Reverted the ItemCount change from the previous build because it made expressions no longer work.
3. Fixed: Some of the expression tooltips could get incorrectly combined.
4. Fixed: Audio Path could display incorrectly when running a translation.
5. Changed: Made the clean expression function when in filename mode allow backslashes to go through in a new mode 4 of cleaning (since they could be part of a path).
6. Changed: When loading EPG from XMLTV files with multiple access rating systems, MC will try to use user's country setting to determine which system to use automatically.
7. NEW: Support for playing TAK audio files (using the DirectShow playback engine).

26.0.81 (5/13/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).
2. NEW: The Customize View dialog is sizable and it opens at the last size and position.
3. Changed: Now allow up to 16 concurrent conversions (was capped at 8 previously).
4. Changed: Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (thanks kelijun!).
5. Changed: Added an option for the Mini View close mode to Options > General > Behavior.
6. Changed: Changed country name "Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.)" to "North Macedonia".
7. Fixed: Adding a list field to the tag window would not make the size grow properly.
8. Changed: The list of folders in the import dialog is sorted.
9. Fixed: The ItemCount expression could be slow if something that wasn't a field name was entered.

26.0.80 (5/11/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: It will show a message when adding or removing from a locked playlist in the Tag window and not make any changes.
3. NEW: MC can use TitanTV's web interface to schedule TV recording or starting playing TV.

26.0.79 (5/10/2020)

1. Fixed: Putting a zero in the FormatRange expression could lead to a crash.

26.0.78 (5/9/2020)

1. Fixed: The last build could fail to install on some systems.

26.0.77 (5/9/2020)

1. Fixed: Lyrics lookup would lookup all files instead of only music files.

26.0.76 (5/8/2020)

1. Changed: Testing build with Visual Studio 2019 (feedback wanted).

26.0.75 (5/8/2020)

1. Changed: Improved performance of ASS/SSA subtitles by using multiple threads for image blending.
2. Fixed: Playing Now could be auto-expanded on program launch even if it wasn't open during the last run.
3. Fixed: DSD playback would report a low-pass in Audio Path when bitstreaming.
4. Changed: The tree no longer expands to show when devices come and go.
5. Changed: Removed the +6 dB shift we were applying to HDCD decoding.
6. Changed: A shift of 6 dB is still applied to volume levelling so it should match between HDCD and regular files.

26.0.74 (5/6/2020)

1. NEW: Full support for ASS/SSA Anime subtitles.
2. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
3. Fixed: A possible deadlock could occur in times of heavy use.
4. Changed: Lists could build and scroll to show the center item in some cases instead of the top item.

26.0.73 (5/5/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Stefan).
2. Fixed: The MP4 plugin would not open streams with the user agent properly.
3. NEW: Made the shortcut Alt+I run auto-import.
4. Fixed: Files that had been removed could get brought back in by an import.
5. Changed: The low-pass filter applied to PCM conversion of DSD playback is reported in Audio Path.
6. Fixed: Fix SetNextAvTransportURI which was broken by displaying the audio path on transcoded streams sent to DLNA renderers.
7. NEW: Added the library tool "Lookup Date From Google".
8. NEW: Added a way to insert a clip of silence into the current playlist in the volume menu.
9. Changed: Made sure some TV code (in particular DNLA TV device discovery) is not executed if TV feature is not enabled.

26.0.72 (5/2/2020)

1. Changed: Made the GroupCountQuery function a little faster.
2. Fixed: The signature in the 32-bit build of 71 was incorrect.

26.0.71 (5/1/2020)

1. Changed: Aggressive Deinterlacing for MPEG-2 streams is no longer activated on 24 fps streams, as those should never be interlaced to begin with.
2. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working when a specific system DLL was missing.
3. Changed: Added caching for images embedded into text in tooltips or Theater View, for better performance.
4. NEW: Added a "valign" property to text <img> tokens to position the image vertically (possible values: top, middle, bottom).
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.38.
6. NEW: Added the IfCase(...) expression function ( details here:,124543.msg866100.html#msg866100 ).
7. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
8. Fixed: Exif/XMP Metadata from HEIF/HEIC images is read properly.
9. Changed: Uploaded files are no longer added to the library as their Radio JRiver URLs.
10. Fixed: Dimension was wrong when importing some Nikon Raw images.
11. Fixed: The digits of precision did not properly update when creating a new field until restart.
12. NEW: Added modes 9 (List search ANY (case sensitive)), 10 (List search ANY (case insensitive)), 11 (List search ALL (case sensitive)), and 12 (List search ALL (case insensitive)) to the IsEqual expression function.
13. Changed: In FLAC tags, we load from "Album Artist Sort" if no data is found in "ALBUMARTISTSORT" (because it could have data from before we standardized).
14. Changed: In FLAC tags, we load from "Artist Sort" if no data is found in "ARTISTSORT" (because it could have data from before we standardized).
15. Changed: In FLAC tags, we load from "Composer Sort" if no data is found in "COMPOSERSORT" (because it could have data from before we standardized).
16. Changed: When a field is not a default search field, it will not be used for suggestions in the search.
17. NEW: Added modes 13 through 16 to IsEqual to do full string matching (instead of partial).
18. Fixed: Importing of TIFF images might produce wrong focal length and shutter speed.
19. NEW: Added a GroupCountQuery(...) expression function to group files by a field, then count another field.
20. Changed: Made seeking chapters show the OSD just like picking chapters from the OSD and seeking them.
21. NEW: Added the expression function Or(...) to test a list of values and output true if any are set.
22. NEW: Added the expression function And(...) to test a list of values and output true if all are set.
23. NEW: The "Tuner Stream" type of TV channels can now be manually added or edited.

26.0.70 (4/24/2020)

1. Fixed: DVB Subtitles/ATSC Closed Captioning could have multiple lines overlapping each other when they were adjusted to accommodate OSD.

26.0.69 (4/24/2020)

1. Changed: Reverted a previous change that blocked Standard View EPG from updating program list while guide was being loaded in the background.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.37 (fixes decoding of v3.93 to 3.95 files).

26.0.68 (4/24/2020)

1. Fixed: When scanning for Tuner Stream type of TV channels without EGP loading, the "Next>" button on the scan wizard was not enabled at the end of scan.
2. NEW: Made HDCD decoding use 24-bits as the "Automatic" bitdepth instead of 16.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.36 which brings legacy support back.

26.0.67 (4/22/2020)

1. Changed: The "More Play Options" Theater View roller item will now contain "Play All" when selecting a single file.
2. NEW: Made mouse wheel volume over the player optional.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.35.
4. NEW: Added a Stop After X choice that asks for the number of tracks to stop after.
5. Changed: Removed the legacy mapped data for visualizations because none we could find are using it (please report any issues).

26.0.66 (4/21/2020)

1. Fixed: Fixed a crash reported from when we checked a file to see if it was a Radio Paradise file.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.34 (makes JRiver changes from the previous build part of Monkey's Audio).

26.0.65 (4/20/2020)

1. Changed: A message is shown when APE files that are too old are encountered with the URL of the conversion tool.

26.0.64 (4/20/2020)

1. Fixed: ListShuffle(...) didn't trim the whitespace when building a list so the new list could sometimes have spaces around the semi-colon.
2. Changed: More work on radio stations that don't play.
3. Changed: Added whitespace trimming to all the list expression functions.

26.0.63 (4/18/2020)

1. Fixed: Wasn't looking at the new name of the ListMix(...) function so escapement wasn't working.

26.0.62 (4/18/2020)

1. Changed: Renamed the Transform(...) function to ListMix(...).

26.0.61 (4/18/2020)

1. NEW: DVB TV Subtitling display will automatically shift upward when an OSD is on screen, to avoid overlaps.
2. NEW: Recorded TV shows will have CC / Subtitles shifted up for OSD too (on Windows only).
3. Fixed: The variables L1, L2, etc. in Transform(...) wouldn't necessarily be replaced up to the number of lists.

26.0.60 (4/17/2020)

1. Changed: Some more work on the Tranform(...) function to make it better find the right comma (if there are functions) and unescape commas with slashes.

26.0.59 (4/17/2020)

1. Changed: The GroupSummaryQuery function accepts a parameter just like GroupSummary to turn off labeling.
2. NEW: TV Closed Captioning display will automatically shift upward when an OSD is on screen, to avoid overlaps.
3. NEW: Added a Transform(...) expression function (see this thread for details:,124543.0.html)
4. NEW: Added a mode to the Find(...) expression function "2" to reverse find instead of forward find in the string.

26.0.58 (4/15/2020)

1. Changed: When we fail to load a MIME type from a stream, we switch to the iTunes user agent and try again (makes several streams start working).
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.33.

26.0.56 (4/11/2020)

1. Changed: Only 16-bit files are checked for HDCD.
2. Changed: The in and out sample rates are formatted for display instead of just returned as a raw number.
3. Fixed: DLNA could incorrectly be in audio streamer mode.

26.0.55 (4/10/2020)

1. Fixed: Theater View views that show TV recordings were not updated in real time when TV recordings were added, in builds 53 and 54.
2. NEW: Per-tuner option "The tuner requires using Symbols per second, instead of KiloSymbols per second" for television tuners that require symbol rate.
3. Changed: Updated the YouTube API key (should make Theater View work again).

26.0.54 (4/10/2020)

1. Fixed: The version of build 53 was not correct in some cases.

26.0.53 (4/10/2020)

1. Fixed: YouTube in Theater View was not working.

26.0.52 (4/9/2020)

1. Fixed: The Save this view dialog would not build the new filename from the view name.
2. Changed: The Math(...) expression now requires US decimal characters again.
3. Fixed: Equalizer settings could get overwritten when a DSP object was unloaded, so if you had multiple objects, settings could flip-flop.

26.0.51 (4/8/2020)

1. Fixed: The "Use previous subtitle" MCC command could get stuck on the "Null" subtitle on Blu-rays.
2. Changed: The program no longer makes sure the file exists when getting cover art as a field summary (could be slow on some systems).
3. NEW: DLNA zones show audio path information during playback (still a work in progress).

26.0.50 (4/6/2020)

1. Fixed: The Math(...) expression did not support the non-US decimal character well.
2. Changed: Closing the program in mini view will just close instead of return to standard view.
3. NEW: Added the variables [In Sample Rate] and [Out Sample Rate] to get the sample rates during playback.
4. Changed: Removal of the launcher did not happen from the SysWOW64 folder on Windows 64 during uninstall.
5. Fixed: Expressions to display did not work properly.
6. Changed: Removed CD Baby because it was no longer working.

26.0.49 (4/3/2020)

1. NEW: Added the relational type of one per genre to library fields.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.28.
3. NEW: Added Download From Library Server to the file right-click menu (if connected).
4. Changed: Files from a playlist import now are imported into the main database (instead of only the playlist database).
5. NEW: Added the right-click play command "Play From Here" to start playback at a list location and proceed until the end.
6. Changed: Smartlists load linked tracks.

26.0.48 (4/1/2020)

1. Changed: When importing an M3U, we count the artists and names and switch them if there are more artists because iTunes does not follow the specification.
2. Changed: Added logging to convolution to help debug a DLNA problem.

26.0.47 (3/30/2020)

1. Fixed: The ownership of the display could still become invalid in certain cases.

26.0.46 (3/30/2020)

1. Fixed: Starting in Playing Now would still steal the display away from Display View if you started windowed.

26.0.45 (3/30/2020)

1. Fixed: Seeking with the MCWS function Playback/Position would not work properly with remote zones.

26.0.44 (3/30/2020)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.26.
2. Fixed: Jumping to Playing Now no longer triggers if the program is already in Display View (so the display ownership stays correct).
3. NEW: Added the expression function Letter(...) to output the starting letters of a string.

26.0.43 (3/27/2020)

1. Fixed: Stopping after the next track advanced two tracks instead of one in build 42.
2. Changed: Removed the option to advance after stopping after a track (now always advances).

26.0.42 (3/27/2020)

1. Fixed: Lyrics drawing wouldn't work well if the lyrics only had a n for a newline.
2. Changed: Lyrics drawing lets longer lines stay together.
3. NEW: Lyrics drawing can break the lyrics into pages (right-click > Pages on the lyrics display).
4. Changed: Picking Options > General > Remove files from Playing Now after they are played would not work nicely with the Stop After Next command.
5. Changed: Made picking the option Stop After Playing Track advance to the next track on stop.
6. NEW: Added the expression function TrimLines(...) to standardize and consolidate newlines.
7. Changed: "Tree & View > Advanced > Display missing file image in lists" will now be used in the thread that checks file existence (to avoid shutdown lags, etc.).
8. Fixed: When loading EPG data, the entry would appear twice in the power manager part of Reporter.

26.0.41 (3/25/2020)

1. Fixed: Standard View EPG filter box did not keep selection (always changed back to "All Programs") when an update occurred.
2. Fixed: The latitude and longitude would not be read in full resolution from some images.
3. Fixed: The installer would not run on some systems.
4. Changed: Reporter shows the audio analyzed and video analyzed on separate lines.

26.0.40 (3/24/2020)

1. Fixed: Possible playback problems from a buffer change.

26.0.39 (3/23/2020)

1. Changed: When a TV recording is started, Theater View views that show TV recordings will be updated to include the newly added file.
2. Changed: "Use current audio stream as default" context menu item now works on clients playing live TV channels.
3. Changed: JRiver Time-shifting Reader filter will reset subtitle time-stamp upon channel-changes when time-shifting DVB TV channels, in an attempt to fix a subtitle display issue. Testing is appreciated.
4. Fixed: Wavpack could not play files over 2GB properly.
5. Fixed: Another fix to the statusbar rule option naming (should allow customize now).
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.24 (fixes legacy decoding of 24-bit files).
7. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
8. Fixed: Some MP4 files could cause MC to crash.
9. Changed: When renaming a file that has a JRiver Sidecar, the new sidecar file will be updated to reflect the new file path.

26.0.38 (3/20/2020)

1. Fixed: Corrected the spelling of the StatusBar Rule registry setting.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. NEW: Added the Char(...) expression function to output a character from the numeric code of the character.
5. NEW: Added Artists, Genres, Albums, Years, and Playlists to the Reporter view.
6. NEW: Added the most played albums and tracks to the Reporter view.

26.0.37 (3/19/2020)

1. Changed: Added a second parameter to the GroupSummary(...) expression function that when set to one, does not output things like "avg" or "total".
2. NEW: Added an "Audio" toolbar button that jumps to the last used Audio view.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. NEW: "Audio Programs" context menu will be available when playing a TV channel on a client.
5. NEW: Added a SearchTags(...) expression function that takes a value and returns all the fields that have a match (the parameter after the value is an integer that when set to 1, just returns true or false for matches instead of the field names).
6. NEW: Added the expression function Number(...) that takes a string and finds the number (plus decimal) in the string.
7. NEW: Added the expression function Find(...) to search for a substring in a string.
8. NEW: Added the expression function Trim(...) to trim non-printable characters and newlines from a string.
9. NEW: Added the expression function ListFind(...) to search a list for a value (takes a final parameter to decide if it should return the value or the index).
11. NEW: Added the expression function Range(...) to create a numbered list.

26.0.36 (3/17/2020)

1. Changed: Removed the Network Streamer output plugin (not currently used).
2. Changed: Made the % column width wider for the reporter views on high DPI.
3. NEW: Added the ListShuffle(...) expression function.
4. Fixed: Album counts could be reported two times in the statusbar.
5. NEW: Added the option to load a view from a file (saved JVI) so you don't have to put it in the views folder.
6. Changed: The "Stop After Playing Track" choice in Theater View is only visible in Playing Now.
7. Fixed: Audio Path was not reporting that decoded files were being loaded for memory playback.

26.0.35 (3/13/2020)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.23.

26.0.34 (3/12/2020)

1. Fixed: The items in Standard View EPG filter box ("All Programs", "Favorite Channels", "To be recorded", etc.) were not updated when user switched language.
2. Fixed: The button text in Standard View EPG was not updated when language was changed.
3. Fixed: The program list in Standard View EPG could be empty when the language was changed.
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.21.
5. NEW: MC's Explorer views show a mode combobox to allow showing all files, imported files, or unimported files.
6. Changed: Made Fill Track Numbers From List Order start over at one each time the disc # changes if the option to start over is selected.
7. Changed: Made the sort window wider.
8. NEW: Added CD ripping and burning to Options > General > Features.
9. Fixed: Audio Path no longer reports that it's playing a video from memory if memory playback is enabled (the option only applies to audio).
10. Changed: The start over each album setting on filling the track numbers will also start over if the album artist (auto) changes.
11. Changed: Memory playback is checked for actually using memory instead of just checking the option for Audio Path (so things like Audio Calibration will no longer say memory playback).
12. Changed: Made composer lookup able to understand strings with years at the end and strings (composer (years)) and reversed in order (last name, first name).
13. Fixed: Made a possible fix for crashing on playback.

26.0.33 (3/9/2020)

1. Changed: Minor corrections in Chinese (simplified and tranditional) translation text.
2. Changed: When the match quality is the same for suggestions, they'll be sorted by name instead of random sorting.
3. Changed: Some more YouTube improvements.

26.0.32 (3/6/2020)

1. Changed: YouTube playback is faster.
2. Changed: A File Playlists item was accidentally in the Action Window last build.
3. Changed: Improved performance of Cloudplay playback.
4. Fixed: YouTube download and playback was not working.
5. Changed: When canceling a program based TV recording from Theater View, the associated recording rule is flagged instead of deleted. This will ensure post-recording processing and tagging are carried out when recording is canceled after it already started.

26.0.31 (3/5/2020)

1. Changed: Using the Stop After N Tracks, the playback position will increment to the next file instead of staying on the last file.
2. Changed: Made the Tiles list style a little better for audio and image files.
3. Fixed: When user account changed, TV guide in Standard View did not update accordingly.
4. Changed: TV Channels' "User" field will be copied over to TV recordings so the recorded shows will be filtered by the same user account rules.
5. Changed: TV Recordings view in Standard View TV guide will be filtered by user account.
6. Fixed: Certain views could crash for the last few builds.
7. Fixed: Sorting of number style lists would not treat empty elements as zero properly.
8. NEW: Added a Search For Playlists command to the right-click that opens up an Action Window page displaying a file's playlists.
9. Fixed: When the scale was different between monitors, the right-click placement of the detached display could be incorrect.
10. Changed: Made the Locate fields a little better for images.
11. Faster: Made switching tracks from Cloudplay smoother.
12. Fixed: Manually stopping a TV recording (especially in Theater View) could result in the recording been left in "still recording" state and could not be played until MC was restarted.
13. Changed: Made the width of the Play Doctor window in Playing Now a little wider.
14. Fixed: The double arrow remote control keys (FF or REW, for scrolling 24 hours horizontally) did not work correctly in Theater View TV guide grid if one of the arrow keys (Up, down, left, right) has been previously used.

26.0.30 (2/28/2020)

1. Fixed: In builds 28 and 29 Closed Captioning in ATSC television did not work if seeking was performed.
2. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could crash if it encountered a deleted file.
3. Changed: A detached display will only be always on top if the setting is set (instead of always).
4. Changed: Updated Chinese (traditional) translation (thanks Jason).
5. NEW: Television channels can be filtered by user account.
6. Changed: Updated Hungarian translation (thanks Gyula).
7. Fixed: Clicking "Edit in Popup" would just close the tag editing due to a recent change.
8. Changed: Removed the Manage YouTube account option from Services because it's no longer working.
9. Changed: PSI Parser in TV engine will keep a pointer of a DirectShow interface for the entire channel scan process instead of asking for the pointer for each channel tuned.

26.0.29 (2/25/2020)

1. NEW: Added a JRiver YouTube web service so that YouTube and trailers work again.
2. Changed: Updated Red October HQ to madVR to 0.92.17.
3. Fixed: Switching tracks would discard the sorting of a library list.
4. Changed: Lookup Lyrics will use Google last because it can return results formatted poorly.
5. Fixed: The audio tool could overflow in rare cases during audio analysis (it would message and ask to be reported).
6. Changed: Made the "Playback could not be started..." error message timeout after 15 seconds and just cancel.
7. Changed: Updated the Chromium web engine to the latest Chrome release.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.20.
9. Changed: When checking for complete albums, the system will allow one or two duplicate album listings (side-by-side conversions) in the same folder.
10. Changed: Updated Chinese (traditional) translation (thanks Jason).
11. NEW: Made maximizing offscreen windows optional (Options > General > Advanced).

26.0.28 (2/21/2020)

1. NEW: Added a library backup task to the Task Scheduler (backup just uses the default backup location).
2. Fixed: DVB subtitles on time-shifted TV shows and JTV recordings were not displayed.
3. NEW: Ctrl+Alt+F opens the find and replace window.
4. Fixed: LAME MP3 encoding failed on files over roughly 15 minutes in length.
5. NEW: The find and replace tool uses comboboxes for the find and replace values that list the last eight choices entered.
6. Changed: List type fields show the auto-complete tooltip as a list on separate lines instead of a big string together with semi-colons.
7. NEW: Added commands to stop after a number of tracks to the stop menu (also added MCC_STOP_AFTER_TRACKS (10068)).
8. Changed: Streamlined PSIParser filter's PID mapping clean up code.
9. Changed: Made the tag window stop editing when it loses focus (except losing focus back to the file list because selecting another file should move the selection).

26.0.27 (2/19/2020)

1. Changed: Made the program no longer show a message when your iPod could not be identified.
2. Changed: Made drawing the cover art in the player window respect the border modes set in thumbnail options.
3. Faster: Drawing the artwork in the player window only happens when the area is flagged for drawing instead of on every drawing pass.

26.0.26 (2/19/2020)

1. Fixed: Uploading files larger than 4 GB to a handheld would make the progress corrupt.
2. Changed: Made the handheld sync status column a bit wider.

26.0.25 (2/19/2020)

1. Fixed: Some ZIP files would not decompress properly.
2. Fixed: Made the temporary filenames used by the CBZ, CBR, and EPUB thread safe.

26.0.24 (2/18/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: Made the apply tags auto-import configuration window sizable.
3. Changed: Download from library server uses the original filename instead of building an unhelpful name.
4. Changed: The "Save this view..." command on the Customize View dialog will use the view name instead "My View".
5. Changed: If any part of a popup window overflows the monitor, it will be maximized (applies to DSP Studio, Options, etc.).
6. NEW: Added support for CBZ and CBR comic files and thumbnail the files nicely.
7. NEW: Made the program thumbnail EPUB books.

26.0.23 (2/14/2020)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.19.
2. Fixed: MC did not read "Lens type" field from Panasonic Maker Note directory in images.
3. NEW: HEIF Image Support.
4. Changed: Tuned the tab arrow size on high DPI.
5. Fixed: The manage channels dialog wouldn't always have the right size on dual monitor displays.
6. Fixed: Import could get into a loop analyzing files and crash (hopefully fixed, but feedback appreciated).

26.0.22 (2/7/2020)

1. Fixed: There were a couple unused DLLs in the install.

26.0.21 (2/6/2020)

1. NEW: A new television channel type - "Tuner Stream", for playing streaming video from HDHomeRun Prime tuners. Right now only live streaming is supported. No time-shifting, no recording. EPG is supported.
2. Fixed: HD Channel streaming from HDHomeRun Prime tuners could not be played via File > Open URL...
3. Fixed: DVB TV engine might mistakenly unmap a subtitle PID and cause subtitles not displayed.
4. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
5. NEW: When configuring auto-import, you can select "Include this folder only" to include a folder but not include subfolders.
6. Changed: Renamed the trailer pre-show selection to "Movie Trailer" so that using the value won't use the trailer field from the file in the Showtime rules.
7. NEW: The pre-show field supports any value instead of only from the accepted list.
8. Changed: When playing an image slideshow, the playing file is no longer shown each time the image is switched.
9. Changed: The options window maximizes if any of the window coordinates are off the screen (can happen with really high DPI settings, etc.).
10. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
11. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
12. Changed: Libraries marked with an unknown origin can be deleted.
13. Fixed: The Date field could be wrong upon importing some images.
14. Changed: Made getting artist images and composer images add to the most recently used menu.
15. Fixed: Google image lookup wasn't working.
15. Changed: Renamed TV option "Order File Delete confirmation options differently from non-TV media delete (permanent delete first) in Theater View" to "Show permanent delete as first choice for TV in Theater View delete confirmation".
16. Changed: Saving settings in a library backup was not enabled for a portable install.
17. Fixed: Right-clicking a playlist other than the selected one and doing 'Export Playlist...' was not working.
18. Fixed: Connecting to a library server from a client could stop playback on all other connected clients.
19: Fixed: Panel - When selecting a playback option, Panel would send duplicate play commands when playing to any zone other than the browser.

26.0.20 (1/24/20)

1. Changed: Made it so you can remove default library locations (because they might be old and unnecessary).
2. Fixed: Library restores could fail to work if a previous restore set the temporary directory to a directory that used slashes in the wrong direction for the platform.
3. Changed: Made the library creation portion of the benchmark faster again (also speeds up library creation in general).
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.17.
5. Changed: When evaluating Showtime rules, everything after the equal will be evaluated as an expression on the current file. Makes it possible to use fields from the files to pick what to show.
6. Fixed: Memory leak, especially when syncing libraries back to a server.

26.0.19 (1/20/20)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.14.
2. Fixed: DVB Tuner's tuner event handler was executed repeatedly and could cause MC to crash.
3. NEW: Added the relational type of one per composer to library fields.
4. Changed: ATSC and DVB tuners will be a little more responsive to canceling/stopping.
5. Fixed: Playback Status would not advance when playing a file after loading a different library.
6. Changed: iTunes library import supports unlimited levels of iTunes playlist nesting instead of only one level.
7. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
8. Fixed: The date field in some images was incorrectly set to "0" on import.
9. Changed: Customized the waveform colors for the Black on Black, Thunderstorm, Z, Aruba, Green Eyes, Purity, Pearl Bailey, Modern Cards Dark, Modern Cards White and Blue Steel skins to better match.
10. Changed: Made the waveform bar a little smoother on wide screens.
11. Fixed: Some corrupt mp4 files could lead to hanging of MC (MC went into an infinite loop).

26.0.18 (1/14/2020)

1. Changed: Internal changes.

26.0.17 (1/13/2020)

1. NEW: During iTunes library import, the full path of a playlist will be imported instead of only the name.
2. Fixed: Updating the file playback range could lead to a crash in some cases.
3. Fixed: Decoding of ALAC in M4A could result in artifacts in some files.
4. Changed: In Standard view EPG list will delay updating when EPG loading is running in the background.
5. Changed: Switched the no files double-click message from play all files to play audio files in Playing Now (so things like notes don't get played).
6. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to 4.2, used for file analysis and transcoding.
7. Fixed: The MCWS JSON file list would return an empty file entry instead of an entirely empty list if no files were found.
8. Changed: Added a parameter to the MCWS Browse/Image call to avoid delivering the default placeholder images, allowing a client to gracefully substitute its own.
9. Changed: Updated our User Agent again to resolve issues with Podcast downloads.
10. Changed: Updated the Norwegian translation (thanks Řistein Rian).
11. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).

26.0.16 (1/9/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. Changed: JRiver TV recording file type "jtv" will be among default file types for importing and for file association.
3. Fixed: Setting the tempo with MCWS didn't always take effect right away.
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.12.
5. Changed: In Standard view, TV recording button is made available even if the EPG is completely empty, so that one can still record a show by specifying channel and time, without program info.
6. Changed: Revised the image date code to hopefully load the date more reliably from images.
7. Changed: When MCC_HANDHELD_UPLOAD arrives, it will first recheck the sync (otherwise it would just sync nothing after changes).
8. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
9. NEW: You can select the country of Italy from the Amazon store menu at the top right.
10. Fixed: Television code could crash in rare cases.

26.0.15 (12/18/2019)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: The menu placement of the main program scales with the size of the program so at a larger size it gets shifted (should fix Blue Steel problems).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.11.
4. Changed: Changed how critical errors from TV tuners are handled so we will not mess up reference counting of the tuners.
5. Changed: We reset a TV tuner from error state to normal state in 3 minutes, instead of 30 minutes, so the tuner can be used again sooner if it is usable.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Stéphane).
7. Fixed: Picking thumbnails and hitting the play button to play them would not always work properly after a recent change.
8. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

26.0.14 (12/16/2019)

1. Fixed: Media Center could not ask for permission when running tasks which needed administrator rights (installing plugins, registering controls, etc).
2. Fixed: Stability issues in 26.0.13 due to internal changes.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Updated the Hungarian translation (thanks pimpolo).

26.0.13 (12/13/2019)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: Removed a piece of experimental code from PSI Parser filter in TV.
3. Changed: Updated the "New / Improved This Version..." link to point to version 26.

26.0.12 (12/12/2019)

1. NEW: Made it possible to specify the bitrate of an external encoder instead of it always using 1440.
2. Changed: PSI parser in TV engine will check CRC of a PAT section before flushing existing data.

26.0.11 (12/11/2019)

1. Changed: More improvements in Theater View TV guide navigation, especially when a long program is on a channel at the top or bottom of the list and navigation rolls over from bottom to top or vice versa.
2. Changed: A few threading changes that could improve stability.

26.0.10 (12/10/2019)

1. Changed: Added some protection against possible crashes in TV.
2. NEW: Added a way to rate playlists from Standard View.
3. Fixed: Panel - When playing a file the play command could get sent to multiple zones.
4. Changed: More improvements in Theater View TV guide navigation.
5. Fixed: The WDM driver could not be installed on a 64-bit OS when using a 32-bit MC installed in a path with parentheses in it.

26.0.9 (12/4/2019)

1. NEW: Added an IsUpperCase expression.
2. Changed: The option to "Move all non-imported files in folder with selected media files" only runs if the file is imported (so it won't engage on files from the Explorer view, etc.).
3. Changed: Improved Theater View TV Guide navigation, especially with Page Up/Page Down keys.
4. Changed: Added a JSON export to MCWS File functions (eg. Browse/Files, Playlist/Files, etc).
5. NEW: Composer views will use a Composers folder for cover art and look there (instead of the artist, etc. views).
6. NEW: Added a Cover Art lookup from Google for composer images.
7. Fixed: A corrupt FLAC files could hang the program.
8. NEW: Made a new Theater View option "Show Showtime rule..." to specify a search to not show the Showtime! item (so it doesn't have to show for television programs, for example).
9. NEW: Allow any multi-channel file to be uploaded to Cloudplay. We used to allow two channel only.
10. Changed: Renamed Showtime! to Showtime and made it off by default.
11. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.08.
12. Changed: Added the media subtype of "Extras".

26.0.8 (11/26/2019)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. NEW: Added a "Showtime!" play mode to videos in Theater View to play trailers and the like before starting the movie.
3. NEW: You can set the rules for Showtime! in Options > Theater View > Showtime! Rules...
4. Changed: Issuing a negative number to MCC_STOP_AFTER_DELAY will issue a hard stop instead of stopping after the current track after the time-out.
5. NEW: Made the showtime roller item optional in Theater View options.
6. Fixed: When doing a "Convert or Resize" on an image, it would not convert a non-JPEG image to JPEG if the size was not being changed.
7. Changed: The tree state for expanded and collapsed items is remembered between runs (Ctrl+G collapses all).

26.0.7 (11/21/2019)

1. NEW: Aspect Ratio sub-menus under "Window" context menu in TV playback. The settings are saved on per-channel basis.
2. NEW: Added a button to show the device on the handheld sync page (or sync complete page).
3. NEW: Added the library server command File > Download From Library Server to download selected files.
4. Changed: If the Sat>IP server does not provide port info for the channel list m3u file, MC will also try port 8080.
5. Changed: Sorting is described as "Ascending (A to Z)" and "Descending (Z to A)" in the sort menu instead of only the A-Z naming.
6. Fixed: If a library server library was loaded, the name Library Server after the name of the library could go away.
7. Changed: Thumbnail text doesn't wrap if there are as many lines of thumbnail text as there are lines to display (but instead just ends with ...).
8. NEW: Thumbnails are copied on an upgrade install.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.07 -- fixes decompression of 24-bit files with older encoders.
10. Changed: Selected cell in Theater View Television Guide grid will change to currently showing program on the same channel if the original selection becomes an event in the past.
11. Fixed: Tabbing quickly through the Tag Action Window could cause a glitch.
12. Fixed: Made the location view schemes work better cross-platform.
13. NEW: Added an optional waveform bar to the player window (right-click) that uses data from analyze (you'll need to analyze again to get the information).
14. Changed: Made the waveform colors customizable in the skin (WaveformBarA / WaveformBarB in PLAYERBAR / Display).
15. NEW: Added the option to lookup lyrics to the import tool.
16. Changed: MC TV PSI Parser will not flush existing PMT packet IDs if an invalid PAT section arrives.
17. Changed: If MC failed to set channel on CableCARD TV tuner, it will retry one time before giving up.
18. NEW: Added the media key mode "Hot keys (ignore volume)" to leave volume commands for the operating system.

26.0.6 (11/8/2019)

1. NEW: Added context menu "Window/Screen Resolution", to allow changing display settings (screen resolution and refresh rate) during live TV playback.
2. Fixed: In video playback when a second video was played without stopping the first video, the display settings might not reset to original desk top settings as the second video required.
3. NEW: Added the ability to set the text alignment used for thumbnail lists.
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.05. Brings SSE back for everything except 32-bit for a 50% speed-up over previous builds.
5. Changed: Authentication fixes and cleanup. Mostly related to Library server authentication.

26.0.5 (11/6/2019)

1. NEW: Added the media subtype Animation.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.01 -- adds support for 32-bit integer files.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Registering the license window of the installer for touch input so touch scrolling should work nicely.
5. Changed: Simplify MC's internet USER AGENT and DLNA SERVER strings. Should help with getting content from some remote sites.
6. Changed: Additional TV channel-changing improvement, especially with CableCARD channels.
7. NEW: Added the toolbar buttons "Fill Track Numbers From List Order", "Rename, Move, & Copy Files", and "Fill Properties From Filename".
8. Changed: Added a Media Editor icon to the toolbar (before it was just black).
9. Changed: The setting for "Start over each album" is saved between shows of the Fill Track Numbers From List Order dialog.
10. Changed: Radio JRiver tracks will play to DLNA devices.
11. NEW: Added the program run-time to the Reporter view.
12. Changed: In TV playback, context menu "Zoom" is renamed "Window", to make it agree with file-based video playback.
13. Changed: Made the program more resilient if it fails to create the speech components.
14. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).

25.0.115 (12/9/2019)

1. Fixed: Tabbing quickly through the Tag Action Window could cause a glitch.
2. Fixed: The WDM driver could not be installed on a 64-bit OS when using a 32-bit MC installed in a path with parentheses in it.

25.0.114 (10/14/2019)

1. NEW: Added channels to Radio Paradise in Theater View (both streaming and adding Radio Paradise individually).
2. Fixed: Webservice calls to get a stack image could cause a crash if the folder was empty.

25.0.113 (10/4/2019)

1. Fixed: DVB TV channels did not play.

25.0.112 (10/4/2019)

1. Fixed: Revised the fix for thumbnail duplication in Theater View.

25.0.111 (10/3/2019)

1. Fixed: Thumbnails in Theater View could be duplicated.

25.0.110 (10/3/2019)

1. Changed: The disc count and HDCD tools are stopped at shutdown instead of blocking shutdown.
2. Fixed: Dragging and dropping list items in the Tag window did not flag the data as dirty so the change would be discarded.
3. Changed: If TreePath, Device, or Search is specified on the command line, the control and shift checks for filtering the media type will be disabled.

25.0.109 (10/2/2019)

1. Fixed: The maximum encode size wasn't being passed as an int64 so it could overflow on big files and cause encoding to fail.
2. Fixed: Doing "Paste All From Clipboard" on a list editor in the Tag window would not reliably save the data.
3. Fixed: Editing tags in a popup would not mark them as dirty so they would not be saved.
4. Fixed: The "Show Files In Subfolders" checkbox was not working.

25.0.108 (9/30/2019)

1. Fixed: SRT subtitles could appear multiple times in the menu.
2. Changed: Made the disc count algorithm count actual discs instead of take the max disc number.
3. Changed: Made the maximum allowable size of a Podcast larger because we found real world Podcasts larger than our previous cap size.

25.0.107 (9/27/2019)

1. Fixed: Undid the "All channels" handling in the Parametric Equalizer volume and mute filters because it was causing all channels to be processed even if only selected ones were checked.

25.0.106 (9/25/2019)

1. Fixed: We were not passing the array of files into the expression for thumbnails so things like GroupCount(...) were not working properly.

25.0.105 (9/25/2019)

1. NEW: Added the ItemCount(...) expression to allow giving the count of all the files in the database with the same album, artist, album key, etc.
2. Changed: Made the DLNA servers dialog larger and made it sizable.
3. Changed: When playing to the WDM driver, Media Center will no longer jump to Playing Now (even if it's set to).
4. NEW: Made the program update the 'Total Discs' for all the files in the library at startup (files not marked dirty, so shouldn't cause tagging).


Changed: Some internal changes like the handling of video analysis.

25.0.103 (9/23/2019)

1. NEW: Calls to the web service from a webpage bypass the web browser and are routed directly inside Media Center. That way the calls work even with Media Network off.
2. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
3. Fixed: Editing a file path rule in the library customization dialog would not work.
4. Changed: Theater View will save when it's zoomed into a file so returning to Theater View will still be zoomed in.
5. NEW: Made the text on the status bar customizable for single file selections (right-click the toolbar and pick Set Text Rule...).
6. Changed: Double-clicking or Right-click > Configure Recording is no longer disabled for TV recording rules that are time-based one-time recordings (in Recording Rules view).
7. Fixed: The equalizer preamp was only working on the two front channels.
8. Changed: Saving an empty playlist as a Car Radio button would start playing the current playlist instead of messaging that there was nothing to play.
9. NEW: Added the PNPosition and PNCount variables to the expression used for status bar customization.
10. NEW: Reworked both the preamp and equalizer so they'll work on high channel counts (like 32 channels) instead of only on prescribed channels.
11. NEW: Made the MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_SUBTITLES MCC command take a -3 to browse for subtitles.
12. NEW: More TV properties of recording rules can be edited in Theater View, including subscription suspension, re-enabling canceled recording etc.
13. Fixed: "Subscription default - Search all fields for name" setting was not correctly applied when setting up TV recording subscription in Theater View.
14. Changed: "Subscription default - Search all fields for name" option on TV Options is renamed "Subscription default - Search all fields for name (i.e. search Description in addition to Name and Series fields)".
15. Fixed: Checkbox style fields were not working since the last update to fix tag window issues.

25.0.102 (9/16/2019)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: The check for updates box closes after 60 seconds instead of 5 seconds when there's no update.
3. Fixed: SACD playback was not working.
4. Changed: Play Doctor won't factor a file as a minus file if you double-click a new track. It will only factor as a minus if you hit the next track button.
5. Fixed: Tried to fix the issue of the Action Window crashing when closing automatically for check for updates (couldn't reproduce, so only maybe).

25.0.101 (9/14/2019)

1. NEW: Television Recording Rules can be edited in Theater View through a menu.
2. Changed: For DLNA, the next track will be sent 30 seconds before the end of the current track to devices that support SetNextAVTransportURI. (increase of 6 seconds).
3. Fixed: Media Center could crash when checking for updates while the Action Window was not shown.

25.0.100 (9/13/2019)

1. NEW: Added a dialog "Portable Library" to allow setting up the filename conversions needed between Windows, Mac, and Linux.
2. Fixed: NFO "rating" tag was not properly imported.
3. NEW: MC will import "Rating" field from the new style "ratings" tag in NFO files.
4. Changed: Updated the Chromium web engine to the latest Chrome release.
5. Changed: Web links stay visible as you visit webpages (instead of going away).
6. NEW: MC will import "Lens" field from TIFF images.
7. NEW: "Focal Length" and "F Number" from TIFF images will be displayed with one decimal place only.
8. NEW: "XResolution" and "YResolution" from TIFF images will carry a unit (dpi or ppcm).
9. Fixed: Playlists added to Gizmo views as a library item would not sort properly.
10. Fixed: Cloudplay PlayDoctor button was not working. This is the play button that would appear when you entered a genre into the Cloudplay search box.
11. Changed: When typing a part after a semi-colon in an edit box, a suggestion will appear for the second, third, etc. string.
12. NEW: An option "Jump amount when using mouse wheel to change playback position", to allow users to select how many seconds to jump when mouse wheel is turned (1 - 30 seconds).
13. NEW: When loading from an NFO file for a video, if <rating> or <ratings> tag is not found, <userrating> will be loaded for "Rating" field.
14. Changed: The check for updates Action Window only shows for five seconds if there's no update (so you don't have to close it).
15. Changed: Switched the API call used for Theater View sound playback to hopefully be more responsive.
16. Changed: Made mouse wheel scrolling in a menu always scroll at least one item even if the scroll reported by the system is small (previously it could be discarded).
17. NEW: An option to disable mouse wheel for jumping / skipping.
18. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
19. Fixed: The Tag action window could keep applying tags incorrectly when editing a list field.
20. NEW: String literals can be defined in expressions by using /* comment here /*. The text will be output without any formatting.
21. NEW: When playing a television channel the OSD program info display will include a "currently recording" or "scheduled to be recorded" symbol in the current and next program names.
22. Fixed: The Tempo & Pitch DSP could crash when fed more then 16 channel, instead it'll gracefully disable now until the limit can be raised.
23. Changed: Made the pane right-click menu show even when the view is locked (it will just disable most the items).
24. Fixed: Loudness could produce a subtle tick when starting playback again.
25. Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+A after opening the tag window would not select all in the file list.

25.0.99 (9/4/2019)

1. NEW: TIFF images' "Date", "Artist", and "Description" etc. tags will be imported.
2. Fixed: Right-click in the installer's install path edit control would crash.
3. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Stefan and Bytestar).
4. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
5. Changed: Made all the colors discrete for 7.1 playback in Analyzer (instead of looping previous colors).
6. Fixed: With right visualizations showing the rating could get scrunched.
7. NEW: Save the platform along with a database as platform.jmd.
8. NEW: Added a "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" selection for the Tag window templates.
9. NEW: Some tags in EXIF private IFD are imported from TIFF image files (focal length, F-number, ISO, shutter speed, etc.).
10. Fixed: Panel - Blocked some text from becoming highlighted when using sliders.
11. Changed: Panel - The "no files in playing now" error message now displays the current zone as a link to the settings page.

25.0.98 (8/30/2019)

1. Changed: Brought the equalizer back to Media Editor.
2. Fixed: The equalizer wasn't engaging on the surround right channel.

25.0.97 (8/30/2019)

1. NEW: A new TV channel editing option "Fill 'Channel #' column with current custom channel order number", available through Right-click menu on "Channel #" column header.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Changed: Made TIF import get the camera from the header.
4. NEW: Added an option "Lower and slimmer OSD" on Video playback options.
5. Fixed: On import, we would not set the album from the date if we had just set the date from the file's time.
6. NEW: Replaced the 10 band graphical equalizer with the high quality parametric equalizer code. Should solve artifacts that have been reported.
7. Changed: The equalizer is commented out of the Media Editor for the time being.

25.0.96 (8/27/2019)

1. NEW: Added the option to show the spectrum analyzers in the player independently for the left and right channels.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
4. Changed: Made the "Library Views" view header for a library view always show (instead of only when the tree is hidden).
5. Changed: Changed how video conversion fix (in previous build) is done so that it more closely preserves the original video without having to drop many video frames.
6. Changed: Panel - If accessing the Cloudplay page when playing to the browser, the user will be redirected to the home page with a message.
7. Changed: Panel - On the Cloudplay page, only one list can be expanded at a time. Expanding a new list will collapse the previous list.
8. NEW: Added the pane option "Filter panes based on selection" to allow turning off filtering of other panes based on the selection in panes.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.92. Improves compression of four channel files. (Thanks Matt)
10. Changed: Slovenian translation updated (thanks Lorem Ipsum).
11. Changed: Files of the type m4b are no longer renamed to mp4 for internal use.
12. Fixed: Compressed dff files (DTS) were returning the wrong block length which resulted in files that were too short in duration during transcoding.

25.0.95 (8/23/2019)

1. NEW: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.89. Adds support for more than two channel files.
2. Fixed: Import could crash because the new bitrate code didn't handle files without a duration.
3. NEW: Added an MCC to show the playerbar in Display View (code: 22038). The parameter (optional) is how long to show for.
4. Changed: Reworked how Play Doctor searches online for files so that it uses the original search instead of a processed copy (that might not mean the same thing).
5. Fixed: When converting a poor quality video, such as TV recordings with signal issues, audio and video could be out of synchroniztion.
6. Changed: Panel - The hardcoded buttons on the home page were rendering in a separate row.
7. NEW: Panel - Added lists for latest and popular Cloudplay playlists to the Cloudplay page.
8. Changed: Panel - The volume slider will display the current volume level when actively using it or when hovering over it.
9. Changed: Panel - When actively using the main thumbnail page slider, the display showing the letter selected will be in the center of the page.
10. Changed: Panel - Cloudplay favorites and all playlists are sorted alphabetically.
11. NEW: Added an MCC to set the player text between standard and alternative (code: 22039). The parameter is the state (-1 toggles).
12. Changed: Reworked how duplicates are managed for Cloud Play so files that aren't going to be played won't be trimmed.
13. Fixed: MIDI audio with file extensions ".rmi" and ".rmid" could not be played if playback type was "Automatic".

25.0.94 (8/20/2019)

1. Fixed: Mp4 videos were imported as audio.
2. Changed: Panel - The Playlists button on the Cloudplay page now shows as loading until it receives the list of Cloudplay playlists.
3. Changed: DLNA: change the SetNextAVTransportURI timing from track end - 18 to track end - 24 to help with slow renderers.
4. Changed: Cloudplay now does a better job of handling the 'back' button when returning from other Media Center views. It's better (not perfect) at preserving the last view.

25.0.93 (8/19/2019)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.84.
2. Changed: Made the MCWS call UserInterface/GetStreaming return an error if the streaming feature is off.
3. Fixed: A possible crash saving options (if one of the features was off).
4. Changed: When right-clicking a file if there are no zones, it will say it in the menu instead of n/a.
5. Changed: Panel - Improved the performance when browsing categories.
6. NEW: Panel - Added a last action option to the top of the file context menu.
7. Changed: Panel - The Cloudplay playlists section will render much faster.
8. Changed: Panel - The Cloudplay playlists button will show up after the list of playlists has finished loading.
9. Fixed: Panel - The Cloudplay token could become invalid, but Panel would still think it was valid.
10. Changed: Panel - Removed the sign out button from the Cloudplay page now that the issue with invalid tokens is fixed.
11. Changed: Panel - The additional playback controls menu will now hide after making a selection.
12. Fixed: Panel - Clearing the playing now list when it was empty would cause a crash.
13. Fixed: Panel - The playback state would sometimes get set incorrectly when playing to a zone other than the browser.

25.0.92 (8/13/2019)

1. Fixed: The socket write timeout that was being set to the duration of a track from 25.0.86 has been removed (default is now 86400 secs) because it was causing issues with rendering devices that had paused playback and that pulled the entire track in one request.

25.0.91 (8/9/2019)

1. Changed: Typed navigation would scroll the list all the way to the left instead of just scrolling vertically.
2. Changed: Nested the Streaming Theater View items under "Radio" and "Stations".

25.0.90 (8/9/2019)

1. NEW: Made the import from iTunes library import the playlists as well (to an iTunes playlist group).
2. Changed: Made the import from iTunes library get ratings.
3. Fixed: Playback/PlayRadioJRiver would return a failure code when playing a Radio JRiver station (instead of success).
4. Changed: Made the "Streaming" Theater View item no longer load files until hitting enter (to play, etc.).
5. NEW: Streaming in Theater View also shows JRiver Cloudplay playlists.

25.0.89 (8/7/2019)

1. Fixed: Column sizing would not be consistent on high DPI.
2. Fixed: Media Center would not respond on TLS ports since 25.0.86.
3. Fixed: Showing Theater View from a minimized program state would not always work.
4. NEW: Added the ability to add "Streaming" to the root of Theater View with a display of Radio JRiver stations and Radio Paradise.
5. NEW: Added Television Advanced Option "Order File Delete confirmation options differently from non-TV media delete (permanent delete first) in Theater View". Default to true (current behavior).
6. Fixed: Syncing with an empty filename rule would put the extension on the file twice.
7. Fixed: Saving an empty filename rule for a handheld would not save properly.
8. NEW: Added Television Guide Option "Center channel logos or names in Theater View guide" which can be set only if "Hide channel names in Theater View guide when channel logos are available" option is on.
9. Fixed: Calls to Handheld/Sync before the handheld engine loaded devices would not work properly.
10. Changed: MC will load <plot> field from NFO sidecar files into "Description" field so users will not need to create a custom field "plot".
11. NEW: Added the command "Import From iTunes Database..." to the File Menu to import from the XML file that iTunes can save the library as. It will import all the files and make a playlist with them.
12. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.82.

25.0.88 (8/1/2019)

1. Fixed: The ideal height of the "Rename, Move, & Copy" dialog is calculated from a layout so should be better on high DPI.
2. Changed: Made column creation use the system scale for the width so columns should be wider on high DPI.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Fixed: Cloudplay via PlayDoctor wasn't working right when no local library matches were found.
5. NEW: Added a 'Play' button next to the Cloudplay search box when a search term is entered. This triggers playback of a Play Doctor playlist using the search term.

25.0.87 (8/1/2019)

1. Changed: Made the playing now playlist show this text during Play Doctor creation: Building a playlist. Might take a minute.
2. Fixed: Tooltips could be incorrectly sized.
3. NEW: The text drawing system will now accept <img> tokens and draw the image. Please see:,121636.0.html
4. Fixed: ATSC channel scanning could crash, if for some unknown reason MC failed to obtain needed interface pointer.

25.0.86 (7/30/2019)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: Panel - Cover art was not loading when playing certain streams, like Radio Paradise.
3. Changed: Improved XMLTV channel parsing so different xmltv files can be accommodated. This should fix the EPG123 channel number issue.
3. Changed: The socket write timeout is set on a per-file served basis to the duration of the file + some padding.

25.0.85 (7/29/2019)

1. NEW: Added Options > Tree & View > Advanced > Reset window position settings to reset the placement of windows.
2. Changed: Made the default height of options taller.
3. Changed: The socket write timeout to prevent hung sockets introduced in 25.0.81 (30 seconds) was too small for devices that have large buffers resulting in stopped playback in the middle of a track. Set it to 300 seconds.

25.0.84 (7/29/2019)

1. Changed: Re-implemented TV channel to xmltv ID matching routine for DVB channels as well as OpenCABLE and STB channels. The more elaborate methods hopefully will improve matching accuracy, especially for DVB channels.
2. NEW: Added the option to stop after a delay (for going to sleep). Look at Player > More Stop.
3. Fixed: Mixing 7.1 surround channel in 2.1 or 3.1 output mode could result in some channel being lost, instead of being downmixed properly.
4. Changed: The WASAPI and DirectSound output plugins will try to preserve the channel layout selected in Output Format instead of only going by channel count.
5. Changed: When a TV channel is being watched on a client using a server tuner, and the user enters a new channel number using a remote control or keyboard, the client will request the server to serve the new channel.
6. Changed: Tuned the show and hide times for menus so they work better on some systems.
7. Changed: Panel - Added a sign out button to the Cloudplay page.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.81.
9. Changed: Update RadioParadise cover art retreival URL
10. Fixed: XMLTV EPG loading did not handle 4-digit date (year-only date) correctly, resulting in empty date field.
11. Changed: DLNA: If we are controlling a zone check it's state on 5 second intervals even if it's not the current zone (was 20 secs).
12. Changed: DLNA: For gapless playback using SetNextAVTransportURI send the next track near the end of the current playing track instead of near the beginning. This appears to help with some renderers that get confused with their track buffering code (Volumio)
13. NEW: DLNA: Added a controller option to ignore other controllers (for misbehaving renderers).
14. Fixed: DLNA: Retrieve initial volume for a renderer (was always 0 before playback started).
15. NEW: You can select a maximum play bitrate for Cloud Play files from the Play Doctor options menu (defaults to 1500Kbps).
16. Fixed: Customizing the columns of a parent view would reset the columns of a child view.

25.0.83 (7/24/2019)

1. Fixed: Media Center could crash when starting playback on older CPUs.

25.0.82 (7/24/2019)

1. NEW: The MCWS function to play JRiver Radio will accept "Try Me", "Eclectic", "Classical", "Jazz", and "Rock" as station names and play those stations.
2. Fixed: Dragging Direct Show DSP filters to a differt place in the list could crash.
3. NEW: A "Genre" filter in Standard view EPG, which takes effect if no text has been typed in the Search box.
4. Fixed: was not working properly in all cases.
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.79.
6. Fixed: Viewing a handheld could crash.
7. Changed: Subclarity enables for 3.1 playback.

25.0.81 (7/22/2019)

1. NEW: Added a 3.1 output mode to JRSS (enabled with PCM or Dolby Digital). Feedback appreciated.
2. NEW: Added File > Export All to iTunes & iPhone to export your entire library instead of just a single playlist.
3. Changed: Tuned the display of audio formats in Audio Path so the display is "5.1 channels", etc. instead of "6 channels" when it's in that mode.
4. Changed: When you said to keep five downloads, it would keep five then download a sixth. Now it prunes to four before starting the download.
5. Changed: The mode selection page on TV Recording setup wizard is also put inside a scrolling container to ensure all controls can be seen.
6. Changed: Transcoding video will ensure the result fits inside the selected resolution, instead of exceeding it in some cases, improving playback compatibility with a variety of devices.
7. NEW: Importing from iTunes brings the ratings, date last played (if it's newer than you played in MC), and the play count and skip count (if they're greater than MC).
8. NEW: Added "Series ID" and "Program ID" to the Standard View EPG tooltips.
9. Changed: TCP sockets could have hung to partially dead devices, added a write timeout.
10. Changed: When a TCP connection is closed because of a cancel, force the connection to be broken down immediately.
11. Changed: The increments for the mouse wheel in Room Correction for the speaker distance are now 0.1 ft or 0.01 meters.
12. NEW: Added the option to "Enable pane tagging" to the panes to allow tagging and the checkboxes to be turned off.
13. NEW: Ctrl+Shift+V pasting will accept a series of strings on the clipboard (separated by newlines) and paste them into a single selected field.
14. Fixed: Uninstalling a DSP plugin could crash.

25.0.80 (7/17/2019)

1. Changed: The player window only leaves space for artwork when playing (so the space goes away when stopped).
2. Changed: Minor tuning to the player window artwork display position.
3. Changed: TV recording setup wizard window size has been changed, so it is wider and shorter, to avoid scaling issues on some monitors.
4. Changed: The controls on the subscription options page and the program options page on TV recording setup wizard are put in a scrolling control window so the controls will not be cut off by limitation of the wizard window size.
5. Changed: Renamed the player menu choice to "Left Align Artwork" so it matches with the on and off wording.

25.0.79 (7/17/2019)

1. Changed: Made toggling zones forward and back (Ctrl+T, etc.) go in the display order instead of the order created.
2. Changed: Made the center channel adjustment also enable for 2.1 playback.
3. NEW: Made the tooltip for the taskbar popup contain the artist and name of the playing track.
4. NEW: Added a "Reset To Stock" menu item to the VST "Load" button. It will reset all the settings back to stock.
5. Fixed: VST plugins could not be uninstalled from a portable install.

25.0.78 (7/15/2019)

1. Fixed: The ~expand smartlist modifier would not import / export properly.
2. Fixed: Formatting big date spans with expressions did not always work properly.
3. Changed: Play Doctor will not error when starting playback with no search at all (only with a search that gives no matches).
4. NEW: Added a center level selection to the Output Format DSP page to be used when in two channel mode.

25.0.77 (7/12/2019)

1. Changed: Made the MCWS UserInterface/Show treat anything that's not a known string as a tree path to select.
2. NEW: Added a "Play (shufffled)" button to the view header of a playlist.
3. Changed: Links no longer show if the field is empty.
4. NEW: The Q factor can be set for low and high pass filters in Parametric Equalizer.
5. Fixed: A TV recording could be prematurely stopped (in 30 minutes) and restarted if the recording had been started manually while the show was being watched.

25.0.76 (7/11/2019)

1. Changed: Made the default search for the new Cloud Play option the same as the default Play Doctor search.
2. Changed: When starting Play Doctor with a search that has no matches in the library, it will message instead of playing random files.
3. Changed: When MC fails to read any 'mdat' atom from mp4/m4a/m4v/mov files using its regular method, usually due to bad 'free' atoms in the files, it will try scanning the files for such atoms.
4. Fixed: Not all playlists would show in the Tag Action Window after a recent optimization.

25.0.75 (7/9/2019)

1. Fixed: Converting with an external coder to M4A could lead to a crash.
2. Changed: If Media Center fails to start video playback, it will message about the audio but now add a string about adjusting the video delay.
3. Fixed: OpenGL Theater View was not playing sounds.
4. Changed: Made the Cloud play options page alphabetized in the Options list.
5. Fixed: Upload to a handheld would not always honor the path correctly.

25.0.74 (7/8/2019)

1. Changed: When doing a movie lookup, the year will be stripped from the name if the movie is named like [Name] ([Year]).
2. Changed: M4A files will be marked as not HDCD if the compression is set to "MP4 AAC".
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
5. NEW: Added an option on manual XMLTV ID matching window to update channel names using XMLTV data.
6. NEW: Added a "Cloudplay" options page and it allows setting rules for file playback.
7. Changed: The play button on a remote when playback is paused will unpause instead of looking for something new to play.
8. Fixed: The library authorization popup would hang if you right-clicked inside one of the edit boxes.
9. Fixed: Some MP4/m4a/m4v files with bad 'free' atoms would not play.

25.0.73 (7/3/2019)

1. Fixed: The optimization to library fields would cause drop list edit types to fill with only some of the values.

25.0.72 (7/2/2019)

1. Changed: Made the Tag Action Window save and load the scroll position as you navigate (and select no files then select files again).
2. Changed: The blue light will illuminate when decoding HDCD (previously that would cause the light to disengage).
3. Fixed: DVB channel scanning might get audio stream type wrong (such as setting audio type to MPEG1 when it should have been E-AC3);
4. Changed: When you start a rip, the database will be checked to see if the rip has already occurred and you will be messaged to confirm the rip if a duplicate is found.
5. Changed: Opened Cloud Play up to trial users.
6. NEW: Added a Rand(...) expression function to generate a random number between the two bounds specified. The last optional parameter specifies if you want integer or decimal.
7. Fixed: Fixed a possible cause of crash in TV engine.
8. Faster: In-place editing in a huge library is faster.
9. Faster: Enumerating playlists is faster which helps things like Options search with a huge number of playlists.

25.0.71 (6/28/2019)

1. Changed: Renamed the option "Process HDCD" to to "Play as HDCD if possible".
2. Changed: Made passing a negative number into ListLimit will grab that many from the end of the list.
3. NEW: Added the smartlist rule ~linkexpand to expand the links in a smartlist.
4. Changed: Made the about box identify the program as 32-bit (it would already identify 64-bit).
5. Changed: Files are no longer marked as dirty when they get flagged as not HDCD so they will not tag because of it.

25.0.70 (6/27/2019)

1. NEW: Added an option during manual on-line EPG loading to fill empty "Channel Number" field with LCN value found in xmltv data. Not applicable to ATSC channels.
2. Changed: Made the ListLimit MCWS function take an optional third parameter for the index to start at.
3. NEW: Added Options > Library & Folders > Analyze HDCD Files to flag the analyzer to look at the HDCD state. It defaults to off so no analysis will be done unless you opt-in.

25.0.69 (6/26/2019)

1. Changed: When the program loads, it will go through files and mark lossy files as not HDCD and files that aren't 44100x16x2 as not HDCD.
2. Changed: Added a message when iTunes playlist import finishes with the number of playlists and directions about where to find them (or an error if no playlists were found).
3. Changed: When user clicks "Auto Match" button on EPG XMLTV ID match window, MC will try to use channel number match if channel name match fails. This change affects STB, OpenCABLE, DVB channels. This is useful when a user switches EPG source.
4. Changed: Searching for files then deleting all of them from Playing Now will reset the search.

25.0.68 (6/25/2019)

1. Fixed: Pressing Shift+Delete in Playing Now would crash.

25.0.67 (6/25/2019)

1. Changed: Made artist image lookup key into the fact that it's a music artist a little better (so playing bands with animal names, etc. will show better matches).
2. Fixed: Right-click play commands were not all working properly (may need to re-add the Add to Playing Now toolbar button to make it work).

25.0.66 (6/24/2019)

1. Changed: Tagging no longer runs on URLs or Radio Paradise files.
2. NEW: DLNA: HDCD info passed via JRiver specific DiDL to enable processing by a MC renderer.
3. Fixed: Files could get erroneously tagged during playback.
4. Fixed: Picking "Export Playlist..." from the view header menu would reset the selection.
5. Fixed: Encoder settings could get saved to the registry as the default profile and cause DLNA playback issues between L16 and WAV.

25.0.65 (6/24/2019)

1. Fixed: HDCD decoding would engage when the HDCD field was set to unknown (-1).
2. Changed: Added the options Audio > Advanced > Process HDCD to enable and disable HDCD procssing during playback.
3. Changed: Made the new lyrics lookup option also apply when turning on lyrics display.
4. Fixed: The "Add to Playing Now" toolbar button was not working properly.

25.0.64 (6/21/2019)

1. Changed: Made lyrics lookup at playback time if lyrics display is on optional.
2. Changed: Video files are no longer flagged for requiring analysis when HDCD data is not present.

25.0.63 (6/21/2019)

1. Changed: When deleting a single audio file from the library, the program will list the name, artist, and album on the delete dialog.
2. Fixed: The HDCD decoder could trigger when a match occured that changed nothing, but now it only triggers on files with matches that make changes.
3. Changed: Reenabled thumbnailing for Radio JRiver files.
4. NEW: Added the function MCWS/v1/Playlist/MoveFile to move a file in a playlist.
5. Changed: Made the thumbnail frames option a choice between on, off, and images frames off.

25.0.62 (6/20/2019)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. Changed: Renamed the thumbnail option to "Draw frames on thumbnails" from "Draw frames on image thumbnails" and made it turn off all border drawing when disabled.
3. Changed: Made lyrics lookup an array instead of throwing a message that there was already a process running.
4. Changed: The audio analyzer will think a file needs analysis if the HDCD field is -1.
5. NEW: Panel - Added Cloudplay to Panel. Note: 'Playing to' in Panel cannot be set to 'Here' (the browser) for Cloudplay to work.
6. NEW: Panel - Added a button to the Settings page, in the Library tab, to run auto-import.
7. NEW: Panel - Added a button to the Playing Now page menu that will swap the slider between volume and playback if only one is displayed.
8. NEW: Panel - Added an option to clear the playing now list in the options menu on the playing now page.
9. Changed: Panel - Changed the Information tab title on the Settings page to Library.

25.0.61 (6/19/2019)

1. Fixed: Scrobbling a stream URL did not always work.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Fixed: ATSC channel scanning and OTA EPG scanning on latest Windows 10 updates did not work.

25.0.60 (6/19/2019)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.78.
4. Changed: HDCD decoding would reduce the volume by 6 dB.
5. Changed: Re-enabled view switching (to Playing Now, etc.) when playing from a webpage.
6. Fixed: When the tree would show again because of clicking a toolbar button, it would not always redraw fully.
7. Changed: Marked the string "Show Media Center" for translation in a way that should work better for German, etc.
8. Fixed: Read-only authentication wasn't getting set properly.

25.0.59 (6/18/2019)

1. Fixed: Only outputting the selected tracks in a playlist export was not working.
2. Changed: Moved the reporting of HDCD up in the Audio Path display list.

25.0.58 (6/18/2019)

1. NEW: Added HDCD detection to the audio analysis process.

25.0.57 (6/18/2019)

1. Changed: When restoring from Library Server, the program will show the same views instead of showing the startup views.

25.0.56 (6/18/2019)

1. Fixed: When turning lyrics on, they didn't always reload when the lyrics changed.
2. Fixed: The new MP4 detector would rename m4a files to mp4.
3. Fixed: The program could crash during import.

25.0.55 (6/17/2019)

1. Fixed: When a TV tuner returned an error on playback start up, the tuner was left in "Initializing" state and was no longer available until MC restarted.
2. Fixed: Re-enabled the failure message on trying to play files which didn't resolve, with additional checks to avoid errorneous messages.
3. Fixed: Improved playback of Movie trailers from YouTube.
4. Fixed: Tab navigation works in the Parametric Equalizer pages.
5. Changed: When playing Radio JRiver or Radio Paradise from MCWS, the player will be put in error free mode so it won't popup errors about playback failures.
6. Changed: When Scrobbling the playing file, the updated metadata from playback will be used instead of the database values.
7. Fixed: DVB channel scanning could crash in some cases.

25.0.54 (6/14/2019)

1. Fixed: DVB channel scanning missed a lot of channels in recent builds.
2. Fixed: Clicking on a file in the list wouldn't play it because of change #7 from 25.0.51.

25.0.53 (6/14/2019)

1. Changed: Switched the order of the displayed information in the toolbar so the order matches between single file and multiple file selection.
2. NEW: When turning lyrics on, they will be looked up for the current file if it has no lyrics.
3. Changed: If lyrics display is on, each track will lookup lyrics as it is played if it doesn't already have lyrics.
4. NEW: Added an option to "Automatically clean up time-shifting folders daily".
5. Changed: The Cloudplay web page is now directly accessed from the Cloudplay item in the main tree. It used to be under the Playlists node in the tree.
6. Changed: Downloaded Cloudplay playlists now show up in playlist group 'Cloudplay Playlists' rather than simply 'Cloud'.
7. NEW: Cloudplay users can now quickly view the playlists they have liked.

25.0.52 (6/11/2019)

1. NEW: Added a play Radio JRiver MCWS call.
2. NEW: Added play Radio JRiver toolbar buttons.
3. Changed: The new stream analyzer to determine the playback type no longer runs on URLs.
4. Changed: Made the bitrate in the player window padded so it's about the same width when switching to and from 1000.

25.0.51 (6/11/2019)

1. Fixed: The image tooltip in the player window could be a little touchy about showing.
2. Changed: The new threaded library tools are shown by reporter and properly stopped on shutdown.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.77.
4. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/Rename to rename a playlist.
5. NEW: Added a mechanism to detect file types by something other than extension. Started by making MP4 inside MP3 work nicely.
6. Changed: Thumbnail text is top aligned instead of vertically centered.
7. Changed: Playing a filename that didn't resolve would play the current files intead of showing a failure message.
8. Fixed: Playback of WavPack DSD files in DoP mode did not work reliably.

25.0.50 (6/7/2019)

1. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. NEW: Added the right-click option to the player "Left Align Image".
4. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
5. Changed: Better error messaging in OpenCABLE TV channel playback. In particular, if one plays a channel that the cable company does not serve, a proper error message may be displayed. The behavior depends on which tuner device is used. HDHomeRun Prime will return error message while Ceton InfiniTV may not.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.75.
7. NEW: When doing mouse over the new cover art image in the player window, the full artwork will be shown in the tooltip.
8. Changed: Any channels above 8 are just ignored by MC (instead of causing playback to fail).

25.0.49 (6/4/2019)

1. Fixed: The ratings would not show when left aligning the player text.
2. NEW: Added iTunes playlist import to the file menu. It will import all iTune's playlists and files to an iTunes playlist group.
3. Changed: Whether or not the "Display Lyrics" is on will save between runs of the program.

25.0.48 (6/3/2019)

1. Fixed: The player text is centered a little better.

25.0.47 (6/3/2019)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.74.
2. Changed: Made the cover art in the player only draw while playing (so it's not there when stopped).
3. Changed: Radio JRiver files no longer build thumbnails.
4. Fixed: DVB channel scan could crash when "Scan Information from Network Information Table" was used.
5. NEW: Added the right-click option to "Left Align Text" to the player bar.
6. Changed: Tuned where the cover art draws in the player along with a little other tuning of the player sizing.
7. Changed: Added 'Play Doctor & Cloudplay' option to the 'More play options' context menu to allow quick startup of Doctor Who with 100% Cloudplay tracks.
8. NEW: In the Playing Now 'Play Doctor' Options menu, you can select the percent of tracks coming from the JRiver Cloudplay server.

25.0.46 (6/3/2019)

1. Fixed: Resolved a memory leak related to Cover Art in the player area.

25.0.45 (5/29/2019)

1. Changed: The default display mode of Standard Television View EPG "Date" column is changed from "Day of week only" to "Abbreviated".
2. Fixed: DVB channel scan crashed in recent builds.
3. Fixed: In DVB channel scan audio stream language type failed to be loaded correctly in recent builds.
4. NEW: Cloudplay integration with Play Doctor. Use the options dropdown 'Include files from Cloudplay' to add to your Play Doctor playlist.

25.0.40 (5/17/2019)

1. Changed: Made the minimum size of the options pages half the height of the ideal size (instead of the full ideal size).
2. Changed: Tuned the height of the remote control options page a little so it displays fully on high DPI.
3. Fixed: A possible crash from the recent change after removing a zone to show the now current zone.
4. NEW: Made it possible to pick a Radio JRiver station as a Car Radio button.
5. NEW: Panel - Bookmarks for videos, audiobooks, and podcasts will be honored.
6. NEW: Panel - Bookmarks can be set for videos, audiobooks, and podcasts by using the stop button.
7. NEW: Panel - The bookmark for the current file can be cleared by using stop while the time is at 0:00.
8. Fixed: Some Radio Paradise streams did not work when "Disable audio buffer to disk (for low powered systems)" option was used.

25.0.39 (5/16/2019)

1. Fixed (hopefully): MC could crash playing Radio JRiver.
2. Changed: Extreme outliers from silence will not be calculated against for volume leveling values.
3. Fixed: The Cloudplay view would not save between runs.
4. Fixed: A minor bug that might cause TV time-shifting Reader filter to undergo an unnecessary initial internal automatic seek.
5. Fixed: Blu-ray PGS subtitles could show corruption in certain situations.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.73.
7. NEW: Added a File/Bookmark function to MCWS to get and set the bookmark.
8. Changed: Seeking live TV on clients is more responsive. It takes one second less time.

25.0.38 (5/14/2019)

1. Changed: Marked the expressions used in Find & Replace to not be escaped (that way slash doesn't need special treatment).
2. Changed: More improvement on start up speed when playing live TV on clients.
3. NEW: Added RadioParadise as an available Theater View page (each page shows a list of tracks for the station).
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Fixed: When getting the filename field in an expression, the filename slash character won't be replaced by underscores (only slashes in other fields).
6. Changed: Allow URL's with DEFINED CONTENT LENGTHS to be converted to other formats in DLNA. You may select url as a type to convert in the DLNA server Audio advanced options when SPECIFIED FORMAT WHEN NECESSARY is selected.
7. NEW: Let Radio Paradise look one track ahead on playback so it can push the next track to a DLNA renderer that supports SetNextAVTransportURI for gapless support. Since RP is range based like a cue file this REQUIRES the associated DLNA server to be set to SPECIFIED FORMAT or SPECIFIED FORMAT WHEN NECESSARY.
8. NEW: You can perform a case-sensitive search by adding ~case to the search string.
9. Fixed: MC would crash on playing video on a client, if either of the Media Network options - "Disable audio buffer to disk (for low powered systems)" or "Disable video buffer to disk (for low powered systems)", was used.
10. Fixed: When switching tabs, the search suggestions would not switch.
11. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.72.
12. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
13. Fixed: Captions were not working with 2D image playback.

25.0.37 (5/9/2019)

1. Changed: When breaking lines for lyrics, the lines will reverse find a space instead of forward find a space. Prevents lines from truncating.
2. Changed: During lyrics lookup, AZLyrics is used third instead of second (so will rarely be accessed).
3. Changed: Made lyrics drawing use a little longer lines since it now reverse finds the line breaks.
4. Fixed: Playing Radio JRiver streams would download the MPL instead of play them (for some of the streams).

25.0.36 (5/8/2019)

1. NEW: Page up and page down will increment files when pressed in the Tag Action Window.
2. NEW: Added "Disabled" as one of the choices for read-only authentication.
3. Changed: When editing in the Tag window, clicking another file or switching with page up and page down will keep editing the same field instead of cancelling.
4. Optimized: Start up time for live TV playback on a client is significantly shortened.
5. Changed: Eating a few more junk responses from Google lyrics lookup.
6. Changed: When drawing lyrics, the lines are trimmed after splitting into lines to remove empty values (which could wrap).
7. Fixed: After uploading a playlist to Cloudplay, the remote files were showing up in main database alongside the local files.

25.0.35 (5/7/2019)

1. Fixed: DLNA: The SystemUpdateID wasn't being updated properly. It will now update whenever a container is viewed/re-viewed with a minimum of 5 seconds between changes.
2. Changed: Internal TV code re-organization, especially in DVB channel scanning.
3. Changed: Things in brackets are removed from the name before lyrics lookup.
4. Changed: Filtered out a couple more bad responses from Google for lyrics lookup.
5. Fixed: Playing ASIA and Genesis would not show good artist images.
6. Fixed: Adding cover art from a file would leave the folder locked.
7. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.71.
8. Changed: When clicking a large edit field in the Tag window, it will ensure that the "Edit in Popup" button is also visible.
9. NEW: If you press Shift+Return in a popup editor in the tag window it will accept and close.
10. Fixed: If you were playing, then playing an image from a file manager, then stopped, the zone would not return to the previously playing zone.

25.0.34 (5/2/2019)

1. Fixed: The JRiver ASIO driver did not work properly because it was still referring to MC24 in one place.
2. Changed: More tweaks on Sat>IP channel scanning over transport stream.
3. Fixed: Picking "No default language" for the default audio language would not save between opens of Options.
4. Fixed: Picking "No subtitle" for the subtitle language would not save between opens of Options.
5. Fixed: Showing a page in Options that didn't have the search box after showing one that did wouldn't make the search box go away.
6. Changed: The options dialog is made taller for the Remote Control page.
7. Changed: Turned off the threaded update for CD lists to see if it helps with the CD ripping problems (please report).
8. NEW: Flac in Ogg streams will play from File->Open URL (and also when playing as a DLNA renderer).

25.0.33 (4/29/2019)

1. Fixed: Radio Paradise did not play.

25.0.32 (4/29/2019)

1. NEW: MC will try parsing Bouquet Association Table during DVB channel scanning in an effort to obtain logical channel number. Not tested.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.70.
3. Changed: Updated the Hungarian translation (thanks pimpolo).
4. Fixed: Parsing an empty playlist could crash.
5. Changed: When playing streaming content, Buffering Internet Reader will remove cached contents upon stopping.
6. Fixed: When playing streaming content, Buffering Internet Reader could hang in rare situation.
7. Fixed: Buffering Internet Reader could continue downloading for a while after stopping playback.
8. Changed: Added more safety checks in an attempt to fix recently introduced crashes when playing video/audio on Library server clients.
9. Fixed: Playing Cloudplay playlists using the 'play' button on the webpage could result in duplicate tracks in MC's library - a local filename plus a remote url.

25.0.31 (4/25/2019)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.68.
2. Fixed: The recent changes caused Buffered Internet Reader to ignore ICY metadata and other options.

25.0.30 (4/24/2019)

1. Fixed: CD list control view headers didn't update properly for the files in the view.

25.0.29 (4/24/2019)

1. Fixed: Deleting a pane entry now updates the panes after (before the deleted entry would remain until a refresh).
2. Changed: When running audio analysis on import, it only uses one thread at a time for the videos in the import array.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

25.0.28 (4/24/2019)

1. Changed: Zone ID is passed to Buffered Internet Reader so that concurrent playback in multiple zones from the same URL will not interfere with each other.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Changed: Movie lookups that match the IMDBId will sort to the top of the list.
4. Fixed: Sat>IP tuner parameter retrieval could cause MC to crash.
5. NEW: Added the option to delete individual conversion presets.
6. Fixed: Files with a playback range could play with an unknown (live) duration instead of the proper duration.
7. Fixed: Media Center could crash randomly during playback of audio files when Lyrics are displayed.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.67.

25.0.27 (4/19/2019)

1. Fixed: Potential crash during Cloudplay uploading.

25.0.26 (4/19/2019)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.66.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Changed: Revised the usage of the buffering internet reader so it only engages for the file playback and not the file analysis of tags, images, etc.
4. Fixed: Some Cloudplay account/login problems.
5. Changed: Internet Explorer is always used for Cloudplay pages.

25.0.25 (4/18/2019)

1. Changed: Spacebar in Theater View will toggle pause instead of starting playback over (if something is playing).
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.64.
3. Fixed: The current track would not be shown when first loading a Playing Now view.
4. Changed: The multi-match CD dialog has a number at the front of each selection (so a match with the same artist and album will be distinguishable).
5. Changed: CD matches from the online database are trimmed before showing in the dialog.
6. Fixed: Improved compatibility with Handhelds which don't report a "Friendly Name", so instead use their Model Name.
7. Changed: When playback is started, the playing file will be displayed in Playing Now.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: Revised how /MonitorToggle works to hopefully make it work on more displays.
10. Changed: The command /MonitorToggle2 can be used to issue the command the old way.
11. Fixed: Media Center could crash when updating the Theater View TV Guide timeline in some cases.
12. Changed: When looking for lyrics at Google, the language of English is forced (to avoid German, etc. causing problems).
13. Changed: Made Google lyrics work for a few more songs.
14. Changed: When opening the "Open URL" dialog, if a URL is on the clipboard, it will automatically be used.
15. Changed: When lyrics change as the "Display Lyrics" option is enabled, they will update within a few seconds.

25.0.24 (4/15/2019)

1. Changed: Move the audio/video buffer disable options in Media Network so they are available without DLNA enabled. Note these only really work properly in Linux.
2. Changed: Update the radioparadise cover art url (we were getting a permanent redirect to this).
3. Fixed: Cloudplay uploaded out-of-sequence playlists when some tracks failed or were not qualified.
4. Fixed: APE tagging could crash.
5. Changed: Radio Paradise files don't thumbnail.
6. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).

25.0.23 (4/12/2019)

1. Fixed: The columns in the CD / DVD list would not always properly update as actions started and stopped.
2. Fixed: The width of CD columns did not account for the monitor DPI.
3. Changed: If DVB-C scanning failed to have tuner locks, MC will try small variations of frequency values.
4. Fixed: Cloudplay is better about maintaining it's web page position when navigating back and forth between MC views.
5. Changed: When downloading your own playlist from Cloudplay it will set it's filenames to the original local files rather than url's if the local files still exist.
6. Changed: Renamed CloudPlay to Cloudplay.

25.0.22 (4/12/2019)

1. Fixed: The blue light would not illuminate if memory playback was enabled.
2. Changed: After an import, relational fields are gone through and set on the new files.
3. Fixed: Failure to parse Sat>IP tuning parameters when trying to scan Sat>IP channels using NIT.
4. Changed: In DVB channel scanning the wait time for tuner lock is increased in an effort to tune to some hard to tune transponders.
5. NEW: The Closed Captioning / Subtitle selection during live TV viewing will be saved to the channel's PlaybackInfo tag and will be automatically selected the next time the channel is played.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.63.

25.0.21 (4/10/2019)

1. Fixed: The list scroll position would not be at the top in some cases.
2. Fixed: Analyzing audio streams with a format change near the end of the file could result in bogus R128/ReplayGain data.

25.0.20 (4/9/2019)

1. Changed: The tooltip for an image in the Tag Action Window will explain that the image can be saved internally by enabling the option if the art is saved externally.
2. Changed: The numbers in the reporter view have commas in them.
3. NEW: Added the option Options > General > Advanced > Save pane selection between runs. It defaults to off, but allows turning it on.
4. Fixed: Pressing Delete during image playback would not trigger a delete of the file (unless the list was in focus).
5. Changed: Updated the Hungarian translation (thanks pimpolo).
6. Fixed: When playing videos recorded on ATSC TV channels, the subtitle (closed captioning) choice was not saved for the next session.
7. NEW: Lyrics are first looked up at Google before looking at other sites.
8. NEW: Added the edit type and data type to the MCWS Library/Fields function.

25.0.19 (4/4/2019)

1. Fixed: In-stream Sat>IP channel scanning would have an empty frequency list and crash.
2. NEW: Lyrics can now be displayed for DLNA playback zones.
3. NEW: When doing a movie lookup from, the IMDBId will be used in addition to searching on the name.
4. Fixed: Closed Captioning could not be turned off by using OSD, if it had been turned on with mouse.
5. Changed: A possible fix for a Sat>IP in-transport-stream channel scanning issue.
6. Fixed: TV engine tried to turn on CC over and over during recording (when no video was showing).
7. NEW: MCCommand MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_SUBTITLES (28032) will now work on TV playback as well.
8. NEW: Keyboard shortcut "Alt C" for toggling Closed Captioning/Subtitling.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.61.

25.0.18 (4/1/2019)

1. Fixed: When analyzing audio in videos, the statusbar would not update properly.
2. Changed: Further increased performance when encoding or streaming videos, both in general and specifically with active subtitles.
3. NEW: Sat>IP DVB-S channels can be scanned using Network Information Table, instead of using the static frequency list.
4. Changed: Made the maximum height of a menu 75% of the height of the monitor instead of 50% the height.
5. NEW: Added "Analyze Audio" to the customize toolbar dialog.
6. Changed: TV option "Closed Captions (only supported for analog television)" is renamed "Closed Captions".
7. NEW: Closed Captioning will be turned on automatically at live TV start up if "Closed Captions" option is on.
8. Fixed: Using Intel QuickSync Hardware Encoding to stream to Panel or JRemote could result in playback failing in some cases.
9. Fixed: Typo "Confirm Actiom".
10. Fixed: The right and left arrows to advance image playback was not working in all cases (between 2D and 3D viewer, etc.).
11. Changed: Made the lyrics lookup handle list style artist fields (it will lookup each artist individually until it finds a match).
12. Fixed: If a playlist to be uploaded was renamed in the action window, the new name didn't 'stick'.
13. Changed: Uploaded playlist files can be 16 or 24 bit and can have sample rates up to 192khz.

25.0.17 (3/28/2019)

1. Changed: Increased the maximum number of choices in "Right click recent command count" to 15.
2. Fixed: The "New" column in standard view EPG put checkmarks on reruns instead of new shows.
3. Fixed: The option to start a slideshow automatically for image playback was not being honored.
4. Fixed: If you were playing images, paused, then advanced to the next image, a slideshow would start again (instead of staying paused).
5. NEW: Added a "Toggle Split View" button that you can add to the toolbar to show two views then one view.
6. NEW: Support for Hardware Encoding of H.264 for Video Conversion and Streaming, for NVIDIA using NVENC, and Intel using QuickSync.
7. Changed: Greatly increased video encoding performance on videos with no visible subtitles.
8. NEW: Added a CloudPlay tree item on the left, with links to Playlist Upload (formerly Doctor Who) and Radio JRiver.
9. Fixed: Panel - Search results were not getting loaded when using an expression as the search parameter.

25.0.16 (3/25/2019)

1. Changed: Made the new features help shortcut link to the MC25 thread instead of the MC24 thread.
2. Changed: Made the toolbar colors for the bottom toolbar the same as the top toolbar with Modern Cards Grey.
3. Changed: TV recording manager no longer reload TV settings every minute. The settings change is now messaged to TV recording manager.
4. Fixed: MC might not wake up to record TV shows on clients even if the clients were configured to record.
5. Changed: Increased the threading of thumbnail creation by the auto-import process.
6. NEW: Made audio analysis done by auto-import threaded.
7. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: When scheduling a TV show recording, if recording can only happen on one computer (i.e. the server) the computer selection page of the TV recording wizard is not shown.
10. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
11. NEW: Right-click on Playing Now > "Add Dynamic Zone..." to add a zone URL someplace on the network.
12. Fixed: Selecting to draw lyrics to a DLNA zone would crash. Now the option doesn't even appear.
13. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.74.1, improved TrueHD bitstreaming, faster AV1 decoding and better web support.
14. Fixed: Removing MP3 tags would ask about ID3v1 or ID3v2 and hang instead of asking and working.
15. Changed: If a handheld is uploading, a call to MCWS/v1/Handheld/Sync will just return that the device is busy.
16. Fixed: A piece of experimental code sneaked into release and caused Sat->IP TV to malfunction.
17. Changed: Blu-ray playlists are properly handled in advanced mode when a custom DirectShow Source Filter is being used.
18. Changed: Custom video playback mode automatically selects between LAV Splitter and LAV Splitter Source as appropriate, if its chosen as a custom override.
19. Fixed: The trailer returned by Get Movie & TV Info... could be empty (but still have a value in it to make the trailer system confused).

25.0.15 (3/20/2019)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. NEW: Threaded the file gathering for CD list controls.
3. Changed: Deleting a library field will select the next list item instead of the first.
4. Changed: Made the default Theater View scale dependent on screen DPI, to better suit 4K displays.
5. Fixed: Panel - The browser login dialog box was appearing again when starting Panel.
6. Fixed: Importing from a memory card as a camera could get the same files over and over in some cases.
7. Changed: Removed adding the date and time to import from WIA devices.

25.0.14 (3/19/2019)

1. Fixed: WIA cameras could import the same files over and over.

25.0.13 (3/18/2019)

1. NEW: DVB-C channel scan option to use Network Information Table (NIT) for frequency list instead of the static data from files.
2. Fixed: Camera acquisition could get the same files over and over from some devices (if you didn't check the option to delete the files).
3. NEW: Made the build thumbnails tool threaded.
4. Changed: Made the lossy to lossless just a warning instead of disabled.

25.0.12 (3/18/2018)

1. Changed: Adjusted the lyrics drawing a little.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.60.
3. Changed: Renamed "Draw Lyrics" to "Display Lyrics".
4. Changed: Removed the left-click start of Artist Images in Playing Now.
5. Fixed: DLNA views and MCWS (for JRemote, etc) could return stale file information instead of properly updating the file list on demand.
6. NEW: DVB-S channel scan option to use Network Information Table (NIT) for frequency list instead of the static data from files.
7. Changed: The converter no longer allows conversion of lossy files to lossless.
8. NEW: Threaded the remove tags feature.

25.0.11 (3/13/2019)

1. NEW: When executing command line commands, if the shift key is pressed it will only act on audio and it will only work on images if control is pressed. This way holding that key down while choosing a Windows Explorer shell extension command will only operate on a certain media type.
2. NEW: Added the right-click command to the playing display to "Draw Lyrics" which will render the lyrics of the playing file next to the cover art.
3. Changed: Made Play Doctor better handle starting on a track with no matching artists or albums.
4. Changed: When playing a television recording in JTV format from a client, "Play local file if one that matches Library Server file is found" option will be be honored if the recording is already finished. Previously the option is ignored for all JTV files.
5. Changed: On a client with TV channels and EPG setup enabled, the status line in Standard television view will show both the server status and the client status.
6. Changed: Added the memory playback status to Audio Path.
7. Changed: Automatic background EPG loading setting is no longer ignored on clients if "Allow setup on clients" option is on.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.56. It has better support for APE files larger than 2 GB.
9. Fixed: MC did not wake up to perform television recording on clients.
10. Fixed: Blu-ray Menu playback could get stuck in some cases when a video clip started without accompanying audio for a short time.
11. NEW: Panel - Added an audio device select to the settings page when the zone is set to "Player."
12. Changed: Made Find & Replace support expressions so you can, for example, find [Name] and replace it with FixCase([Name],1).
13. NEW: Panel - Added an information tab to the settings page to display some of the library server information.
14. Fixed: Several bugs in the Cloud playlist upload/download process.
15. Fixed: The status of currently recording TV shows were not consistently displayed across the client-server network, i.e. a show recording on a client was not flagged as such on the server, and vice versa.
16. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
17. Changed: Updated 28.2°E satellite frequency table.
18. NEW: Added MCC_MOVE_TAB (30030) to move the current tab left or right (takes a delta as a parameter).
19. NEW: Added a "Quick Search" button to the toolbar customization.
20. NEW: Added subtitle size to the OSD.
21. NEW: Added the options "Start over each album" to the "Fill Track Numbers From List Order" tool.
22. Fixed: Over-the-air EPG scanning left the tuner in initializing state if the corresponding channel list is empty.
23. Fixed: Wavpack DSD bitstreaming wasn't working properly.
24. Fixed: Wavpack files could fail to load the date and track number in some cases.
25. NEW: Added a TV option to "Mark new shows in Theater View with a star in front of show name."
26. NEW: In standard television view a new optional column "New" is added to indicate a show is not re-run.
27. Changed: Made the font size scale with the user size setting.
28. Changed: In standard television view the order in which the optional column names appear in the right-click menu on column headers now matches the order of column placement.
29. Changed: Updated the Chromium web engine for recent security fixes.
30. NEW: Added another site for lyrics lookup.
31. NEW: Added a few new DVB-S satellite data files: 1.9°E BulgariaSat-1, 2.8°E Rascom QAF 1R, and 3.1°E Eutelsat 3B.
32. Fixed: Deleting a file from certain library views would not take effect right away.
33. Changed: Panel - The enter license option in the admin system settings page is now available on all platforms except Android.
34. NEW: The "Update Library (from tags)" tool runs in a thread and just updates the status bar as it works (instead of blocking the program). A cancel button also appears in the bottom toolbar area.
35. NEW: The "Update Tags (from library)" tool was threaded the same way.

25.0.10 (2/25/2019)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: The audio filename rule wasn't showing for all WPD devices.
3. Changed: Put the test for 4k content in front of the test for Blu-ray, etc. so it will always show when viewing 4k content.
4. Changed: Made the test for 4k content check the width or height instead of only the width.
5. Fixed: Resolved an issue with Blu-ray Menu playback that resulted in certain UHD discs to get stuck on first play before reaching the menu.
6. Fixed: DLNA: When a BrowseDirectChildren or Search request is received for our DLNA server, limit the response to groups of 1000 at a time. Previous builds had no limit resulting in a crash if the number of entries exceeded about 30,000. This was unusual for a Browse, more likely for a Search.
7. NEW: Television channels and EPG can be set up using a client, with the results saved on the server.
8. Changed: When resetting all TV channels from a client, the channel order setting on the server is reset.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.48. It has better handling of corrupt files.
10. NEW: Television tuners on clients are allowed to be used for recording shows to server library.
11. NEW: Added the library field "Zone Last Opened" that gets set to the zone name at playback time.
12. NEW: Added the menu command "Set Seq From Sort" to right-click on the Playing Now list headers so you can sort and then update the order to match the sorting after.
13. NEW: Panel - Added thumbnails to the file list view.
14. NEW: Panel - Added a context menu to some folders with some play options. Use a right-click with a mouse or a long press with a touch device to activate.
15. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the file context menu to delete the file from the library.
16. Changed: Panel - Removed the folder name from the folder context menu.
17. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the sizing of the folder context menu.
18. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).

25.0.9 (2/8/2019)

1. Changed: DLNA: Add dsd, dff and dsf to the SOURCEPROTOCOLINFO and SINKPROTOCOLINFO
2. Changed: Made the ideal height of large edit styles in the Tag Action Window use the ideal height of the entire edit instead of just hard-coding 12 lines.
3. NEW: 4k content shows a custom icon in Theater View.
4. Fixed: Panel - Zones were not showing up in the latest version.
5. Changed: Standard View EPG views will be properly updated when new tuner devices (mainly CableCARD tuners) are detected.
6. Changed: Sample rate values for DSD show as DSD64 (1x), DSD128 (2x), etc. instead of showing the full value in hertz.
7. Changed: Made using the sample rate field (with a 1 for formatting for display) show the labeled sample rate and also show DSD sample rates the new way.
8. Changed: Made the default expression for the alternate display use [Sample Rate, 1] so it shows the new way.
9. NEW: Panel - Added thumbnails to the file list views.
10. NEW: In Standard television view, scheduled TV recordings with tuner conflicts are displayed in orange color.
11. Changed: The option for the filename rule on a handheld works with WPD devices as well.
12. Changed: Made the "Import Details" dialog bigger.
13. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).
14. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
15. NEW: Introduced "Presets" for conversion profiles. It loads the encoder, the encoder settings, and the DSP settings.
16. Fixed: During ATSC channel scanning MC tried to do OTA EPG loading.
17. Fixed: DLNA renderer, determine bitdepth for L24 from the extended mimetype if not included in the @res

25.0.8 (2/1/2019)

1. NEW: Added HDCD decoding to the Audio Path if it's engaged.
2. NEW: Added the jsxml smartlist format to allow export and import of a smartlist.
3. Changed: Made the formatting of file sizes and the like use the system specified decimal point.
4. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
5. Changed: Made the playlists window in the Tag Action Window use more height when needed.
6. Changed: When the program fails to communicate with a library server, it will show a message about unloading the library.

25.0.7 (1/31/2019)

1. NEW: Added the option "Audio Filename Rule" to Options > Handheld to allow a rule to be set (ie. [Artist] - [Name]).
2. NEW: Added a new relationship to the database to store one for each album artist (auto).
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. NEW: If the new HDCD field is set to true, the HDCD decoder will engage when playing the file.
5. Changed: Improved Theater View television guide navigation behavior.
6. Changed: PSIParser used with OpenCABLE tuners and some analog tuners will parse PAT sections and map PMT PIDs in a worker thread in an effort to avoid hangs.
7. Changed: Internal change relating to bda television tuners (i.e. ATSC and DVB) in non-time-shifting mode.
8. Changed: Panel - Added filename to the file info display on the Playing Now page.
9. Fixed: Panel - When the Playing Now playlist would finish, it would create an error.
10. Fixed: Panel - Newer versions of Chrome would create an error exiting fullscreen mode when Panel wasn't in fullscreen mode.
11. Fixed: Panel - Panel would keep refreshing if a page contained a lot of folders that only contained folders.

24.0.78 (3/15/2019)

1. Fixed: The license upgrade could still show in the Action Window if a version 25 license was installed alongside other licenses.

24.0.77 (3/14/2019)

1. Fixed: Theater View did not work on some systems which lacked certain D3D11 components.
2. Changed: DLNA: Add dsd, dff and dsf to the SOURCEPROTOCOLINFO and SINKPROTOCOLINFO.
3. Fixed: Determine bitdepth for L24 from the extended mimetype if not included in the @res.
4. Fixed: DLNA: When a BrowseDirectChildren or Search request is received for our DLNA server, limit the response to groups of 1000 at a time. Previous builds had no limit resulting in a crash if the number of entries exceeded about 30,000. This was unusual for a Browse, more likely for a Search.
5. Changed: Updated the Chromium web engine for recent security fixes.
6. Fixed: Deleting a file from certain library views would not take effect right away.
7. Changed: Reverted change from 17114 (2012) which had added caching of the viewinfotree. It was causing issues when the library changed and didn't seem to help cpu/memory usage.
8. Changed: The upgrade to MC25 prompt when the program checks for updates will no longer show if you have a v25 license installed.

24.0.75 (1/24/2019)

1. Fixed: DLNA: Our renderer when queried for the file URL and Metadata of a file playing in zone was providing data based on the first DLNA server conversion settings, not what was actually playing.
2. Fixed: Theater View right-click menus didn't look correct when tooltip transparency was turned off.
3. Fixed: Some malformed raw AAC audio files could not be played.
4. Fixed: The embedded web browser could show an error trying to open about:blank instead of showing a (temporary) blank page, when needed.

24.0.74 (1/17/2019)

1. NEW: Panel - Added support for saving playlists. When selecting 'Save Playlist' from the additional options menu, it will grab the list in Playing Now for the current zone and save it with the name the user provides.
2. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the settings page to set how the sub-folder count is indicated. Currently defaults to hidden.
3. Changed: Panel - Moved the shuffle and repeat buttons to the additional options menu on the Playing Now page.
4. Fixed: Fixed more cases of crashes with slightly malformed MP4 files.

24.0.73 (1/11/2019)

1. Changed: Add more info to the database for Radio Paradise. BITDEPTH, COMPRESSION, etc.
2. Changed: Don't try to make thumbnails for streaming media files (cover art still works).
3. Fixed: Don't try to run auto-import locally if we are connecting to a library server.
4. Don't try to read length on streaming files in the current zone when sending DLNA event updates.
5. Fixed: Made the /AudioCD command work.
6. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/Build to take a set of file keys and a playlist path and builds the playlist.

24.0.72 (12/23/2018)

1. Fixed: Another case of MC crashing on analyzing/tagging certain mp4/m4a/mov files.

24.0.71 (12/21/2018)

1. Fixed: (Possibly fixed) MC could crash analyzing/tagging certain mp4 files.

24.0.70 (12/19/2018)

1. Changed: Added the playlist ID to the playlist view header (because you need it for some MCWS calls, etc.).
2. NEW: The playlist upload feature (including songs) is now available to any registered Media Center user. It's called "Upload to Cloud" on the right-click menu for playlists.

24.0.69 (12/17/2018)

1. Fixed: Some PLS streams would not play properly.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Fixed: MC could crash if one navigates in Explorer view ("Drives & Devices" > Explorer) to a folder that contains multiple un-imported mp4/m4a files (in recent builds);
4. Changed: The MCWS function File/Delete takes an optional 'Mode' parameter to delete the file from disk or recycle the file.
5. Changed: Building missing thumbnails runs multipe threads at once instead of only running a single thread at a time (the number of threads depends on the setting for thumbnailing).
6. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
7. Changed: Made Radio Paradise start faster.
8. Fixed: The "List Style" text at the front of toolbar button text could get duplicated.
9. Changed: When a view is locked, it will load the last view location at startup instead of loading the start location.

24.0.68 (12/10/2018)

1. Changed: The ANGLE Theater View backend will use Direct3D9 on older hardware (before D3D 10.1 hardware support) to improve compatibility.
2. Changed: DLNA: explicitly supply the library server (Panel) port with the presentation page URL for our DLNA renderers and servers.
3. Fixed: DLNA when authentication was enabled, the DeviceDescription.xml for Library Server couldn't be loaded on a remote MC. This means that if the server wasn't manually setup on the remote for authentication it might not show up in the server list.
4. Changed: Added support for reading/writing tag data in floating point format to Apple's Quicktime extensible format tag locations.
5. Fixed: "Rating" tag was not written to Apple's Quicktime Extensible tagging location.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.42.
7. Fixed: Playback of some m4a/mp4 files was broken in recent builds.
8. Fixed: Media Center could erroneously restore itself from being minimized on ZoneSwitch or playback stop (ie. when using Theater View to launch an external application with the WDM audio driver).
9. Fixed: DLNA: Not all SSDP broadcasts were being sent from the SSDP server.
10. Fixed: Tags were not properly saved to Apple's extensible metadata tagging format.
11. Changed: The http server returns 404 instead of 501 when a resource can't be found.
12. NEW: The "Edit Disc Information" dialog shown for CDs now has the Disc # field.
13. Fixed: Non-imported files were not moved with selected media files even if "Move all files..." checkbox was checked on "Rename, Move, & Copy" dialog window, when the action was initiated in Explorer view.
14. Changed: Moving files with "Move all files in folder (including non-imported files)" checkbox checked will only skip moving files that are at "main database location".
15. Changed: "Move all files in folder (including non-imported files)" checkbox on "Rename, Move, & Copy" dialog window is renamed "Move all non-imported files in folder with selected media files".
16. Fixed: The list of fields in a smartlist would get built only one time so if you added a new field it would not appear until after a restart.

24.0.67 (12/4/2018)

1. Changed: Streamlined the code that finds network interfaces so that they are only used once upon start of the program instead of every time a socket is created.
2. Fixed: Some mp4 or m4a audio with AAC encoding could not be played with JRiver mp4 plug-in.
3. NEW: Tag-writing for MP4/m4a audio files will use Apple's extensible tagging format if the files already contain such tags.
4. Fixed: Locking and unlocking split views didn't properly save the lock between restarts of the program.

24.0.66 (11/30/2018)

1. NEW: Added the option to suppress the duplicate track warning in a playlist (Options > General > Advanced > Show duplicate file warnings for playlists).
2. Fixed: The seed parameter of the play doctor MCWS command would not load properly.
3. Changed: Made wait messages a little wider so they hold more text.
4. Fixed: Properly read the ALBUMARTIST tag from APEv2 tags in MPC files.
5. Changed: Made the MCWS call Library/List return the default library index.
6. Fixed: Playing certain WMA Lossless files could result in excessively slow buffering.

24.0.65 (11/27/2018)

1. Fixed: Editing Custom Website Entries in the Streaming section did not work.
2. NEW: Media Center can now read video tags written in Apple Quicktime's extensible tagging format.
3. Changed: Adjusted the quality score of MetaCritic movie information lookup to reflect its cover art and information quality.
4. Changed: Made the MCC_PLAY_PLAYLIST command reset the search cache so running it on a random smartlist will get new information each instance.
5. NEW: Added a toolbar button to add selected files to Playing Now.
6. Fixed: Radio Paradise could play duplicates in some cases.
7. Changed: Made the Playing Now Overview lists no longer ignore the selection. Instead the selection will be used to populate the Tag Action Window and the like.
8. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to 4.1, used for file analysis and transcoding.

24.0.64 (11/19/2018)

1. NEW: You can add a Play Radio Paradise toolbar button.
2. NEW: Support for FLAC-in-Ogg files and streams.
3. Changed: Room Correction DSP allows setting a distance of up to 100 ft instead of 50 ft (or meters if you're metric).
4. Fixed: Made Rotten Tomatoes movie lookup work for a few more titles.
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.40.
6. Fixed: Removing a column from the sorting in a list with no sorting (or external sorting) would crash.
7. NEW: Extra Radio Paradise channel toolbuttons added.
8. Fixed: A occasional mismatch with Radio Paradise metadata for the current playing track.

24.0.63 (11/15/2018)

1. Fixed: DVB Subtitling was displayed only sporadically.
2. NEW: Added the MCC MCC_LIST_SEND_TO_PLAYING_NOW (26031) to add selected files to Playing Now using any of the modes available (play shuffled, add albums to end, etc.).
3. Fixed: The option to advance to the next track didn't work nicely when also picking stop after each item when it played the second to last track in the playlist.
4. Fixed: Internet Radio streams which use the DirectShow audio engine (Opus, for example) didn't work properly.
5. Fixed: Playing Ogg Vorbis Internet Radio streams did not work.
6. NEW: Added the website MetaCritic to the online movie information lookup (
7. Changed: Brought Rotten Tomatoes back to the online movie lookup.

24.0.62 (11/13/2018)

1. Fixed: DVB Subtitle stream was not connected if one switches from non-time-shifting mode to time-shifting mode (or recording mode),
2. Fixed: DVB Subtitle switch was not working with OSD menu.
3. Fixed: DVB TV in time-shifting mode did not get DVB Subtitle metadata as soon as they became available, causing the subtitle menu not to be populated for upto a minute.
4. Fixed: Theater View Background color did not work properly since 24.0.59.
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.39.
6. Changed: The memory playback model "Load decoded file into memory" no longer engages when playing a URL.
7. Fixed: The option to "Advance to the next track when stopping after the current track" could loop to the second file in the playlist instead of the first after the last track.
8. NEW: Added a "Web Media" playlist that shows under the "Streaming" tree item and files from the Open URL dialog get added to it when added to the library.
9. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
10. Fixed: Open Weather Map configuration for Theater View was not working.
11. NEW: Added an option to allow Live IPC playback (WDM/ASIO driver) to fully engage ZoneSwitch and switch the current active zone, so that remote control/volume media keys work with it, among other things.
12. NEW: Pressing Ctrl+Q+Enter in a search box adds the files to Playing Now (Ctrl+Enter plays).

24.0.61 (11/2/2018)

1. NEW: MC will import data from Sony modd sidecar files for videos uploaded from cameras/camcorders/phones using Sony's PlayMemories Home software.
2. Fixed: DVB Subtitles were not showing.
3. Fixed: Hardware accelerated video decoding did not work properly on some Blu-ray discs with BD-J menus.
4. Changed: Sony .moff and .modd sidecar files are moved/renamed with video and image files they are associated with when using "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool. Similarly the sidecar files are deleted when the media files are deleted.
5. Changed: Added a little logging to help diagnosing a TV recording problem on CableCARD tuners.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.38.
7. Fixed: Folder import wouldn't remember typed folders in all cases.
8. Fixed: With repeat off, removing the last played file from the playlist wouldn't work with the setting to remove played tracks.
9. Changed: When renaming/moving audio files cover art files that are saved next to the audio files will be COPIED to the destination folder so the audio files will not lose cover art.
10. Fixed: When scanning Program Map Table in TV, some program numbers would end up being negative.
11. Fixed: Playing long audio files or very high sample rate/multi-channel audio files with memory playback could result in a crash.
12. Fixed: Reduced the startup delay on the WDM driver in cases when the audio pipe was still busy.
13. Fixed: DLNA: When we are trying to detect if another controller has taken over from us to stop our playback of a playlist, we weren't handling the case where a user seeks on a track during that playback.
14. Changed: DLNA: Don't post a WM_UPDATE_DLNA_PLAYBACK_STATE when receiving a transport event unless the state is actually changing. This can fix an issue where renderers that are very slow to respond to play state changes (>5 seconds) confuse logic to determine if we are the DLNA controller in charge (BubbleUPnP wrapping chromecast).
15. Fixed: ATSC Closed Captioning could not be activated using OSD command for playback of recorded ATSC shows.
16. NEW: Live TV Closed Captioning or Subtitles can now be switched using OSD command.
17. Fixed: When in /mediaserver mode, a popup message box could occur when a playlist failed to start.

24.0.60 (10/26/2018)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.37.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Radio Paradise will download more files when it reaches the end of the playlist.
4. NEW: Added the database expression DBLocation() to return the location of a file in the database.
5. Changed: Radio Paradise playback will message after playing 50 tracks about continuing (so you can't start playback and walk away permanently).
6. Fixed: The date first rated would get set when ripping a CD.
7. Fixed: Picking zones from the zone menu wouldn't work properly if there was a hidden zone.
8. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).

24.0.59 (10/24/2018)

1. Changed: When viewing a playlist group, the files will be ordered according to the child playlists (instead of all lumped together). Just set the view to have no sorting and it will show the playlist order.
2. Changed: Made the default sorting for a playlist group no sorting so it just shows the child playlists in order.
3. Changed: Theater View uses ANGLE for rendering, with the Direct3D 11 or Direct3D 9 backends as available, to resolve various issues with OpenGL rendering.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: Curly braces were being removed from HTML code inside style tags.
6. Changed: Panel - Clicking on the current rating level will reset the rating to zero.
7. Fixed: Acquiring from a scanner could fail if the option "Skip file if already in library" was checked. Now scanner files have a filename with the date and time in them so they won't duplicate.
8. Changed: Tweaked the manual thumbnail creation process to try to recover performance after processing a lot of files. Testing on huge libraries appreciated!
9. Fixed: Removing played tracks from Playing Now didn't work nicely on the last track of the playlist.

24.0.58 (10/18/2018)

1. Changed: Fields can be marked as hidden in the Manage Library Fields dialog.
2. Fixed: Image playback would just keep playing the last file in the playlist instead of stopping.
3. Fixed: DVB Subtitle pin connection did not work in build 56.
4. Fixed: Saving a DSP preset after picking an equalizer preset would not save the preset.
5. Fixed: Importing MKVs with ordered chapters will use the default title's duration for the Media Center database.
6. Fixed: Bookmarks are cleared on playback stop if the position is close to the end, when the precise duration is known, in addition to checking on playback startup against the database duration.
7. Fixed: Pressing DELETE in Parametric Equalizer would delete the Playing Now behind the equalizer instead of effects from the list.
8. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
9. Fixed: WMA files could not be played on Library Server clients without direct file access.
10. Fixed: MC could deadlock when loading a large DLNA server library.
11. NEW: Non-standard file associations for various DSD mimetypes added so that we can see those files from DLNA server libraries that are using those mimetypes.
12. Changed: Some DLNA servers (like on the QNAP) don't properly provide the total number of files matched in a search, which limited us to seeing the first 1000 files in a library.
13. Fixed: madVR could still be taking over the Ctrl+S "Stop Playback" key binding in some cases, now it always sends to Media Center instead. If you want a keybinding to open the madVR settings, open its configuration and assign it to an unused combination.
14. NEW: Added the option "Advance to the next track when stopping after the current track" which defaults to true but allows you to turn it off.
15. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.36.
16. Fixed: Video Playback could stop after 10 minutes of playback in some cases if the "Stop after long pause" option was turned on.

24.0.57 (10/11/2018)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.35.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar and andrewberg).
3. Changed: Updated the skin ModernCards White (thanks Awesome Donkey).
4. NEW: Added a "Move Up" and "Move Down" button to the playlist view header that allows moving a selection up or down in the list.
5. Changed: Range for detecting an external DLNA controller while a playlist is playing is changed from 0 - End-5 seconds to 0 - End-6 seconds
6. Changed: When making a library backup, the time is appended after the date.
7. Changed: "Analyze audio for video" will skip TV recording files that have not finished yet.
8. Fixed: ATSC OTA EPG scanning did not work properly in the last few builds.
9. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.73.1, AV1 video decoding support and Closed Caption support.
10. NEW: Closed Captioning support in ATSC live and recorded TV shows.
11. Fixed: The tooltip in the player window could not be translated.
12. Fixed: When popup tooltip transparency was off, the background would always be white even if the text was white. Now it will be black if the text is brighter than half.
13. Fixed: Fonts in the player window could be too short on high DPI.

24.0.56 (10/5/2018)

1. Changed: The check for duplicates is back for playlists, but it should only fire when actively adding files to a playlist.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
4. NEW: You can right-click a column and pick "Remove Column From Sorting" to keep the rest of the sort order but remove that single column.
5. NEW: Media Center will verify the SSL certificate of the Media Server, and ask the user for confirmation if it is untrusted (trust is also established through the Access Key lookup).
6. Changed: The disc mode "Ask every time" would not ask when a new disc was inserted in Theater View. Now it will.
7. NEW: Added the playlist format "M3U (extended)" to the types for a handheld to write the #EXTINF portion.
8. Changed: TV recording on CableCARD channels in transport stream format is done in a different component from before. This change should not have any user noticeable effect. Should you see difference in behavior please report to us.
9. NEW: Added a "Remove All" button to the sort configuration window (in the menu).
10. Fixed: The truncation tooltip did not honor the transparency mode set in Options.
11. Fixed: Wikipedia movie results were not loading due to changes at Wikipedia.
12. Changed: Reporter was too slow with larger libraries.
13. NEW: Panel - Added alternate text to images in the player.
14. Changed: Panel - Changed the default Panel theme to Light.
15. Fixed: Panel - Button background colors sometimes would not load in the correct order.
16. Fixed: Panel - Enabling Ignore Articles in Media Center was breaking the page selection slider.
17. NEW: Added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B to backup the current library.
18. NEW: Added a "Combine..." feature for playlists to show a dialog to combine with another playlist and offer choices for the combine method.
19. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
20. Fixed: WMV files which do not play with the Microsoft ASF/WMV reader will be opened with LAV Splitter instead, fixing playback.
21. Fixed: DVB TV recordings in transport stream format did not include subtitle packets.
22. NEW: DVB Subtitle support for live TV. Untested, please test and report how it works.
23. Fixed: The check for duplicates popup could show up when it should not have.

24.0.55 (9/28/2018)

1. NEW: Added the expression function FilePlaylists() to return a list of playlist names a file is in.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Changed: Updated the "High Performance" madVR profile with a few more performance enhancements tailored for integrated Intel GPUs.
4. NEW: Introduced a "High Quality" madVR profile. The profile is decent quality designed for mid-range GPUs, not high-end/enthusiast-class GPUs.
5. Changed: TV recordings' post-recording processing is done slightly later to avoid conflicts. This is an attempt to fix post-recording file moving failures of JTV recordings.
6. Changed: Error Free Mode is only persistent if specifically set with MCWS Configuration/ErrorFreeMode, not if its automatically engaged for headless playback.
7. Fixed: Interactive playback queries, like "Bookmarking: Ask", did not function in recent versions of Media Center.
8. Fixed: ATSC TV recordings in TS format did not filter out packets of other channels on the same transport in recent builds.
9. Changed: Temporarily disabled the duplicate check in playlists until all bugs are ironed out.

24.0.54 (9/25/2018)

1. Changed: The file date created is preserved when a FLAC file needs to be rewritten for tagging.
2. Changed: There is a work-around in place to try to directly send hotkeys to madVR if the raw Remote plugin is enabled, which otherwise prevents madVR hotkeys from working.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
6. Fixed: Media Center could report duplicate tracks when adding to Radio Paradise in the last build.
7. NEW: The image rotation feature also works on BMP files and PNG files (as well as JPEG).
8. Fixed: Resizing splitters wouldn't work properly on high DPI.

24.0.53 (9/21/2018)

1. NEW: Added an option to choose perfomance-optimized hardware decoding for RO HQ (to help with 4K HDR playback).
2. NEW: Added a DSD Bitstreaming option to select the maximum DSD sample rate to bitstream, and otherwise fallback to decoding.
3. NEW: Enabled the "Glass" translucency/blur effect on Windows 8.1 and 10.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Changed: Media Center will select Forced Subtitles streams during video playback even in cases where the languages do not match.
6. NEW: When adding duplicate tracks to a playlist, the program will ask if you want to remove them.
7. Fixed: Drawing of link icons in the list could draw too small on high DPI.
8. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.92.16 (improved HDR performance, and a lot of general fixes).
9. NEW: Media Center offers multiple preconfigured madVR quality presets to import (High Performance and Balanced for now, High Quality profiles will be added in the future).
10. Changed: Reverted this change: When a pane has an expression to display, the sorting will use that expression instead of the underlying data expression.
11. NEW: Panes allow picking the sorting "Display Expression" to bring the sorting back to by the display expression.
12. Fixed: Live OpenCable TV could hang at start up if started in non-time-shifting mode.

24.0.52 (9/14/2018)

1. Fixed: Editing the display name of a field in the Manage Library Fields dialog would break the connection with the field.
2. NEW: Closed Captioning support in ATSC live and recorded TV shows.
3. Fixed: Tab navigation was not working in some areas like the Pix01 upload page.
4. Fixed: If you edit a field's display name, it will auto-change if you type the same name as another field.
5. Changed: Pix01 uses more secure building and uploading of galleries. You MUST have this build or newer to upload galleries to Pix01 now.
6. NEW: Pix01 has a password change function which it triggered by the "forgot password" button in the pix01 login information box. ALL passwords for pix01 have been reset and will need to be updated by the user.
7. Changed: Pix01 has higher resolution gallery uploads and the webpage displays larger thumbnail images.

24.0.51 (9/10/2018)

1. Fixed: The change made in build 50 regarding Delete button erroneously allowed client service TV files to be deleted.
2. Changed: "Allow file deletion" Theater View option is honored for TV recordings.
3. NEW: Added the processing performance to the audio path for convolution.
4. Fixed: Over-the-air EPG loading did not work for DVB-C tuners.
5. NEW: DVB-C frequency table for Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glentevejens. Thanks ABA!
6. NEW: Added "Exempt from auto cleanup" button in Theater View for TV recordings.
7. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
8. Changed: When a pane has an expression to display, the sorting will use that expression instead of the underlying data expression.
9. NEW: DLNA: If we are playing to (controlling) a renderer and the track playback stops before the end (granularity of 5 seconds) we assume another controller has been used to stop the playback and as such we will not continue a playlist and assume we are no longer the active controller.
10. Fixed: Deleting a TV recording that was still being recorded from a client did not work.
11. NEW: If an image is on the clipboard when the Get Cover Art dialog is shown, it will be added as the last entry in the list of choices.

24.0.50 (9/4/2018)

1. Fixed: Double-click on a password edit box would select only the number of characters of the same type (number or letter) instead of all the characters.
2. NEW: Links to individual playlists can be added to the toolbar.
3. Changed: Delete button is available again in Theater View on TV recordings that are still being recorded. This is a reversal of a change made in build 34.

24.0.49 (8/29/2018)

1. Fixed: The program could crash when selecting subtitle streams from a video.
2. Changed: Radio JRiver will skip any files in a "Radio JRiver Skips" playlist.
3. NEW: Panel - Added an option to toggle ratings.
4. Changed: Panel - Added tabs to the settings page and groupings for similar options.
5. Changed: Panel - Thumbnail art is no longer cropped into squares.
6. Changed: Panel - Different icon for the streaming page button.
7. Fixed: Panel - Possible error on the Playing Now page if a file had no track information.
8. Fixed: Panel - A couple of issues with the alphabetic slider interface not working properly.
9. Fixed: Panel - Pressing the Playing Now page button was not scrolling the currently playing track to the top of the list on mobile devices.
10. Fixed: Panel - The file list was not loading correctly because it wasn't rendering properly.

24.0.48 (8/24/2018)

1. NEW: Added the expression function StackCount() to return the number of files in a stack.
2. Fixed: Radio Paradise could just play the opening listener supported clip over and over in some cases (at least until more tracks loaded).

24.0.47 (8/21/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Fixed: The OpenGL variant of Theater View didn't support clicking the rating bar in Playing Now.
3. Changed: ATSC OTA EPG scanning is more efficient.
4. Fixed: Radio Paradise could report a problem starting playback (and not play).
5. Fixed: Blu-rays discs with a missing playlist are more gracefully handled.
6. NEW: Added the option General > Behavior > Remove files from Playing Now after they are played.

24.0.46 (8/7/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Fixed: Improved the reliability of the WDM audio driver, especially in WASAPI exclusive mode.
3. NEW: Added the ability to add a Clear Playing Now button to the toolbar.
4. Fixed: Tagging CD files (and possibly other areas) could sometimes show no dropdown choices instead of all the choices from the library.

24.0.45 (7/26/2018)

1. NEW: MCWS calls to GetInfo can specify "Calculated" for the fields to have the calculated fields included.
2. Changed: When failing to download internet EPG data during automatic updates, MC will not immediately re-try downloading. Instead it will re-try 30 to 60 minutes later.
3. Changed: PercData EPG data is cached for 12 hours instead of 6 hours.
4. NEW: A button to exit the program can be added to the toolbar.
5. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
6. Fixed: The ratings on the OSD would not always stay in step when playing images.
7. Fixed: Installing 32-bit Media Center would not properly use the Program Files (x86) folder since 24.0.41.
8. NEW: The maximum memory playback size allocated is expanded to 4 GB from 1 GB on 64-bit builds.

24.0.44 (7/16/2018)

1. Changed: Volume protection won't engage for 30 minutes since the end of a file as well (instead of just 30 minutes from the start of a file).
2. Fixed: APL files would report the wrong length for the last file on an album.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. NEW: Added Audio Path to the Theater View roller of Playing Now to display a prompt with all of the audio path information.
5. Fixed: Stopping image playback could crash.
6. Fixed: Subwoofer Low-pass from the Output Format DSP was not being applied properly in Pseudo Surround streams.
7. Changed: Added a 'Reset and Restore License' button to the registration info dialog on the Help menu.
8. Fixed: Adding an ellipsis to the end of a note name was not working properly.
9. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).

24.0.43 (7/11/2018)

1. Changed: Spacebar no longer fires Car Radio buttons, instead it will just toggle pause.
2. Changed: The maximum buffering for Direct Sound was increased from one second to three seconds.
3. Changed: Added buffering values for ASIO up to 3 seconds (previously stopped at 500ms).
4. Changed: Tweaks to Radio Paradise playback of the listener supported clips (previously the playback range could be invalid).

24.0.42 (7/10/2018)

1. Fixed: The duration of APL files would show the duration of the entire file instead of the APL segment.
2. Fixed: Playing Shoutcast streams could make the program lock up.
3. Fixed: Build 41 could cause TV recordings to stop and restart frequently if a client periodically merges data with the server.
4. Changed: When SACD ISO audio tracks are included in the files to be deleted, "Delete from disk" and "Recycle" options are not offered.
5. Changed: When SACD ISO audio tracks are to be removed from the library, only selected tracks will be removed, unselected tracks will remain in the library. This is a reversal from a change made in build 21.
6. Fixed: Replacing dots with an ellipsis in Library Tools > Clean File Properties was not working.
7. Fixed: Running Library Tools > Clean File Properties with only the convert dots option selected would not work.
8. Changed: Media Center ensures the metadata block in a DSF file is valid before trying to overwrite it.

24.0.41 (7/2/2018)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.72, for improvements in HD Audio Bitstreaming.
2. Changed: Improved APL importing so that it will look at the image file for some of the metadata and the APL file for some of the other metadata.
3. NEW: The WDM driver is now certified by Microsoft for full Windows 10 compatibility.
4. Changed: TV Recording Manager will update recording actions cache in a worker thread so it will not cause GUI to be sluggish.
5. Fixed: The 'c:program files' directory was getting included in the default automatic import so lots of image files like icons and small bitmaps were getting imported.

24.0.40 (6/29/2018)

1. NEW: Panel - Added sleep and hibernate commands to the power settings page in system settings.
2. Changed: Panel - Moved the Radio Paradise button to the Web Streams section on the Streaming page.
3. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the file list column alignment for the ratings column.
4. Changed: WDM driver, needed to re-sign the driver files.

24.0.39 (6/29/2018)

1. Changed: Added three MC commands to remote control setup 'Commands' list - subtitle, audio stream, and video stream selection. Use the Add button to add to the existing customized list, or click 'Restore Default List' and they'll appear in the list.
2. Changed: Added more requirements for playlist upload to Cloud - files must have sample rates of 44100 or 48000 and must have embedded cover art.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Changed: Work on Radio JRiver playback.

24.0.38 (6/26/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. NEW: Panel - Added JRiver streaming stations to the Streaming page.
3. NEW: Panel - Added the audio quality option "uncompressed WAV."
4. NEW: Panel - More file information for music can be shown by clicking on the cover art image. This does not work on screens that are too small because of size limitations.
5. Changed: Panel - The Streaming page button is always visible regardless of the selected zone. Web stream buttons are only visible when the 'Player' zone is selected. The Radio Paradise button is visible except when the browser is selected as the zone.

24.0.37 (6/22/2018)

1. Fixed: Saving/Restoring the Bookmark on DVD playback was not working.
2. Fixed: Playback of Cloud based playlists not working in Panel.
3. Fixed: In some cases, converting an audio file would leave the file type set to the old file's type.
4. Fixed: Cloud upload emails contained bad links to uploaded playlists (server side fix).

24.0.36 (6/20/2018)

1. Fixed: OpenGL Theater View could use more CPU then expected since 24.0.34.
2. Fixed: Prevent duplicate uploaded playlist names per user.
3. Changed: Prevent uploading flac files with lossy compression.
4. Fixed: When using the Chromium web engine, JRWeb sub-processes could get stuck and use 100% CPU.
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
6. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
7. Fixed: SRT subtitles with non-breaking spaces did not render properly.
8. Changed: "Watch" button is disabled on server for TV files currently being served to clients, in both standard TV view and Theater view.
9. NEW: "TV Logs" on Media Server will show events of client requesting live TV channels and client stopping such service.
10. Changed: DLNA, change SetNext controller option disabling so that device errors don't disable SetNext only disable it if the renderer reports that it's not implemented.
11. Changed: DLNA. Want to make sure that if a resubscribe fails we clear and do a subscribe. Have seen http error codes of 412 on resubscribe.
12. Changed: DLNA, Add a code that will do a manual transport state update if we look frozen at the end of a track (missed an event..)
13. Fixed: The 2nd drive location for TV recordings could not be cleared once chosen.
14. Changed: Radio JRiver playlists will end after playing for two hours without any Media Center user interaction.
15. Fixed: Several bugs in the cloud playlist upload processing.
16. Changed: Prevent uploading flac files containing multiple tracks with CUE.

24.0.35 (6/15/2018)

1. Changed: "Watch" button is disabled on server for TV files currently being served to clients, in both standard TV view and Theater view. It does not appear to be built into this build. Maybe next build.
2. Changed: We no longer set the name field when playing an internet stream with names in it.
3. NEW: 3D Blu-rays show a custom icon in Theater View instead of just showing the Blu-ray icon.
4. Changed: Improved reliability of Blu-ray Menu playback by increasing the amount of data being buffered and dynamically scaling it with the movies frame rate.
5. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version.
6. Fixed: Memory leak when recording TV shows.
7. NEW: Added a DateInRange expression function that takes a date, a start date, and an end date and says whether the date is in the range.
8. Changed: Cloud upload now runs audio analysis on files that haven't been analyzed prior to uploading.
9. Changed: More complete error messaging and status during cloud upload process. Limits enforced on number of files in playlist and total per user.

24.0.34 (6/7/2018)

1. Fixed: Panel - The disable forced conversion option was breaking video playback.
2. Changed: TV does a better job purging clients that have stopped interacting with the server.
3. Fixed: Wrong info could be reported in "TV Logs" when there was a critical error on the TV engine.
4. Changed: TV does a better job of cleaning up when a critical error is encountered.
5. Fixed: Sorting on complicated expressions could crash.
6. Changed: Added some logging when stopping transport stream TV recording.
7. Fixed: Cover Art images were missing in OpenGL Theater View Line Up views.
8. Changed: Delete button is no longer available in Theater view when selected TV shows are currently recording or being served to clients.
9. Changed: The size status of a recorded TV show that is being served to clients is changed from "Currently recording" to "Currently serving clients".
10. Changed: For the list of "Recordings" in Standard TV view, "Configure Recording" and "Cancel Recording" buttons are no longer available for TV shows that are being served to clients as those actions do not make sense.
11. Changed: Remove uncompressed file types (wav, aif) from 'Upload to Cloud' qualifying list.
12. Fixed: Dr. Who playlist downloading wasn't working.
13. Fixed: Uploaded playlists created on Mac weren't playable on Windows.

24.0.33 (6/7/2018)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Changed: Adjusted audio buffering during Blu-ray Menu playback to allow for higher audio processing latency (ie. with Convolution).
3. Fixed: When the name filed switched back to blank after playing a radio stream (or similar) it would update the name field in the database to blank.
4. NEW: Panel - When going to the Playing Now page, the list will jump to the currently playing track.
5. NEW: Panel - Added an alphabetic seek to the folder view page change controller.
6. Changed: Panel - Added color to the stream buttons on the Streaming page and adjusted the color of the Streaming page button.
7. Fixed: Panel - The Panel theme was missing from an element.
8. Changed: Minor additions and corrections in Chinese translation.
9. NEW: One can specify a folder on an alternative hard disk for TV recording and time-shifting (must be on a different hard drive). Useful for people who record a large number of shows simultaneously.
10. Changed: Added a translation item "Channels^^TV^^" to distinguish TV channels from audio channels.
11. Changed: The MCWS call Playlist/Files returns a copy of the files with links included.
12. Fixed: Sidecar files were created erroneously for some audio files supporting internal tagging, even if the sidecar mode was "Save in sidecar if internal tagging is not supported". This happened when audio option "write tool name and version" was off.
13. Changed: Adjusted expired time tracking in OpenGL Theater View to try to prevent failure after long time of idle.
14. Fixed: Media Center could crash when reading slightly malformed WAV files with "Load full file (not decoded)" memory playback mode enabled.
15. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
16. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
17. Fixed: "Remove Tags" did not remove sidecar files for non-JPEG images.
18. Fixed: "Remove Tags" removed video sidecar files even if sidecar was turned off for videos.
19. Fixed: The Chromium web engine did not properly save cookies in all situations.
20. Fixed: Stopping Radio Paradise right after it was started would stall waiting for the upcoming tracks to load.
21. Changed: Double the amount of pre-buffer when playing a Radio Paradise track to hopefully avoid cut-outs between tracks.
22. Changed: Updated SoundTouch library (used in the Tempo & Pitch DSP and VideoClock) to 2.0.
23. NEW: Support for playing Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus in audio-only MP4 files.
24. Fixed: Playing Blu-ray Menus with tightly packed TrueHD frames could result in playback failure.
25. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
26. NEW: Panel - When a new item starts playing, the Playing Now list will attempt to scroll to bring it into view.
27. Changed: Panel - Clicking on the Playing Now page button while on the Playing Now page will bring the currently playing item (if there is one) into view.
28. Changed: Panel - The background of the currently playing item in the Playing Now list has a different shade to make it more visible.
29. NEW: TV Engine would try to stop run-away recordings in case the main thread is blocked for some reason.
30. Changed: LipSync default adjustment amount is changed from 50 ms to 10 ms.
31. Fixed: DLNA: Do a direct query of the volume of a DLNA renderer zone when we it's not the current zone (or JRemote/Gizmo will show 0 volume)
32. Changed: Pressing escape will leave the fullscreen browser view.
33. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
34. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the settings page to disable MP3 conversion when playing to the browser. If disabled, Panel will attempt to play the file without conversion parameters. If it fails to play, it will fallback to the transcoded version.
35. Fixed: Panel - The disable conversion option was not getting loaded from the cookie.
36. Fixed: Locking or unlocking a playlist when there were multiple playlists visible in a split view would lock or unlock all of them instead of only the correct view.

24.0.30 (5/21/2018)

1. NEW: APE files can load their information from online files now.

24.0.29 (5/17/2018)

1. Changed: Tweaked EPG loading code a bit in an effort to eliminate a rare anomaly.
2. Fixed: Loading tracks to memory disables when playing Radio Paradise or any other URL.
3. Fixed: Solved a few Radio Paradise startup issues.
4. Changed: Added m4b back to the import list.

24.0.28 (5/15/2018)

1. NEW: Added CPU Cores to the reporter view.
2. Fixed: The Maximum setting for thumbnail creation threading was not working properly, it was devoting less core to the task than desired.
3. Changed: The thread priority setting for thumbnail creation has been tuned to not overload the processor especially in the normal threading model.
4. Changed: Adjust threading on image drawing to adjust to the number of available cores.
5. NEW: Added an option to choose the playlist format when syncing to Handhelds.
6. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
7. Changed: Items on Tools > Options > General page are no longer alphabetically sorted if the language used is Chinese.
8. Changed: Updated Chinese translation.
9. Changed: Added FPL (foobar) to the playlist import tool.
10. Changed: Renamed language choice "Chinese" to "Chinese (simplified)"
11. Changed: Removed M4P and M4B files from the import selection.
12. Changed: Opening a new Media Center tab now shows a blank page with instructions to select a desired item to view in the tab, rather than opening a web browser to the 'Start' page.
13. Fixed: The desktop could flicker when switching tracks or playing the last track.
14. Changed: "Update tags (from library)" will be allowed even if "Update tags when file info changes" option is off.

24.0.27 (5/11/2018)

1. NEW: Made Radio Paradise honor the next track button and jump to the next track.
2. Changed: Multiple TV recordings can be selected and deleted at once in Theater View.
3. Fixed: Viewing JPEG images with no date information in the tags would update the last modified time on the file.
4. NEW: Added instruction and tooltips regarding in-place editing on "Manage Channels".
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: Pushing next track on the last track in a playlist when continuous was off would cause the playback position to become invalid.
7. NEW: MC will open and parse Foobar sidecar files for SACD ISO files if JRiver sidecar files are not present.
8. Fixed: Panel - The Play context menu would get closed immediately after being opened in some cases on mobile devices.

24.0.26 (5/8/2018)

1. Fixed: A crash could occur when DLNA searches were done if there is more than one DLNA server configured and they are searched simultaneously (thanks jmone).
2. NEW: Added NFO to the list of text files.
3. Changed: Another update of the Modern Cards skins with work by Glynor (thanks!).
4. Fixed: MC popped up an error message each time a tag of an SACD ISO file is edited if sidecar support was not turned on.
5. Updated Chinese translation (thanks YanJun Sun).
6. Fixed: Radio Paradise files would import if the setting to import played files was set.
7. NEW: Added the MCWS command Playback/Play to issue a play command (and do nothing if it's already playing).
8. Fixed: Crash after OTA DVB EPG scan since build 16.
9. NEW: Panel - Added a streaming page that will show up when playing to the 'Player' zone.

24.0.25 (5/3/2018)

1. Changed: Radio Paradise starts with the first track and then loads subsequent tracks in a background thread instead of the main thread.
2. Changed: Upgraded to Monkey's Audio 4.34.
3. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).

24.0.24 (5/2/2018)

1. Fixed: Radio Paradise files would get imported.

24.0.23 (5/2/2018)

1. Changed: Radio Paradise playback only shows the current track and then adds more tracks as playback advances. It also obscures the filenames.
2. Fixed: Radio Paradise still wouldn't upload to Dr Who because of simultaneous change to encrypted url's.

24.0.22 (5/2/2018)

1. Fixed: Rename, Move, & Copy tool did not work properly with SACD ISO files.
2. Fixed: Non-video sidecar files were not moved when the associated media files were moved.
3. Fixed: Deleting a custom streaming station link didn't always make the link go away after a restart of the program.
4. Fixed: Audio sidecar was not turned on for the mode "Save in sidecar if internal tagging is not supported" for audio types with plugins that did not support internal tagging (for example DFF).
5. Fixed: Playlists with Radio Paradise or other streaming url's were not uploading to Dr. Who correctly. Also lowered the Dr. Who track minimum to one (used to be five).
6. Fixed: Encoding FLAC files in 64-bit Media Center would produce barely compressed files, instead of the expected compression.

24.0.21 (4/30/2018)

1. Fixed: Sidecars for non-video files were not deleted along with the media files.
2. Changed: When deleting individual tracks in an SACD iso file, all other tracks are deleted as well, instead of leaving them in the library with missing file error.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Changed: Updated the Modern Cards skins with work by glynor (thanks glynor and Awesome Donkey).
5. Changed: Radio Paradise playback starts faster (and then loads subsequent tracks once playback starts).

24.0.20 (4/27/2018)

1. Fixed: Some video capture devices or analog tuner devices had audio routing failures.
2. NEW: Added Radio Fip to the Streaming section.
3. Changed: The MCWS call Configuration/ErrorFreeMode will only set the error free mode if an ErrorFree parameter is set (that way you can query by not specifying this parameter).
4. Changed: The root 'Streaming' item in the tree no longer auto-expands to show the sites underneath (since they're already on the page).
5. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the play context menu to play with Play Doctor.
6. Fixed: Importing SACD ISO files that had been moved to a new location did not get data from the existing sidecar files.
7. Fixed: Every play would turn error free mode off.

24.0.19 (4/25/2018)

1. Changed: Exporting all playlists no longer empties the destination directory (so also removed the confirmation).
2. NEW: Added Radio Swiss Classic to the Streaming section.
3. Fixed: Internal audio latency calculation could go wrong during video playback.
4. Changed: Files that provide a name in the tags that gets displayed in the player area will now also save that name to the Name field of the file.
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
6. NEW: Added BBC World Service to the Streaming section.
7. Fixed: Sidecar did not work for SACD ISO files.
8. NEW: Panel - File ratings can be changed from Panel by clicking on the stars. This requires full authentication. For now, there is a delay in updating the rating on the web browser while it waits for Media Center to report back the change.
9. Changed: Panel - Ratings will now show up on some smaller screen sizes.
10. NEW: Panel - The file play options menu was changed to a modal because dropdown menus were taking a long time to render.
11. Changed: Panel - The system settings pages no longer revert authentication to read-only when leaving them. Required for ratings.

24.0.18 (4/23/2018)

1. Fixed: Added a confirmation box to "Export All Playlists..." since it will erase the selected folder and replace it with only playlists.
2. Fixed: The Streaming selection in the tree didn't go away when unchecking Features > Streaming.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Changed: Error Free mode is saved and loaded to options so the value persists between runs.
5. Fixed: Our DLNA renderer wasn't working when controlled from BubbleUPnP (and probably other DLNA controllers).
6. Fixed: The PlayPower dialog could cut off some information on the right-hand side with large font sizes. Now it's wider and resizable.
7. NEW: Panel - Added a menu with Play options.

24.0.17 (4/20/2018)

1. Fixed: Sidecar was not written for non-JPEG images if the sidecar mode was "Save in sidecar if internal tagging is not supported."
2. NEW: Quick Play will shuffle playing files if Ctrl is held down.
3. Changed: Made images use the date the file was modified as the date if there's no other date (previously importing from the clipboard would have no album, but this fixes that).
4. Fixed: Disabling the Media Center Shell Extension from 64-bit Media Center did not always work.
5. Fixed: Editing an image and resizing, then cancelling the edit would still have the resize there when you opened the editor again.
6. Fixed: Crash when TV recording on an OpenCable channel finished.
7. Fixed: During Blu-ray Menu Playback, a Chapter indicator could pop-up mid-playback on some discs.
8. NEW: Experimental support for Menus on UltraHD Blu-ray Discs (for testing only, expect problems).
9. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
10. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to version 4.0, used for file analysis and transcoding.

24.0.16 (4/18/2018)

1. Changed: Internal changes to the Regex implementation (smaller binaries all around).
2. Changed: Added safeguard when clients delete TV recordings on the library server.
3. Fixed: Opening Audio Streams would stall since 24.0.13.
4. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
5. Fixed: Theater View could show a black screen on certain older AMD graphics cards.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. NEW: Added a television option "If a recording rule does not include tagging or post-process command, apply respective defaults."
8. Changed: Updated the link under Help > New / Improved This Version to go to v24.
9. Fixed: If the sidecar mode was set to "Sidecar only", video tagging did not save most tag info into the sidecar file.
10. NEW: Panel - Added a shuffle button to the Playing Now page.
11. NEW: Panel - Added a repeat button to the Playing Now page for the local player.
12. Changed: Panel - The Playing Now bar will no longer display the cover art and track information when on the Playing Now page.
13. Changed: Panel - Made some slight adjustments to the layout of the Playing Now bar.
14. Fixed: Panel - When playing to other zones, Panel would think there were three files in the playlist if it was empty.
15. Fixed: Panel - Missing Panel theme change for the Playing Now bar on the Playing Now page in portrait orientation.

24.0.15 (4/13/2018)

1. Changed: Replaced the Java for Blu-ray Menu playback with a different version for better compatibility with certain discs.
2. Fixed: Media Center could hang when encountering read errors on Blu-ray discs.
3. Fixed: Playback of BD-J Blu-rays could erroneously not report any available chapters.
4. Fixed: Updated the ModernCards skins to properly support Split Views (thanks marko & Awesome Donkey).

24.0.14 (4/12/2018)

1. NEW: Added support for Foobar playlist files (FPL).
2. Fixed: Opening a drop down pane when there was a search with no results could crash. Now search resets the drop down pane selection.
3. Fixed: A bug in sidecar support introduced in build 13 caused audio or image tagging to report error erroneously.

24.0.13 (4/11/2018)

1. Changed: Tooltips will show for 90 seconds instead of 30 seconds.
2. NEW: Added the option to use YouTube TV for the YouTube view to Options > Services > YouTube.
3. Fixed: The sizing of the Manage Library Fields... dialog could be wrong with certain skins.
4. Changed: Switched the calls for the web service of Streaming to route directly into the player instead of having to have Media Network enabled.
5. NEW: Sidecar file support for audio, data, image, as well as video files.

24.0.12 (4/10/2018)

1. NEW: Added the expression function NoArticles(...) to remove the articles from a string.
2. Fixed: Possible fix for problems when transcoding to MP3 to network clients.
3. Changed: Ripping a Blu-ray disc includes the disc certificate, which is used to determine the Disc Id by some tools.
4. NEW: Added an option to configure the Region Code for Blu-ray playback.
5. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: Audio streaming/analysis/conversion could stall under specific circumstances since 24.0.6.
7. NEW: Switched the default skin to Modern Cards: Grey Edition (Thanks, Awesome Donkey). The old default was Noire, set under View > Skins.
8. Changed: Switched the default to gapless playback instead of cross-fading.
9. Changed: Removed the option to Play Radio Paradise from the file menu.

24.0.11 (4/7/2018)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. Changed: Made "Date Last Opened" clear-able in the editor.
3. Fixed: JTV recordings' index files (.JTI) could be corrupt in some cases, causing seeking during playback to be very inefficient.
4. NEW: Streaming is now at the root level of the tree, with Podcasts under it.
5. Changed: Television engine internal reorganization.

24.0.10 (4/2/2018)

1. Fixed: Handheld Syncing could fail to find any files on some devices.
2. Fixed: Blu-ray Menu playback could fail to load Java in 24.0.8.
3. Fixed: Playing Blu-ray particles that pointed to a MPLS file but had the BDMV file type could fail.
4. Changed: Added the option to switch to Blu-ray Title playback to the OSD menu.
5. Fixed: F11 wouldn't jump to fullscreen in all webpage views.
6. Changed: Ctrl+F isn't translated in web views as a Media Center command so it instead shows the web browser find.
7. Changed: When upgrading to MC24 from an earlier version the entire "<JRiver AppData>Media Center xxSettings" folder is copied over, instead of only some individual settings files. This change will allow mc2xml settings to be migrated smoothly so there will not be mc2xml popups when MC runs EPG loading in the background for the first time.
8. NEW: Added an MCWS function to start Radio Paradise playback: Playback/PlayRadioParadise.

24.0.9 (3/30/2018)

1. Fixed: Panel - The player would not advance to the next track after an audio file finished playing in some cases.
2. Changed: Increased performance of the Fast Fourier transform for Spectrum Analysis.
3. NEW: F11 in a web browser view now jumps to full screen, instead of showing Theater View.
4. NEW: Added a new landing page to Streaming views in the tree.

24.0.8 (3/29/2018)

1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
2. Fixed: Copying Cover Art folder from MC23 to MC24 during upgrade installation did not work.
3. Fixed: Panel video time seeking.
4. Changed: Marked several more strings for translation based on the feedback from Interact.
5. Changed: Renamed "Connected Media" to "Streaming".
6. Changed: Playing Radio Paradise will jump to Playing Now.
7. Changed: Updated all translation files with the latest strings from the source code.
8. Changed: Added the dates of the files to playback from Radio Paradise.
9. Fixed: 2D Visualizations did not render properly in Media Center 64-bit.
10. Fixed: When a TV recording was played while it was still being recorded, the bookmark was not saved properly if recording stopped before playback stopped.
11. Fixed: Panel - The play/pause button on iOS devices would sometimes display incorrectly if Panel assumed the player was playing when it actually wasn't.
12. NEW: Java for Blu-ray Menu playback is downloaded and installed automatically like other playback dependencies.
13. Fixed: When using EVR with Blu-ray Menu playback, interactive graphics could get stuck on top of the video instead of being cleared properly.
14. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
15. Changed: If you hold the Windows key down when entering numbers on the number pad in Theater View it will enter the number instead of typing like a phone.
16. Changed: Theater View now uses OpenGL by default.
17. Fixed: When setting a TV Channel logo using "Add From File..." and choosing to "copy this image to the cover art location you have specified in options", the PNG file was converted to JPG, losing transparency.
18. Fixed: When setting a TV Channel logo using "Add From File..." and choosing to "copy this image to the cover art location you have specified in options", the image file was saved in "Files" subfolder instead of "TV Logos" subfolder.
19. Changed: When setting a TV Channel logo the [Image File] field is set only if the file is located outside of the Cover Art folder.
20. Changed: Increased the chance of matching when searching for a TV channel logo automatically from the "TV Logos" folder.
21. Changed: If one watches a TV show while it is being recorded, the bookmark will be saved every ten seconds instead of only when recording or watching stops.
22. Fixed: If one watched the second of two consecutive TV recordings while both were being recorded, the first show would be erroneously bookmarked at its end.
23. Changed: Capitalization will capitalize Mc... tokens with two capital letters instead of only the M.
24. NEW: Added a "Date Tagged" field that will get set to the current time anytime a field other than ones associated with normal playback are set.
25. Changed: Blu-ray Menu Playback is disabled when playing a Particle (either Title or Playback Range based Particle).
26. Changed: Added a wait message to the start of Radio Paradise playback.
27. NEW: Added a "Date Last Opened" that gets set as soon as playback is started.
28. Changed: Time-shifting reader filter behaves better when encountering a corrupted index file.
29. Changed: Added code to prevent a possible race condition in TV time-shifting writer.

24.0.7 (3/16/2018)

1. Fixed: Radio Paradise cover art could be wrong later in the playlist.
2. NEW: Sat>IP TV channels can be scanned from transport stream (we no longer need to rely on Sat>IP server to provide channel list m3u file). It works for "dvbs/s2" modulation system only at this stage.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

24.0.6 (3/16/2018)

1. Fixed: Get Movie and TV Info... could be cropped on a high resolution display.
2. Changed: Made the tagging errors message box also copy the error log to clipboard.
3. Changed: Made the link timing dialog allow up to 5 seconds of correction instead of only 2 seconds.
4. NEW: Added cover art to the Play Radio Paradise selection.
5. NEW: Re-designed Handheld backend using Windows Portable Devices (WPD).
6. NEW: Radio Paradise shows individual track names, artists, albums, and artwork (instead of having several files together).
7. Changed: The QuickTime Playback Engine has been removed.
8. Fixed: The sorting menu didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
9. Fixed: Zone link syncing wasn't working if all linked zones were local.

24.0.5 (3/13/2018)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. NEW: Playback from library server will issue a wake request before starting playback to wake a sleeping server.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: OpenGL Theater View could sometimes get stuck and freeze.
6. NEW: DLNA: Set serial number of renderer and servers to the list of interface mac addresses. Use Serial number mac addresses if they exist to send WOL packets to DLNA renderers.
7. NEW: Better multi-zone syncing. Work in progress.
8. Changed: When upgrading from MC23 to MC24, the images in the cover art folder will be copied over from MC23.


1. Changed: Little tweaks to the licensing.

23.0.103 (3/9/2018)

1. Fixed: Complicated tracks linking didn't always work properly.
2. NEW: Panel - Implemented a new theme system to allow Panel to have different color schemes, which can be found on the settings page. For now, there is a Dark and Light theme.
3. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the spacing of elements on the playback bar for different screen sizes.
4. Changed: Panel - The file list will display different information about a file depending on the screen size and the media type.
5. Changed: Panel - The file list will show the file rating on large enough displays.
6. Changed: Panel - Audio quality and video quality selection boxes on the settings page will be displayed only when the zone is set to 'Here'.
7. Changed: Panel - Gave the player element more screen space on larger displays in a landscape orientation.
8. Changed: Panel - The thumbnail browser will now display up to three lines of text before truncating the folder title by fading it.
9. Fixed: Panel - After a file was finished playing, the player would get an extra play command when starting the next file.
10. Fixed: Panel - If the Engen server location used localhost in the address, Panel would try to connect to localhost, which wouldn't always work.

3.0.102 (2/12/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

23.0.101 (2/9/2018)

1. Fixed: The Sat>IP tuner status probe was taking too long to complete.

23.0.100 (2/6/2018)

1. Fixed: The long filename option wasn't working in all cases.

23.0.99 (2/6/2018)

1. Fixed: When a user played a TV channel live on a client using a locally accessible TV tuner, and then chose to start recording with context menu ("Record current program" etc.), MC erroneously started recording on the client at the same time sending recording command to the server.
2. Fixed: If a filename was too long, importing again with the long filename option set could still skip the file because it was in the bad database.

23.0.98 (2/5/2018)

1. Fixed: Authentication to MCWS was broken in 23.0.97.
2. Fixed: The last audio sample at the end of a video file could be repeated before playback was stopped.
3. Changed: A second attempt at Sat>IP tuner status probe.

23.0.97 (2/2/2018)

1. Changed: The playback position resets to the first track after reaching the end of Playing Now with repeat off (instead of staying on the last track).
2. Changed: Improved television time-shifting reader filter's buffering reader so there is less chance of hiccups during live TV playback.
3. Fixed: After editing in the Tag window, tooltips wouldn't show anymore until something was clicked.
4. Changed: Added 'Platform' response variable to web service 'Alive' function. Returns either Windows, Mac, or Linux.
5. NEW: (Experimental) MC will try to determine whether a Sat>IP tuner is in use by another application or other instances of MC.
6. Changed: Panel - Rebuilt the system settings pages into Panel.
7. Fixed: Panel - A second authentication screen would prevent logging in to Panel.

23.0.96 (1/24/2018)

1. NEW: Added support for the Album Artist Sort field and Composer Sort field to the ID3v2 code (TSO2 and TSOC).
2. Fixed: Audio files which used the DirectShow playback engine (like Shorten and Opus) did not play from a Library Server.
3. Fixed: Volume Protection could reset the volume level to 20% every restart of playback instead of after 30 minutes.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
6. Fixed: The option to load a non-decoded file to memory wasn't working properly for FLAC files.
7. Changed: Changes were made in an attempt to fix and log a failure to stop recording a TV show.
8. Fixed: Search suggestions didn't always list short matches if there were a lot of other matches.
9. Fixed: Cover art wasn't getting embedded into ripped files.

23.0.95 (1/19/2018)

1. Fixed: The header heights used in the Tag window are better sized.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
4. NEW: Added the option to allow any user to get read-only access (you can also require a username and password).
5. NEW: Television channel logos can be submitted to and downloaded from the online cover art database.
6. NEW: Panel - Panel will automatically attempt to get a read-only token without requiring the user to log in. If this fails, it will bring up the login screen.
7. NEW: Panel - Full authentication can be enabled or disabled from the Settings page.
8. Changed: Panel - The System Settings button on the Settings page will not show up unless the user has full authentication.

23.0.94 (1/12/2018)

1. NEW: Added right-click menu on "Television" branch in the left pane in Standard view. This allows a quicker way of accessing some of the TV options, such as "Manage Devices", "Manage Channels", etc.
2. Fixed: Changing TV tuner device order (in "Manage Devices") might not take effect until MC restarted.
3. Fixed: Selecting the Television view in the tree and refreshing would no longer have the item selected.
4. NEW: Animated GIF image support
5. Fixed: When MC was closed while an OTA EPG scanning was going on a confirmation was not shown.
6. NEW: The search box includes the names of playlists saved in the database and will switch to the playlist when it is selected.
7. NEW: The base path of the Rename, Move, & Copy Files dialog is a combobox that remembers the last entered paths.
8. Fixed: When the user changed EPG loading schedule, the change might not immediately take effect until the next previously scheduled silent loading was executed.
9. Fixed: Thunderstorm checkbox text wasn't readable.
10. Fixed: File tagging following CD ripping wasn't working.

23.0.93 (1/5/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. NEW: Redesigned Manage TV Channels window. Preferred Tuners and XMLTV Identifier fields are moved to the channel list and are in-place editable.
3. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Changed: The group names in the tag window will be translatable.
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: A possible memory issue in the 64-bit builds.
7. Fixed: Adding linked tracks to Playing Now didn't always work properly.
8. NEW: Added the shortcut Ctrl+, and Ctrl+. to switch to the previous and next track (useful during tagging).
9. NEW: Added clickable media type icons to PlayPower list of control sequence actions. Simpler to set the media types each action applies to.

23.0.92 (12/20/2017)

1. Fixed: When using the audio Convert Format tool to convert from files that don't support tags (e.g. wav/aif when tag option is de-selected), the metadata in the database did not get added to the new file.
2. Fixed: Doing a Rename, Move, & Copy Files with no boxes checked on a file would make the program show a tagging error message.
3. Changed: The Wave format encoder now supports a configuration dialog to set whether or not tags are to be stored in the Wave file. Previously this was only available from the 'Advanced / Configure Input Plugin' option selection on the Audio options dialog.
4. NEW: OSD "Lip Sync" adjustment.
5. NEW: Added MCCommand MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_VIDEO_LIPSYNC_ZONE (28044) for adjusting lip sync and saving the result in zone setting (instead of saving in individual file). Keyboard shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+COMMA, CTRL+SHIFT+PERIOD, and CTRL+SHIFT+SLASH, are associated with this command.
6. NEW: On "Manage TV Channels", the first two columns ("Channel" and "Channel #") can be in-place edited.
7. Changed: FormatNumber(...) allows trailing zeroes on decimals (previously it would crop them).
8. Fixed: Starting image playback of a single image with the 2D image viewer could immediately switch to the next track.
9. Fixed: With the 2D image viewer, the playback information about total time and time elapsed would not show.
10. NEW: Added MCWS call to get URL of an Engen server which has been configured in Media Center and check if it's alive. Example: http://localhost:52199/MCWS/v1/Engen/ServerLocation
11. Fixed: Scheduled tasks Engen component was not showing actions that could be performed on devices, such as TurnOn, TurnOff, etc.
12. NEW: PlayPower actions can now operate on specific selectable media types. You can select one or more applicable media types for each action. Previously only Audio media types would work.
13. NEW: Made Ctrl+G toggle the tree state between collapsed and expanded instead of only collapsing.
14. NEW: When TV recordings are to be deleted, "Remove From Library", and, if the format is TS, "Send to Recycling Bin" are offered in addition to "Delete Files permanently" in the confirmation dialog.
15. Fixed: Several bugs in the TheaterView Lighting plugin, including the "All On" and "All Off" commands not working reliably.
16. Changed: The TheaterView Lighting plugin configuration dialog now verifies the presence of an Engen server rather than blindly trying to use whatever is entered for a URL.
17. NEW: The 'Connect' button on the<accesskey> web page works with Panel.
18. NEW: Panel - The Engen button will only appear if the Engen server is running.
19. Changed: Panel - The Engen button will now redirect the user to the Engen server URL set in Media Center, instead of using the current URL and changing the port.
20. Changed: Panel - On certain screen resolutions, the progress bar is replaced with the volume bar.
21. Changed: Panel - Made some adjustments to the font for cover folders on larger screens, and truncated the text.
22. Fixed: Panel - Restored returning to the top of the page on a page change.
23. Changed: In the PlayPower configuration dialog, the list of control steps for a zone now includes icons indicating which media types the step applies to.

23.0.91 (12/12/2017)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Fixed: Pausing OpenCable and SatIP live TV would cause TV to stop buffering new data in recent builds.
3. Changed: Made the Library Views submenu nest child browser schemes like they're nested in the tree so the full path shows in the menu.
4. Fixed: TV recording conflicts were not properly displayed on Library Server clients.
5. NEW: Panel - Added a stop button to Panel.
6. Changed: Panel - Made most category buttons larger.
7. Changed: Panel - Gave user created category buttons random colors.
8. Fixed: Panel - The number of plays stat was being increased repeatedly under some conditions.
9. Fixed: Panel - Pages were constantly scrolling to the top with touch devices.
10. Fixed: A possible locking error with a string used by the web engine. Hopefully fixes a weird DLNA crash.

23.0.90 (12/8/2017)

1. Fixed: Export playlist from the file menu wasn't working properly (only the right-click export would work).
2. Changed: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD), the final result is saved in PlaybackInfo tag of the file, instead of the zone-specific settings, except when the file has Media Subtype of "System" (i.e. a calibration file).
3. Changed: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD), the result is saved only for the particular display type (i.e. 24 Hz display vs. other displays).
4. NEW: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD), an OSD message is shown to indicate current offset value.
5. Changed: When doing lip-sync adjustment using keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+COMMA and SHIFT+PERIOD) on live TV, the final result is saved in PlaybackInfo tag of the TV channel.
6. NEW: DLNA rewrote the entire controller function. Added logging to all DLNA Controller functions.
7. Changed: DLNA controller function "Ignore Transport Events" will also not subscribe to those events. MC can now control any DLNA renderer in polling only mode.
8. Changed: DLNA controller function "Ignore Get Position failure" will allow streaming only devices to work as if they were reporting position. It uses Getprotocolinfo to determine whether or not the device is alive. This will co-exist with the "Ignore Transport Events" function as well.
9. Changed: DLNA controller. Standardize function timeouts.
10. Fixed: DLNA controller is more efficient making device calls. It only does so when it really needs to.
11. Changed: Display of playback information in a DLNA zone which MC is not controlling is smooth and efficient.
12. Changed: DLNA controller. SetNextAVTransportURI logic streamlined and made more bullet proof. NOTE your device still MUST support GetMediaInfo as well as SetNextAVTransportURI for gapless playback.
13. Changed: DLNA controller. If SetNextAVTransportURI is NOT disabled as an option and we find a device doesn't support it or is broken MC will automatically turn off that option in the controller settings.
14. Changed: Display of playback information in a DLNA zone which is transitioning tracks as the result of a SetNextAVTransportURI is very fast now.
15. Changed: Update of the time slider in DLNA zones is more accurate and smooth. There MAY be issues with broken renderers. Need feedback here.

23.0.89 (12/6/2017)

1. Fixed: Views with complicated expressions to group by didn't evaluate properly.

23.0.88 (12/6/2017)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.33.
2. Changed: If the articles ..., (, ˇ, or … are added to the article list, there won't have to be a space after them for them to get ignored.
3. Fixed: Media Center could possibly crash when showing television views in recent builds.
4. NEW: Added the smartlist rule "Only matches of" that will find files that have matching artists and albums (for example).
5. NEW: Added the smartlist rule "Only differences of" the will find files with different values in the selected fields.
6. Changed: Added the command "Build Missing Thumbnails..." to the Tools > Advanced Tools menu.
7. Changed: Panel - Changed the default number of items per page from 50 to 200.
8. Changed: Panel - Paginated pages are now pushed to the history so the back button won't ignore them.
9. Fixed: Panel - Panel was redirecting all connections to use port 52199, breaking Panel if a different port was set.
10. Fixed: Panel - When changing pages in folder views, the page was not returning to the top.

23.0.87 (12/4/2017)

1. Changed: Made the option to not translate hot keys when running as Media Server actually unregister the program for hot keys so hopefully it won't catch them anymore (before it would catch them but not translate them).
2. NEW: WIA devices (scanners) show up under Action Window > Camera in the device list.
3. Changed: The computer no longer goes to deep sleep while it's serving DLNA files.
4. NEW: Added the zone ID and index to the tooltip for Playing Now zones.
5. Changed: DLNA: Some devices were slow responding, especially to the SetAVTransportURI function. Made the timeout for these longer than the default. Was resulting in "Something went wrong with playback" errors. Added logging for this as well.
6. NEW: Added the device address to the tooltip for remote zones.

23.0.86 (12/1/2017)

1. NEW: Individual playlists can be added to Theater View navigation (Options > Theater View > Items to Show).
2. Changed: DLNA, reduce number of calls for status when the device (zone) being displayed is not being actively controlled by MC.
3. Changed: DLNA, reduce number of getvolume and getmute calls whenever a device (zone) is being displayed or controlled.
4. NEW: DLNA, when a device fails to support setNextAVTransportURI, it will be automatically set to disabled in the DLNA controller options for that zone.
5. NEW: The expanded states of playlists in the tag window are saved between file selections and opens of the tag window.
6. NEW: Added the option to not translate hot keys when running as Media Server (Options > General > Advanced).
7. NEW: Added the ability to add a stop command to the Scheduler.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.32.
9. NEW: Added the choice of Playing Now to the play command in the scheduler to start playback of whatever is in Playing Now.
10. Fixed: Right-click on a playlist and picking Export Playlist didn't switch the view to that playlist so it could fail to export or even export the wrong playlist.
11. NEW: Added a "Recording Conflicts" column to television Standard view EPG for to be recorded entries. The column is available in "All Programs", "Favorites", and "To Be Recorded". Users need to opt to show the column.
12. Fixed: DLNA when the option was added to allow the formats to be specified for conversion in the DLNA server Audio settings, there wasn't a default value so nothing was getting converted. This won't fix existing installations, the formats will need to be selected on them but new installations will work as previously intended.
13. Fixed: MC could not read metadata tags in some WAVE files in recent builds.

23.0.85 (11/27/2017)

1. Fixed: If Chromium was selected as the MC browser and it hadn't been installed or it needed an update, when MC's web browser was started up it would freeze the main thread for a long period of time. Now it shows a popup status message with a Cancel button.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Fixed: Right-click on Track Info pages didn't work if Chromium was the engine.
4. Fixed: When you started up and played a file with Volume Protection enabled, it wouldn't always switch the volume to 20%.
5. Change: Television engine internal re-organization.

23.0.84 (11/21/2017)

1. NEW: The confirmation message box in "Clean up time-shifting folders" tool has a "Yes, and apply to all remaining x folders as well" button, so that one can clean up all remaining folders without additional confirmation.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.30.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Fixed: Recent versions weren't playing some APE files.
6. Changed: When TV time-shifting needs to jump forward due to channel changing, the process is serialized to prevent multiple threads from doing the same thing simultaneously.
7. Fixed: Sat>IP TV recording could not be done in TS format.
8. Fixed: TV recording folder names could be messed up (causing the folder not being able to be deleted) for shows whose names end with ellipsis (three consecutive '.').

23.0.83 (11/16/2017)

1. Fixed: The right-hand column of the tag window would be too small to read any values when MC's tree view was set to a narrow size.
2. Fixed: DLNA server, the cover art update from 23.0.81 missed sending the smallest thumbnail size.
3. NEW: DLNA renderer selects the largest cover art image regardless of the order it's provided in.
4. Changed: Fields marked for searching will be searched by default even if they're a large data type (like the description field).
5. Changed: Removed the check for empty when setting a field to a value on import so that empty is a perfectly acceptable value.
6. Changed: OTA EPG scanning (ATSC and DVB) will skip channels that have XMLTV ID's if the option "In over-the-air EPG scan, save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only" is set.
7. Changed: Setting the Filename (path) field with an import rule will fix the directory path (add a slash at the end) so that the path cleaning functions that remove directories with dots, etc. run.
8. Changed: The expression customization (like in the player area display) allows using the variable [Library.Path] to show the path of the current library.
9. NEW: You can customize the number of thumbnail text lines (and then we'll wrap instead of truncate) by picking "Thumbnail Text Lines" from the view header menu.
10. Fixed: YouTube searching in Theater View wasn't working.
11. Fixed: The options icons wouldn't resize properly when a scale of the entire program was selected.
12. NEW: Panel - Panel will display cover art or thumbnail when playing to a zone other than the browser, .
13. Fixed: Panel - Playback information was not updating when playing to the Player zone.

23.0.82 (11/13/2017)

1. Changed: Marked the "Recent Playing Now's" playlist name for translation.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.27.
3. NEW: Panel - Authentication is fully implemented.
4. NEW: Panel - Added audio and video quality options to settings. The default for both is High.
5. NEW: Panel - Last played and play count are now updated in Media Center for audio and video once the progress is at least half way through the file, and for images after the image is loaded.
6. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the Playing Now Bar to use space a bit better in some cases.
7. Changed: Panel - Removed the Playing Now playlist count from the Playing Now Bar.
8. Changed: Panel - Audio file lists display the track name and track artist on separate lines and the track album was removed.
9. Changed: Panel - Adjusted audio cover art to not take up as much space in some cases.
10. Fixed: Doing a Send To on a linked zone wouldn't play to the entire link.
11. NEW: The search on the options box accepts a page name before an arrow to search just a certain page (ie. Audio > Device will search only the audio branch instead of hitting anyplace that has Device).
12. Fixed: Searching in options wouldn't work right if you backspaced to remove characters.
13. Changed: Hidden channels are excluded from OTA EPG scans.
14. NEW: Added Medium and Large cover art to the sizes offered by our DLNA servers.
15. Changed: Enabled support for Handheld devices which expose a drive letter in Media Center 64-bit (ie. USB thumb drives, portable music players or phones with a single storage volume).
16. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).

23.0.81 (11/7/2017)

1. Changed: Marked the "Imported Playlists" playlist for translation but no longer translate the actual name (so it should be the same across all languages).
2. Fixed: MC was not able to play WAV files with an "RF64" root chunk ID (Broadcast WAVE Format extension).
3. NEW: A per-device option to disable VideoClock when running television tuners/video capture devices in non-time-shifting mode.
4. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version, and enabled it for 64-bit Media Center.
5. Fixed: The JRiver WDM driver could crash and cause a BSOD when used in WASAPI mode.

23.0.80 (11/1/2017)

1. Fixed: The horizontal and vertical positioning on the on screen display wasn't working with the 2D image viewer.
2. Changed: Trying to mark the Car Radio playlist group name for translation so it will show translated, but still use the same copy for any language.
3. Fixed: The Analyze Audio tool wouldn't remember the window position.
4. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)
5. Changed: When "Clean up existing television channels" is selected during television setup, the EPG scheduled loading will be reset to "no load".
6. Fixed: Picking random sorting for an album view could break the view if it contained linked tracks.

23.0.79 (10/30/2017)

1. NEW: In Theater View television guide, programs being recorded are shown with a different mark so a user can easily tell that the recordings have successfully started.
2. NEW: Doing a "Get Movie & TV Info" on one file now gives the option to overwrite.
3. Changed: The Analyze Audio tool will be in the right-click menu if there are any audio or video files selected instead of if all the selected files are audio or video.
4. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks ByteStar)
5. NEW: Added the MCWS function DSP/SetAdaptiveVolume to set the level of adaptive volume and turn it on or off.
6. Fixed: Searches with the &#345; letter and a few other accent letters didn't resolve to the non accent version properly.
7. Fixed: Playing certain WMAv2 files in Media Center 64-bit did not work since 23.0.74.
8. Fixed: When the last recorded TV show in a series was deleted upon automatic prompt (a recent new feature), Theater View remained in position with no file in it (and showing message "There is nothing to display') instead of returning to the parent position as in the case of user initiated delete.
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. Changed: Car Radio buttons now share the configuration between all languages instead of having a separate configuration for each language.
11. Changed: The "currently recording" icon will be shown as soon as the the recording starts, instead of the actual program start time, in both Theater View and Standard view television guide.
12. Fixed: Panel - Video playback would not work in some cases.
13. Fixed: Panel - The playing now playlist was broken for videos.
14. Fixed: Tabbing through the "Last Played" field could cause Media Center to crash.
15. NEW: Added the option Images > Automatically start slideshows. It can be disabled so that the program won't start a slideshow when you double-click an image.
16. Fixed: Image effects didn't work with the 2D image viewer.
17. Fixed: The "Currently recording" icon for television shows was not shown on MC clients.
18. Fixed: Normalization during the CD ripping process was broken.

23.0.78 (10/24/2017)

1. Fixed: A file with no rating would still show in the tag window's Fields With Values section.
2. Fixed: DLNA - If a DLNA server provided both the artist and artist role=albumartist in the xml and the artist role=albumartist came first it would be used as the artist also. This made compilation CD's show up as separate albums in MC.
3. Changed: When loading remote DLNA server libraries write empty fields since they may have changed since the last load (if the tags were changed on the server).
4. Changed: Use the DLNA artist roles in preference to non-standard attributes when loading remote DLNA server libraries.
5. NEW: Add parsing for the artist role = composer attribute when it's used in place of the upnp:author attribute when loading remote DLNA server libraries..
6. Changed: The confirmation when changing a large number of files in the database has a checkbox to not show the prompt again.
7. Changed: When auto-filling the Car Radio buttons, it will detect if it had previously auto-filled and not create duplicates.
8. NEW: Keyboard shortcuts for video lipsync adjustment. SHIFT+COMMA (SHIFT+, or '<') to delay audio, SHIFT+PERIOD (SHIFT+. or '>') to advance audio, by 50 ms. SHIFT+SLASH (SHIFT+/ or '?') to reset to zero. This works for all DirectShow video file playback and time-shifted live TV. Not for live TV in non-time-shifting mode (as VideoClock is disabled in the mode).
9. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks ByteStar)
10. NEW: Added the right-click command "Left-align Labels" to the new tag window to make the labels left align instead of right align.
11. NEW: DLNA renderer zones display the device address in the right-click menu.
12. NEW: DLNA and Library servers display the device address in the right-click menu and add an option to display the presentation page if one is available.
13. NEW: Panel - Swipe left or right on touch devices to navigate to the next or previous page.
14. Changed: Panel - Folder covers now display the total number of files within if more than one.
15. Changed: Panel - Changed the page jump links to increment by 1 instead of 2.
16. Changed: Panel - Removed the previous and next page buttons.

23.0.77 (10/23/2017)

1. NEW: Keyboard and OSD zoom in and out now work with the 2D image viewer.
2. Changed: VideoClock is disabled when video capture devices are run in non-time-shifting mode.
3. Fixed: If you saved a divider as a DSP Preset right away, it wouldn't remember the settings when you reloaded.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. NEW: The new tag window allows dropping images onto it to set the image.
6. Fixed: Panel - The playing now playlist wasn't scrolling with some browsers in landscape orientation.

23.0.76 (10/20/2017)

1. Fixed: Mouse scrolling works on the 2d image viewer.
2. Fixed: Corrected some typos pointed out by Casiophil.
3. Fixed: When connecting with a library server client in read-only mode, it would provide a token and then get full access instead of read-only access.
4. Changed: Panel - Updated the audio, image, and video player to make better use of the screen space, especially on mobile devices.
5. Changed: Panel - The playing now view will change depending on if the window has a portrait or landscape orientation.
6. Changed: Panel - In the playing now view, cover art, images, and videos will remain static while the playlist is still scrollable.
7. Changed: Panel - Made folder buttons smaller in some cases to get more items on the display.
8. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the font sizes for different display sizes.

23.0.75 (10/19/2017)

1. Changed: During import, a file will be resolved to the full network path and that filename will be checked for import as well. That way importing from M: that maps to Media and from Media will not import twice.
2. Fixed: WMDM didn't sync the disk number properly so if a file had a disc number, it would sync over and over.
3. Fixed: The MC installer was not removing old versions of some Panel components. They weren't causing problems but were needlessly taking up space.
4. Changed: Made the search suggestions for a field show up even for a short search as long as there are less than 1000 matches (before it was 20 matches).

23.0.74 (10/17/2017)

1. Fixed: The new feature of getting channel logos from "TV Logos" folder automatically did not work on clients.
2. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to version 3.4, used for file analysis and transcoding.
3. Changed: Once you close a check for updates prompt Action Window, it won't show again for the run of the program.
4. Fixed: 24-bit WMA files did not play properly in 64-bit Media Center.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Changed: Added a mute button to the Z skin (double thanks to Marko and Awesome Donkey).
7. Fixed: When a handheld device is configured to sync to a playlist and the user modified the playlist and selected "sync now" on the device, MC would not sync the modified playlist and instead popped a message saying the device was fully synchronized.
8. Fixed: When certain expressions were used in handheld media paths (e.g. Options / Handheld / Files, Paths, & More / Audio Path:), the device sync would not work correctly.

23.0.73 (10/13/2017)

1. Changed: When a disjoint group of TV channels are selected and moved using "Move Up" or "Move Down" button, the un-selected channels in the middle of the group is no longer moved together.
2. Fixed: Auto-Fill of the Car Radio buttons would look at images and videos when figuring the most common artists and genres and make buttons that wouldn't work.
3. Fixed: Playing video in JRemote on iOS devices was not working.

23.0.72 (10/12/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir).
2. Changed: The country names in television setup are now translatable.
3. Changed: The country name "United States of America" is simplied to "United States" in television setup, to be consistent with the other areas of MC.
4. Changed: Made the stars in Theater View's Playing Now clickable (before they only responded to keyboard input).
5. NEW: Drag-N-Drop to re-order channels on "Manage TV Channels" tool.
6. NEW: Added the right-click command "Auto-Fill" to Car Radio to fill the buttons using your most common artists, genres, most played tracks, etc.
7. NEW: Added "Reset All Buttons" to the right-click of the Car Radio buttons.
8. NEW: Panel - Added a folder item count to the upper right corner of the folder button.
9. Changed: Panel - Changed the page jump buttons to use a link style format.
10. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the format of the play all button on folder buttons.
11. Changed: Panel - Moved folder titles back below the folder button.
12. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the layout of the playback bar.

23.0.71 (10/10/2017)

1. Changed: The tool "Fill Track Numbers From List Order" will default to setting the Episode # if it's run on a set of videos.
2. Fixed: The album memory reader cache would clear when double-clicking a different file in Playing Now, but not reload the files.

23.0.70 (10/6/2017)

1. Changed: When loading tracks for album memory playback, a wait message will display if it takes more than one second.
2. Changed: Album memory playback detects when the same file is in the playlist multiple times and no longer loads the file more than once.
3. Fixed: DLNA: Don't call GetMediaInfo if the controller options are set to Disable SetNext support.
4. Changed: Reduced default time for device calls from 10 seconds to 2 seconds, since the calls are sometimes on the main thread.
5. Fixed: DLNA: Fix status calls for GetPosition which were not entirely correct in 23.0.67.
6. Changed: Play Doctor caps the number of files it will output based on the size of the entire library.
7. Fixed: On Manage TV Channels window the channel logo preview window showed a blank instead of the default image if the channel's set image file was no longer available.
8. Fixed: Album memory playback no longer attempts to load URLs.
9. NEW: Panel - Added the playlist count and current track to the playback bar.
10. Changed: Panel - Removed the fanned icon for groups of multiple files.
11. Fixed: Panel - Buttons for custom views didn't have the appropriate format.
12. Fixed: DLNA: Options that aren't active depending on the current settings are grayed out.
13. NEW: DLNA: You can now select the audio formats that are converted when "specified output format only when necessary" is selected. (under Add or configure DLNA servers .. [Server name]->Audio->Advanced)

23.0.69 (10/5/2017)

1. Changed: TV recording delete confirmation dialog self-destructs in 10 seconds to prevent it from blocking the program in case it pops up unattended.
2. Fixed: Message boxes in Theater View that have self-destruction timer set might return wrong result upon self-destruction.
3. Fixed: Improved handling of redirects when downloading cover art or season banners from TheTVDB.
4. Fixed: Connecting a new client to a Library Server will no longer re-create all stock smartlists.
5. Changed: Increased the mouse-wheel precision of the Tempo/Pitch/Rate sliders in the Tempo & Pitch DSP.
6. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
7. Changed: Made Play Doctor give a file no chance of inclusion if it's been included in the last 10 tracks.
8. Changed: The "MC23.exe" Launcher is additionally included in the Media Center program folder, in addition to the system folder.

23.0.68 (10/4/2017)

1. NEW: Panel - Added a back button to the App header.
2. NEW: Panel - The mini player will also display the album title of the audio or image file playing.
3. Changed: Panel - Removed the browser header.
4. Changed: Panel - Removed the buffering slider animation.
5. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the format of the page jump buttons.
6. Changed: Panel - Made most of the folder buttons similar to the home page buttons.
7. Changed: Panel - Moved the play all button on folders to the lower right corner.
8. Fixed: Panel - Album columns were still taking up space on mobile devices.

23.0.67 (10/4/2017)

1. NEW: Added new tag fields "Work", "Movement", "Movement Number", "Movement Count", and "Show Work Movement". These tags will be read from and written to corresponding Apple iTunes tags in mp4 files.
2. NEW: Added an option "Use a default image for channels without logos" for Theater View TV Guide. This option is effective only if "Hide channel names in Theater View guide when channel logos are available" option is not used.
3. Changed: DLNA: Move the detection for the ability to do SetNext into the track playback start. Saves on device calls.
4. Fixed: DLNA: Add a GetTransportState for Playback state = PLAYING before GetPosition because on some slow devices GetPosition was returning values from the previous track which caused a track skip on those devices that support SetNext.
5. Changed: DLNA: Because of #4 above, change the track status update for SetNext support to 5 seconds.
6. NEW: MC will automatically search the Cover ArtTV Logos folder for channel logos if a channel does not already have a logo file saved in the Image File tag.
7. NEW: Added a "Divider" to the Parametric Equalizer to separate groups of filters. The text for the divider is customizable.
8. NEW: Added support for changing the label column width in the tag editing action window. Cursor changes to a 'sizing' icon when over the divider between label and value.
9. Fixed: Album memory playback could fail to play tracks when it looped the playlist and started again.
10. NEW: The 'Get Movie & TV Info' dialog has a new option to select or de-select getting keyword data along with the other metadata. It's a checkbox called "Use keywords".
11. Changed: In the Standard Television View the horizontal split between the Filter window and the Channels window can now be adjusted.
12. Fixed: Theater View could crash in recent builds if "Expression to Display" was used in a view.
13. Changed: DLNA: when ignoring position failure, add a settling delay for the play command after sending the URI to the renderer. Helps with some slow renderers.
14. Changed: DLNA: changes to make the slider work when getposition is slow or fails.
15. Fixed: DLNA: get the fileinfo to update onscreen instantly when transitioning tracks.
16. Fixed: DLNA: change to the DLNA image slideshow push to renderer to work with MC as a renderer.
17. Changed: DLNA renderer. Ignore Stop commands while playing back images. Enables a smooth slideshow. WIP.

23.0.66 (9/29/2017)

1. Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+F to search when you were in a nested sub-view didn't properly jump to the top of the view. Instead it could jump to an audio view.
2. Fixed: When a recorded TV show was deleted right after it was played (a new feature in build 65), the show was not removed from the list in Theater view.
3. NEW: Added the Send To menu to the customize toolbar dialog.
4. Changed: Replaced checkbox symbol "[ x ]" with a check mark '&#10003;' in Theater View TV recording configuration dialogs.
5. Changed: Replaced checkbox symbol "[ x ]" with "[&#8730;]" TV Channels list in "Manage TV Channels."
6. NEW: Added the keyboard shortcuts U and D to move filters in Parametric Equalizer up and down.
7. NEW: Added the keyboard shortcut R to remove a filter from Parametric Equalizer.
8. Changed: The right-click commands Stacks > Advanced > Create Particle and Auto Create... didn't get added to the MRU menu.
9. Changed: Made the column alignment setting also apply to the view header, so making text right justified for example will also right justify the header.
10. NEW: Panel - Added page jump links below the next and previous page buttons.
11. Changed: Panel - The next and previous track buttons will show in the playing now bar on mobile devices held in the landscape orientation.
12. NEW: Added the option "Shuffle the list" when saving a Car Radio button to shuffle all the files that are saved as a playlist.

23.0.65 (9/27/2017)

1. Changed: Added the .dtshd extension for DTS audio files.
2. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.92.4.
3. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playback/StopAll to stop all playback regardless of zone (includes remote and DLNA zones).
4. Fixed: Linking a Car Radio button to a playlist or smartlist would create 1000 buttons.
5. Fixed: Saving a Car Radio button to a playlist wouldn't delete the old playlist so duplicates could get created and the results would be undefined.
6. Changed: Made the CreateInterface function in the automation SDK return an intn instead of a long (so it works on x64).
7. NEW: Television has an option (in TV Options > Advanced section) to offer to delete a recorded TV show that is just watched. You have to opt-in for this to take effect and the show must have been watched at least 85% for the feature to kick in.
8. Changed: Removed "Use extra layer of buffer when recording in TS format" from TV Options as this option no longer have any effect.
9. Changed: Clicking a playing image will stop the slideshow from running.
10. Fixed: Mouse wheel on the 2D image viewer wouldn't redraw the image at the new zoom level.
11. Fixed: JRiver Time-shifting Writer filter might cause a crash when other filters fail to start.
12. NEW: Panel - Added an option to Settings to allow the user to set the number of items to display per page.
13. Changed: Panel - Panel will now display the album title in the file list on non-mobile devices.
14. Changed: Panel - Next and previous page buttons were added to the top of lists as well.
15. Changed: Panel - Changed the audio cover art display to use up less space.

23.0.64 (9/22/2017)

1. Changed: Tuned the paste logic so that when it adds delimiters to strings pasted in, it removes the final trailing delimiter if it's just empty after it.
2. Changed: JRMark scores say if they're coming from an x64 build of Media Center.
3. Changed: Panel - When selecting a file or group of files to begin playing in the browser, Panel will now jump to the playing page.
4. Changed: Panel - Avoids doing conversion with files that don't need to be converted for HTML5.
5. Fixed: Panel - The player was not working in the Safari browser.
6. Fixed: Panel - The player would stop working in some browsers shortly after playing began.

23.0.63 (9/22/2017)

1. Fixed: The DLNA controller option "Ignore GetPosition Failure" wasn't being read properly. The default of not enabled should NOW help with some DLNA renderer issues, skipping tracks, etc.
2. Fixed: Dolby Digital encoding in the Output Format DSP did not work in the 64-bit build.
3. Changed: Tuned the grouping logic of pane expressions a little more. It wasn't always detecting the field properly.

23.0.62 (9/21/2017)

1. Fixed: In some cases closing an edit control in the new Tag window wouldn't register that it was closed so it would take two clicks on the close button to exit.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.26.
3. Changed: MC will no longer use abbreviated JTV folder name unless it is needed to reduce the length of the file path.
4. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: The 64-bit version shares the license registration with the 32-bit version, and no longer requires a separate activation.
6. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
7. Changed: Improved the grouping logic in panes for the expression to display to better handle using something like [Actors].

23.0.61 (9/19/2017)

1. Changed: Typed navigation in a list puts the first match at the top of the scroll position instead of at the bottom.
2. NEW: "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool has an option for "JTV container folder". One can select from three options - "Insert a folder using automatically formatted folder name", "Insert a folder using the original folder name", and "Just use the rule above without adding a folder".
3. Fixed: When moving/copying JTV files with the "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool, the destination path might not change after the folder rule is changed.
4. Fixed: Ignoring articles for sorting did not work in 64-bit.
5. Fixed: Album memory playback would load videos into memory instead of only loading audio files.
6. Changed: Upped the cap on memory playback tracks to 30 since it now makes sure it will take less than two gigabytes.
7. Changed: Increased the cap for memory playback track loading to 2GB on 32-bit and 16GB on 64-bit.
8. Changed: If you paste a string of multiple lines into a place where multi-line isn't accepted, it will replace the newlines with our delimiter ( ; ) instead of just removing everything after the newline.
9. Changed: Added the temporary file location specified in Options to the auto-import exclude list.
10. Fixed: When a CD was ripped, the metadata was set to 'unknown'. This bug was present since build 23.0.51, because of the playback range change in that build.

23.0.60 (9/18/2017)

1. Changed: Album memory playback only loads the album (collection of 15 files or less in Playing Now) if it will take less than 1 GB of memory.
2. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playback/Mute to set the mute state of playback.
3. NEW: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)
4. Changed: Pressing play on an MCE remote while a video is paused in Display View will just resume playback (instead of restarting playback).
5. Fixed: wasn't working properly in Theater View.
6. Changed: Removed the Onion from Theater View News because it wasn't working.
7. Fixed: GPS Altitude tag in EXIF was not imported correctly if the altitude reference tag was reporting "below sea level". In those cases an invalid ascii character 0x1 was placed before the altitude value.
8. Changed: Panel - The default volume setting was changed from 50% to 100%.
9. Changed: Panel - The link to Panel in Tools -> Options -> Media Network was updated to Panel and the target link was corrected.
10. Fixed: Panel - Images would not load if there was an invalid XML character in the Altitude tag.
11. Changed: Panel - The home page icons have fixed colors.

23.0.59 (9/15/2017)

1. NEW: WebGizmo - The video player now uses live streaming when playing to the browser, so it should be able to play more video formats. Seeking beyond the buffered portion currently isn't supported.

23.0.58 (9/15/2017)

1. Fixed: Playing a file through the Shell Extension when Media Center was closed would append it to Playing Now in some cases instead of playing it.
2. Fixed: Shell Extension commands when Media Center was already running were being ignored on a 64-bit OS.
3. Fixed: A few timers were not being fired in 64-bit, resulting in loss of functionality in some areas.

23.0.57 (9/15/2017)

1. Fixed: FLAC playback wasn't working properly with the new "Load full album (not decoded) into memory" feature.

23.0.56 (9/15/2017)

1. NEW: Added the memory playback mode "Load full album (not decoded) into memory." Loads the entire playlist (up to 15 tracks) into memory.
2. Changed: In TV Options, "In over-the-air EPG scan, save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only" is moved to "Guide" section.
3. Changed: In TV Options, "Cleanup time-shifting folders" is moved to "General" section.

23.0.55 (9/14/2017)

1. Fixed: Ripping a Blu-ray could result in Media Center freezing when importing the finished rip.
2. Fixed: Thumbnailing of TV recordings in TS format followed general video setting for thumbnail capture position instead of TV setting.

23.0.54 (9/13/2017)

1. Fixed: A Library Server on the local network could be shown in the tree twice if it was connected through SSL.
2. Changed: Disabled Theater View background artwork lookup from, as it has been unavailable for a while.
3. Changed: Improved TV channel-changing experience.
4. Changed: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)
5. Changed: The program will no longer ask about resuming from a bookmark even if it's configured to ask when it's in no error mode (like when it's connected to a server).
6. Changed: The error box for no tuner available won't be shown when we're in no error mode (like when connected to a server).

23.0.53 (9/11/2017)

1. Changed: Marked the memory playback modes for translation.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
3. NEW: Added the right-click command to playing now "Paste Playing Now Image From Clipboard". This way you can customize the image shown for a device.
4. Changed: Panel - The selected zone is now stored in a cookie and restored when returning to Web Gizmo after navigating away.
5. Changed: Panel - File conversion works on images so incompatible image types should now work on Web Gizmo.
6. Fixed: Tooltip when hovering over the 'Next' button showed 'Next^^Track^^'.

23.0.52 (9/8/2017)

1. Fixed: Media Center could lock up in 23.0.51.
2. Fixed: Converting video to MPEG-2 AutoFPS could fail due to an imprecise framerate.

23.0.51 (9/7/2017)

1. NEW: The shortcut Ctrl+H hides the on screen display (OSD).
2. Fixed: When deleting JTV files, thumbnail/coverart files, ComSkip files, and other sidecar files that were saved in the same folder were not always deleted.
3. Fixed: When deleting TV recordings, thumbnail/coverart files that were saved in separate locations, such as "Cover Art" or "Cover ArtTV Logos" folder, were not deleted.
4. Fixed: Entering a playback range that went to the end of the file (ie. 7:25-) would not update the duration properly.
5. Fixed: Zone Switch would stop playback in other zones and sometimes clear the bookmark unintentionally.
6. Fixed: Tooltips would get run through the translation engine so paths and the like could end up translated.

23.0.50 (9/6/2017)

1. Changed: Made the advanced section in the new tag window include calculated fields.
2. Changed: Updated the wording on the access key generation dialog to better describe adding the library.
3. Changed: You can no longer add your own library to the "Add Library" dialog. Instead it shows a warning.
4. Fixed: Main thread could still stall for 30 seconds or more when a user-created "handheld" device is actually a network drive which was removed from the network.

23.0.49 (9/5/2017)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Changed: Japanese translation updated (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Changed: Typing searches in the tag window search box will accept a pipe symbol to "or" the test with other things (ie. genre|artist).
4. Changed: If you pick "No import" from the auto-import count-down, it won't do another count-down.
5. Changed: The playlist export option "Store paths relative to exported playlist location" is saved between runs of the tool.

23.0.48 (9/2/2017)

1. Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts were broken in 23.0.47.

23.0.47 (8/31/2017)

1. Changed: The image portion of the tag window uses the same highlight color from the skin as the text fields.
2. Changed: Added selection colors to the tag section of all the skins (thanks Awesome Donkey).
3. Fixed: If one of the conversion cache folders was empty, it would exclude all folders from an import.
4. Changed: Conversion cache folders are enforced to always be underneath a "JRiver Conversion Cache" folder.

23.0.46 (8/31/2017)

1. Fixed: "Rename, Move, & Copy File" tool did not copy/move thumbnail files for jtv files properly.
2. Changed: Convert Format tool will prevent system from going to sleep.
3. Changed: The fields with values section of the new tag window now includes editable calculated fields like year.
4. Changed: Skins can specify a highlight color for the tag window by filling: <TAGWINDOW> <Colors Selection="00FF00" /> with a value.

23.0.45 (8/29/2017)

1. Changed: When Media Center pops out of the tray to play a video (new feature) it'll now return to the tray after the video is stopped.
2. Changed: The reshuffle remaining command disables when there's less than two tracks in Playing Now.
3. Changed: Panel replaces the old WebGizmo interface.

23.0.44 (8/29/2017)

1. NEW: Web Gizmo - Added radio buttons and play doctor search.
2. Fixed: Web Gizmo - Mobile view playback controls.
3. Fixed: Enabling the WDM driver from a normal user account could result in it being removed again when MC was updated.
4. Changed: Made searching on an expression work with greater than and less than signs to treat it as a number (that makes a search like [=ListCount([Artist])]=>1 work).
5. Changed: Web Gizmo - Simplified interface by removing the sidebar and adding navigation links.

23.0.43 (8/28/2017)

1. Fixed: Picking multiple files with different ratings would clear the rating field in the new tag window.
2. Fixed: Possible rare crash from the tab control code.
3. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
4. NEW: Added a Slovenian translation (thanks Lorem Ipsum).
5. Changed: When starting playback to a Media Server running in the tray, it will jump to display view if it's a video.
6. Fixed: Typed navigation was not working in pane views on Windows.

23.0.42 (8/25/2017)

1. NEW: Ratings show as lists of clickable stars in the new tag window instead of as a number.
2. Changed: Lyrics and other large value type edit fields will show up to 6 lines in the new tag window instead of only one line.
3. Fixed: Mouse wheeling over a large text edit control in the new tag window would stop the editing instead of scrolling.
4. Changed: Clicking the close button on the new tag window will stop any open editing instead of closing the window.
5. NEW: Web Gizmo - Playing now page on mobile has complete playback controls.

23.0.41 (8/23/2017)

1. Changed: The zone switch menu appears when you right-click DLNA zones.
2. Changed: Files that get linked now contain a "Link Start" field value that's the first file in the link. This allows you to easily see if a file is linked or not (since the "Link" field is empty on the last file).
3. Changed: When starting playback of linked tracks, the first file in the link set is always started (if the link was newly created so has the Link Start set).
4. Changed: Clicking a large edit box will no longer select all (instead the selection will be at the start).
5. NEW: Web Gizmo - Progress bar now shows buffered portions of the media.
6. NEW: Web Gizmo - Fullscreen mode for images along with previous & next controls.

23.0.40 (8/22/2017)

1. Changed: Added the video option "Stop after a long pause" to make the new behavior optional (defaults to on).
2. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
3. Fixed: Added another little check to the suggestion code because we got a crash dump pointing to it.

23.0.39 (8/21/2017)

1. NEW: The new tag window has the ability to show all fields with values (just add the type "Fields With Values" in the edit dialog).
2. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
3. Changed: Dutch translation updated (thanks Patrick van d&#8203;er Loo).
4. Changed: Japanese translation updated (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Changed: The player defaults to the new tag window, but you can still open the old tag window by holding shift down.
7. NEW: Added the expression function IsDigit to test a string for digits (and decimals).

23.0.38 (8/18/2017)

1. Fixed: "Get Movie & TV Info" properly handles Unicode sequences in the TheTVDB result.
2. NEW: "Get Movie & TV Info" now offers a language choice for metadata lookup (currently available with TheTVDB and TheMovieDB).
3. Changed: Web Gizmo - Added tree browsing optimizations which limit the number of requests.
4. NEW: Web Gizmo - Added currently playing name and artist information to playback bar.
5. Fixed: Web Gizmo - Search bar was not updating results on change.
6. Changed: Back to the old tag window being default. A few bugs to fix in the new one before it's fully ready. The new one can still be selected with the Shift key when clicking the 'Tag' action window.
7. Changed: 'Test' button on PlayPower action editing dialogs to test the operation of your newly created (or existing) Engen, IR blast, etc. actions.

23.0.37 (8/16/2017)

1. NEW: Web Gizmo - Added search, playing now file list, and file list view when browsing.

23.0.36 (8/15/2017)

1. NEW: Web Gizmo - Input added for selecting zone playback, new button for playing all files in current view.
2. Fixed: Crash when VST audio plugins are enabled and loaded (e.g. playback, configuring DSP, etc.). Builds 32 through 35 were affected.
3. Fixed: Several bug fixes in the PlayPower configuration dialog.

23.0.35 (8/14/2017)

1. Changed: Improved TV time-shifting/JTV folder name formatting to better avoid collisions.
2. Changed: Web Gizmo support for larger library views.
3. Fixed: Action names for delay, MCC, and run program in playpower were getting blanked out in the list.

23.0.34 (8/11/2017)

1. Changed: PlayPower - Auto refresh the zone list if some zones are inaccessible when the dialog is shown because it takes a while for network zones to show up in the list.
2. Changed: PlayPower - Persist the engen device path as well as name in saved actions. Also be smarter about making device names human readable whenever possible.
3. Changed: PlayPower - Limit to audio playback for the time being.
4. Changed: The new tag window is opened always (no way to switch anymore).
5. NEW: Web Gizmo has a fresh new interface (still a work in progress).
6. Fixed: When running "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool with multiple JTV files, some files could be copied into the same time-shifting folder, causing Windows popup complaining about "destination file already exists".
7. Fixed: The PlayPower status dialog would not show on very quick actions. Now it shows for at least two seconds regardless.

23.0.33 (8/8/2017)

1. Changed: Change made in TV Guide database of "TheTVDB Series ID", or any field with relational type FIELD_RELATIONAL_TYPE_SERIES, will no longer be propagated to the main database directly.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: PlayPower - Use "input alias" values for meter device names when available from the Engen server. These are created by the user in the Engen software to make sub-node names more human readable.
4. Changed: PlayPower - Added logging to debug where a UI freeze is happening occasionally at closing the options dialog. Also made EngenAPI thread safe.
5. Changed: PlayPower - Now refreshes all sub-nodes on a device before querying for a meter reading.
6. Changed: PlayPower - Added some status information to the Wait dialog during the 'prepare to start playback' phase.

23.0.32 (8/7/2017)

1. Changed: Ctrl-K or MCC 28042 for toggling commercial skips will no longer turn off manual skipping (i.e. the Next/Previous buttons).
2. Fixed: PlayPower - When adding an existing IR blast, it was calling it "New IR Blast" rather than using the existing name when available.
3. Fixed: Numeric "Spin" type UI controls did not respond to multiple mouse clicks on the up/down arrows unless there was a 1 second delay between them.
4. Changed: PlayPower - Is now available even when "Remote Control" feature is disabled. When remote control is disabled, IR commands are not handled but PlayPower setup can still be done with Engen and other commands.

23.0.31 (8/4/2017)

1. Fixed: Engen settings would get lost if Cancel was selected in the Options dialog before viewing the Engen settings.
2. Changed: Some wording was changed to reflect the new Engen setup name: PlayPower.
3. Changed: During a fresh install, the installer will look for Media Center 20, 21, and 22 instead of only Media Center 22 when upgrading the library and settings.
4. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks, Massimo).
5. Changed: Added a 'Refresh' button to the zone list on the Engen Setup page (Options / Remote Control / Engen Setup). Fills in zones that weren't accessible previously.
6. NEW: "Get Movie & TV Info" tool is available on TV Recordings view.
7. Changed: When updating XMLTV EPG data with "TheTVDB Series ID" being empty, we do not empty the field in the database if we already have a previously obtained entry of the same show.

23.0.30 (8/2/2017)

1. Changed: When evaluating TV recording file path expressions at the end of recording, single-digit Season and Episode numbers are padded with a '0' to match the behavior in "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool.
2. Changed: When evaluating TV recording file path expressions at the end of recording, empty fields will use "Unknown xxxxx" to avoid creating an empty string for a folder name, and to match the behavior in "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool.
3. Changed: Many UI changes in the new Engen setup dialog (Options / Remote Control / Engen Setup).
4. Fixed: Engen setup for playback shows a "working..." popup with a Cancel button that wasn't working. Also several other bugs were fixed.

23.0.29 (8/1/2017)

1. Changed: Radio KISS - Default playback is player and audio quality is Original.
2. Fixed: Radio KISS - Playing now song select didn't work on remote zones.
3. Fixed: Problems in the new Engen remote control feature.
4. NEW: "Locate" context menu in TV Recordings view.
5. Fixed: Connecting to a new remote library didn't reliably use HTTPS if a HTTP connection to the same library was used before.
6. Changed: The expression Watched() will show something like "10 of 12 watched" for groups of files.

23.0.28 (7/31/2017)

1. Fixed: Sorting of results by quality in Get Movie & TV Info wasn't working.

23.0.27 (7/31/2017)

1. Fixed: Playing rotated videos with Red October HQ were cut-off at the bottom.
2. Changed: JRDisc didn't have a version.
3. NEW: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)

23.0.26 (7/28/2017)

1. NEW: In Options / Remote Control, added an Engen setup section for controlling A/V equipment. Currently the only trigger is start of playback within a zone. Work in progress.

23.0.25 (7/28/2017)

1. Fixed: Get Movie & TV Info didn't scale the subtitle selection properly on some monitors.
2. Changed: Removed World Weather Online from Theater View weather because they expired our API key.
3. NEW: Added OpenWeatherMap as a source to Theater View weather.
4. Fixed: Theater View News Interact wouldn't show Japanese and other foreign characters properly.
5. Fixed: Radio KISS - Settings (play to, quality, zone info) wouldn't be cached on some devices after closing the browser.
6. NEW: Added "Cover Art" and "Links" submenus in TV Recordings view's context menu.
7. Fixed: Some OpenCable TV channels could not be played in recent builds.

23.0.24 (7/26/2017)

1. Fixed: The weather plugin wouldn't scale nicely on high DPI.
2. Fixed: Radio KISS - Various display issues resolved on tablets/medium displays.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Volume/previous/play/next buttons and selecting track now all work and disable properly.
4. NEW: Radio KISS - Early implementation of play doctor button.

23.0.23 (7/25/2017)

1. Fixed: An audio bug affecting Sat>IP channels with AC3 audio.
2. Fixed: Setting the wallpaper wouldn't work properly on some systems (maybe Windows 10 specific?).
3. NEW: An option to automatically reset log file when it grows beyond a user configured size.
4. Fixed: Disabling online Theater View theme image downloading wasn't working.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: We were no longer showing keyboard shortcuts for Display View, Theater View, etc.
7. Changed: Removed "(ATSC only)" from "In Over-the-air EPG scan (ATSC only), save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only" in Television properties.
8. NEW: Added the playback option Play Shuffled Albums (in track order) to take the tracks and expand them to full albums and shuffle the albums.
9. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
10. NEW: An MCC command (28042) and keyboard accelerator (Ctrl K) to toggle automatic ComSkip off or on during video playback.
11. NEW: "Send To" submenu is now available in Television view context menu when TV Recordings are in view.
12. NEW: The Disk Writer plugin can optionally write MP3 data instead of WAV data.
13. Fixed: MC could freeze for up to a minute at startup and other times if a handheld device had been created from a network share and the share dropped off the network.
14. NEW: Radio KISS - Mobile devices now support progress bar and seeking (on playing now page).
15. NEW: Radio KISS - New playlist card look and feel featuring album art from the playlist.
16. Changed: Radio KISS - Playback buttons are new and improved with animations and improved mobile responsiveness.

23.0.22 (7/17/2017)

1. Changed: Removed the "experimental" tag from the SoX option.
2. Fixed: When playing a music channel on an OpenCable tuner (such as a Comcast Music Choice channel) on a client, MC went into a long buffering pause shortly after playback started, and would not resume for a long time unless intervened by user.
3. Changed: Switched the DSP Analyzer's fall off back to the way it used to be.
4. Changed: Shortened the amount of video data that MC buffers when seek is performed, or when buffering is needed otherwise, on a music channel (such as Comcast Music Choice) on a TV tuner.
5. Changed: Made Theater View searching for sidecar files include any file named FanArt with an image extension.

23.0.21 (7/14/2017)

1. NEW: "Tag" context menu piece (including shortcut Alt+Enter) for tagging selected TV recordings in an Action Window.
2. Changed: Updated the Help > New / Improved This Version link to version 23.
3. NEW: Added support for Olympus ORF files.
4. Changed: Updated the Japanese language file again because there was a carriage return missing in the original and it caused trouble.

23.0.20 (7/12/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Made the Instrument field a list-style.
3. Fixed: Sat>IP television stopped working in recent builds.
4. Fixed: Volume protection wouldn't engage always when you first turned it on.
5. NEW: The tool tips on TV recordings in standard TV view will have a third line showing the file path and name.
6. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
7. Fixed: Linn DAC's were ignoring seek commands.

23.0.19 (7/10/2017)

1. NEW: Context menu "Use current audio stream as default" for all digital TV format (ATSC, DVB-T/S/C, OpenCable, and Sat>IP). This eliminates the need to open "Manage TV Channel" tool to select a default audio stream.
2. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks, Massimo).
3. Fixed: The expanded state of the playlists in the new tag Action Window was not preserved between file selections.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. NEW: Radio KISS - Added full screen toggle button for supported browsers.
6. NEW: Radio KISS - Automatically restores web player state on refresh.
7. Fixed: Radio KISS - Song metadata properly truncates text on Firefox.
8. Fixed: The height of the Manage Library Fields tool was not correct on some displays.

23.0.18 (7/7/2017)

1. NEW: CableCARD and Sat>IP channels allow user setting of audio stream PID.
2. Fixed: TheTVDB metadata lookup could unintentionally clear episode/season info when no full matches were found.
3. Fixed: Using the "Guide" key on a remote control (and similar keys) restores Theater View from its faded-out state.
4. Fixed: In Standard television view, the Channel column width did not stay at full width of the box when sorting was preformed.
5. Changed: The "Audio Programs" context menu for ATSC and DVB TV now includes audio type info, like the newly added menu for CableCARD and Sat>IP.
6. Fixed: Radio KISS - Fix playback when changing playlists in certain situations
7. Changed: Radio KISS - Detect disconnection from MCWS

23.0.17 (7/6/2017)

1. Fixed: Radio KISS - Hide internal playlists, car radio seeds playlists on Windows

23.0.16 (7/6/2017)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.70.2.
2. Fixed: Live TV playback with Red October Standard and Hardware Accelerated decoding could result in a black screen.
3. Changed: Made the MCC command MCC_EXPORT_ALL_PLAYLISTS (20004) honor the silent flag and just use the M3U format.
4. Fixed: Canon RAW files (CRW) wouldn't always import properly.
5. Fixed: Theater View News wouldn't load interact properly.
6. Fixed: The folder option in Camera Acquire Images didn't allow typing.

23.0.15 (7/5/2017)

1. Fixed: The Modern Cards Grey skin top border wouldn't look good on high DPI or retina modes.
2. NEW: Audio Programs context menu for on-the-fly selection of audio for CableCARD and Sat>IP devices.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Hidden Car Radio seeds playlists
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Temporarily hide non-radio button playlists until fix exists
5. Fixed: The "Smartlist Rules Importer / Exporter" dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
6. Changed: Added parameter IncludeMediaTypes to MCWS Playlists/List command which returns the media types of files in a playlist (regular playlists only).

23.0.14 (6/28/2017)

1. NEW: "Library Tools" context menu in standard television view, when TV recordings are listed.
2. NEW: F6 and F12 support in standard television view, when TV recordings are listed.
3. Fixed: Radio KISS - Play stats are updated when listening from the player
4. Fixed: Radio KISS - No repeated login prompts
5. Changed: Radio KISS - Displays all user playlists, some smartlists
6. Changed: Added icon for Smartlists
7. NEW: Added an option to show/hide the All Lights On and All Lights Off buttons to the Theater View Lighting configuration dialog.

23.0.13 (6/26/2017)

1. Changed: Removed the "Video renderer (with integrated decoding)" choice from custom DirectShow graph configuration, since madVR dropped support for this mode long ago.
2. Changed: Red October HQ uses LAV Video's "DXVA2 Copy-Back" hardware acceleration on AMD video cards.
3. Fixed: Saving the currently playing tracks as a Car Radio Playchart didn't create a Playchart that corresponded to the original files (you'll have to save again to make it start working).
4. Changed: Carnac will strip any leading zeroes off the season and episode at import time.
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

23.0.12 (6/23/2017)

1. Changed: If loading Sat>IP channels with default port fails, MC will retry with port 554.
2. NEW: Radio KISS - support for HTTP audio/radio streams (HLS)
3. Fixed: Playing page now loads next metadata properly
4. Fixed: Previous/next button disable status is functional
5. Optimized: Performance enhancements when changing pages and selecting playlists

23.0.11 (6/22/2017)

1. Optimized: Television recording in transport stream format is more efficient, especially when multiple simultaneous recordings are involved.
2. NEW: You can right-click a file and pick Cover Art > Edit (first file) to open the image in the JRiver image editor.
3. Fixed: Saving cover art to the external location specified in options didn't always work.
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Make playing list items clickable
5. Changed: Radio KISS - Jump to playing page upon clicking playlist

23.0.10 (6/22/2017)

1. Changed: Minor logging adjustment in television engine.
2. Fixed: Playlist export didn't fix the filenames, so if the playlist name contained a colon or other character that wasn't legal, it didn't work properly.
3. Changed: When a channel is deleted from the list on Manage TV Channels window, the list is no longer scrolled to the top.
4. Fixed: Radio KISS - Routing/refreshing uses hash
5. Fixed: Radio KISS - Playlist card text no longer overflow container
6. Changed: Radio KISS - Playlist/playchart text are now icons
7. Changed: Radio KISS - Play/pause icon reflects status of playlist on playlist cards
8. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.

23.0.9 (6/20/2017)

1. Fixed: Custom scenes were not activating in the Theater View Lighting plugin.
2. Fixed: When doing DLNA rendering of "wav" files (not L24 or L16), MC was doing an expensive internet open/read/close operation (twice) to check for exotic "wav" files containing compressed data that need the video engine. Now we only do this for local files. Caused hesitation between tracks on slow devices like ID's.
3. Changed: Radio KISS - Improved "Playing" page format on mobile and desktop
4. Changed: Radio KISS - Show cover art on mobile in now playing bar
5. NEW: Radio KISS - Select web audio quality from settings page

22.0.110 (6/2/2017)

1. Fixed: A bug in recent builds that would cause TV time-shifting folder name to end with a space and such folder could not be deleted.
2. Fixed: TV Recording clean up tool could not remove the malformed folder that had a folder name that ended with a space.

22.0.109 (5/25/2017)

1. Fixed: Clicking from one field to another in the new tag window wouldn't keep editing.

22.0.108 (5/17/2017)

1. Fixed: Some DVB-T HD channels (HEVC/H.265) could not be played live, nor could jtv recordings of them be played.
2. Change: Additional changes to avoid putting CableCARD tuners in "Undefined" state erroneously.
3. Fixed: When a TV device failed to initialize or failed to start recording, the state of the tuner could be stuck in "initializing" or "undefined".
4. Fixed: Recent changes in Manage TV Channels tool messed up checkbox clicking (Favorite or Hidden) in the channel list.

22.0.107 (5/16/2017)

1. Changed: Minor change in how television time-shifting folder length is shortened as introduced in build 106.
2. Changed: Updated the TheTVDB integration to the v2 TheTVDB API.
3. Changed: The Buy menu now includes current prices of products (USD currency).
4. Fixed: "Tagging error" popup when television recording in jtv with long file path finished.
5. Fixed: Thumbnailing failed for JTV television recordings with long file paths.
6. NEW: If an EPG program contains an image file URL, MC will download and save the image locally after recording the program.
7. Fixed: Keyboard searches/navigation within report controls did not support space characters because of a conflict with the space-bar accelerator key Play/Pause functionality. Now a space is supported as long as it's not the first character in the search string.

22.0.106 (5/1/2017)

1. Fixed: Television time-shifting files with long file paths were not cleaned after time-shifting/recording sessions ended.
2. Fixed: Cleanup time-shifting folders tool could not clean up files with long file paths.
3. Fixed: Media Center might not have output 32 channels reliably.
4. Fixed: A bug in television time-shifting index file handling that caused problems when show names were super long.
5. Fixed: "Rename, Move, & Copy file" did not format new file name correctly for files with long file paths.
6. Fixed: JTV files could not be renamed or copied correctly if they had long file paths.
7. Changed: Folder name length of television time-shifting folder (for each time-shifting or recording session) is limited to 50 characters or fewer, to reduce the chance of having super long jtv file paths (some TV show's name field may be over 100 characters long).
8. Fixed: The Full Screen Monitor option in the Tree & View properties was not showing a list of monitors.
9. Changed: On the help menu, added a sub-menu to the "Buy" option that contains the single platform option along with the Master license option.

22.0.105 (4/24/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: In image editor, the offsets and scrolling weren't right. Image had a weird offset within the display window and after zooming, user often could not scroll to the edge of the image.

22.0.104 (4/22/2017)

1. Changed: When the focus was on any report or list control, the space-bar key was not working as an accelerator for Play/Pause. Now the only place it doesn't work is in the main tree view where it's used for expand/contract group items.
2. NEW: The television channels list on Manage TV Channels window now has two additional columns - "Channel #" and "Type". Click any column header sorts the channels according to the column with exception of the first column, which is still a rolling sort column (cycling through "Custom", "by channel name not ignoring the channel number in the name", and "by channel name, ignoring the channel number in name").
3. Changed: Trying again to get printer settings saving.

22.0.103 (4/21/2017)

1. Changed: Television channel custom ordering method was changed. This is an internal change. There should be no user noticeable effect.
2. Changed: Added support for customizing the group colors in the new tag window. Set: <TAGWINDOW><Colors Group="FF00FF" />.
3. Changed: Switched the edit used for searching in the new tag window to a "Search" style from a regular edit style.
4. Changed: On Manage TV Channels window, the television channels list window will not reset to Custom sorting each time some operation (such as grouping, adding or deleting channels) is performed.
5. Changed: When television channels are sorted according to parameters that put channels in large groups (such as Favorite status, Hidden status, or Tuner Type), channels within each group are sorted by channel names instead of leaving them unsorted.
6. Fixed: Image printing wouldn't reliably save and load printer settings on some systems.

22.0.102 (4/19/2017)

1. Changed: Setting the Repeat mode to stop after each item or to repeat the current item will be saved between program runs (previously it would switch to repeating the playlist in those modes).
2. Fixed: The new Action Window Tag page wouldn't always update properly on skin switches.

22.0.101 (4/19/2017)

1. Changed: Adjusted television time-shifting reader filter's logging so it uses the user configured logging verbosity.
2. Fixed: Track Info visualizations could steal the focus on track changes.
3. Fixed: Empty list-type fields wouldn't show in the new Tag Action Window.
4. Changed: List-type fields in the new Tag Action Window are capped at displaying 6 items.

22.0.100 (4/17/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: If "Year Movie was Released" is found in PercData data, it will be saved in Date field.
3. Changed: An option "If channel names include multiple parts separated by '-', use last part of the name" was added for Sat>IP TV channel scanning using server-provided channel list file.
4. Changed: When doing a Sat>IP channel scan with the "short name" option, channel names that begin with "Radio - " will keep the "Radio - " prefix.
5. Changed: Revised the Sat>IP channel to xmltv ID matching to reduce chances of mismatch.
6. Fixed: A user name in the View > User menu with slashes in it wouldn't work properly.
7. Changed: Made the display of a list style field in the new tag window show the list on multiple lines instead of all together with semi-colons.
8. Changed: Television is more robust against a rare race condition when picking tuners for tasks.
9. Fixed: Television did not work for some tuners (HDHomeRun ATSC or DVB tuners for example) since build 98.

22.0.99 (4/12/2017)

1. Changed: When updating television channel logos during EPG loading the image files are downloaded and saved locally instead of only keeping URL reference.
2. Fixed: TV Verbose logging was inadvertently turned on in PSI parser code.
3. Changed: Added a couple extra checks to Monkey's Audio to detect (and hopefully handle) corrupt files.
4. Changed: Pressing the "Back" button to return to Theater View now saves the bookmark.
5. Changed: Renamed "J. River TS Reader Filter" to "JRiver Time-Shifting Reader Filter", and "MJTSWriterFilter" to "JRiver Time-Shifting Writer Filter".

22.0.98 (4/10/2017)

1. Change: Added a television option "Use extra layer of buffer when recording in TS format", to make recently added buffering optional. This is added in an attempt to fix a rare and inexplicable crash. If you do not have problems, you can keep this option on. If you have been having problems, try turning it off.
2. Fixed: The player wouldn't launch normally if you were running in server mode.
3. Fixed: RTF files in the View Extras menu weren't opening.

22.0.97 (4/7/2017)

1. Changed: Made the Send To menu no longer list hidden zones.
2. NEW: TV Channel and program icon URL will be automatically added to database if they are available in xmltv file.
3. Changed: Improved xmltv EPG data handling in general, and in particular with IceTV data.
4. Fixed: The OSD could display the same (wrong) image name all the time even as playback was advancing.
5. Changed: In the File Location Options dialog, a custom path can now be entered for images.

22.0.96 (4/3/2017)

1. Changed: Added RTF to the list of extensions the View Extras menu searches for.
2. NEW: Added Matroska transcoding, streaming and DLNA profiles.
3. Fixed: Picking the option "Ignore accents when sorting" wouldn't stick in an unchecked state between runs.
4. Changed: Searching for a letter range includes accents as well.

22.0.95 (3/31/2017)

1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Fixed: When Theater View would show a menu and then show a child menu when the child menu would go away the focus would shift back to the Theater View list instead of the menu.

22.0.94 (3/29/2017)

1. Changed: Improved Sat>IP channels' xmltv ID matching.
2. Changed: Upgraded LibRaw to 0.18.2
3. Changed: MC now supports KDC format raw image files from certain Kodak camera models.

22.0.93 (3/28/2017)

1. Fixed: In Gizmo and JRemote the playback duration would be wrong and the playback bar would be inaccurate.

22.0.92 (3/28/2017)

1. Changed: Made ignoring accents a sort option in Options > Tree & View > Sorting.
2. Fixed: The string "Always on Top" in one of the menus wasn't flagged for translation.
3. Fixed: The "Click for Tools" option in the new tag window wasn't using the new skin colors.

22.0.91 (3/28/2017)

1. Fixed: Sat>IP channels marked with "dvbs" modulation system could not be played on a tuner that was marked "dvbs2".
2. Fixed: Some more Sat>IP channel handling bugs related to modulation systems "dvbt/t2" and "dvbc/c2".
3. Fixed: The image portion of the new tag window wasn't using the updated text colors.
4. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: Mouse wheel over a list style edit field in the new tag window would still sometimes close the editing.
6. Changed: A couple more skin updates from Awesome Donkey (thanks!).

22.0.90 (3/27/2017)

1. Changed: Updates for pretty much all the skins (thanks Awesome Donkey!).
2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

22.0.89 (3/27/2017)

1. NEW: Sat>IP channels can be scanned using server-provided channel list m3u file if available.
2. Fixed: For Sat>IP devices the tuner type drop list on "Configure Device" dialog window only contained one entry "Disabled", with "Sat>IP" missing from the list.
3. Fixed: SatIP channel manipulation bugs caused channels loaded from the server not playable.
4. Changed: Ingested some more skin updates from Awesome Donkey (thanks!).
5. Changed: Made the about box a bit wider because some of the text would cut off on certain monitors.
6. Changed: The new tag window supports using a custom text color (add it to <TAGWINDOW> <Colors Text="FF00FF" />).

22.0.88 (3/24/2017)

1. Changed: Some DLNA tweaks.

22.0.87 (3/23/2017)

1. Changed: Added the right-click option to hide the zone you right-clicked on at the top of the show / hide zone menu.
2. Fixed: Customizing the File Info panel in Theater View was broken.

22.0.86 (3/23/2017)

1. Changed: Updates to Z, ModernCards Grey, Green Eyes, and Aruba (thanks Awesome Donkey!).

22.0.85 (3/22/2017)

1. NEW: The hierarchical subjects from Light Room are available in an image using Tag(XMP: HierarchicalSubject).
2. NEW: Added the sample rate of 88200 to the ASIO Line-in configuration.
3. Changed: Updates to Pearl Bailey, PixOS, Noire, and Noire Glass (thanks Awesome Donkey!).
4. Fixed: Audio Analysis would hang on files with an invalid playback range.

22.0.84 (3/20/2017)

1. NEW: Added Options > Images > Stop slideshow on manual changes to optionally keep a slideshow running during manual changes (defaults to on).
2. Fixed: Scrolling the Tag window with the mouse wheel when a large list was open would scroll the tag window too and stop editing.
3. Changed: Tweaked the ideal sizing for large edit controls in the new tag window so they're less likely to put the bottom control off the screen.
4. Changed: A little tweak for the ModernCards Dark skin (thanks Awesome Donkey).
5. Changed: Added the command "Tag Dump" to the add box for the new Tag window.
6. Fixed: MC failed to identify and map audio and video PIDs when playing a SAT>IP channel.
7. NEW: SAT>IP device support is taking shape.

22.0.83 (3/17/2017)

1. Changed: Updated the artwork in the ModernCards Dark skin for the new tag window (thanks Awesome Donkey).
2. NEW: Added rating to the Theater View On Screen Display (OSD).
3. Changed: The device name for television tuner profiles that include multiple devices is changed from "<first device name> etc." to "n Tuners (<first device name>, etc.)", where n is the number of devices in the profile.
4. Changed: Made pressing the play button on a remote resume a paused image slideshow from switching tracks manually, zooming, etc.

22.0.82 (3/15/2017)

1. Fixed: Television channel logos' transparency was not retained.
2. Fixed: A bug in parsing Sat>IP type channels.
3. Changed: Added a section for the new tag window to the Black on Black skin (thanks Marko).
4. Changed: Scrolling the new tag window will stop any open edits (instead of scrolling the edit off the screen!).
5. Changed: Added a section for the new tag window to ModernCards Dark Edition and ModernCards White Edition (thanks Awesome Donkey).
6. Changed: Added a new tag window section to the Purity skin (thanks Awesome Donkey).

22.0.81 (3/13/2017)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.25.
2. Fixed: In rare cases during large media imports, there could be a fatal error where a large number of dead-locked background threads get created that would prevent further thread creation.
3. NEW: Added a Mid-side decoder to Parametric Equalizer.
4. Changed: Made the new tag window save the expanded / collapsed state of groups between runs.
5. Fixed: New tag window fields could stay open for editing while choosing different files from the list.
6. Fixed: With large databases, a background audio analysis could appear to freeze Media Center.

22.0.80 (3/10/2017)

1. Changed: Made the resolution of the room correction speaker distances smaller (0.1 ft or 0.01 meters).
2. Changed: Made the up and down arrows reverse so that up increases volume or any other slider and down decreases.
3. Changed: Made calling /RestoreLibrary, /RestoreLibraryAndSettings, etc. not show a success message box.
4. Changed: Seeking in live TV and jtv recordings is more precise.
5. Changed: When video playing (including live TV) is in frame-stepping mode, LEFT arrow causes video to jump back 1 second, regardless what value it is set in video settings.
6. NEW: CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW (left or right) in video playing jumps to the next/previous key frame. Works only with certain types of video (such as AVi, mp4, mkv). Does not work with live TV or TV recordings.
7. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.24.

22.0.79 (3/8/2017)

1. Changed: Made importing an animated GIF file automatically play in the video engine.
2. NEW: Added the expression function UnMoveArticles(...) to move the articles back to the beginning of a string from the end.
3. Fixed: Removed zones could get readded (instead of recycled) and cause a memory leak.

22.0.78 (3/6/2017)

1. Changed: When cancelling the Customize View dialog, if no changes have been made, it will be instant (instead of reapplying the same settings).
2. Changed: Made the fill track numbers system show a dialog to ask for the start and increment.
3. NEW: Added the expression function MoveArticles(...) to take a string and move the leading article to the end.
4. Fixed: Switching the media type of a GIF to video wouldn't start it playing in the video engine.

22.0.77 (3/1/2017)

1. Fixed: CAF audio files containing non-PCM audio would fail to play if playback type was set to Automatic.
2. Changed: A small rearrangement in coding in an attempt to fix the problem of "Season" being wrong when loading EPG data from xmltv files.
3. Fixed: Television recording in transport stream format could be in very poor quality for some TV tuners since build 22.0.32.
4. Fixed: OpenSubtitles feature would not set the current subtitle for a video to the one selected if it was a "MicroDVD" format.
5. Changed: Expanded OpenSubtitles feature to support TV episodes with the season/episode format (e.g. "Series Name S01E04").
6. Changed: OpenSubtitles feature now downloads multiple subtitle file sets for multi-disc movies. Downloaded files have the CD number at the end of the filename, e.g. "_CD1", "_CD2", etc.
7. NEW: Frame-by-frame forward stepping in video and television playback. SHIFT+Right Arrow.

22.0.76 (2/22/2017)

1. Fixed: The order of television subscription recording rule's channel list was not preserved when the rule was edited.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: The string <XMLFN... is no longer shown in the new tag window below images.
4. Changed: Increased the maximum subtitle shift allowed in the right-click menu to 5 seconds from 1 second (remember that the OSD choice to adjust the shift allows infinite adjustments).
5. NEW: Added support for PSD files that are RGB with 4 channels for the color.
6. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version.
7. Changed: Made zooming in or out of an image stop the slideshow.
8. Fixed: Facebook upload photos wasn't working because older API wasn't supported anymore. MC now supports API v2.8.

22.0.75 (2/16/2017)

1. Fixed: Pressing the OK button to accept something didn't always work when running translated (made DSP presets unsaveable, etc.).
2. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.69 (various fixes and improved support for HDR video files).
3. NEW: Support for {anX} alignment tags in SRT subtitles.

22.0.74 (2/14/2017)

1. NEW: "Get TV & Movie Info" tool allows downloading subtitles from the API based off the IMDB Id.

22.0.73 (2/13/2017)

1. NEW: Program-keywords-search based TV subscription recording rules will sort recordings according to channel ordering for rules that specify multiple channels, or "All channels" with additional "preferred channels" selected.
2. Changed: When multiple TV channels match a particular TV subscription rule for recording at the same time, only the first will be recorded at recording start time.
3. Change: Minor tweaks in Theater View TV guide grid color customization.
4. Fixed: Right-click context menu on video/TV playback window would not work in full screen mode after showing the control window on top.
5. Fixed: ATSC over-the-air EPG scan could crash on program entries that do not have a title.
6. Fixed: Handheld Sync converts files of the same file type if DSP is enabled (still uses the conversion cache, needs to be cleared when changing DSP settings).
7. Changed: Clicking toolbar buttons that close the image editor is no longer allowed when a tool is open -- instead a message is shown.

22.0.72 (2/8/2017)

1. Fixed: WAV plugin did not get audio duration correctly for some WAV files (with mp2 audio content).
2. Fixed: Spelling of the standard genre #68 was wrong. It was 'Psychadelic' and now it's 'Psychedelic'. This affects import and tag updating of mp3 and m4a files.
3. NEW: Theater View TV guide grid colors can be customized.
4. Changed: Playing Car Radio buttons that are nested Smartlists will reevaluate the files in the smartlist at click time instead of using cached files.
5. NEW: Added the choice "Reset Button" when right-clicking a Car Radio button to remove the preset.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

22.0.71 (2/2/2017)

1. Changed: MC will try correcting a certain type of malformed WAVE files when writing tags to ID3 chunk, so that tag writing will be successful.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. NEW: Tagging support for non-PCM audio in WAVE files. This includes DTS and MPEG audio in WAVE.
4. Fixed: Clicking on a link icon for an album or artist with accents didn't always work.

22.0.70 (1/31/2017)

1. Fixed: More accents trouble.

22.0.69 (1/30/2017)

1. NEW: During import of an ISO file from a SACD, the Foobar sidecar file is read for the track names (we can pull other data if you request it).
2. Changed: When customizing the new Tag Action Window, it won't let you add items outside a group (since a group is necessary).
3. Fixed: Pane views that used accents with expression fields weren't working properly.
4. Fixed: The size of emailing images is remembered between sends.

22.0.68 (1/30/2017)

1. Changed: Over-the-air EPG scanning (ATSC and DVB) no longer saves "Event ID" into Program ID field. Instead, Episode ID, if available, is saved in the field.
2. Changed: The tag action window could be slow to open when it was showing playlists. Now it's much faster.
3. Changed: The new tag window has "Image" as one of the add choices during customization to nicely add the image field and type the right expression for you.

22.0.67 (1/27/2017)

1. Fixed: Putting an accent in a search list item for the panes didn't work properly.

22.0.66 (1/26/2017)

1. Changed: A little more tuning of ellipsis and capitalization in the string cleaning tool.
2. Changed: Made the IsLowerCase(...) function take an optional second parameter for the number of characters to test. That way you can test only the first letter for example.
3. Fixed: Television time-shifting showed "Live" instead of currently available duration, in builds 64 and 65.
4. Fixed: After playing live TV on a client, an invalid JTV file might be left in the server database.
5. NEW: Added the command "Stop After Current File" to Theater View's Playing Now roller.
6. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now roller updates after hitting play or stop.

22.0.65 (1/24/2017)

1. Fixed: Title case capitalization didn't correctly capitalize the word after an exclamation mark if it was an article.
2. NEW: Added the option 'Convert dots to the ellipsis character' for the tool Clean File Properties.
3. NEW: Added the expression IsLowerCase(...) to test a string to see if it's all lowercase.

22.0.64 (1/24/2017)

1. Changed: Carnac understands two digit seasons in the new naming "Series Name (Year) - S3E12 - Episode Name".
2. Fixed: The date/time "Midnight December 30, 1899" could not be set.
3. Changed: Memory playback has been consolidated to one option in Options > Audio > Memory playback. The modes are: No memory playback, Load full file (not decoded) into memory, Load decoded file into memory.
4. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.1.
5. Changed: Made the text boxes in a library overview a little wider.
6. Fixed: DVB EPG text on certain channels was not decoded properly.
7. Fixed: When playing television, the Theater View Playing Now box wouldn't properly show the display.
8. NEW: WavPack DSD files import and play properly.

22.0.63 (1/13/2017)

1. Fixed: DateTime comparison "Is Same day" could be wrong for dates prior to 1900.
2. Fixed: DLNA device renderer returned 0 for current file duration in both the getPosition and getMediaInfo calls.
3. Fixed: MCWS returned 0 for position much longer than desirable causing the playback bar on JRemote and Gizmo to bounce back and forth until a valid position was received.
4. Changed: DLNA: Small change to determination of stale values in playback position.

22.0.62 (1/13/2017)

1. Fixed: Long filenames still didn't import reliably (even with the long filename option set).
2. Changed: Removed some experimental DLNA work that was in build 61.

22.0.61 (1/13/2017)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: With the Windows option "Activate a window by hovering over it with a mouse" enabled, the comboboxes in DSP Studio would disappear right away.
3. Fixed: Entering an old dates (between 1601 and 1899) still did not work if a time was also involved.
4. Changed: Adjusted logging related to DVB EPG.
5. Changed: Changed handling of some DVB EPG code pages.
6. Changed: DVB EPG scanning is a little more efficient.

22.0.60 (1/11/2017)

1. Fixed: Clicking the "Browse" button on the auto-import configuration would allow clicking over and over.
2. NEW: Carnac understands the naming "Series Name (Year) - S3E12 - Episode Name" for a TV episode.
3. Fixed: Some columns in standard television view did not respond to header click for sorting correctly. Descending sort was done correctly but not ascending sort.
4. Changed: Spacebar no longer selects a menu entry.
5. Changed: Made the default thumbnail size a little bigger (especially on high DPI).
6. Fixed: Fields that had accents in their names wouldn't work properly in panes views.

22.0.59 (1/9/2017)

1. Fixed: When recording of a television program that was part of a subscription was canceled, the shows before and/or after it could be erroneously marked as "Canceled recording" if the subscription had large pre- and/or post-paddings.
2. Changed: PercData password is now encrypted before being saved.
3. Fixed: Entering old dates like 1700 didn't work properly.

22.0.58 (1/7/2017)

1. Fixed: Both Show and Slideshow would start a slideshow when viewing images from Theater View.
2. NEW: Updated the WavPack plugin to version 5.0.

22.0.57 (1/6/2017)

1. Change: Rephrased the instructions on AND / OR grouping, on Television Recording Rules Editing dialog to make them clearer. Also expanded the tooltips.
2. Fixed: MC's preferred tuner map was not updated when a tuner was newly selected to be a preferred tuner of some channels until MC restarted, resulting in slightly unexpected behavior until restart.
3. Changed: Switching images with left / right stops the slideshow just like using page up / page down.
4. Fixed: With G-Force running, the Theater View exit dialog would get stuck.

22.0.56 (1/4/2017)

1. Changed: Updated the copyright years to 2017.
2. NEW: Added "Duration" (in seconds) to television recording rule setup. One can now specify "Duration is greater than 3600", or "Duration is in the range 600 - 1800", etc. for example.
3. Fixed: Settings changes to the DSP 'Headphones' plugin for DLNA zones were not getting saved and all DLNA DSP Studio usage was causing memory leaks.
4. NEW: Added optional "Duration" column in standard view television views (All programs, Favorite Channels, To be recorded).
5. Changed: Rephrased the message "Error. The program associated with this rule no longer exists." to "The program associated with this rule no longer exists." in Recording Rules Remarks column in Standard television view.
6. Changed: The Recording Rules view in television standard view is sorted by Rule Name instead of Rule ID by default.

22.0.55 (1/3/2017)

1. Changed: Moved the search box in Panel to the bottom of the page and condensed the layout to make Panel fit better on small screens.
2. Fixed: Expression panes that showed an accent didn't always work reliably.

22.0.54 (12/27/2016)

1. Changed: Added more support for PonoPlayer devices. Includes account setup in Tools / Options / Services. Also the 'Pono authenticated' column can be added to any view by adding column 'Pono', which shows a blue icon for tracks purchased from the PonoMusic Store.
2. Changed: The PonoMusic Store is now listed in the tree under 'Services & Plug-ins'. The Pono store website is still 'under construction' however as they are in the process of switching to a new music fulfillment back-end.

22.0.52 (12/19/2016)

1. Fixed: Picking a search suggestion that had an accent in it wasn't working properly.

22.0.51 (12/19/2016)

1. Fixed: Accents wouldn't work properly in panes that were based on an expression.

22.0.50 (12/19/2016)

1. Fixed: Right-clicking the toolbar repeatedly would show a stacked menu instead of only one menu.
2. Fixed: Clicking the link arrow on a field that had accents didn't work properly.
3. Fixed: Commercial marks on position OSD were not positioned correctly.
4. Fixed: ComSkip would skip forward too far if there is a non-zero start position set in Playback Range.
5. Changed: Added an additional thumbnail folder used by some Android phones to filter from the import list at camera acquire time.
6. Fixed: Accents still didn't always work right in certain panes.

22.0.49 (12/15/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
2. Fixed: When playing a television channel live on a client, MC did not always honor preferred tuner set for the channel.
3. NEW: Multiple tuners can be selected as "Preferred tuners" for television channels.
4. Fixed: Picking values in a pane that had accents in it wasn't working properly.
5. Fixed: A race condition during DirectShow graph startup, in TV channel scanning.

22.0.48 (12/12/2016)

1. Fixed: Lighting control in Theater View and Scheduler was not working with the latest version of Engen due to an API change. Must have Engen version 1.0.38 or higher.
2. Fixed: The "All lights on/off" commands could fail to switch all connected lights if there was one non-responding device in the list provided by Engen.

22.0.47 (12/8/2016)

1. NEW: Added a new tool "Cleanup time-shifting folders" to delete orphaned or incomplete time-shifting component files in time-shifting subfolders of the television recording folder.
2. Changed: Changed some code in ATSC channel scanning to avoid certain inexplicable hangs.

22.0.46 (12/7/2016)

1. Changed: Grouping in views ignores accents now instead of grouping them into the others grouping.
2. NEW: Added a "Mark commercial positions on position OSD if data are available" option in Video options, for users of ComSkip.
3. Changed: Television tuner device list will be loaded (if not already loaded) when one clicks "Show status" in the filter box in Standard view, or in Options > Television > Advanced. Now the tuner list will be shown even if no tuner has been in use since MC startup.
4. Fixed: "Rename, Move, & Copy files..." did not replace invalid characters in filenames in 22.0.45.
5. Changed: A little better handling of failures of commands over network to CableCARD devices.
6. NEW: The read-only login for Library Server is now configurable in Options.
7. NEW: Added an options dialog to the start of the Listening Test to pick the formats to convert to.

22.0.45 (12/1/2016)

1. Fixed: When a YouTube video finished playing, it could show two popups for subsequent videos.
2. Fixed: Post-recording auto tagging of TV recordings in jtv format with [Filename(path)] field did not work reliably.
3. Changed: [Filename] field can be used in post-recording television recording auto tagging, in place of [Filename(name)] and [Filename(path)]. It is handled as if [Filename(name)] and [Filename(path)] are separately specified.
4. Fixed: The "Update database to point to new location (no file rename, move, or copy)" mode in "Rename, Move, & Copy files..." tool did not work for jtv files.
5. Fixed: A few minor logging issues in television engine.
6. Fixed: MC would crash when scanning for ATSC EPG data if a rating region contained in a content advisory descscriptor did not have text description.

22.0.44 (11/28/2016)

1. Fixed: Using SoX resampling could overflow the player core in 22.0.43.

22.0.43 (11/22/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: Improved the accuracy of resampling delay handling when using SoX for a more constant delay on certain resampling ratios.
3. Changed: MC television recording will properly handle post-recording tagging (setup in recording rules) of field [Filename(path)], in addition to [Filename(name)] that has already been supported.
4. Fixed: Removed a possible cause of crash in OTA EPG scanning.
5. NEW: A new television option "Logging verbosity" that controls how much television-related logging is done (in Help > Logging). The option is under TV Options > Advanced.
6. Changed: Made tooltips turning off a little more reliable with the Listening Test.
7. Fixed: Importing long filenames (with the long filename option checked) didn't work reliably.

22.0.42 (11/17/2016)

1. Fixed: The listening test wouldn't accept low or medium bitrate MP3 files.
2. Fixed: Doing a listening test with a really high sample rate file could lead to a crash.
3. Changed: Added the original as one of the formats for the listening tests.
4. Fixed: On the Save View dialog, typing a name with a backslash in it or other illegal filename character wasn't handled nicely.

22.0.41 (11/14/2016)

1. Changed: Tooltips are turned off during a listening test (and turned back on afterward).

22.0.40 (11/14/2016)

1. Changed: Color coding of Theater View television guide grid is now optional.
2. Changed: The vertical line to indicate current time in Theater View television guide is now optional.
3. Fixed: DSP Studio wouldn't load the ideal page size of the first page it showed.
4. Fixed: OTA/In-stream EPG scanning finish event was not logged in TV Logs.
5. NEW: Multiple types of OTA/In-stream EPG scanning (such as DVB-T and DVB-C) can be scheduled for background scanning and they will be scanned sequentially.
6. Changed: Manually changing images during playback stops the image slideshow.
7. Changed: Auto-import is stopped during a Listening Test and then restarted after.
8. Changed: Tweaked ATSC over-the-air EPG scanning. It is now more efficient and more thorough.

22.0.39 (11/8/2016)

1. Changed: When looking for a suitable TV tuner to record a program, MC will no longer create and desctroy the TV engine each time a tuner is examined.
2. Changed: Eliminated unnecessary logging in a block of frequently called TV code.
3. Changed: Tweaked some parameters in DVB EPG scanning, to try to make it more efficient.
4. Changed: Reduced the amount of logging in MPEG-2 packet parsing, and in EPG scanning in particular.
5. NEW: Duplicate TV recordings scheduled will be removed at recording start time if different recording rules produce duplicate recordings of the same program on the same channel.
6. Changed: On TV recording rules view in Standard View, time-based recording duration value will take into account of recording start and end time padding, to be consistent with other recording modes.
7. Fixed: Picking WPL as the playlist formats on a handheld would use ASX instead.
8. NEW: Video Thumbnails are rotated to match the video's rotation.

22.0.38 (11/2/2016)

1. Fixed: Simultaneously starting to record with the same file names by two TV tuners did not work.
2. Changed: Added a search to Panel for searching through a library.
3. Changed: In settings.html in Panel, the launch button for Network was removed and the entire box was turned into a link.
4. Changed: "MPAA Rating" and "MPAA Rating Description" fields are usable in media type "TV" (mainly for TV guide).
5. NEW: ATSC OTA EPG scanning will pick up the parental rating info if TV stations broadcast it.
6. Changed: DVB in-stream EPG scanning will ignore the "has scheduled" flag and attempt to scan for scheduled programs anyway. Some TV stations do not broadcast this flag correctly.

22.0.37 (10/27/2016)

1. Changed: Added more error checking in tuning to CableCARD TV tuners.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: Added a Block parameter to the Previous call like there's already a Block parameter for the MCWS/v1/Playback/Next command.
4. Changed: Marked "Linkwitz-Riley Filter" for translation.
5. NEW: Added Tools > Listening Test ... to try your listening skills.
6. Changed: Adjusted some logging entries in TV engine to help diagnosing hangs in TV recording in transport stream format,in particular with CableCARD devices.

22.0.36 (10/21/2016)

1. Changed: The Virtual Channel Table in ATSC TV is obtained with the new MPEG-2 Tables and Sections system.
2. Fixed: A few bug fixes in EPG scanning, especially those that might lead to crashes in ATSC scanning.
3. Changed: The WDM driver is versioned so that it's only reinstalled when something meaningful changes (instead of always).
4. Fixed: The list printing dialog was much too small on high DPI.
5. Changed: Migrated the retrieval of the Master Guide Table in ATSC TV to the new MPEG-2 Tables and Sections system.
6. Fixed: An incorrect variable type was used in TS type TV recording codes. This might fix some bad behaviors.
7. Changed: Added more error checking in ATSC EPG OTA scanning.

22.0.35 (10/18/2016)

1. Changed: Updated DVB EPG content types to include the latest type 12.
2. Changed: Changed the way to determine how much time to spend on parsing EPG data per channel. Hopefully this will speed up the process without causing missed entries.
3. Changed: Switched ETT section parsing in ATSC in-stream EPG scanning to the new system of MPEG-2 tables and sections.
4. Changed: Reverted unintended behavior changes of MCC 22001 in recent builds.
5. Fixed: Pressing escape after editing a field in-place accepted the changes instead of discard the changes.
6. Fixed: Theater View plugins could get out of order when the Lighting plugin was added. Selecting "News" might show "Lighting" results, etc.

22.0.34 (10/13/2016)

1. Fixed: DVB EPG scanning did not handle text encoded with specific code pages.
2. Changed: Playing a single image won't start a slideshow (right-click > Play).
3. Fixed: Doing File > Print Images... when opening an image from an email didn't work properly.
4. Fixed: MCC 22001 could cause a crash.

22.0.33 (10/11/2016)

1. If the duration IS obtainable from the playback engine, use it. Fix to Fix #8 in 22.0.32
2. NEW: Implemented a new system of getting MPEG-2 tables and sections. We are in the process of migrating to this new system gradually. For now, part of ATSC EPG scanning uses the new system. The result is good. ATSC EPG scanning is much faster and more reliable (the EPG data is almost complete for at least 12 hours per scan, most are 24 hours or more).
3. Fixed: Playing images then video then images would start the images paused for the second time.
4. Fixed: DVB EPG in-stream scanning did not work. Now it works using the new method of getting MPEG-2 tables and sections.
5. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.90.24.

22.0.32 (9/30/2016)

1. Changed: When playing a jtv video (either recorded TV show, or live TV on a client), the television "Crop Edges" setting is applied, instead of always turning it on.
2. Changed: Made backspace in a Theater View message box cancel the box.
3. Changed: Added 4x to the encoding options for DSD.
4. Fixed: Dragging thumbnails to the left wasn't working.
5. Changed: Internal changes in television recording in transport stream format. Users should not notice anything different. Please report any unexpected behaviors.
6. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Fixed: Switching between audio files with different channel configuration could result in channels being dropped under special circumstances.
8. Fixed: Fix a bug in MCWS track duration reporting caused by the change (21.0.31) which skips over the reading of a mp3 header if the file being played is over the network (but not a stream).

22.0.31 (9/25/2016)

1. Fixed: The DVB OTA EPG scanning change made in build 30 had an infinite loop that caused scanning to never finish.
2. Fixed: Scheduler 'Engen Command' wasn't handling the TurnOff command reliably.
3. Changed: In Engen Command scheduler dialog, brightness and color controls are now hidden when 'Turn Off' command is chosen.
4. Changed: Last selected scheduler task is remembered and is used on the next "Add Task" selection.
5. Changed: Added "All Lights" control to Engen Command scheduler.
6. Fixed: Build 30 had some custom skin artwork folders included by mistake.

22.0.30 (9/22/2016)

1. Changed: Added the subfolder "Album Artworks" to the View Extras search.
2. Changed: DVB OTA EPG scanning will obtain service description for each channel first in order discover whether a channel has scheduled EIT info carried in the stream.
3. NEW: Added "Engen Command" task to scheduler. Allows scheduling scene and lighting events if an Engen server is available.

22.0.29 (9/21/2016)

1. Fixed: Found and fixed a couple of bugs in DVB OTA EPG scanning, in particular, in parsing the "extended event descriptor".
2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
3. Changed: Renamed the Theater View lighting plugin to tv_lighting from tv_lights.

22.0.28 (9/20/2016)

1. Fixed: The lights plugin wasn't working reliably.
2. Changed: Renamed the lights plugin to "Lighting".

22.0.27 (9/19/2016)

1. NEW: Added the option "View Cover Art" to the View Extras menu.
2. Fixed: A rounding error in date formatting could result in the wrong days being shown for dates without a time.
3. Changed: Improved MCWS CORS compliance including Pre-Flight checks and proper credential support.
4. Fixed: MC would crash on scanning for EPG over-the-air on DVB tuners.
5. Fixed: OTA EPG Scanning for DVB tuners would be stuck in an infinte loop.
6. Changed: Added more logging for OTA EPG scanning for DVB tuners.
7. Changed: Some improvements to the lights Theater View plugin (only loads if you've configured a URL, only loads when it actually draws, etc.).

22.0.26 (9/16/2016)

1. Changed: The tooltips on the taskbar playback buttons are translated.
2. Fixed: The field names in Smartlists get translated better.
3. Changed: When logging DirectShow filters info in TV and video playback, the file path and name of a file being written to disk by a filter (such as TV time-shifting writer filter) is logged.
4. Changed: Small update to the Modern Cards: Grey skin.
5. Fixed: When Kernel Streaming, shutting down the device would hang if it had gone away.
6. Fixed: On Schedule Guide Reloading dialog window, clicking the Add button to add an Over-the-air loading method did not work for DVB tuners (the added method was set to ATSC).
7. NEW: "Year" field can now be used in setting up television recording rules.
8. Fixed: DVB EPG scan did not do anything because we forgot to remove the condition that it must be ATSC to proceed.
9. Changed: Television recording actions are checked for 60 days beyond current date, instead of 14 days, so that more "To be recorded" shows will be displayed.
10. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
11. NEW: Added a Theater View Lights plugin you can add manually to allow configuration of an Engen server.

22.0.25 (9/12/2016)

1. Fixed: The tooltip on the volume slider would bounce up and down when it was shown.
2. Fixed: Placing tooltips works a little better with off the monitor detection when there's already another tooltip showing.
3. Fixed: The popup about saving pane changes will show a little more reliably on shutdown.
4. Fixed: With multiple tabs open, the selected file for pane tagging (and maybe other things) could get corrupted.
5. NEW: Over-the-air (or in-stream) EPG scan for DVB tuners, getting data from EIT (event information tables).
6. Changed: DLNA: The presentation URL's now feature Panel instead of WebRemote.
7. Changed: Updated DVB-C frequency table for Denmark.yousee Copenhagen. Thanks Grenache!
8. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

22.0.24 (9/2/2016)

1. Fixed: Pressing enter in the new value dialog for pane tagging wouldn't close the dialog if a suggestion was being shown.
2. Changed: When viewing a sidecar image with the View Extras menu, it will add all the images it found to the current playlist so you can switch between them like normal image playback.
3. Changed: Added the extension to the list of View Extras menu choices.
4. Changed: Made the analyzer frequency information fall off faster.
5. Changed: Added more logging to try figuring out a mysterious TV recording hang.
6. Fixed: Setting some date fields from a formatted string didn't work properly.

22.0.23 (8/31/2016)

1. NEW: Added HTM and HTML to the list of sidecars shown by the new View Extras menu.
2. Changed: Made the function File/SetInfo take a parameter "Formatted" that when set to one the value coming in is formatted (like a date). Defaults to "1".
3. Fixed: The View Extras menu in images would show all the images in the same folder.
4. Changed: Increased the resolution of the Analyzer so it should be much better at really low frequencies.
5. Changed: Sidecar searching for the "View Extras" menu also looks in subfolders called "Extras", "Scans", "PDF", "PDFs", "Booklet", "Art", "Artwork", "Cover", "Covers", "Cover Scan", or "Cover Scans".
6. Fixed: The machine would never sleep again after ripping a DVD.
7. Fixed: When pane tagging, the mouse could be dead after entering a new value.

22.0.22 (8/29/2016)

1. Changed: Improved the high channel count rejection by the APE plugin so that encoding will fail (with a notice) instead of just silently not working.
2. Changed: Add text files to the list of "View Extras" files.
3. Changed: When the tooltip evaluates to an empty string for image playback, it will no longer be shown.
4. Changed: Added the ODT extension to the list of sidecar files we show in the new menu.
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: Image tooltips that were multiple lines didn't center properly.
7. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
8. Fixed: ASIO drivers didn't get unregistered on uninstall.

22.0.21 (8/24/2016)

1. NEW: Added the MCWS function Library/CreateField to create a library field with a given name and data type.
2. Fixed: Some skin icons weren't drawing properly (especially on high DPI).
3. Changed: Updated the Norwegian translation (thanks Řistein Rian).
4. NEW: When files have sidecar images, PDF files, or documents, they'll be shown in a "View Extras" submenu to open each individual file.
5. Fixed: The delete command would not be processed in "Cover View" mode.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. Changed: Tried lifting the limit on Q for a high or low shelf to 5.0 from 1.0. Testing appreciated.
8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: Converting multi-channel files to APE (which APE doesn't support) would crash.
10. NEW: Added the MCWS function Library/CreateFile to create a file record and return the new ID.

22.0.20 (8/18/2016)

1. Changed: DLNA. Relax test for DLNA rendering zone device alive status (helps buggy renderers, symptom was a stationary progress bar).
2. Fixed: DLNA. Volume leveling was coming on by default if the material to be played was being converted.

22.0.19 (8/18/2016)

1. Fixed: The OSD instruction at the start of the first video was not displayed using the same user configured color as the other OSD text.
2. NEW: Added a "Reset OSD text color to skin setting" option in "Tree & View" > "Advanced", where the customer OSD text color option was added in build 18.
3. Fixed: When a file had no rating, it wouldn't update from tags properly (it would just keep the rating).
4. Changed: Made the Resize Images dialog have an option "Original" to keep the size the same (but convert the format).
5. Changed: Renamed the image tool to "Convert or Resize".
6. Changed: Made the Find & Replace tool work on the display of a field instead of the data so it works a lot better on dates.
7. Changed: Made the minimum width for showing links next to tabs a lot smaller (so it'll show at least the drop arrow).
8. Changed: Made another attempt at fixing the H.265/HEVC HD TV issue.
9. NEW: Made an option "Show more values at a time in the file info panel" for Theater View.
10. Changed: The string "EULA" can be translated now.
11. Changed: DLNA renderer zone status calls used to determine whether the device is up will handle more broken renderers that don't properly support the spec On devices that were failing, the playback progress bar didn't advance.
12. Changed: Customize View > Chart > Metric words couldn't be translated.
13. NEW: Added three new skins: Modern Cards: Dark, Modern Cards: Grey, and Modern Cards: White.

22.0.18 (8/15/2016)

1. NEW: Text color can be configured for Text-based video subtitles that do not have their own styling info.
2. NEW: OSD text color can be configured.
3. Fixed: The Options window could be closed while the subtitle text font dialog in video options was still displayed.
4. Changed: The DLNA server Audio Advanced settings removed the simplified settings for sample rate, volume levelling and Stereo Downmix.
5. NEW: The DLNA server Audio Advanced DSP studio is active for all functions including sample rate changes.
6. Changed: The field names in the Manage Library Fields dialog are translated.
7. Fixed: Tooltips would pop up one on top of another in the Television view (the fix is wider and should avoid any doubling up of tooltips).
8. Changed: Updated the New / Improved This Version link to version 22.

22.0.17 (8/10/2016)

1. Fixed: The machine could still sleep when ripping a DVD.
2. Changed: Made the height of the Organize Favorites dialog taller (especially on high DPI).
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Changed: Standard equalizer now applies pre-amp values to subwoofer channels. Previously they were ignored.

22.0.16 (8/9/2016)

1. Fixed: There was a typo "Unnkown Filter".
2. NEW: Shell extensions now offer "Add (as next to play)".
3. NEW: A new database field "Thumbnail position" (in milliseconds) for video files, so that the thumbnails for individual files can be recaptured at specified locations.
4. Fixed: When setting "Load files to memory" the OGG plugin would no longer seek.
5. Changed: Updated Monkey's Audio to 4.18.
6. Changed: Added a space after "Always use external subtitles when found" and the parenthesis.
7. Changed: The "Add Library View" dialog translates the names of views.
8. Fixed: The Year field wouldn't show up in the new tag window properly.
9. Fixed: The Options dialog could be closed when opening a font picker before closing the font picker.
10. Changed: Made deleting a user support the password reset shortcut (shift + ctrl + double-click image).
11. Changed: In DVB TV, MC will add desired video component to tune request before submitting the tune request, in an effort to support HD TV channels with H.265 video.

22.0.15 (8/4/2016)

1. Changed: The duplicates of smartlist editors now translate the list of field names.
2. Fixed: The option to hide empty values in the File Info template of Theater View would show the template if it was in a font block even if there was no text in the font.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Fixed: The string "Empty (click here to configure)" couldn't be translated.
5. Fixed: Theater View slideshows would stall on the cover art in the folder.
6. Fixed: In-place editing would stop immediately with some libraries.
7. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
8. Fixed: The string 'Details' on the playback error dialog couldn't be translated.

22.0.14 (8/1/2016)

1. Changed: Made the MP4 plugin use the memory reading option added recently.
2. Changed: Made the OGG plugin also use the memory reading option.
3. Changed: Made the right-click menu on video files include the "Tag" entry like it does for audio files.
4. Changed: The memory reading stuff has a hard cap at 1.5 GB (since that's all we'd be able to allocate anyway).
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: License installation could fail on some systems with international characters in user names.

22.0.13 (7/27/2016)

1. Changed: Made DSD support the same memory playback as other playback types.
2. Fixed: Playing internet streams with memory playback enabled could fail or even crash.
3. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Changed: In bda TV (i.e. ATSC and DVB) if the stream matching TV channel's video PID is categorized as "other", MC will try forcing it to "video" (experimental, for H.265/HEVC support).
7. Fixed: The Settings HTML page for Panel was not loading in Windows
8. Fixed: Importing a single folder could analyze the audio even if that wasn't selected.
9. Fixed: CableCARD tuners were not fully released upon stopping in build 12.

22.0.12 (7/21/2016)

1. Changed: Made the WAV and AIFF plugin support the memory playback added last build.
2. Fixed: Audio format was set incorrectly for TV channels using RAW AAC format.
3. Fixed: Right-clicking on live DVB TV would cause a crash. This is related to the "Audio Programs" menu added in build 22.0.9.
4. Fixed: CD ripping was broken in build 22.0.11.

22.0.11 (7/20/2016)

1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
2. NEW: Added "Options > Audio > Load files to memory at the start of playback" to totally load a file into memory when playback starts (works with APE, FLAC, MP3 -- others to follow).
3. Fixed: Computer could sleep during CD/DVD ripping.

22.0.10 (7/15/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Hidden zones no longer show up in the link to menu.
3. Fixed: Google Image lookup wasn't working.

22.0.9 (7/14/2016)

1. NEW: Context menu "Audio Programs" to select a different audio program on the same DVB (this already exists for ATSC) TV channel.
2. Changed: The way that LinkedZones were reported by MCWS changed (unintentionally) recently so we switched it back.
3. Changed: Added the option "Lookup cover art for files that have no cover art at playback time" so that you can disable cover art lookup (and made it off by default).
4. NEW: Settings pages in Panel for Windows.
5. Fixed: MC could show channel-changing confirmation popup (under certain user configurations) erroneously when changing between ATSC channels.

22.0.8 (7/13/2016)

1. Changed: The "Link To Playlist" menu on Car Radio buttons is now nested and sorted.
2. Fixed: The launcher wasn't working and launching MC while the server was running wouldn't work.

22.0.7 (7/11/2016)

1. Fixed: Tooltips could show the previous tooltip for a split second when they first showed.
2. NEW: Right-click Car Radio buttons to link to an existing playlist.
3. NEW: Holding shift while setting the volume of a linked zone will set the volume for all the zones.
4. NEW: "Panel" which is a new web interface. Take a look at http://localhost:52199 (or whatever port you have configured in 'Media Networking').

22.0.6 (7/7/2016)

1. Changed: Added some TV Log entries related to background EPG loading.
2. Fixed: Opening locally available Data files from a Library Server would still attempt to download them in some situations.
3. NEW: When exporting all the playlists, it now asks for a format (m3u or m3u8).
4. NEW: The function MCWS/v1/Library/Import has a new parameter "Block" to tell the function to wait until the import finishes to return.
5. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
6. Fixed: When syncing to a handheld device, tracks with same name but a different disc number are now treated as distinct files. Previously they were weeded out as duplicates.
7. NEW: Added a confirmation message to entering audio only mode to confirm that you really wanted to do that.
8. NEW: When playing a file that has no cover art, the cover art will be automatically downloaded from the internet.

22.0.5 (6/30/2016)

1. Changed: When the IPC stream is played for WDM driver playback, it won't create a Recent Playing Now entry.
2. Fixed: The WDM driver was still version 21.
3. Changed: Switched the "Show all values" cap for the Tag window from 50 values to 1000 values.
4. Changed: DVB channels marked as scrambled are no longer excluded because some channels that are free and non-DRM'ed do have this flag set.
5. Fixed: Equalizer DSP was showing values slightly different than what the user chose for decibel adjustment.

22.0.4 (6/28/2016)

1. Changed: Tooltips can be 80% of the screen height instead of 50%.
2. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
3. Fixed: If cover art for a CD was modified by user prior to ripping, the ripped track could replace the cover art with something from YADB.
4. Fixed: The new tag window could crash when editing in certain scenarios.
5. Fixed: TV Channels' custom ordering was not retained during library and settings upgrade from version 21.
6. Changed: TV channels' custom ordering will be included as part of settings backup/restore.

22.0.3 (6/24/2016)

1. Fixed: Check for Updates wasn't working.

22.0.2 (6/24/2016)

1. NEW: Single albums are detected and the album type field will show "Single album".
2. Fixed: ATSC over-the-air EPG scan was hard to cancel (took too long, or hang).
3. Fixed: A timer was running repeatedly for nothing when TV engine scans for channels or for OTA EPG programs.
4. NEW: Preliminary support of HD television channels that use H.265/HEVC video encoding.
5. Changed: Further work on SoX resampling to improve reliablity and delay handling.
6. Fixed: Link fields wouldn't work outside audio views.
7. Fixed: Libraries wouldn't migrate from MC21 (might require a fresh install for it to happen).

22.0.1 (6/23/2016)

1. NEW: Fields can be configured as "Linkable" so that they'll show the little link icon next to them.
2. NEW: You can analyze the audio when doing the import of a single folder.
3. Fixed: TV Logs message for a critical error was not properly formatted.
4. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Files/Current would crash at the root of Theater View.
5. Changed: MC will reset EPG loading timestamps on startup if it detects previous incomplete EPG loading due to crash or other failures. This way previously failed loading will restart as soon as possible.
6. NEW: The SoX resampler can be enabled in Options > Audio to handle all your resampling needs.

21.0.90 (6/17/2016)

1. Changed: When running as a screensaver, moving the mouse will stop playback.
2. Fixed: ALAC 32-bit files would not play.
3. Fixed: Closing mini view while the player was inactive and transparent would leave the regular view transparent until you clicked on it.
4. Fixed: Closing the visualization studio with a pending save would lead to a crash.
5. Changed: Made Theater View respond to the MCWS/v1/Files/Current function.
6. Changes: Internal calls to external programs (browser, file manager, encoders, etc) to deal with filesystem specific character quoting. Look for regressions.
7. Fixed: Resampling could clip signals with peaks above 100% (even though Internal Volume would reduce it later).

21.0.89 (6/13/2016)

1. Fixed: EPG updating scheduled to occur at a late hour of the day could be skipped entirely if some conditions (such as recording activities or program hanging/crashing) prevented the update from happening at the scheduled time.
2. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Library/Fields to get a list of the fields in the library.
3. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Fixed: Media Center could freeze when changing the subtitle selection in Red October Standard.

21.0.88 (6/9/2016)

1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
2. Fixed: During live TV playback running "Restart Player" context menu command would lead to loss of video (black screen).
3. Fixed: Playing WTV files with AC3 audio would result in too fast playback and broken audio.

21.0.87 (6/3/2016)

1. Fixed: The chapter returned by MCWS/v1/Playback/Info would always be zero.
2. Fixed: Marked the "Replace slashes in expressions" control for translation.
3. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
4. Fixed: In-place edit of a checkbox type field wasn't working well in lists.
5. Changed: Made a small change on how low disk space condition is handled for TV recordings.
6. Changed: Added a few more TV recording events to be logged in the TV Logs (recording stopped due to low disk space condition, recording stopped due to MC being shutdown, etc.).
7. Changed: A cancel button is shown while loading DLNA libraries.

21.0.85 (5/25/2016)

1. Changed: Reverted this feature until some issues get sorted: Clicking the header of a full row list item parent (the album name by artist) will select all the files in the grouping.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.84 (5/25/2016)

1. NEW: North American television channels (ATSC) now carry the transport stream ID and audio and video PIDs. One can now specify which audio stream to be played by default by editing the audio PID on the channel.
2. Changed: (Internal change only) DVB television channel parameters are slightly rearranged internally. No effect should be noticed by users. Please report any unusual behaviors though.
3. Fixed: Theater View could get stuck in a lost device state instead of recovering the device after the screensaver engages.
4. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Andreas!).
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. Changed: Switched the limit to download a data file at playback time to 5 MB from 1 MB.
8. Changed: Clicking the header of a full row list item parent (the album name by artist) will select all the files in the grouping.
9. Changed: The "TV Logs" for standard television view can be sorted by clicking column headers.
10. Changed: The "TV Logs" view is displayed in reverse chronological order by default, with the latest entries on top.
11. Changed: Added more events (no tuners found for recording, lower priority recording stopped to allow higher priority recording to start, etc.) that are logged in "TV Logs".
12. Changed: The "Show name" column in "TV Logs" will include Series name if it exists.
13. Fixed: A portable install would fail doing tag updates if the file was on the same drive as the install.
14. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.68.1 (minor fixes and improvements only).
15. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.90.20.

21.0.83 (5/17/2016)

1. Fixed: Inconsistencies in the Program info area when "TV Logs" or "Show status" was selected from the filter box on standard television view.
2. NEW: A "Favorite Channels" filter on standard television view. Selecting this from the filter box causes only the programs on your favorite channels to be displayed.
3. Fixed: Mouse wheel in a combobox would highlight an unselectable nothing entry at the tail of the list.
4. Fixed: Mouse wheel in the toolbar to customize dialog would lead to a crash.
5. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar!).
6. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
7. Fixed: Enabling the "Adaptive Volume" DSP in the "Convert Format" settings could inadvertently affect the results of Audio Analysis.

21.0.82 (5/13/2016)

1. NEW: Television gets its own logging in addition to regular log files. Important TV related (mostly TV recording) messages are logged in the TV logs. The logs can be displayed in Standard Television view (just select "TV Logs" in the filter box).
2. Fixed: With popup transparency off and the skin inverted, the tooltips wouldn't draw quite right.
3. NEW: One can access "Show status" on standard television view without having to go into TV Options > Advanced. It can be selected in the Filter box.
4. Changed: Small changes in standard television view - the filter box is moved up a notch, and the filter and channels boxes are slightly wider.
5. Changed: Added a line of explanation in case the TV tuner list is empty when "Show status" is done without any tuner having been used yet.
6. Fixed: The minimum size of the tree wouldn't update properly when switching the scale of the program until you restarted.
7. Fixed: If image playback didn't jump to fullscreen, it wouldn't activate the MC process when playing an image.

21.0.81 (5/11/2016)

1. Fixed: The Media Editor could get stuck in a loop running itself over and over if the previous shutdown resulted in a hang.
2. Fixed: Opening a second file in Media Editor while it was still loading a first file would cause strange results.
3. Fixed: Theater View background loading wasn't looking at the sidecar paths properly.
4. NEW: An option to load default library at start up.

21.0.80 (5/9/2016)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
2. Changed: More resilient Theater View 3D rendering on Intel and AMD graphics cards.
3. Changed: Reverted the pane sorting logic changes that were recently made.

21.0.79 (5/6/2016)

1. Fixed: Sorting expression based panes could crash.

21.0.78 (5/6/2016)

1. Fixed: A little better fix for the 32-bit extensible WAV file issue.
2. NEW: Preliminary support for Sat>IP television devices. Work in progress, totally untested.
3. Changed: MCWS responses use a more standard Content-Type header to improve compatibility with some web service clients.
4. Fixed: Sorting wouldn't work right in an expression based pane if the expression to display was empty.
5. NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Support extra long filenames (experimental) as a way to remove the bounds checking from the path at import time.

21.0.77 (5/4/2016)

1. Fixed: The sorting on an expression based pane would be wacky.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Fixed: Inverting the tooltip wouldn't work properly when the popup transparency was disabled.
4. Fixed: The player window could draw a little funny when mouse wheeling to change the volume and then the display switching back.
5. Fixed: When there was no free tuner, switching television channel while watching might end up with "no tuner available" error if the channel being switched to did not prefer the current tuner.
6. Changed: Podcasts only add the comment to the tooltip if it's different than the description (which gets added earlier).
7. Changed: When clicking the Recently Imported toolbar button when there is no Recently Imported playlist will show a message box instead of just doing nothing.
8. Changed: Then made the Recently Imported toolbar button gray out when there's no Recently Imported playlist.
9. Fixed: When setting up "Record by Time" in Theater view, edited Program Name was not reflected on the "Program Name: *****" button.
10. Changed: For television recording setup dialogs in Theater view, eliminated some "Cancel" buttons and renamed some "Cancel" buttons to "Skip (abandon current change)" or "Skip (abandon current changes)" or "Skip (abandon changes to settings)".
11. Fixed: Mouse wheeling a list edit field would instead mouse wheel the list behind and stop the editing.
12. Fixed: 32-bit extensible WAV files wouldn't play properly (could cause convolution trouble).

21.0.76 (4/27/2015)

1. Changed: Skin DSP effects are no longer applied to the small images in a list (but still should be applied to checkboxes, etc.).
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).
3. NEW: Double-click on the media server tray icon will show Media Center.
4. Fixed: The 'Export to iTunes & iPhone' dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.

21.0.75 (4/19/2016)

1. Changed: The sidecar cover art for music in Theater View should be [Album].jpg or [Artist].jpg instead of [Name].jpg.
2. Fixed: 32-bit integer WAV files wouldn't play properly.

21.0.74 (4/19/2016)

1. Changed: The applied DSP effect like inversion, etc. will get applied to the checkmark and other small icons drawn in the lists.
2. Changed: Theater View television recording setup dialogs are changed from wizard (step by step) style to single dialog style.
3. Changed: The TVInfo(WatchedDisplay) expression will show a watched percentage based on the bookmark in more cases.
4. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: Overwriting a file with the selection in Media Editor wouldn't work reliably.
7. Changed: Slightly improved the color accuracy of Blu-ray subtitles.

21.0.73 (4/14/2016)

1. Changed: The checkbox states of the dialog shown when doing Get Movie & TV Info will remember the states of the checks.
2. Fixed: The search section of the JRMark got unintentionally slower starting in 21.0.39.

21.0.72 (4/13/2016)

1. Changed: The search suggestion box won't hide when the focus is in the search box (even if the mouse moves a lot or is a long ways away).
2. Changed: Made one more deletion in the cover art cleanup stage use the recycle bin instead of hard delete.

21.0.71 (4/12/2016)

1. Changed: Made the cover art cleanup function use the recycle bin instead of hard deleting the files.
2. Changed: Made the shortcut for clearing the rating Ctrl+Shift+Delete because Ctrl+Shift+0 gets eaten on newer copies of Windows.
3. NEW: A "Recording by time" option in Theater View to schedule television recording based on channel and time.
4. Fixed: If default recording option "Cleanup mode" was set at "keep at most N episodes", and a recording was scheduled as a non-subscription recording, the "keep at most N episodes" options was still applied by default, even though it made no sense for non-subscription recordings. Now the option will switch to "Keep forever".
5. NEW: Added a "Playable" field that's a checkbox and when unchecked a file will no longer add to Playing Now.

21.0.70 (4/8/2016)

1. Fixed: When shuffle is set to automatic, it won't reshuffle at the end of the playlist unless it passes the automatic testing gate.
2. NEW: Ctrl+I now shows the playing file in Theater View as well.
3. NEW: Added support for .flac16 and .flac24 files.
4. Changed: Switched the limit for calculating all the volume leveling information from 10,000 tracks to 50,000 tracks.
5. Fixed: Copying from the Media Network activity log could be a little touch and go.

21.0.69 (4/5/2016)

1. NEW: Copying from the Media Network Activity log works (fills the clipboard with the item text).
2. NEW: Pressing Ctrl+I will jump the list to the playing song (if it's in the list).
3. Fixed: Fixed a little misspelling on the EPG window.
4. Changed: Switched a couple lowpass type entries to low-pass instead.
5. NEW: Remade the Thunderstorm skin so it's better on Mac and better on high DPI.
6. Changed: Dividers draw a little bigger on high DPI.
7. Changed: Tuned the layout of the "Customize Display" dialog to hopefully work better on some displays.
8. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).

21.0.68 (4/4/2016)

1. Fixed: On Television property page, if "Recording default - Cleanup mode" was set to "Keep forever", the setting would revert to "Keep at most set number of episodes". This only applies in build 21.0.67.
2. Changed: On Television property page, the "Recording default - Days to keep" or "Recording default - Episodes to keep" is enabled only if relevant option is selected in "Recording default - Cleanup mode", to avoid confusion.
3. Fixed: The FixCase() expression function was slow in 21.0.67.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Fixed: The player setup dialog sizes a little better (especially on high DPI).

21.0.67 (4/1/2016)

1. Changed: Split the capitalization files out to CapitalizationAllCaps.txt and CapitalizationExclusion.txt in the Default Resources folder of the program.
2. Fixed: Doctor Who would show an xml error page following successful uploads of playlists/smartlists.
3. Fixed: Right-click playlist "upload to server" option wasn't functional. Now uploads to Doctor Who.
4. Fixed: In recent builds Hauppauge HD PVR/Colossus series of devices could crash in some circumstances.
5. Changed: Most television recording defaults can be set on television properties page (instead of having to use the "Save settings as default" button on recording wizard).
6. Fixed: Playback could stall with a black screen after the movie ends on DVDs without a menu.
7. Fixed: Removing a rule from a Smartlist would sometimes leave the dialog in a funny state.

21.0.66 (3/25/2016)

1. Changed: Added more logging for CableCARD television tuners.
2. Fixed: Hidden tree items don't get reshown as a search result in Options.
3. Fixed: The minimum size of the Rename, Move, & Copy Files tool wasn't big enough on high DPI.
4. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: Shifting Text Subtitles up did not work properly in all cases.
6. Fixed: GroupCount(...) (and other file group based expressions) didn't work properly when outputting the playlist.

21.0.65 (3/23/2016)

1. Changed: Subtitles can be shifted down a bit further to the edge of the screen.
2. Fixed: Manually updating television guide data using EPG wizard failed in some cases.
3. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.90.16.
4. Changed: Added a link to the madVR settings from the Video settings page.
5. NEW: 3D Blu-ray and MKV 3D support.
6. Fixed: Scheduler views didn't work nicely on high DPI.

21.0.64 (3/21/2016)

1. Fixed: DVD subtitles could show up in the wrong position with Red October HQ in recent builds.
2. Changed: Text Subtitles in Red October HQ are rendered at a higher resolution for improved quality.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Fixed: Pasting cover art from the clipboard didn't clear the image height and width fields like other setting of the cover art.
5. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
6. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
7. Fixed: Revert change from 21.0.54 that resulted in extra calls to get the volume of DLNA devices which could make the GUI sluggish with slow responding devices.

21.0.63 (3/20/2016)

1. Changed: Added some crash prevention measures in television engine involving CableCARD tuners.
2. Fixed: Cover art "Get From Internet" could crash since 21.0.61.

21.0.62 (3/18/2016)

1. Changed: Updated the default podcast feeds (thanks for the help!) (right-click Podcasts in the tree and pick Add Default Feeds).
2. Fixed: Doctor Who playlist post-processing was running too often and wasn't canceling properly so could cause a deadlock.
3. Fixed: No video on screen for Hauppauge HD PVR series of devices since build 56.

21.0.61 (3/18/2016)

1. Changed: Text Subtitles are rendered with proper Anti-Aliasing.
2. NEW: Fading on pause now fades in when pause lifts.
3. Fixed: Zone switch rules could take longer than expected to switch from one zone to another.

21.0.60 (3/17/2016)

1. Fixed: Visualizations didn't update properly when switching tracks (only applies to the last few builds).

21.0.59 (3/17/2016)

1. Changed: The logic that takes the selected files for the Action Window will allow none to be selected if the entire set of files is one album (otherwise it'll still say no files selected).
2. Fixed: Occasional crashes in DSP Studio window when a menu is being shown while the close button is clicked.
3. Changed: The LFE low-pass in the Output Format DSP handles the settings for downmix and upmix separately (with separate defaults as well).
4. Changed: When switching channels while watching TV live, the existing tuner will not be used if the new channel prefers another device, or if the current device is preferred by other channels than the new channel.
5. Changed: When doing TV tuner device sorting, the tuners that are preferred by some channels will be put to the bottom of the list to avoid them being picked up by channels that do not have a preferred device.
6. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version.
7. Fixed: Amazon Prime video playback did not work when using the Chromium Engine.
8. NEW: In Theater View television guide, a vertical line is drawn to indicate current time.
9. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).

21.0.58 (3/14/2016)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.68.
2. Fixed: Standard view television EPG "Description", "Season", and "Episode" columns were mixed up since build 55.
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
4. Changed: You can move the mouse a little more between button down and button up and still register a click (especially on high DPI).
5. Changed: When a channel-changing call into Hauppauge's IRbast API fails, we will recreate and retry.
6. Changed: Changed how television guide grid in Theater View is updated when the Record button on the remote control is pressed. The grid will no longer shift and put the selected cell at the corner.
7. Fixed: Some WMV/ASF video files would not import successfully.

21.0.57 (3/10/2016)

1. Fixed: Cover art "Get from Internet" could crash.

21.0.56 (3/9/2016)

1. Fixed: Smartlist editor leaked memory.
2. NEW: Support for Hauppauge's new HD PVR60 device.
3. Changed: In standard view, television EPG allows display of data for up to 21 days in the future (including current day) instead of only 17 days.
4. NEW: Support added for saving/restoring Media Center customized views to the JRiver "cloud" using the "Doctor Who" user login. Use the "Also save to Doctor Who..." checkbox when saving a view. There is a "Browse views on Doctor Who" option as well.

21.0.55 (3/9/2016)

1. NEW: Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel will adjust the thumbnail size.
2. Fixed: The menu was too far right with the Thunderstorm skin.
3. Fixed: The maximize, minimize, and close buttons are placed better on the Thunderstorm skin.
4. NEW: Added a ListContains(...) expression function.
5. Changed: In standard television view the Season, episode columns, if displayed, are displayed before the Description column.
6. Fixed: Audio analysis could stall on some WAV files.
7. Changed: Removing cover art from items will reset the height and width fields.
8. Fixed: Playing a capture-only television channel on a client did not work.
9. Changed: The comment from a Podcast would still get added below a custom tooltip, but no longer does.
10. Fixed: The LFE low-pass when downmixing produced noise in some situations.

21.0.54 (3/1/2016)

1. Fixed: Ripped 3D Blu-ray movies were going to the wrong directory.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. NEW: Added version 3 uPnP controller support. (fixes Jongo Pure T2 rendering control)
4. NEW: When subscribing to television shows, one can specify video quality preference (HD vs. SD) so MC will pick correct channel among channels that air the same show at the same time.
5. Changed: When HD or SD preference is not specified, MC will favor Favorite channels when dealing with subscription TV recordings. For channels with identical favorite status, the custom channel ordering is used to pick a channel.

21.0.53 (2/29/2016)

1. Fixed: Theater View background images were not working reliably on Intel GPUs since 21.0.51.
2. NEW: Output Format DSP can lowpass the LFE/Subwoofer when downmixing, or exclude it from the downmix entirely.
3. Changed: Backed out the Ctrl + mouse wheel thumbnail size adjustment from 21.0.50 since it prevents multi-selection and scrolling in a view.

21.0.52 (2/25/2016)

1. Fixed: MCE remotes weren't working.

21.0.51 (2/25/2016)

1. Changed: Zone links are tied to the zone GUID instead of the zone ID (so linking to a DLNA device should work better).
2. Fixed: Case-only changes weren't being written to M4A/ALAC tags.
3. Fixed: Television recording folder could be erroneously reset to default without user input.
4. Fixed: Web media sites didn't live through a library backup / restore.
5. NEW: Subtitles in Red October HQ are rendered with more accurate timing using a dedicated subtitle rendering interface.
6. NEW: Added the option "Use gapless for manual track changes" to switch to gapless from whatever is configured when switching manually.
7. Changed: Confusing error message when "Next" was clicked in remote control options window, if you were missing a blaster capable "transceiver", it used the word "receiver" rather than "transceiver".
8. Changed: Mouse wheel will be honored over the volume slider in Theater View's Playing Now.
9. Changed: Mouse wheel will be honored over the position slider in Theater View's Playing Now.
10. Changed: Disabled D3D9Ex rendering in Theater View in favor of traditional D3D9 to potentially work-around hangs on some GPUs. Please report any new issues.
11. Changed: Made the mouse wheel over Theater View Playing Now's display area switch the display types.
12. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.50 (2/22/2016)

1. Fixed: The uninstaller could be a wacky size on high DPI monitors.
2. Changed: Setting up recording in Theater view with the record button on remote control will no longer cause the guide to reset to default position. The selected show will remain selected and visible.
3. NEW: When setting up recording with the remote control record button, an on-screen overlay message will show the action just taken ("Record"/"Subscribe"/"Subscription canceled").
4. Changed: If a data file is played over library server and it's less than one megabyte, it will be downloaded locally and then played.
5. Changed: Doing a Cover Art > Quick Find in File / Cover Art Directory on data files now works.
6. NEW: Slow-double click on tree items will rename them (if they're renamable).
7. Changed: Broken web links included with Media Center can be fixed without modifying the links.xml file.
8. Fixed: It was possible to configure a zone switch rule so that it was stopping the same zone that it was playing in (and that didn't make any sense).
9. Changed: Initialization of CableCARD TV channel playback is serialized to avoid hanging.
10. NEW: Ctrl + mouse wheel will adjust the thumbnail size in a list.
11. Changed: Made clicking the 'Report problem...' button in the Logging dialog close the window.
12. Fixed: Shuffling a playlist that was linked didn't update the other playlists in the link.

21.0.49 (2/18/2016)

1. Changed: If shuffle mode is enabled, when the current playlist completes it will reshuffle before continuing.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
3. Fixed: Right-clicking on tab buttons (Back/Forward/Refresh) in standard view could crash.
4. Changed: Updated File Associations for SSIF (Stereoscopic Interleaved Files), a MPEG-TS variant
5. Fixed: Background EPG loading could be repeated every 20 minutes if the process took longer to complete.
6. Changed: MC will wake up the system in sleep to perform EPG loading tasks.
7. Changed MC will try preventing the system from going to sleep if there is an EPG loading task being performed or if there is going to be a TV recording or EPG loading within the next 30 seconds.
8. NEW: Middle-click on a tab header will roll through the list styles.

21.0.48 (2/12/2016)

1. Changed: It takes half as much flick to switch images as before.
2. NEW: In standard television EPG view, the date column display format is configurable. Right click the Date column header to choose. "All Programs" and "To Be Recorded" views share the same setting, and "Recordings" view is configured separately.
3. Fixed: "Get Movie & TV Info" lookup by Episode Name was broken in recent builds.
4. Changed: Updated the Chinese translation (thanks SunYanJun!).
5. Fixed: Using the Tag Action Window could crash.

21.0.47 (2/11/2016)

1. Changed: If a web link doesn't have a search URL specified, it will fall back to the base URL for navigation.
2. Changed: Reverted the web links version back to 1.2 so custom links won't be erased. Note: If you have custom links, in order to apply fixes made to broken links, you will need to select "Reset All Links To Default" from the Manage Links dialog.

21.0.46 (2/10/2016)

1. Fixed: Lists that didn't support grouping could still get grouped if the parent list was grouped.
2. Changed: Clicking a Blu-ray or DVD in Theater View will give a menu of choices instead of just playing.
3. Fixed: TV Subscription could record a show that had already been recorded, if the repeat airing had a different duration (typical of sports games).
4. Changed: The filename is no longer added to custom tooltips (customized with the Tooltip field). Just add [Filename] if you want it.
5. NEW: "Season", "Episode", "Rule ID", and "Rule Name" can be optionally displayed in Standard view EPG views ("All Programs", "To Be Recorded", and "Recordings"). Default is to show them all. Right-click any column header to choose which ones to display. Also "Recording Rules" view show recording rule ID along side recording rule name.
6. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for file analysis and transcoding.
7. Changed: Greatly improved the quality of AAC audio in transcoded video files.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
9. NEW: Theater View flow lists (stacks of rotated images) support the mouse wheel for scrolling.
10. Fixed: The Rotten Tomatoes link was broken. (Warning: if you have custom links, this change will erase them)
11. NEW: Added a Wikipedia link to the video section which will search for entries relating to a selected video title.
12. NEW: Videos with the subtype 'Music' can be looked up on the Get Movie & TV Info tool.
13. NEW: The 'Load / Save View' menu has a delete option to delete a given view.
14. NEW: Added a 3840x2160 UHD/4K preset for DLNA and Library Server client image conversion.
15. Fixed: Analyzer DSP would go away after loading a DSP preset at a track transition.
16. Fixed: Sometimes when ripping a compilation CD, tracks would go to separate folders rather than a single '(Multiple Artists)/<album name>' folder.
17. Changed: Television programs that are entirely covered in the padding of adjacent to be recorded programs will not be marked as "to be recorded".

21.0.45 (2/4/2016)

1. Changed: Added a time-out user configuration for EPG loading when running an external XMLTV application inside MC (previously we used a hard-coded 20 minutes value).
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
3. Changed: When playback is set for an external program on video files, thumbnailing still uses the internal engine (previously it wouldn't thumbnail).
4. Changed: Television entries in the database can be run through the Get Movie & TV Info... tool.
5. Changed: When picking "Fill Track Numbers From List Order" with only one track selected it will set the track number to one instead of complaining that two tracks need to be selected.
6. Fixed: When certain TV errors occurred, the tuner was not released properly.
7. (Possibly) Fixed: When multiple TV recordings start at the same time on CableCARD tuners MC could hang.
8. Changed: Files marked as "Short" can be looked up with the Get Movie & TV Info... tool.
9. NEW: Added an "Eject disc" command to the Theater View disc tool selection menu.

21.0.44 (2/2/2016)

1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).
3. Fixed: The new tag Action Window didn't blink.
4. Changed: A little more sophisticated fix for the subtitle cropping problem.

21.0.43 (1/29/2016)

1. Fixed: 3D visualizations could still show images upside down sometimes.
2. Fixed: Text based subtitles could draw cropped by one letter with certain fonts.

21.0.42 (1/28/2016)

1. Fixed: There was an unwanted text dimensions change in build 41.

21.0.41 (1/28/2016)

1. Fixed: The WDM driver was not properly signed since 21.0.37.
2. Fixed: Parsing DTS WAV files could fail.
3. Changed: Made the TV engine a little more crash-resistant.
4. Fixed: TV recording failure was not handled properly.
5. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
6. Fixed: The 3d visualization could have images upside down if the rotation flag was set.
7. Fixed: It wasn't possible to create a playlist group called "Downloaded" because of conflict with Doctor Who playlists.
8. Fixed: Thread was hard killed on MC exit if a Doctor Who background process was running at time of shutdown.

21.0.40 (1/26/2016)

1. NEW: Added the expression function Literal(...) that just outputs the text that's in parenthesis (useful for making a readable block of code).
2. Changed: The Playing Now roller item is shown on the top roller when in playlists (previously it only showed in the library).
3. Changed: Restoring a library with the restore library and restore settings checkboxes both un-checked will show an error message and not continue.
4. Changed: When running "Get Movie & TV Info..." in automatic mode (multiple file selection), MC re-tries on failure by resetting episode number and or season number.
5. Fixed: Clearing Playing Now from the right-click menu with something playing would take a long time if there was a big prebuffer setting and a fadeout on stop mode.
6. Changed: Improved TV guide data by importing these fields (if present in xmltv file): writers, presenters, aspect ratio. Improved TV/Movie rating tag by distinguishing MPAA rating and MPAA rating advisaries.
7. Changed: If guide data file indicates that a show is an HDTV show, "HDTV" is added to keywords field.
8. Changed: When MC tries to determine whether a program has been previously recorded, or already scheduled to record, Program ID trumps everything else (such as program title, series title) that a user specified to compare.
9. Fixed: Using a Custom Advanced video mode could cause stream and subtitle selection to be unavailable.
10. Fixed: Restoring the tree with Help > Check for Updates wouldn't redraw properly.
11. Changed: MC will always compare dates when encountering "previously-shown" element in an xmltv file to determine whether a show is a re-run, if the "start" attribute is present. Previously re-run is assumed if "previously-shown" is present, without regard to the "start" attribute.
12. Changed: If "date" element is not found for a program in an xmltv file, but "previously-shown" "start" attribute is found, the latter is saved in "Date" field.
13. Changed: "OriginalAirDate" in PercData EPG files is saved in MC's "Date" field when loading PercData data.
14. Fixed: Installing licenses wasn't working on XP since the switch to Visual Studio 2015.
15. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.39 (1/21/2016)

1. Changed: For television recording rule setup, integer comparison is allowed for [Season] field. Now one can set up rules that allow recording of a series with [Season] higher than 15, or [Season] is higher than 8 and lower than 12, etc.
2. Fixed: Mixed artist albums would display as multiple albums on library server clients that didn't use the same directory separator as the server.
3. Changed: DVB-S tuner type is enabled for all countries on Television Setup wizard.
4. Fixed: Text spacing could be off a little in build 38.
5. Changed: Mouse wheel in television playback is handled in the same way as in video file playback. Mouse wheel without CTRL or SHIFT key skips forward/backward. Mouse wheel with SHIFT or CTRL key down zooms video.
6. Changed: In Theater view television guide, shows that are to be recorded as part of a subscription will have an orange circle in front of the show name, in stead of a read circle for one-time recordings.
7. Changed: The behavior of pressing record button on remote control in Theater view televsion guide is changed. If the show has not been scheduled to be recorded yet, pressing the record button sets the show to be recorded. Pressing the button on a show already scheduled for one-time recording changes the one-time recording to a subscription. Pressing the button on a show scheduled for subscription cancels the subscription.
8. Changed: The Unswap expression function understands Jr., Sr., etc. and does the unswapping special when those are present.

21.0.38 (1/18/2016)

1. NEW: Added "Season" to television recording rule setup.
2. Fixed: Some music channels from some cable providers played intermittently when played near live position.
3. NEW: Added a MCWS function File/SetImage to set the image for a file (base 64 encoded image as the image parameter).
4. Fixed: Processing the previous and next file would cause the desktop to blink.
5. Fixed: Cover art embedded in FLAC files wouldn't always be found.
6. Fixed: The OSD would switch between "Shifted 1 seconds" and "Live" when playing TV close to live.
7. Changed: Added the PlaylistType parameter to the Playback/PlayPlaylist command so that it's possible to start playback by a playlist name instead of playlist ID.
8. Fixed: The Theater View News plugin could draw with a really big gap on the left with high resolution displays (only maybe fixed so testing appreciated).
9. NEW: Added MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_VIDEO_ZOOM (28038) to set the zoom for a playing video.
10. Changed: When starting Play Doctor playback from a right-click "More Play Options" on the current file, it will play out and then the results will play.

21.0.37 (1/14/2016)

1. Fixed: The Digital Signature of Media Center was invalid since January 1st (only affects builds 21.0.31 and newer).

21.0.36 (1/13/2016)

1. Changed: When a search for television programs in Standard view does not find any programs, the text message in the Programs window is changed to "Search did not find any matching programs" instead of "Double-click here to set up a program guide." Double-clicking will do nothing.
2. Changed: Made the OS detection function log what the two OS versions are if they're different before showing the message.
3. NEW: ">>" and "<<" keys on remote control shift Theater View television guide to the right (left) 24 hours.
4. Fixed: Panes display wasn't obeying the selected expression to display selected in Edit Category.

21.0.35 (1/12/2016)

1. Fixed: Showing and hiding the tree would result in Action Window pages not redrawing properly.
2. Fixed: Bookmarking could be wrong after watching a TV program that was currently being recorded if the recording had been started later than the program start time.
3. Changed: Recording Rule ID is now viewable for media type "Video" in addition to media type "TV".
4. Fixed: Starting playback from the command line of audio files would jump to fullscreen (but we only wanted to do that for images).
5. NEW: Added a mid-side encoding DSP to Parametric Equalizer.
6. NEW: The action for a files command in MCWS accepts "m3u" to create an m3u format playlist.
7. Fixed: Audio could hiccup between tracks in recent builds.

21.0.34 (1/7/2016)

1. Fixed: Searching for -1 didn't work properly.
2. Fixed: Picking users accounts wasn't working.

21.0.33 (1/7/2016)

1. Fixed: A bookmarking bug when playing a TV show currently being recorded.
2. Changed: Double-clicking an image from Explorer will now launch fullscreen mode even if the program is sitting in Playing Now. You might need to double-check the "Options > General > Jump to windowed display mode when playback is started externally" option.
3. Changed: Further adjustments to the way searches are handled to improve the accuracy of the results on larger libraries.
4. Changed: Made the AA plugin a bit smaller using the new build framework.

21.0.32 (1/6/2016)

1. Changed: The position OSD updates the position continually as it's showing instead of just showing a static snapshot.
2. Fixed: Smartlist editor dialogs could be squashed horizontally by user resizing, making them unreadable.
3. NEW: When in Standard Television view, the Delete key on keyboard will delete selected recorded TV shows and selected recording rules.
4. Changed: "Done" button on Manage TV Channels dialog window is renamed "Close".
5. Changed: Reduced the size of MFC executables using the new framework.

21.0.31 (1/4/2016)

1. Changed: The tooltip text on the system tray can be longer (128 characters instead of 64 characters).
2. Fixed: Window placement was not getting saved when modeless dialogs closed.
3. Changed: Added a value of 15 seconds into the ladder of times to wait when switching the display.
4. Changed: On Manage Channels window the channel list header code "(12-3 ABC)" is changed to "(123 ABC)" for channels sorted by name (with channel number in front).
5. Changed: Updated to the latest version of the Chromium engine for webpages.
6. Fixed: Video files without audio did not convert successfully.
7. Fixed: Media Center would sometimes select the wrong audio streams during video playback when no preferred audio language was configured.
8. Fixed: Some web radio URLs would not open but instead hang the program forever.
9. Changed: Built using the new development framework.
10. Changed: Updated the Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).

21.0.30 (12/22/2015)

1. Fixed: DSP Studio was blinking with VST effects installed (the fix is wider and might also make drawing in general more efficient).
2. Fixed: When a TV channel was being watched on a single client at the same time also watched on the server, changing channel on either the server or the client would cause the channel changed on the other computer.
3. Fixed: Logging could crash MC under some circumstances.
4. NEW: Added a command MCC_TOGGLE_THEATER_VIEW_GRIDS_CHANNEL_NAME (30026) to toggle Theater view guide grid's "hide channel names when channel logos are available" setting.
5. Changed: Made the "Rename, Move, & Copy Files" tool no longer available when connected to a server (because the results were confusing anyway).
6. Fixed: When playing a TV show that was being recorded, MC could hang with a black screen and normal sound. (possibly only with madVR).
7. Changed: Increased the number of "Wait after change" values in Options > Video.
8. Fixed: VST effects could be corrupted.

21.0.29 (12/17/2015)

1. Fixed: In Theater View Guide television shows associated with channels that had been put in groups as non-top members were still included, and displayed in grids, but were not playable.
2. NEW: Added new TVInfo() expressions ProgramChannelNumber and IsOnNonTopGroupedChannel.
3. Fixed: The word "Live" was appended to the time on position OSD for all non-TV video playback (only in build 28).
4. Fixed: Potential worker thread hang in CListener class, also a potential memory leak.
5. Fixed: Television channel logos did not show in Theater View guide grids on client machines.
6. Fixed: Clearing the playback range field on a file could cause the program to go into an infinite loop in certain cases.
7. Fixed: In rare cases television time-shifting/recording folder got shared with two simultaneous recordings of the same title, resulting in both recordings not watchable.
8. Fixed: Fixed potential hangs/crashes and memory leaks in networking code.

21.0.28 (12/14/2015)

1. Fixed: The Chromium Web Engine did not render properly on HighDPI displays.
2. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.89.17.
3. Fixed: Pressing delete during an image slideshow was no longer working (the fix meant reenabling the delete shortcut in fullscreen but then ignoring the command if it comes and the UI is fullscreen -- testing appreciated)
4. NEW: Added MCC_CLOSE_QUICK_SEARCH to close the quick search box (21034).
5. Changed: TheTVDB lookup can look up tracks that don't have a season or episode number and will now look up just by the episode name.
6. Changed: Library Server Sync is more robust against sync errors when the Library Server is restarted.
7. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
8. Changed: Playlist deletions get properly synced from and to Library Server clients.
9. Changed: When showing playback position OSD (using up or down arrow) for television shows, time-shifting between 1 and 59 seconds are shown as " shifted xx seconds". Previously only time-shifting larger than 1 minute was shown. Also if the time-shifting is less than one second, the word "Live" is shown.

21.0.27 (12/11/2015)

1. Changed: Made a change to the tagging window to prevent editing tags when no files are selected.
2. Fixed: Rotten Tomatoes wouldn't look up movies like Amélie correctly because of the accent. Trying to just remove the accents before the search.
3. Fixed: Opening the ASIO line in with the channel count set to more than 32 would crash. Now it fails gracefully.
4. Fixed: When loading XMLTV EPG data, "Series" field could inherit a value from an old program in the same time slot if the new program was not a series.
5. Changed: When loading XMLTV EPG data, all relevant fields are updated, instead of only updating those that are not empty. This prevents wrong data from being retained.
6. Fixed: MCWS would send an unexpected server error response after the normal response when receiving HTTP POST requests with Keep-Alive.
7. Changed: Added a timeout to stopping auto-import threads to fix a possible hang.
8. Changed: Adjusted television channel logo display in Guide so that the logos keep their aspect ratio. Also increased the border width around the logos so they do not appear touching each other.
9. Fixed: Audio tracks without a language tag would erroneously show as "Abkhazian" in the Display View OSD.
10. NEW: Added an option in television properties "Hide channel names in Theater View guide when channel logos are available".
11. Fixed: In Rename, Move & Copy dialog, columns couldn't be resized to show the entire filenames if they were very long.
12. Fixed: The multi-match CD dialog didn't scale nicely for high DPI.
13. Fixed: Television subscription could schedule recordings on channels that were non-top grouped channels, resulting in multiple recordings of the same program, if programs had been created for these channels prior to the channels being grouped.
14. Fixed: The CD information could change as a track was ripping.

21.0.26 (12/8/2015)

1. Changed: Coverart tools are available for "TV" media types (TV channels and programs).
2. NEW: Television channel logo support in Theater View guide grid.
3. Fixed: In "Mini View" mode on Windows 10 with Noire skin, the minimize button was partly overlaying the player window.
4. Fixed: When resampling, the source format listed in DSP Studio wouldn't get updated properly when switching tracks.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: ASIO Live would crash if you picked more than two channels.
7. Changed: Enabled DoP bitstreaming for DSD256.
8. Changed: Database key value for a television channel is displayed in Details box on Manage Channels dialog window.
9. Changed: Television channel logo, if available, of the first selected channel, is displayed on Manage Channels dialog window.
10. Fixed: The keyboard shortcut to change the audio stream during DVD playback was not working (Ctrl+Shift+L).
11. NEW: Added "Channel logo" menu when right-clicking on a single channel on Manage Channels dialog window. The menu is the same as the Cover Art menu elsewhere.
12. Changed: Manage Channels dialog window is now resizable. It was tweaked so it will fit within monitor screen better with magnified screen sizes (such as 125% and 150%).
13. Fixed: When setting the playback range back to an empty value the duration wouldn't update to the whole file (now it updates the library from tags on that change).
14. Fixed: When loading XMLTV EPG data, re-run flag was not saved when its value was false. This caused previously saved bogus "true" value not to be corrected.

21.0.25 (12/01/2015)

1. Fixed: When switching tabs, the delete command would still route to the previous tab in some cases.
2. Fixed: Fixed problems in the CD Labeler program where dialogs with checkboxes, scrollbars, and other elements were not displaying properly. Skinning was removed from CD Labeler and will return when MFC is removed from it.
3. Fixed: When TV time-shifting reader filter performed seeking, it could try to wait for more data to be buffered than the buffering reader was set to buffer, resulting in unnecessarily long wait.
4. NEW: In Theater View television guide grid, a green triangle is added in front of the program name of a currently playing show.
5. Fixed: GIF images ended up with a JPG extension when getting artist images.

21.0.24 (11/24/2015)

1. Changed: When loading on-line EPG data, MC will create programs for all channels that match a given xmltv ID, instead of just creating them for the first found matching channel.
2. Optimized: The amount of time required for performing "filling in gaps with dummy EPG program info" (feature introduced in build 21) is significantly reduced.
3. Fixed: If in-place editing was used to change the filename field to an invalid value (like blank, or a name without a path), MC would not report an error and the data for that file could be lost.
4. Fixed: The 'Delete' accelerator would translate in fullscreen and want to delete the files that were behind the playing view.
5. Changed: Added 'Playlists' as a type to the new Action Window Tag page so that you don't have to use Custom(Playlists) to view playlists.
6. Changed: The rule for a user account is applied when dropping a set of files onto a playlist.
7. Changed: The rule for a user account is applied when double-clicking a file in Explorer.
8. Changed: Updated the copyright date in the Media Editor and CDLabeler.
9. Changed: Made the zones in the Playing Now overview a little wider on high DPI.
10. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
11. Fixed: The filenames when getting artist images for would be a series of random numbers instead of jpg.
12. Fixed: Color Coding of Theater View TV guide grid only worked for Obsidian skin.
13. Changed: Increased opacity of colored cells in Theater View guide grid so that they will be easier to see in some skins such as Glass.
14. Changed: The Swap(...) function will nicely handle semi-colon delimited lists and swap each element (before it would stumble).
15. Changed: Made the Unswap(...) function also accept a semi-colon delimited list.
16. Fixed: Clicking a checkbox in DSP Studio would hide the window if the current window was active before clicking the checkbox.

21.0.23 (11/17/2015)

1. Fixed: The search box could be too tall.
2. Fixed: Minimized action windows could disappear instead of minimize.
3. Fixed: Attached drives would show up in Action Window > Camera.

21.0.22 (11/16/2015)

1. Fixed: The publisher listed on the uninstall dialog would be "J. River, Inc." instead of "JRiver, Inc.".
2. Fixed: Double-click in an empty area of the Recording Rules list would crash.
3. Fixed: Further problems with the Noire skin on Windows 7.
4. Fixed: Search Window magnifying glass icon was offset too far to the right on scaled displays.

21.0.21 (11/14/2015)

1. Changed: The splitter in Playing Now is now zone specific so that having two Playing Now views open will allow independent setting of the splitter.
2. Fixed: The skin's close/maximize/restore/minimize buttons were offset to the right in popup windows (off the edge of the window).
3. NEW: MC will create dummy programs to fill in gaps in the programming guide data. Now all active channels will show up in Theater view even if they have no EPG data.
4. Changed: More cancel checking in DLNA threads to hopefully prevent hangs, crashes from hard killed threads.

21.0.20 (11/13/2015)

1. Fixed: The Library/GetStats function in MCWS was returning an error code (even though the results were there).
2. Changed: Program IDs and Series IDs (if available) are saved in new fields "Program ID" and "Series ID" when importing EPG guide data.
3. Fixed: In recent builds newly recorded television sports shows did not show up under Video / Shows / Recent in Theater view, instead they appeared in Video / Other / Recent.
4. Changed: Consolidated and renamed video conversion profile listings (they are now consistently named in all areas where they are used).
5. Changed: Adjusted the way searches are handled to improve the results.
6. Fixed: Searching for users in a smartlist wasn't working.
7. NEW: Option to use the DVD episode order when doing manual Get Movie & TV Info lookup for TV Shows.
8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: When using PercData as EPG source, all programs scheduled for midnight UTC time were missing.
10. Fixed: DSP Studio > Output Format wouldn't save the sample rates properly when running with a translation.
11. NEW: Theater view television guide grid is color-coded according to show categories. The following types are colored: Movies (of all genres), Educational, Children, Sports, News.
12. Changed: Made the minimum size of DSP Studio a little smaller.
13. Changed: The Action Window timer for starting an import only runs if the frame is visible (so minimizing the program will yield the run).
14. Fixed: Thumbnail lists could have a wrong size for the ideal aspect ratio.
15. Changed: Toned down the speed and number of blinks of the Action Window so it now blinks twice and stops.
16. Changed: When entering Theater view television guide, MC always selects the currently playing program (if any).
17. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
18. NEW: Television guide grid in Theater view is updated every half hour.
19. NEW: Added an MCC command MCC_SET_ZONE_VISIBLE (22033) to show the current zone in standard view.
20. Fixed: DLNA code was crashing when a problem device on the network was causing our Accept call to hang, it wasn't getting canceled so thread was hard killed leading to crashes.
21. Fixed: There was a memory leak in the socket code (all platforms).
22. Changed: Socket error messages in the log are now readable strings (windows) and implemented the error codes (linux, mac).

21.0.19 (10/30/2015)

1. Changed: When TV tuner failure occurs MC will not show a popup since an OSD message is already displayed. A popup could interfere with attempt to restart the playback.
2. Changed: Holding Ctrl while clicking pane tag checkboxes will enter "list" mode so that you can select multiple genres, etc.
3. Changed: Added "is not" operator for editing TV recording rules involving "Name", "Series", and "Description".
4. Changed: "Modify Rules" is renamed "Edit Rules" on TV subscription wizard page.
5. Fixed: Edit controls in read-only mode allowed backspace to delete characters.
6. Changed: Added text instruction on TV recording rules editing window, regarding AND and OR operations on rules.
7. NEW: Editing a checkbox type field in the new Tag Action Window will show a checkbox instead of a dropbox.
8. Changed: Editing a checkbox type field in Pane tagging is now possible.
9. Changed: Opening the new Tag Action Window with shift held will then always open the new tag window after that (just press shift again to switch back).
10. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
11. Fixed: Flickering screen on the edges when playing video on certain computers in Red October Standard, in build 18.
12. Changed: Improved duplication avoidance when dealing with subscription television recording rules with "all channels" option.
13. Fixed: WebGizmo did not work in recent builds.
14. Fixed: Video transcoding profiles which used MP2 or MP3 audio did not function properly.

21.0.18 (10/26/2015)

1. Changed: When picking 'Convert Format' the Action Window page will blink to make it more obvious where the focus should be.
2. Fixed: Action Window pages weren't blinking properly.
3. NEW: Improved support for video seeking with DLNA renderers which do not support time-based seeking (ie. byte-seeking).
4. Changed: Allowing 'Concert' media sub types in the Get Movie & TV Info... tool.
5. Changed: Made the step size of the OSD when controlling color controls smaller.
6. Fixed: HEVC 10-bit hardware decoding is supported in Red October Standard on supported hardware.
7. Fixed: Image playback wasn't disabling the system from sleeping.
8. NEW: A new system for setting up television subscription recording.
9. Fixed: RAW images could have thumbnails that were rotated incorrectly (hopefully fixed, but feedback appreciated).
10. Changed: TV subscription recording rule name and program name are independent of each other and can be independently edited on the subscription wizard.
11. Changed: The "Channel" multiple-selection drop list for search based subscription on TV recording wizard now uses "selected items on top" style.
12. Changed: The XML files created by mc2xml will be deleted 24 hours after they are created, instead of waiting until MC restarts (but restarting MC will delete them too).
13. NEW: If a TV tuner fails to play a TV channel, MC will put it in an error state temporarily, and retry playing, so it will find another tuner for the job.
14. Fixed: Using the Move/Copy Fields tool on the Date field would end up with wacky values in the date (because it's actually a floating point number) instead of taking the value and interpreting it as a date.

21.0.17 (10/20/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
2. Fixed: Sibelius was not running with the ASIO driver installed.
3. Changed: 4K Hardware accelerated decoding is enabled in Red October.
4. Fixed: Streaming video to JRemote or Gizmo could get disrupted near the end of the video in recent versions.
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Changed: PercData download cache files are deleted 24 hours after being created.
7. Fixed: LibRAW could crash when opening files.
8. Changed: Doing a delete from the library will not offer the option to delete or recycle the underlying file if the selection set contains a particle.

21.0.16 (10/16/2015)

1. Changed: The height of "Manage Channels" window is reduced so that the buttons in the bottom will not be pushed off screen when a reasonably large font is used.
2. Changed: Added a couple of tool tips in television subscription wizard.
3. Fixed: The "Compare fields:" drop list on television subscription wizard page was not initially grayed out when "Do not record programs that have been recorded in the past" was not selected.
4. Fixed: Hitting Ctrl+P in Theater View's Playing Now could cause start up silence to be skipped.
5. Changed: The output xmltv file of mc2xml will not be deleted until MC is restarted.
6. Changed: When loading EPG in MC2XML mode, the wait message "Loading EPG data. MC2XML provider token: xxxxxxxx" will remain on display more reliably.
7. Fixed: Images in Theater View could draw improperly in certain cases.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).

21.0.15 (10/14/2015)

1. Fixed: DSP presets set for video files didn't load properly.
2. Changed: The PercData genres for TV programs are saved in Keywords tag, to be consistent with treatment of XMLTV data.
3. Changed: Mapped more XMLTV program "categories" to MC Genre field.
4. Fixed: DVB TV channels with video PID equal to 0x1fff were not marked as audio-only (and thus were not played correctly).
5. Fixed: Drop panes weren't working properly.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. Fixed: Webpage playback could result in a black screen until the player was resized.
8. Fixed: PercData EPG data had time shifted by a few hours.
9. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
10. Fixed: Made the ASIO driver work with Sony Movie Studio.

21.0.14 (10/12/2015)

1. Fixed: WTV files didn't play on Library Server Clients without direct files access.
2. Fixed: Typing the value [Varies] into a field for editing didn't work.
3. Changed: Stopping video playback when using madVR would paint the splash screen of the video, but now that drawing is disabled.
4. NEW: EPG data service is integrated in MC.
5. Fixed: Setting up DVB-S/C or QAM tuners when there are already existing similar hardware profiles could lead to crash.
6. Fixed: Unchecking a Linkwitz-Riley filter wouldn't stop it from processing.
7. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
8. Changed: Theater View only takes sidecar art that's of the name [Name][extra stuff].[extension] so that it won't get false matches when a lot of videos are stored next to each other.
9. Changed: Webpage files (htm and html) play inside the player in the internal browser instead of launching a web browser application.
10. Changed: Switched the naming of the dither mode option to 'Dither Mode (not zone-specific)' so that it's clearly labeled as not zone specific.
11. Fixed: A little typo 'Channel gouping' instead of 'Channel grouping'.
12. NEW: The 'Manage Plug-ins' button in DSP Studio has an option 'Show Always On Top' to make DSP Studio a top-most window.
13. NEW: Expressions can take the data type &DataType=[Day] to be the day of a week name and then the sorting will be correct.
14. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar).

21.0.13 (10/09/2015)

1. Fixed: Encoding a DVD profile used the wrong video dimensions in 21.0.12.
2. Fixed: Encoding MPEG-2 video did not use multi-threading in 21.0.12 (and was thus slower than expected).
3. Fixed: Deinterlacing was not activated reliably when transcoding.
4. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir).
6. Changed: Updated to the latest version of LibRaw.
7. Changed: Tuned the H.264 video conversion profiles to make better use of their allocated bandwidth (slightly increases quality across the board).
8. Fixed: Video Transcoding could get stuck at 0% if opening the encoder failed (instead of showing the failure in the UI).

21.0.12 (10/08/2015)

1. Changed: Picking a smaller number of Car Radio buttons no longer deletes the playlists above that number. It'll leave them so if you set the count higher they'll come back.
2. Changed: Added an on-screen message "Waiting for signal lock..." when TV waits for signal for longer than 6 seconds.
3. NEW: Added 'Initial Key' field and support for the appropriate tags in MP3/ID3, FLAC, M4A and WMA.
4. Changed: Re-designed video transcoding engine (internal change).

21.0.11 (9/30/2015)

1. Changed: Put a dash in the naming of Linkwitz-Riley.
2. Changed: Reworked the w64 changes from the previous build.
3. Changed: Setting the playback range for a file automatically sets the duration of the file to reflect that change.
4. Fixed: Stopping playback by clearing Playing Now with a big pre-buffer set and a fadeout on stop mode set would hang a little while.
5. Changed: Made some adjustments to the way borders are handled to resolve a compatibility issue with custom skins, and reduced the height of the resizing zone for the bottom border.
6. Fixed: The EPG scheduling time controls were not grayed out when Load Program Guide window was initially displayed with "Automatically load program guide everyday in the background" checkbox unchecked.
7. Changed: On Load Program Guide window, if none of the guide loading modes is selected, the "Run selected profiles now" checkbox will be grayed out.
8. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
9. NEW: RIFF Metadata Tags in W64 files are imported into the library.
10. Changed: Added more diagnostic logging entries for TV recording cleanup.
11. Changed: Marked the strings "Parameters" and "Examples" in the expression tooltip for translation.
12. Changed: Marked the string "Max" for translation in the CD burning options page.
13. Changed: Ran all the translation files through the source code translation engine to update the strings in the file.
14. Fixed: The "Set As Desktop Background" dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
15. NEW: Added a right-click menu to the Car Radio buttons that offers a choice of how many buttons to show.

21.0.10 (9/24/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
2. NEW: Added a Linkwitz-Riley filter to Parametric Equalizer.
3. Changed: When creating a particle with a playback range the range will be used to update the duration (instead of keeping the duration the length of the entire clip).
4. Fixed: An STB TV channel played on a client could be silent.
5. Fixed: A rare crash involving the explorer.
6. Fixed: Taskbar buttons didn't work when MC was run as administrator.
7. Changed: Added a warning to remind users to run EPG loading tool after Auto Grouping is done.
8. NEW: When a user sets up two or more profiles that share the same EPG channel lineup, a popup message box is shown to offer to group channels.
9. Changed: Marked the secure rip report strings for translation.
10. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
11. Changed: Updated the Print Preview window to work nicely with high DPI.
12. Fixed: Printing checks for the no printer condition before opening the dialog and shows an error if that state is found (it was crashing).
13. Changed: Renamed the toolbar button from "Navigation" to "Favorites" (since it's all about favorites).
14. Fixed: Made the quick search box size properly on high DPI.
15. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.66.
16. Fixed: The 3D tunnel visualization could stall when playing a file that didn't have many impacts.
17. Changed: MC will be slightly more aggressive in filtering out duplicate programs when doing subscription recordings on all channels.
18. Fixed: A filename with the type w64 would get treated differently than a file with the type wav.
19: Fixed: DLNA: MC's renderer was posting the wrong STOP command which was causing a long delay eventing the STOP when the Audio setting for STOP was FADEOUT
20. Fixed: Television setup wizard did not save the "The tuner is capable of DVB-T2/S2/C2" checkbox state properly.
21. NEW: Ctrl+D opens DSP Studio.

21.0.9 (9/19/2015)

1. Changed: On television setup's mc2xml settings page, the provider token control is changed from an edit box to a combo box, which is filled with previously setup provider tokens. The current hardware profile name is entered as a suggested name. Added more details to the instruction text too.
2. Changed: Renamed the Restore and Maximize buttons for the Pearl Bailey skin because they were reversed.
3. Changed: Changed ordering of some television setup pages so that remote control activation page and IR learning page are not far apart.
4. Changed: Added the strings 44,100 Hz, etc. to the translatable phrases list.
5. Fixed: The small icon for the Playing From item would go away when picking a translation.
6. Changed: Added a space between the number and number label in a few places in the code.
7. Fixed: Television recording on STB channels could be silent.
8. Fixed: Playing audio in multiple zones simultaneously could crash since 21.0.7.
9. Changed: Tweaked flushing and presenting in 3D rendering for Theater View to avoid it freezing, testing appreciated.

21.0.8 (9/17/2015)

1. Fixed: Television setup EPG loading mode selection was not pre-selected on fresh new setup since we integrated mc2xml.
2. Changed: Tweaked the resizing that happens on the top border of the player.
3. Fixed: The reporting of the DSD sample rate was only fixed if the player was sending DoP but not if it was bitstreaming native DSD.
4. Changed: Extended the range of the bitdepth simulator in the PEQ to 2-32 bits.
5. Changed: When the Analyze Audio dialog opens the keyboard focus will be on the "Analyze" button.
6. Fixed: When picking a scale bigger than 100%, the tree would truncate the images instead of growing its size.
7. Changed: Updated the SoundTouch library used in the Tempo/Pitch/Rate DSP and VideoClock functionality.
8. Fixed: On "Manage Channels" window clicking "Auto Group" button did nothing when there are two sets of Set-top box channels using the same channel lineup.
9. Fixed: Television setup wizard saved an empty EPG loading profile.
10. Fixed: Video Playback properly flushes the DSP engine when seeking.
11. Changed: The word "Drive" can be translated in the CD, DVD, & BD options page.
12. Changed: Added the option "Show 'Recently Imported' when clicking on 'Details' when an import finishes" to optionally not show the recently imported playlist.
13. Changed: Standardized the buttons on the image editor to "Apply" and "Cancel" (so removed some buttons like 'Remove Red Eye' and 'Heal').
14. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
15. Fixed: Television setup did not work (in build 21.0.7) when choosing mc2xml or XMLTV for EPG for non-STB and non-CableCARD channels.
16. Changed: Sped up search results.

21.0.7 (9/14/2015)

1. NEW: Added optional full strength TPDF Dithering in the audio engine (Options > Audio > Advanced > Dither Mode).
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: When running television setup, mc2xml will no longer be executed twice, once for channels once for guide. Now only one run (unless there is a failure) will be needed, even if there are multiple types of channels to be setup (with identical channel lineup).
4. Fixed: Accepted search suggestions weren't always working.
5. Changed: The sample rate of DSD when bitstreaming will be reported more correctly by the player (it was showing the rate it would become if it became PCM).
6. Changed: Switched the spacebar in Theater View to always play what's selected instead of only playing if playback was stopped.
7. Changed: Made the ideal width of a small image column a little wider.
8. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).

21.0.6 (9/10/2015)

1. Fixed: Television shows that were 5 minutes or shorter were not presented in guide.
2. Fixed: The height of tiles in a list didn't scale properly for high DPI.
3. Fixed: When loading STB or CableCARD channels, mc2xml could fail repeatedly.
4. Changed: Added instructions on television setup regarding mc2xml "data source" selection (Standard vs. TitanTV).
5. NEW: Multiple mc2xml EPG loading methods can be setup, one for each provider selected ("digital terrestrial lineup", "digital cable", etc.).
6. Changed: Relaxed postal code checking on television property page.
7. NEW: For playback you can select "Ask at playback time" and MC will ask if you want to play internally or launch a program.
8. Changed: When showing search suggestions in the Television view, it will look at both recordings and the EPG (previously it only looked at the EPG).
9. Fixed: Search suggestions could show duplicated values in rare cases.
10. Changed: Made the name field in the database search like all the other fields so that typing a part of the name will give that name as a suggestion (please report any issues).
11. Fixed: Multi-monitor support was broken.

21.0.5 (9/9/2015)

1. Fixed: The detached display would maximize to the wrong size on mixed DPI multiple monitor configurations.
2. Fixed: Automatic EPG loading with mc2xml did not work for countries where postal codes consist of two parts separated by space (UK, Canada, Ireland, etc.).
3. Changed: Television recording rules that have invalid program ID or channel ID will not be automatically deleted. They will just be marked as such, so users may choose to fix them manually.
4. Changed: When scheduling or editing an existing scheduled time-based TV recording, the channel drop-box will no longer be disabled.
5. Changed: MC will try finding new bda or WDM TV tuner devices each time it tries to load a tuner for playback or recording.
6. Fixed: Playing a DVB TV channel on a client might fail.
7. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
8. Fixed: The TiVo Server Options dialog could truncate on some displays.
9. Fixed: Settings were not getting restored when restoring a library backup (build 21.0.4 only).
10. Fixed: The 'Server Stopped' message from the TiVo server wasn't translatable.
11. Changed: Updated the 'New / Improved This Version' link in the help menu to point to the version 21 thread.
12. NEW: Added the expression function Translate(...) to give a string to the translation engine.
13. Changed: The text on a list like Gold by Abba can now translate the by string that's in between the artist and album.
14. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

21.0.4 (9/2/2015)

1. Changed: Sorting ignores diacriticals instead of sorting them special.
2. Changed: The ICY metadata reader interprets the data it gets as UTF-8 instead of ANSI (will make some international stations appear more correctly).
3. NEW: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B for "Previously played TV channel".
4. Fixed: Auto matching of channels to xmltv IDs in the new mc2xml TV guide method did not work.
5. Fixed: Memory leak in SACD DST decoding.
6. Fixed: MC21 ASIO driver was showing up in list of audio devices.
7. Changed: Changed how device arrival event is handled for video capture (analog TV tuner) devices, so that audio capture devices are not erroneously added to TV tuners list.
8. Fixed: Turning the ASIO driver on or off didn't ask for UAC elevation so the install went into outer space.
9. Changed: Added the stock smartlist 'Audio -- Task -- Missing files'.
10. Fixed: Fixed a typo "Remove from Farvorites".
11. Changed: Removed the 'Help Wiki' link from the help menu since it was the same as Help > Contents.
12. Changed: Added more diagnostic logging for TV recording.
13. Changed: Made some changes in the handling of serving clients live TV from the server.
14. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
15. Fixed: Fix for volume leveling growing out of bounds on track changes.
16. Changed: Bookmarking looks at the playback range when calculating the duration so that files that are just little snips won't bookmark.
17. NEW: Added the output format "Encode as 4xDSD in DoP format" for 4x DoP delivery.
18. Changed: When running mc2xml internally, MC will try fixing empty country code and postal code first, and then -c and/or -g options are skipped if the respective fields are still empty.
19. Changed: The movie lookup code run by Auto-Import will only look a movie up every 30 days (instead of continually).
20. Changed: Added validity check on postal code entered in television setup wizard and on television property page. Postal code entry is now mandatary. The degree of validity check depends on country.

21.0.3 (8/17/2015)

1. NEW: Added the choices 176.4 khz and 192 khz to the configure ASIO Line-In dialog.
2. Fixed: After a few hours of running the 3d visualization tunnel would reach the destination and stop (only maybe fixed so testing appreciated).
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Changed: Adjusted logging in an effort to diagnose the lost TV tuner problem.
5. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).
6. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
8. Fixed: ZoneSwitch was broken and not finding its settings since 21.0.1.
9. Changed: Added all the channels from 10 to 24 by increments of two to the Output Format DSP page.
10. Changed: The option to add Netflix to Theater View has been removed (the item would just get trimmed anyway).
11. Fixed: The recent searches in the search box wasn't working properly.
12. Fixed: Thumbnailing could stall.

21.0.2 (8/5/2015)

1. Changed: Reworked television device change handling. Hopefully this will fix the "no tuner available" error on some systems after waking up from sleep.
2. Changed: mc2xml option is moved to the top of EPG mode selection page in Television Setup wizard.
3. Fixed: The "Click here for more information about mc2xml" link in Television Setup wizard was a dead link.
4. Fixed: Updated the licensing for version 21 (internal change).

21.0.1 (8/4/2015)

1. NEW: Added the sample rates 705600 and 768000 to the Output Format dialog.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. NEW: Added an image playback mode 'Display images using a 2D renderer' to the options of Images. Will use a 2D space for rendering instead of a 3D space. Mostly for Linux / Mac, but please test.
4. Fixed: The Onion would return "No text" for many of the articles in Theater View.
5. Changed: Removed the splash screen because it never showed launching off an SSD anyway, but it would still slow the launch down a little.
6. NEW: Theater View background image slideshows include sidecars that are next to the file.
7. NEW: Added the MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayPlaylist function to play a playlist in a specified zone.
8. NEW: Sending files to a particular zone disables Zone Switch from engaging.
9. NEW: Volume Leveling uses the additional Headroom provided by Internal Volume for a more consistent experience on highly dynamic tracks or when downmixing.
10. NEW: Added a 'Clean results' checkbox to the Fill Properties From Filename tool that will fix spacing, capitalization, etc.
11. NEW: Added an expression function Row() that outputs the current row number of a record.
12. NEW: Added the command 'ZoneSwitch...' to the Audio options page.
13. NEW: Added "Play in Media Center" to the root of the explorer context menu.
14. Changed: Made the search suggestions a little wider and fixed the sizing to account for high DPI.
15. Changed: Marked "<unknown album>" and "<unknown name>" for translation.
16. Changed: Marked a bunch of strings in the TiVo server for translation.
17. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
18. Changed: When a zone is cleared, it will clear all the linked zones as well (applies to MCWS/v1/Playback/ClearPlaylist but also other areas as well).
19. Changed: Added a few more 'o' character variations to the diacritical ignoring code.
20. NEW: Middle-click on a link column will open the link in a new tab.
21. Fixed: Recording of a television program on a grouped channel would incorrectly favor an STB tuner (even if the STB channel was not on top of the group).
22. NEW: MCWS Browse/Children contains more information about the type of the entry, and the PlaylistID if appropriate (only when requesting Version 2).
23. NEW: Keyboard shortcut 'D' for onscreen information display (equivalent to remote control info button) that toggles among "playback position"/"program name"/"program description".
25. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
26. Changed: Added a few more diacriticals to the list of things for ignoring during sorting.
27. Changed: Switched Theater View back to looking only at artist instead of album artist (auto) when doing cover art lookup.
28. Changed: Added a tuner selection page when re-scan for television channels (only applicable in channel types for which multiple tuners are in the same profile), so you can scan for channels using one device, and re-scan using a different device more easily.
29. Changed: Carnac understands the naming template Move Name (Year).
30. NEW: mc2xml is integrated into the program, so it can be used for all your EPG retrieval needs.

20.0.132 (7/27/2015)

1. Fixed: Capture-only television channels could not be recorded.
2. Fixed: Picking "Record current hour" (or "Record current two hours", "Record current three hours") on TV Recording context menu while watching a TV show would result in two recordings, a normal one and a short one.
3. Fixed: Pressing "Live TV" button on MCE remote control (or sending MCC 30002) while already playing a TV channel in Theater View could lead to crash.
4. Fixed: Changing CableCARD television channels live did not work when in time-shifting mode since build 20.0.116
5. Fixed: Disabling the Shell Extension in the options did not always work.
6. Fixed: Doctor Who was not finding local file matches in many cases.

20.0.131 (7/16/2015)

1. Fixed: RO HQ was drawing extra window decorations in 20.0.130.

20.0.130 (7/16/2015)

1. Fixed: Updated LAV Filters to fix a problem with Hardware Acceleration when viewing TV on AMD hardware.
2. Changed: Doctor Who downloaded playlist files now do not show up in views other than the Doctor Who playlist views.
3. Fixed: Entering a Q value that was too large on the High-shelf / Low-shelf filters would hang the program.
4. Fixed: Improved the responsiveness of the OSD in Display View when using RO HQ with recent versions of madVR.

20.0.129 (7/13/2015)

1. Fixed: A little error in the build 128.
2. Changed: All Window Frames use the new Window Controls in the Noire skin.

20.0.128 (7/13/2015)

1. Fixed: MC could try recording a DVB2 channel on a DVB tuner (not capable of DVB2).
2. Changed: Internal source code change (should be internal, but testing welcome).

20.0.127 (7/9/2015)

1. Changed: Pressing Ctrl+Enter in an edit of the experimental Tag window will accept the changes and close the edit.
2. Fixed: The MCWS command Playback/PlayByFilename didn't honor the zone setting that was passed.
3. Changed: Cover art internet lookup now checks more sources.
4. Changed: Closing the image preview window restores focus to the originating list.
5. Changed: The audio option 'Do not play silence' will now play the trailing silence of the last song that is played.

20.0.126 (7/6/2015)

1. Changed: "Customize views for Gizmo & WebGizmo" is now "Customize views for JRemote, Gizmo & WebGizmo".
2. Fixed: Performer "similar artists" function was broken.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
6. Fixed: Image slideshows would run in super slow motion.

20.0.125 (7/2/2015)

1. Changed: Removed the ASIO option 'Pause on stop' because the early reports are that it wasn't helping.
2. Fixed: 3d visualizations could freeze the program if it was minimized for a while and then restored.
3. Fixed: The right-click "Featured Websites" menu for Image and Video Connected Media incorrectly listed the root item "Connected Media" along with actual web media items.
4. Changed: Removed ratings and filenames from downloaded Doctor Who playlists unless your are the owner of those playlists.
5. Fixed: Refreshing the view with the Tag Action Window open could crash.

20.0.124 (6/30/2015)

1. Changed: Made the ASIO configuration group box titled "Output" instead of "Tools".
2. NEW: Doctor Who playlist sharing is now publicly available.

20.0.123 (6/29/2015)

1. Changed: The string 'English' in the language menu is never translated.
2. Fixed: The Volume OSD in Display View was erroneously shown when starting/resuming playback in recent versions.
3. Fixed: Doctor Who could show every playlist in the library under it.
4. Changed: Made the 'All Fields' portion of the experimental Tag Action Window show calculated fields as well.
5. Fixed: The headers of the experimental Tag Action Window didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
6. NEW: Added an ASIO option 'Pause on stop' to fight a click that McIntosh was experiencing.
7. Changed: Television time-shifting reader filter does a better job of initializing audio media type with correct data.
8. Fixed: The smartlist editor would munch [a-c] type inputs for searching on a range of letters.
9. Changed: The Theater View artist image is built from the album artist field instead of the artist field (if it's filled).
10. Fixed: Updated the DirectX installer package (located on our server) so when MC installs on a fresh Windows 8-10 system it won't pop a .NET 3.5 installation dialog.
11. NEW: Added the ability to show panes when in image preview mode (Tools > Show Panes).
12. Fixed: MC could wait for a few seconds unnecessarily when starting to recording television shows in TS format.
13. Changed: Added some crash-prevention measures in television time-shifting writer filter.
14. NEW: Added the RatingStars10(...) expression function to show a 10 star rating field (it takes the field name as a parameter).
15. NEW: Added the 'Date (release)' field.
16. Changed: MP3 tagging maps the field TDRL to the new 'Date (release)' field.

20.0.122 (6/18/2015)

1. Fixed: Pressing stop could still take slightly longer than expected in build 121.
2. Fixed: Stopping Video, Image or TV playback did not work properly in build 121.
3. Changed: "Cancel Recording" button will still be available along side of "Configure Recording" button, when a TV recording has reached the program end time, but is still within the extended recording time.

20.0.121 (6/17/2015)

1. Fixed: Pressing stop could take longer than expected in build 120.

20.0.120 (6/17/2015)

1. Changed: Marked the string "[Varies]" for translation.
2. Changed: Added PathSeparator attribute in MPL files to correct file paths based on the source and destination OS.
3. NEW: When scanning for ATSC/QAM/DVB channels, scrambled/encrypted channels are automatically filtered out. Experimental, untested.
4. Fixed: Some VST effects couldn't be installed.
5. Fixed: Playing digital TV channels in non-time-shifting mode could result in an error "Failed to build digital preview graph".
6. Changed: Cleaned up some old code in TV engine.
7. Changed: When a TV recording that is still being recorded is deleted from a video view, the recording is canceled before the file is deleted.
8. Changed: Pressing escape while the search box is focused will clear the search.
9. Fixed: The debug logging dialog was cut off slightly at the bottom.
10. Changed: Pressing escape a second time (or when the search is already cleared) will kill the suggestions and focus from the search box.
11. Fixed: In standard view, Television / Recordings, if a selected TV recording file was still being recorded, "Record" button was erroneously enabled.
12. Changed: Updated the file associations to contain .epub and .mobi as 'Electronic Books'.
13. NEW: The Launcher takes the command /StartMin to start the program minimized.
14. Changed: When a TV subscription recording has already started, the "Recording Options For This Program" option is no longer available.
15. NEW: In standard view, Television / Recordings, if a selected TV recording file is still being recorded, "Configure Recording" and "Cancel Recording" buttons will be available.
16. NEW: Added ZoneDLNA# to the response from MCWS/v1/Playback/Zones to specify if each zone in the response is or isn't a DLNA zone.
17. Fixed: The 'Stop After Current File' command wouldn't always play out the very end of the track (only maybe fixed so testing appreciated).

20.0.119 (6/10/2015)

1. NEW: MC supports Hauppauge built-in IR blaster. User must configure the IR blaster using Hauppauge's configuration utility. Not fully tested. Testing is appreciated.
2. Fixed: Possible fix for visualization crashes.
3. Changed: Added the Playlist 'Notes' field to the extended info for Doctor Who playlists.
4. Fixed: Playlists with non English characters were not uploading to Doctor Who.
5. Fixed: Chromium engine now working with Doctor Who.
6. Changed: Added a 'Play' icon to Doctor Who playlist display which shows '30' when it's a 30 second sample track.
7. Changed: Amazon background lookup for a Doctor Who playlist's tracks can resume later if MC is closed while it's running.
8. NEW: Smartlist upload/download now supported by Doctor Who.

20.0.118 (6/10/2015)

1. Changed: Updated the Norwegian translation (thanks Řistein Rian).
2. NEW: MC will dynamically detect addition or removal of analog (WDM) and digital (bda) television devices, so one will not need to restart MC to start using the new devices.
3. Changed: Marked the "Clone Library..." string for translation.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: Converting/Streaming video with an odd height could crash.
7. Changed: Turning the volume up when it's already at 100% will show the OSD with 100% on it (instead of doing nothing).
8. Changed: Added the 'Reshuffle' command to the right-click menu in Playing Now.
9. NEW: Standard View Skins can load OS Version dependent images.
10. NEW: Standard View Skins can load scale dependent images (ie. different images for different UI scale factors).
11. NEW: Noire uses more appropriate Window Controls on Windows 8/8.1/10 and OS X 10.10/10.11.
12. Fixed: The chapter could still be behind by one when switching with the OSD.

20.0.117 (6/3/2015)

1. Fixed: As a DLNA renderer no-error mode wasn't being set (prevents error popups).
2. Changed: The PadNumber() expression will remove existing padding from numbers if a lower padding is asked for.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Fixed: Media Center consistently writes standards-compliant ReplayGain track metadata to AAC/M4A files.
5. Fixed: If the first track in a shared playlist was not matched with a local or stream track, the playlist would fail to play.
6. Changed: Improved status information about track matching following download of a shared playlist.
7. Changed: Added "Buy" column to shared playlist views, so tracks that were not matched locally can be purchased from the Performer store or Amazon. Amazon track search will be improved in the next build. The Buy column will only appear for newly downloaded playlists.

20.0.116 (6/2/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
2. Fixed: Presets in the Rename, Move & Copy dialog properly load the default settings for older presets.
3. Fixed: Display View could lose keyboard focus when viewing images.
4. Fixed: Switching CableCARD channels when playing in non-time-shifting mode could fail.
5. Changed: When playing a shared playlist, MC no longer quits playback when the first track played has no matching local or streaming file. It skips to the next track.
6. Fixed: Shared playlist tracks are now updated each time a playlist is downloaded, rather than re-using the existing (possibly blank) track.
7. Changed: Increased matching success with Performer streaming tracks.
8. Changed: Improved shared playlists icon.
9. Changed: Downloaded shared playlists appear under "Downloaded" in the playlist tree.
10. Fixed: Sorting of shared playlists in the web view is now by playlist name within user name.

20.0.115 (6/1/2015)

1. Fixed: Playing CableCARD tuner devices in non-time-shifting mode could lead to hanging when switching channels.
2. NEW: Option to start digital (ATSC, DVB, and CableCARD) channels in non-time-shifting mode.
3. Fixed: Checkboxes and Radio Buttons didn't scale properly in the PixOS skin.
4. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
5. Fixed: Shuffling playlists with links could cause a deadlock if there was a circular link.
6. Changed: Marked the "Album Artist" field to also apply to video instead of only audio.
7. Fixed: Video did not track window size change when playing CableCARD tuner in non-time-shifting mode.

20.0.114 (5/29/2015)

1. Changed: Updated the DVB-C Channel List for Germany/Kabeldeutschland.
2. Fixed: TheMovieDB lookup wasn't working due to a recent change in the web service.
3. Fixed: The Customize Toolbar dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
4. Changed: YouTube puts the channel title of a video in the genre field.
5. Fixed: CD ripping problems. Certain workflows were causing metadata from a previous disc to display for newly inserted discs.

20.0.113 (5/28/2015)

1. Changed: MCWS Browse/Children can output the permanent View Scheme ID for Library Views (enable by passing Version=2).
2. Fixed: The Registration Info dialog scales a little better on high DPI.

20.0.112 (5/27/2015)

1. Changed: The Smart List editor allows using "Begins with"/"Ends with" on List-type fields.
2. Fixed: Checkboxes and Radio Buttons didn't scale properly in the Black on Black skin.
3. Changed: Added Name and Composer to the locate menu root.
4. Fixed: In the last couple of builds, "Rename, Copy, & Move" tool would move a jtv file to a new folder even though no change was specified.
5. Changed: Improved shared playlist track matching in local library. Also, it runs in the background and shows status in action window.

20.0.111 (5/26/2015)

1. NEW: Rename, Move, & Copy tool now supports jtv files fully, even if there are other jtv files in the same folder sharing data files.
2. Changed: The folder added by Rename, Move, & Copy tool when copying/moving jtv files will be named using series name and episode name if available, instead of just the file name.
3. Changed: For "Blackmagic WDM Capture" device, each time its property pages are displayed (through right-click menu > DirectShow filters), MC rebuilds DirectShow graph and restarts it.
4. Fixed: Enabling the option to increase the volume of DSD by 6dB while bitstreaming would result in broken playback.
5. Changed: YouTube videos get the description of the video for displaying in Theater View.
6. Changed: Added a "Block" parameter to the next call in the web service so that it's possible to have the return of the call wait until the next has been processed.
7. Fixed: The WDM driver wasn't signed properly in build 110.

20.0.110 (5/21/2015)

1. Fixed: Some older jtv files would not play.
2. NEW: Some television channel attributes can be mass-edited (i.e. editing multiple channels in one shot, if they share the same attributes). Only available (and probably only needed) for STB channels for now.
3. Changed: The day of week label at the top-left corner of Theater view television guide is shown with the day of month at the end (Friday 15, Saturday 16, etc.), to avoid confusion between days of different weeks ("Friday 15" versus "Friday 22").
4. Changed: Filtering out the Vevo videos from YouTube in Theater View (because they don't work).
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
6. Fixed: YouTube search wasn't working in Theater View.
7. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks bytestar).
8. Fixed: Automatic Season Cover Art lookup during file import is more reliable.
9. Changed: Failed Cover Art lookups are re-tried once a month instead of once a year.
10. Fixed: Checkboxes in menus didn't scale properly on high DPI.
11. Changed: When running "Rename, Copy, & Move" tool on jtv files, an extra folder, using the filename of the jtv file, will be inserted in the destination path.
12. Fixed: Made the chapter OSD display the new chapter as you switch.
13. Fixed: When running "Rename, Copy, & Move" tool in Copy mode, copying "jtv" files did not work (only a single .jtv file was copied).
14. NEW: Doctor Who preview, a playlist sharing system. Can now create accounts, upload, download, and view playlists.

20.0.109 (5/14/2015)

1. Fixed: Television radio channels (audio-only channels) could not play on clients.
2. Fixed: A rare memory leak when loading analog video capture/tuner devices.
3. Changed: Touch scrolling works on the lists in the Analyze Audio dialog.
4. NEW: YouTube is working in Theater View again.
5. Fixed: The "Start recording early by x minutes" and "Keep recording after program ends by x minutes" settings were not applied for time-based recordings.
6. Fixed: Grouping TV channels did not work if TV settings had been reset.

20.0.108 (5/13/2015)

1. Fixed: The rating stars in the Thunder Storm skin were too big in 20.0.107.
2. Fixed: Pinch zooming works again on touch screens for image playback.
3. Fixed: The WDM driver did not install properly in recent builds.

20.0.107 (5/12/2015)

1. NEW: Added "Record by time" mode for non-subscription recording of television programs. This previously was only available when there was no EPG data for the channel.
2. Changed: Channel and time based non-subscription TV recording rules can now be edited/configured.
3. Fixed: Double-click to leave an image slideshow wouldn't always work but would instead flick the image to the next image.
4. Fixed: Switching from a TV channel with non-EAC3 audio to one with EAC3 audio could cause playback to go bad.
5. Fixed: MC could not grab thumbnails from videos that were extremely short (a few seconds long).
6. Changed: The ~expand smartlist modifier can take a field name with spaces in it by putting the field name in quotes.
7. Changed: It is now possible to modify a time-based one-time recording and reconfigure it into a subscription, even if the configuration is started in "Recording Rules" view.
8. Fixed: The rating stars in the Black on Black skin did not render properly in 20.0.106.
9. Changed: Updated the remaining skins for high DPI and scaling.
10. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
11. Fixed: When switching television channels using Next/Previous buttons, the custom channel ordering was not followed.
12. Fixed: DVD ripping wasn't showing progress indication.

20.0.106 (5/6/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
2. Changed: Updated Black on Black for high DPI and scaling.
3. Changed: Updated Aruba to fix little glitches.
4. Changed: Spacebar in Theater View toggles the pause state (instead of restarting the current track).
5. NEW: Smartlists take the ~expand keyword that takes a field name and expands to every genre, artist, etc. in the match.
6. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
7. Changed: The 'Edit Type' is settable for a calculated field.

20.0.105 (5/5/2015)

1. Fixed: Auto zooming of an image on click should no longer fight with double-click.
2. Changed: Set a maximum height of an edit control in the Tag Action Window.
3. Changed: When the television subscription's program name is edited, the subscription recording rule's name is also changed accordingly.
4. Fixed: Right-clicking on the Analyze Audio tool would bring the window behind to the front.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: The height of the Audio Calibration dialog could be off a little with high DPI.
7. Fixed: Media Network: Only declare support for ICY-METADATA on formats MC supports it on (mp3 and m4a)
8. Fixed: Library Server could serve a TV channel to a client before the TV tuner was ready.
9. Fixed: Media Network. Bug that made MC hang when being pushed a music or video file to render. Introduced in 20.0.104.

20.0.104 (5/4/2015)

1. Changed: Update Library (from tags) works on URLs.
2. Changed: Updated the ThunderStorm skin so that it supports scaling and high DPI.
3. Changed: Updated the Aruba skin so that it supports scaling and high DPI.
4. Changed: Updated the Black on Black skin so that it supports scaling and high DPI.
5. Changed: Updated the Blue Steel skin so that it supports scaling and high DPI.
6. Fixed: The player setup dialog would bloat to a huge size if multiline expressions were used.
7. Fixed: When displaying an image as a DLNA renderer, grab the file tags to get the exif rotation.
8. NEW: Added MPL as a playlist format for handhelds. Useful for syncing MC to another machine running MC.
9. NEW: Television recordings can be exempted from automatic cleanup (if set up) by right-click menu in standard television view.

20.0.103 (4/30/2015)

1. Fixed: Dialogs would have too small of title text on high DPI (the fix could cause other problems, so testing appreciated).
2. NEW: Added more television subscription default option items on Television options property page.
3. Changed: Removed two redundant television recording default option items from the Television Options property page.
4. Changed: Updated the Z skin so that it supports scaling and high DPI.
5. Changed: "Configure Recording" in Theater View's Guide will go through each and every item to configure, regardless of user's choice in "Ask me about the following detail settings when scheduling to record in Theater View (defaults will be applied to all unselected settings)".
6. Fixed: Using Expression to Display in a Pane View did not work properly with all sort modes.

20.0.102 (4/29/2015)

1. Changed: Television subscription suspension options are moved into their own wizard page.
2. Changed: Updated the PixOS skin so that it supports scaling and high DPI.
3. Fixed: The 'Recent' list from the Expression Editor could be a funny height.
4. Fixed: Editing smartlists that had a date like evaluator would flip the sign or do other funny things.

20.0.101 (4/28/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir).
2. Changed: MCWS/v1/Library/List returns the name of the library separately, in addition to full description.
3. Changed: The television recordings list in the Standard view will have date and time fields completely shown for each recording, even if they coincide with the values of the recording right above.
4. NEW: A client streaming a live TV show from the server will send "keep-alive" signals to the server periodically (every 5 minutes). The server will stop serving clients that have not called in for more than 60 minutes. Note if video is paused on a client, the client will not send "keep-alive". So live TV show paused for more than an hour will be stopped.
5. Changed: Filtering out the 'Device Support' videos from YouTube.
6. Fixed: When touching to zoom an image, then scroling the image by flicking, it would unzoom when the flick was released.
7. Changed: The popup messages are disabled so that hopefully they won't steal remote control input (testing appreciated).
8. Fixed: Mini View would be a funny size if it was shown when the window was maximized.
9. Changed: "Keep at most n episodes" option is not offered for setting up or configuring a non-subscription television recording.
10. Changed: Television recording/subscription wizard items were rearranged to make it work better with larger user-selected fonts (up to a limit).
11. Fixed: ATSC over-the-air EPG scanning left TV tuners in semi-cleaned up state and could cause problems with subsequent recording.
12. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
13. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
14. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;).
15. Fixed: Editing some fields in the new tag window would use too large a height (testing appreciated because it's possible other fields will now be a problem).

20.0.100 (4/23/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
2. Fixed: The Tag Action Window properly shows the tags from a category details view in "Show Tags In Current View" mode.
3. Fixed: The height of the editing playlists in the Action Window pages was wrong on high DPI.
4. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for file analysis and transcoding.
5. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.65 (DTS-HD support).
6. NEW: Full support for native DTS-HD decoding.
7. Fixed: User entered supported file types for a WMDM type handheld would not be saved between runs of Media Center. It was getting overwritten by the supported type list reported by the device during initialization.
8. Changed: MCWS/v1/Configuration/ErrorFreeMode responds with an ErrorFree indicator for what the current mode is after the change.
9. Fixed: The state of error free mode could be undefined when MC launched.
10. Fixed: Playlists transferred to WMDM handheld devices (like Android phones) were showing as empty.

20.0.99 (4/21/2015)

1. Fixed: Fonts could load at a funny size on a high DPI display.

20.0.98 (4/21/2015)

1. Fixed: The install was still not working on XP. Another try.

20.0.97 (4/21/2015)

1. Changed: The camera database field is marked for videos as well as images.
2. Fixed: VST effects were not being properly applied during the beginning of tracks for DLNA or format conversions.
3. Changed: A decoded image is only saved to the RAW cache if it decoded at full size (might fix problems with images being too small -- please test).
4. Fixed: The install was not working on XP (made the flick scrolling stuff load on a new Windows API detector).

20.0.96 (4/20/2015)

1. Changed: If the WDM driver isn't selected as a feature, it'll uninstall it at install time.
2. Fixed: The default font size could be much too large on high DPI displays.
3. Fixed: When an LS client played a currently recording TV show, in TS format, that was the latest of a series of consecutive recordings on the same channel, the playback started at an earlier show, instead of the current show.
4. Fixed: When an LS client played currently recording shows, in TS format, sometimes the TS files were played instead of jtv files, causing playback to end prematurely since the player of TS files was unaware that the recordings were growing in length.
5. Fixed: Embedded CUEs in FLAC files did not import reliably since 20.0.77.
6. Fixed: Doing 'Remove Duplicates' with a search active would limit the results to only the search matches.
7. Changed: The Swap(...) expression finds the last space instead of the first space so that "My M. Name" becomes "Name, My M.".
8. Changed: Flipped the touch scroll direction.
9. Changed: Updated to the latest version of the Chromium engine for webpages, improves High-DPI behavior.
10. Changed: When clicking to zoom an image, clicking again will restore the zoom to full.
11. Changed: Click zooming on an image is a little less strong.

20.0.95 (4/16/2015)

1. Fixed: The width of configuring a Direct Sound dialog was too narrow on high DPI and the height wasn't right either.
2. Fixed: The 'Get Movie & TV Info' dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
3. Fixed: Improved wait messages a little bit on high DPI.
4. Fixed: The height of the Smartlist dialog would be wrong on high DPI.
5. Fixed: The 'Add New Rule' button on the Smartlist dialog didn't resize the controls properly if the window didn't change size.
6. Fixed: The column widths in the Media Network view didn't scale for high DPI (or with a large size factor).
7. Changed: The WDM driver is off by default (turn it on in Options > General > Features).
8. Changed: Scrollbar enlarging on mouse over waits a little before enlarging so that moving the mouse quickly over the list won't cause a flicker.
9. Fixed: Using Find and Replace in the Rename, Move & Copy Files dialog would incorrectly allow putting a space at the end of a folder name.
10. Changed: MC will try its best to honor custom video settings (such as audio renderer selection) for analog tuner or capture devices.
11. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Kentucio).
12. NEW: Touch screen scrolling works in list controls.
13. Fixed: A playlist wouldn't track the selected image during playback (so the selection wasn't the same as the last playing image when you returned).
14. NEW: The launcher takes the command /ClearPlayed and clears the played files from Playing Now.

20.0.94 (4/13/2015)

1. Fixed: The space bar didn't work in Theater View text entry boxes.
2. Changed: Revised upward the estimated bitrate from lossless codecs.
3. Changed: The number of channels is factored into the estimated conversion size.
4. Fixed: The group component of the benchmark was terribly slow for the last few builds.
5. Changed: Switched the control key to hold for switching images in a slideshow to shift (from control).
6. NEW: Pinch to zoom an image slideshow on a touchscreen works.
7. Changed: A single click on an image that's playing will zoom to the clicked region.
8. Fixed: Double-clicking an empty region of the list in Television > Recordings would crash.

20.0.93 (4/10/2015)

1. Changed: Rearranged some dialog window controls on the television setup wizard, so it will work better with larger user selected fonts (up to a limit).
2. Fixed: Some dialogs were a wacky size.

20.0.92 (4/9/2015)

1. Changed: The expand / collapse tree arrows didn't size nicely on high DPI.
2. Fixed: The file menu wasn't working in build 91.
3. NEW: When playing video with ComSkip, the Next button will advance to the next commercial end point. The Previous button will return to the nearest previous commercial start point. Not tested. Please test and report problems.
4. Fixed: Dialogs could come out a wacky size because something was tampering with the return from WM_NCCALCSIZE.
5. Fixed: The "Rename, Move, & Copy" dialog was cutting off text and controls at the bottom.

20.0.91 (4/8/2015)

1. Fixed: The about dialog didn't scale properly on a high DPI display.
2. Fixed: The 'Browse For Folder' dialog wasn't scaling nicely on high DPI.
3. Fixed: The Internet Explorer browser engine rendered content too small on High-DPI displays.
4. Fixed: The options "Delay between blasts" and "Blast Enter key after the numbers" on television IR emitter setup page did not stick (always reverted to the default values).
5. Fixed: Television setup wizard's IR Emitter testing blasted to all ports on all devices instead of selected device and port. This could give the wrong impression of IR emitter setup was working when it was actually not set up correctly.
6. Changed: Took the ... off the Media Server menu entry since it doesn't show any confirmation.
7. Fixed: The right-click > Links > Manage Links dialog didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
8. NEW: Third party DSP plugins (like VST effects) are now enabled for DLNA and format conversion.
9. Fixed: The television record and subscribe dialogs could be cut off.

20.0.90 (4/6/2015)

1. Fixed: When in Manage Channels tool, the "Playback Device" field of STB television channels could in rare cases be messed up.
2. Fixed: When editing an STB television channel, the changed "Playback Device" would not be saved.
3. Fixed: Web browser views would be the wrong size on high DPI displays.
4. Fixed: The 'Edit Remote Command' dialog wouldn't scale nicely for high DPI.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: The television recording dialogs didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
7. Fixed: Using a huge expression in the rename rules would throw the dialog's sizing off.
8. Changed: The Guide button on MCE remote control will also work if the Guide in Theater View is in a custom group "TV".
9. Changed: A change in playback engine that may possibly fix a rare crash.

20.0.89 (4/2/2015)

1. NEW: When configuring television recording subscriptions, one can modify recording anchor time (e.g. "Once per week near Friday at 2:00 pm" -> "Once per week near Thursday at 1:00 pm").
2. Fixed: Previously removed television recording files could not be removed from Removed database.
3. Fixed: Requesting a full-sized cover art image over MCWS for a file which doesn't have one could result in the entire media file being returned instead.
4. Fixed: When editing a previously created time-based television subscription, changing the program name field did not seem to have an effect (although it actually did, but just would not show when you went back to the wizard).

20.0.88 (3/30/2015)

1. Fixed: It required restarting visualizatons when switching the 'Display Quality' instead of just taking effect.
2. Fixed: The minimum height of a scrollbar handle would be too small on a high DPI display.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.16.
4. Changed: Option icons are scaled up on a high DPI display so they don't look too small.
5. Changed: The 'Fill Properties From Filename' dialog scales better on high DPI.
6. Changed: The 'Get Cover Art' tool didn't scale nicely on a high DPI.
7. Changed: The View > Size menu has a 400% option.
8. Fixed: Skins with a scale on the slider wouldn't draw the slider properly.
9. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
10. Fixed: The height of the fonts in the player bar did not scale properly on high DPI.
11. Fixed: Fixed a little glitch in the Russian translation (thanks Kentucio).
12. Changed: If there's a custom library field created called Tootip and it evaluates to non-empty, it will be used for the text of the tooltip.
13. Fixed: The Manage Library Fields dialog wouldn't scale nicely on a high DPI display.
14. Fixed: Television setup wizard could crash if "Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k" is present on the computer.
15. Changed: Eliminated some unnecessary tuner initialization during television setup.
16. Fixed: Requesting a File List or Cover Art over MCWS for a very slow executing Smart List (ie. Missing Files) could result in all MCWS queries being delayed until the request was completed.
17. NEW: MC supports Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K video capture device.
18. NEW: Added an option when deleting television recordings "Do not track the files in Removed Files database".
19. Fixed: Requesting full-sized album artwork over MCWS from a client of another MC Library Server didn't work reliably.
20. [b]NEW: The "SONGWRITER" tag is imported from CUE files as the "Composer" tag[/b].

20.0.87 (3/24/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
2. Changed: It is now possible to edit postal code on Television properties page, without having to re-run Setup wizard.
3. NEW: Double-clicking a recording rule brings up the 'Configure Recording' page.
4. Fixed: The Television view in Standard View didn't scale properly with a high size setting or a high DPI display.
5. Fixed: The size of the playback display Action Window would be too short on a high DPI display.
6. Fixed: Editing a Smart List with a date range would not properly set the unit field in the UI.
7. Changed: The sizing of Theater View doesn't follow the size set in Standard View manually (but still follows the internal sizing for high DPI).
8. Fixed: MC would crash in Television Setup if Remote Control feature was disabled.
9. Changed: MC will not allow Set-top box type tuner profile setup to proceed if Remote Control feature is disabled.
10. Fixed: On screen instructions wouldn't show reliably.
11. Fixed: On screen instructions didn't scale properly for a high DPI display or a large size setting.
12. Fixed: The ideal size of the Add Library View dialog didn't scale for high DPI properly.
13. NEW: Right-click menu (Add to Favorites, Remove from Favorites, and Hide) on Standard Television view Channels list.
14. NEW: Right-click menu on the Standard Television view's program list. The menu items depend on the filter type.
15. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.15.
16. Fixed: Combobox drop buttons could be much too wide on a high DPI display.
17. Fixed: Sliders would not draw the handle the right size on high DPI displays.

20.0.86 (3/20/2015)

1. Fixed: MOV/MP4 files could have the wrong information in the Compression field.
2. Changed: Guide button on MCE remote control will also work if the Guide in Theater view is part of a custom group named "Television".
3. Fixed: JTV recordings with uncompressed audio or video would not play.
4. Fixed: JTV rcordings with JRiver Video Codec would not play.
5. Fixed: An 'e' in a string would get interpreted as the power of the number so that sorting S01E03 type inputs would be wacky.
6. Changed: The "Spinning up drive..." message only shows if it's taking longer than 1.5 seconds instead of 0.1 seconds.
7. Fixed: Television EPG auto loading did not work in the last few builds.

20.0.85 (3/19/2015)

1. Fixed: Taskbar player control buttons wouldn't get created in a variety of circumstances.
2. Changed: Adjusted logging related to TV.
3. Fixed: The checkboxes on the 'Import these file types' list (and probably other places) didn't scale with the UI properly for big size settings or high DPI.
4. Fixed: The program would show 'designed to work optimally with a smaller font size' warning when setting the font size to a mild size with a high DPI display.
5. Fixed: Multichannel DSD wrapped by DoPE was overflowing the buffer resulting in noise or crashes.
6. NEW: Users can now choose which detail settings ("Do not record Reruns", "Require exact name match", etc.) to be bothered about when scheduling to record TV shows in Theater View.
7. Fixed: Some Theater View items (such as "Video", "Gadgets", "Exit") were not translated.
8. Changed: MCE remote control "Guide" button switches MC to Theater view Guide if "Guide" is either in its default location (in Video group) or as a root item (parallel to Video).
9. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
10. Fixed: The width of many dialogs would get double scaled so would be way too wide on a high DPI display.

20.0.84 (3/16/2015)

1. Changed: Theater View sizes with the high DPI / high scale factor setting.
2. Fixed: Font scaling wasn't working properly on some monitors.
3. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/AudioPath to get the audio path information during playback.
4. Changed: Lots more dialogs honor the size setting of the program.
5. Fixed: Taskbar right-click buttons weren't working.

20.0.83 (3/13/2015)

1. Fixed: The 'Add Expression' dialog wouldn't resize nicely for high DPI or high scale factors.
2. Changed: Worked on the sizing of DSP Studio when the size factor is high or the monitor is high DPI.
3. NEW: Option "In Over-the-air EPG scan (ATSC only), save programs for channels with empty XMLTV IDs only". This is useful for people who want to use Over-the-air EPG scan only for certain designated channels.
4. Fixed: Customizing a grouping details view could reset the accompanying grouping view, and vice versa.
5. Fixed: Checbox images in a list didn't scale for Retina / High DPI / large scale factor properly.
6. Fixed: If you created a Smartlist for Last Played is empty and edited it a few times, it would turn wacky.
7. Fixed: The smartlist editing dialog would not be wide enough on high DPI displays (or retina or with a big scale factor).

20.0.82 (3/12/2015)

1. Changed: The search on the experimental Tag window searches both the value and the field (before it only searched the field).
2. Changed: If an image has two rotation tags in the EXIF header, the first value is used instead of the second value (that way we work the same as Windows Explorer).
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
4. Fixed: JRiver Video Encoder and JRiver Video Decoder filters could not be loaded (had problem with registering with Windows).
5. Fixed: The experimental tag window wouldn't reload visible fields when the view switched.
6. Fixed: Podcasting could download duplicate tracks (only maybe fixed, so testing appreciated).
7. Changed: Added an MCC to toggle the OSD on and off (MCC_SET_OSD_ENABLED = 30025).
8. Fixed: Some WebCam devices and some other video capture devices that do not have hardware compression did not work in Television.
9. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Library/Import to import a folder.
10. Fixed: Some w64 files did not import/play.
11. NEW: ID3 tags from w64 files are properly imported.
12. Fixed: Playing FLAC+CUE files could result in some tracks being skipped in the recent builds.
13. NEW: Added View > Load / Save View to save and load a set of tabs and splits (experimental -- may not remain).
14. NEW: The experimental Tag Action Window has an 'All Fields' type that can be added.
15. Changed: Added 250% and 300% to the size menu.
16. Changed: The DPI of the display is accounted for so you shouldn't have to pick a big size value if you're running a high DPI display.
17. Fixed: Some analog tuners/capture devces were not properly released after running Television Setup wizard.
18. Fixed: Television setup wizard did not work for Camera type profile (camera-type channel creation would not complete).
19. Changed: Made TheMovieDB image lookups in Theater View ignore the phrase in parenthesis at the end of the title (so Alien (Theatrical Version) will just look at Alien).
20. Fixed: MC could crash during file import in rare circumstances.
21. Changed: EPG loading tool "Load Program Guide..." will allow EPG loading methods that are not associated with any tuner profiles to be used. This allows the tool to be useful with EPG loading methods set up prior to the introduction of tuner profiles.
22. Changed: Added an "Add" button on "Loading Program Guide..." tool, to add a loading method that is independent of any tuner profile.
23. Changed: Removed "Scan for channels..." link on Television property page as it is no longer needed.
24. Changed: Added a "Delete" button on "Load Program Guide..." tool, to delete a loading method that is independent of any tuner profiles. The button is disabled if the selected method is associated with any tuner profile.
25. Fixed: In "Load Program Guide", the TV Channel to XMLTV ID mapping list was not updated after "Auto Match" button was clicked.
26. Fixed: When the TV channel to XMLTV ID mapping window was displayed, the auto match routine was not automatically executed (without user clicking the button) in the last several builds.
27. Changed: When Auto Match was automatically executed (i.e. without user clicking the button), MC leaves existing IDs alone even if they do not match the IDs in current EPG data set.
28. Fixed: CD ripping would sometimes fall out of secure mode.

20.0.81 (3/5/2015)

1. NEW: A new MCC (10064) that switches TV to previously played channel. For local playback only (at least for now).
2. Changed: Live TV button on MCE remote control (or MCC 30002, 0) loads last played TV channel in the current zone, instead of loading last played channel on the first available tuner device type.
3. NEW: The experimental tag window has a 'Visible Fields' type that'll show the visible fields from the current view.
4. Changed: Changed the way EPG profiles are listed on "Load Program Guide" dialog window.
5. Changed: Internal changes to HLS Video Streaming to Gizmo (should not influence playback, testing appreciated).
6. Changed: Added a "Delete" button on the Television property page, to delete unwanted tuner profiles.
7. Fixed: Opening Visualization Studio presets could cause some values to be read incorrectly.
8. Fixed: Visualization could show REMAINING_TIME in a broken format.
9. Changed: A/V sync is maintained more aggressively at the start of video playback.

20.0.80 (3/3/2015)

1. Changed: Revamped "Load program guide..." tool on television property page.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation file (thanks Matteo).
3. Fixed: Seeking a Linked Zone over Gizmo would cause MC to hang.
4. Fixed: The player evaluating "Playlist Remaining Time" could hang (only maybe fixed, testing appreciated).
5. NEW: Link Timing -- Linked zones can optionally be set to a playback rate so that a zone that plays slower or faster can be corrected (the 'Adjust Link Timing' dialog allows entering a rate). Thread
6. Fixed: Very short convolution filters would not load properly at all times.

20.0.79 (2/26/2015)

1. NEW: Television tool "Manage Channels" has a "Rescan" button to allow rescan for new channels in a selected tuner type profile.
2. Fixed: Video Streams in MOV/MP4 files were not reliably detected for more exotic video codecs (ie. DNxHD), resulting in MC treating the file as a audio file.
3. NEW: Select is an available command for videos and TV shows in Theater View.
4. Fixed: Library views could crash.

20.0.78 (2/25/2015)

1. Changed: Removed support from Play Doctor (because it was no longer working due to changes).
2. NEW: Added a 'Refresh' command to smartlists in Theater View.
3. FIxed: CD drives weren't appearing in build 77.

20.0.77 (2/25/2015)

1. Fixed: Television channel to xmltvID auto matching did not work for DVB (and possibly analog) channels due to channel number in front of name in channel names.
2. Fixed: TV functions crashed in the previous build (hopefully fixed, testing appreciated).
3. Fixed: Analyzing FLAC+CUE files could result in a handle and memory leak.
4. Fixed: Importing FLAC files with both an external and embedded CUE could result in the duration of the last track being wrong.

20.0.76 (2/24/2015)

1. NEW: Television Setup wizard allows users to choose which tuner device to use to perform channel scanning, when such designation is relevant (ATSC, DVB, QAM, Analog Cable, Analog Antenna).
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo).
4. NEW: Ten Stars is an edit type for a library field and makes the same type of field as rating, but with 10 stars instead of 5.
5. Fixed: Text visualization components could randomly switch to the wrong text at times.
6. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for file analysis and transcoding.

20.0.75 (2/23/2015)

1. Changed: When television Setup wizard is re-run, MC offers options to clean up existing channels and programs and to reset all settings before proceeding to the setup.
2. NEW: During television subscription set up, an option to choose which fields to make comparison with, in order to determine whether an existing recording matches the program to be recorded.
3. Fixed: Television recordings did not get all metadata imported in the last couple of builds.
4. Fixed: Importing CUE files which reference more than one media file could show the wrong duration on the last track of each file.
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
6. NEW: Quick Find Cover Art supports the filenaming [Artist] - [Album].
7. Fixed: The options dialog listed an option for Sound Recorder in Options > Encoding.

20.0.74 (2/19/2015)

1. Changed: Additional date metadata tags are read from AVI files.
2. NEW: Added Options > Tree & View > Advanced > Enable OSD to allow turning off the OSD.
3. Changed: Added a popup message box when HDHomeRun tuner is selected to scan for television channels in Television Setup wizard, that one should setup firewall to allow Media Center network access through the firewall.
4. Changed: Added additional instruction message in Television Setup wizard, when the device list for CableCARD tuners is empty, that one should setup firewall and turn on "Use Media Network to share this library and enable DLNA" option.
5. Fixed: TheMovieDB image lookup was not working anymore.
6. Fixed: A CUE parsing issue where the last track would not work because the playback range was parsing incorrectly if the CUE file spanned multiple tracks.
7. Fixed: Rotten Tomatoes wasn't downloading cover art.

20.0.73 (2/17/2015)

1. Fixed: If one (re-)ran television Setup wizard from the Television property page, some settings set on the wizard were not transferred to the property page.
2. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.64 (Hardware Acceleration improvements, bugfixes).
3. Changed: The intelligent number handling in the string sorter understands commas in numbers now.
4. Fixed: Starting video playback could hang.
5. Changed: Minor edits to the included webpages.

20.0.72 (2/17/2015)

1. Fixed: Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 (and maybe 250 too) analog television tuner did not work.
2. Fixed: Reading a SACD ISO with empty data packets could cause a crash.
3. Changed: Made the SACD ISO parser a little more forgiving.
4. NEW: Added a 'Total Tracks' field to the library. Currently updated from MP3 files, MP4 files, FLAC files, and during CD ripping.
5. NEW: Added a 'Total Discs' field to the library, which is updated from MP3, MP4, and FLAC files.
6. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).

20.0.71 (2/16/2015)

1. Changed: Added "Auto Group this channel" right-click menu on Manage Channels tool, to automatically find matching channels to group with.
2. Changed: Added "Auto Group" button on Manage Channels tool, to automatically group all channels.
3. NEW: Double-click on the headers of a grouped list control fires a double-click on the entire grouping, which normally starts playback (but depends on the setting).
4. Fixed: Television Setup wizard complained about not having remote device even though the user was not setting up Set-top Box profiles.
5. NEW: Added an IR Device Activation page on Televsion Setup wizard, so one can make sure IR devices are activated before trying to set up an STB profile.
6. Changed: When a television channels is designated "hidden", it is automatically removed from its group (if previously grouped).
7. NEW: On Manage Channels tool, the "Channel" column header carries a sorting code, to indicate current sorting mode of channels in the list. "Channel (Custom)" - custom sorting; "Channel (12-3 ABC)" - sorted by full channel name; "Channel (ABC)" - sorted by channel name without number in front; etc.
8. NEW: Added one more television channel sorting mode: Favorite, which puts favorite channels above regular channels.
9. NEW: Support for playing HTTP Live Streaming streams (both video/audio and audio-only).
10. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
11. Fixed: On some systems, audio CD burning was failing while writing the lead-in. This was much more prone to happen if the CD-Text option was disabled.

20.0.70 (2/12/2015)

1. Changed: Group Channels tool is merged into the Manage Channels tool and removed from Television property page.
2. Changed: In the Manage Channels tool, right clicking menu offers "Group Channels" and "Ungroup channels" that perform simple grouping or ungrouping of selected channels. The "Group Channels" button offers the old grouping tool that allows more elaborate grouping operation.
3. Changed: Removed "Set up IR Emitter STB channels" tool from Television property pages as it is no longer needed.
4. NEW: The launcher (MC20.exe) takes a /MinMax command to toggle the minimized / maximized state of the program.
5. NEW: Added a /StartMax command to the launcher to start the program maximized (and show and maximize if it's already running).
5. Changed: Simplified Group Channels tool.
6. Changed: Added a "Change default channel type order for grouping" right-click menu item on Manage Channels tool for television channel grouping.
7. Fixed: CD ripping was always using secure mode regardless of user setting.
8. Fixed: Prior to any CD play or rip activity, the options dialog did not always show the installed CD drives.
9. Fixed: If CD ripping was started from the list header button, the initial ripping action window would still show after ripping was complete.

20.0.69 (2/11/2015)

1. Fixed: Starting playback with the play button from a grouped list control with nothing selected wasn't working.
2. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
3. Changed: Made SRC only use the high precision mode for audio playback (because it was causing timing issues for video playback).
4. NEW: Made a toolbar button 'Toggle Tree' that toggles the visibility of the main tree.
5. Fixed: YouTube searching would be slow because we were unintentionally loading the dimensions of all the images.
6. Changed: Moved the buttons on Manage Channels dialog window to the right side to make more room for channels list.
7. Changed: More reshuffling of Television property page (still on-going).

20.0.68 (2/10/2015)

1. Fixed: Catching of YouTube links with the IE engine was not working. Now it might play in the browser at the same time, so stop that manually if you do something else.
2. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. NEW: Added an option in Theater View -> Behavior to disable the Left-Edge jump to the top roller in Grid views.
4. Fixed: Transitioning from an image to a video in a playlist was not working properly.
5. Changed: On Manage Channels dialog window, a checkbox in the "Favorite" or "Hidden" column will toggle only if one clicks on or very near the checkbox, to prevent accidental toggling.
6. Fixed: The additional audio delay from the resampler changes in 20.0.67 was not being compensated properly.

20.0.67 (2/6/2015)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.13.
2. Fixed: [Playlist Remaining Time] wasn't zone specific properly.
3. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
4. NEW: The image editor can save PNG files (just use a PNG extension on the save filename).
5. Changed: Made tagging in Theater View optional in Options > Theater View > Behavior.
6. Fixed: The previous / next buttons on a mixed list of images and videos would stall at the images.
7. NEW: Audio input selection during television setup for Set-top Box or Capture-only channels.
8. Changed: Switched the resampler to high precision mode (testing appreciated).
9. Changed: The Tag Action Window no longer shows a full page when editing a list style field but instead uses an inplace edit.

20.0.66 (2/4/2015)

1. Fixed: Doing a play on a grouped artist, etc. tile would expand the files in a fixed way instead of using the sorting of the bottom list.
2. Changed: The WDM driver is only installed on Vista and newer (was probably causing an install issue on XP).
3. Fixed: There was quite a long delay at the start of audio CD burning and the main thread could get stalled for a while.
4. Changed: The string sorter doesn't interpret a dash as a negative sign unless it's right after a space or it's the first character in the line (should fix mystery sort issues with dash delimited data).
5. Fixed: MC could not play ALAC files with very high sample rate.

20.0.65 (2/3/2015)

1. Fixed: Number sorting was broken in 20.0.64.
2. Fixed: The capture device field of a capture-only television channel was erroneously cleared after it was viewed in Manage Channels tool.
3. Fixed: The capture-only television channel could not be edited or added manually in the Manage Channels tool.
4. Fixed: When moving selected channels up or down, on the Manage Channels tool, the selected channels might not stay visible after clicking the Move up/down button, because the list refreshed scrolled to the top.
5. NEW: The TV channels list on Manage Channels tool has two additional columns - "Favorite" and "Hidden". One can select multiple channels and use the right-click menu to mass-change these attributes.
6. Changed: The buttons "Favorite","Not Favorite", "Hide", and "Unhide" on Manage Channels tool are removed.
7. Fixed: On Manage Channels tool the channel details of Capture-only channels were not completely shown.
8. Fixed: MC incorrectly favored STB channel among a group of channels, even though the STB channel was not on top of the group.
9. Fixed: License authorization wouldn't take a license code.
10. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Matteo!).
11. Fixed: When setting up DVB-S (or DVB-C) tuners, MC displayed checkbox text "The tuner is capable of tuning to DVB-T2" instead of "DVB-S2" or "DVB-C2".
12. Fixed: MC could crash when loading DSP presets on track change while the DSP Studio window was open.
13. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohá&#269;!).
14. Fixed: Some M4A files wouldn't decode (we're now checking for an 'mdat' header as well as an 'ftyp' header to denote mp4).

20.0.64 (1/29/2015)

1. Fixed: A mixed playlist of images and videos will transition to the next video from the image when flicking.
2. Changed: "Antenna" and "Cable" televsion channel types are renamed "Analog Antenna" and "Analog Cable".
3. Fixed: Some explanation text on "Capture Hardware" page of the television Setup wizard could be truncated.
4. Fixed: Television recording manager accessed disk drives every minute if a user had not configured television recording yet.
5. Fixed: Possible crash when switching sample rates with convolution (only maybe fixed, so please report).
6. Fixed: YouTube video playback was not working.
7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
8. Changed: The automation call ProcessWebService(...) returns the response instead of just 0 or 1.
9. NEW: Added a new television channel type "Capture only" that can be setup using the Setup wizard.
10. Fixed: "Capture only" and "Camera" type channel setup using the television Setup wizard did not work.
11. Changed: The string sorter handles negative numbers in the special number handling code.
12. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Files/Current to get the currently selected files.
13. Changed: DSP Studio shows a warning when a Q value greater than one is entered into a shelf filter (and switches back to 1).
14. Changed: On Television properties page, the Devices list is moved to Advanced section, and a new Tuner Profiles list is added in its place.
15. NEW: The text visualization component uses expressions instead of only simple defines.
16. Fixed: The search suggestion box no longer hides when hitting enter to evaluate the search now (remember that Shift+Enter selects the first suggestion).
17. Fixed: When reconfiguring/editing an existing television tuner profile, the guide provider info was not filled in correctly in the wizard.

20.0.62 (1/23/2015)

1. NEW: In the player display, you can use [Playlist Time Remaining] to show the remaining time of the entire playlist.
2. Changed: [Number Plays] is incremented for videos more consistently (at 90% or within 5 minutes of the end, but never before 50%).
3. NEW: Added 'Clear Played From Playing Now' to the right-click in Playing Now.
4. Fixed: The spectrum analyzer area would keep redrawing even once playback had stopped.
5. NEW: A television setup wizard to help users set up televsion more smoothly.
6. Changed: Rearranged some items on Options > Television.
7. Changed: TheMovieDB lookup supports titles in the format "[Name] ([Year])".
8. Changed: Pressing Enter on a field in Theater View File Info will expand it when it's cut-off, independent of it containing newlines.
9. Changed: Pressing Enter on an expanded Theater View File Info field will search for files that match this field.
10. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
11. Changed: When both a Windows and a Master license are installed, Media Center now shows the installed license type as Master.

20.0.61 (1/22/2015)

1. Fixed: In registration info dialog, license was sometimes displayed as a "master" type license when it was a Windows only or Mac only type license.

20.0.60 (1/22/2015)

1. Fixed: Both buttons on Options > Remote Control linked to the same thing.

20.0.59 (1/21/2015)

1. Changed: The JRiver WDM Driver can be turned off in General -> Features.
2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
3. Changed: Added a 3dB cut to the Headphones effect so that increases from cross-feed won't lead to clipping.

20.0.58 (1/20/2015)

1. Changed: MC will ignore "WM/MediaOriginalBroadcastDateTime" or "WM/OriginalReleaseTime" tags that have values of "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z" or "0" when importing wtv / dvr-ms files.
2. Changed: MC will import "WM/WMRVEncodeTime" tag into "Date Recorded" field in wtv / dvr-ms files.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
4. NEW: Added a right-click 'Controls' section to Playing Now with Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous in it.
5. Changed: Switched 'Spinning up hard drive' to 'Spinning up drive' since it could have been a DVD drive, etc.
6. Changed: Switched Google account stuff from HTTP to HTTPS for syncing notes (please report any issues).
7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
8. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan!).
9. Changed: Audio only mode remembers features that were disabled originally so turning it off won't restore a previously disabled feature.
10. Changed: Updated Thai translation (thanks Nitinun!).

20.0.57 (1/15/2015)

1. Changed: MCWS/v1/Playback/Info returns the bitdepth.
2. Fixed: The playlist tree in Options couldn't be translated.
3. Changed: Updated all translation files from the source code (so the latest strings are included).
4. NEW: Added the Handheld option for M3U8 (relative paths) for a playlist format.
5. Changed: Audio only mode only hides (and later reshows) view schemes instead of deleting them.
6. Changed: Brought audio only mode back.
7. NEW: Support for importing location (Latitude/Longitude) from MP4 videos (ie. recorded with a smartphone).
8. Fixed: Skin effects weren't in the view menu.

20.0.56 (1/14/2015)

1. Fixed: Action Window Tag view to show the columns in the current view didn't work properly with category views (you might need to add / remove a column for it to start working).
2. Changed: Removed Audio Only mode (please make sure you turn if off before installing the new build).

20.0.55 (1/13/2015)

1. Fixed: Using [Channels] and [Sample Rate] in the player display area didn't work for videos.
2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
3. Fixed: Skin Manager was an available toolbar button even though the skin manager has been retired.
4. NEW: MC will import many tags in wtv / dvr-ms (Microsoft Windows Media Center TV recordings) files.
5. Changed: Television has been moved to the root of the tree.
6. NEW: Added an option 'Audio Only Mode' in the View menu.
7. Fixed: Television channel scanning did not work in some locations in recent builds.
8. Fixed: Changing country selection in television options did not take effect in recent builds.

20.0.54 (1/9/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo!).
2. Fixed: DLNA: DSD files > 1X when used with the DoPE switch were getting the sample rate wrong so the file duration would be short (1/2, 1/4, etc).
3. Fixed: Chromium engine was not working properly on 20.0.53.

20.0.53 (1/8/2015)

1. NEW: Theater View artist backdrops load from the entire list of artists for a track instead of only the first artist.
2. Fixed: DLNA, missing xml namespace for the peak level and replay gain jriver specific fields. Caused trouble with other DLNA devices and controllers seeing our DLNA devices(ie BubbleUPnP).
3. Changed: The jriver namespace fields from jr: to jriver: to match the previous use of presenting the access key. A side effect of this is that all builds in use must be greater than 20.0.52 to use the volume leveling feature(this is only useful on a MC renderer from a MC server NOT doing conversion).
4. Changed: The spacebar isn't translated as play / pause when a list control has the focus.
5. Changed: Updated to the latest version of the Chromium engine for webpages.

20.0.52 (1/6/2015)

1. Changed: Updated Korean translation (thanks Junghwan Oh!).
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks LLannis!).
3. Fixed: The example text on the license restore dialog was not translatable.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
6. Fixed: A couple of menu items in DLNA Controller Options were not translated.
7. Changed: Marked a few more strings as translatable.
8. Fixed: Using the Space key in a Web Browser control will no longer pause playback.
9. Fixed: Possible problems with video views specific to build 51.

20.0.51 (1/5/2015)

1. Fixed: Add Library > Browse would open the folder dialog in a non-modal way so that a second browse dialog could be opened (or worse).
2. Fixed: Updated the bundled Black on Black and Pearl Bailey skins to the latest version to resolve an incompatibility with recent skinning changes.
3. Fixed: DLNA: MC could crash when a DLNA view with multiple WMA files was requested (since 20.0.49).
4. Changed: Slightly improved rendering performance in Theater View list flows on Intel GPUs.
5. Changed: The Release Year is taken into account when acquiring Theater View background artwork for movies.
6. Changed: During import, the matching entry from TheMovieDB is selected based on the release year, if available.
7. NEW: Added the web service function MCWS/v1/Podcast/Delete to delete a Podcast by name.
8. Changed: The service registers its filename with quotes around it ( fixes a possible exploit ).
9. Changed: Removed the option for fullscreen exclusive mode in Theater View.
10. Fixed: The image width and height fields didn't fill properly if the cover art was an external file.
11. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/File/Delete to remove a file from the library.
12. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Configuration/ErrorFreeMode to set the program into error free mode.
13. NEW: Made writing the tool name and version optional in Options > Audio > Advanced (it's strongly recommended that you leave this enabled).

20.0.50 (12/17/2014)

1. Changed: The Swap(...) expression has special handling for strings that end with Jr., Sr., I, II, III, IV, V.
2. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
3. Changed: Cover Art > Add From File opens at the location of the file instead of at the last folder used (but only if the folder contains at least one image).
4. Fixed: MC did not scan for program map table when playing clear QAM television channels, causing problems recording in .TS format.
5. Changed: For ATSC and QAM television channels, MC will try alternative ways to find audio and video packet IDs in case the usual method fails.
6. Changed: The space bar shortcut for play/pause is not translated in Theater View so that the search in some views works.
7. Changed: WebGizmo views say WebGizmo instead of Gizmo.
8. Fixed: DLNA: The new delete dynamic libraries functions was slow (generating too many M-SEARCHes).
9. Changed: Action Windows that are editing a playlist have a 'Click to view playlist' button at the bottom (the title text is also a clickable link).
10. Fixed: Importing CUE files would not reliably import the first track.
11. Changed: Empty playlists that have the name "New Playlist" or "New Smartlist" are purged when the program loads.
12. Fixed: The Image Width and Image Height fields were marked as hidden so that they wouldn't show up in a Smartlist.
13. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).

20.0.49 (12/16/2014)

1. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR v0.87.11.
2. Changed: Made it optional to increase the volume of DSD to PCM by +6 dB (Options > Audio > Advanced > Configure input plug-in > DSD input plug-in) (note that you need to reanalyze for volume level if you make this change).
3. Changed: Added a bunch more stock Smartlists (create using Tree > Playlists > Right-click > Add Stock Smartlists).
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
5. Changed: Another attempt at fixing the problem of MC not being able to use some multiple identical TV devices (tuners or capture devices). Please test.
6. Changed: A few more strings are translatable that weren't before.
7. Fixed: 8x DSD output wasn't working (testing appreciated).
8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Changed: Removed Options > Startup > Set volume because each zone has its own startup volume.
10. NEW: Added an Unswap(...) expression function that takes Last name, First name and flips them to First name Last name.
11. NEW: Added a Swap(...) expression that takes First name Last name and swaps to Last name, First name.
12. NEW: Added an image height and image width field that gets filled when thumbnailing.
13. Changed: Spacebar always fires play / pause instead of only when full screen is focused (experimental change -- may not remain).
14. NEW: DLNA: Pushing audio files in "original format" from a JRiver server to a JRiver renderer will send along the R128 Peak and Volume leveling values. This allows the renderer to do the volume leveling (if the option is enabled in DSP studio).
15. Fixed: Media Center could crash when searching through WebGizmo or MCWS.

20.0.48 (12/11/2014)

1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
2. Changed: The current group for an expression like GroupCount(...) is the entire set of files in the current list.
3. NEW: Added 8x DSD as an output encoding.
4. Fixed: Possible crash when doing DSD encoding.
5. Changed: Added 24 bit LPCM file handling. Lack of it was preventing DLNA rendering of this file type.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
7. Fixed: Text phrases in "Slow Motion Playback" context menu were not translatable.
8. Changed: Updated FLAC encoder and decoder to FLAC 1.3.1.
9. Fixed: Searching in WebGizmo for something with only one result would yield no results.
10. Fixed: In some cases (when the top of the channel group was changed) reordering a television channel group would break the channel group.
11. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Casio!).

20.0.47 (12/8/2014)

1. Changed: Improved the responsiveness of audio sync correction when starting video playback.
2. Changed: Bumped an internal version counter for internal reasons.

20.0.46 (12/5/2014)

1. Fixed: DLNA bug in the ALL zones deletion function.

20.0.45 (12/4/2014)

1. Changed: Hidden zones are no longer shown in the 'Overview' view.
2. Changed: The option to move sidecar files looks to see if the record it finds is in the removed database and then moves the file if it is.
3. NEW: DLNA rendering (dynamic) zones can be deleted (one or all) by right-clicking on "Playing Now".
4. Changed: Normal right-Click zone deletion (Local Zones) doesn't include dynamic zones (they couldn't be deleted there anyway).
5. NEW: "Playing From" adds the ability to [b/]delete dynamic servers (Library and DLNA)[/b] via right click menu and menu buttons.
6. Fixed: Closing the program with a dialog open by right-clicking the tray icon could lead to a crash.
7. Fixed: Using the Display View OSD to select a Blu-ray title will properly save the selection for subsequent playback.
8. Changed: Running a program from Theater View starts the batch file to run hidden.
9. Fixed: Slow-motion TV playback on some sytems when playing a television show that was currently being recorded.
10. NEW: DLNA: Dynamic entries refresh option added to the Right-Click Playing Now menu (triggers a DLNA M-SEARCH).

20.0.44 (12/1/2014)

1. Fixed: Importing audio files with a CUE side-car would mistakenly import duplicate files.
2. Changed: Importing CUE files will automatically migrate library entries to the new format.
3. Changed: The new CUE format is only used when required, for example on large audio files which are split into multiple tracks with the CUE, but not on files which are already split.
4. Fixed: The WDM driver was appearing as a choice for WASAPI and Direct Sound.
5. Changed: Improved device detection logic.
6. Changed: The wave feeder will try to allocate memory after doing a compact a second time if it fails the first.
7. Changed: Updated Thai translation (thanks Nitinun!).
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Luca!).
9. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir Eremenko!).

20.0.43 (11/25/2014)

1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: The WDM driver allows multi-channel audio again by mimicking an HDMI audio device.
3. Fixed: The TV Set-top box channel IR emitter setup wizard could crash if a user switched to a non-English language.
4. Fixed: Clearing "Now playing" from a remote will not pop up a confirmation box now.

20.0.42 (11/21/2014)

1. Fixed: DLNA: MC as renderer, when receiving a SetNextAVtransportURI, MC was allowing the playlist to grow beyond 2 items which is incorrect. This caused playlist sync issues.
2. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller, fix bug in event send when changing playlist position 1.
3. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller timing issue, make sure the first track is playing (for at least 5 seconds) before doing the SetNextAVTransportURI function.
4. Fixed: DLNA: MC as controller, when playlist position current +1 changes send a new SetNextAVTransportURI to devices that support it.
5. Fixed: The change from 20.0.31 (Back out library server hiding when the library is empty introduced in 19.0.71) missed the library server visibility (it was showing the DLNA servers).
6. Fixed: MC did not release CableCARD tuners (such as HDHomeRun Prime) correctly when it finished using them.
7. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun)

20.0.41 (11/20/2014)

1. Fixed: The 'Folder Settings' dialog didn't scale nicely with a big size or for Retina mode.
2. Fixed: The checkbox on the bottom of a popup didn't scale nicely with a big size or for Retina mode.
3. Fixed: Putting the command prompt (cmd.exe) in the Theater View options didn't work.
4. Changed: Updated French translation file (thanks Morand Studer).
5. Changed: The text below the guide in Theater View has room for four lines of text instead of two.
6. NEW: Added Options > Audio > Advanced > Disable dither to disable any dithering in the playback engine.
7. Fixed: Web links were not showing in the embedded browser unless the refresh button was clicked.

20.0.40 (11/19/2014)

1. Fixed: Right-clicking the column header of the Analyze Audio dialog would bring MC back to the foreground and show the menu there.
2. Fixed: Removed CUE files would get reimported by auto import.
3. Fixed: The list drawing in the Fill Properties From Filename tool wasn't right.
4. Fixed: The option 'Move all files in folder' didn't load and save with a preset properly.
5. Fixed: A typo on the clear playing now dialog.
6. Changed: When clicking "Priority" column header of "Recording Rules" list, the list is sorted by priority value, instead of priority string value.
7. Changed: Updated all translation files from the source code (so the latest strings are included).

20.0.39 (11/17/2014)

1. Changed: The logging dialog has a button to view the current log.
2. Fixed: Some untranslatable text in various areas.
3. NEW: The search box keeps a list of recent searches and shows them when the menu is shown.
4. Changed: The variable MC.Version no longer has a .0 at the end.
5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
6. NEW: Added Connect to Remote Library to the library menu. It shows the add library dialog to add the library and load it.
7. NEW: Added the option 'Move all files in folder (including non-imported files)' to the Rename, Move, & Copy Files dialog. This moves sidecars, folder.jpg, etc.
8. Changed: Removed Netflix support since their public API closed down on 11/14/2014.
9. Changed: Added a 'New / Improved This Version' link to the help menu.
10. NEW: 'Watched Videos' is a default smartlist.
11. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Luciano).
12. NEW: Added MCWS Library/List and Library/Load to list and load libraries.
13. Changed: Made the text labels in the Action Window a little wider.

20.0.38 (11/13/2014)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
2. Fixed: A few items in "Share to web" Action Windows were not translatable.
3. Fixed: The text drawing in a list does a better job of text truncation (previously it would break on full words instead of showing part of a word).
4. NEW: Added a couple keyboard shortcuts: F6: Rename, Move, & Copy Files; F12: Fill Properties From Filename.
5. Changed: Added a confirmation box to the Clear Playing Now command.
6. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
7. NEW: A toolbar button 'Toggle Tooltips' can be added to the toolbar.
8. Changed: Analyzer DSP uses the color of each line for the text of the volume level.
9. Fixed: The labels in the Tag Action Window would all be full width and not leave enough room for the edit value.
10. Changed: (Internal change) Updated country code list for television.
11. Changed: If user has not selected a country for television playback, MC will use Windows systems default.
12. Changed: Added zones to the tray icon menu.
13. Changed: Made the mute command the top command in the volume menu.
14. Changed: The article $ doesn't require a space afte

20.0.37 (11/12/2014)

1. Changed: Added the movie categories Movies and TV Shows to YouTube in Theater View.
2. Changed: Another try at driver building.

20.0.36 (11/12/2014)

1. Changed: Added the movie categories Education, Gaming, News, and Sports to YouTube in Theater View.
2. Fixed: Possible fix for visualization crashes (feedback needed).

20.0.35 (11/11/2014)

1. Fixed: Possible fix for visualization crashes (feedback needed).

20.0.34 (11/11/2014)

1. Changed: Updated Thai translation (thanks Nitinun).
2. Changed: Bitdepth and samplerate are reported in the tooltip.
3. Fixed: After removing a file from the playlist in the Action Window, the columns would snap to the wrong size.
4. Fixed: MC could crash when unloading television tuners.
5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
6. Changed: Tag Action Window text labels could be too small when running with a large size setting.
7. Changed: Changed how MC handles low disk space condition in television recording.
8. Fixed: The settings of some DSP plugins (eg. Effects) did not load properly when a DSP preset was automatically loaded during playback.
9. Changed: Added 'Clear Playing Now' to the right-click menu of the Playing Now list.
10. Changed: The WDM output device is called "JRiver Media Center 20" instead of the generic "Speakers".

20.0.33 (11/5/2014)

1. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
2. NEW: Composer is a linkable column.
3. Changed: The search box is wider when there's a lot of available width.
4. Fixed: The 6dB/Oct high/low pass filters correctly attenuate by 3dB at the specified frequency.

20.0.32 (11/4/2014)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
2. NEW: Added "Finish" and "Cancel" buttons for setup/configuration of television recording/subscription in Theater View.
3. Fixed: Embedded browser was showing a web engine error message while it was simply loading a web page.
4. Changed: Default music path template on handheld devices changed from [Artist]/[Album] to [Album Artist (auto)]/[Album].
5. NEW: Added Options > Libraries & Folders > Run import on empty libraries.
6. Fixed: WDM Driver signing.

20.0.31 (10/31/2014)

1. Fixed: AIFF files that have a tag that's one byte longer than the metadata will still import (previously we would fail to read the tags).
2. Fixed: CUE file parsing updated to better handle link filenames.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks YanJun Sun!).
4. NEW: Added a FileLookup(...) expression that takes a filename and returns a database key.
5. Changed: Back out library server hiding when the library is empty introduced in 19.0.71.
6. Fixed: DLNA, when pushing tracks to a renderer, when the playlist changes the next item to play, resend the SetNextAVTransportURI (for devices that support it) to keep the playlist in sync with the device.
7. Changed: Changed how "All channels" attribute is stored when subscribing to a television show, so that users can still revert back to a particular channel by using Configure Subscription in Theater View (not an issue in Standard View).
8. Fixed: DLNA, if DSP was enabled, the servers were all using the same DSP settings. Now they are set per server.

20.0.30 (10/29/2014)

1. Changed: Work to try to get driver signing right.

20.0.29 (10/29/2014)

1. Changed: Rearranged layout and changed instruction text on STB IR emitter setup wizard.
2. Changed: The installer can be run with /NoDriver to skip the driver install.
3. Fixed: Rotten Tomato movie lookup wasn't working.
4. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Library/GetStats to get stats about the loaded library.
5. Changed: The installer does no longer install the WDM Driver in a portable install.
6. Changed: Adding files to Playing Now won't trigger a ZoneSwitch rule to stop playback in the other zones.
7. Changed: When setting up subscriprion to a television show in Theater View, MC will ask whether to record the show on selected channel only or on all channels (if the global option is to allow setting details in Theater View).
8. Changed: Modified DirectShow graph-building for "WinTV 885 Video Capture" device in an attempt to fix the analog cable television problem with "Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 PCIe" card.
9. Changed: Updated code signing certificates for both the driver and the install.

20.0.28 (10/27/2014)

1. Fixed: On television tuner configuration dialog, "The tuner is capable of tuning to DVB-T2 (or S2, or C2)" checkbox was always unchecked even though the user had checked it previously.
2. NEW: Scrollbars enlarge on mouse over (optional in Options > Tree & View > List > Enlarge scrollbars on mouse over).
3. Fixed: A checkbox edit field couldn't be edited in the Tag Action Window.
4. Changed: Rearranged STB IR emitter setup wizard so it scales better with larger font sizes.
5. Changed: The search suggestion box lists up to 10 suggestions instead of 5.
6. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
7. NEW: STB IR emitter setup has a testing mode.
8. Changed: Renewed code signing certificate

20.0.27 (10/20/2014)

1. Fixed: DSD with the sample rate 11,289,600 Hz would not open.
2. NEW: Added an option "Delay between blasts" on IR emitter setup for STB channels.
3. NEW: Added an option "Repeat count" on IR emitter setup for STB channels when the IR device is USB-UIRT.
4. NEW: Added an option "Blast Enter Key after the numbers" on IR emitter setup.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Changed: On an M4A, reading data past the end of the file will be a soft error that continues instead of a hard error (will make some M4A files import and play that didn't before).
7. Changed: The device info dump string is copied to the clipboard.
8. Changed: Updated the copyright date on the splash screen.
9. NEW: Library fields can be configured to have the edit type "Check" and then a checkbox will show for the field.
10. Changed: The WDM driver enters silence mode after 10 seconds of silence instead of 5 seconds.
11. NEW: Added dsp studio to DLNA server audio advanced options. REQUIRES the output format to be set to "Specified Output Format".

20.0.26 (10/17/2014)

1. Changed: Television STB IR emitter learning wizard uses one wizard page instead of ten pages.
2. Changed: Added Cover Art > Get Artist Images for back.
3. Changed: Set-top box IR code learning wizard's instruction text is now different for different IR emitter systems (MCE vs. USB-UIRT).
4. Changed: When running IR emiiter code learning wizard, the learned IR code is displayed.
5. Changed: The Category dialog scales nicely for larger fonts.
6. Changed: Media Center won't appear as a device in Media Center Audio options.

20.0.25 (10/14/2014)

1. Fixed: Another try at a build for 64-bit trouble.

20.0.24 (10/14/2014)

1. Fixed: The WDM driver was not signed on 64-bit platforms.

20.0.23 (10/14/2014)

1. Changed: The new tab button shows for 10 tabs instead of 6.
2. Fixed: Certain M4B Audio Books were previously detected as videos instead of audio files.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Television recording file names will be formatted using program name, series name, season number, episode number etc. if available.
5. Changed: Changed data format for USB-UIRT IR emitter code for learning and blasting.
6. Changed: USB-UIRT will have three emitter ports for configuration and the device will blast from specified individual emitter (note the build-in emitter inside is on port 3).
7. NEW: Added MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_SUBTITLE_TIMING (28037) to adjust the timing of subtitles.
8. Fixed: The Bitrate for IFO DVD structures is computed properly.
9. NEW: Added JRiver Media Center as a WDM driver that can play audio from any source or program (just set MC as the default device and play in the other program).

20.0.22 (10/7/2014)

1. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Playback/Zones returns a count after hidden zones instead of before (makes hidden zones work with Gizmo again).
2. Fixed: A typo in television EPG wizard.
3. Fixed: When scanning for television STB channels, automatic filling of the "Channel Number" field (if turned on) did not work correctly. It copied the entire channel string instead of just the numeric portion.
4. Changed: When a field has a newline in it, enter on it in Theater View will expand it instead of doing a search on it.
5. Changed: The slow motion menu items restore a disabled VideoClock when restoring to 1x.
6. Fixed: Drives were importing incorrectly on a Portable Install.

20.0.21 (10/6/2014)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks Matteo!).
2. Fixed: When switching television channel on a client machine, the tuner on the server might not be properly stopped, or the time-shifting buffer on the server might be erroneously saved.
3. NEW: MC will load Season and Episode numbers from XMLTV file, if it contains data with system "xmltv_ns" or "common".
4. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
5. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.63 (support for TrueHD discs with Atmos data, performance improvements, bugfixes) (thanks nevcairiel)
6. Fixed: The Effects DSP did not properly load its settings when loading DSP Presets.
7. Changed: Reverted DSP interface change so that older plugins will work again (using SetInformation(...) instead of a new function).

20.0.20 (9/30/2014)

1. Changed: More tweaks to video clock synchronization logic (to hopefully fix slow motion playback of TV recordings).

20.0.19 (9/30/2014)

1. Fixed: Setting the date on an image would always clear the IPTC and XMP tags instead of writing the new date.
2. NEW: Added DSP/Loudness function to MCWS to get and set the loudness value.
3. Fixed: Handle Leak in settings and video functionality.
4. Fixed: The open/close arrows and the text would overlap in the experimental Tag Action Window.
5. Fixed: Minor correction when loading multiple track CUE files.
6. NEW: Added a "Slow Motion Playback" submenu when watching videos.
7. Fixed: Switching a view between "Chart" and other modes could cause the chart to not be removed or crash.
8. Changed: Tweak to video clock synchronization logic (to hopefully fix slow motion playback of TV recordings).

20.0.18 (9/26/2014)

1. NEW: Added the expression function URLify to URL-ify a string.
2. Changed: DLNA: Added definitions to the sinkProtocolInfo to be able to present that we render high resolution MP4 files with AAC and AC3 audio.
3. Fixed: Setting Month to undefined will carry through and clear the month off of the date (previously it would say January).
4. Changed: When dealing with television subscriptions that specifies "All channels", a preliminary filtering is done so there will not be too many instances of the same show being recorded simultaneously.
5. Changed: When loading television EPG data in the background, MC will wait longer for external XMLTV EPG programs to complete loading data.
6. Changed: Added television subscription time mode selection ("One per day", "One per week", "All showings" etc.) in Theater View (previously MC defaulted to "one per day").
7. Changed: Updated Japanese translation files (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
8. Changed: Updated Slovak translation file (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: Some CableCARD television channels with multiple audio streams were not handled correctly.
10. NEW: Added the ability to specify refresh interval (number of hours) for background television EPG update, allowing multiple updates per day. The options are 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24 hours.
11. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
12. Changed: Change 9 of previous build is modified as follows: If user has specified a time to automatically refresh television programming guide, MC will refresh the guide on or after the specified time, or 20 minutes after any previous runs, whichever is later. The 20 minutes wait is needed because some background loading can take as much as 20 minutes to complete.

20.0.17 (9/19/2014)

1. Changed: The web browser throws away "Downloading picture data" status messages instead of showing them.
2. NEW: Added Delete Folder to Explorer Theater View views.
3. Fixed: Deleting a file from Playing Now (physical delete) wouldn't start playback of the next file.
4. Changed: Failures are reported when doing Update Library (from tags).
5. Changed: Updated Russian translation (thanks Vladimir Eremenko).
6. Changed: Revisited Duration/Bitrate and FPS calculations from 20.0.16.
7. NEW: Multiple EPG profiles can be executed during automatic background updates of EPG data.
8. Fixed: Secure CD rip mode was not getting enabled.
9. Changed: If user has specified a time to automatically refresh television programming guide, MC will refresh the guide on or after the specified time, or as soon as possible thereafter, without regard to whether the user has run EPG wizard recently.
10. Changed: Added television subscription recording option to search "All channels" for a given program, instead of just on specified channels.
11. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
12. Changed: Television EPG wizard pages are re-organized so that automatic daily reload option is presented before the actual loading of data, and one can choose to skip loading data (only to configure auto loading options).
13. Fixed: Double-clicking at the end of the line in a chart would crash.
14. Changed: The Tag Action Window 'Show Tags In Current View' works a little better (you might need to customize visible fields once for the change to take effect).

20.0.16 (9/15/2014)

1. NEW: Import/Analysis of video files uses the new JRiver Video Engine for consistency across platforms.
2. Changed: The codec names used for the "Compression" field in video files are more consistent.
3. Changed: Options > General > Popup transparency mode also disables transparency for menus and tooltips if selected.
4. Fixed: CD burning was failing with error "Can't start the write.".
5. Fixed: Volume protection would override the startup volume setting. Now startup volume has precedence.

20.0.15 (9/12/2014)

1. NEW: Added ability to configure certain recording properties in Theater View, of previously scheduled television recordings/subscriptions.
2. Fixed: An obscure bug when customizing television subscription in Standard View.
3. Changed: When scrolling (to a channel) in Theater View Guide grid using keys on remote control or keyboard, the key presses are overlaid on screen briefly.
4. Fixed: DSP presets wouldn't load equalizer settings reliably.
5. Changed: Separated the mk3d and mkv file types so special handling can be given to the 3d type.
5. Fixed: Multiple television devices identification problem. Sorry, users of STB channels and auxiliary input channels must delete the channels and rescan.
6. Changed: When encountering problems downloading TV data during STB channel scan, MC will silently repeat the procedure a few times before informing user with a popup window.
7. Changed: The number of threads used for SACD DST decompression can be configured in the DSD/SACD input plugin.
8. Fixed: The WebRemote page wouldn't look right when visiting through the device presentation URL.
9. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
10. Fixed: Tag Action Window "Show Tags in Current View" didn't work properly with category views.
11. NEW: Added a Load / Save menu to the search box.
12. Fixed: DLNA: In windows, the SSDP responder wouldn't recover from a sleep so we stop and restart it now.

20.0.14 (9/9/2014)

1. NEW: Added "Add (artist)" to the playback commands so a full artist can be added to Playing Now.
2. Changed: MCWS/v1/DSP/SetTempo takes a Relative parameter to set the tempo relative to the current tempo.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Morand).
4. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
5. Changed: Improved the Verge news reading capability.
6. Fixed: MC could crash when set to 100% cover art scaling, and playing media without cover art.
7. Fixed: Playing optical discs was broken in 20.0.13 in some situations.
8. Fixed: Having a DSP set for a file would cause it to fail to convert.

20.0.13 (9/5/2014)

1. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Playback/Zones wasn't honoring the hidden variable correctly.
2. Fixed: MCWS/v1/DSP/SetTempo returned a failure code even though it was working.
3. Fixed: For some television/video capture devices pressing Stop button immediately after pressing Pause button (or double-clicking Play/Pause button to Stop) would result in a crash.
4. Fixed: Hidden zones weren't hidden from the Zones toolbar button or from Theater View.
5. Fixed: MC could crash when using ZoneSwitch rules and switching library.

20.0.12 (9/3/2014)

1. NEW: ATSC television channels can be specified directly using a remote control or NumPad on keyboard, using '*' key on either remote control or NumPad, or '.' (decimal) key on NumPad, as separator betweem major and minor channels (e.g. "5.1" or "5*1").
2. Changed: When deleting from Playing Now, the next file will play instead of the last if the current track is deleted.
3. NEW: Added television subscription recording option "Search all fields for name". This allows a name/title in Description field be matched, in addition to Name and Series fields.
4. Fixed: Television recording cleanup mode was not set when subscribing to a show in Theater View.
5. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (thanks elda).
6. Fixed: Default tags were not applied when subscribing to a television show in Theater View.
7. Fixed: Seeking in audio files with resampling active could result in a wrong position or skipping to the next file.
8. Fixed: Scrolling to a television channel in Theater View Guide with number buttons on remote control or keyboard did not work if the Guide was in customized location.
9. Fixed: The small live TV window in Theater View Guide did not show up if the Guide was in customized location.
10. Changed: BPM analysis of Analyze Audio won't overwrite an existing BPM value.
11. Changed: MCWS/v1/Playback/Zones hides hidden zones (unless you specify hidden=1 on the URL).
12. Fixed: Enabling volume when bitstreaming didn't always work.
13. Fixed: Media Center could crash when accessing the Drives & Devices list.

20.0.11 (8/27/2014)

1. NEW: Added DSP/SetTempo to the MCWS web service.
2. Changed: Hidden zones won't be a stop when toggling zones.
3. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Fixed: Loading equalizer settings from a DSP preset wouldn't work reliably.
5. Changed: The screensaver will be disabled whenever the display is detached (instead of only when it's in fullscreen mode).
6. Changed: The order of playlists shown in the Add to Playlist Theater View menu is more logical.
7. Fixed: The find artist command in Theater View would have problems with list fields.
8. Changed: Updated Portuguese language file (thanks Joăo Mariz).
9. Fixed: Handheld volume adjustment would stick at 1% instead of the entered value.
10. Changed: Cover art scaling is locked on when the display is in the small Action Window.
11. Changed: Track links are evaluated with Play Doctor playback.
12. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
13. NEW: Enter on any field in Theater View will show files that match that search (instead of toggling the expanded state).
14. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for transcoding.
15. NEW: Added M3U8 as a playlist format for a handheld.
16. NEW: In Theater View television Guide, pressing number keys on remote control or keyboard allows users to scroll to desired channels.

20.0.10 (8/20/2014)

1. Changed: Television program search in Theater view is faster for search strings entered on keyboard.
2. NEW: View your YouTube subscription feed in Theater View.
3. Changed: Track links are preserved through a shuffle.
4. Changed: 3d blu-rays are categorized differently (use Update Library (from tags)) so that it's possible to configure external playback on the type bdmv3d.
5. NEW: Added a volume command 'Enable volume when bitstreaming' to force the volume slider to stay active even if it's bitstreaming.
6. NEW: Added a feature 'iPod Support' to Options > General > Features to allow disabling iPod support.

20.0.9 (8/18/2014)

1. NEW: Added a 'Find Artist' menu selection in Theater View for files to show a full list of all files by the artist.
2. Changed: Playback/PlayByFilename accepts a location.
3. NEW: Added Play > Add (after current artist) to the play commands.
4. NEW: Added 'Upper case all words (preserve existing capitalization)' as a mode for Clean File Properties.
5. NEW: Added ListEqual(...) expression function to compare two lists (regardless of ordering).
6. Fixed: "Clear Program Guide" option in television Load Program Guide wizard did not clear guide data on (newly) hidden channels.
7. Fixed: Movie rip would overwrite already existing movie with the same name without asking first.

20.0.8 (8/15/2014)

1. NEW: Description is shown in the tooltip if it's not empty.
2. NEW: Added Play > Add (album) to add full albums to Playing Now.
3. Changed: When memory playback is enabled, the bitrate will display the average bitrate of the file instead of no bitrate.
4. NEW: Added the option to switch images on mouse wheel (control plus the mouse wheel will do the other one).
5. NEW: Added a startup volume option for each zone.
6. NEW: Added 'Shuffle Selection' to playlist and Playing Now right-click menus.
7. NEW: Added the ability to show and hide zones (right-click the zone in the tree).
8. Changed: Updated Portuguese translation file (thanks Joăo Mariz).

20.0.7 (8/13/2014)

1. Changed: Updated Portuguese language file (thanks Francisco Faísca).
2. Fixed: Cross fade could not play in certain cases.
3. Fixed: The mouse cursor would change to sizing arrows when the cursor was over the close button.
4. Changed: Screen grab is enabled when using Red October HQ because madVR now supports screen grabs.
5. NEW: Added Play > Add (after current album) to play files after the current album ends.
6. Changed: When ', ", or l' is set as an article, a space won't have to be after it like other articles.
7. Changed: Right-click on the stop player button gives a menu with stop and stop after current file.
8. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks Bytestar).
9. Changed: The Theater View add to playlist picker uses the full path of a playlist instead of just the name.
10. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return double escaped names.
11. NEW: A "preferred tuner" can be assigned to each television channel. MC will use the assigned tuner if it is available.
12. Changed: Reverted the real-time DSD ouput change from 19.0.152, which resulted in various playback problems.
13. Fixed: Audio playback could crash in some cases, or drop up to 5 seconds of audio on track switch.
14. Fixed: Output Format wasn't loading / saving with DSP Presets.
15. NEW: Added the expression IsDriveMissing to test a drive for existence.

20.0.6 (8/11/2014)

1. Changed: The Get Movie & TV Info dialog starts with the search box selected and focused.
2. Fixed: When playing a different sample rate there could be problems.
3. Changed: MCWS files functions have a NoUI paramater to put the player in an error free mode.
4. Changed: DSP Studio > Room Correction uses metric symbols when running in a non-English language.
5. Fixed: Network filenames could be incorrect in the Explorer view of the program.
6. Changed: English vs Metric can be selected in the language menu.
7. Fixed: If a track was in Playing Now twice, removing the second while the first was playing would restart playback.
8. Changed: Selected values are at the top of the drop list in the Smartlist editor.
9. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return invalid XML.
10. Changed: Updated the Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
11. NEW: Added MCWS DSP/SetEqualizer to set equalizer bands.
12. Fixed: MP3 files that were less than 8192 bytes wouldn't import (now the limit is 1024 bytes).
13. NEW: Theater View has an option for whether file deletion is offered.
14. NEW: DSP presets can be loaded per file by setting the DSP field (the list is from Load/Save on DSP Studio).
15. Fixed: Seeking in WMV videos over Gizmo or MC clients using transcoding did not work.

20.0.5 (8/4/2014)

1. NEW: Added 'Date First Rated' field.
2. Changed: Removed the Hulu choice from Theater View.
3. Fixed: Stopping image playback while audio was playing could crash.
4. Fixed: Check For Updates was not working.
5. Changed: Updated Slovak translation (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: Track changes could be early when the audio format changed.
7. NEW: Added a Load/Save button to DSP Studio.

20.0.4 (8/1/2014)

1. Changed: When running MC in client mode, television channel ordering info is obtained from the server so channel ordering will be consistent on all clients.
2. Changed: When grouping by date recorded, the maximum value will be used instead of an average value.
3. Changed: MC sets Bit Depth and Sample Rate for SACD files on import.
4. Fixed: Reporter "Audio Analyzed" always reported 100%.
5. Changed: Audio Analysis of files with only silence will mark the files as "No Audio" instead of trying to boost the volume by an extreme value.
6. NEW: Files can be added to a playlist from Theater View (pick the Add to Playlist menu choice).
7. NEW: Added Cover Art Scale to the Display View menu with an option to show the cover at 100%.
8. Changed: When STB or Camera type television channels are edited/added, the capture device list will contain only analog devices (previously it also contained CableCARD devices).

20.0.3 (7/28/2014)

1. Fixed: Upgrade pricing works.

20.0.2 (7/28/2014)

1. Fixed: The save dialog would not be honored correctly when doing a Library Backup.
2. Fixed: Switching from DSD real-time resampling of PCM to DSD bitstreaming could result in noise.
3. Fixed: Category browsing was not working properly.
4. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayByFilename to play files by filename.
5. NEW: Updated Portuguese translation file (thanks JMz).
6. Fixed: Updated the splash screen for v20.
7. Changed: A version 20 license is required.

20.0.1 (7/25/2014)

1. Fixed: Sorting of number fields respects the global setting for sorting empty values last.
2. NEW: Added the ability to link tracks together so they always play together. (Library Tools > Link Tracks)
3. Fixed: In rare cases going into a level in a library view could result in the wrong display text.
4. Fixed: When more recordings were scheduled than the number of available tuners, scheduled television recordings could be handled incorrectly, resulting in numerous short recordings of different television programs.
5. Fixed: "Live TV" button on remote control did not work correctly (always displayed error message "The TV channel 0 was not found").
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).

19.0.163 (8/13/2014)

1. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return double escaped names.
2. Changed: Reverted the real-time DSD ouput change from 19.0.152, which resulted in various playback problems.
3. Fixed: Audio playback could crash in some cases, or drop up to 5 seconds of audio on track switch.

19.0.162 (8/11/2014)

1. Fixed: MCWS Browse/Children could return invalid XML.
2. Fixed: Reporter "Audio Analyzed" always reported 100%.
3. Fixed: Seeking in WMV videos over Gizmo or MC clients using transcoding did not work.
4. Fixed: Cross fade could not play in certain cases.
5. Fixed: MC could hang briefly at track switches.

19.0.161 (8/6/2014)

1. Fixed: DLNA SinkProtolInfo syntax error for some image types
2. Fixed: If a track was in Playing Now twice, removing the second while the first was playing would restart playback.
3. Fixed: When playing a different sample rate there could be problems.

19.0.160 (8/4/2014)

1. Fixed: Track changes could be early when the audio format changed.

19.0.159 (8/4/2014)

1. Fixed: Stopping image playback while audio was playing could crash.

19.0.158 (7/28/2014)

1. Fixed: Category browsing was not working properly.

19.0.157 (7/25/2014)

1. Fixed: Sorting of number fields respects the global setting for sorting empty values last.
2. Fixed: In rare cases going into a level in a library view could result in the wrong display text.
3. Fixed: When more recordings were scheduled than the number of available tuners, scheduled television recordings could be handled incorrectly, resulting in numerous short recordings of different television programs.
4. Fixed: "Live TV" button on remote control did not work correctly (always displayed error message "The TV channel 0 was not found").
5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).

19.0.156 (7/23/2014)

1. NEW: Video only television channel (such as security camera) can be played in time-shifting mode.
2. NEW: Replacing slashes in expressions is optional in Rename, Move, & Copy Files.
3. Fixed: Cross-fades could play incorrectly between varying sample rates.
4. Fixed: After removing a file from the library of a smartlist, it could switch to showing the entire library.
5. Fixed: Seeking did not work for jtv recordings of audio only television programs.

19.0.155 (7/21/2014)

1. NEW: Added 1x DSD output encoding using ASIO.
2. Fixed: Converting a DSD file to a normal PCM file could fail.
3. Fixed: There could be problems switching sample rates.
4. Changed: Improved the resilience of MPO image parsing.
5. Fixed: An empty date (or empty other field) could sort in an indeterminate manner.

19.0.154 (7/18/2014)

1. Fixed: MC would not correctly parse some DVD's with an unusual authoring scheme. The result was that we did audio analysis on the wrong title (like one of the very short menu titles).
2. Fixed: When editing an existing OpenCable television channel, the existing channel number was not automatically filled in.
3. Fixed: When creating a new STB channel, or editing an existing STB channel, MC did not offer IR device and port selection boxes.
4. Fixed: Field names with a dash in them cause problems when selecting them in a Smartlist for the sort criteria.
5. Fixed: Some expressions would evaluate incorrectly in the last build.
6. Changed: Increased Netflix API timeout length to 10 minutes as some API calls take longer than they should.
7. Fixed: When editing or creating a DVB television channel, "Is DVB2" checkbox was not offered.

19.0.153 (7/16/2014)

1. Fixed: Removing a zone didn't stop playback in the zone.
2. Fixed: Preview mode was not working properly.
3. Fixed: Expressions could be stale in certain cases.
4. Changed: MC handles system power events slightly differently.
5. Changed: DLNA will send subtitle resources with the option checked even if DLNAExtra is disabled.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun!).
7. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/UpdatePlayStats to update the play stats for a file.
8. Fixed: The player could inherit the sample rate of the last file for the next file.

19.0.152 (7/14/2014)

1. Changed: When playing with real-time DSD output, a sample rate change of the input won't reset the output DAC.
2. Changed: DLNA sample time when not controlling a zone backed off to 2 seconds.
3. NEW: DLNA will play to stream only devices (i.e. Raumfeld Speakers).
4. NEW: DLNA subscribing to Rendering Control events structure added.
5. Changed: DLNA device alive call using GetTransportSettings (which is required by the spec).
6. Fixed: Double-click on the lamp shade for party mode password circumvention wasn't working. Note that Control and Shift must be held during the double-click.

19.0.151 (7/11/2014)

1. Fixed: Get Movie & TV Info was getting a low resolution image from Rotten Tomatoes.
2. Faster: Browser components cache their expression so using a big expression in a pane is faster.
3. Fixed: Skinned scrollbars and possibly other resources would not shrink properly when drawing.
4. NEW: Audio-only television channels (DVB) can now be played in time-shifting mode.
5. Fixed: Format conversion could fail.

19.0.150 (7/9/2014)

1. Fixed: When scheduling television recordings in Theater View, default recording settings "Cleanup mode" and "Auto Tagging" were not applied.
2. Changed: Added ability to edit "Cleanup Mode" when scheduling television recordings in Theater View.
3. Changed: Added 'Date Recorded' as a sorting preset for Category views.
4. Fixed: Really big expressions (many paragraphs) could cause a crash.
5. Changed: JRiver servers respond with a X-JRiver-Access-Key field stating the access key (so devices could auto-connect).
6. Fixed: Content that was 352,800 Hz would not play properly in the "No change" sample rate mode.
7. NEW: Added '4xDSD in native format' to the real-time DSD encoding choices.

19.0.149 (7/2/2014)

1. Fixed: After deleting files from a Smartlist, the list would not always update properly.
2. NEW: Added a "Save settings as defaults" button on television recording wizard, to save certain settings, including auto tagging, to be applied in subsequent recordings when they are scheduled.
3. Fixed: The previous build (148) was not showing files on handheld devices.
4. Fixed: MCWS/v1/DSP/Set changes didn't take effect until a dialog was shown (now changes take effect right away).
5. Changed: MCWS/v1/DSP/Set takes a zone parameter.
6. Fixed: The minimize button in the player could draw stretched in Mini View mode.
7. Fixed: Send To > Gallery > Flickr was not working.

19.0.148 (6/30/2014)

1. Fixed: Skinning supports over-sized radio buttons.
2. Fixed: Skinning supports over-sized search clear buttons.
3. Fixed: Some files in TS (transport stream) format would not play on LS clients.
4. Changed: The text drawing engine will allow a newline after an underscore character _, so that text that uses underscores will flow more naturally in a list.
5. Changed: Added an example to MCWS/v1/DSP/Set to show users how to use it.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Regis!).
7. Changed: For Mac/Linux compatibility, the handheld plugin now uses a custom interface rather than using MC's automation interface.
8. Fixed: The visualization plugin could crash in recent builds.
9. Fixed: Changing television zooming to preset sizes ("Fit Window", "100%", "200%") using context menu options did not re-center the video.

19.0.147 (6/27/2014)

1. Changed: Skinning supports over-sized checkbox controls.
2. Fixed: The size of the thumbnail size slider would be one pixel different between the top and bottom lists.
3. NEW: Rewrote the Theater View > Shoutcast implementation using an official API key.
4. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Regis!).
5. Changed: AVerMedia HD Capture video capture device will use Red October Standard/HQ/Custom selection of video renderer, instead of Windows default renderer.
6. Changed: Red October Standard/HQ/Custom selection of video renderer will be used with Video capture devices with hardware compression in non-timeshifting mode (it has already been done previously for timeshifting mode).
7. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/DSP/Set function for turning a DSP on or off.

19.0.146 (6/25/2014)

1. Changed: Improved WPL exporting.
2. Changed: When all tracks from an album have multiple artists but all the tracks have the same list the first artist will be used for Album Artist (auto) instead of (Multiple Artists).
3. Fixed: Television recording option text "Keep recording after the program ends (use negative value to stop early) by:" was too long to fit in window if larger font was used.
4. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).

19.0.145 (6/23/2014)

1. Changed: Season is enabled for audio.
2. Changed: Added support for MPGV files.
3. Changed: Tracks with multiple artists will use (Multiple Artists) for Album Artist Auto.
4. Changed: On edit television channel list window, added a "Save Channel Order" button. Channel ordering will not automatically be saved if a user only clicks the channel header. If the user uses Move Up/Down to change ordering, a confirmation dialog will be displayed upon leaving such mode.
5. Changed: When removing the playing file from Playing Now the next file will start playing.
6. Changed: The field "Involved People" maps to the ID3v2 tag IPLS.
7. Fixed: Seeking in Gizmo was not working in 19.0.144.

19.0.144 (6/20/2014)

1. Changed: Sample rate conversion can specify different values for 352,800 and 384,000 input sample rates.
2. Changed: MCWS/v1/File/CreateParticle returns created keys as a Keys parameter.
3. Fixed: DVD Title Playback offers all audio streams, instead of only one.
4. Faster: Converting audio to 64-bit for internal processing is up to 50% faster.
5. Fixed: Parsing of some JSON formatted web results was incorrect, especially arrays of data. Could affect results from Youtube, Facebook, TheMovieDB, Rotten Tomatoes and others.
6. Changed: Reworded "Start recording early by:" to remind users that they can use negative values to delay starting of recording a television show.
7. Changed: Merged DVBC frequency tables Switzerland.cablecom.xml and Switzerland.UPC Cablecom.xml
8. Changed: DLNA sends alive messages when it resumes from standby.

19.0.143 (6/18/2014)

1. NEW: Added MCWS/v1/File/CreateParticle to create particles from a file.
2. NEW: Gizmo honors playback range when playing a video.
3. Fixed: Graph-building problem with Hauppauge Colossus.
4. Fixed: In certain cases while ripping multiple discs, a newly inserted audio CD would not be seen by Media Center.

19.0.142 (6/16/2014)

1. Optimized: MC uses significantly less CPU power when using CableCARD tuners (HDHomerun Prime, Ceton InfiniTV etc.).
2. Fixed: Skinning didn't support an oversized SplitViewTab::Close button.
3. Changed: Updated Switzerland cablecom DVBC frequency table, thanks rudolffischer!
4. Fixed: Blu-ray discs with extremely long clips could not be imported in all cases.
5. Fixed: Theater view list lineup thumbnails no longer have pixelated edges.

19.0.141 (6/13/2014)

1. NEW: Media Center can be run with a -NoImport command line switch to disable importing.
2. Fixed: When Chromium was the web engine, double-click and right-click on Track Info pages didn't work.
3. NEW: Added MCC 28036 to set the audio / video lip sync correction (the parameter is an amount of shift to apply to the current settings).
4. Fixed: Ripping or playing mixed mode (data/audio) CD's was broken.

19.0.140 (6/13/2014)

1. NEW: Gizmo honors playback ranges.
2. Fixed: Thumbnails for files with a playback range would cap and show the same thumbnail for all videos.
3. Fixed: In-place editing would stop tab navigation at a drop-list edit field.
4. Changed: MC estimates the size of television recordings in jtv format better, especially when multiple recordings are in the same folder.
5. Fixed: When sample rate is changed, full screen playback is maintained (previously it would exit full screen).
6. Fixed: Theaterview Youtube now works when logged in.
7. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.62 (performance improvements and bug fixes).
8. Fixed: Switching between two audio streams with different sample rates could cause playback to become silent.
9. Fixed: jtv recording might not be playable if recording was started some time after the program had been watch live in time-shifting mode.
10. Fixed: Creating time-based particles on top of a DVD Title particle preserves the DVD Title mapping.

19.0.138 (6/5/2014)

1. Fixed: Video capture or STB television recordings using Hauppauge HDPVR/Colossus/HDPVR2 would always have FPS value of 25.
2. Fixed: Theater View television guide grid didn't show programs at present time or in the near future if many channels do not have associated guide data.
3. NEW: Added media sub types Sports, Workout, and Concert (Concert will also use center focused mixing).
4. Fixed: Jump on play set to Theater View Playing Now would stall if Mini view was in use.
5. Fixed: The thumbnails in the Theater View List Lineup View did not properly display category images (like Series and Season for TV Shows).
6. Fixed: The duration of VobSubs in MKV files was not properly honored.
7. Fixed: When bitstreaming, the gapped fade between tracks mode will get treated like gapless (because it's not possible to do a gapped fade when bitstreaming).
8. Changed: Sidecar subtitles will have a higher priority if the name of the sidecar exactly matches the name of the file.
9. Fixed: Emailing an image as the original size would result in a 1x1 px image.

19.0.137 (6/2/2014)

1. Fixed: Syncing the library could result in a playlist smartlist being reversed.
2. Fixed: Attaching a Twitter account now works again as well as updating twitter status.
3. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).
4. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
5. Fixed: Time-shifting did not work in build 19.0.136 for Hauppauge HD PVR family devices if the audio format is different from what was assumed initially.
6. Fixed: mp4/m4a files containing malformed copyright atom (that does not conform to ISO standard) could not be imported.
7. Changed: Removed obsolete play radio station.
8. Changed: Updated Slovak language (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: In-place editing the month would not accept January.
10. Fixed: MC would prevent system from going to sleep after failed (due to tuner failure for example) attempt at recording a television show.
11. Fixed: MC could crash when using MCWS to request the files in a tree that no longer exists (because the files were removed or tags changed recently).

19.0.136 (5/22/2014)

1. Fixed: When DSD files were transcoded to PCM over DLNA with sample rate set to "same as source", they were ending up with an unplayable sample rate of 2822400. Now the sample rate is capped at 176400 on these transcodes.
2. Changed: Relaxed some error handling so that some malformed m4a/ALAC files can still be played in MC.
3. Faster: Uploading Cover Art and background images to the graphics card in Theater View is more efficient on Intel GPUs.
4. NEW: Added a time display to the main roller in the default Theater View skins in all views.
5. Changed: Internal change in television playback. Please report anything odd, especially with set-top-box devices.
6. Changed: Eliminated unnecessary graph-building and tearing down when recording or running time-shifting on analog television tuner/capture devices.
7. Fixed: Slideshows for Image Playback were broken in 19.0.135 and skipping images.
8. Changed: The average frame rate calculation for Theater View rendering is more accurate.
9. Fixed: Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Game Edition Plus did not work in MC.
10. Fixed: Time-shifting and recording in jtv format did not work for Hauppauge HDPVR/Colossus/HDPVR2 video capture devices (if the device audio format was AAC).

19.0.135 (5/16/2014)

1. Fixed: The Rating Stars in the Standard View Playback Status were cut off when using 125% Size or greater.
2. Fixed: Starting to record a television program on a set-top-box device while watching the program live did not work (would show erroneous channel changing pop-up confirmation).
3. Fixed: Recording a television program while watching it live would result in two recordings (one might be very short).
4. Fixed: Watching a television program that was currently being recorded off a Set-top-box would result in erroneous channel-changing pop-up confirmation box.
5. Changed: Improved the loading of full resolution images in Theater View Cover views to reduce the visible sharpening effect when the thumbnail is replaced by the full resolution image.
6. Changed: Changed the way the timings for Theater View animations are calculated, which should lead to smoother animations while the GPU is busy.
7. Changed: The resolution of the cover textures in Theater View Cover Flow/List is automatically determined based on the screen resolution, instead of a hardcoded value.
8. Fixed: HTTP Live Streaming did not properly deliver a playlist on the first call to the Library Server since 19.0.133.

19.0.134 (5/13/2014)

1. Fixed: MP3 transcodes over media networking were reporting a content length 4096 bytes less than actual. No real data was lost because of null padding at the end, but this might confuse a fussy renderer.
2. Fixed: When multiple STB channels were grouped into a single set of channels, if one device was in use, the other device might not work correctly.
3. Fixed: Installing plugins and connecting to a Library Server would fail if the User Profile Path included Unicode characters.
4. Fixed: Using "Auto Size All Columns" did not save the column width, causing the layout to reset on next load.
5. Fixed: Streaming MP3 to ChromeCast could cause playback to get stuck at the end of the file.
6. Fixed: Blu-ray/PGS subtitles could be shown too late, instead of at their appropriate display time.
7. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).

19.0.133 (5/8/2014)

1. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: MC could crash at the end of television channel scanning in some circumstances.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Fixed: HTTP Keep-Alive support wasn't working properly in all cases.
5. Fixed: The last segment in HTTP Live Streaming could get stuck in some players due to an invalid timestamp.
6. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.87.10.
7. Fixed: Progress reporting for video conversions was not reliable.
8. Fixed: The Prepare parameter of the MCWS File/GetFile function did not work.

19.0.132 (4/30/2014)

1. NEW: Added television subscription options "Do not record programs that have been recorded in the past" and "Do not record reruns" to television options (Tools > Options > Television > Recording). The choices will be automatically applied to every subscription recording unless the user overrides them.
2. Changed: Increased the threshold of the pseudo-surround detection to reduce the risk of false positives.
3. NEW: Added an option to disable pseudo-surround detection in Output Format DSP.
4. Changed: There are now 5 television recording priorities (previously only 3).
5. NEW: Added television recording option "Allow setting some details when scheduling recording in Theater View".
6. NEW: Detail List Views in Standard View show Series/Season artwork as the grouping thumbnail instead of an episode thumbnail.
7. Changed: Changing the Year/Month/Day fields will cause the Date field to be written to file tags.
8. Changed: List Edit windows allow using right-click on their background to bring up a context menu, in addition to right-clicking existing entries.
9. NEW: Support for exporting playlists in the Windows Media Player Playlist format (WPL Playlist).
10. Changed: Updated New Zealand DVB-T frequency table (thanks J-a-k-e).

19.0.131 (4/25/2014)

1. Changed: Updated satellite tuning parameter file for 28.2°E satellite (Astra 2F) to include the new transponder position for ITV HD in the United Kingdom.
2. Changed: Improved error resilience of SACD DST parsing.
3. Fixed: The Installer did not properly install TV related functionality in the last couple builds.
4. Fixed: The new MCWS function Television/GetRecordingSchedule did not return intended information.

19.0.130 (4/23/2014)

1. Changed: When the user switches from Display View to Theater view to browse TV guide grid, the currently playing show will remain in a small window even if the user selects a different program in the grid.
2. Changed: Minor corrections in Chinese language files.
3. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
4. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Television/GetRecordingSchedule, to return a list of scheduled television recordings for the next specified number of hours.
5. Fixed: ReplayGain tags were not properly written to MP3 files during audio conversion.
6. Fixed: WASAPI notifications were not properly unregistered, which may have caused playback failure with some audio devices.
7. Fixed: SHOUTcast in Theater View was broken since early 2014 due to the service changing.
8. Changed: Removed categories from the Theater View YouTube plugin which all showed the same content.

19.0.129 (4/17/2014)

1. Fixed: WTV files always showed "unknown codec" in the Compression field.
2. Fixed: Some WTV/DVR-MS files did not play audio on some systems since 19.0.123.
3. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61.2-1.
4. Fixed: Scanning for TV channels could cause MC to crash if remote control feature was off.
5. SDK: The MCWS web service responses set a CORS "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header.
6. Fixed: Reading ID3v2 text tags with NULL padding could cause a semicolon to be added to the tag.

19.0.128 (4/12/2014)

1. Fixed: Loading images from Google for Theater View Media Slideshow was broken as of beginning of April, due to a change in Google's website.
2. Changed: Added more logging to TV channel scan wizard.
3. Fixed: When playing live TV on clients using tuners on a server, the Playing Now OSD did not show channel and program info.
4. Fixed: Certain WMV files did not reliably pass audio analysis.
5. Changed: MC's behavior when the 'i' button on remote control is pressed in Display View is now uniform across all playback types. The OSD will cycle through "Position" (if available), "Playing Now" (or "Programs"), and "Description" (if any - for live TV the description of currently playing program, for other files the Description tag field). Pressing 'i' while "Description" is showing turns off OSD.

19.0.127 (4/9/2014)

1. Fixed: Improved handling of files with format changes during audio analysis.
2. Fixed: Video files without an audio track are handled more gracefully by the audio analysis.
3. NEW: Added new AudioAnalysisState() expression to determine the state of audio analysis of the library files.
4. Fixed: Television recording (Record Current Hour, Record Current Two hours, etc.) did not work for auxiliary input channels on video capture devices such as Hauppauge HDPVR.
5. Fixed: Theater View could crash in a rare case when displaying themed background images.
6. Fixed: Reading of the Ratings tag from WMA files did not work.
7. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
8. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: The Tag Action Window always showed "audio not analyzed" in the Format field for audio files, even if analyzed.
10. Changed: Added more logging in television channel scan wizard.
11. NEW: The "Edit Channels List" tool in television configuration allows manual ordering of channels (with "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons). Channel sorting is automatically saved and applied in all TV channel lists as default sorting, including the Guide in Theater view.
12. Fixed: TV channels that are non-top group members could appear in the list of channels on "Edit Channels List" window multiple times.
13. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61.2.

19.0.126 (4/7/2014)

1. Fixed: JRSS downmix to mono erroneously adjusted the gain of the LFE in 19.0.125.
2. Fixed: Retrieving Cover Art over MCWS could crash under some special circumstances.
3. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.87.9.
4. Fixed: Using the Windows key to get back to the desktop from Theater View did not work since 19.0.123.
5. Fixed: Wrong wizard page would appear during digital television channel (ATSC, DVB, and QAM) scanning if mc2xml option had been used in previous EPG scans.

19.0.125 (4/3/2014)

1. Fixed: When user presses Left or Right arrow in television guide in Theater view, super long (24 hours for example) programs could not be selected (and the selection would stay at the adjacent program on the same row).
2. Fixed: JRSS downmixing could result in audio clipping due to the Peak Levels change in 19.0.122, which has been reverted.
3. Fixed: JRSS did not use energy neutral downmixing for the LFE channel.
4. Fixed: MC did not properly fallback to thumbnails if the full resolution artwork was not found (in Theater View et al.).
5. Fixed: When recording consecutive television shows on the same channel, the second recording might not be completed as the system might go to sleep.
6. Changed: JRSS pseudo surround detection (2 channel in multi-channel container) supports detecting 2 channel in 7.1 container as well.
7. Fixed: WASAPI exclusive mode was not working with 5.1 audio on some audio devices which expect the old 5.1 channel arrangement.
8. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).
9. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Configuration/Audio/ListDevices, SetDevice, GetDevice commands to control the active output device.
10. Fixed: COM interface leak when handling certain analog video capture devices with hardware-encoding (Colossus, HDPVR, etc.).
11. Fixed: Multiple Hauppauge Colossus video capture devices could not run simultaneously.
12. Changed: Added DVB-T frequency table for Taiwan.

19.0.124 (3/25/2014)

1. Fixed: SRT/Text subtitles inside MKV video files did not honor their duration.
2. Fixed: MC could crash in Theater View when "Start from beginning" is used to clear a bookmark and a zone switch occurs.
3. Fixed: Recording television shows in TS format resulted in high CPU usage since build 19.0.110.
4. Changed: MC will remember the last valid IP for an Access Key, in case the Access Key WebService is unreachable.
5. Changed: Re-worded the message after running "Update Library (from tags)" to clarify that it counts all processed files, not only files with actual changes.
6. Fixed: The screensaver could not be disabled by key-presses in Theater View in 19.0.123.
7. Changed: MC allows network connectivity to be restored before attempting to sync to a library server after returning from standby.
8. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
9. Fixed: When user presses up or down arrow in television guide in Theater view, super long (12 hours or 24 hours for example) programs would be skipped over.

19.0.123 (3/19/2014)

1. Fixed: Some television recordings from Window Media Center (wtv files) would have no sound.
2. Changed: Added "Setup IR Emitter for STB channels" tool on Televison property page.
3. Fixed: MC could crash when performing Library Sync with a Library Server Client.
4. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
5. Changed: MC tries to protect the input focus more aggressively in Theater View and Display View.
6. Fixed: The syntax of the UPnP/DLNA NOTIFY message with multiple properties was not correct.
7. Changed: Using Left/Right-Arrow in the Playing Now OSD will always switch to the next/previous file.
8. Fixed: When scanning for DVB channels, the GUI was not updated unless there was a lock on a frequency. This created a false impression of MC hanging.

19.0.122 (3/12/2014)

1. Fixed: JRSS Downmixing was not working when playing 5.1 audio with Channels set to "2 channels (inside 7.1 channel container)"
2. Fixed: JRSS Downmixing did not properly take Peak Levels into account, causing the downmix to become quieter than required.
3. Fixed: Detaching the display view caused the embedded browser to lose focus when interacting with the website.
4. Fixed: The Services -> Amazon link to the MP3-Store was pointing to the wrong page for Germany/France/UK.
5. Fixed: The RAW image decoding cache is refreshed if a RAW image has external changes or "Update Library (from tags)" is used.
6. Changed: Set-top box IR blaster setup is no longer part of Remote Control setup wizard as the new STB model is not quite compatible with the rest of the wizard.
7. Fixed: Some text was not properly displayed in the Remote Control wizard.
8. Fixed: Some tranlation issues in the Remote Control wizard.
9. Fixed: Some bad Chinese translation in the Remote Control wizard.
10. Fixed: MC could crash when requesting full resolution thumbnails over MCWS in the last couple versions.

19.0.121 (3/8/2014)

1. Fixed: Audio Streams using LPCM or E-AC3 were showing "unknown codec" in the Compression field.
2. Fixed: Video files without audio mistakenly had a "audio: unknown codec" in the Compression field.
3. Fixed: The "Subtitles" page in the OSD was shown even when no subtitles are available.
4. Fixed: Handling a corrupt FLAC file could cause import, analysis and playback to hang.
5. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61.1.
6. Fixed: Playback of NTSC DVDs and DVD rips was not smooth on some systems.
7. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
8. Fixed: Converting 2xDSD to 1xDSD caused the audio to become distorted.
9. NEW: MC's TV supports multiple Set Top Boxes (STB). Instructions

19.0.120 (3/4/2014)

1. Fixed: Importing a playlist would clear the "Image File" field for files with embedded cover art.
2. Fixed: Some television recordings recorded on the same channel consecutively in jtv format would not have correct duration and starting position when played on client computers.
3. Fixed: Some television recordings recorded on the same channel consecutively in jtv format would take an extremely long time to start on client computers.
4. Changed: R128 volume leveling will use the average album gain instead of the gain of the loudest track for a more consistent volume level (with an additional peak clipping check).
5. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
6. Fixed: Importing .mts files in a AVCHD folder structure did not work.
7. Changed: Auto-Import "Fix broken links" is smarter when tracking renamed and moved files.
8. Fixed: The Import dialog could hang on close on systems with a lot of drives and media locations.
9. Fixed: The Convert Format tool was not working with SACD audio files.
10. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
11. Fixed: 4 Channel Quadraphonic output over WASAPI was not working on some audio devices.
12. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.61 (a lot of fixes for DXVA2 hardware acceleration).
13. Changed: Hardware accelerated decoding on Intel iGPU's uses DXVA2 decoding instead of the QuickSync decoder when possible.
14. Changed: DTS-HD audio tracks are identified as DTS-HD in the Compression field.

19.0.119 (2/26/2014)

1. Changed: The MimeType for MK3D files should be "video/x-matroska-3d".
2. Fixed: If we missed an event from a DLNA device we would never do a real status call to figure out the play state.
3. Fixed: In rare cases, the display settings changer allowed changing to a mode which is not supported by the monitor.
4. Fixed: Importing a playlist which updated tags on existing files cleared the thumbnails of the modified files.
5. Fixed: The MCWS/v1/Browse/Image function always returns a high-resolution image, if requested.
6. Fixed: Playing from a Library Server with video conversion active could cause the video to get stuck at end of file.
7. Fixed: Playing a new track while paused will no longer trigger a fade, which caused the old file to be played briefly again.
8. Fixed: URL parsing did not properly handle the case of multiple escape sequences in a row (ie. %25%20).
9. Changed: In addition to "movie" and "movies", keywords "film", "films", as well as their corresponding translated versions are used to determine whether a television program is a movie.
10. Changed: Both "Quality" and "Strength" are included in OSD display of "Signal" for television playback.

19.0.118 (2/18/2014)

1. Changed: In television signal OSD, "Strength" is renamed to "Quality" because that is what it actually is.
2. Fixed: Theater View Skins with a video background could cause Theater View to hang or crash.
3. Changed: Added the "mk3d" file association for MKV files with 3D content.
4. Fixed: Video conversion and streaming of WMV files was not working properly.
5. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
6. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Fixed: Converting a compound audio file (WAV/ISO + CUE) with "Replace original file" set would delete the original file after the first track finished, and fail converting all other tracks.
8. Fixed: Using a "|" character in an expression in the "Customize Display" dialog in Standard View caused the expression to be cut-off.
9. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
10. Fixed: MC would not wake up to do television recordings if the computer was put to sleep through Theater view's "System Sleep, Shutdown, & More..." menu.
11. Changed: Added a frequency entry in the satellite frequency table for 28.2° East satellite, and modified a few existing entries.
12. Changed: Hardware Accelerated Decoding for TV should now behave similar to file playback.

19.0.117 (2/14/2014)

1. Fixed: The Display Settings changer didn't properly set 24 or 60 Hz resolutions on Windows 8 or 8.1, always resulting in 23 or 59 Hz instead.
2. Changed: The Custom Display Settings changer configuration lists the available modes in a hierarchical fashion instead of a long list, for easier access.
3. Fixed: In television Guide in Theater view, moving down the guide grid from the last row would wrap over to the second row instead of the first row.
4. Fixed: Punctuation or Numbers could draw in the wrong position in Right-to-Left scripts like Hebrew or Arabic.
5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
6. Changed: When scheduling television recordings, the conflict warning message will include name, channel, and start time of the conflicting programs.
7. Fixed: Interface Plug-ins were broken in 19.0.116 and could cause MC to crash.

19.0.116 (2/12/2014)

1. NEW: MC supports importing videos with XBMC metadata contained in .nfo files.
2. Changed: Video playback option "Enable Automatic Display Settings changing" is changed to a drop list of three selectable modes: Off, On, and Custom. Custom corresponds to the old "checkbox checked" mode, On is a new automatic mode.
3. Changed: Added a "sorting mode" combo box on television channel-to-xmltv match window, to make it easier to do manual match.
4. Changed: Disabled DXVA2 Native Hardware Acceleration in Red October HQ due to stability issues (affects mostly AMD users).
5. Changed: Media subtype of television recordings will be set to "Movie" or "TV Show" according to the info available in guide data.
6. Fixed: The MCWS/v1/File/SetInfo function did not properly handle double quotes in string values when using the List=CSV mode.
7. Changed: Pressing the "i" button on an MC remote control while a television channel is showing will cause the OSD to cycle through three modes: position bar, current/next program title, and program description (provided that the OSD menu is not showing at the time).

19.0.115 (2/6/2014)

1. Changed: Revised how DirectShow handles Stop/Play to increase stability when skipping to the next file.
2. Changed: The Subtitles -> Browse... option is always available, not only when subtitles are already present.
3. Changed: DLNA Mimetypes for dff,dsf,sacd for compatibility with Oppo (and others hopefully).
4. Fixed: SACD ISOs were always detected with external changes and their metadata re-imported during auto-import, overwriting any changes in the library.
5. NEW: Added support for Hauppauge HD PVR 2 for video capture.

19.0.114 (2/3/2014)

1. Fixed: HLS segments could incorrectly start on a non-key frame, causing playback breakups on some devices.
2. Fixed: Seeking in a HLS stream could result in playing from a wrong position.
3. NEW: Added new TVInfo() expressions IsTVChannel and ChannelProgramNow.

19.0.113 (1/31/2014)

1. NEW: Support for streaming video to Gizmo using HTTP Live Streaming.
2. Changed: GoPro Cineform decoder added to Custom video mode whitelist.
3. Fixed: Scanning for STB television channels did not work because the analog device channels list was not properly populated.
4. Fixed: When recording ATSC television shows in TS format data for multiple channels in the same transport could be erroneously saved, resulting in multiple videos in the same file, which sometimes could confuse video players.

19.0.111 (1/29/2014)

1. Fixed: When playing a video file, pressing down arrow did not show Playing Now OSD.
2. Changed: XML-based Office documents are imported as Data Files, in addition to the "classic" Office documents.
3. Fixed: Added list member null checking to file stacks code. MC was crashing on running stack error checking.
4. NEW: In television playback, while OSD is showing program names under "Programs", pressing the "info" (or "i") button on the remote causes MC to display the description of the current program.
5. Fixed: MC could crash when using Hardware Accelerated video decoding with Red October HQ on some systems.

19.0.110 (1/25/2014)

1. Changed: When recording a television show in TS format, MC will use buffering to reduce the number of IO hits. This should fix the video quality issue in television shows recorded in TS format.
2. Fixed: Subtitles were always shown in the last few builds, even if configured not to.
3. Fixed: Subtitle stream names in the Theater View OSD were not always properly shortened.

19.0.109 (1/23/2014)

1. Fixed: Playback of AIFF files with unknown 'chunk' types over library server would fail to play.
2. Changed: The television channels lists in "Group Channels" and "Edit Channel List" tools can now be sorted by clicking the Channels list header.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
4. Changed: MC will try to determine the television tuner type (ATSC, DVB-T/S/C) by scanning the device name for keywords if the user has not configured the type. This will not work for all devices.
5. Fixed: Transcoding Video to specific dimensions could crash.
6. Fixed: H264 Video Transcoding profiles could exceed their intended bitrate targets.

19.0.108 (1/17/2104)

1. Fixed: Potential crashes in BufferingInternetReader. Seen on Mac when playing high-def files with memory playback on Library Server clients.
2. NEW: Option to add channel number in front of channel name when scanning for television channels. The default is to add. This only affects DVB channels as most other types of channels already add a number in the name (now it is optional for all channel types).
3. Changed: DXVA2 Hardware Accelerated video decoding is used in RO HQ when no other acceleration options are available (on AMD graphics cards and older Intel graphics chips).
4. Fixed: Loading images for Theater View Media Slideshow from Google was broken since October, due to a change in Google's website.
5. NEW: Television channels in standard view can by sorted. Click the channel list header repeatedly to sort by different parameters (by Name as is, by Name disregarding the number in front, by Channel Number, by channel type).

19.0.107 (1/15/2014)

1. Fixed: MP4 files would hang when played on a Library Server Client without direct file access.
2. Fixed: MC behaved badly when user dismissed the popup window that told the user that MC was currently recording a different television channel than what the user wanted to watch.
3. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.60.1 (primarily fixes for playback issues of a few Blu-ray discs, and decoding improvements for DTS audio)
4. Fixed: Seeking in videos streamed from a library server with video conversion active did not work.
5. Fixed: Album Cover Art was mistakenly only applied to the first file of an album in the last couple builds.

Testing build not released to the public.

Testing build not released to the public.

19.0.104 (1/9/2014)

1. Changed: "Favorite Channels" and "Hidden Channels" attributes can be set on "Edit Channel List..." window, where you can select multiple television channels and then click buttons to set them all at once.
2. Changed: "Delete All Channels" button on "Edit Channel List..." window is removed as it is not needed.
3. NEW: Customize text alignment for columns in Standard View file lists by right-clicking on the column header.
4. Changed: The "Mark as (not) Played" library tools are only shown when they are useful (ie. Mark as Played only on files not played before, and vice versa).
5. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
6. Fixed: "Hidden channels" and "Favorite channels" drop lists were not updated after scanning television channels, or after running "Group channels" tool.
7. Changed: Updated the FFmpeg version used for transcoding.
8. NEW: Option to populate "Channel Number" field when scanning for television channels, if such number can be found or constructed.
9. Changed: MC will not treat different audio streams on the same DVB service as separate channels when scanning for channels, and will ignore any service without a name (instead of using "(null)" as name).
10. NEW: On scanning for DVB television channels, MC will add a "DVB-T2/S2/C2" flag to indicate that a channel is or is not a T2/S2/C2 channel. On tuner device configuration, a checkbox is added to indicate whether a tuner is capable of tuning to T2/S2/C2 channels.
11. Changed: Standard television view will list guide data for 24 hours per page, instead of 18 hours.
12. Fixed: Television channel scanning wizard did not show all option controls for scanning STB channels because the wizard window was too small.
13. Changed: Minor changes on "Edit Channel List" dialog window.

19.0.103 (1/6/2014)

1. Changed: In television options, "Edit Channel List" window includes non-anchor group members in the channel list, so they can be edited.
2. Changed: TV Series in the "Get Cover Art" dialog are sorted by Series and Season.
3. Changed: Expression columns with DataType=[Number] are drawn right aligned.
4. Changed: Only stock decimal fields render with a fixed number of decimal places.
5. NEW: "Mark as Played" and "Mark as not Played" library tools to quickly set or clear the played status of a file.
6. Fixed: Cover Art download could crash in some cases (ie. after a CD Rip).
7. Fixed: Subscription recording of consecutively aired television show episodes would end up in one big recording instead of separate recordings.
8. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).

19.0.102 (1/2/2014)

1. NEW: TV season cover art is downloaded from
2. Fixed: Handle leak in network functionality.
3. Changed: Numeric database fields are drawn right-aligned in Standard View.
4. Changed: Decimal database fields always show a fixed number of decimal places.
5. Fixed: Suggested choices in the dropdown when editing a decimal field are properly grouped, and don't show duplicate entries anymore.
6. Fixed: Downloaded Performer Store subscription tracks would sporadically show a licensing error (103).

19.0.101 (12/23/2013)

1. Changed: Added some error checking in television channel grouping GUI (for example a channel that is already in a group will not be allowed to be grouped in a new group).
2. Skinning: Action Window in skin can customize the margin below the header using ActionWindowTemplateBelowHeaderMargin (also tightened up Action Window spacing for default Noire skin).
3. Fixed: When building or editing a playlist in the Action Window, the duration column could be obscured a little if a vertical scrollbar was visible.

19.0.100 (12/20/2013)

1. Changed: Search suggestions show album artist, but only when the results differ from the artist alone (the same treatment is also applied to composer and publisher).
2. Fixed: Hauppauge Colossus video capture device did not work correctly in some cases.
3. Changed: When auto-configuring audio output, 176.4kHz will be used instead of 96kHz for DSD content when the DAC supports it.

19.0.99 (12/19/2013)

1. Changed: When importing a SACD, the file size for each track will show the size of the individual track inside the ISO instead of the size of the entire ISO.
2. Fixed: Doing 'Update Library (from tags)' was not working properly for CUE or SACD tracks.
3. Fixed: DVB subtitles on certain TV channels could still render with incorrect size and position.
4. Fixed: Facebook photo upload wasn't working.

19.0.98 (12/18/2013)

1. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
2. Changed: Deleting an item in Theater View no longer resets the selection back to the beginning of the list.
3. Changed: Picking System Info from the Help menu shows Reporter (which contains all the same information and more as the old system information report).
4. Fixed: Deleting a file from the library could cause a crash in Media Network.
5. Changed: Media Network no longer attempts to serve protected files (WMA, WMV, etc.) since they lead to problems with many renderers, Gizmo, etc.

Testing build not released to the public.

19.0.96 (12/17/2013)

1. Faster: Pushing enter in the search box will execute the search immediately (previously it would execute the search but the view would update a second time shortly after, making it slower overall instead of faster).
2. Changed: Pushing tab in the search box will auto-select the first suggestion.
3. Changed: The search system adjusts how instantly the search is evaluated based on view size and performance so fast computers or smaller libraries update almost instantly, but slower computers and larger libraries wait to avoid lag from partial searches (use enter in those cases to update immediately).
4. Changed: Tightened up television time-shifting writer code, to prevent seeking problems.
5. Faster: The program is more responsive when many tabs are open.
6. Fixed: ASIO line-in playback could crash.

19.0.95 (12/16/2013)

1. Fixed: Column header clicking to sort file lists was not working in build 94.
2. Faster: Typing in the search box with large libraries is more responsive.
3. Changed: The month value for a file in the library with a date that is year-only will be an empty string instead of January.
4. Faster: The media type field no longer changes an empty media type to 'Unknown' at display time (it imparted a small performance penalty for no real-world benefit).
5. Faster: Improved search performance in the month field (which was one of the more intensive default search fields so the overall performance gain is appreciable).
6. Faster: Gets on the filename field are around 20% faster.
7. Changed: Album Artist is no longer included when offering search suggestions (since it often duplicates artist, and even when it doesn't normally doesn't contain a useful search value).

19.0.94 (12/13/2013)

1. Fixed: Playing a television recording that had not finished recording did not work in some cases since build 91.
2. Changed: While playing a television recording that has not finished recording, pressing number keys will no long show OSD message "Changing channel..." since channel changing would not take place in this case anyway.
3. Changed: Pressing Enter key right after pressing number keys (for television channel changing) will cause channel changing to take effect immediately (without the Enter key, channel changing takes effect on a timer).
4. Fixed: A crash caused by clicking on an undefined field in the database list header above the vertical scroll bar.

19.0.93 (12/12/2013)

1. Changed: Updated the Musepack decoder. The streaminfo version is the same ( version 8 ).
2. Changed: Work on Reporter.

19.0.92 (12/11/2013)

1. Fixed: The ordering of television channels within a channel group was not honored.
2. Changed: When summarizing data in a group of files, the 'Number Plays' and 'Skip Count' fields are totals instead of averages.

19.0.91 (12/10/2013)

1. Fixed: Watching a currently recording television channel could in some cases interrupt the recording, when channel substitution was involved (if channel grouping was set up).
2. Changed: When playback fails to start because the output will not accept the format, the bitdepth is no longer listed on the message (since the bitdepth is auto-configured for most outputs).
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Fixed: MC could load a new tuner when watching a television channel that is currently being recorded, instead of the tuner that is doing the recording. (Only if Channel grouping is involved).
5. Changed: Media Network view reports the IP address of the source (the device making the call into Media Network).
6. Fixed: MC could fail to play a television recording that was not yet finished, displaying "No television tuner is available to fulfill your request." (Only if Channel grouping is involved).

19.0.90 (12/9/2013)

1. Changed: Revised television channel grouping GUI.
2. Fixed: DVB Subtitles could render with an incorrect size and position.
3. NEW: Added support for Opus audio files in JRiver audio engine (using DirectShow filters).
4. Changed: The "Number Plays" field is now editable.
5. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).
6. Fixed: When using memory playback, if a large file was played that used 1GB (or more) of memory but the system was unable to allocate that much memory, a small chunk of the song could get lost during playback.
7. Fixed: Closing a file in Media Editor could crash.
8. Fixed: When double-clicking a file in Playing Now, if the file was in the list multiple times, the behavior could be incorrect.
9. Changed: When installing an updated LAV, if there's a copy of dtsdecoderdll.dll in the AppData LAV folder it will be preserved.
10. Fixed: Theater View details list were not correctly putting text for the selected audio files on two lines.
11. Changed: Put a white background on the updated checkbox images so that they work better with dark skins.

19.0.89 (12/5/2013)

1. Fixed: MC inserted PAT and PMT packets (when needed) incorrectly when recording television shows in TS format.
2. Fixed: Ogg, reading sample rate, channels, etc for database fields.
3. Fixed: Screen grabbing from video playback was not working properly.

19.0.88 (12/4/2013)

1. Fixed: If the 'Recently Acquired' playlist got moved or renamed, it could cause acquiring from a camera to not nicely show the list after it finished.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
3. Changed: Updated YouTube integration to work better with recent YouTube changes.

19.0.87 (12/4/2013)

1. Changed: The JRiver ASIO driver can be enabled and disabled in Options > General > Features > ASIO Driver.
2. Changed: Carnac will use the exact filename for the Name field for images instead of a cleaned version (that might remove the date, underscores, etc.).

19.0.86 (12/3/2013)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
2. Fixed: When a DLNA device goes away and comes back on a different port or address, the old address could still be used.
3. Changed: The DLNA server will not expose itself on the network unless the library has files in it.
4. Fixed: DLNA would not always expose zones as DLNA renderers on first launch or when adding or removing a zone.
5. Changed: DLNA subscription requests from Windows Media are ignored (because they always return a 400 error when sending standard UPnP event information anyway).
6. NEW: The list of articles in the program is user configurable in Options > Tree & View > Sorting (semi-colon delimited list).
7. NEW: Exceptions to articles can be added[ by starting an entry with - (example: ...;les;-les paul;... so that Les Pecheurs de Perle > P and Les Paul > L).

19.0.85 (12/2/2013)

1. Fixed: Switching from 176.4kHz DSD as DoP to 176.4kHz PCM could result in the PCM incorrectly playing as DSD (and sounding distorted).
2. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: Linked zones were not appearing in the zone roller of Theater View.
4. Changed: The translation engine considers backslash a phrase-breaking delimiter (so 'ab' is now two phrases 'a' 'b' instead of one phrase 'ab').
5. Changed: Switch translation files from UTF-16 to UTF-8 (so they use around half the space on disk).
6. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
7. Changed: Translation of WebGizmo is now possible (thanks rlebrette).
8. Fixed: Seeking did not work (took extremely long time) when playing jtv files on a Gizmo/WebGizmo client.

19.0.84 (11/27/2013)

1. NEW: Television channel grouping GUI (TV Options > Group Channels...).
2. Changed: A connection from the ASIO driver will not stop playback in MC if it was already playing.
3. Changed: Revised how spectrum analyzers in the player bar are drawn to be more compatible with Apple and Linux (should be internal change, but please report any issues).

19.0.83 (11/26/2013)

1. Faster: The DLNA server is many times faster at responding to DLNA browse requests.
2. Fixed: Possible crash from DLNA browse commands issued by LG televisions and possibly others.
3. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
4. Fixed: Performer store was popping an error about wmhelper.dll.
5. SDK: MCWS calls that return an image will fill padding (the Pad parameter) with the color provided in the FillTransparency parameter.
6. Fixed: Saving an image that contained transparency to JPEG could create an incorrect result (applies to web service, etc.)
7. Fixed: When MC stopped television recording, in rare cases it incorrectly tried to show live program while the user was not even watching, resulting in hang or crash or other odd behavior.
8. Fixed: Made it possible to translate some strings that were not translatable from this thread:
9. Changed: The regular list item tooltip will not be shown when the mouse is over a cell that requires a truncation tooltip that's multiple lines.
10. Fixed: If an audio CD was ejected right as it was being analyzed, the program could get stuck with a partial track list when reinserting the disc.
11. Changed: The spectrum analyzers at the top of the program better adapt to the View > Size setting.

19.0.82 (11/25/2013)

1. NEW: Help > System Info reports anything that changes the system power state in a new 'Power' section (preventing sleep, keeping the monitor on, etc.).
2. Fixed: The monitor would not correctly be allowed to turn off in some cases in the last few builds.
3. Fixed: When doing cover art lookup from the Internet, the second, third, etc. page of results would not always load correctly.

19.0.81 (11/22/2013)

1. Fixed: Importing SACD ISO files could lead to a crash if the SACD had metadata structured in a particular way.
2. Fixed: Some crashes caused by DLNA zones coming and going.
3. Changed: Updated the French language translation (merci bien, rlebrette).
4. SDK: Added MCC_SHOW_TREE to allow showing, hiding, or toggling the tree (MCC code 22029, parameter is -1: toggle, 0: hide, 1: show).
5. Changed: When editing tags, values used in the library but hidden by the current user account will not be offered as choices.
6. Changed: When entering a user account password in Theater View, the typed letters are hidden.
7. Changed: Standardized the display names of input plugins, which are shown in Options > Audio > Advanced > Configure input plug-in...
8. Changed: Picking Library Tools > Convert Format when there's a finished conversion Action Window showing will close the finished conversion instead of erroring and asking the user to close it.
9. Changed: Revised FLAC encoder settings to be more clear that all modes are lossless.
10. Changed: Updated the Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
11. Fixed: The scrollbars could incorrectly disappear from the Tag Action Window in some cases.
12. Fixed: Videos with WMA audio could sometimes fail to analyze and play
13. Changed: Added support to Carnac for the naming format "Series.###" for television shows (ie. grimm.215.hdtv-lol.mp4).
14. Changed: When drawing a selection box in the image editor, the dimensions and aspect ratio of the selection are shown in the status bar.
15. Changed: 'Critic Rating' field contains attribution (ie. 'Rotten Tomatoes 79% Critic, 86% Audience' instead of '79% Critic, 86% Audience').
16. Fixed: Television recording wizard window was too small to show all controls (especially when scheduling subscription recording).
17. Changed: Improved how memory playback of huge files (like DSD) is managed.

19.0.80 (11/21/2013)

1. Changed: Tuned the image for Explorer in the tree and added a corresponding view header image.
2. Changed: The close, minimize, etc. buttons at the top right of the program could look a little soft with the Noire skin.
3. NEW: When right-clicking a DLNA renderer in the tree, you can select 'Show Device Webpage...' to show the presentation URL exposed by the device in a web browser.

19.0.79 (11/20/2013)

1. NEW: Added a centralized system power manager that can better track if and when the system should be allowed to sleep.
2. Changed: After serving a media file, the computer will not be allowed to sleep for 20 minutes so that a server won't go away while pausing or browsing.
3. Changed: No thumb images are drawn using higher quality resizing (especially important now that the artwork is 4x resolution).
4. Fixed: The Action Window would not properly reload images when changing View > Size, resulting in fuzzy icons until restarting MC.
5. Changed: In Options, the audio, image, and video pages have unique icons instead of sharing a generic playback icon.
6. Fixed: The icons in the options tree on the right were not scaling up nicely with View > Size settings.
7. Changed: Updated icons for stores shown in the tree.
8. Fixed: Double-clicking an unselected pane value would not always register as a double-click.
9. Fixed: Property "This device requires a cable to route sound..." in analog television device configuration was not saved when changing from checked to unchecked state.
10. Fixed: Recording a television show in Theater view on a client did not work (recording order was not sent to the server).

19.0.78 (11/19/2013)

1. NEW: Updated icons and artwork (high resolution enabled for size settings over 100%).
2. Changed: VST effect settings and presets are stored per-zone (sorry, but you may need to reconfigure your VST effects one time).
3. Changed: Added DSD low-pass 'Off' setting to go along with Safe, Medium, and Permissive (might be useful if you have an external low-pass).

19.0.77 (11/15/2013)

1. Fixed: Media Editor could hang when decoding files.
2. Fixed: Seeking videos with Gizmo acting as a remote control was not working properly in the last few builds.
3. Changed: Tweaks to Carnac to better handle filenames that uses spaces instead of dots for delimiting and that use newer tokens like '3d', 'dts-ma.hd.7.1', etc.
4. Changed: Simplified DSD bitstreaming configuration so there's no need to pick DSD vs DoP (this is now controlled by the output plugin).
5. Changed: Added advanced ASIO option 'DSD bitstream in DoP format' for the few devices that use ASIO but do not support native ASIO (Lynx, etc.).
6. Changed: DoP input is reported as 'DoP 2.8MHz 1bit 2ch' in Audio Path instead of being reported as 176.4kHz PCM (the data is DSD but is packaged like PCM with DoP, so both are correct).
7. Changed: Updated YouTube integration to work better with recent YouTube changes.
8. Fixed: When scanning for TV channels, some combo boxes (e.g. "Satellite" for DVB-S, "Provider" for DVB-C, "Frequencies" for QAM) could be incorrectly disabled.
9. Fixed: Graph-building failure when scanning for QAM channels with certain TV tuner devices.

19.0.76 (11/13/2013)

1. Changed: Updated Russian translation file (thanks to Vladimir).
2. Fixed: Drag-n-drop ordering in a list editor would not allow dragging an item more than one spot per drag.
3. Internal: Revised how ASIO driver starts MC and delivers data (should be internal change, but please report any issues).

19.0.75 (11/12/2013)

1. Fixed: Filenames that were exactly 260 characters long would be rejected because they exceed the Windows shell limit, but would not be correctly reported as 'filename too long' on the import summary.
2. Fixed: Theater View Guide arrow navigation could get stuck if a row was blank.
3. Fixed: Revised the rules for Theater View Guide up / down navigation to track more logically in a list with uneven program start times.
4. NEW: Added Options > Audio > Advanced > Auto configure output settings on playback error (previously it was always in 'Ask' mode on Windows and 'Yes' mode on other platforms).

19.0.74 (11/11/2013)

1. Faster: Acquiring images from an Android (or other WPD device) using Action Window > Camera is much faster.
2. Fixed: Possible crashes due to internal optimizations in the last couple builds.

19.0.73 (11/7/2013)

1. Changed: INI files are stored at UTF-8 instead of UTF-16 (only applies to portable installs and library backups).
2. Fixed: Possible crash serving cover art with the web service in build 72.

19.0.72 (11/6/2013)

1. Changed: Revision to how threading is managed when starting video playback (attempt to work around a sporadic hang on some systems when starting video playback).
2. Fixed: Some files could trigger unnecessarily as having external changes in build 70 and 71.
3. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Handheld/Sync to the web service.
4. SDK: MCWS/v1/Control/MCC can optionally wait for the command to finish before returning by setting Block=1.
5. Faster: Improved the concurrency of MCWS (previously calling the same function multiple times at once would cause the calls to take turns).
6. NEW: TV recording rules allow optionally specifying tags to apply to the recordings they make (similar to how auto-import folder tagging works).
7. Faster: Reduced the chance that clicking a list item will block until the drive spins up or the network path is tried.
8. Faster: When checking for the existence of a missing network drive, which can be slow on Windows, checking the state of other drives from other threads will not also be blocked.

19.0.71 (11/6/2013)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.59.1. (Thanks, Hendrik)
2. Changed: When the library is empty, Library Server won't expose itself to other copies of Media Center on the network.
3. Changed: When television playback gets too close to the front edge of the time-shifting buffer, MC will pause video briefly until enough data are buffered.

19.0.70 (11/4/2013)

1. Changed: When playing audio calibration clips, shuffle mode is ignored and Playing Now is automatically displayed.
2. Fixed: When acquiring images from a memory card that had a volume name, the memory card could appear two ways in the list of sources (WPD and drive).
3. Changed: Revised how system file times are mapped to internal times to work around a legacy Windows issue with regard to DST (should be internal change, but could cause some file times to shift by an hour when updating library).
4. Fixed: The CD burning 'Status' column was not repainting nicely as a burn progressed.
5. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks Junghwan).
6. NEW: Added the ability for 'Clean File Properties' to move articles back to the front of a value (i.e. change 'Beatles, The' to 'The Beatles').
7. NEW: The option to move articles, ignore articles, etc. uses a list that includes English, Spanish, German, and French articles.

19.0.68 (11/1/2013)

1. Fixed: Starting playback in linked zones could crash in rare cases when using WASAPI.
2. Changed: Improved support for Theater View captions that use multiple lines (better display in lists, rollers, etc.)
3. Changed: When drawing mixed size text to a single line, the text system will vertically center the smaller text instead of top align it.
4. Faster: The skinning engine is faster at drawing user interface elements (it's now considerably faster than MC18 and earlier, even when using high resolution skin images).
5. Fixed: DVB television channels with E-AC3 audio stream were not found during channel scanning.
6. Changed: Pressing enter in a wizard could close the wizard without running the finish code.

19.0.67 (10/31/2013)

1. NEW: Zones and users are exposed on the top roller in Theater View views (only shown if you have multiple zones or multiple user accounts).
2. Changed: The Info button on an MCE remote will show Theater View Playing Now when in Theater View (and continue to show the OSD when in Display View).
3. Changed: Switched F11 and Shift+F11 so that F11 is equivalent to the green button on an MCE remote (and shift F11 will loop including Standard View).
4. Fixed: File path category grouping was not working properly in some cases.

19.0.66 (10/30/2013)

1. Changed: When doing real-time DSD output, changes of input sample rate will restart the hardware (otherwise an undesired resampler can end up in the audio chain).
2. Fixed: When switching output encoding to AC3, the channels box would switch to '4 channels' but not save the setting correctly so that playback could fail until you manually changed another setting on the page.
3. Changed: When searching for backdrop images from, artist mis-spellings will be better handled.
4. Changed: Updated YouTube integration to work better with recent YouTube changes.
5. NEW: CAF formatted audio files that contain Linear PCM data can now be played in JRiver audio engine (using input plug-in).
6. Fixed: Drawing of smooth transitions could blink incorrectly.
7. Fixed: WMA encoding was not working properly since build 19.0.34.

19.0.65 (10/28/2013)

1. Changed: For clarity, it's no longer possible to open DSP Studio for the format converter unless the option to apply DSP is on.
2. Fixed: Custom video mode settings were not being stored in the new zone options location, causing them to not clone properly to a new zone (requires manually (re)configuring settings one time before cloning).
3. Fixed: Some volume settings would not reliably clone to a new zone.
4. Faster: Improved the performance of gets on the filename field in the database by around 15%.
5. Faster: The FileFolder(...) expression is about twice as fast.

19.0.64 (10/28/2013)

1. Fixed: Multiple devices with the same name could cause playback to target the wrong device in some cases with WASAPI.
2. Fixed: Padded bitdepths could sound incorrect with build 63.
3. Fixed: Build 63 would not update list item text properly after an in-place edit.

19.0.63 (10/25/2013)

1. NEW: Added support for CAF audio files in JRiver audio engine (using DirectShow filters).
2. Fixed: ASIO playback to big-endian devices might not have worked correctly.
3. Faster: Categories based on file path are faster.
4. Faster: Improved performance of core list and tree user interface component (helps performance of fill, update, etc.).

19.0.62 (10/24/2013)

1. NEW: Real-time 2xDSD output using DoP (configure in DSP Studio > Output Format).
2. Faster: Speed improvements to date handling that help performance in many areas of the program.
3. NEW: MC will import Apple "media type" ('stik' atom) value from mp4/m4v/m4a files, and map it to "Media Sub Type" field in MC.
4. Changed: Changed how MC builds DirectShow graph for Hauppauge HVR 1950 USB TV tuner device so video quality is better.
5. Changed: MC will use correct analog TV standard according to user configured country code, instead of relying on user configuring standard manually.
6. Changed: Removed extra entries for Greece from the countries list in television configuration.
7. Fixed: Preventing the display from turning off during audio playback works properly with playback in multiple zones.
8. Internal: Revised how menu tracking works (should be internal, but please report any menu related issues).
9. Fixed: A corrupted sorting cache file in app data folder could cause the program to fail to run.
10. Fixed: Lists were not always updating color information when switching skins.
11. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
12. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.

19.0.60 (10/22/2013)

1. Fixed: Playing DSD content on Gizmo was not working nicely.
2. Fixed: High resolution minimize, maximize, and close buttons were not working properly with some windows.
3. Fixed: Possible deadlock in the server core when seeking Gizmo video.

19.0.59 (10/21/2013)

1. Fixed: Rainmeter was not working with the native CD Art Display support (remember to edit the Rainmeter player name to 'CAD').
2. Fixed: If loading a DLNA device's service failed (maybe because the device was turned off), the device could enter a permanent error state and not work properly even once it was turned back on.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Fixed: During drawing of the program, image data used for debugging could be put on the clipboard.
5. Fixed: MC saved incorrect country code for television, causing problems such as defaulting tuners to wrong type.
6. SDK: When rendering a skin item at a scale less than the skin item's native scale, any fixed sized borders will be shrunk accordingly.
7. SDK: Scrollbar skinning supports glyph overlays so that the arrow aspect ratio can always be correct regarless of scaling.
8. Changed: Updated Noire skin with high resolution resources (still a work in progress).
9. Changed: Reduced the amount of logging and computation in JR Bitrate Monitor filter.

19.0.58 (10/18/2013)

1. NEW: Added native CD Art Display support (thanks to poiru for his previous work here).
2. Fixed: Some MCC notification messages had their index shifted in the last few builds, causing possible problems with third-party plugins.
3. Changed: Encoder configuration dialogs work better with size settings other than 100%.
4. Changed: Library views (Playing Now > Playing From) work better with size settings other than 100%.

19.0.57 (10/17/2013)

1. Fixed: When converting audio to WAV format, the RIFF chunk size could be set wrong by 8 bytes.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
3. Changed: The skinning engine uses high quality supersampling to shrink skin images so that high resolution enabled skins look better.
4. Fixed: Seeking of video was not working with Gizmo in the last two builds.
5. Changed: MC will fix incorrectly written root chunk size of WAV and AIFF files during tag writing.
6. Changed: Revised image drawing to only require SSE2 for acceleration instead of SSSE3.
7. Fixed: YouTube music video playback was not working.

19.0.56 (10/10/2013)

1. Fixed: In Theater View, when a dialog was shown, moving the mouse outside the dialog could shift the focus away and lead to problems.
2. Fixed: In some cases, the Genre value would not be retrieved for an episode when doing a TheTVDB lookup.
3. Changed: MP4 files are loaded and tested for media type before they are analyzed so audio files will not need to be sent to video engine.
4. Fixed: MP4 input plugin registration did not register 3GA file type correctly.

19.0.55 (10/9/2013)

1. Fixed: Sound Check values were not being written to the iPod's database during upload.
2. Faster: Improvements to the DLNA server to make it perform better under high load.
3. Faster: Speed enhancements to core XML code (used in many places in the program).
4. Fixed: Fixed a typo on the MP3 input plugin configuration dialog.
5. Changed: When using output encoding (AC3, DSD, DoP) the output plugin will no longer be restarted between tracks when the input sample rate changes.
6. Fixed: Double-click from an image preview view could crash.
7. Changed: VOB subtitle durations are better honored.

19.0.54 (10/8/2013)

1. Fixed: AC3 playback was not working in build 53.
2. Fixed: With left-click lasso enabled, scrolling a list could start a lasso.
3. SDK: MCWS/v1/File/SetInfo supports setting multiple fields / values per call by CSV encoding a list for Field and Value parameters and also setting a parameter List=CSV.
4. Fixed: Yahoo! news in Theater View could show extra noise around the story text.

19.0.53 (10/7/2013)

1. Fixed: Handling of 32-bit integer input files was not working in the last few builds.
2. Fixed: Font kerning in edit controls could be incorrect in build 51.
3. Fixed: The skin effects dialog would allow itself to be closed while the color picker was opening, leading to a possible crash.
4. Fixed: Added support for MP4 files that used a custom genre atom in their tag, but stored a standard genre by putting a number in parenthesis.
5. Fixed: Double-click on the pause button while playing was not stopping.
6. Fixed: When playing on an LS client a television channel that happens to be recording in transport stream (.ts) format on the server, the recording could be interrupted when the client stops playing.
7. Fixed: When playing on an LS client a television recording in transport stream (.ts) format, the length of playback was limited to the length of recording at the moment the playback started, even though the recording was on going on the server.
8. Changed: When playing on an LS client a television recording in transport stream format, if the server is still recording the file, playback switches to a jtv file so the playback length can grow with the recording.

Internal testing build not released to the public.

19.0.51 (10/4/2013)

1. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (Thanks elda).
2. Fixed: Double-click in live television video window (using EVR) did not work.
3. Fixed: 2x DSD playback was not working on the TEAC UD-501.
4. Fixed: Fonts that used left or right overhangs could draw with the overhang portion cropped.
5. Fixed: The new Size option was not scaling fonts properly if you had never customized the font in Options > Tree & View.
6. Fixed: The white-list for allowing system volume to work while bitstreaming was not working with some Resonessence Labs hardware.
7. Fixed: Automatic library backups and check for updates would not be started when the command line was not empty (so launching at boot with /MediaServer, etc. could disable this functionality).
8. Changed: Added the ability to use the token [User] in the playerbar to display the name of the current user.
9. Fixed: Customization to the playerbar would not always take effect right away.
10. NEW: Added 'Set levels from decibel meter' button to Room Correction to make it easier to calibrate levels.
19.0.51 (10/4/2013)

1. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (Thanks elda).
2. Fixed: Double-click in live television video window (using EVR) did not work.
3. Fixed: 2x DSD playback was not working on the TEAC UD-501.
4. Fixed: Fonts that used left or right overhangs could draw with the overhang portion cropped.
5. Fixed: The new Size option was not scaling fonts properly if you had never customized the font in Options > Tree & View.
6. Fixed: The white-list for allowing system volume to work while bitstreaming was not working with some Resonessence Labs hardware.
7. Fixed: Automatic library backups and check for updates would not be started when the command line was not empty (so launching at boot with /MediaServer, etc. could disable this functionality).
8. Changed: Added the ability to use the token [User] in the playerbar to display the name of the current user.
9. Fixed: Customization to the playerbar would not always take effect right away.
10. NEW: Added 'Set levels from decibel meter' button to Room Correction to make it easier to calibrate levels.

19.0.50 (10/2/2013)

1. NEW: Added View > Size option to resize Standard View (only works well with some skins; Noire recommended).
2. Changed: Memory playback automatically disengages when using Audio Calibration for Tools > Advanced Tools (since audio calibration clips will play forever until stopped).
3. Changed: Audio Calibration clips always use gapless track transitions (instead of possibly gapping or fading based on user options).
4. SDK: Skin items can specify a Scale attribute so that high resolution images can be used (ie. Scale="2.0" for a double resolution image).
5. Fixed: When watching an on-going television recording in transport stream (.ts) format, not all of the already recorded portion was shown, if the portion was longer than the pre-set time-shifting window.
6. Fixed: ATI HDTVWonder tuner would not record in transport stream format.
7. Changed: DSD encoding targets a slightly more conservative volume level (by about 1.6dB) so that it works better with Sabre-based DACs (and possibly others).
8. Fixed: Clicking 'Exit' in Theater View with the mouse would not show the dialog with the last couple builds.

19.0.49 (9/30/2013)

1. Fixed: Theater View could be slow to show in some cases with the last few builds.
2. Faster: Netflix in Theater View does all loading of episodes on demand, so displaying the queue is much faster.
3. Fixed: Some YouTube music videos would not play from Theater View.
4. Changed: Startup and between track silence is -96dBFS narrow band pink noise instead of pure silence so that it works better with hardware that ignores pure silence ( ).
5. Changed: Video files with TrueHD audio tracks will say 'Dolby TrueHD' in the compression field instead of 'unknown codec'.
6. Changed: Tooltips are now allowed to show in the Smartlist editor (and other places) when an edit or combobox is focused.
7. Changed: Added a help button on the popup expression editor that links to the expression language wiki: (thanks MrC).
8. New: Add an option for ignoring specified IP interfaces for DLNA.

19.0.48 (9/27/2013)

1. Changed: When recording television programs in transport stream format, MC will insert PAT and PMT packets if it does not detect such packets in the stream.
2. Fixed: Double-clicking the right edge of a list header column to auto-size was not working.
3. Faster: Additional tuning of SSE code used for 16-bit PCM input data handling to make it another 20% faster.
4. Fixed: When the detached display was Aero snapped, it would not always be positioned correctly when reattaching.
5. Changed: Volume Leveling will disable (instead of using the default -10dB for unanalyzed audio files) when playing test clips (Tools > Advanced Tools > Audio Calibration).
6. Changed: The JRiver ASIO driver doesn't load Media Center until it's actually started for playback (instead of when the host creates buffers).
7. Fixed: Drag-n-drop reording in a list manager was not working (like DSP Studio plugins, etc.).
8. Fixed: Playback stats for images were not always updating for the last image viewed.

19.0.47 (9/26/2013)

1. Fixed: During conversion or audio analysis, the process could slow down unexpectedly if the input thread was running much faster than the output thread.
2. Faster: Core audio engine bitdepth handling code is faster when dealing with 16-bit integer input on SSE enabled CPUs (common on CD rips with lossless formats).
3. Faster: Final audio engine stage that handles clipping is about 2x faster.

19.0.46 (9/25/2013)

1. Changed: Carnac better deals with TV show filenames that use the full episode name (including season and series) as their folder name instead of using a series folder.
2. Fixed: In some cases, VOB subtitle would draw with the red and blue channels flipped (so yellow subtitles appeared blue).
3. Changed: Changed the menu and toolbar text for "Zones" and "Skins" from plural to singular.
4. NEW: Added the ability to add a 'User' toolbar button.
5. Fixed: Visualization Studio could crash in some cases.
6. Faster: More efficient and faster user interface drawing in Standard View.
7. Faster: When burning, converting, analyzing, etc. files they would redraw in lists that didn't show the status column. Now only the status column redraws (if visible).
8. Faster: Revised list and tree mouse move redrawing system so that mouse movement only redraws the row under the cursor when necessary instead of always.

19.0.45 (9/24/2013)

1. Fixed: mp4/m4a files would not play on LS clients if user chooses "Automatic" or "JRiver audio engine (using input plug-in)" for Playback Type.
2. Changed: Video playback no longer forces the 'Clip protection' overflow handling mode but instead allows flat-lining overflows if so desired.
3. Fixed: Some click handling problems from build 44.
4. Fixed: When MP3 decoding encountered bad frames, audio analysis could slow way down instead of quickly working through the errors.

19.0.44 (9/24/2013)

1. Fixed: Shell extensions were causing problems in build 43.
2. Internal: More work on mouse click and double-click handling to fix some issues with trackpads (please report any issues).

19.0.43 (9/23/2013)

1. Fixed: A couple click / mouse issues due to the internal click handling changes.
2. Changed: Analyze Audio allows analyzing up to 8 files at a time instead of 4.
3. Fixed: Memory playback could engage when analyzing audio or converting and impact the memory usage and performance of the operation.
4. Faster: Improved thread parallelism when analyzing audio (and to a lesser extent regular playback).
5. SDK: The HTML engine supports .Rating and .RatingStars variables on any file object (can be used by WebGizmo, etc.).
6. Fixed: If a video file issued a finished event before ever starting, it could cause the audio analyzer to hang on the file.
7. Fixed: Thai text (and possibly others) could draw with incorrect character spacing.
8. Fixed: ASIO Line-in playback was not working properly.
9. Fixed: A corrupt MP3 file could cause a crash when decoding in rare cases.
10. Changed: Edit control scrollbars are indented one pixel so that they're inside the edit border with most skins.
11. Fixed: The Trunc(...) math expression function could show incorrect results in some cases.

19.0.42 (9/19/2013)

1. Fixed: Theater View could crash in rare cases.
2. Changed: The installer checks for SSE2 and shows an error if it's not found instead of refusing to run (we have no way to test this, so confirmation would be appreciated).
3. Changed: Revised the check for operating system support for AVX CPU instructions to hopefully fix an issue on XP running in Parallels (testing appreciated).
4. Fixed: When a client request a television channel that the server is already running (either recording or serving other clients), a black rectangle is drawn on the upper lefter corner of the server.

19.0.41 (9/18/2013)

1. Changed: Added support for SSA/ASS subtitle custom margins in the styles block.
2. NEW: Convert Format allows optionally specifying an audio output bitdepth.
3. Fixed: A corrupted APE file could cause decoding to stall in rare cases.
4. Fixed: Television tuner specific configuration dialog was not displayed.
5. Fixed: MadVR fell out of exclusive mode on OSD with TV playback.

19.0.40 (9/17/2013)

1. Changed: A processor that supports SSE2 is now required (added in 2001 to Intel, 2003 to AMD).
2. NEW: Added a 6 dB/octave mode for high and low pass filters in Parametric Equalizer.
3. Changed: The import summary is presented as an Action Window and only shows a popup and switches to 'Recently Imported' if a user clicks 'Details' on the summary.
4. Fixed: The new JRTelevision Dll did not work.
5. Internal: Revised left mouse click handling so that single, double, and triple clicks are generated by JRiver's framework instead of the operating system (should be internal change, but please report any mouse related issues).
6. Fixed: The installer could incorrectly want to reboot when it couldn't install the shell extensions.

19.0.39 (9/16/2013)

1. Fixed: Some handheld devices would not appear in the last few builds (due to the internal COM changes).
2. Faster: When loading Theater View backdrops from multiple sources, all sources are loaded at once instead of loading one at a time.
3. SDK: MCWS/v1/File/GetFile allows specifying a custom mime type for the response (to deal with carriers or ISPs that may block or throttle MP3 data).
4. Faster: Netflix queue is downloaded 2 to 3 times faster due to using parallel threading. Cancel works better.
5. Fixed: A few rare MP3 files could get slow to play or analyze.
6. Fixed: The brightness / contrast skin effect could overflow and look bad when using SSE acceleration.
7. Fixed: The removed FTP upload tool could incorrectly appear in the send to menu ( removed when MFC was removed: ).
8. Changed: The JRiver ASIO driver allows the host to configure the driver buffer size instead of keying off Options > Audio > Live playback latency (this way programs that query for the buffer size of all ASIO drivers on startup won't cause MC to start).
9. Changed: Socket buffer size to 32k.
10. Changed: Allow re-use of the base socket listener for library server (non-windows versions).
11. Changed: Adaptive Volume in 'Peak Level Normalize' mode would not use a fixed gain in some cases where it should have.
12. Internal: Switched television engine from an MFC COM control (MJTVControl.dll) to a regular DLL (JRTelevision.dll).

19.0.38 (9/10/2013)

1. Fixed: The installer would always register the 64-bit shell extensions, leading to cases where shell extensions could show in Explorer when the option was off in MC (manually turn on, OK out of options, then turn off, and OK out of options to fix).
2. Fixed: The custom library backup path validation could unnecessarily create the default folder.
3. Changed: Rewrote several core MMX image manipulation routines in SSE (most around 2x faster and now work cross platform).
4. Fixed: The visual mouse over state for an edit control would not always be honored properly.
5. Changed: Adaptive Volume in 'Peak Level Normalize' mode normalizes on a per-track basis when Volume Leveling is off and on a per-playlist basis when Volume Leveling is on.
6. Fixed: WPD camera acquisition could fail in the last few builds due to the internal COM changes.
7. Changed: MC has a white list of device names that support system volume while bitstreaming, and no longer disables the system volume slider when playing to these devices (if you have a device like this, please provide details).
8. Fixed: Audio device names with pipes or backslashes in them could cause problems in Options > Audio.
9. Changed: Added experimental support for ASIO DSD output to devices that do not specify a DSD buffer format like Teac, maybe others (feedback appreciated).
10. Fixed: If auto-import got canceled while analyzing audio, it would record it as an error and not try again for a year.
11. Fixed: Column auto-sizing was not working in some areas.
12. Fixed: The projection aspect ratio was inconsistent when switching between some 3d visualizations.

19.0.37 (9/5/2013)

1. Fixed: Playback of some YouTube music videos was failing.
2. Changed: The CSV text copied to the clipboard when copying from a list uses tab instead of comma as the delimiter.
3. Fixed: Playing YouTube videos, MC would not resume playback after entering buffering state.
4. Changed: Switched convolution based image effects (sharpen, emboss, etc.) to use SSE instead of MMX (should be internal change, but please report any issues).
5. Changed: MC will now read and write replay gain (Volume Level) tags in Windows Media files.
6. Fixed: Loopback was not working in the last couple builds due to internal COM changes.

19.0.36 (9/4/2013)

1. NEW: Added native support for little-endian PCM AIFF files (previously only the more common big-endian or floating point AIFF files were supported natively).
2. Changed: Copying list items to the clipboard generated RFC 4180 compliant CSV data (previously some special characters, newlines, etc. were not formatted for RFC 4180 compliance).
3. Changed: Copying list items to the clipboard puts CSV into the text area of the clipboard (instead of having different text and CSV formats).
4. Fixed: If something triggered a Standard View view switch while Theater View was showing, it could steal the keyboard / remote focus.
5. Fixed: MC could not read and write replay gain tags in APE tags that used replaygain_track_gain style naming.
6. Changed: MC no longer adjust replay gain value internally by 6 dB (should be internal change, but please report any issues).

19.0.35 (9/3/2013)

1. Fixed: Seeking during YouTube playback could cause extremely slow network traffic from the server.
2. Fixed: After acquiring images from a camera, the program would not always update and show the 'Recently Acquired' playlist.
3. Fixed: TiVo Server could fail to run in some cases in the last few builds.
4. Fixed: Several issues from COM changes in build 34.
5. Changed: More tweaks to Noire skin.
6. Changed: Adaptive Volume is locked at the #2 position in DSP Studio (Output Format, Volume Levelling, and Adaptive Volume happen at the front of the audio chain, other effects happen JIT at the end).
7. Changed: The automatic library backup system will switch to the default backup location when a user specified folder is no longer valid.
8. Changed: Help > System Info was missing the device manager information on Windows 8.
9. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/File/Played function to update play stats, Scrobble, etc.
10. SDK: All MCWS/v1/File/* functions accept a library key or filename (to use a filename, set FileType to Filename).
11. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playlist/AddFile to add a single file to a playlist.

19.0.34 (8/30/2013)

1. Fixed: Doing a YADB track lookup could hang when using a file that required DirectShow for decoding.
2. Changed: DVD rips now use Carnac for better decoding of series/season/disc# information in disc volume name.
3. Internal: Made usage of COM opt-in instead of opt-out for worker threads. Please report any issues.
4. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
5. Fixed: Some phrases were not translated.
6. NEW: MC can record television channels on CableCARD devices in transport stream (.ts) format.
7. Changed: Improved internal engine quality when playing 2x DSD input, using processing, and outputting 2x DSD.
8. Faster: Improvements to DSD output encoding to reduce the chance of buffer shortfalls.

19.0.33 (8/29/2013)

1. Fixed: Adaptive volume would sometimes not apply (fixed) volume adjustment on already analyzed files.
2. Fixed: The Direct Sound buffering slider wouldn't save the value.
3. Changed: Additional updates to the default Noire skin.
4. Changed: Added some logging to the ASIO driver to trouble-shoot hosts that load the driver but don't actually use it (which can cause MC to launch).
5. Changed: SRT subtitles suppress mystery <32> and <35> markers used by Swedish public television.
6. Fixed: When the system short date format used the month as a string instead of a number, it could cause date parsing to make incorrect guesses with regards to day and month ordering for ambiguous dates like '3-4'.
7. Changed: Date parsing of three numbers (like 3-4-12 or 2012.3.4) will always assume the ordering matches the system default (unless it's a clear variant like
8. Fixed: Playback of some YouTube music videos was failing.

19.0.32 (8/23/2013)

1. Changed: Added support for viewing CMYK JPEG files.
2. Changed: Media Network authentication tokens last three days instead of two hours (so coming back to Gizmo after inactivity works better).
3. Fixed: MC will no longer crash when importing videos with the "folder.jpg" in the folder above it.

19.0.31 (8/22/2013)

1. Fixed: The text <font> could appear in Theater View captions in build 30.
2. Fixed: Volume Leveling could be applied when playing to a DLNA device, even if it was turned off in Options > Media Network.

19.0.30 (8/20/2013)

1. Faster: When calling the web service for images, when png is requested but no transparency is in the image, a high quality jpeg will be returned instead (makes Gizmo browsing faster).
2. Fixed: Mp4 files with embedded images were not always using the image as the thumbnail.
3. Fixed: The JRiver ASIO driver installed by MC19 could cause problems in MC18.
4. Fixed: When switching tracks with some between track modes, ASIO output could fall out of DoP mode for a split second.
5. Fixed: Deleting the last image from a slideshow could lead to a crash.
6. Changed: Text drawing system no longer supports "<font" markers without a space after them (ie. the correct <font size="150%"> works but the incorrect <fontsize="150%"> will no longer work).
7. Fixed: Playback stats were not being tracked for image playback.

19.0.29 (8/16/2013)

1. NEW: Freshened the look of the default Noire skin.
2. Fixed: The uninstaller could fail to start if a different version of Media Center was used last.
3. Changed: When searching for sidecar artwork, instead of searching only for Folder.jpg, the program will find Folder.jpg, Cover.jpg, Front.jpg (and also any image extension like .jpeg, .png, etc.).
4. Changed: When scanning for television channels, the tuner type is automatically selected according to user configured tuner type of the first non-disabled tuner in the list, instead of always defaulting to "ATSC".
5. Changed: Removed the appearance selection page from the installer.
6. Fixed: Using the new group expressions in Theater View could cause 'circular reference' errors to appear in some cases.
7. Changed: When the Analyze Audio tool is being run manually (ie. not part of auto-import), it will prevent the system from going to sleep.
8. Fixed: Tooltips in edit controls were not showing reliably (making it hard to get context sensitive help when editing expressions).
9. NEW: The target latency for live playback (WASAPI loopback, ASIO line-in, JRiver ASIO driver) can be configured in Options > Audio > Advanced > Live playback latency (remember that the output latency from Options > Audio > Device settings... is added to this latency).
10. Fixed: DVD Video burning was not working for longer duration video files.
11. Changed: .rec files will now be recognized and played.

19.0.28 (8/14/2013)

1. Changed: Opening Options > Audio will no longer load any ASIO drivers (some drivers would hang when loaded a second time if playback was happening, etc.)

19.0.27 (8/14/2013)

1. Changed: A few fixes and tweaks to the DR analyzer.
2. Fixed: The Audio Analyzer dialog was stalling on files that didn't need analysis instead of skipping them.
3. Fixed: In-place editing in the tree could get cancelled when background tools fired notifications (like when a DLNA device came or went).
4. Fixed: Renaming a library view will prompt to save changes before doing the rename.
5. Fixed: Putting an invalid field into a GroupSummary(...) expression could crash.
6. Fixed: Scrolling with the mouse wheel in a list could leave a tooltip showing.

19.0.26 (8/13/2013)

1. NEW: Expression based categories can define separate grouping and display expressions so that you can group by something like artist, but then display something more advanced with counts, number of albums, etc.
2. NEW: Group-based expression functions like GroupCount(...) and GroupSummary(...) are supported in the new category display expressions.
3. NEW: Added DR dynamic range analysis to the audio analyzer.
4. Changed: When an Action Window is maximized, the other Action Windows are hidden instead of showing them in a stack at the bottom (provides more available height for a maximized window).
5. Changed: The maximize button on the Action Window switches to a minimize button when maximized (when a skin doesn't have a maximize button, the restore artwork is used).
6. Changed: Action Windows remember their maximized state (so a maximized Tag window will stay maximized).
7. Changed: Updated Chromium browser engine to Chromium Embedded Framework 3.1453.1255 (Chromium version 27.0.1453.73).
8. Fixed: Television recordings in transport stream format could be unplayable in other applications, and could have bad quality.

19.0.25 (8/12/2013)

1. NEW: Added support for user accounts that are stored with the library and allow each user to see only certain files (replaces Access Control feature).
2. NEW: Added a 'User' library field that can be set to any combination of users to limit the contents visibility to only those users (leave blank for content to show for all users).
3. SDK: The MC command MCC_BACKUP_LIBRARY (20011) will perform a silent automatic backup when passed "1" as the parameter.
4. Changed: The program will run the automatic library code periodically instead of only at program start (so that running the program for long periods won't stop automatic backups from happening).
5. Changed: Auto-import has separate options for analyzing audio for audio and video files.
6. NEW: User can choose a time for MC to load television EPG in background.
7. Changed: Server token authentication persists across a server restart so that an authenticated client won't be forced to reconnect if the server goes down and comes back up.

19.0.24 (8/9/2013)

1. Fixed: The audio analyzer was not properly returning per-channel peaks.
2. NEW: JRSS downmixing uses per-channel peak levels from audio analysis when they're available to make a better determination about how much (if any) volume reduction is required to prevent clipping after the downmix.
3. Changed: The 'Volume Up' and 'Volume Down' roller items do not appear in Theater View when the volume is in disabled mode.
4. Changed: The error check during WPD camera acquisition makes sure the source and destination file sizes are within 2.5% instead of an exact match since some devices do not expose an exact file size (Android 4.3 in MTP mode).
5. Changed: Doing a Camera acquire shows a playlist 'Recently Acquired' that contains only images acquired in the last hour (like other recent playlists, it is automatically cleaned up after a few days).

19.0.23 (8/8/2013)

1. Fixed: When non-analyzable files were added to the analyzer, the program would dead-lock when showing the error dialog.
2. Changed: Added int(...), frac(...), round(...), and trunc(...) to the math evaluator (used in expressions, visualizations, etc.).
3. Changed: The math evaluator is double-precision (64-bit) instead of single-precision (32-bit) for floating point operations.
4. Changed: The option to not draw frames on image thumbnails is honored in grouped details lists (previously it was only honored in thumbnail lists).
5. Fixed: File creation could fail in build 19.0.22, causing several possible strange problems.

19.0.22 (8/8/2013)

1. Fixed: Importing of mp4 files that have copyright atom could cause MC to crash.
2. Changed: Vertical scrollbars are positioned inside the column header in a list instead of over it (allows a cleaner look with some skins and is logical since the column header doesn't scroll).
3. Fixed: MC could fail to load ID3 tag data in AIFF and WAVE files.
4. Fixed: MC did not write copyright tag to mp4 files.
5. Changed: MC will try reading copyright tag from a second location in mp4 files if the ISO-defined 'cprt' atom does not exist.
6. Changed: The list editing widget (used for editing keywords, etc.) puts the 'Add' box at the bottom and moves the instructions into the box for a cleaner alignment and less chance for the suggestions when adding to obscure the existing list.
7. Faster: File I/O adds a buffering layer that engages when small reads are performed so that underlying reads are never too small (a real world example where this helps is with FLAC playback over some types of wireless networks).

19.0.21 (8/7/2013)

1. Changed: The audio analyzer considers a file analyzed if it has a 'Volume Level (R128)' and 'Peak Level (R128)' value.
2. Faster: Analyzing files to decide what playback / decoding method to use is faster (makes opening the Analyze Audio dialog with lots of files faster).
3. Fixed: Files with a peak level of 0.0 dB could incorrectly be marked as needing analysis.
4. Changed: The standard ReplayGain volume level and peak level tags will not be written to tags if tagging is turned off for the corresponding MC fields 'Volume Level (ReplayGain)' and 'Peak Level (Sample)'.

19.0.20 (8/5/2013)

1. Changed: Memory playback gracefully handles cases where memory allocation fails.
2. Changed: Added 'Peak Level (Sample)' field to report the peak level found in an actual sample value (doesn't account for inter-peak overs like R128 TruePeak).
3. Changed: Added 'Volume Level (ReplayGain)' that will be filled from tags or an old MC library on import.
4. Changed: After analyzing a file, the 'Volume Level (ReplayGain)' field and tag will be filled with a ReplayGain v2 value (which is the R128 level with a +5dB adjustment).
5. Changed: When a file has a 'Peak Level (Sample)' value and no 'Peak Level (R128)' value, the sample peak will be used (with 1.5dB extra headroom added to make it more similar to R128 True Peak).
6. Changed: When a file has a 'Volume Level (ReplayGain)' value and no 'Volume Level (R128)' value, the ReplayGain value will be used with Volume Leveling (adjusted by -5dB to make it more similar to an R128 value).
7. Changed: Removed some unneeded COM initialization / uninitialization from Media Network server threads (might help with ole32.dll crashes during idle).

19.0.19 (8/2/2013)

1. Fixed: The RAW image decoding cache was not enabled for the last few builds.
2. Fixed: The 'Check for Updates' Action Window could use the wrong button width for the button (may also apply to other places where the button text changes dynamically).
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).

18.0.212 (8/5/2013)

1. Fixed: Exiting Theater View while the 'News' view was loading could crash in some cases.
2. Fixed: JTV video conversion lip-sync problem.
3. Fixed: The option to start playback of the current playlist would not work when MC was configured to start when Windows loaded.
4. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.58.2 (thanks nevcairiel).
5. Changed: Removed 3d text visualization (it's no longer possible to create a 3d mesh from text using the D3DX helper).
6. Fixed: A few 3d visualizations were not working properly on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

18.0.211 (7/24/2013)

1. Fixed: While playing a currently recording television show in transport stream format MC would play the ts file instead of going to the tuner that was doing the recording.
2. Fixed: MC could hang upon stopping when playing a video over the network (Library server, or YouTube etc.).
3. Fixed: Direct Sound playback would not work with devices that didn't support 24-bit audio.
4. Fixed: Video width and height fields could be filled incorrectly.
5. Fixed: When converting from jtv television recordings, the converted files would have an incorrect aspect ratio. Make sure you correct width and height problem first (see 4. above) before retrying conversion.

18.0.210 (7/19/2013)

1. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.58.1.
2. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.86.9.
3. Fixed: "jpeg" is now an allowable format for cover art.
4. Fixed: MCWS/v1/Zones/Unlink was not working properly.

18.0.209 (7/11/2013)

1. Fixed: Server computer would not go to sleep after serving live television to clients.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
3. Fixed: Message box message "This feature is only available to subscribers." was not translated.
4. Fixed: MC could crash when stopping playing a CableCARD tuner, especially in Red October HQ.
5. Fixed: When the mouse left a list, the mouse-over selection state could stay visible in certain cases.
6. Fixed: Right-click menu and some other popup windows was prematurely destroyed when CableCARD television tuner devices were involved.
7. Fixed: DLNA bug where SetNextAVTransportURI gets called at least once even when disabled.
8. Fixed: DLNA polling interval bug, reduce chatter.
9. Changed: DLNA handle bug from some renderers which mis-spell NOT_IMPLEMENTED!
10. Fixed: A few possible cases where background threads that showed user interface could hang or cause a focus shift.
11. Changed: Added additional logging to the search suggestion system to help debug performance issues on some machines.

18.0.208 (7/5/2013)

1. Fixed: Convolution was not working in build 207.
2. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).

18.0.207 (7/3/2013)

1. Fixed: Typing in the Options search box could temporarily shift focus, causing the first letter to get replaced by the second letter.
2. Fixed: Downloading files larger than 2GB could fail.
3. Changed: Tuned how the time remaining is reported in the Action Window during downloads (to work better with large downloads and to be more concise).
4. Changed: Media Center will prevent the system from going to sleep while doing a handheld transfer.
5. Fixed: Album and artist fields in "Podcast tag and file renaming rules" now work as expected.
6. Fixed: Ogg Vorbis now fills its compression field with "Ogg Vorbis".
7. Fixed: When converting some FLAC files to ogg, it will no longer tag as "ogv"
8. Fixed: In Performer Store, following purchase of an album, the list of available assets for that album could be incorrect and the price for a track could be listed the same as the album price.

18.0.206 (6/27/2013)

1. Fixed: HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD tuners did not work.
2. Fixed: Image editing could lead to a crash on shutdown.
3. Changed: Converted audio files will no longer have the audio analysis values (Replay Gain, etc.) copied from the source file (the encoding could have changed the correct values).
4. Fixed: Moving the mouse while the sort all / inside groups menu was showing would incorrectly simulate a column header drag.
5. Fixed: 3d objects in Theater View were not drawing properly on some XP machines.
6. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).
7. Fixed: The quick find toolbar in a list (F3) didn't look nice with the Black on Black skin.
8. Fixed: The 'Help' button in Options could go to the wrong page in some cases.
9. Fixed: The 12th Car Radio button was not working.

18.0.205 (6/25/2013)

1. Changed: Lists now allow two expression columns to be added that use the same expression (or that both have empty expressions).
2. Changed: When returning to Theater View, if the previously selected list index has a different name (due to database changes, etc.) the selection will reset to the top of the list.
3. Fixed: Some commands on the right-click menu of a zone to control Zone Linking could operate on the current zone instead of the right-clicked zone.
4. Changed: Tuned the list of WavPack hybrid mode bitrates a little more.

18.0.204 (6/24/2013)

1. Fixed: Accepting an edit control suggestion could lead to a crash.
2. Changed: When playing mono (1 channel) audio, Parametric Equalizer will treat the mono channel as 'Left' so that it's possible to manipulate these streams.
3. Fixed: The Tag Action Window could flicker during resizing.
4. Fixed: A menu or combobox list would not always go away properly when activating a different window.
5. Fixed: Tuned the list of WavPack hybrid mode bitrates.
6. Fixed: Some ALAC files (e.g. those produced by 'Sound Studio 3') were not playable because of a strange looking 'alac' mp4 atom. We now ignore the strange data.

18.0.203 (6/21/2013)

1. Fixed: Hulu playback was not working after some Hulu site changes.
2. Fixed: A relative path that starts with a backslash could incorrectly end up with a filename that had two backslashes after the drive.
3. Fixed: JRSS downmixing was not always energy neutral when downmixing to mono.
4. Fixed: MC will no longer hang when trying to connect to a media server with a password.
5. Fixed: Playback of certain streaming video could lead to crash.
6. Fixed: Reading the tags on an AIFF file from HDtracks could incorrectly change the date modified.

18.0.202 (6/20/2013)

1. Changed: Updated the checkbox graphic used in Noire to be more clear.

18.0.201 (6/18/2013)

1. Fixed: Focus could shift unexpectedly in build 200.

18.0.200 (6/18/2013)

1. Changed: Switched the default ASIO option for 'Play silence on pause' to true (this provides a more straight-forward call stack to the ASIO driver, and is similar to how WASAPI works).
2. Fixed: When connecting to a library that required a password, the program could (still) dead-lock in some cases.
3. Fixed: 3D album view in Windows 8 will no longer crash on search.
4. Fixed: Periodic freezes in the DLNA servers.
5. Changed: Aggressive de-interlacing is no longer enabled in the LAV filter for mpeg-2 content that has a frame rate of 59.94.

18.0.199 (6/17/2013)

1. Changed: Video frame rate (FPS) field is updated during thumbnail generation to obtain a more accurate value.
2. Fixed: Podcasting could (still) cause the user interface to be sluggish in some cases when first starting the program.
3. Changed: When a file has no Replay Gain, a Replay Gain of -10dB will be used if no other files in Playing Now are analyzed (otherwise the average of analyzed files is used).
4. Changed: Added 512 and 1024 kbps to Wavepack hybrid encoding. Also changed to correct spelling of ""

18.0.198 (6/11/2013)

1. Changed: Moved back to the experimental AAC encoder for video conversions since the problem with the PS3 was fixed. Thanks Nev.
2. Changed: Simplified "Edit Channel List..." dialog (removed the checkboxes since favorite channels selection is done elsewhere now).
3. Fixed: "Next / Previous use favorite channels only" setting did not use the new favorite channels system.
4. Changed: Edit Channel List dialog allows deletion of multiple selected channels.
5. Fixed: The new system of "Favorite" and "Hidden" television channels did not distinguish channels with identical name but different tuner types.

18.0.197 (6/7/2013)

1. Fixed: Web browser integration was not working properly in build 196.
2. Changed: Higher quality setting for transcoding to WMV (most useful on Xbox 360)
3. Changed: Reverted back to the previous AAC encoder for video conversion to get compatibility with various devices including the PS3.
4. Fixed: Switching from time-shifted TV playback using madVR exclusive to Theater View wasn't always working.

18.0.196 (6/6/2013)

1. Changed: Car Radio automatically cleans up duplicate static playlists that used the same index.
2. Fixed: In build 195, the Theater View cursor could reset to the roller when navigating into levels of a library view.
3. Changed: SSDP advertisement could hard kill the advertiser in some cases, leaving sockets and/or the internet layer in an undefined state.
4. Fixed: The trick to recover a lost Party Mode password was not working properly (see the wiki for details on the trick).
5. Changed: Tuned some parameters in the updated Windows 7/8 presentation system used by Theater View.
6. Changed: Changed how television channel-changing is handled.
7. Fixed: Small icons could draw too large in a details list in some cases.
8. Changed: Basic HTML text formatting tokens like < b >, < font >, < u >, etc. will be supported in almost all text drawing (previously they only worked in some areas of the program).
9. Fixed: Subtitles weren't working with EVR in the last few builds when using Windows 7 or 8.
10. NEW: XMP "face" data in photos now gets added to "People".

18.0.195 (6/4/2013)

1. Fixed: If an iPod failed to initialize, it could cause a hang when trying to display the error message.
2. Fixed: The option to run Theater View in exclusive mode was not working in build 194 on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (this mode is not recommended for normal use).
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
4. Changed: A portable install will no longer warn and fail to run when taken between different operating systems.
5. Changed: When switching tracks that require a hardware stop / start like on a sample rate change, the startup silence option will be honored (silence will be maximum of between track gap and startup silence gap).
6. Changed: Updated to madVR v0.86 (thanks madshi).
7. Changed: Subtitles account for the madVR presentation latency by using the new IMadVRInfo interface.
8. Fixed: Theater View's focus / cursor could move unexpectedly in some cases.
7. Fixed: Temp files created for .wvc files are now renamed to their final name when done when encoding Wavpack.
8. Fixed: Empty temp files are no longer created when encoding lossless Wavpack.
9. Changed: Wavpack files now display compression information.
10. Changed: When acting as a DLNA renderer, Media Center will use "error free" mode so that playback errors won't cause message boxes to display (since the controller is normally in a different place).

18.0.194 (6/3/2013)

1. Fixed: Podcasting could cause the user interface to be sluggish in some cases when first starting the program.
2. Changed: Switched Direct Sound output to always use 24-bit integer instead of 32-bit floating point (because it appears some devices don't work nicely with 32-bit floating point).
3. Fixed: MC could hang or crash when changing television channels on the fly.
4. Changed: Revised the presentation system used by Theater View on Windows 7 and Windows 8 to be more efficient (also fixes a Windows 8 dead-lock with regards to child windows intersecting with windowed 3d windows).
5. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.57 (thanks nevcairiel).
6. Changed: Fullscreen modes are not always-on-top (please report any focus or z-ordering issues).
7. Fixed: With some monitor configurations, the mouse wheel would not work properly in Theater View.
8. Fixed: The folder browse dialog was not always working properly when typing a path into the edit at the top of the dialog.

18.0.193 (5/31/2013)

1. Changed: Theater View, Display View, and Cover View are now always-on-top windows so that system dialogs are less likely to appear and/or steal the focus in these modes.
2. Fixed: FLAC reference code would crash when encoding when an estimated total size was provided to the encoder, the 'verify' option was enabled, and encoding duration exceeded the estimated duration.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
4. Fixed: Stopping or switching tracks during Library Server client playback could lead to a crash.
5. Fixed: WASAPI with event style disabled could buffer shortfall unnecessarily in the last few builds (normally sounds like ticks).
6. Fixed: If the selected output plugin could not be found, the program could switch to ASIO instead of the default Direct Sound.
7. Fixed: When connecting to a library that required a password, the program could dead-lock in some cases.
8. Fixed: Entering a 'Q' value of over 1.0 for a shelf filter with Parametric Equalizer would cause crackling during output.

18.0.192 (5/29/2013)

1. Changed: When overwriting a Car Radio preset, the preset will default to using the same name.
2. Fixed: DVD menu mouse selection was not always working properly with madVR (used by Red October HQ).
3. Changed: Right-clicking an image during playback will offer the option to edit the image (will return to Standard View).
4. Fixed: When editing an image from a non library or playlist view (like Playing Now), the image editor would show as a slightly broken popup instead of a nicely integrated tool.
5. Faster: The image editor and image preview uses the shared image playback cache to help performance.
6. Fixed: Pushing enter in an image editor toolbox control could cause unexpected results.

18.0.189 (5/20/2013)

1. Changed: Updated Polish translation (thanks Janusz Grzybek).
2. Changed: madVR in full screen exclusive mode could prevent Theater View from showing properly.
3. Fixed: When zooming into an item in a Theater View flow list, the animation could appear jerky in some cases.
4. Fixed: Instructions shown over Theater View could flicker.
5. Fixed: Child wizard dialogs, like used in Options > Remote Control, weren't supporting the OK and Cancel buttons properly in some cases.
6. Changed: Radio buttons will use multiple lines for their text when necessary instead of truncating the text (helps with large font sizes).
7. Fixed: Video conversion could use file path settings from the audio converter.
8. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks rlebrette).
9. Fixed: If a connection to a Library Server was sporadic, it could lead to cases where a link to external cover art could be lost.
10. Fixed: Mono ALAC files were not being parsed or played correctly.
11. Fixed: DLNA slideshow push. The transition from first to second image in a playlist of images was not happening on the timer properly. This change may also make it more likely to work on devices that were having trouble with the slideshow mode.

18.0.188 (5/17/2013)

1. Fixed: In some cases, 5.1 input was not working with the FLAC encoder.
2. Fixed: When using 'Gapped' playback mode, the gap would not be honored when switching hardware output formats (normally sample rate).
3. Fixed: The playback position could be incorrect when using a gapped playback mode.
4. Fixed: In some cases, the player bar could draw incorrectly (only applies to the last few builds).
5. Changed: The borders in Display View / Cover View will not hide while a right-click menu is showing.
6. Fixed: Video to audio conversion was not working properly with DVD.
7. Fixed: Some video conversions were not working properly in build 187.

18.0.187 (5/16/2013)

1. NEW: The 'Output Format' settings are honored in DSP Studio when doing a handheld conversion (allows resampling (by each input sample rate), and channel up/down mixing).
2. Changed: When converting a file with a bitdepth greater than 24, the engine will convert to 24-bit (with dither) to feed the encoder (since few encoders support more than 24-bit files).
3. NEW: DSD files support conversion to a handheld (requires enabling DSP Studio for the conversion and picking a sample rate that will work like 44,100 or 48,000 Hz).
4. NEW: DSP Studio can be enabled during audio conversion (Library Tools > Convert Format), allowing resampling, channel mixing, convolution, etc.
5. NEW: When converting videos, a checkbox 'Convert video to audio' is provided so that you can extract the audio out of any videos and optionally apply any DSP (thanks to jmone for the inspiration).
6. Changed: When returning to Theater View, the file list will be refreshed instead of showing the last shown set of files (which could be stale in some cases).
7. Fixed: A rare crash when parsing certain MP4 audio files.
8. Fixed: Some clear QAM channels would not play.
9. Changed: Revamped ClearQAM tuner support.
10. Fixed: WMV encoding synchronization. Fixes Xbox 360 video playback when converting.
11. Changed: Better WMV High video encoding preset
12. New: Updated libav components.
13. Fixed: In video conversion, minor sync issues in formats other than WMV.

18.0.186 (5/16/2013)

1. Fixed: WASAPI was not working in non-exclusive mode in certain cases.
2. Changed: Revised the error messaging system for output plugins so that they never show their own errors but errors they raise can be shown by the framework (previously the error messages could cause a hang during video playback).
3. Changed: Removed the ASIO option to 'Display diagnostics when starting ASIO' because all diagnostics are written to the log file (Help > Logging).
4. NEW: Theater View television guide hides channels marked as hidden and adds a 'Favorite' view for favorite channels (requires resetting Theater View views in Options > Theater View > Reset!...).
5. Fixed: CableCARD tuners were inadvertently included in the list of analog devices during analog or STB channel scanning.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language text file to reflect recent changes (thanks kelijun).
7. Fixed: The phrase "JRSS Subwoofer (x Hz lowpass)" in Output Format configuration could not be translated.
8. Changed: Hidden channels (hidden in Options > Television) are no longer shown in Standard View > Television or on dialogs that ask for channel selections.
9. Changed: Hidden channels won't have EPG data loaded for them so you will need to manually reload the EPG if you reshow a hidden channel (done for efficiency).

18.0.185 (5/15/2013)

1. Fixed: Video conversion could crash in some cases.
2. NEW: When scanning for CableCARD and set top box channels, the easier automatic EPG option will be offered.
3. Changed: The guide settings used in channel scanning and EPG loading will be shared.
4. Changed: TV channel scanning uses radio buttons to pick a scan type (digital, analog, CableCARD, etc.) and only does one type of scan each run. Run the scanner multiple times if you need to do more than one type.
5. Changed: When loading a television program guide, the question to 'keep' vs 'overwrite' guide identifiers will only be shown if auto-matching would actually overwrite something (normally it wouldn't, so the question was meaningless).
6. Changed: Simplified the wording on the scan for channels dialog.
7. NEW: When picking a television guide program in Theater View, the option 'Tag Channel' is offered. It allows making the channel a favorite, hiding the channel, or custom keyword tagging.
8. Changed: Switch Options > Television to use an options tree (allows scrolling with large fonts, supports search, allows nesting advanced, etc.).
9. Changed: Moved all TV tools that were under the 'TV Options...' button in Standard View > Television into Options > Television. 'TV Options...' now just shows Options > Television.
10. Changed: Added the ability to pick favorite and hidden channels in Options > Television.

18.0.184 (5/14/2013)

1. Fixed: AC3 encoding of output was not working nicely with video playback.
2. Changed: Audio Path will better show when a padded bitdepth (like 24-bit inside a 32-bit container) is in use.
3. Fixed: Bitstreaming of audio during video playback was not working in some cases.

18.0.183 (5/13/2013)

1. Fixed: Audio Path was not correctly reporting the output bitdepth in some cases due to the new audio bitdepth system.
2. Changed: Removed WaveOut output plugin (it was a legacy mode only needed on (very) old versions of Windows that are no longer supported).
3. Changed: Merged 'WASAPI - Event Style' and 'WASAPI' into a single output plugin. If you required 'WASAPI', you may need to reconfigure your audio output settings.
4. Changed: ASIO supports encoding the output as AC3 using DSP Studio > Output Format (requires downstream AC3 decoder or you will hear white noise).
5. Fixed: When scanning for Set Top Box channels, cable channels 3 and 4 were not presented as possible channels on which the set top box fed signal to capture device.

18.0.182 (5/10/2013)

1. Fixed: ASIO playback of PCM was not working in build 181.

18.0.181 (5/10/2013)

1. NEW: Revised audio bitdepth system. Details and discussion
2. Fixed: The playerbar in Display View would not reliably reappear after hiding unless the display was clicked.
3. Fixed: Some m4a and alac files would not import or play because of a mismatched sample count in the mp4 STTS header. We now ignore this error since it shouldn't impact playback performance.
4. NEW: DLNA image slideshow when pushing an image playlist to a renderer. Follows slideshow logic that MC uses including the image duration in Options->Images->Slide Show Duration.

18.0.180 (5/8/2013)

1. Fixed: Theater View remote focus could shift incorrectly when using the on screen keyboard.
2. Changed: Switched YouTube's view order in Theater View so that 'Search' is on the left so it's a single arrow away instead of at the end of the roller.
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Changed: Updated Polish translation (thanks Janusz Grzybek).
5. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).
6. Fixed: Digital television channel scanning was broken in the last few builds.
7. Changed: The font picker dialog in Media Center now filters out fonts that support vertical text placement (like vertically aligned Japanese characters) since MC doesn't support drawing those.
8. Changed: Made some tweaks in CableCARD television support.

18.0.179 (5/7/2013)

1. Fixed: Some animated areas of the program like 2D visualizations were not redrawing properly in build 178.
2. Fixed: The mouse controls could become unavailable with certain types of displays in Display View with build 178.
3. Fixed: Using the popup expression editor from an in-place expression editor in options could lead to a crash.
4. Fixed: When deleting an image from the library, the tooltip for the image could obscure the delete confirmation dialog.
5. Changed: 3GA files are treated like AAC / MP4 audio files, so they can import, play, and tag.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (tranditional and simplified) (thanks kelijun).
7. Fixed: If a large Photoshop image failed to load, it could cause a crash.
8. Faster: Decoding a PSD image saved as RGB (8-bit or 16-bit color) is much faster.

18.0.178 (5/6/2013)

1. Fixed: MC would crash recording television in TS format in the last couple of builds.
2. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).
3. Changed: Revised the window transparency system used by the player bar in Display View to help performance and fix a bug where it could get stuck redrawing and not hide.

18.0.177 (5/1/2013)

1. NEW: Added Theater View support for SHOUTcast (add using Options > Theater View > Add...) (it's recommended that you reset file info templates for the best experience using Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage... > Reset All Templates To Default).
2. Fixed: Focus could shift unexpectedly to the list when navigating some rollers in Theater View with build 176.
3. Changed: Added a new stock field 'Popularity' (string that supports flexible values; web radio uses it to put something like '3123 listeners' in).
4. Fixed: The Theater View file info template option to 'Hide when empty' was not working for some fields like number of plays that showed 'never played' when empty.
5. Changed: Theater View's Playing Now shows artist backdrops when playing web radio stations that contain ICY metadata.
6. Fixed: PNG images that used 1-bit or 4-bit palettes were not loading properly.
7. Fixed: Launching a video from Explorer when MC was not running could crash.
8. NEW: Added a Polish translation (thanks to Janusz Grzybek)
9. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
10. Fixed: Netflix movies were getting cut off on the right side.
11. Fixed: VCD video would not play.

18.0.176 (4/29/2013)

1. Changed: When there's a 3d drawing error, the error text will not appear for a little while so that coming out of madVR exclusive, which could require a reload of a 3d device, will look cleaner.
2. Changed: If Theater View fails to load and reloads, it will stop trying to reload after 3 reloads in 30 seconds (to avoid looping forever if something isn't working).
3. Changed: Red October will use DXVA Copy Back with nVidia hardware when possible instead of CUVID when using madVR ( ).
4. Fixed: When returning to Theater View, sometimes the input focus could be unexpectedly shifted from the list to the roller.
5. Fixed: Digital television could crash on stopping.
6. Fixed: Ceton (and other CableCARD) television tuners did not have color controls.
7. Fixed: CD Labeler was crashing.

18.0.175 (4/26/2013)

1. NEW: ASIO output supports DSD bitstreaming using DoP.
2. Fixed: Some videos during conversion would not detect the end of stream properly, so could stop a few seconds early.
3. Changed: Removed the safety valve in the video converter that would stop a conversion if it stalled for too long (Red October should make it unnecessary, and it's possible the valve triggered in cases where it shouldn't).
3. Changed: When multiple optical media disks are present, Theater View now shows the first one available rather than none.
4. Fixed: Queued files for a data disc burn could not be seen because "Show files in subfolders" button was not available.
5. NEW: Media network, add album art for xbox 360 videos.
6. Changed: Media network, fix xbox 360 conversion crashes.
7. Fixed: Crash could occur when clicking the "Rip Tracks" button in the CD header view.
8. Changed: When ripping audio from multiple drives, the 'Details' button in the Action Window jumps to the first drive instead of showing an overview view for all drives (which didn't have the same functionality so could be a little confusing).

18.0.174 (4/25/2013)

1. Fixed: The progress shown for an individual video file during conversion was not displaying correctly.
2. Fixed: Image playback from Library Server was not working in the last few builds.
3. Fixed: If the computer slowed down too much during concurrent video conversions, it could stop a conversion early.
4. Fixed: Encoding to ALAC could crash in some cases.
5. Fixed: On the Import wizard, clicking cancel when it recommended not using an empty auto-import folder list would leave the wizard in a strange state.
6. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).

18.0.173 (4/24/2013)

1. Fixed: Pressing Pause button while television was playing in non-time-shifting mode put television in partially paused state (audio continued to play while video was paused).
2. Fixed: CUE files that contained URLs in comments could lead to a crash.
3. Changed: When saving a JPEG with a high quality (90 or higher quality, which is used for cover art saving), no chrominance subsampling will be used.
4. Fixed: Horizontal scrolling in the Playing Now > Overview view was not working nicely.
5. Fixed: Long M4A files (over 10 hours) could show as 'Live' or with the wrong or empty duration in the library.
6. Changed: MC no longer overrules custom video renderer selection when playing wtv/dvr-ms files.
7. Changed: Flicking images from side to side with the mouse will no longer show the playerbar.
8. Fixed: Starting a playlist of images + music playing could show a "failed to load image" for the first couple images.

18.0.172 (4/22/2013)

1. Fixed: The launcher didn't have the full program name embedded in it, so file associations could show they were associated with "Media" instead of "JRiver Media Center 18".
2. Fixed: If a DLNA device requested metadata for a file that's no longer in the library (or never was in the library), it could crash.
3. Changed: When converting a video file, aggregates with names like 'Index.bdmv' and 'Video_TS.vob' will use the name field for building the new filename instead of preserving the existing filename.
4. Changed: Video conversion could stop early if the encoder paused for a while; now it waits much longer before deciding something went wrong.

18.0.171 (4/19/2013)

1. Fixed: A call to JRWorker.exe to import a file (used for video) could fail when the video was referenced in a playlist.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Changed: Playing an image from a mixed media type list will play only the images.
4. Changed: Handheld sync displays more accurate progress and time estimates in cases where the upload, conversion, or download is running much slower than the other concurrent stages.
5. Changed: Updated traditional Chinese language file (by directly converting from the simplified Chinese file).
6. Fixed: Hulu playback was not working.
7. Fixed: In some cases, the row of times at the top of the Theater View television guide could stop updating as you scrolled right.
8. Fixed: When switching to a television channel of a different tuner type (for example ATSC to cable), the confirmation popup window (if the user has configured to show it) might be shown twice.
9. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
10. Faster: Improved performance of dragging the thumbnail size slider.
11. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.56.2 (thanks to nevcairiel).
12. Fixed: MC could crash if user tried to stop a television playback immediately after starting to play a channel.
13. Changed: Television engine ignores Stop request if it has not finished starting to play a channel.
14. Changed: If the program is configured to use a cover art folder that is not available or writable, the default cover art folder will be used for that run of the program (the same validation runs when setting a folder and won't allow you to set a non-writable folder).
15. Changed: If the program is configured to save art next to files, it will nicely handle cases when sidecar artwork is not writable on the file system (by falling back to the cover art folder).
16. Changed: DLNA: Allow playlist manipulation in conjunction with setNextAVTransportURI.

18.0.170 (4/16/2013)

1. SDK: Added ZoneID, ZoneName, and LinkedZones to MCWS/v1/Playback/Info response.
2. Changed: Pushing 'Enter' on a secondary roller in Theater View that switches views will shift the focus to the list.
3. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.56.1.
4. Changed: Red October HQ uses madVR version 0.86.1.
5. NEW: A saved Play Doctor Playchart allows setting the number of output files to 100, 250, 500, or 1000 (previously it was locked at 100).
6. Changed: When a JPEG has no tags, no IPTC tag will be written instead of an empty IPTC tag.
7. Fixed: When a CUE file pointed to a missing WAV file, it would lead to problems.
8. Fixed: MC passed some incorrect parameters to some OpenCable television devices.

18.0.169 (4/15/2013)

1. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV (and other OpenCable devices) did not work in client-server situation (i.e. client could not play a cable channel with tuner only available on server).
2. NEW: When enabling Media Network, a wizard is shown that steps through starting the server, getting an Access Key, and selecting the best server for your renderer.
3. Changed: Consolidated the list of DLNA server presets and added a preset for Audiophile DACs.
4. Fixed: SSDP discovery (used by DLNA) was not working in some cases in builds 167 and 168.
5. Changed: DLNA options to be more descriptive of what's actually going on.

18.0.168 (4/12/2013)

1. Fixed: Scheduled television recording could crash in build 18.0.167 in some situations.
2. Changed: Changed DLNA DoPE option name to "Bitstream DSD (requires DoPE compliant renderer)".
3. Fixed: When increasing the size of image-based subtitles using the 'Size' setting, a subtitle could get too large to fit on the video and get truncated (now the subtitle will not be sized beyond the point of filling the video).
4. Changed: The AAC encoder for video conversion to get better quality audio.
5. Changed: Text subtitles use a slightly smaller default size (size is customizable in Options > Video).
6. Changed: SSA subtitles honor the font size specified in the SSA style block more exactly.
7. Changed: When text is both outlined and drop shadowed, it will look better.
8. Fixed: SSDP servers were not working properly in 18.0.167.
9. Changed: Added '10 channels' as a possible output mode in DSP Studio > Output Format.
10. Fixed: Stopping video playback that was using a third-party COM-based playback engine could cause problems.
11. NEW: Holding down the Shift key while double-clicking an audio track will start Play Doctor playback with that track (equivalent to right-click > More Play Options > Play (with Play Doctor)).
12. Changed: Tuned some Theater View margins and sizing so that the information below the television guide is exactly large enough for a title and two lines of description.
13. Changed: When picking a program in the future or past from the television guide in Theater View, the option to 'Watch Channel Live' will be available (the option is simply called 'Watch' if the program will be on within 15 minutes).
14. Fixed: A few command line launcher commands were not working properly.
15. Fixed: Removing and then adding columns while the column right click menu was open could put the new columns in the wrong spot.
16. Fixed: Windows 7 taskbar button playback controls would sometimes not show up.

18.0.167 (4/10/2013)

1. Changed: Removed 'Level' tool from DSP Studio > Room Correction. Please use the newer Audio Tools > Advanced Tools > Audio Calibration... > Volume calibration to perform calibration.
2. Changed: The 'Tone' tool in DSP Studio > Room Correction uses instrument grade -20dB narrow band pink noise instead of full spectrum pink noise.
3. NEW: Theater View television guide has a 'To Be Recorded' view (requires resetting Theater View views in Options > Theater View > Reset!...).
4. Changed: Added a 'Record' item that shows more detailed status about recording to the Theater View TV Guide file info template (requires a reset of File Info templates in Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage > Reset All Templates To Default).
5. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV (and other OpenCable devices) did not work in non-time-shifting mode.
6. Changed: The clock in Theater View's Obsidian skins shows in any library view filled with TV guide entries, instead of only showing at a view with a literal name VideoGuide.

18.0.166 (4/9/2013)

1. Fixed: M4A / ALAC tagging reading and writing could be problematic if the 'Play files from memory' option was enabled.
2. NEW: DLNA server, add advanced option that allows the server to passthrough DoPE compliant files.
3. Changed: Removed a couple of obsolete DLNA server advanced options.
4. Changed: Added a clock to the top right of Guide views in Theater View (requires using Obsidian skin and the default VideoGuide placement for the guide).
5. Fixed: Crash on starting to play a television channel in the last few builds, if it was the first time ever a TV channel was played in MC18 on a computer.
6. Fixed: When entering into some types of Theater View views, the internal path could become unexpectedly shortened, causing skin items that key off path to work sporadically.
7. Changed: When a Theater View file info template specifies "no image", space will no longer be left above the text block.
8. Changed: Theater View television guide files no longer show thumbnails (since there never are thumbnails for individual programs at the guide level, they just showed as blanks).
9. Changed: Added expression functions TVInfo(Record) and TVInfo(RecordMark) to make displaying if a guide program will be recorded easier (used by Theater View guide).
10. NEW: Theater View TV Guide uses a normal, user-customizable file info template and caption instead of using hard-coded values (requires a reset of File Info templates in Options > Theater View > Customize file info panel... > Manage > Reset All Templates To Default).
11. NEW: Theater View shows a red record mark next to any TV guide programs that will record.
12. Fixed: Burning of SACD ISO tracks to a regular audio CD was not working.
13. Fixed: DLNA servers that had their Friendly name changed were not being found under their new name if they had been loaded before.

18.0.165 (4/8/2013)

1. [b]NEW: Experimenting with supporting CableCARD devices "Hauppauge OpenCable Receiver" and "HDHomeRun Prime Tuner"[/b].
2. Changed: The user setting for number of conversions to run at one time was not being honored when converting videos.
3. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).
4. Fixed: If a video converter failed to start, it could crash when closing.
5. Fixed: In some cases, a failed video conversion could show 'Complete' instead of 'Failed' in the status column.
6. Fixed: Converting multiple videos at one time could fail with certain target video formats.
7. Fixed: Tooltip windows were creating a taskbar button.
8. Fixed: Double-click on a different image in Playing Now while images were playing was not working properly.
9. Fixed: The current file info window could be stuck with "Waiting" message upon changing television channel in some cases.
10. [b]Changed: Improved image playback system[/b] so that it does smarter cache management and only prebuffers the previous / next image after the current image finishes loading.

18.0.164 (4/5/2013)

1. Changed: Clarified the new license restore system when using a license code purchased from a reseller (instead of directly from JRiver).
2. Fixed: Converting multiple videos at one time with the format converter would crash.
3. Changed: Switched the default start page to (program uses 'Playing Now' when Internet is not available; custom start pages in 'Custom WebpagesStart' still supported).
4. Fixed: If a new library failed to load on a configuration with only one library, it could lead to a crash.

18.0.163 (4/4/2013)

1. Changed: SSA/ASS subtitle renderer supports custom outline colors.
2. Changed: When the subtitle engine rendered an underline (common with karaoke), it could cause letters around the underline to shift slightly.
3. Fixed: Library tree browsing was not working properly with file location categories.
4. Fixed: Memory leak in television with Ceton InfiniTV and Hauppauge HDPVR/Colossus devices.
5. Changed: Switching between tracks that use a different hardware sample rate will better honor the 'Gapped Fade' between tracks mode.
6. Fixed: Following a Blu-ray disc rip, display updates would keep firing until the action window was closed.

18.0.162 (4/2/2013)

1. Fixed: ZoneSwitch could engage with Play Doctor playback, causing different files to unexpectedly go to different zones.
2. Fixed: Typed navigation would not reset properly after a little delay, making it impossible to perform multiple searches.
3. Fixed: Image captions configured in Options > Images were not appearing.
4. Fixed: Some Theater View views were not filling in all thumbnails in build 161.
5. Fixed: Facebook image upload was not working.
6. Fixed: If a DLNA renderer went away while it was being viewed, it could cause a crash.
7. Changed: Resizing a video window no longer discards picture shift information.

18.0.161 (4/1/2013)

1. NEW: Added intercom support.
2. Changed: Removed intercom support.
3. Fixed: On-the-fly channel changing did not work for Ceton InfiniTV television devices.
4. Fixed: Pushing the Green button to return to Theater View could hang or crash in rare cases.
5. Fixed: When a filename was a URL, it didn't work nicely when browsing with a file path category.
6. Fixed: Using an empty password for Access Control did not work properly.
7. Fixed: Image playback zoom, flick, and scroll could take a fraction of a second to respond if the framerate had idled down to 1fps.
8. Changed: Improved smoothness of image flick so that there should be no stutter or pause as the new image comes in.

18.0.160 (3/29/2013)

1. Fixed: Spaces in an MCWS command line call were not working properly in some cases (ie. MC18.exe "/MCWS/v1/Playback/LinkZones?Zone1=Kitchen&ZoneType1=Name&Zone2=Living Room&ZoneType2=Name")
2. Fixed: Starting Play Doctor playback with a file that was excluded by the configurable Play Doctor filter would cause a crash.
3. NEW: Integrated touch-friendly image playback system into regular image playback (still a work in progress).

18.0.159 (3/27/2013)

1. Changed: Updated Theater View Weather to use the latest World Weather Online API (used when NOAA is not available).
2. Fixed: Netflix sign-in window was not working.
3. Changed: Netflix API no longer provides catalog browsing by category so that feature has been removed.
4. Changed: Work on flick image viewer (space runs a pan-and-zoom slideshow, pixel-perfect overlay rendered when animation stops, framerate settles to 1 fps when there's no movement, etc.).


1. Fixed: Have the renderer return correct data for trackURI's when the same instance of MC is the server and renderer.


1. Fixed: Tracks on audio CD's were reported with the wrong duration.
2. Changed: DLNA model number to conform to MC version.

18.0.156 (3/25/2013)

1. Fixed: Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuners were not playing HD channels smoothly.
2. Fixed: A player bar tooltip could show unexpectedly in Display View.

18.0.155 (3/22/2013)

1. NEW: Simplified the license restore system (doesn't require browser, more forgiving about Registration Code formatting, automatically fills from clipboard, etc.).
2. Fixed: Pasting text with leading newlines into an edit control that isn't multiline will work better.
3. Changed: A low-pass or high-pass filter set above the Nyquist frequency will act as a pass-through (previously it could run and output out-of-range values, triggering Protect Mode).
4. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
5. Fixed: Disc Labeler was not working.
6. Fixed: Memory playback was using more resources than necessary.
7. Changed: Flick gestures from a touchscreen change images during image playback.

18.0.154 (3/20/2013)

1. Fixed: Some analog television devices (with hardware encoder) could fail.
2. Fixed: CD burners were not getting recognized in builds 152,153.
3. Fixed: An auto-show menu could fire even if a different program had the focus if the mouse moved over the show region.
4. Changed: Switching volume modes clears the mute state of the new volume mode.
5. Fixed: Data icons were not displaying properly.
6. Changed: The default for concurrent handheld conversions adapts based on the CPU instead of being locked at two (configurable in Options > Handheld).
7. Fixed: Auto-sizing of the status columns for handheld, rip, burn, etc. would not use enough width.
8. Changed: It's possible to toggle the 'Always on top' setting for Mini View from the View menu while in Mini View.
9. Changed: Mini View uses the slimmer 'Display View' artwork when possible (use right-click to get to menu).
10. Fixed: Truncation tooltips prevented regular tooltips from appearing.
11. Fixed: When importing a FLAC with embedded CUE file, the last track could have the wrong duration.

18.0.153 (3/18/2013)

1. Changed: FLAC tag values are no longer null terminated (could cause problems with Asian characters on Linux MPD devices).
2. Fixed: YouTube was not working in some cases (hopefully fixed, but please report if you are still experiencing problems).
3. Changed: Improved the categories shown in Theater View > YouTube.
4. Changed: Manually adjusting the volume while the volume is muted will unmute the volume.
5. NEW: The command line allows making MCWS web service calls: MC18.exe "/MCWS/v1/Playback/Pause?State=-1" (does not require Media Network to be running or a server to be listening).
6. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/LinkZones and MCWS/v1/Playback/UnlinkZone.
7. SDK: Added MCC_LINK_ZONE (10060) and MCC_UNLINK_ZONE (10061).
8. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayDoctor to allow a simple entry to starting Play Doctor playback using a seed.

18.0.152 (3/18/2013)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
2. Changed: A couple of small tweaks to audio encoding for video conversion.
3. Fixed: On some systems with multiple optical drives, CD ripping would not work because MC would see the drives as duplicates.

18.0.150 (3/14/2013)

1. NEW: Ceton television devices can be disabled or enabled individually so users can avoid conflicts when using them on different machines.
2. Faster: Improved performance of Media Network device discovery (more reliable detection, fewer resources needed).
3. Fixed: HD television channels played poorly on Ceton devices that were installed as network devices.
4. Fixed: A few bugs relating to CD ripping with multiple drives.

18.0.149 (3/13/2013)

1. Fixed: The program did not properly handle relative paths that started with a backslash (which means starting on the current drive).
2. Faster: The core 24-bit PCM to 64-bit (internal format) conversion is about 4x faster.
3. Fixed: The sorting of orders of television devices on TV Options window did not work for Ceton tuners.

18.0.148 (3/12/2013)

1. Fixed: Televion playback could fail in build 146 for certain digital television devices.
2. SDK: Any MCWS file function can save the files to a playlist (ie. MCWS/v1/Playback/Playlist?Action=Save&SaveMode=Playlist&SaveName=My%20GroupMy%20Playlist).
3. SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Playlist/Delete to allow playlist deleting (requires an authenticated connection) (ie. MCWS/v1/Playlist/Delete?PlaylistType=Path&Playlist=My%20GroupMy%20Playlist).
4. Fixed: The Action Window would not reload colors properly when switching skins until restarting the program (again).

18.0.147 (3/11/2013)

1. Faster: Improved performance while ripping movies.
2. Fixed: The Action Window would not reload colors properly when switching skins until restarting the program.
3. Fixed: Fill Properties From Filename could incorrectly apply a value from the previous file in certain cases.
4. Fixed: When a DLL showed user interface, it could lead to a crash (like the WASAPI - Event Style configuration dialog, etc.).
5. Fixed: Global hotkeys were not working.
6. Fixed: Remote buttons could not work in some cases.

18.0.146 (3/8/2013)

1. Fixed: Possible user interface crashes in build 145.
2. Fixed: Race condition that could cause Play Doctor usage in linked zones to create playlists that were different in different zones.
3. Fixed: Clicking tab text did not work in build 145.
4. NEW: Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD television device support. It is still unfinished. For example, live channel switching does not work. You have to Stop one channel before starting another.
5. Fixed: Scan for television channels did not work in the last few builds.
6. Fixed: Configure button on Television Options window did not work.
7. Changed: Digital television devices running in non-time-shifting mode also use Red October settings (previously Red October settings were used only in time-shifting mode).
8. Fixed: Options > Audio > Configure input plug-in... was not working.
9. Fixed: The image printing wizard was crashing on close.
10. Fixed: The image preview view state was not being preserved properly during back / forward navigation.

18.0.145 (3/7/2013)

1. Fixed: Seeking while bitstreaming DSD could crash.
2. Fixed: Opening the Tag Action Window could incorrectly zoom into the field under the mouse.
3. Fixed: Manually switching tracks was not updating the playing file as quickly as expected for the last few builds.
4. Fixed: The Action Window navigation list was not using the proper background color with some skins.
5. Fixed: When linking a zone to another zone that was already playing, not all playback settings would by synchronized to the playing zone so they might change tracks at different points.
6. Fixed: Linked zones could account for drift in a slightly incorrect way across track transitions, causing an unnecessary resync (sounds like a pause and resume).

18.0.144 (3/6/2013)

1. NEW: DLNA audio conversion when using Convert Always, added more sample rates to convert to.
2. Fixed: Skins that used glass were not working nicely with webpage and other views that needed to disable glass.
3. Fixed: Some WMV video files would not play (Red October now handles Windows Media screen and voice codecs automatically).
4. Fixed: Showing a right-click menu could leave the focus in an undefined state.
5. Fixed: Drag-n-drop could leave the mouse "captured" by the source window so some mouse actions wouldn't work properly.

18.0.143 (3/1/2013)

1. Fixed: The Move,copy,rename dialog was broken in the previous two builds.

18.0.142 (2/28/2013)

1. Fixed: Playing Now Overview was not working nicely.
2. Fixed: Fixed a possible crash due to internal user interface changes.
3. Changed: When displaying Recordings in standard television view, the date column shows the date value from "Date Recorded" field, instead of showing only the day of week name.
4. Changed: Image captions in Theater View show something nice in search, details lists, etc. and are user-customizable (they are still intentionally suppressed in image thumbnail lists).
5. Changed: Updated Korean language file (thanks to Junghwnan).

18.0.141 (2/27/2013)

1. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks to Johnny B).
2. Fixed: Input plugins were not getting properly installed on a fresh install, causing possible import or playback problems.
3. NEW: Added WASAPI Event Style option "Play a little silence on DoP stop (removes click with some DACs)".
4. Fixed: Television could crash with the last few builds in certain cases.
5. Changed: More work on keyboard focus system (shortcuts were not working in some cases, etc.).
6. Changed: MC18.exe /MCC allows a space after the comma (ie. "MC18.exe /MCC 10011, -1").
7. Fixed: Auto-complete path suggestions shown in a filename editor could output an extra backslash.
8. Fixed: Pressing tab to select an edit control suggestion could incorrectly shift the focus to the next control on the dialog.

18.0.140 (2/25/2013)

1. Fixed: Broken mp4 autofps transcoding.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Fixed: Keyboard shorcuts were not always working in some cases depending on the input focus.
4. Fixed: When closing a modal dialog, the input focus would not be restored to the control it was on before the dialog.
5. Fixed: Playing Now would not auto-size columns properly when loading when the auto-size option was enabled.
6. Fixed: Detached display visibility was following the parent window, so switching tabs would unexpectedly hide the detached display.
7. Faster: Returning from full screen image playback is faster.
8. Changed: DLNA: Only provide upnp:albumArtist (Twonky specific field) for devices that specifically request it. This will mostly affect display on renderers when MC is the controller. Some devices accept this field but it interferes with the standard items like {upnp:artist role=AlbumArtist}
9. Fixed: Starting bookmarked audio playback from a stopped state would put the position slider at zero instead of the bookmark position.


Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.138 (2/22/2013)

1. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
2. NEW: Handhelds get expanded video conversion profiles.
3. NEW: Added autofps mpeg4 conversions.
4. Fixed: Small typo in naming of Audio Calibration clips (Tools > Advanced Tools > Audio Calibration...).
5. Fixed: A file encoded to DSD (DSF format) using the JRiver encoder would show as 1/8 the length in Foobar.
6. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).


Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.136 (2/19/2013)

1. Fixed: Get Cover Art From Internet was incorrectly showing a small preview with no dimensions (only applies to last few builds since the JPEG engine was changed).

18.0.135 (2/19/2013)

1. Fixed: Gizmo would not connect to build 134 due to an unintentional change in the 'ProgramName' MCWS response.
2. Fixed: Switching the focus to a different application while a list editor was open could lead to a crash.
3. Changed: Removed Computer Audiophile scrobbling (it's no longer supported by Computer Audiophile).
4. Fixed: Editing a scheduler task could switch the time for a one-time event to the current time.
5. Changed: Disable high precision seek for DLNA control, helps with broken renderers (i.e. Denon).
6. Changed: DLNA type for non-converted ts files to work on more devices (i.e. new WDTV and Bravia TV's).

18.0.134 (2/18/2013)

1. Fixed: The position slider was not working properly at the end of a track in some cases.
2. Fixed: Cross-fades were not being applied properly with ranged (CUE, etc.) playback.
3. Fixed: Some WAV files could be incorrectly detected as DTS WAV files, possibly causing them to fail to import or play.
4. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
5. SDK: Setting an audio stream / language with MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_AUDIO_STREAM works with DVD.
6. Changed: Tightened up user-facing naming so the program will only be referred to as "JRiver Media Center 18" or "Media Center" (but not other derivates like "Media Center 18", etc.).

18.0.133 (2/15/2013)

1. Fixed: CUE (or other ranged) playback was not handling position correctly on track transitions, so the position slider could show an unexpected result.
2. Fixed: Image acquisition could crash.
3. Fixed: Acquiring images from some WPD devices like an Android phone could show a name of 'Not found' instead of something intuitive like 'Galaxy Nexus'.
4. Fixed: Some internet radio streams with ICY data were not being supported, causing no metadata and audible clicks (, etc.).
5. NEW: Switched JPEG engines (marginally faster, makes JRImage smaller, and works cross-platform).
6. Fixed: Thumbnails could be incorrect with the new JPEG engine with certain image dimensions.
7. Fixed: A few UI related issues specific to build 132.
8. Fixed: Right-click while holding down the left mouse button could be a little touchy when doing multiple files at once.

18.0.132 (2/14/2013)

1. Fixed: Exporting a playlist with a dot in the name could cause the default export name to be truncated.
2. Changed: DLNA, reworked mimetype and DLNA type for mpeg2-ts containers to better describe them and their content. Could help playback on some devices.
3. Fixed: ATI Theater 550 Pro analog television tuner did not work.
4. NEW: Added 'CPU Features' to the System Info report so a user can check if MMX, SSE4.1, etc. is found.
5. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.55.3.
6. Fixed: SACD playback could have a slight tick between tracks when the ISO file used DST compression.
7. Faster: The program does less work between tracks when switching between two files of the same format.
8. Changed: DSD playback as PCM uses continuous filters between tracks instead of new filters each track, removing a possible subtle noise at track boundaries.
9. Fixed: Partial watch marks were showing on unexpected television recordings in Theater View.
10. Fixed: Input focus was not working properly in Display View for the last few builds (so escape, enter, space, etc. didn't work properly in Display View).
11. Fixed: YouTube integration was not working due to changes to YouTube's site.
12. Fixed: Unseeded Play Doctor lists with lots of variety were not working.
13. Fixed: A 'FILE' line in a FLAC + embedded CUE could cause problems.

18.0.131 (2/6/2013)

1. Changed: When bitstreaming DSD using ASIO, five channel content will be output using a standard 5.1 channel ordering (with the subwoofer silenced).
2. Changed: Revised keyboard focus system used by Standard View (hopefully an internal change, but please report any issues).
3. Changed: Switching to a different active program no longer cancels an in-place edit.


Experimental testing build not released to the public.

18.0.129 (2/5/2013)

1. Fixed: Television recordings were not imported in the last few builds.
2. Fixed: Television channel scanning did not work in the last few builds.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
4. Fixed: A Windows "drive not found" box could appear in some cases.
5. Fixed: A library view that only showed a single file would lead to unexpected navigation results in Theater View.

18.0.128 (2/1/2013)

1. Fixed: The random number generator used for ASIO dither could behave as coherent instead of incoherent ( ).
2. Faster: The ListCombine(...) and ListCount(...) expressions are much faster.
3. Fixed: Watch marks could show unexpectedly simply because a television recording was configured to start a few minutes before the show started.
4. Fixed: Deleting a file from Media Center and disk while the file was actively being converted by the Format Converter could lead to a crash (the results of doing this will still be undefined; do not delete the original files until after conversion).
5. Changed: Restored support for legacy APE file playback. (Removed in build 121)

18.0.127 (1/31/2013)

1. Changed: Red October uses LAV filters version 0.55.2.
2. Changed: When using the IE web browser engine on Windows 8, compatibility mode was not disabled (causing many websites to render incorrectly, including JRiver).
3. Changed: When running a manual import, files previously determined to be bad will be reanalyzed. This makes it easy to get so