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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Gordian Knot

0.35.0 pack2
Updated avisynth filters, DGMPGDec, BeSweet and VDubMod

- added possibility of selecting text subs (any extensions apart from *.IDX that is considered VobSub)
- decomb.dll is no longer loaded into almost every script
- Field operation selection is fixed on advanced SaveAVS window
- DGMPGDec updated to version 1.2.1
- some avisynth filters updated

- fixed comp test for x264 on advanced SaveAVS window

- MPEG2 decoding library setting is removed (GK always uses DGDecode.dll from where DGIndex.exe resides)
- DGMPGDec updated to version 1.2.0 RC3

- fixed opening of AVI files (any kind can be opened now)
- DGIndex updated to version 1.2.0b6 (1.1.0 was not recommended for usage)
- filter xml definitions are updated

- bitrate propagation for x264 fixed again

- now only support rev 107 and up of x264
- fixed bitrate propagation for x264

- comp test changed to use common strategy as was used for b-frames.
- min&max key frame distance is swapped in rev 103, so GK was changed to compensate for that

- quant 18 single pass encoding is used
- snip size of 20 frames is used (as well as min-key interval=20)
- without b-frames algorithm's using all frames for comp test (works within 5% in all my tests so far)
- with b-frames algorithm's discarding starting and ending 3 frames (doesn't really work in 100% of cases - much more work to be done here).
- you should still aim at about 70% quality

- updated translations
- XviD files can be opened directly in GK again
- DVDDecrypter is updated to version

0.33 version had some problems with adding Audio jobs to the queue, so its replaced by 0.33.1

[ADD] added DTS muxing support
[CHG] Default chapter dir is the same as input D2V file now
[CHG] OGG quality setting is changed to nominal bitrate
[FIX] DivX's connection to the internet is disabled to avoid crashes of GK
[CHG] all applications and filters updated with latest versions
[ADD] added ogg libraries to BeSweet package and lame_enc.dll updated to 3.96.1
[CHG] some language translations are updated
[FIX] Smart bob deinterlacer produces original frame rate instead of double one
[CHG] Added Robot4Rip back into the pack
*Some other unknown bugs fixed*

** 0.32.0
[FIX] Ogg Boost was in Besweet parameters line even if not selected.
[FIX] Now ppl can select Language Comment for Vorbis stream.
[FIX] Chapters informations is now properly saved to registry for each slot.
[ADD] DVD sizes added (4.7 and 8.5)
[FIX] AdvSaveAVS: Trim RadioButtons grayed when disabled.
[FIX] AdvSaveAVS: Preview button disabled when "trim both".

** 0.31.0
[CHG] Max width resolution: 1920 (HDTV).
[FIX] No overhead for OGM if no stream.
[FIX] AdvSaveAVS: Cropping ALWAYS before deinterlacing.
[FIX] Little bugs with Audio Interleave combobox change.
[FIX] "Use Different Last Pass" CheckBox now visible.
[CHG] AdvSaveAVS: "No Comments" check box state saved.
[FIX] CD Number saved to registry.

** 0.30.0 / Build 1825
[FIX/CHG] "Chapters info" was not saved correctly to .job file. So format has been changed.
You can add 50 chapters to movie, no more.
[FIX] On the first start overhead was ticked despite the fact that XviD was selected.

** Build 1824
[FIX] "Index out of Bounds" error when muxing ChaptersInfo.

** Build 1823
[CHG] Big changes on Filters window:
- Filters ListBoxes are now TreeViews to show ALL filters inside a Library.
- ParamList is now used (if set to "True" in .xml file)
[CHG] AdvSaveAVS: So, library name is now displayed in front of filter param in filters ListBox.
[FIX] VDMod crash when using extended chars in Movie filename.
[FIX] AdvSaveAVS: IDCT value is set to 0 if none.
[FIX] AdvSaveAVS: Unable to move first item in Filters Listbox.
[CHG] MainForm: Less CDSize values (no more duplicates).

** Build 1822 (10/06/2004)
[FIX] Added Kernel Deinterlace to New SaveAVS window.
[FIX] Many bugs in the "Filters" window (especially to add a new filter).
[CHG] New format for filters .xml files (same as AVSEdit)
[CHG] New paths to apps (new dirs): BeSweet, DGMPGDec, vStrip, chapterExtractor, DVDDecrypter
[FIX] Icon recreation when Explorer crashes on win2000/XP
[CHG] Hack to add more key frame interval when splitting .avi.
[FIX] New SaveAVS: Denoising comments in script.
[FIX] New SaveAVS: "-> RESIZE" was not Read Only when opening an ini file.
[ADD] New SaveAVS: Some hints in Memo to help users.
[FIX] Error message when closing application.
[FIX] Remove VDMod error message when srt file was empty.
[FIX] SrtFile was not updated in the registry if deleted in "Options" tab.
[FIX] When deleting Registry settings, dgdecode name was "lost"
[CHG] Since not used anymore "Use alternative MPEGDEC dll" check box was removed
[FIX] SaveAVS: IVTC warning doesn't appear anymore inadvertently.
[FIX] XVid zones settings not erased if settings file exists.
[CHG] New SaveAVS: More infos on IDCT choices.
[CHG] New SaveAVS: Window is now Desktop centered.
[CHG] Number of saved profiles increased to 16
[FIX] Splitting is no longer cuts off last few seconds of video
[FIX] Comp test results for XviD 1.0 without b-frames improved
[FIX] Double click on tray icon is no longer affects other icons

** Build 1811 (07/06/2004)
[CHG] Dll name chosen by ppl in Options tab is now used ('dgdecode.dll' for example).
[FIX] Merge from 0.28.8 version (len0x).
[UPDT] DVD2AVIdg/MPEG2DEC3dg now DGIndex/DGDecode.
[ADD] Number of CD (from 1/4 to 3)

** Build 1806 (29/10/2003)
[FIX] Credits script was not saved correctly when choosing Save & Encode option in new SaveAVS window.

** Build 1805 ** 27/10/2003
[ADDED] New SaveAVS window: now , infos are saved in XML files.

** Build 1804 ** 10/01/2003
[FIX] "array index out of bounds" in the job control
[FIX] paths problems when suddenly applications could not be started and moreover you couldn't change the path on the path tab.
[CHG] added undot() filter which is used by default
[CHG] SetWorkingDir is not working properly on some systems, so it was removed from avisynth script
[ADD] option to save avi from each pass of divx5
[CHG] job name contains name of the final avi now

** Previous Builds ** 09/03/2003
[FIX] Now Vorbis quality & Audio Language values cannot be added by users.
[FIX] If Encode window is shown & no job is added then no more error message.
[ADDED] Dialog Window to choose Language first time the program is loaded.
[ADDED] Position of Splitter in MainWindow saved in .ini file.
[FIX] Style of Queue window saved & restored properly.
[CHANGE] Options CheckBox.checked moved to .ini file.
[CHANGE] Audio panels updated + eliminated delay in -ota parameter
[CHANGE] Ogg renamed to Vorbis
[ADD] Splitter in Queue Window to resize Jobs List
[FIX] One Job always selected in Queue Window.
[FIX] Up & Down buttons on Queue Job window.
[FIX] Standard dialogs in English
[FIX] Duplicate JobQueue when Hiding MainForm.
[ADD] OGM & MKV support
[ADD] Vorbis audio
[ADD] OTA, Presets, Boost in Transcoding Audio Parameters.
[ADD] Encode: Azid & Lame personal settings saved.
[ADD] Chapters
[ADD] Tray Icon when minimized
[ADD] Load, save, delete, move Jobs in Queue Window

GK 0.28.8

- added support for XviD 1.0
- all programs updated to current versions


- fixed vdubmod script problem of


- fixed occasional problems with subs split

- updated VDubMod and splitting now works correctly with again

- correct version of DGbob.dll is packaged now

GK 0.28.7

- added support for muxing of mpa files

- GK can be run without admin right on NT-based systems with no problems now

- new deinterlace filter KernelDeInt (Kernel Deinterlace) which replaced Field deinterlace

- auto&smart crop are now producing width mod 4 (to fix TomsMoComp related problems)

- autosplit is improved (audio parameters are properly used when splitting)

- both XviD and DivX pass settings are now correctly picked up from default to avoid resetting when dealing with different version of codecs, like XviD 1.0 for instance (now whatever was saved as default will not be overwritten on encoding window)

- implemeted some registry inserts on startup, so that there is no more need in running nandub & vdubmod at least once after installation

- update tools: VSFilter(non-unicode by deafult), Decomb 5.1, VirtualDubMod, BeSweet 1.5b23, Avisynth 2.5.3 (with it's own installer - no more screwups)

- updated installer (new compression - should take less space)


- comp test result of DivX 3.11 is now loaded correctly (bug was introduced in 0.28.6)


- restore of custom matrix for XviD is no longer zero last byte

- autosplit of subs fixed

- autosplit of files with VBR MP3 fixed

- BeSweet updated to 1.5b23

- fixed problem with avisynth plugin path which resulted in inablity to open d2v files


- exit menu on tray icon is now working

- new BeSweet.exe included to solve "finalize error" problem

- default DivX 5 setting now keeps info about which pass was selected (i.e. first, single, second, original etc.) and those settings are never overwritten automatically

- XviD custom matrixes now can be used with GK

GK 0.28.6

- added tray icon menu

- greatly improved auto & smart crop features

- made autosplit work with VDubMod or later

- fixed divided by zero exception when opening xvid stats files

- fixed paths problems when suddenly applications could not be started
and moreover you couldn't change the path on the path tab.

- added undot() filter which is used by default

- SetWorkingDir is not working properly on some systems, so it was removed
from avisynth script

- Updated tools in the rippack: DVD2AVI, VDubMod, Besweet.

GK beta

- GK uses decomb.dll version 5 and dgbob.dll version 1.6 (not included
in rippack yet)

- Fixed resize problems when using VCD/SVCD settings as well as
Fool CCE option for avisynth 2.5.x

- Fixed access violation error when trying to open AVI files (big
thanks to Jeffster for testing and tHe gloCh for hints)

- Added last pass settings (useful for DivX 5.1 and higher), make sure that
you enable this feature on options tab

- added language selection dialog for the first run of GK

- fixed path problems when doing autosplit of subs

- added tray icon when minimized


- info restructured a bit (thanks to Digga)

- at first start of GK DivX 5 is default codec (which solve the problem
of unticking overhead checkbox for XviD)

- finally fixed problems with paths containing non-english characters

- hungarian language updated


- languages updated (and some translation related bugs fixed)

- GK now always deletes intermediate files if that option was selected
(movie and credits parts only)

- on first start main window is centered and all path properties are OK now

- DGBob.dll updated to version 1.5.1 (Smart Bob filter)
as well as default order changed to 1 in avs script for it

- background text on info & encoder tab is always white now

- custom CD size is saved properly in registry

GK 0.28.5 (since 0.28)

- Added paths settings for all programs used by GK

- Added support for VDubMod 1.5.x.x (now works only with it)

- Encode window only shows codec selected on bitrate tab

- Added DTS support via azidts

- Added any DVD2AVI project support (works with 1.76, 1.77, 1.83)
Attention: since DVD2AVI is moved to a separate directory all other
programs which work with it might need to be reconfigured (like R4R)

- added command line interface which automatically openes video,
audio and other files:

- added support for non-english characters in video/audio file names

- when using XviD + b-frames new extended comp test is performed
(as in Jonny's Enc)

- added manual "auto-split" subs feature to split them after you have
several avi files.

- Bob deinterlace method is replaced by smart bob (DGBob)

- queue windows changed a bit + button for loading *.log files is added

- Internalization added (huge special thanks to tHegLouCh).

- tons of cosmetic changes and bugfixes

GK 0.28 GPL:

- added support for any Divx5 & XviD codecs (including compressibility check)

- added support for default codec settings (on options tab)

- works only with VirtualDubMod now

- Avisynth 2.5x based now (i.e. working in YV12 mode)

- crop is now compliant with YV12 (i.e. mod2 width, mod4 height)

- more resize filters added: lanczos resize (default)

- more deinterlace filters added: bob, TomsMoComp, FieldDeinterlace(blend=false)

- changed default noise filters

- auto split feature added - final file can be split into chunks of predefined size
(thanks aquaplanning for providing key-finding routines)

- added support for CBR MP3 (both encoding & muxing)

- fully BeSweet based audio processing (no more other executables)

- some tabs are hidden by default(nandub, stats, file editor), help & donation tabs removed

- Video window settings are persistent across diffrent runs of GK

- Save Avs settings are persistent across one run of GK

- added HalfCD size button & size can be adjusted by 1 Mb

- VSfilter is used for subs processing in AVS (because of YV12 mode)

- VDubMod & NanDub are started in script mode rather than batch mode

- VDubMod is now always used for muxing/splitting

- Save and Save&Encode buttons in both SaveAVS and Edit windows
proposed names for Frameserver script and for Credits Framserver
script (Movie.avs and Movie_Credits.avs). (thanks Maurus)

- Titles for the Edit script window, adapted to the frameserver that it is edited
(titles: Avisynth Frameserver, Avisynth Credits Frameserver and Avisynth comp.test
Frameserver). (thanks maurus)

- lots of cosmetics (Including new icons - thanks to Eyal Matzkel )

- lost of 0.27 bugs fixed

GK 0.27:

- support for avi input. you can open avi files like you used to open d2v-files. i don't
know why, but sometimes certain avi-files won't open - sorry, no fix atm, consider this
feature experimental for now :b

- finally 100% correct pixel-AR values. for detailed information have a look at
Press "Select" in "Input Pixel Aspect Ratio" to have all the choices.
(for Chibi Yasmin)

- you can now edit a script manually before you do a comp-check.

- manono and hakko504 convinced me to replace
VerticalReduceBy2 with SeparateFields().SelectEven()...

- in options you can enter a name for an alternative mpeg2dec.dll that will be used in
the script. you have to put it in you gknot folder. note that you must NOT remove the
original one.

- updated commandline for BeSweet, now using -ota( -hybridgain ).

- some cosmetics.

GK 0.26 beta:

- divx5 pro codec configuration: psychovisual enhancements are available now.

- jonny, author of "Divx5 Enc" (, pointed out that
gknot's compcheck method needs a little adjustment to be accurate with b-frames
enabled. new standard snip size is 14, 2 frames are discarded in each snip.
thank you very much!

- support for trbarrys Simple Resize Filter added. thanx to tom barry for this fast
high quality filter. (btw.: tom is the author of GreedyHMA as well.)

- change: deinterlacing is put before crop now. that's a little slower but less problematic

- Bugfix: compcheck runs audio encoder.

- Bugfix: "IVTC in avs -> correct frame count" should work now.
(this time doom9 did not let me forget!)

- the 0.26 update is an installer pack again.

- some cosmetics.

GK 0.25 beta:

- support for BeSweet added.

this is the default commandline used,
you can fill in azid and lame options:
'-core( -input "'+ac3FileName+'" -output "'+mp3FileName+
'" -logfile "'+LogFileName+'" ) -ota( -G max ) -azid('+
AzidCmdl+') -lame('+LameCmdl+' --scale 1 ) -profile( Gordian Knot 0.26 )'

please note that "--scale 1" is added to your LameCmdl automatically!
you have to put BeSweet into your gknot folder to be able to
check the besweet option (is included in this archive).
Thanx to DSPguru for his support and his great program!
visit his site at

- Cmdline used for azid and lame is stored in a drop-down-list.

- codec configuration changed, gknot now works with DivX5.02

- encoder window offers pro options for divx5.

- default settings for divx5 can be set in "options" and are stored in the registry.

- logfile reader updated for version 4 ("load" and CompCheck).

- divx5 comp-check works fine now. uses your default divx5 settings.

- default avs script changed, now using decomb.dll for ivtc and deinterlacing. Thanx to Donald Graft for providing his great filters!

- Bugfix: Stats reader crashed on SavingPrivatRyan.stats (the most uncompressable movie there is).

- Bugfix: Subs in credits.

GK 0.23 beta:

- a guy called GinkoGreen seems to have fixed the ecf-bug in nandub. - thank you.
i included his version in this update pack.

- bugfix: divx4 2nd pass should work again.

- bugfix: bitrate recalc active in "just mux"- audio mode.

- for the poor guys who need it: anti-shit for divx3.

GK 0.22 beta:

- divx4 compressibility check added.
values seem to be generally 10% higher than with divx3. so i would say lower bits/(pixel*frame) percentage values have to be choosen for divx4 also.
50-60% should be fine, of course this is not tested yet.

- possibility to start a second pass only.

- autocrop function. this is not perfect yet.

- bugfix: comp-check not deleted in queue.

- bugfix: audio 2 bitrate not changeable.

GK 0.21 beta:

no new features, this is a bugfix-release only.

- bugfix: video window "stay on top".

- bugfix: ecf not used. i also added a checkbox. so you can decide if you want to use it or not.

- bugfix: no divx4-muxing when source is wav.

- bugfix: subtitles in credits.

- bugfix: wrong time in logs.

- bugfix: subresync not found.

- bugfix: stop when can't calculate new stats-file.

- bugfix: encoding queue cleared to fast.

- bugfix: ugly colors in win xp.

- more log-info added.

- process priority for encoder-apps is idle now. but i didn't find a way, yet, to prevent vdub/nandub from taking focus.

and maybe others... ;-)

GK 0.20.1 beta:

- fixed the stupid "no aviKnot.dll" - bug.

GK 0.20 beta:

thanx to aquaplaning, who wrote lots of code for this version and is already preparing avi-support for 0.21. (edit: for 0.22 ;-))
thanx to everybody who did help with testing, especially doom9.
encoding features seem to work fine now.

- audio support added. now this really makes it easy! has the official guide.
here a short desription of what you have to do:

audio is processed using azid (2-pass) and lame.

GK 0.19 beta:

the new encoding features have not been tested a lot.
that's why i have to call them EXPERIMENTAL at the moment:

- first and most important: you can start 2-pass-encodings with nandub/vdub in divx3/divx4
(with end-credits-treatment) from within gordian knot with a single click.
the easiest way to do it:

- with the 'now'-button in the 'save avs'-form you can do a compressibility-check with one
try it!

- steady says 'neutral bicubic' is best and now it's there ;-).

- changed divx3-motion correction a little (less reduction in low-luma sequences).
- small curve-treatment bugfix.

- 'add'-buttons (audio-fields) to add file(-sizes) into the calculator.

- (all) encoder-files and settings are stored in the registry for each save-slot,
so you can easily recall you settings and change it for a reencode.

- export and import buttons to save settings in a file. first time you use this a subfolder called
'settings' will be created in you gknot folder. there you can save your *.gks (gordian knot settings).

- icons.

GK 0.18.1 beta:

- fixed the 3-5 Mb oversize 'bug'. (Added a little checkbox in 'interleaving').
finally filesize should be OK - SORRY for this!

- 'preview' button added to check avs-scripts with media-player.

- added a GordianKnot_noECF.vcf that has to be loaded instead of the
default one if no ecf-file is used for encoding.

GK 0.18 beta:

- GUI for avisynth frameserver setup. well, it's pretty straight forward so i can't say much about it.

- Compressibility Check:

- start buttons for smartripper, vstrip and dvd2avi.

- vobsub support (start buttons and avisynth-GUI).

- requested: you can now enter values >=2 for minimum keyframe distance.

- changed the curve-correction GUI a little bit, because there where problems closing the windows. - fixed.

- bugfix: crash when moving the video-trackbar with arrow-buttons. -fixed (i hope).

- 'set credits start'-button added, for trim or credits.ecf.

- close button in video window added.

GK 0.17 beta:

- calculator now supports divx4 ( 1 kBit/s= 1000 Bits).

- 'File List Writer' added: use it to create .lst files (e.g. for graphedit) or .asx files (media play lists, to play multiple avi-files as one).

- bugfix: 'soft bicubic' and 'sharp bicubic' (save avs dialog) was interchanged in last version - fixed.

GK 0.16.1 beta:

-new dialog for avisynth-script creating:
added a draft-script that containes many important avisynth functions and can be edited in gknot directly. thanx to dividee for providing the script.
VCD and SVCD resizing is supported also. open d2v, choose 'input resolution' and 'input pixel aspect ratio' as usual, (pixel)-crop the image if you want. when saving the .avs choose VCD or SVCD. in that case choosen output resolution (and ITU setting) is irrelevant.

-in the d2v-window press play to watch the movie before the first pass.

-in the file-menu of the d2v-window you can now create an ecf-file for end-credits encoding in the first pass. move the slider to the start-frame of end-credits, then press 'create .ecf'. choose the drf-level and keyframe-distance you want, then press save.
use this ecf when doing the first pass with nandub AND UNCHECK no-avi-output.
when calculating the 2nd-pass-stats-file with gknot, enter the same start-frame AND 100% WEIGHT for end-credits.
after loading the GordianKnot_default.vcf in nandub and entering the bitrate, select frame 0 to (creditsstart-1) to not encode endcredits again. later append credits from the firstpass.avi
very small end-credits possible.
more precise size-predictibility.
faster, because you have to encode credits only once.
no scene change detection for credits (but you probably don't need too many keyframes in there anyway...)

-bugfix: when opening an ntsc-d2v (in rare cases) duration (fps) was calulated slightly wrong - fixed.

GK 0.16 beta:

manual curve correction:
after calculating you can raise or lower the bitrate of any selected part, keeping average
bitrate constant. e.g. use it on the
studio trailer,...
enter the 'weight' you want to give the selection (e.g. 120% for raising, 80% for lowering).
enter Smooth Left & Right (a value between 0 and 100%, watch the percentage graph to see
what it does).
press 'push'.

splitting and merging stats-files (suggested by mythrandir):
e.g. for encoding the first pass with more than one cpu or to fit more than one anime-episode on one can calculate parts separately, then merge 'em, or the other way 'round.
press 'copy curve' to later split the curve without changing (calculating) it.
press 'append' to append a stats-file to the one(s) already loaded.
press 'Sel.Section' (in the selection field) to select the parts you loaded one after the other.
press 'save selected' to save the selected part only. the bitrate in the filename will fit the selection.

'little' different curve the 'custom'-buttons in the correction-fields to check out the changes (for EXPERTS only!)

minimum bitrate in nandub now ALWAYS has to be set to 270, no matter what minimum bitrate you are using in gknot to scale the curve!!!

checking 'deinterlace' before saving the .avs adds VerticalReduceBy2 (more to come in next version)

other small changes and many, many bugfixes.

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